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October 21, 2021
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My Name Is Earl’s
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About this title


Earl is a low-life who buys a winning lottery ticket, only to get hit by a car, losing the ticket in the process. He then realizes in the hospital that his bad luck is the result of karma in which fate punishes him for all the rotten things he's ever done in his life; therefore, he then decides to dedicate his life to making amends to all the people he has hurt in his life.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 20, 2005

Also Known As: Mi nombre es Earl, Меня зовут Эрл |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (10, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

white trash
good deed

Company Credits

Production Co: 20th Century Fox Television, Amigos de Garcia Productions


Ewen Bremner
as Raynard
Jeff Lewis
as Blind Man
Stan Yale
as Homeless Man
Jim Calloway
as Inmate James
Sky Elobar
as Prison Guard
Michael William Arnold
as Kid Doctor
William Charlton
as Dad
Spencer Andrews
as Badger Mascot
Leigh-Allyn Baker
as Nicole Moses
David Bear
as Prisoner #5
Troy Brenna
as Yukon Jack
Alec Gray
as Other Kid
Joe Howard
as Guy
Harry Karp
as Clerk/Store Clerk
Norm MacDonald
as Little Chubby
Jorge Noa
as Nick Chavez
Niecy Nash
as Rhonda Gibbs
Montel Williams
as Montel Williams
Samuel Ott
as Indian Boy
Nicole J. Butler
as Woman
Tucker Smallwood
as Hostage Negotiator
Kevin Michael Walsh
as Greg
Parvesh Cheena
as Man
Ed Gale
as Midget Prisoner
Kholee Campbell
as Cheerleader
Dona Hardy
as Hanks Grandmother
Don Perry
as Judge Miller
Michael Patrick McGill
as Feminist Shirt Guy
Joel Spence
as Sitcom Actor
Kevin Farrell
as Bruce
Victor Varnado
as Albino Gang Leader
Olivia Jade Fine
as Toddler #2
Daniele O'Loughlin
as Nurse
Mary K. DeVault
as HR Woman
Sunkrish Bala
as Doctor
Thomas F. Evans
as Joy's Friend/Wedding Guest
Maxie Santillan Jr.
as Sparky
Alyssa Milano
as Billie Cunningham
Timothy Olyphant
as Billy Reed
Raymond Ma
as Scott's Ex-Boss
Cesar Flores
as Hector
Kerry O'Malley
as Sergeant Nancy
Winston J. Rocha
as Maria's Husband
Donovan Scott
as Therapist
Gina Fricchione
as Wealthy Housewife
Phillipe Simon
as Boss
Courtney Gains
as Lloyd
Polly Humphreys
as Woman #1
Susan Foley
as Tina Hayes
Art Frankel
as Old Man
JoNell Kennedy
as Reverend's Wife
Cooper Thornton
as Derrick Stone
Anthony Pecos
as Great Great Great Great Earl Hickey
Johnny Sneed
as Will
John Prosky
as Mr. Stevens
Caitie Uhlmann
as Chick #2
Jackie Harris Greenberg
as Brenda the Bank Teller
Abdul Goznobi
as Iqball/Convenience Store Clerk/Gay Bar Patron
Alex Morris
as Mr. Romack
Kelvin Brown
as Pitchfork Guard
Michael D. Cohen
as Guy
Darcy Shean
as Natalie's Mom
Kendall Clement
as Loan Officer
Peter Spruyt
as Salesman
John O'Leary
as Doctor in Hall
Pam Trotter
as Daneesha
Neil Hopkins
as Zeke
Andrew Lewis Caldwell
as Jake
Dot Jones
Paul Teutul Jr.
as Paulie Jr.
Atticus Todd
as Gigantic Patient
Geoffrey Gould
as Crab Shack Patron/Darren - Lab Tech/G.E.D. Night Class Teacher/Ice Cream Vendor
Tom Corn
as Bartender
Paul Korda
as Garry 'black' homeless man
Matthew Glave
as Wayne
Pat Kilbane
as Bagger Lance
Paul Eiding
as Business Man
as Tattooed Inmate
Tangie Ambrose
as Airport Desk Clerk
John Henson
as Reporter/TV Reporter
Mark Alfa
as Tranny Prisoner
Tiffany Haddish
as Robin
Alex Endeshaw
as Sikh
David Wells
as Mr. Clevenger
Amy Higgins
as Cathy Clark
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Mrs. Abernathy
Brian Dunkleman
as Brian Dunkleman
Jack Axelrod
as Electrolarynx Guy/Electrolarnyx Guy/Fake Father/Old Man/Voicebox Man
John Amos
as Joe
Jonathan Spencer
as Kevin/Cameraman
Nikki Magnusson
as Stripper
Lauren Glenn
as Glenda
Seth Sultan
as Prisoner
Erik Estrada
as Erik Estrada
Mio Takada
as Asian Father/Father
George Frangides
as Officer Smiley/Cop/Policeman
Page Kennedy
as Jamal
Adam Knapp
as Darnell in Disguise
Kristina Hayes
as Tess
Carol Mansell
as Sister Kate
Mona Weiss
as Cat Show Patron
Jennifer Echols
as Nurse
Mandy McMillian
as Business Woman
Bill Henderson
as Charlie
Arjay Smith
as Clint
Steve Seagren
as Security Guard
John Leguizamo
as Diego
Geraldo Rivera
as Geraldo Rivera
Johnny Galecki
as Scott
Jill Basey
as Creative Writing Teacher
Hunter Covington
as Man Running Outside of Gay Bar
Beth Riesgraf
as Natalie Duckworth
Eve Sigall
as Nora
Chloë Grace Moretz
as Candy Stoker
Hayden Lee
as Singer #2
Will C.
as Inmate
Ryan Armstrong
as Young Randy
Jenny McCarthy
as Wendy
Shelby Rabara
as Jenny
Phoenix Smith
as Young Randy
Marlee Matlin
as Ruby Whitlow
Tommy Gerrits
as Party Guest
Craig T. Nelson
as Warden Jerry Hazelwood
Frances Bay
as Old Lady in Nursing Home
David Arquette
as Sweet Johnny
Paula Broussard
as Hippie Waitress
Jennifer Wenger
as Young Woman
Dee Shaw
as Mrs. Turner
Tamala Jones
as Liberty Washington
Michael Miranda
as Male Nurse
Brett Butler
as Connie Darville
Joe Kay
as Tow Truck Driver
Doby Daenger
as Crabshack Regular
Artesia Bentley
as Girl
Bob Clendenin
as Slow Roger
Dee Wallace
as Governor Katherine Hazelwood
D.A. Goodman
as Crab Shack Regular
David Burrus
as Cousin Wendell
Andy Pessoa
as Young Kenny
Barry Wiggins
as Reporter
Josh Phillips
as Man In Apartment
Lindsay Hollister
as Xena
Phyllis Applegate
as Darnell's Grandmother
Shailene Woodley
as Young Gwen
Atticus Shaffer
as Camper #1
Michael Hagiwara
as Orderly
Lacy Baxter
as Stripper
Paris Hilton
as Paris Hilton
Daniel Taylor
as Gymnast
Leah Ann Cevoli
as Hippy Singer
Christopher Baskerville
as Business Man
Catherine Anne Hayes
as Jean
Monyque Thompson Scott
as Carnival Ticket Taker
Kathryn Joosten
as Donny's Mom
Angel Oquendo
as Prison Medic
Nathalie Antonia
as Rocker Chick
Adam Riancho
as Young Pierre
Jane Lynch
as Sissy
Molly Kirschenbaum
as Girl
Zaid Farid
as Guard
Eric Lange
as Mr. Fischer/Scruffy Guy
Morgan Fairchild
as Carol
Charles Woods Gray
as Meat Seller
Jennie Fahn
as Woman #2
Bernie Kopell
as Lake Resort Manager
Michael Rapaport
as Frank Stump
Lisa Nicole Bell
Kevin Olson
as Skinny Kid
Harland Williams
as Johnny Bubblewrap
Howie Mandel
as Howie Mandel
Seth J. Cohen
as Neighbour
Gigi Goff
as Young Joy/Pinky
David Paymer
as Clark Clark
Ethan Suplee
as Randy Hickey
John Ducey
as Bobby
Ping Wu
as Dr. Fujimoto
Gregory Thomas Garcia
as Wilfred Dierkes/Randy's Dance Partner
Bryce Hitchcock
as Space Camper
Hamilton Mitchell
as Guy
Cami Raich
as Cute Girl
Christopher Gehrman
as Man
Brooklin Yearwood
as 6-Year Old Liberty
Steve Boyce
as Large Man
Corina Boettger
as Preggers
Kevin Rankin
as T.R.
Gregor Manns
as Stage Manager
Brandon Ficara
as Kevin the Unicorn Man
Lindsay Taylor
as Carla
Khamani Griffin
as Young Alby
Paul Ben-Victor
as Coach Lou
Oleg Zatsepin
as Hispanic Randy
Krista Ryan
as Babysitter/Teacher
John H. Tobin
as Patron
Gregory Graham
as Rowdy Bar Patron
Shannon McClung
as Soldier
Kara R. Stribling
as Young Joy
Scoot McNairy
as Bed Bug
Bill Suplee
as Willie the One-Eyed Mailman/Willie
Benjamín Benítez
as Hispanic Earl
Yvette Cruise
as Inez
Clint Howard
as Creepy Rodney
Lily Jackson
as Celeste
Nancy Lenehan
as Kay Hickey
Rasika Mathur
as Female Indian Friend
Patrick Clement
as Skinhead #3
Jose B. Martinez
as Soccer Player #1
Ricky Dean Logan
as Guy Delivering Badger
Darcy Rose Byrnes
as Maddy
Shan Applegate
as Brother Taylor
Faizon Love
as Reverend Greene
Bashar Rahal
as Arab Man
Larry Clarke
as Prosecutor
Vicki Juditz
as Mrs. McCullum
Carel Struycken
as Paul
Eric Larkin
as Manager
William Antie
as Traveler
Faith Ford
as Rachel McGann
Logan Petrin
as Kid
Mark Christopher Lawrence
as Jack Knox
Saginaw Grant
as Dakota
William Newman
as Cat Show MC
Christian Slater
as Woody
Suzy Nakamura
as Phyllis Woohoo
Nathan Barilka
as Young Mr. Hill
Henry J. Lange Jr.
as Ernie/Patt's Client Driving Convertible
Jimmy DellaValle
as Shady
Josh Wolf
as Josh
Christine Taylor
as Alex Meyers
Joyce Aimee
as One Woman Band
Ted Rooney
as Cappy
Ron Schwartz
as TSA Agent
Booth Colman
as Scientist
Raymond Cruz
as Paco
Yetta Ginsburg
as Joan/Screaming Old Lady Driver
Blake Clark
as Buzz Darville
Gwen McGee
as Dr. Brown
Jane A. Johnston
as Old Stripper
Garth R. Hassell
as Jury
Jonathan Slavin
as Doug
Charles Howerton
as FBI Instructor/FBI Agent Thompson/Fed #1
Paul Vinson
as Bob
Ravi Kapoor
as Indian Doctor
Yvans Jourdain
as Joy's Minister
Heather Black
as Camdenite Gal
Jaime Pressly
as Joy Turner
Kavi Faquir
as Little Boy
Juliette Lewis
as Jesse
Tim DeKay
as Hank Lange
Alan Conn
as Psychology Student/Trailer Park Partier
Amy Amerson
as Chick/Woman
Beth Grant
as Lorraine Mariano
Patricia Bethune
as Diana
Tommy Primeau
as Man
Michael Bailey Smith
as Skinhead #1/Skinhead Prisoner
Van Snowden
as H.R. Pufnstuf
Jesse Heiman
as Locker Room Student - with Inhaler
Ilana Becker
as Montel Show Guest
Jeanette Brox
as Summer
Marty Ryan
as Moderator
Lauri Johnson
as Captain Daniels
Kevin Balmore
as Oskar
James McMann
as Club Patron/Teacher/Winky Dinky Employee
Dot-Marie Jones
as Letter Writer
Chris Gann
as Gym Guy
Jesse Head
as Nick Daley
Todd Giebenhain
as Arlo
Nat Faxon
as Kenny's Boyfriend
Todd Holland
as Ex-Con
Peggy Stewart
as Dotty Lake
Stephen Keys
as Scooby
Kipp Shiotani
as Marty Park
Geoffrey Lewis
as Gwen's Dad
Perry Smith
as Woman
Laura Gardner
as Kenny's Mom/Female Guest
Brian Harvey
as Charlie
Marnie Crossen
as Teacher
Bryn Allen
as Tiffany
Penny Balfour
as Flight Attendant #1
Sonia Laszlo
as HarpyCord
Waymond Lee
as Wheelchair Basketball Fan
Doug Wax
as Guard/Border Guard/Cop/Undercover Detective #2
Tony Revolori
as Hunhau
Bess Fanning
as Karen
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Exterminator
Sean Astin
as Rick
Karl T. Wright
as Counselor
Susan Isaacs
as Bar Woman
Patrick Thomas McCarthy
as Teacher
John Waters
as Walter Hamerick
Thomasina Gross
as Stripper
Opender Singh
as Store manager with Vali
E.J. Callahan
as Uncle Charlie
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
as Mark
Cameron Bender
as Todd
Bill Macy
as Whiskey Pete
William Stanford Davis
as Neighbor
Anne Johnson
as Guest #2
Scott Freeburg
as Co-Worker
Carson Daly
as Carson Daly/Self
Countrified Wedman
as Guard
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll
as Barbershop Singer
Josh Cole
as News Cameraman
Dale Dickey
as Patty
Johnny Hoops
as D.J. Dave/DJ Dave
Jimmi Simpson
as David Hayes
Miriam Shor
as Gwen Waters
Max Perlich
as Paul
John DiMaggio
as Officer Ross
Ed Brigadier
as Joe
Christopher L. Antie
as Traveler
Joaquín Garrido
as Elderly Man
Ken Takemoto
as Yoshimitsu
Paul Short
as Blue Homeless Man
Glenn Herman
as Kyle
Lisette Alvarez
as Baton Twirler
Arne Starr
as Crab Shack Patron
Pramode Kumar
as Vali
Rebecca Flinn-White
as Camdenite Girl/The Hickey's Theme Song
James Johnston
as Twin #2
Randy Brenner
as Cop
Rob McCabe
as Bailiff
Patricia Belcher
as Receptionist
John Edmund Parcher
as Strange Guy
David Aranovich
as Busboy
Shawn Hatosy
as John Clevenger
Linda Porter
as Doris Johannsen
Judy Greer
as Maggie Lester
Michael Teutul
as Mikey
Missi Pyle
as Shelly Stoker
Doyle Stack
as Teenager
Terrence Edwards
as Gang member
Giovanni Ribisi
as Ralph Mariano
Kelli Goss
as Joy Age 13/Teenage Joy
Connie Ray
as Mrs. Clevenger
Cece Tsou
as Tiffani Lopez-Chang
Cristina Maria
as Mexican Worker
Wendy Worthington
as Wilma
Juan Pope
as Jasper
Kathy Kinney
as Officer Bowman
Charles Robinson
as Doctor
Pattie Tierce
as Store Worker
Andrew Vo
as Asian Kid
Mindy Sterling
as Mrs. Zaks
Tracy Ashton
as Didi/One Legged Girl
Bonita Friedericy
as Ruth
John Farley
as Annie
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
as Young Girl
Retson Ross
as Autograph Seeking Boy of Ms.Camden/Flashback Scene
Hal Landon Jr.
as Mr. Hill
Bobby Wolfe
as Throat Scar Inmate
Bonnie Mercado
as Catalina's Stripper Friend
Jason Lee
as Earl Hickey
Jessica Cauffiel
as Tatiana
Peter Mackenzie
as Daniel
Paul Teutul Sr.
as Paulie Sr.
Lisa Diane Morgan
as Crystal
Ashley Ausburn
as Marion County Kid
Paula Jai Parker
as Sylvia
Sabrina Wiese
as Miss Camden
Devon Ligus
as Drive Thru Girl
Derek Loughran
as Amish Man
Hugh B. Holub
as Doctor
Kevin Symons
as Father Tadone
Eddie Goines
as Standing Guy
Jose Vasquez
as Brett's Teammate
Michael Taylor Gray
as Waiter
J.D. Ironfield
as Amish Boy
Treasure Mallory
as Patient
Chrissy Metz
as Chunk
Edward James Gage
as Police Officer
Jackson Bond Jr.
as Man
Zack Rockefeller
as Young Wally Panzer
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Gertrude Balboa
Tatum McCann
as Cindy
Lou Wagner
as Mr. Covington
Jill Benjamin
as Nurse/Woman
Deborah Cresswell
as Wanda
Curtis Armstrong
as Chaz Dalton
Lisa Catara
as Mr. Patricks Mistress
Ray Santiago
as Mario
Abdoulaye NGom
as Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop
Andy Siegel
as Spectator Paul
Amy Sedaris
as Judy
Jeremy Howard
as Jeff Muskin
Jeff Zucker
as Jeff Zucker
Roy Lee Jones
as Policeman
Kasan Butcher
as Frat Guy
Katy Mixon
as Sheila
Lester G. Reynolds
as Pageant Critic
Dax Shepard
as Dirk
as Criminal
Trace Adkins
as Trace Adkins
Duane 'Dog' Chapman
as Duane 'Dog' Chapman
Kaj Mollenhauer
as Toddler #1
Casey Strand
as Karen
Natalia Reagan
as Chick #1
Kayla Clary
as Space Cadet
Leo Fitzpatrick
as Sonny
Angela Paton
as Old Woman
Sandy Martin
as Joy's Grandma
Larry Hankin
as Tom Sparks
Billy Mayo
as Motel Father
Kathy Lamkin
as Aunt Gail
Kay Benjamin
as Woman
Emilio Rivera
as Victor
Dana Cuomo
as Bobbi
Gil Glasgow
as Security Agent
Camden Garcia
as Young Glen
Jon Heder
as Joel Malone
Trey Carlisle
as Earl Jr.
Jim Lau
as Sweat Shop Boss
Mike O'Malley
as Stuart Daniels
Jeanette Miller
as Bus Stop Lady/Woman With Purse
Carla Renata
Molly Schenkenberger
as Girl
Jeremy Slate
as Bud
Irene White
as Lulu
Mary-Pat Green
as Mrs. Harding
Stacy Reed Payton
as Teacher
Jeffrey G. Barnett
as Clayton
Sam Scarber
as Deputy
Dan Coscino
as Dan Coscino
Brie Gabrielle
as Teenage Rachel McGann
Michael Waltrip
as Michael Waltrip
Tanner Maguire
as Young Ralph
Alexis Skye
as Too Tall Maggie
Ramon Chavez
as Pops
Don Swayze
as Bail Bonds Man
DeeDee Rescher
as Homeless Woman
Toya A. Brown
as Darnell's Mom
Richard Bakalyan
as Mr. Wallace
Paul Rogan
as Camdenite Man #1
Randy Hall
as Criminal
Nadine Velazquez
as Catalina
Julia Vera
as Catalina's Mother
Rachel Pham
as Younger Asian Kid
Edward Fordham Jr.
as Big Inmate
Bob Tyus
as Homeless Guy
Jack Betts
as Prosecutor
Danny Glover
as Thomas
Samm Levine
as Tom
Heidi Shepherd
as Inside Probe's Joy/Puzzle Girl
Julanne Chidi Hill
as Mistletoe
George Sharperson
as Inmate
Kincaid Walker
as Sitcom Actress
Omar Deckard
as Trainer
Jesus Perez
as Pedro
Mackenzie Astin
as Brandon
Amanda Aday
as Tammy
David Trice
as Prisoner
Erik Rivera
as Guest on the Montel Show
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Doris
Terence Bernie Hines
as Fred
Kadeem Hardison
as Owner
Augusta Mariano
as Camper #2
Burt Reynolds
as Chubby
Ben Falcone
as Ed Reed
Charles Noland
as Guy
Jake Galasso
as Impound Buddy
Eddie Steeples
as Darnell Turner
Thomas Crawford
as Tim
Grace Bustos
as Claretta
Andrea Parker
as Rich Lady
James Martin Kelly
as Workman
Willie Warner III
as Checker
Norm Macdonald
Jerry Van Dyke
as Jerry
Tyler Kain
as Charmaine
Kim Delgado
as Man Across Aisle
Jill Remez
as FBI Special Agent Scoley/FBI Woman
Danny Williamson
as Young Buddy
Patrick Thomas Gorman
as Boss
Patrick Manuel
as Zippo Kid
Danielle Barrios
as Kid/Kip
Charles S. Dutton
as Reggie
Jason Priestley
as Cousin Blake
Karen Y. McClain
as Babysitter
Alan Gray
as Rabbi
Miguel Varoni
as Javier
Brooke Nevin
as Kimmi's Daughter
Kendall Carly Browne
as Woman
Mick Lea
as Prisoner Fred
Noli McCool
as Stan the great
Billy Gardell
as Officer Hoyne/Billy
Stacey Hinnen
as Chuck
Pat Dierkes
as Mini Mart Clerk/Wilfrid Reenactor
E.E. Bell
as Racer Dad
Christopher Cho
as Married Man
Louis Price
as Darnell
Chris Fogleman
as Husband
Mike Avery
as College Guy
Carol Shook
as Amish Woman
Lindsay Jahnke
as Camdenite/Camdenite Virgin
Douglas Price
as Funeral Usher
DJ Qualls
as Ray-Ray
Darcy Donavan
as Frank's Girl/Hot Housewife
Warren Watkins
as Guest #1
Jules Williams
as Young Darnell
Mark Daugherty
as Teenager
Cheryl Hawker
as Rosie
Craig Seitz
as Camdenite
Brian R. Norris
as Young Jerry
Kurt Fuller
as Mr. Baldwin
Dean Francois
as Audience/Contestant
Jon Favreau
as Mr. Patrick
Nancy Yee
as Chinese Woman
Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg
Samantha Larsen
as Waitress/Screaming Woman
Bill Erwin
as Old Man playing Ping Pong
Herschel Sparber
as Pooch
Sandy Brown
as Anchorwoman
Sam Menning
as Pickled Egg Guy/Homeless Guy
Jennifer Kenyon
as Hippy Girl
Rob Elk
as Security Guard
Michael Peña
as Circus
Chase Freeman-Hudson
as Toddler #3
Hemky Madera
as Carjacker
Leslie Thurston
as Fawn
Joey Diaz
as Jhoey
Jermaine Jackson
as Poker Buddy
Destiny Ramirez
as Hispanic Girl
Cody Klop
as Eric
Michael Nardelli
as Teenage Daniel
Claudia Choi
as Tammy
Ron Pearson
as Policeman
Christopher Bones
as Boy
Brandon Soo Hoo
as Dennis
Jane Seymour
as Jane Seymour
Jerry Hauck
as Instructor
Brandon Haas
as Tommy
David Raibon
as Patty's Lawyer
Rebecca Wilkins
as Randy's Goth Girlfriend
Rochelle Robinson
as Lori
Rakefet Abergel
as Wife
Dennis Burkley
as Impound Owner/Junkyard Owner/Roy Wade
Alex Moore
as Large Prisoner
Noah Crawford
as Young Earl
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Donny Jones
Chelcie Ross
as Mr. Waadt
Brad Grunberg
as DJ/Dj
Joan Van Ark
as Janine
B.J. Clinkscales
as Criminal
Timothy Stack
as TV's Tim Stack/Tim Stack
Richard Ryan
as Badger Catcher #2
Marcy Goldman
as Athletic Nun
Vic Cohen
as Mr. Covington's 'Yes Man'
Fiona Gubelmann
as Lucy
Tony Rossi
as Nick
Melody Thomas Scott
as Pill Popping Mom
Andrea de Oliveira
as George's Wife
Sarah Beth Bassak
as Girl #1
Cort Rogers
as Kid
Adam Rose
as Ronnie
Bryan Krasner
as Boom Mic Operator
Thomas Johnston
as Twin #1
Malcolm David Kelley
as Alby Tollhurst
Tyrese Magee
as Kid at Park
Paul Grace
as Guard
David Reivers
as Tess's Neighbor
Devon Elora
as Sarah
Naomi West
as Hillary
Eliza Noxon
as Little Girl
Martin Klebba
as CHiPs Officer
Eric Shackelford
as Crab Shack Patron/Prisoner
Louis T. Moyle
as Dodge
Cheryl White
as Donna O'Dell
Jack Nathan Harding
as Police Officer
Victor Raider-Wexler
as Con Artist
'Hollywood' Steve Huey
as Hippy Guy
Wahn Lee
as Kim
Mike Cochrane
as Crab Shack Regular
Cameron Clapp
as Jake
Norm Johnson
as Aborigine Man #1
Willam Belli
as D.J.
Riley Brock
as Football Player
Shevy Gutierrez
as Montel Show Guest
Julian Berlin
as Swedish Backpacker
Tom Carey
as Judge
Laura Chinn
as Skyler
E. E. Bell
Brandon Killham
as Young Brett
Alejandro Patiño
as Coyote/Man
Skyler Gisondo
as Gerald O'Dell
Bob Rumnock
as Principal
Jamie McShane
as Carter O'Dell
Jimmy Walker Jr.
as Satan
Jen Relyea
as Sara
Kevin Dorian
as Man
Windell Middlebrooks
as Landlord
Betty White
as Griselda Weezmer
Joel David Moore
as Clyde
Carla Jimenez
as Penelope
Beau Bridges
as Carl Hickey
Frank Collison
as Kenny's Dad/Male Guest
Di Quon
as Rocker Chick #2
Keith Oney
as Skinhead #2
Rigo Sanchez
as Hector
Gregg Binkley
as Kenny James
Bennet Guillory
as Corrections Officer
Kym Stys
as Girl with Jacket
Fred Stoller
as Fred
Mary Castro
as Pretty Girl
Timothy L. Raynor
as Bank Patron
Caleb Emerson
as Skinhead Prisoner
Anthony De Marco
as Five Year Old Earl/4 Year Old Earl/5 Year Old Earl/Eight Year Old Earl/Six Year OId Earl
Bonnie Hellman
as Moderator
Annie Quinn
as Headgear
Kevin Sussman
as Dwayne
as Kid
Patty Maloney
as Woman with Chimney
Andy Mackenzie
as Prisoner #2
Christian Dias
as Guy on Bike
Joon Lee
as Instructor
William Schallert
as Dr. Rudin
Mark Clem
as Shirtless Larry
Deborah Ann Woll
as Greta
Jenifer Cononico
as Alison Church
Katina Waters
as Karen
Dominic Flores
as Hector
Jacob Newman
as Boy
The Krofft Puppets
as H.R. Pufnstuf
Saverio Guerra
as Referee
Ben Foster
as Glen Shipley
Seth Green
as Buddy Zaks
Bob Koherr
as Marcus
Adria Dawn
as Jesse Muskin
John Bocchicchio
as Mr. T Impersonator
Kevin Cabell
as Young Joe
Rico Rodriguez
as Kid
Aryn Nelson
as Chubby's Waitress
Gary Sievers
as Confederate Soldier/Motel Tornado Victim/Singing Hippie/Trailer Park Drunk/Trailer Park Resident
Gabrielle Dennis
as Sassy Black
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Wise Nun
Darnell Suttles
as Mr. Saticoy
Robert Tobin
as Poker Buddy
Matthew Willig
as Wally Panzer
Jon Hughes
as Man
Roseanne Barr
as Millie Banks
Lisa Carletto
as Stripper with Attitude
Suzanna Sanchez
as Counselor
Sara Van Horn
as Secretary
Patrick McCarthy
as Teacher
Joan Blair
as Woman
Leonard Earl Howze
as George Tollhurst
Pamela Kosh
as Mrs. O'Leary
Missy Doty
as Jocelyn
Amro Salama
as Bedouin
Jill Czarnowski
as Girl #2
Yolanda Snowball
as Nurse
Joshua Levine
as Donut Store Clerk
Shelley Morrison
as Maria
Daniel Doble
as Joy's Friend
Giovanni Reda
as Bartender
Roger V. Burton
as Skinny John
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Wrinkles
Gil Christner
as Contestant
Christopher Thornton
as Brett Hansen
Trish Gates
as Woman In Flower Shop
Larry Joe Campbell
as Prison Guard Ron
Lee Weaver
as Homeless Guy/Homeless Joe
Sharon Sachs
as Natalie
Lin Shaye
as Paul's Mom
Katy Sullivan
as Tiffany Hansen
Arreale Davis
as Liberty Age 13
Helen Siff
as Waitress
Andrea Fellers
as Biker Babe
Frances Callier
as Barbie
Derek Mears
as Thug #4
Julia Anna Barrios
as Tanani
Adam Goldberg
as Philo
Vernard 'Bone' Hampton
as Guard
Gabriel Pimentel
as William
Jenna Elfman
as Kimmi Himler
Eric Allan Kramer
as Jim
Phil Abrams
as Man In Line
Andrew Wasser
as Prisoner
Dawn Morrow
as Camdenite Virgin
Scott Lincoln
as Gun Store Owner
Ralph Greene
Ernie Grunwald
as Pierre
Dennis Keiffer
as T.R.'s Teammate
Sam Rubin
as Sam Rubin
David Ringwald
as Singer #1
Sinakhone Keodara
as Tranny Prisoner Hooker

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2005 | 23 Episodes

Season 2

2006 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

2007 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2008 | 27 Episodes




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Online Film & Television Association

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