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October 20, 2021
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About this title


Elliot is a brilliant introverted young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night. He also happens to be suffering from a strange condition similar to schizophrenia which he futilely tries to keep under control by regularly taking both legal and illegal drugs and visiting his therapist. When a strange feisty young woman named Darlene and a secretive middle-aged man calling himself Mr. Robot, who claims to be the mysterious leader of an underground hacking group known as F-Society, offer Elliot a chance to take his vigilantism to the next level and help them take down E-Corp, the corrupt multi-national financial company that Elliot works for and likes to call Evil Corp, Elliot finds himself at the crossroads. Mr. Robot, who has personal reasons for wanting to take down E-Corp, also reveals that he already has one ally, an even more mysterious, secretive and highly dangerous shadowy hacking group known only as Dark Army. Meanwhile, Elliot's childhood and only friend, Angela, who blames E-Corp for the death of their parents, tries to take down E-Corp legally by joining their ranks and trying to dig up evidence of their corruption from the inside. A wild card in this scheme becomes Tyrell Wellick, an unhinged psychopathic E-Corp yuppie, originally from Scandinavia, who has a very unusual relationship with his dominant and ambitious wife Joanna. After many twists and turns, Mr. Robot's plan is finally put in motion - with catastrophic (un)intended results. But that's just the end of the beginning of the real story.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 24, 2015

Also Known As: 駭客軍團, Господин Робот |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

secret society
childhood trauma

Company Credits

Production Co: Anonymous Content, Esmail Corp. |  See more »


Ashley North
as Pedestrian
Declan Dzurkoc
as Baby
Christine M. Campbell
as Janet
Joseph McKenna
as Doomsayer
Dorothi Fox
as Nell Romero
David Chen
as Basketball Player
Patricia Hodges
as Coney Island Tourist
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Jack Lew
Kelemete Misipeka
as Man on Phone
Robert Sella
as Stuart
Leslie Shenkel
as Grandpa
Olga Nesterova
as Holiday Shopper
Michael James Fry
as Holiday Shopper
Dan Couri
as Pedestrian
Jim Stanek
as Jason
Mary Crosbie
as Nurse Sharon Watt
Carolina Ravassa
as Woman
Alison Linkov
as Restaurant Patron
Gloria Reuben
as Krista Gordon
Aaron Marcus
as Lecturer
Bobby Roman
as Flight Attendant
Justin Michael Woods
as Sgt. Sullivan
Jim Cleary
as Pedestrian
Rick Barone
as Police Officer
Eric Martin Brown
as Salesman
Justin Sargent
as Nervous Tech
Eric C. Sun
as Grants Bodyguard
Ben Horner
as Special Agent Stancheck
Hailie Sahar
as Lady of the Night
Carly Chaikin
as Darlene
Oriana Bustamante
as Young Girl on TV
Amy Tribbey
as Aunt Sheila
Susan Pourfar
as Penelope
Vincent Gao
as Tech Employee
Efraiem Hanna
as Cab Driver
Gregg Housh
as Customer #1
Olli Haaskivi
as Shelter Tech
Cadden Jones
as HR Representative
Susannah Rogers
as Department Head #2
Jarrod LaBine
as International Banker
Eric Orman
as Masked Man
Sean Patrick Folster
as Hammerhead
Nadia Gan
as Elizabeth
Mark McGann
as Waiter
Ismaelpeter Casillas Nelson
as Skateboarder
Max Lebow
as Bart
Mark Richard Goldman
as E Corporate Executive
Luke Robertson
as RT
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Upscale NYC pedestrian
Gary VanManen
as Holiday commuter
Emmy Rossum
as Caroler #1
Azhar Khan
as Mobley
Rebecca Kling
as Loan Officer
Nathalie Rock
as Mar-a-Lago Waitress
Christopher Parker
as E-Corp Security Guard
Megan Channell
as Jessica
Kia Yvette Clayton
as Holiday Shopper
Alexandra Rooney
as Restaurant Daughter
Barthelemy Atsin
as Basketball Player #1
Shanga Parker
as Jeff Gunther
Stephen Lin
as Hamburger Man/Lab Worker
Ed Trucco
as Business Man #1
Richard Lyntton
as Business Man
Laurie Segall
as Laurie Segall/News Reporter/Reporter
Peter Duncanson
as Peter Spilkoman
Brian Edwards
as Patrolman
Daniel Aguirre
as Telemundo Anchor
Mario Telles
as Theater Patron
Kendrick Alan Reinsch
as White Basketball Player
Bradley W. Anderson
as Confused Guy
Jake Busey
as Freddy Lomax
Elisha Henig
as Mohammed
Curzon Dobell
as Department Head #1
Sara King
as Assistant #1
Adam G. Brooks
as Hacker Nerd Screaming
Grant Chang
as Grant/Whiterose's Assistant
Bernadette Quigley
as Chaplain
Colin Buckingham
as Hacker 2
Eric Bryant
as Dwight
Aleks Shaklin
as Sergey Samedov
Brittany Lee McDonald
as RT's Wife
Brian Donahue
as E-Corp Lobby Security #1
Anne Tolpegin
as Inconspicuous Woman
John Adams
as FBI Agent
Jackson Loo
as Dark Army Op
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Asian Vendor/Casual Protestor/ND Pedestrian
Sue-Anne Morrow
as Doctor Rodensky
Aaron Ramey
as Young Don Moss
Brandy Gardener
as Pedestrian/Protester
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Ron
Grant Koo
as Xun Goon #2
Andrew Hsu
as Dark Army Operative #2
Tony Cheng
as Dark Army Operative/Dark Army Operative #1
Alex Zelenka
as Protester
Lynn Marocola
as Police Officer
Kareem Savinon
as Kareem
Ronan Babbitt
as Surveillance Guy
Mabel Tyler
as Girl/Young Angela
Allyson Kaye Daniel
as Karaoke Woman
Ruthie Stephens
as Rando #1
Jeff Blumenkrantz
as Bank Manager
Caroline Strong
as Deputy Director Phelps
David H. Holmes
as Man
Ingrid Matias
as Holiday Commuter
Richard Flight
as Judge
Greg Dephoure Goldman
as Trailer Voice
Michelle Santiago
as Shopper/Walmart Employee
Grant MacDermott
as Matt
Chantal Maurice
as Angry Woman
Jas Anderson
as DJ
Mihran Slougian
as Arash/Trenton's Dad
Alexander Saliba
as Driver #1
Jordan Coates
as Kyle
Roberta Colindrez
as Happyhardonhenry806
Adrienne Lovette
as Nurse
Kyro Wavebourne
as Dark Army Operative
Adam Shiri
as Cokehead
Mick O'Rourke
as Homeless Man
Nick Mills
as Xander Jones
Danny Garcia
as Homicide Detective
Derek Cox-Berg
as Terrified E-Corp Employee
Victoria L. Moya
as Movie Patron
Tom Degnan
as Ross Thomas
Rasik Ohal
as Ahmed
Rachel Emma Slack
as Shopper
Byrne Davis Jr.
as Church Group Therapy
Jeremy Bobb
as Joseph Green
Sharla McBride
as News Reporter
Zack Abramowitz
as E-Corp Security Guard
Lizzy Plimpton
as Mom on Swing
Ashlie Atkinson
as Janice
Pat Kiernan
as Pat Kiernan
Coy DeLuca
as Inmate
Tom White
as Peter
Anthony Vaughn Merchant
as Protest Leader
Martin Wallström
as Tyrell Wellick
Bridget Dolan
as Business Woman
Omar Metwally
as Agent Santiago
Kerry Flanagan
as Nurse #1
Jahneer E. Williams
as Javi
Marko Caka
as FBI Agent
Daniel Olson
as FBI Agent #1
Ben Rauch
as Marty Cosplayer
Bonnie Black
as Cheryl
Tom Riis Farrell
as Bill Harper
Anthony Laciura
as Singing Homeless Man
Sahar Bibiyan
as Trenton's Mom
Caliph Jones
as Inmate
Frankie Shaw
as Shayla Nico
Omar Vigil
as Senior Swat Team Leader
Jerry Lobrow
as Driver
Jason Flores
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Brittany Baratz
as Caroler #2
Stephanie Corneliussen
as Joanna Wellick
Rafael Poueriet
as Fireman
Lorin Partalis
as Monica
Gayatri Bahl
as Female with Male Dog Walker
Christian Slater
as Mr. Robot
William Cote
as Junkie #4
Calvin Dutton
as Dolph Lawler
as Cab Driver
Josh Mostel
as Bo
Margo Kazaryan
as Protester
Amy Southers
as Amie
Kelsey Venter
as Mom's Friend at Swingset
Chris Tera
as Inmate
Joseph Gullotta
as NU NEW Spring Resident
Alexander Blaise
as Restaurant Father
Vinny Giovanniello
as Bartender
Tyler Graham
as Skinny Dude
Gretchen Carlson
as News Anchor/Gretchen Carlson
Dean Scott Vazquez
as Miguel
Yoshi Amao
as Driver #3
Christopher Stadulis
as Security Detail
Adam Shippey
as National Guardsman
Elijah Richardson
as Sammy
Josh Banks
as Stan
David Neal Levin
as William
Gio Castellano
as Parking Attendant
Damacio Page
as Anand
Garth Kravits
as Agent Horton
Adrian Matilla
as Huge Guy
Marisa Kennedy
as Lily
Alvin Keith
as Lawyer #1
James P. Rees
as Mobley
Paul Fusco
as ALF
Jeremy Holm
as Mr. Sutherland/Man in Black
James Andrew O'Connor
as Travis Rehwaldt
Logan Fry
as Airline Passenger at Door 5
Candice Myers
as Cop #1
Katie Lamark
as Hostess
Junior Mendez
as Dishwasher
Shayna Blass
as Lydia
Elliot Villar
as Fernando Vera
Michele Gambino
as Gala Attendee
Rick Gonzalez
as Isaac Vera
Jarrett Winters Morley
as Holiday Traveler
Edward James Hyland
as Det. Quattlander
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as The Gentleman
Jason A. Coombs
as Concession Stand Employee
Ben Odom
as Snowman
James Wilcox
as Man in Black
Keith Mackler
as Protester
Young M.A
as Peanuts
Bill Tatum
as Texas Oilman
Allen Jared
as Deus Member #1
Kenneth Kopolovicz
as Purchaser
Mark Lehneman
as High End Hotel Guest/Masked Coney Island Guest
Eva Jette Putrello
as Young Angela
Stacey Raymond
as FBI Agent Hartman
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Scott Knowles
Dominik Garcia
as Olivia Cortez
Preston Edwards
as Jamie
Mac Quayle
as Keytar Player
Erik Jensen
as Frank Cody
Eduardo Flores
as Pedro
Meredith Travers
as Ashley
Clem Cheung
as Dr. Wang
David Shumbris
as Cop
Tod Rainey
as Traveler
And Palladino
as Protestor
Bonnie Rose
as Nurse
Keith Herron
as Department Head #3
Jack Corbin
as Young Elliot
Julian Gavilanes
as Fred
Lucy Teitler
as Positive Affirmation Video Voice
Jonas Cohen
as Mr. Gray
Roger Brenner
as BombSquad/K9Officer/NYPD
John Wojda
as Steve
Olivia Washington
as FBI Agent
Randy Harrison
as Harry
Nora Hummel
as W.W. Ticket Taker
Sunita Mani
as Trenton
Luce Rains
as Clerk
Doris McCarthy
as Hotel Guest
David T. Zimmerman
as Correction Officer #1
Nikolai Tsankov
as Russian Oligarch
Ethan Halper
as RT's Kid
Pavel Shatu
as Driver #2
Ramy Youssef
as Samar Swailem
Thomas P. Williams
as News Anchor
Alex Morf
as Deegan McGuire
Ray Crisara
as Head of Security
Muhshin Khan
as Bank Employee
Mark Moses
as Older Man at Bar
Paul Douglas Anderson
as Deus Group Guard
Sridhar Maruvada
as Taxi Driver
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Holiday Shopper/Park Bystander/Pedestrian/Student/TA
Adrian Black
as Colby Aide
Friday Chamberlain
as Goth Girl
Deshane Granger
as Inconspicuous Man
Jesse Ramirez
as Hector
Dasha Nekrasova
as Celeste
J. Alphonse Nicholson
as Andre
Ashley Hutchinson
as Deus Server
Mitchell Winter
as Anwar Raziz
Graham Wolfe
as FBI Agent Dying
Chris Kipiniak
as Brock
Richard Bekins
as James Plouffe
Karl Kenzler
as Self
Scott Burik
as Driver
Tom Place
as Rioter #2
Alix Elias
as Elderly Lady #1
Nathan Clarkson
as Nativity Joseph
Gabriel Hansen
as Junkie #3
Stan Vidal
as Holiday Commuter
Chester Jones III
as Bradford
Angela Pietropinto
as Customer
Gregory Konow
as Bartender
Jonathan Yi
as Dark Army Operative #2
Allison Winn
as Nativity Mary
Ken Holmes
as Holiday Commuter/Pedestrian/Train Passenger/Masked Coney Island Wedding Guest
Evan Whitten
as Young Elliot
Don Sparks
as Don Moss
Emma Gordon
as Allsafe Employee
Michel Gill
as Gideon Goddard
Robert Keiley
as Fire Marshal #1
Doug Trapp
as Executive
Julian Cihi
as Marcel
Ben Rappaport
as Ollie Parker
Suzan Perry
as Mary Jo White
David Little
as Roy
Andrew Pang
as Kingsley
Christian DeMarais
as Evan Floyd
Edward Gabree
as Bike Messenger
Aidan Liebman
as Young Elliot
Kenneth Lee
as Asian Man #2/Dark Army #1
Maya Jasmin
as Nurse
Brian Sills
as Blake
Aimee Laurence
as Little Girl
Michael Iacono
as Teen Friend
Rami Malek
as Elliot Alderson
Ron Cephas Jones
as Romero
Ben Livingston
as Chad Davidovitz
John Hemphill
as Business Man
Nicholas Dullea
as Fleora Rep
Kristopher Lee Weaver
as Leering Dog Owner
Faith Logan
as Ella/Pedestrian/Protestor
Aimée Spring Fortier
as Junkie #2
Matt Golden
as Producer
Alex Bento
as Young Elliot
Daniel Garcia
as Businessman
Kathryn Danielle
as Bobbi
Lyman Chen
as Xun
Stephen Friedrich
as Randy Colby
Joseph Valle-Hoag
as Caroler #5
Olivia Khoshatefeh
as Young Woman #1/Young Woman 1
Darren Lipari
as Houston
James DeFilippi
as Tommy
Brett Berg
as Man at Tattoo Shop
Aaron Takahashi
as Lloyd Chung
Christopher Kien Dao
as Dark Army
Sean Allan Krill
as Kevin
Jon Glaser
as Tobias
Joey Bada$$
as Leon
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Bummy Santa on The Subway
Dileep Rao
as Sandesh Markesh
Jack Hammel
as Restaurant Patron
Catrina Ganey
as Woman in Airport Bathroom
Mark Lotito
as Det. Jones
Justin Morck
as Dealer
Catherine Christon
as Special Agent Jody Axenberg
Edyta Cousens
as NU Out of Towner
BD Wong
as Whiterose
Eve Lindley
as Hot Carla
Scott Eliasoph
as Pedestrian
Arielle Hoffman
as Checkout Girl
Sam Esmail
as Man in Mirror/Customer/Henchman/Inmate/Man on Bench/Man on Train
Victor Paguia
as Rioter
Young Jeohn
as Liào
Alice Schaerer
as Janet Yellen
Armand Schultz
as Michael Hansen
as Abubakar
Michael Maize
as Lone Star
Katie Willmorth
as Androgynous Waif
Jerry D. O'Donnell
as Detective #1/Detective #2
Abeer Khan
as Mohammed
Fang Du
as Asian Man #1
Sebastian Chacon
as Tad
Robert Myers
as Holiday Commuter
Ross Kurt Le
as Zhi Zhang
Randall Holden
as Deus Member #2
Christopher Halladay
as Hard Andy
Bill Timoney
as Male Executive
Ox King
as Driver
Portia Doubleday
as Angela Moss
Soledad O'Brien
as New Anchor/Soledad O'Brien
Adam Griffin
as Doctor
Carrie Vu
as Chen's Bride
Pete Spano
as Protestor
Steven Hauck
as Bryce
Nuah Ozryel
as Sasan Nouri/F Society Masked Man
Eileen Lacy
as Elderly Lady #2
Teodorina Bello
as Adalina
Vaishnavi Sharma
as Elliot's Mother
Keith David
as Qwerty
Frank Fernandez
as Pedestrian
Zachery Byrd
as Employee #2
Eugene Shaw
as Chen
Emily Behny
as Lorraine Cosplayer #2
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Movie Goer/Park Goer
Ebrahim Jaffer
as Sales Clerk
James Brown III
as Dance Instructor
Jing Xu
as Wang Shu
Ajay J. Perez
as Isaac
as Casual Protestor
Bruce Altman
as Terry Colby
Shannon Breckenridge
as E Corp Employee/Pedestrian
Katelyn Sarazen
as Missy
Julia Crockett
as Emily Moss
Hannah Cabell
as Carol
Asa Somers
as Jeremy
Dan Verkman
as Holiday Shopper/Pedestrian
Kaitlin Large
as Coworker/Ruth
Grace Gummer
as Dominique DiPierro
Scott Brody
as William Highsmith
Scott Mena
as Hacker
Iyana A. Campbell
as Cocktail Waitress
Michael Buscemi
as Romero
Julie Hanna
as Movie Goer
Sam Moko
as Movie Attendee
Bobby Cannavale
as Irving
Meg Jay
as Subway Passenger
Lee Edward Colston
as Correction Officer #3
Allison Lahikainen
as Punk on Train
Maggie Wood
as Young Woman 2
Christopher Gerson
as Public Defender
Austin Reed Alleman
as Other Elliot
Margaret Scura
as Train Traveler - NYC
Gigi Stone
as CNBC News Reporter
Greg Brostrom
as Cop #2
Daniel Danielson
as Correction Officer #2
Kevin Hogan
as Jim
Craig Robinson
as Ray
Wallace Shawn
as Mr. Williams
Arthur Shaffer
as Tech Employee
Chloë Levine
as Erica
Michele Hicks
as Sharon Knowles
Ian Campbell Dunn
as Security Guard
Clare Latham
as Linda
Marcos A. Gonzalez
as Cop
Merritt Chase
as Train Commuter
Sharayah Sherry
as NU Spring Resident
Ralph Alderman
as Earl
Jayden Martinez
as Juanito
Eric Santamaria
as Protestor
Amr El-Bayoumi
as Freddie
Danielle Nicolette Najarian
as Prison Guard
Allen Enlow
as Doc Cosplayer
Abdul L. Howard
as Male Dog Walker
Laura Maselli
as Flea Market Shopper
Annika Pergament
as Annika Pergament/NY1 News Correspondent/NY1 Reporter
Steve Garfanti
as International Banker
Brett G. Smith
as Police Officer
Michael Nagle
as Gala Attendee
Suki Úna Rae
as Press
Gabriela Lopez Hernandez
as Deakins
Qurrat Ann Kadwani
as Interviewer
Dave Morrissey Jr.
as Bartender
Calvin Ahn
as Xun Goon #1
Cara Jaye
as Airport Traveler
Adam Garcia
as Manny
John Weigand
as Doorman
Tim Miller
as Doctor
Greg Murphy
as Guy in Tux
Matt Mercurio
as National Guardsman #2
Ed Squires
as CD Hawker
Joe Gioco
as Grandpa's Friend
Michael Cristofer
as Phillip Price
Jordan Gelber
as FBI Agent
Christine Toy Johnson
as Agent Yang
David Carl
as Hacker 1
Daniel Macarone
as Bar Patron
Akiyo Komatsu
as Dark Army Operative #1
Alina Seddon
as Protester
Lorrie Odom
as Trudy Davis
Becky Chicoine
as Lorraine Cosplayer #1
Douglas Taurel
as Detective #1
Chris Conroy
as Derek
Sandrine Holt
as Susan Jacobs
Craig Wroe
as Saul
JP Sarro
as Salesman
Jessica Mosher
as Waiter
Sakina Jaffrey
as Antara Nayar
Andy Kelso
as Stairwell Man
Alex Esola
as Aaron
Rizwan Manji
as Norm
Richard Masur
as Ice Cream Man
Lauren Yaffe
as Gruff Pedestrian
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
as Mike
Alex Estrada
as Computer Lab Employee
Eric Doss
as Funeral Director
Amanda Anthony
as Passerby
Nancy Grace
as Nancy Grace
Kiirstin Marilyn
as Bar Patron
Susan Barnes Walker
as Cashier
Dominic Colón
as Virtual Realty Employee
Amber Nash
as Spokesperson
Joseph Tudisco
as Handyman
Budd Mishkin
as Budd Mishkin
Anthony Jennings
as Vincent
Daniel Morgan Shelley
as Special Agent Kaz
Michael Drayer
as Cisco
Don Guillory
as FBI Agent
George Goulart
as Party Guest
Liz Larsen
as Trudy
Eric Rosenberg
as Event Attendee/NU Deus Members
Jacqueline Honulik
as Cocktail Waitress
Therese Plaehn
as Karen
Tom Knutson
as Creepy Man
Jay Russell
as Scientist #1
Leon Gonzalez
as Protester

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 13 Episodes




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