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October 21, 2021
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About this title


After the unsolved murder of his wife, Trudy, Adrian Monk develops obsessive-compulsive disorder, which includes his terror of germs and contamination. His condition costs him his job as a prominent homicide detective in the San Francisco Police Department, but he continues to solve crimes with the help of his assistant and his former boss.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 12, 2002

Also Known As: Монк, 名探偵モンク |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

mental disorders
private investigator
police procedural

Company Credits

Production Co: Mandeville Films, ABC Signature |  See more »


Kali Rocha
as Maria Scheter
Jeremy Gram Weaver
as Second Paparazzi
Michael Shalhoub
as Minister/Ned the Beekeeper/Ron Abrash
Lauren Tom
as Mrs. Ling
Alex Castillo
as Pool Cleaner
Guyle Fraizer
as Detective
Esme Lambert
as Angry Old Lady
Melissa George
as Jenna Ryan
Niecy Nash
as Varla Davis
Monika Spruch
as Bikini Model
Maurice Compte
as Luke Johnston
James C. Burns
as Scary Biker
Brad Garrett
as 'Honest' Jake Phillips
Vincent Curatola
as Jimmy Barlowe
Shea Broom
as Arlene Carney
Doug Purdy
as Richard Young
Jack McGee
as Sgt. Danny Weaver
Rainn Wilson
as Walker Browning
Dorothy Constantine
as Alice Dubois
Jim O'Heir
as Park Ranger
Maggie Kiley
as Katie Doyle
Lisa Dempsey
as Teresa Mueller
Andrew Elvis Miller
as Second Agent
Peter Snider
as Prosecutor
Constance Ejuma
as Ansara Waingaya
Courtney Gains
as Frank Nunn/Six Fingered Man
Glenda Morgan Brown
as Alumni Wife
Jonathan Rannells
as Moratta
Daniel Stern
as Sheriff Fletcher
Judith Drake
as Mrs. Van Decamp
Bru Muller
as Ellis
Andy Marshall
as Police Officer
Scott Glenn
as Sheriff Rollins
Erich Anderson
as John Buxton
Kendall Clement
as Warehouse Supervisor
Ray Galletti
as Cop at Rally
Jimmy Palumbo
as Mr. Gorman
Tim Kang
as Mr. Brenneman
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Elliott D'Souza
Sirri Murad
as Blind Man
Jennifer Ann Massey
as Cameron Meyer
Rod Slaughter
as Novillero Band Member #3
Brett Cullen
as James Duffy
Zachary Culbertson
as Shopper
Marc Vann
as Curator Miles Franklin/Hal Duncan
Sean Blakemore
as Spyder Cell Guard
Keith Burke
as Sheriff
Brianna Konefall
as Bridesmaid
Bob Gunton
as Dwight Ellison
Mary Beth Evans
as Mrs. Rickover
David Hadinger
as Segway Enthusiast
Roy Farfel
as Skater #1
Amy Ryder
as Mrs. Gilstrap
Rodney Eastman
as Del Johnston
Jude Ciccolella
as Warden Tom Bennet
Val Lauren
as Charlie
Colleen Crabtree
as 2nd Duty Nurse
Charles Napier
as Sheriff Bates
Tony Colitti
as Second Detective
Michael Chandler
as Detective/Detective #2
Ho Chow
as Property Clerk
Vince Melocchi
as Truck Driver
Rachel Zeskind
as Marlene Highsmith
Troy Winbush
as Silent Killa
Andi Matheny
as 2nd Female Nudist
Verda Bridges
as Sergeant Harris
Sam Ayers
as Doorman
Charissa Wheeler
as Cult Member
Jim Beaver
as Sheriff Ronald Mathis
Ryan Alvarez
as Clerk
Willow Duke
as Young Girl
Orlando Seale
as Lieutenant Lafitte
Lucy Filippone
as Louisa
Cody McMains
as Troy Kroger
Christine Holz-Lusita
as Assistant
Stephen McHattie
as Lt. Adam Kirk
Jennifer Fawcett
as Rookie Cop
Ben Cain
as Detective #1
Arnaud Peiny
as Undercover Cop
Wally Michaels
as Brother
David St. James
as Edward Stilson
Donnell Barrett
as Third Paparazzi
Zoe Keller
as Lily
Matt Eyde
as Prison Guard
Jennifer Record
as Girl Student
Dougald Park
as Police Spokesman
François Klanfer
as Bernard
Scott Peat
as Construction Foreman
Casper Van Dien
as Lt. Steven Albright
Tim Curry
as Dale 'The Whale' Biederbeck
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Jimmy Cusack
Michael Belcher
as Bobby
Leo Howard
as Little Karate Kid
Heather Tom
as Linda Riggs
Isabella Acres
as Other Child
Melissa Cook
as Female Volunteer
Richard Chevolleau
as Willis
William Atherton
as Commander Nathan Whitaker
Assaf Cohen
as Ricardo
Mike Malin
as Gambler
Tina Kapousis
as Woman in Crowd
Angel Oquendo
as Garage Attendant
Domenic Cina
as Young Modine
Alice Cooper
as Alice Cooper
Amara Zaragoza
as Kendra Frank
Robert Alan Beuth
as D.A. Charles Friedken
Kevin Berntson
as Sports Fan Juror
Kerris Dorsey
as Little Girl
Faith Prince
as Kathy Willowby
Eileen Grubba
as Jack Jr.'s Mother/Mother
Kathy Baker
as Sylvia Fairbourn
Reuben Thompson
as Uniform Cop
Edo Walker
as Robert Perry
David DeLuise
as Larry Cutler
Frankie Ingrassia
as Kroger's Receptionist
Chancellor Miller
as Hippie Boy
Devon Kelly
as Excited Fan
Kirk Diedrich
as Tony Gammalobo
Michael Weaver
as Agent Lapides
Michael A. Goorjian
as Jacob Carlyle
Jack Jonasson
as Novillero Band Member #1
Samantha Quan
as Female Control Officer
Jennifer Pisana
as Sue Ellen
Matthew Lenhart
as Funeral Director
Jeffrey Scott Kelly
as Elton the Stage Manager
Michael Caldwell
as Stage Hand
Nicole Greenwood
as Reporter
Stacy Michelle
as Self
Hala Balbaky
as Young Lady
Clyde Kusatsu
as Judge Rienzo
Jaime Gomez
as Sanchez
Michael Gabriel Goodfriend
as Young Uniform
Matthew Olver
as 2nd Psych Tech
Chris Coy
as Second Slacker
Earnestine Phillips
as Miss Ayida
Shana Stein
as Empathy Trainer/Shana
Brian Tee
as James Lu
Wendy Schenker
as Speed Date #3
Nick Spano
as Officer Salvatore
Cameron Meyer
as Mother/Script Supervisor
Ronald Hunter
as Barfly
Neil Crone
as Terry T
Sharon Johnston
as Clara
Timothy McLaughlin
as Magneri's Lawyer
Kate Orsini
as Marissa Kessler
Bruce McFee
as Pete
Brian Sampson
as Uniformed Police
Connor Carmody
as Max Stottlemeyer
Hunter Clary
as Young Boy
Don Ritchie
as Attorney
David J. Lee
as Intern Collins
Mike Hagerty
as Ronnie O'Dell
Erica Yoder
as Beth Landow/Helen Hubbert
Angela Hughes
as Nurse Brady
Dinah Lenney
as Lotto Commissioner
McKenna Jones
as Nurse Becky
Brian Kimmet
as Aaron
Tom Yi
as Michael Kin
David Grieco
as Male Paramedic/Thorn
Tammy Dahlstrom
as Dolly
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
as Samuel Waingaya
Traber Burns
as Minister
Molly Baker
as Intern Eva
Brian Keith Russell
as Eugene Maddox
Kay Hawtrey
as Mrs. Danvers
Amanda Martínez
as Lupe
Damara Reilly
as Female Guard
Andy Arness
as Shopper
Nancy E.L. Ward
as Carolyn the Maid
Barry Flatman
as John Fenimore
Matthew Legaspi
as Smaller Boy
Stacey Scowley
as Laurie
Gregory T. Daniel
as Chuckling Detective
Caroline Hall
as Wendy Larson
Cynthia Hartzell
as Kindergarten Teacher
Lu Parker
as TV Reporter
Cutter Garcia
as Uniform Cop
Christine Fry
as Air Force 2nd Lieutenant/Bee's Head Basketball Coach
Ken Marino
as Lester Highsmith
Tim Daly
as Tim Daly
Sara Fletcher
as 2nd Gushing Fan
Kelley Petrisi
as Nurse
Luis Chávez
as Nestor Alverez
Dominique Grund
as Piano Girl
Alan Van Sprang
as Leonard Stokes
Reed Willard
as Police Officer
David Valcin
as Reggie Dennison
Joseph D. Reitman
as Evan Gildea
Brian McNamara
as Kyle Brooks
Olek Krupa
as Elmer Gratnik
Noel Gugliemi
as Man
Garry Marshall
as Warren Beach
Art Evans
as Rusty
Tracy Weisert
as Soldier's Daughter
Ivo Nandi
as Honest Ramone
Emma Bretthauer
as Coughing Girl
Nicholas Campbell
as Lawrence Grayson
John Furey
as Dennis
Rena Sofer
as Kim Kelly
Paul Lieber
as Medical Examiner
K.C. Ramsey
as Three Card Monte Dealer
Richard Schiff
as Dr. Lawrence Climan
Liza Lapira
as Dr. Souter
Christopher Hoffman
as First Detective
Gregory Alan Williams
as Sorenson
Brian Silverman
as First Agent
Marcos De Silvas
as Mayor
Simon Templeman
as Karl Sebastian
DeLon Howell
as 2nd Commissioner
Jill Arrington
as TV Newswoman
Rachael Harris
as Cpl. Alice Westergren
Jonathan Lipnicki
as Rudy Smith
Candice Michelle
as Sapphire Model
Jon Crowley
as First Rowdy Fan/Surly Fan
John Cothran
as Warden Christie
Jason Alexander
as Marty Eels
Kathe Mazur
as Diana Phelps
Kristen Caldwell
as Bratty Girl
Enrico Colantoni
as Joe Christie
Fred Ewanuick
as Jake
Keisuke Hoashi
as First Cop
Joseph Hunt
as Michael
Barbara Brownell
as Aunt Nora
Olivia Sui
as Pirate Girl
Tom Nagel
as Passing Sailor #2
Amy Aquino
as Mrs. Bowen/Rhonda
Bianca Roe
as Wine Expert
Jonathan Sayres
as Second Assistant
John Lamar Rich
as Howard (2009)
Charles Durning
as Hank Johansen
Frank Novak
as Marv Chastwick
Aaron Todd Kessee
as First Crew Guy
Hugh B. Holub
as Shift Supervisor
Sandra Luesse
as Waitress
Emmy Clarke
as Julie Teeger
Michelle Addison
as Nicole Vasques
Eddie Goines
as First Fireman
Shane Haboucha
as Jimmy Wagner
Gary Weeks
as Mr. Cooper
Wanda Acuna
as Cleaning Lady/Housekeeper
David Anderson
as Jason 'Sonny' Cross
Marc Marosi
as TV Anchorman
Steven Kahn
as Photographer
Mickey Raphael
as Band Member #3 (Mickey)
Richard Steinmetz
as Coach Brian Binsack
Tony Larkin
as Shushing Monk
Judith Wellner
as Model
David Winston Barge
as Bodyguard
Marguerite Moreau
as Amanda Castle
Julian Tassielli
as Uniformed Cop
Hal Eisen
as Neil
Ian Novotny
as Cleaning Staff/Festival Attendee
Tommy Maples
as Fashionere
Sandra McCurdy
as Nicole Young
D.J. Burns
as Participant #1
Tanner Scott Richards
as Second Boy
Suzanne Ford
as Gwen DeWitt
Adria Tennor
as Donna DiMarco
April Pressel
as Assistant
Tony Armatrading
as Mr. Franklin
Carlos Gómez
as Escobar
Patricia Skeriotis
as Female Customer
Jeannie Epper
as Gladys
Meredith Giangrande
as Party Girl
Tom Virtue
as Other Coach
Janine Theriault
as Christine Rutherford
Billy Mayo
as Mechanic
Brian Palermo
as Shirt Salesman
John Maynard
as Repairman
Tom Riordan
as Ballplayer/Flasher
Jim Lau
as Toliver's Landlord
Megan McKinnon
as Girl with a Cold
J. Scott Shonka
as Detective
Faye Rauw
as Woman on Monitor
Daniel Riordan
as Bartender
Hardee T. Lineham
as Groundskeeper
Nick DeMauro
as Relative
Brooke Langton
as Terri
Willie Nelson
as Willie Nelson
Jack Betts
as Cowboy Hank
Carol Kane
as Joy
Davenia McFadden
as Gladys Menchen
Emilio Borelli
as Bailiff
Robert Dassie
as Police Sketch Artist
Stephanie Erb
as Gail Segalis
Marc De'Antone
as Mobster/New York Detective
Jack Wagner
as Perry Walsh
Katie F. Ward
as Receptionist
David Ackert
as Patel - Juror No. 2
Rif Hutton
as Dr. Maulding
Morgana Davis
as Female Paramedic
Cameron Daddo
as Darryl Wright
Annette Chéri
as Annette
Jamie Vandevert
as Douglas Findell
Craig Figueiredo
as Security Officer
Svetlana Efremova
as Nurse Ullman
Kelly Carlson
as Lola
Andrew James Allen
as Tim Sussman
Gregory Jbara
as Stan Lawrence
Brian Prescott
as K-9 Cop
Carlease Burke
as Teacher - Juror No. 8
Rob Mainord
as Bookstore Manager
James Brolin
as Daniel Thorn
John O'Brien
as Maitre'd
Joey Baldwin
as Young Clerk
Brian Kerwin
as Ben Glazer
Billy Gardell
as Ian Agnew
Stacey Hinnen
as Buck
Rachel Noll James
as Other UFO Enthusiast
Jay 'Mad Dog' Michaels
as Kenny Freedman
Russell Ferrier
as Workman
Jon Polito
as George Gionopolis
Nick Nervies
as Norman Walters
Joan Wong
as Housekeeper
Ossie Beck
as Waiter
Jake Richardson
as Dwayne
Chane't Johnson
as First Teacher
Sam Vance
as Uniform Cop
Ryan Bollman
as Frank Ruttle - Photographer
Lance Krall
as Floppy the Clown/Salesman
Jim Feather
as Old Man in Wheelchair/Old Man in wheelchair
Jessica McCabe
as Teenage Cashier
Scott Nankivel
as Tom Burton
Taylor Longbrake
as Young Kathy Cooper
Fergus Barnes
as Uniform Cop #2
Nicola St. John
as Annoyed Woman
Steve Bean
as Mr. Tyre
Todd Waring
as Maintenance Worker
Alain Uy
as John Kuramoto
Rachel Shumate
as Assistant Editor
Keith Ewell
as CSI Tech
Terry Scannell
as Mechanic
Adam Arkin
as Dale 'The Whale' Biederbeck
Paul A. MacFarlane
as Medical Examiner
Jenni Pulos
as Sascha Gordon
Shaun O'Hagan
as Bully Barber
Elizabeth Perkins
as Christine Rapp
Michael O'Hara
as Foreman
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Dustin Sheers
Marcello Thedford
as Extra Large
Jeffrey Donovan
as Steve Wagner
Joelle Carter
as Barbara O'Keefe
Joanna Pacula
as Leyla Zlatavich
David Clement
as Lou Pratt
Lennie Loftin
as John DeLancy
Uriah Shelton
as Nicky Phillips
Shaun Robinson
as Talk Show Host
Victor McCay
as Billy
Anthony Holiday
as Referee
Parker Goris
as Fire Safety Kid
Susan Merson
as Mrs. Sheckman
Beverly Polcyn
as Elderly Patient
J.P. Manoux
as Jacob Posner
Henry Grissett Jr.
as Square Dance Caller
Michael Dunn
as George Baptiste
Desmond Campbell
as Oliver
Dmitri S. Boudrine
as Ambassador of Latvia
Skyler Gisondo
as Kyle
David Manis
as Prosecutor
Jeffrey M. Bell
as Red Cross Volunteer
Dwayne Standridge
as 1st Passerby
Suziey Block
as Waitress
Katie Lohmann
as Playing Saphire Girl
Jordan Ticktin
as Monk-ish Boy
Luiggi Debiasse
as Younger Monk
Jay Powell
as Vagrant
Frank Collison
as Warrick Tennyson
Liliane Clune
as Irene Fenimore
Keith Oney
as Local Mechanic
Lindy Newton
as Younger Trudy
Jody Payne
as Band Member #1 (Jody)
Elena Nikitina Bick
as Entering Customer
Harvey J. Alperin
as Mr. Sheckman
Alan Heitz
as Human Corpuscle
Mary Castro
as Vegas Showgirl
Jane Carr
as Robin Jenkins
Danny Mora
as Larry
Erica Zodtner
as Reporter
Rita Zohar
as Mrs. Zlatavich
Challen Cates
as Sheryl Thorn
David Shackelford
as Neal Graham
Reed Diamond
as FBI Agent Stone
Jared Dostie
as Young Airman
Scott Conte
as Security Guard
Kelli Jackson
as Second Bidder Lady
Rudy Moreno
as Second Farmhand
Joshua Grenrock
as Alvin Greenblatt
Guy Chapman
as CSI Photographer
Adam Clark
as Cabbie
Beau Dremann
as Second Cop/Uniform Cop at Bar
Joe Zymblosky
as Nerdy Hall Monitor
Sara Van Horn
as Night Nurse
Michael Reisz
as Second Teacher
Hope Banks
as Young Agent
Lola Glaudini
as Ariana Dakkar
Hector Elizondo
as Dr. Neven Bell
Gattlin Griffith
as Matthew
Nicole Rubio
as Angry Mother/Second Nurse
Judge Reinhold
as Alby Drake
Jonathan Flanigan
as Party Goer
Kathryn Taylor Smith
as Waitress
Lisa Sample
as Ice Skater
Danielle Guerrero
as Miranda Terhune
Terry Fradet
as Stork/TV Remote Inmate
Eric McCormack
as James Novak
Jim Moret
as Talk Show Host
Terrence Hardy Jr.
as Tugging Kid
David Stanford
as Uniform Cop/First Cop
Aaron Linker
as Little Monk
Tom Everett
as Kenneth Woods
David Eigenberg
as Tim Hayden
Scott Michael Morgan
as Security Guard
David Pressman
as Marty
Emma Bates
as Michelle
Mary Chris Wall
as Home Shopping Salesperson
Gary Kraus
as Entry Guard
Jordan Olivia Bell
as Croquet Girl
Sean Foley
as First Cop/Uniform Cop
James Wing Woo
as Kwan
Anne De Salvo
as Auctioneer
Phil Abrams
as 2nd Cop
Light Rand
as Speed Date #2
Susan Ruttan
as Mrs. Ledsky
Mary Black
as Kelly Street/Mrs. Street
Chris McGarry
as Det. Sgt. Louis Doyle
Dee Baldus
as Gertrude
Ernie Grunwald
as Vampire Manager
Jayden Lund
as Morris
Dink O'Neal
as Car Owner
Dan Arnold
as Detective Kramer/Uniform Cop
Jacob Miller
as Trusty Band Member #1
Kent Karson
as Frat Kid
Brennan Elliott
as Paul Harley
Drew Powell
as Eddie Murdoch
Casey Longstreet
as Dori Prager
Hayley Chase
as Emily C.
Caroline Aaron
as Sheila Dorfman
Timothy Davis-Reed
as Commentator #1/Nephew's Lawyer
Scott Mitchell Nelson
as Real Paramedic
Gregory Sporleder
as Kenneth Nichols
Nicky Katt
as Sgt. Ryan Sharkey, Jr.
Patrick Fischler
as Eddie
Allen Theosky Rowe
as Cook
Don Perry
as Newly Arrived Old Man
Scott MacDonald
as Chief of Boat
John Bellucci
as Abernathy
Jareb Dauplaise
as Pez
David Andriole
as Alex
Jeris Poindexter
as Eddie
Jon Kyle Hansen
as Jared Stottlemeyer
Louie Novoa
as Young Cop
John Rosenfeld
as George Teeger
Jamie Donnelly
as Judge Santa Croce
Rich Hutchman
as Cardiologist
Kerry O'Malley
as Susan Donovan
Timothy Taule
as NCO
Marco Infante
as Duke's Agent
Vivian Bang
as First Assistant
Rob Stefaniuk
as John Gitomer
Jerry Levine
as Kenny Shale
Rosalind Chao
as Arleen Cassady
Milda Dacys
as Juliette
Kevin Cotteleer
as Next Customer
Betty Buckley
as Cheryl Fleming
Amy Crofoot
as Make-Up Person
Mitchell Edmonds
as Mr. Parisi
Michael Alexander Newman
as Sound Editor
Hal Havins
as Maintenance Guy
Jason Boegh
as Administrative Assistant
La Monde Byrd
as Petty Officer Wedoes
Kitty Swink
as Dr. Bradley
Pat Crawford Brown
as Nana Parlo
Timothy Burd
as Participant #2
Ashley Williams
as Theresa Scott
Amaryllis Borrego
as Mrs. MacGraw
Andrew Goldenhersh
as Stage Manager
Rick Curry
as Dr. Jonah Sorenson
Carl Ciarfalio
as First Goon
Damani Washington
as Young Rapper
Dwayne Barnes
as Officer Cooper
Rob Swanson
as Desk Sergeant/Uniform Cop
Chris Sabella
as Subway Rider
Odette Annable
as Courtney
Alanna Ubach
as Jennie Silverman
Delle Bolton
as Mrs. Townsend
Carmen Aguirre
as Uniform Cop
Francisco Paco Vela
as Hernandez
Clint Culp
as Barfly
Jim Thompson
as Passing Detective
Andrew Borba
as Parole Commissioner
Paul Francis Sullivan
as Security Guard
Larisa Miller
as Pam Sherman
Marianne Davis
as Barbara McFarland
Loanne Bishop
as Alumni Chairwoman
Kedar Brown
as Witness
David Rasche
as Coach Patterson
Michael Fairman
as Stanley Greenblatt
Tim Monsion
as Sound Engineer
Vanessa Branch
as Mrs. Murphy
Marcus Demian
as Elderly Zemenian Man
Christopher Wiehl
as Scott Gregorio
Christina Ferraro
as Miranda
Adam Kulbersh
as Dr. Garcia
John Kapelos
as Paulie Flores
Lizelle Gutierrez
as Concert Goer
David Kronenberg
as Will Dellman
Ray Kahnert
as Schizophrenic Man
Rocky McMurray
as Capt. Stockton
Weston Blakesley
as Sgt. Mueller
Madison Mason
as Senator
Russel Taylor
as Security Guard
Diane Behrens
as Veterinarian
Jim Piddock
as Jake Colbert
Sean Marquette
as Ridley
Michael Cavanaugh
as Bobby Davenport
Dean McKenzie
as Lawyer #1/PR Spokesperson
Lochlyn Munro
as Fat Tony Lucarelli
Greg Pitts
as Billy Logan
Currie Graham
as Harold Maloney
Tate Hanyok
as First Assistant
Jonny Lee
as Detective Roberts
Shawn Reis
as Ian Sykes
Moon Bloodgood
as Hayley
Sarah McElligott
as Topless Woman
Tony Donno
as Victor Timlinson
Betty Murphy
as 2nd Elderly Woman
Jessica Lundy
as Rachel Sweeney
Bob Gebert
as Hardware Store Clerk
Aaron Lustig
as Prosecutor Fox
Justin Peroff
as Young Monk
Jenny Cooper
as Jennifer Zepetelli
Camille Newbern
as Bored Student
Tony Gray
as Munkafust Band Member #2
Kathleen Carr
as Congressman's Wife
Kelly Gullett
as Sharpshooter Cop
Eric Stonestreet
as Boom Boom
Dan Castellaneta
as Tiny Werner
Indiana Jagait
as Security Guard #1
Noah Emmerich
as Roderick Brody
Lorin Shapiro
as Coat Check Girl
Jane Lynch
as Dr. Julie Waterford
Jamie Kaler
as Peter Breen
Ilia Volok
as Nikolai Petroff
Liza Seneca
as Aunt Teresa
Heather Brooker
as 1st Gushing Fan
Rick L. Dean
as Courtroom Spectator
Eric Lange
as Goggle-wearing UFO Enthusiast
James Logan
as Ben/Roadie
Bernie Kopell
as Gilson
Sue Cremin
as Reporter
Sara Sanderson
as Dr. Sorensen's Receptionist
Misha Collins
as Michael Karpov
Sy Richardson
as Janitor/Sanitation Worker
John Knox
as Second Judge
Tim Herzog
as Stripper Cop
Bayani Ison
as Bailiff
Shannon Sweetmon
as Reporter
Anne Ramsay
as Interviewing Employee
Tim DeZarn
as Max Barton
Andy Breckman
as First Class Passenger/Spectator at card game
Chase Kim
as Thai Drug Lord
Bobby Aronofsky
as Waiter
Susie Dias
as Sales Clerk
Lawrence O'Donnell
as Judge Lawrence Barr
Eden Rountree
as Carol Maloney
Kyle Bornheimer
as Uniform Cop
Americus Abesamis
as Silent Disciple
Alex Quijano
as First Uniform Cop
John Turturro
as Ambrose Monk
Claire Rankin
as Angeline Dilworth
Nicholas Bearde
as Taxi Driver
Tressa DiFiglia
as 1st Duty Nurse
Susan Ward
as Michelle Cullman
Jorge Luis Abreu
as Salon Manager
Chris Kennedy
as Paramedic
Kristine Lacap
as Basketball Player
Richmond Arquette
as Eddie Lawson
Andy Kreiss
as Justin the Groom
Jessica Steen
as Myra Teal
Joe Hursley
as Winston Kasinsky
Tamara Levitt
as Photographer
Elle Downs
as Regina
Dale Waddington
as Mrs. Hammond
Jennifer Riker
as Business Woman
Katelyn Pippy
as Young Sherry
Jennifer Skiffington
as Body Suit Wearing UFO Enthusiast
Chris Owen
as Trainee
Bradley James
as Prison Guard
Jon Sklaroff
as The Iceman
Jack Stehlin
as Local Prosecutor
Rachael Marie
as Ashley
Douglas J. Aguirre
as Irrate N.Y.C. Resident
Aimee Bell
as Kate Kindel
Rachel Dratch
as Julie Parlo
Snoop Dogg
as Murderuss/Russell Kroy
Yvans Jourdain
as Criminalist
Malcolm McDowell
as Julian Hodge
Sarah Aldrich
as Mrs. Cooper
Sven Holmberg
as Brendan
Sonya Eddy
as Opal
Edward Edwards
as Shawn Clemmons
Val Sklar
as Yoga Instructor
Lynne Maclean
as 2nd Passerby
Kiyoko Yamaguchi
as Merva the Maid
Nathan Pitkanen
as Concertgoer
Rick Deats
as Boxing Official
Marty Ryan
as Mr. Sutton
Paul Blackthorne
as Dr. Polanski
Andy Hoff
as Reporter #2
Tracey Walter
as The Professor
Aaron Behr
as Cameraman/Jerry
Devon Gummersall
as Phil Bedard
Rick Ravanello
as Detective
Rick Yudt
as Hal
Ivar Brogger
as Deputy Commissioner
Stephen Keys
as First Bodyguard
Vinnie Varone
as Referee
Richard Libertini
as Dr. David Sobin
Alfred Molina
as Peter Magneri
Lulu Antariksa
as Whispering Child #1
Tessa Goss
as Wedding Planner
Angela Kinsey
as Arlene Boras
Sean Astin
as Paul Buchanan
Irene Lopez Kuchilan
as Gabriel
Mike Rad
as First Male Nudist
Jenny Dean
as Judge Lavinio
Karl T. Wright
as Monk's Lawyer/Principal Thicket
Todd Eric Andrews
as EMS Paramedic
Brandon Matthew Parker
as First Boy
Julia Sanford
as Woman at Next Table
Jason Rogel
as Satellite Enthusiast
Jackie Richardson
as Wendy Maas
Nick Stellate
as Security Guard
Ronnie Steadman
as First Cop
Patrick Breen
as Jeffrey Sweeney
Brad Hawkins
as Kurt Wolff
Kevin Nealon
as John Wurster
Matt D'Elia
as Engineer
David Huband
as Judge (Kirk Trial)
Jessica Jeensalute
as Concert Goer
Lauren Mary Kim
as Stefanie Preston
Brooke Adams
as Abigail Carlyle/Edith Capriani/Leigh/Leigh Harrison/Sheriff Margie Butterfield
Graham Beckel
as Capt. Bill Gibbard
Wallace Langham
as Steve DeWitt
David A. Kimball
as Minister
John Hartmann
as Mr. Hoffman
Eddie Pepitone
as Animal Control Officer
Erin Kolpek
as Shopper
Zac Gardner
as Soldier Boy
Bruce Beaton
as Foreman
Kimi Reichenberg
as Pierced Girl - Juror No. 6
Ben Bass
as Gavin Lloyd
Joseph Sikora
as Boz Harrelson
George Ketsios
as Pretzel Vendor
Brian Paul
as Myra's Lawyer
Hans Raith
as Bobby
Ernest John Teichert III
as Pilot
Lydia Blanco Garza
as Maria Fuentes
Polly Draper
as Rita Bronwyn
Kesun Loder
as Jimmy Krenshaw
Tony Longo
as Second Union Official
Jan Munroe
as Dr. Graydon Whitcomb
Marisa Tayui
as Japanese Reporter
James Gammon
as Oates
Michael Zurich
as Producer
Ken Cheeseman
as Manny
Jenna Seitz
as Choking Orphan
Sharon Lawrence
as Linda Fusco
Danny Romero
as Sports Reporter
Hira Ambrosino
as Reporter/TV Reporter
Bill Viney
as Ranger
Mykelti Williamson
as Captain Walter Cage
Hunter Dunn
as Whispering Child #2
Chandler Bolt
as Fashionere
RonReaco Lee
as Denny Hodges
Robert Catrini
as Teddy Mulligan - Informant
Suzanne Rico
as News Reporter
Kenneth White
as Timothy Henn - Former Teacher
Chandra West
as Carolyn Walsh
Rosalba Martinni
as Mitzi
Charles Laulette
as Alumni Husband
Mills Pierre
as Officer Landay
Eric Fink
as Taxi Driver
Sung Kang
as Mr. Huang (Disciple)/Vince Kuramoto
Guy Nardulli
as Officer Spumante
Geoffrey Wade
as Mandy's Lawyer
Kevin P. Farley
as JJ the Joke Machine
Maria del Mar
as Monica Waters
Kayley Stallings
as Little Girl
Gail O'Grady
as Miranda St. Claire/Lovely Rita
Amy Sedaris
as Gail Fleming
Arlene Mazerolle
as Tillie Graves
Gordon Clapp
as Francis Merrigan
Timothy Thomas Brown
as Company Forman
Katie Fountain
as Party Girl
Shane Edelman
as Woody Mitchum
David Alan Poe
as Arthur Beren Patron/Fashion Show Photographer/Suburban Shopper
Adam Huss
as Party Guy
Craig Patton
as Rent-A-Cop
Michael Edwin
as Barber
David Greenman
as Waiter
Jimmie F. Skaggs
as Norm the Mechanic
John Bobek
as Brother Zack
Chris Hartl
as Passing Cop
Liise Keeling
as Judge Lavinio
Ashley Gibson
as Marge Larkin
Mark Sheppard
as Chris Downey
Beatriz Pizano
as Mrs. Garcia
Meredith Scott Lynn
as Angela Dirks
Jeff O'Haco
as Security Guard
Jennifer Lawrence
as Mascot
Rob LaBelle
as Sheldon Burger
Willie Garson
as Leo Navarro
Brenda Canela
as Maria
Mark Edward Smith
as Forensic Tech
Cloé Martin
as Cute Toddler
Frank Clem
as Ron Neely
Mirron E. Willis
as New Manager
Devon Michaels
as Morgue Attendant
Eric Hempsall
as Chet
Julie McLeod
as Party Goer
Crystal Santos
as Rita Van Ranken
John Carroll Lynch
as Kurt Pressman
Cliff Saunders
as Nathan
Kincaid Walker
as Jean Garnett
Steve Stapenhorst
as County Judge
Wilson Cruz
as Smoking Technician
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Pat - Juror No. 12
Marco Ragozzino
as Jake
Gina St. John
as Second Repoter
Amy Grabow
as Tanya
Branden Morgan
as Chicklet
Dylan Baker
as John Hannigan
Sandra Nelson
as Dr. Jackman
Cameron Kush
as Jared Stottlemeyer
Molly McCook
as Emily J.
Adrian Griffin
as Attorney Dwyer
Bill Chott
as Leon Harrison
Stephen W. Williams
as Man in Crowd
Cameron Monaghan
as Danny Cooper
J.D. Murray
as Traffic Cop
Michael London
as Husband
Pamela Shaddock
as Waitress
Shea Crandles
as Teenage Girl
Ted Levine
as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer/Stottlemeyer
Cynthia Stevenson
as Dianne Brooks
Marie Ward
as Gwen
Jim Parrack
as Roger Zisk
Maurice Godin
as Pierre LaCoste
Juliana Donald
as Madeline Kroger
Mohammad Kavianpour
as Officer White/Prisoner
David Koechner
as Joey Krenshaw
Jon Perkins
as CSI Technician
Britain Spellings
as Second Rowdy Fan
Dan Cole
as Stan the Fan
Jerald Garner
as Agent
DJ Qualls
as Rufus - Computer Geek
Michael Shepperd
as 1st Cook/Jury Clerk
Roger Peterson
as First Reporter/Reporter
Pepper Sweeney
as Navy Cook
Jarrad Paul
as Kevin Dorfman
Dekker Dreyer
as Extra
John Capodice
as Frankie Marino
Cheryl Hawker
as Nurse
Hrant Alianak
as Judge (Stokes Trial)/Judge Hackman
Kurt Fuller
as Dennis Gammill
Bob Joles
as Customer
Tyler Mane
as Dirk - Motorcycle Rider
Kate Trotter
as Kate Ashcombe
Lisa Sheridan
as Lizzie Talvo
Jon Favreau
as Dr. Oliver Bloom
Dave Matos
as Assistant Director
Jeremy Murray
as Croquet Man
Diego DiGiovanni
as Italian State Trooper
Edmond Kato Wong
as Cop at Kindergarten
Maree Cheatham
as Edna Coruthers
Donna Bullock
as Sherry Judd
Patrick Salvagna
as Older Kid
Sarah Brown
as Mandy Bronson
Mike Rock
as Lt. Dylan
Rory O'Shea
as Reporter
Larry Miller
as Garrett Price
Marcelo Tubert
as Hector
Tim Conlon
as Paul Crawford
Mary Mara
as Theresa Crane
Amanda Paddock
as Dr. Neven Bell's Daughter
Kevin Flood
as First Detective
Albert Owens
as Senator
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Drugstore Manager
John Lacy
as Coach Chauncey
Brad Grunberg
as Augie Wellman
Rachel Rogers
as First Orphan
Sunny Mabrey
as Sister Sally
Susan Shalhoub Larkin
as Paulina
Brian Ceponis
as Businessman
Bernard Kay
as Man in Sweater
Andy Richter
as Hal Tucker
Ricardo Chavira
as Jimmy Belmont
Horacio Galaviz
as Carwash Worker
Voki Kalfayan
as Juggler
Chi McBride
as Mayor Ray Nicholson
Clint Jung
as Sweater Detective
Federico Dordei
as Michael the Cook
Mark Atkinson
as Rookie Cop
Jason Singer
as Bartender
Rachel Winfree
as Applicant #2
Faran Tahir
as Museum Official
Alona Tal
as Molly Evans
Charles Dougherty
as Man on Phone/TV Director
Michael Coleman
as 2nd Patrolman/Detective/First Uniform Cop/Second Cop/Uniform Cop #1
Zack Graham
as Second Cop
Michael Tenaglia
as Con Edison Worker
Mark Sivertsen
as Sean Corcoran
Bruno Amato
as Crew Member
Gregory Wagrowski
as Mr. Morrissy
Ed Sahely
as Ticket Clerk
Michael G. Canaan
as Second Goon
Mike Cochrane
as Sanitation Worker
Apollo Smile
as Skater #2
Melissa Wolfe
as College Girl #2
Dave Nichols
as Pratt
Mik Scriba
as Lt. Bristo
Lawrence H. Toffler
as First Reporter
Tony Franchitto
as First Cop
Alexandra Kenworthy
as Wanda the Barfly
Darby Stanchfield
as Erin Hammond
as Elephant
Mark Totty
as Malcolm Cowley
Steve Valentine
as Karl Torini/The Great Torini
Traylor Howard
as Natalie Teeger
Izzy Diaz
as Hector Morales
Bitty Schram
as Sharona Fleming
Bobby Block
as Vampire Boy
Fred Stoller
as Greg
John Bourgeois
as Harry Ashcombe
Kaylan Bolton
as Barry
Dan Butler
as Dr. Davis Scott
Gill Gayle
as Frank Prager
Gem Silver
as Secretary
Robb Skyler
as Hairy Customer
Brian C. Baker
as Fair Patron
Alan Blackney
as Spring Breaker/Student
Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu
as Fieldy Arvizu
Tang Nguyen
as Computer Officer
Melissa Strom
as Young Clerk
Rene Rivera
as Capt. Valez
Amber Livingston
as First Customer
Jane Noseworthy
as Waitress
Tony Plana
as Capt. Alameda
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Mrs. Dohan
Larry Varanelli
as 1st Barfly
Patrick St. Esprit
as Lody
Jane Cook
as Waitress
Holt McCallany
as Pat van Ranken
William Sanderson
as Joshua Skinner
Bert Jernigan
as Prison Guard
Judi Barton
as Guest Sylvia
Joan Blair
as Rita
Pamela Kosh
as Older Lady
Daniel Goddard
as Evan Coker
Cleo King
as 911 Operator
Linda Bisesti
as Theatre Manager
David Hunt
as Michael Norfleet
Robin Duke
as Aunt Minn
Anthony Santa Croce
as Heckler
Lance Barber
as Bill the Deliveryman
Roger V. Burton
as Old Man
Myra Brown
as Skater #3
Grant Johnson
as Novillero Band Member #5
Denise Dowse
as Samantha Austin
Jamie Anne Allman
as Jennie Mandeville
Jay Acovone
as Ray Galardi
Eloy Méndez
as Dishwasher
Ellen Bry
as Beth
Steven Williams
as Sgt. Parnell
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Malcolm Nash
Ileane Meltzer
as Cranky Neighbor
Lisa Jay
as Gail
Christopher Neiman
as Chilton Handy
Eve Gordon
as Janie/Madge
Eric Allan Kramer
as Darrell Cain
Catherine Bach
as Sara Jo
Derek Grauer
as Beer Cooler Fan
Bob Costas
as Bob Costas
Rossif Sutherland
as Vic Blanchard
Max McLaughlin
as Second Bully
Skip O'Brien
as Sgt. Chitwood
Sara de Berry
as Fourth Orphan
Taylor McCluskey
as Kissing Couple
Al Rondon
as Heavyset Man
Christina Vidal
as Winona
Darlene Kardon
as Elderly Zemenian Woman/Sweet Old Lady
Jack Marino
as Mobster
Shiloh Strong
as T.J.
Brianna Brown
as Joanne Raphelson
Danny Trejo
as Spyder Rudner
Tim Bagley
as Harold Krenshaw
Nick Offerman
as Jack Whitman
Jacobi Wynne
as Commentator #2
Brent Hinkley
as Store Manager
Marcia Moran
as Court Stenographer
Annie Livingstone
as 2nd Barfly
Adam Kaufman
as Brother Ted
Reynaldo Gallegos
as Eddie Dial
Harve Presnell
as Zach Ellinghouse
Nancy Mette
as Sherry
Andre Belgrader
as Old Man on Bench
Peyton List
as Tanya Adams
Kerry Michaels
as Older Actress
David Banner
as Snake da Assassin
John D'Aquino
as McKiernan
Liz Burnette
as 2nd Panel Member
Kasi Brown
as Reporter
Hector Luis Bustamante
as Customs Agent Gomez
Craig Webster
as M.C.
John Scurti
as Transit Cop
Daniel Passer
as Director
Stanley Kamel
as Dr. Charles Kroger/Dr. Kroger
Kane Ritchotte
as Benjy Fleming
Larry Brandenburg
as Val Birch
Mary Garripoli
as Laundry Customer
Philip Williams
as Landlord
Tony Lee
as Delivery Man
Alex Morris
as Red
Patrick Garrow
as Todd Katterskill
Yvonne Huff Lee
as Jury Foreman #2
Christian Pikes
as Little Boy
Darlene Conte
as Reporter #1/TV Reporter
Peter James Smith
as Agent Keao
Rick Hoffman
as Agent Colmes
Gavin Black
as Eddie
Ian Heath
as Record Store Clerk
Clare Carey
as Sister Heather
Bradley Whitford
as Dean Berry
Dion Johnstone
as Lieutenant Gitomer
Cheryl Kloner
as Gambling Woman
Robert Thomas
as Hardhat
Tom McCafferty
as Cop
Elena Evangelo
as Linda Kloster
David Berthiaume
as Novillero Band Member #2
Juan Chioran
as Dr. Christian Vezza
Mark McDaniels
as Ronald Shelton
Senta Burke
as Chess Champion
Amy Higgins
as Paint Customer
Steven Weber
as Max Hudson
Justin Dray
as First Paparazzi
Nicole Randall Johnson
as Frances
Mike Bocchetti
as Homeless Man
Brad Hunt
as Kris Kedder
Nikki Magnusson
as Nurse
Roshon Fegan
as Third Boy
Emma Caulfield Ford
as Meredith Preminger
Terri Hoyos
as Maria Cordova
Michael Bower
as Peter
Jane Hajduk
as Attractive Mom
Sergio Allard
as Tourist with Camera
Timothy Landfield
as Man from Audience
Sarah Happel Jackson
as Model
Mandy McMillian
as Yvette
Dante Reid
as Wildcat Player
Lucius Baybak
as Second Kid
Christina Knizner
as Sibling Girl
Jim Jansen
as Mayor Steven Rudner
D.J. Harner
as Mother
Clement Blake
as Building Supervisor
as Darwin the Chimp
Henri Lubatti
as Chef at French restaurant
Annabeth Miller
as Mrs. Meckler
Kelly Albanese
as College Girl #1
Lolita Davidovich
as Natasha Lovara
Sokhan Kevin Sar
as Security Guard
Craig T. Nelson
as Judge Ethan Rickover
Louis Lombardi
as Tommy G.
Jimmy Shubert
as Frank Pulaski
Douglas Nabors
as Jury Foreman #1
Sarah Colonna
as Irate Mother
Stephen Bogardus
as Derek Bronson
Kaine Bennett Charleston
as Wedding Guest
Janet Wright
as Bonnie
Rahnuma Panthaky
as Cashier
Donal Logue
as Gully
Glenne Headly
as Karen Stottlemeyer
Bob Clendenin
as Gerald Vengal
Sean McDermott
as Kevin
Neil Giuntoli
as First Attendant
Jeff Chase
as Fire Starter
Michelle Azar
as Charlotte Prager
Nicole DeHuff
as Vicki Selenas
Margot Boecker
as Pretty Police Woman
Liz Montgomery
as Sick Woman
Andrew Airlie
as Shawn
Bryan Hatt
as Clerk
Eric Weinthal
as Zweibel
Marcus Brown
as Delivery Man
Amber Marshall
as Second Girl
David Gardner
as Minister
Donn Swaby
as Paramedic
Shirley Jordan
as Second Reporter
Howie Mandel
as Ralph Roberts
Elizabeth Reynolds
as German Wife
Alexis Ioannidis
as Elevator Gal
Josh Shada
as Rudy
Benjamin Burdick
as Gary the Caddie
Tamlyn Tomita
as Eileen Hill
Haylee Wanstall
as Little Girl
Andrea Johnson
as CSI Tech
Tom Kiesche
as Annoyed Mover/Mover
Lydia Jordan
as Little Girl Skater
James Curreri
as David Elliot
Bryan Coffee
as Sneezer - Juror No. 5
Paul Ben-Victor
as Al Nicoletto
Lisa Dinkins
as First Reporter
Diane Boehm Himmich
as P.R. Person
Pamela Adlon
as Sarah Longson
Brett Rickaby
as The Killer
Alex Wolff
as Brian Willis
Anne McDaniels
as 1st Party Girl
Gary Cole
as Dexter Larson
Alycia Lee
as Ferris Wheel Patron
Deborah Grover
as Mrs. Butterworth
David Lee Russek
as Trevor
Steve Heinze
as Denny Jardeen
Sandra Mitchell
as News Reporter
Kimberly Irion
as First Female Nudist
Martin Papazian
as Captain Savo
Wade Williams
as Captain Frank Willis
Esteban Powell
as Aaron Hayden
Alicia Coppola
as Michelle Rivas
Michael Bernardi
as Sarcastic Cop
Carolyn Scott
as Board Member #2
Christopher May
as Second Attendant
Yuki Bird
as Nurse
Melora Hardin
as Trudy Monk/Cameron
Anil Raman
as Rescue Worker
Rafael Kalichstein
as Bartender
Leigh Rose
as Guest Mabel
Nick Toth
as Hospital Administrator
Steve Monroe
as Chet Walsh/Sgt. Myers
Roz Witt
as Lunch Lady
Joe Narciso
as Medical Examiner
Cabran E. Chamberlain
as Detective
McNally Sagal
as Pamela Moody
Oliver Macready
as Drew Cooney
Dalton Grant
as Bartender
Linda Kash
as Dolly Flint
Damir Andrei
as Father Hatcher
D.B. Woodside
as Dr. Matthew Shuler
Andrew Sikking
as Munkafust Band Member #3
Pedro Barreira
as Clark
Ashley Noel
as Amanda Clark
Fay DeWitt
as Mrs. Parisi
Mel Fair
as State Trooper
Jesse Heiman
as 3rd UFO Enthusiast
Jeremy Forte
as Father
Jorge Cervera Jr.
as Dr. Madero
Carl J. Johnson
as Neighbor
Janie Haddad Tompkins
as Waitress
Arthel Neville
as Talk Show Host
Susane Lee
as Jasmine
Lisa Thornhill
as Noelle Winters
Michael Emanuel
as Wrong Man
as Runway Model
J.B. Bivens
as First Cop
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Randall Disher
Annabelle Milne
as Angie
Elizabeth Liebel
as Refugee Mother
Dean Marshall
as Cop in Lobby
Blake Silver
as Karl Pillemer
Tony Shalhoub
as Adrian Monk/Frank DePalma
Francesca Vannucci
as Anna Pollard
Holland Taylor
as Peggy Davenport
J.C. Kenny
as Reporter/Reporter #1/Second Reporter/TV Reporter
David Gore
as Petey Cunningham
Alan Draven
as Man in Crowd
Marcus Folmar
as Newspaper Delivery Man
Nicholl Hiren
as Sapphire Girl
Ivan Shaw
as Producer
Ralph Meyering Jr.
as Dr. Levine
Bryce Robinson
as Excited Orphan
Tommy Dorian
as Julie's Friend
Andrew Charlton
as Chip Rosati
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Gloria Morales
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
as Brent Donovan
Lauren Cohn
as The Librarian
Larry Brown
as Waiter
Laura Margolis
as Carol Young
Dax Belanger
as Second Cop
Noora Albright
as Adopting Mom
Michael Hogan
as Warren St. Claire
Steve Zahn
as Jack Monk, Jr.
Roy William Collins
as Lead Security Officer
Daniel Roebuck
as Larry Zwibell
Hugo Armstrong
as Medical Examiner
Burl Moseley
as Grocery Store Clerk/Police Officer
Jesse James
as Jared Stottlemeyer
James Stanford
as Uniform Cop
Sally Ann Brooks
as Mrs. Bloom
Ian Paul Cassidy
as Jim Paxton
Anne Gee Byrd
as Mrs. Kennedy
Kevin Dunigan
as Guard
Emerson Brooks
as Paramedic
Frank Gallegos
as Chief Mechanic
Kimberly Douglas
as Cult Sibling
John Hawkes
as Matthew Teeger
Jimmy Pardo
as Association President
Kyle Kulish
as Alumni Two
Ryan Scott
as Young Roderick
Bruce Hood
as College Student
Mini Anden
as Natasia Zorelle
Michelle Krusiec
as Maria
Brooke Baumer
as Applicant #1
Pattie Tierce
as Refreshment Lady
James Babson
as Pretentious Actor
Grant Garrison
as Officer Hensley
Kelly Fiddick
as Bill LaFrankie
Elise Baughman
as Reporter
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
as Witch Girl
Edward Flores
as Motel Clerk
Ken Barnett
as Deputy Hatcher
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as CSI Tech/Field Tech/Medical Examiner
Benito Martinez
as Foreman - Juror No. 7
John K. Wilson
as Phone Technician
Chris Williams
as Agent Thorpe
John Berg
as Guest Alfred
Meredith Roberts Quill
as Burger Girl
Damon Jones
as Pat-Down Guard
Shane Elliott
as First Fan/First Robber
Martin Taylor
as Brian
Patrick O'Connor
as Daniel MacGraw
Brent King
as Travis Baptiste
as Master Zi
Jonathan Davis
as Jonathan Davis
Anne Betancourt
as Maria Ortiz #8
Daniel Faltus
as Maitre d'
Tonye Patano
as Woman on Train
John Mese
as John Ringel
Robert Bagnell
as Kirby the Barber
Lisa Pedace
as First Lady Bidder
Pia Artesona
as Woman in Park
Andrew Rothenberg
as Medical Examiner
John Edward Lee
as Joe Kazarinsky
James Downing
as Police Dispatcher
Susan Chuang
as Kathleen
Louie Alegria
as Uniform Cop
Josh Drennen
as Local Cop
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Essie/Wife
Elizabeth Landau
as Woman
Eric Balfour
as Lenny Barlowe
Larry Udy
as Bo
Andrew McCarthy
as Derek Philby
John Hemphill
as Eric Gelbertson
Jack Kehler
as Harvey Disher
Douglas Sarine
as Middle-aged Believer
Emily Happe
as Cocktail Waitress
David Castellani
as Medical Examiner
Erinn Bartlett
as Amber
Larry Hankin
as Bearded Man
Henry Dittman
as Second Fan
Rob Kirkland
as Uniform Cop
Kate Anthony
as Cindy Gelbertson
Corbin Allred
as Scott
Sam Scarber
as Custodian
Nancy Daly
as Mrs. Giddons
Curt Clendenin
as Crime Lab S.F. Assistant Director
Cole Coleman
as Passenger
Stellina Rusich
as Trudy Monk/Trudy
Gloria Hazlewood
as Librarian
Max Perlman
as Hotel Clerk
Dave Bushnell
as Tour Guide
David Mersault
as Director
Evan Peters
as Eric Tavela
Vincent Riotta
as Vladimir Kazinsky
Ross Petty
as Henry Rutherford
Marvin Bang
as Waiter
Chris D'Elia
as Cal Gefsky
Malcolm Barrett
as Malcolm O'Dwyer
Alfred Dennis
as Old Man
Albert Makhtsier
as Latvian Opponent
Anne Marie Howard
as Newswoman
Angela Little
as Kimberly Dennaman
Cantrell Harris
as Father
Sarah Rush
as Nurse Fitzgerald
as Self
Lea Moreno
as Vickie Deline
Barry Livingston
as Geiger Counter Enthusiast
Aaron Parker Mouser
as Coughing Boy
Nikki Nemzer
as Jessica
Reid Harris
as Teddy Karpov
Rio Ahn
as S.F.P.D. Officer #2
Alex Paez
as Waiter
James Martin Kelly
as Fire Marshal
Ashley Rose
as Lisa
Televise Masalosalo
as Mr. Lawrence
Marcy McCusker
as 50's Waitress
Franc Ross
as Clinic Doctor
Alexandra Ella
as Female Customer
Matthew Scott Hill
as Jared
Deborah Zoe
as Lisa Babcock
Andy Holt
as Paramedic
Natasha Pavlovich
as Nicole Wagner
Mark Phinney
as Doorman
Lex Medlin
as Richard Meckler
Brandon Ford Green
as Detective Jones
Johnpaul Williams
as Football Player/Male Nurse/Street Cop
Jimmy Palombi
as Superintendent
Brit Shaw
as Salesgirl
Rebecca Field
as Gail
Angelina Wahler
as Janey Cooper
Stewart Finlay-McLennan
as Ian Blackburn
Todd Kimsey
as Hack
Sam Gregory
as Young Monk
Andrew Gillies
as Daniel
Grant Axton
as Police Technician
Jeff Clarke
as Sound Man
James Lesure
as Ray Regis
Jack Carter
as Joseph Moody
Andreea Radutoiu
as Larysa Zeryeva
Steve Nave
as Second State Trooper
Chris Krauser
as Uniformed Cop/Clean Up Crew/Firefighter/Garbage Man/Guard/Photographer/Rock Concert Goer/Shopper/State Trooper/Tech/Wildcat Player
Mario Di Donato
as Ronnie
Susanna Harter
as Jaynette Williams
L. Trey Wilson
as Prison Official
Charles Carroll
as Douglas Thurman
Gregg Daniel
as Truck Driver
Jeff Bowser
as Carl
Allen C. Liu
as First Uniform Cop
Kent Shocknek
as TV Reporter
James Mathis III
as Rastafarian Cook
James A Marshall
as Police Officer
Esther Scott
as Delores
Jerry Hauck
as Ticket Taker
Vincent Fenequito
as Mr. Lam
Rebecca Knight
as Extra/Trick or Treater
Stewart Skelton
as Alumni One
Matt Gottlieb
as Photo Booth Clerk
John Jason Bailey
as Construction Worker
Rob Benedict
as Jonathan Davenport
Connor Dylan Wryn
as First Kid
Gina Philips
as Brandy Barber
Anthony Giangrande
as Officer Kelton
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Nurse Esterbrook
Eddie McClintock
as Warren Kemp
Samantha Smith
as Coach Hayden
Max Morrow
as Benjy Fleming
Lonnie Colón
as Ronnie
Tanya Bond
as Bikini Girl
Susan Carol Davis
as Court Clerk
John Sanderford
as Lawrence Hammond
Karon Kearney
as Angry Mother
Anthony Maranville
as College Boy #2
Bruce Holman
as Precinct Detective/Crime Scene Detective
Josh Cruze
as Roberto the Cook
Jeremiah Birkett
as Reggie
Kenyon Glover
as Doorman
Johnny Cole
as Processing Guard
Laura Johnson
as Carolyn Buxton
William Christian
as Brett
Bruce Hunter
as Board Member #1
Tracie Savage
as Newscaster
Asante Jones
as African American Detective
Brynn Thayer
as Aunt Cokie
Kiernan Shipka
as Girl Customer
Jeff Holman
as Mover
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Justice of the Peace
Kevin Fry
as Joseph Wheeler
Josh Stamberg
as Agent Grooms
James E. Thompson
as School Janitor
Courtney Ford
as Emily Carter
David Pires
as Brad Foster
Charles Rahi Chun
as Simon
Hedy McKenzie
as Security Guard #2
Brooke Burke
as Reporter
Rob Brownstein
as Cory
Katarina Van Derham
as Video Vixen
Karen Strassman
as Country Club Lawyer
Ben Jacob
as Doorman
Philip Baker Hall
as Salvatore Lucarelli
Lara Wickes
as J
Gayle Hooker
as Camilla Buchanan
David Strathairn
as Patrick Kloster
Bre Blair
as Debbie Barnett
Meat Loaf
as Reverend Hadley Jorgensen
Andy Mackenzie
as Drug Dealer
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Barton's Lawyer
Christian Dias
as Inmate
Molly Hagan
as Ms. Lennington
Burnadean Jones
as Toddler's Mom
Rusty Burns
as 2nd Angry Mother
James D. Weston II
as Doorman
Lyman Ward
as Mr. Carlson
Justin Connor
as Theater Manager
Saverio Guerra
as Commissioner Brooks
Michael Mantell
as Brother Andrew
Zoe Heath
as Torch
Warren Burton
as Guest Roger
Billy Burke
as Brad Terry
Eric Artell
as Tommy
Gary Sievers
as Homeless Guy with Dog/Homeless Man
Jerry Kernion
as Security Guard
Shannon Hile
as Angie Deluca
Cyd Strittmatter
as Clarissa
Tanner Blaze
as Sam Meyer
Adam Wylie
as Pet Store Employee
Nancy Jay
as News Anchor
Jim Hoffmaster
as Vendor
Brian Hatton
as Detective Roberts/First Detective/Second Detective
Evan Brau
as Munkafust Band Member #1
George Meyers
as Johnny
Grant Rosenmeyer
as Young Adrian Monk
Max Tucker
as Trusty Band Member #3
Owen H.M. Smith
as Detective
Ana Teresa Sosa
as Housekeeper
Matt Winston
as Brian Babbage
Shishir Kurup
as Camole Swarma
Sandra Medina
as Business Woman
Ira Steck
as Bingo Caller
Todd Allen
as Max Preminger
Robert Pierce
as Frank Henley
Dave Sebastian Williams
as Announcer
Doris Chillcott
as Jason's Mother
Christie Lynn Smith
as Valarie
Edward Kerr
as Denny Graf
Jacqueline Wright
as Dr. Levinson
Mar Party
as Forensic Photographer
Michael Stoyanov
as Stephen Dorn
Hugh Dane
as Sgt. Lane
Alex Czuleger
as Mall Rat
Dan McNeill
as Bartender/Face-Painted Man/Passing Sailor #1
Jennifer Lyons
as Bethany Daniels
John Ross Bowie
as Tom Donovan
Ariel Winter
as Donna Cain
Ethan Cohn
as Kyle Larkin
Kent Kasper
as Desk Sergeant
Caryn West
as Speed Date #1
Peter Outerbridge
as Trevor McDowell
Gentry Sanz-Agero
as Eating Detective
Nathan Mussell
as J. Tucker
Dona Hardy
as 1st Elderly Woman
Michael Patrick McGill
as First Patrolman/Sgt. Steiner/Uniform Cop #2
Steve Somers
as Daniel Crosby
Leslie Jordan
as Town Official
Daniel Quinn
as Raymond Novak
Rey Herrera
as Newscaster
Glenn Morshower
as Martin Willowby
Titus Welliver
as Daniel Reese
Rob Munk
as Leaflet Man
Rafael Feldman
as Det. Prichert
Scott Anderson
as Customer
Michael Sercerchi
as Uniform Cop
Matt Tulve
as Camping Man
Marco Ferrero
as Trusty Band Member #2
Wings Hauser
as Cobb - Juror No. 4
Jay Malone
as Officer Russell DiMarco
Gregory A. Thompson
as Paul Wellman
Joe Holt
as Midland Detective
Jazz Raycole
as Kimberly
Steven Pallares
as Young Ambrose
Charlie Weirauch
as Rookie Cop
Kris Ryan
as Dr. Conrad Gould
Jeremy Roberts
as Dewey Albert
Charleigh Bryant-Stelly
as Second Kid
Sonya Côté
as Defence Attorney
Eli Harris
as 3 Card Monte Dealer #2
Christopher Shyer
as Carl
Frank Potter
as Delivery Boy
Ashley Johnson
as Susie the Maid
Sean Blodgett
as Dr. Z
Cameron Bunce
as Guy Freak
Jean Elliott Campbell
as Entry Booth Lady
Christine Joaquin
as Hair-Dye Customer
Peter Cho
as Martial Artist
Maury Sterling
as Lewis
Christopher Boyer
as Sharona's Lawyer
Vincent Ventresca
as Rob Sherman
Jordan Liddle
as J.T. DeMornay
Howard Hoover
as Co-pilot
Drew Starlin
as Dewey Jordan
David Waszak
as Shoplifter in Jean Jacket
Susan Kellermann
as Maria Disher
Endre Hules
as Captain Duprat
Paul Gutrecht
as Frank Wicks
David Doty
as O'Dell
Nick Nordella
as Gas Station Attendant
Danilo Di Julio
as Hotel Security Officer
Liz Loza
as Waitress
Teri Pluma
as Fashionista
Derrick O'Connor
as Inspector St. Clare
Patrick Cranshaw
as Miles Hollings
Marisa Chen Moller
as Reporter #1
Randy Thomas
as Streaker
Tim Halligan
as Peter Crawley
Graham Harley
as Tony Landis
Garret Davis
as Plain Clothes Detective
Michael Badalucco
as Owen McCloskey
Chad Donella
as Ricky Babbage
Douglas Bennett
as Bingo Addict
Jo D. Jonz
as Ball Playing Inmate
Will C.
as Hotdog vendor
Billy Joe Brewer III
as Bartender
Stephen Neely
as Daniel Carlyle
Gavin Glennon
as Foreman
Jean Carol
as Aunt Madge
Judith Scott
as Principal Franklin
Jannel-Marie Diaz
as Cassandre Rank
Amanda MacDonald
as Female UFO Enthusiast
Josh Polizzi
as Theatre Patron in Restroom
James Intveld
as Undercover Cop
Brendan Connor
as Reporter/Sportscaster
Jessica Steinbaum
as Kathy
Jonathan Chase
as College Boy #1/Living Statue
Greg Ainsworth
as Dan
Kristina Anapau
as Amanda
Christopher Baskerville
as Buisness Man
Lara Black
as Young Female Cop
Kathryn Joosten
as Neysa Gordon - Former Babysitter/Nurse Stempel
J.C. MacKenzie
as Sidney Teal
Aaron McPherson
as Paramedic
Dana Ivey
as Mrs. Eels
Rob Evors
as Petty Officer Kramer
Stephon Fuller
as Gas Technician
Lawrence Broughton
as First SWAT Team
Krista Allen
as Teresa Telenko
Dylan Kussman
as Deputy Paul Coby
Lucinda Jenney
as Zena Davis, Waitress
Karron Graves
as Monica Buchanan
Cinda Adams
as Sarah Paddock
Christopher Gerse
as Stork
Jay Bingham
as Coast Guard Officer
Erin Cahill
as Callie Esterhaus
Felicia Day
as Mrs. Heidi Gefsky
Heather La Bella
as Maria Hamilton - Mistress
Oleg Zatsepin
as Vince
Bruno Gunn
as 2nd Mechanic
Peggy Mannix
as Karen
Eric Gelman
as 1st Paparazzi/Paparazzi Photographer
David A. Jansen
as Lt. Jason Pierce
Anahita Perez
as Daisy Duke Concert Fan
Stanley Tucci
as David Ruskin
Albert Malafronte
as Congressman
D.J. Lockhart-Johnson
as Darryl Grant
Chet Grissom
as 1st Cop/Detective Burns/Detective Chasen/First Detective
Gary Imhoff
as Umpire
Veda Jones
as Receptionist
Paul-Emile Frappier
as Man in Reception
Aaron Wayne Hill
as Young Monk
Russell B. McKenzie
as Property Clerk
Michael Emery
as Tourist
Michael Gossack
as Reporter/Reporter #2
Larry Clarke
as Rudy Schich
Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan
as Rock Concert Fan
Katherine Kendall
as Cassie Drake
Victoria Hoffman
as Speed Date #4
Aron Tager
as Leo Otterman
Seth Isler
as Friendly Cabbie
Jonathan Mihail
as Extra
Marcus Giamatti
as John Keyes
Nate Mooney
as Scat
Mary Riley
as Party goer
Chuck Byrn
as Self
Rodney Saulsberry
as 1st Panel Member
K.T. Thangavelu
as Radiologist
Gwen McGee
as Judge
Carl Marotte
as Stefan Chabrol
Ellis Kirk
as Sullen Townie
Nina Alexander
as First Pretty Girl
Walter A. Saunders III
as Defense Attorney
Larissa Shebroe
as First Girl
Christopher Cousins
as Lt. Hendrix
Joe Camareno
as Mexican Officer
Peter Weller
as Actor Playing Stottlemeyer
Stephanie Reibel
as Allison Clark
Abby Walker
as Tiffany Preston
Quancetia Hamilton
as 2nd Dispatcher
Alan Wilder
as Harold Gumbal
Joseph Latimore
as Security Guard
Diane Sellers
as Head Nurse
David Zepeda
as Jose Alverez
Talon Ellithorpe
as Busboy
Ross Mackenzie
as Male Control Officer
Joe Dietl
as Stage Manager
Virginia Madsen
as T.K. Jensen
Rochelle Greenwood
as Jillian
Sean Donnellan
as Burly Mechanic
Ruth Williamson
as Doris
Teri Polo
as Stephanie Briggs
Van Epperson
as Postal Worker Juror
Roy Abramsohn
as Third Reporter
George Alvarez
as 2nd Male Nudist
Elisa Moolecherry
as Kitty Malone
Peter Stormare
as Petya Lovak
Richard Tanner
as Lou Dorfman
Stu 'Large' Riley
as Street Preacher
Jane Luk
as News Anchor
Connor Gibbs
as Little Boy
Lou George
as Maitre'd
Danny Bonaduce
as Danny Bonaduce
Dina Meyer
as Sally Larkin
Corbin Bronson
as Information Clerk
Marek Probosz
as Sergei
Vincent Gale
as Jesse Goodman
E.J. Callahan
as Al
Bobby Brewer
as Kyle
Skyler James Sandak
as Tearful Boy
Athena Stamos
as Salesgirl
Todd Abrams
as Zemenian Chef
James 'Munky' Shaffer
as James 'Munky' Shaffer
Henry Czerny
as Aaron Larkin
Jennifer Hall
as Abby
Scott Adsit
as Gordo/Medical Examiner
Joaquín Garrido
as Raul
Arne Starr
as Man on Bicycle
Ethan Erickson
as David Gitelson
Geoff Pierson
as Harry Bolston
Andrea Bogart
as Actress Playing Disher
Jeff Witzke
as Human Cannonball
Vladimir Rajcic
as SFP Detective
John Patrick Walsh
as Detective
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Dr. Morris Lancaster
Preston Shores
as Tommy Grazer
Mark Bloom
as CSI Tech
Desiree Brajevich
as Body Suit Wearing UFO Enthusiast
Ellalyn Haile
as Tug of War Girl
Carissa Kosta
as Cashier
Michael B. Silver
as Lyle Turrow
Paula Barrett
as Angie Morrison
Sandy Francis
as Widow
Karl Makinen
as Xavier Danko
Victor Dean
as Stagehand
Bonita Friedericy
as Housewife Juror
Sarah Andrews
as Melissa Novak
Julie Bowen
as Marilyn Brody
John Michael Higgins
as Roddy Lankman
Danny Woodburn
as Little Willie Karelli
Armando Cosio
as Bus Driver
Hannah Contrucci
as Trudy
Khanya Mkhize
as First Crew Girl
Joe Janiak
as Chef
Todd Stashwick
as Gene Edelson
as Club Manager
Karl Herlinger
as Cooking Uncle
Geoffrey Whynot
as Lawyer #2
David Batiste
as Paramedic
Hawk Younkins
as Detective Adams
Christina Huntington
as Edie Rusher
Reginald VelJohnson
as Todd
Peggy Miley
as Mrs. Sylvia Willis
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Carlos
Nicole Sullivan
as Janet Novak
Randle Mell
as Michael Kenworthy
Mary Mouser
as Princess Girl
Jeremy Howard
as Bodysuit-wearing UFO Enthusiast
Mark Willett
as Contamination Suit Man
Fay Masterson
as Diane Luden
Ajay Naidu
as Masul the Cabbie
Bill Lake
as Hardware Owner
Roy Lee Jones
as Doctor
Raymond O'Connor
as Clemm
Boo Arnold
as Cousin Curtis
Ed Fusco
as First Detective/Hooded Scientist/Other Taxi Driver/Sgt. Green
Ruben Bansie
as Young Street Thug
Geoffrey Blake
as Ike
Aaron Wulf
as Young Officer
Daniel Browning Smith
as Danny Chasen
Bob Jesser
as Armored Car Driver
Carrie Reichenbach
as Actress Playing Natalie
Frank John Hughes
as Trevor Howe
Sarah J. Cornelius
as Clara Buchanan
Michael Earl Reid
as Lexus Orlov
Kevin Kilner
as Jack Bollinger
Jeff Van Atta
as Boomer
Emma Degerstedt
as Beth
Kathryn Melton
as Medical Examiner
Meredith Morton
as Flora
Anne Bellamy
as Martha Murphy
Sierra McCormick
as Anne Marie
Rosemary Garris
as Detective
Dylan White
as Detective Robbins
Mark Harelik
as Mikhail Alvanov
Scott Wickware
as IA Cop
Jonathan Wilson
as Young Promoter
Tom Ohmer
as Second Uniform Cop/Sergeant Lyman/Uniform Cop
Michael Ensign
as Raymond Toliver
Taylor Nichols
as Steven Connelly
David Nichols
as Pratt
Patrizia Milano
as Woman at Restaurant
Conner Rayburn
as Nephew
Mark Teich
as Manager
Jonathan Morgan Heit
as Billy Cooper
Jon Jon Briones
as First Mercenary
Thomas James O'Leary
as Menswear Clerk
Scott DeFoe
as Uniform Cop
Caroline Bielskis
as Store Cashier
Craig Jordan
as Young Man at Protest
Rosemary Forsyth
as Marcia Ellison
Carmen Electra
as Chloe Blackburn
Darin Cooper
as Shawn Metzger
Kelli Shane
as Girlfriend in Museum
Kyle Davis
as Ronnie
Mathis Fender
as Dickie
David Norona
as Lt. Plato
Kevin Quigley
as Dr. Leven
Linda Klein
as Nurse
Deborah Geffner
as Nun
Kai Soremekun
as Mayor's Assistant
Michael Weston
as Morris
Joseph Whipp
as Heavyset Detective
Judy Echavez
as Monk's Mother
Shannon Barnett
as Uniformed Cop
Joel Bryant
as Chad
Debi M. Cox
as Voting Attendant
Steven Nelson
as Obnoxious Kid
Ralph Peduto
as Gravedigger
Carol Rigg
as Customer
Rosario Rivadeneira
as Maria
Harry Groener
as John Ricca
Bernadette Speakes
as Applicant #3
Ali Damji
as Uniform Cop
Nicola Hersh
as Katherine Rutherford
David Meunier
as Ray Kaspo
Stephen Holland
as Lab Tech
Michael Dempsey
as Detective Patterson
Stephen Sowan
as Suspicious Kid
Tom Bower
as Bennie Wentworth
Christopher Goodman
as CSI Tech/Young Uniform Cop
Denver Dowridge
as Young Fan
Oliver Patrick Sandino
as Swinging Kid
Art Bonilla
as Third Farmhand
Ron Yuan
as Tommy Winn
Jill Wagner
as Crystal
Jonathan Terry
as Jonah Brown
Steve Carty
as Firefighter
Bill Erwin
as Hiram Hollings
James 'Kimo' Wills
as First Slacker
David Reynolds
as Illiterate Inmate
Richard Zeppieri
as Arthur Zaleski
Richard Alan Brown
as First Kid
Steve Geiger
as Courthouse Guard
David Figlioli
as Tommy Zimm
C.S. Lee
as Deputy Bell
Ric Sarabia
as Willie
Troy A. Cephers
as Swat Team
William Woff
as Banker/Zoning Board Member
Jay Mohr
as Harrison Powell
Bill Seward
as TV Anchor
Shelly Cole
as Edie Kazarinski
Sean Stevens
as Novillero Band Member #4
Kaya McGregor
as Christine
Nestor Carbonell
as Dalton Padron
John Sampson
as Jason Rondstadt
Martin Roach
as Carl Jenkins
Audrey Wasilewski
as Caucasian Nurse/Gloria Kasinsky
David Sparrow
as Sgt. Cargill/Cop/Sargent Cargill
Caleb Moody
as Sgt. Carney
Randy Flagler
as Angry Patron
Elena Goodman
as Reporter #3
Duane Ram
as Mailman
Jonathan Whittaker
as Uniform Cop #1
Gena Rowlands
as Marge Johnson
Vic Chao
as Lee on 'Crime Lab S.F.'
Lance Patrick
as Biker Buddy
Mark Ivanir
as Edgar Heinz
Kylan Bolton
as David
Bob Saldana
as News Reporter Echo Point
Tony Forsyth
as Bomb Squad Tech
Peter Onorati
as Archie Modine
Michael Silva
as Second Assistant
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Steven Leight
Drew Matthews
as Third Orphan
Jennifer Dale
as Barbara Chabrol
Alex Cohen
as Delivery Man
Diane Delano
as Krystal the Trucker
Kevin G. Schmidt
as Leo
John Sterling Carter
as Croupier
Laurie Metcalf
as Cora Little
Jamie McShane
as Iverson
Paul Rae
as Mr. Handy
Ed Marinaro
as Stewart Babcock
Henri Li
as Uniformed Cop
Mike Grief
as Big Man
Stuart Abramson
as Cabbie/Ticket Scalper
Mike Barger
as Dealer
Robert Blanche
as Union Vice President
Maggie Myatt
as Nurse
Andre Benita
as Annie
Natalia Jasen
as Mrs. McDowell
David Chan
as Older Man
Victoria Tennant
as Ms. Benson
Lovake Heyer
as Cyrus
Robert Loggia
as Louie Flynn
Shannan Leigh Yancsurak
as Bar Patron/Jumper/Young Mom
Jane Cooke
as Waitress
Brooklynne James
as Exotic Dancer Bambi
Sharmila Devar
as Cashier
Ray Porter
as Dale 'The Whale' Biederbeck
Maurice Patton
as Store Clerk
Sarah Silverman
as Marci Maven
Deirdre M. Smith
as Nurse With Blind Man
John David Denison
as Sgt. Valdez
Rick Cramer
as Second Nazi
Bree Pavey
as Waitress
Liesl Ehardt
as Diner Waitress
Paul Townsend
as Other Prisoner
Lucy Meyer
as Little Girl
Nicole Forester
as Susan Malloy
Alejandro Chabán
as Pablo Ortiz
Matt Champagne
as Steve Marriot
Brad Schecter
as Beer Bong Fan
Beth Skipp
as Amanda Babbage
Nick Hoffa
as Bartender
Julie Ariola
as Sarah McNally
Trevor Shores
as Tommy Grazer
David Purdham
as Lyle Peck
Greg Grunberg
as Jack Leverett
Bee Spears
as Band Member #2 (Bee)
Wayne Nickel
as Supervisor
Chuck Ashworth
as Second Detective
Darren Capozzi
as 1st Detective
Paul Hayes
as Mr. Hooper
Ryan Alosio
as Warren Landis
Matt Lanter
as Clay Bridges
Dan Hedaya
as Jack Monk
Keith D. Robinson
as Officer Darden/Sgt. #2
Nathalie Walker
as Annoyed Girl in Line
Joshua Alba
as First Student
Frederick Weller
as Jay Bennett
David Weisenberg
as Paul Gilstrap
Diedrich Bader
as Chance Singer
Zakes Mokae
as Tonday
Michael James Crowley
as Delivery Man
James C. Victor
as Limo Driver
Rose Abdoo
as Mrs. Monk

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2002 | 13 Episodes

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2003 | 16 Episodes

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2004 | 16 Episodes

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2005 | 16 Episodes

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2006 | 16 Episodes

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2007 | 16 Episodes

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2008 | 16 Episodes

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2009 | 16 Episodes




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