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October 23, 2021
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Two FBI agents, fighting the departmental stigma of backroom boys - those who try to complicate the status quo of simple Means, Motive, Opportunity (MMO) of crime-solving with academics - work to develop an innovative investigative field incorporating psychology, anthropology and sociology as a method to reveal the motive. They acknowledge classic crime-solving - MMO - as no longer sufficient because criminality is becoming more complicated as Motive graduates from need and greed to inexplicable and irrational reasons. They theorize applying deeper psychological evaluation will posit new questions. Simply, asking Why will lead to the Who. This series focuses on the development by two men, two agents, of a new criminal field and does so through story lines of visiting the sociopathic mind.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 13, 2017

Also Known As: 破案神探, Ловац на умове |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book

Company Credits

Production Co: Denver and Delilah Productions, Netflix |  See more »


Don O. Knowlton
as Father Monaghan
Tom Carlson
as Prison Officer/Security Guard
Cindy Jackson
as Female Officer
Morgan Kelly
as Paul Bateson
Wayne Leya
as Waiter
Ronnell Hunt
as Prison Guard
George R. Sheffey
as John Boylen
Roderick Byrd
as Kid #3
Adam Zastrow
as Gene Devier
Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr.
as Dekalb County Detective
Christopher Backus
as Tex Watson
Viviana Cardenas
as UVA College Student
Robert Elswick
as Sacramento Police Officer
Cotter Smith
as Unit Chief Shepard/Assistant Director Shepard
Billy Slaughter
as Charles Sanders
Robert Sella
as Gore
Steven Daniel Brun
as Andre
Michelle Davidson
as News Anchor #3
Nick Choksi
as Agent
Jason Davis
as Benjamin's Legal Rep
Mystie Smith
as Elsie
Adam Daveline
as Iowa Police Officer #1
Dwayne Pintoff
as Tench's Neighbor
Ari Blinder
as Iowa Police Officer #3
as Diner Patron
Sierra Aylina McClain
as Tanya Clifton
Raymond Seay
as Calvin
Carlos Gonzalez
as FBI Agent
Lee R. Sellars
as Ninkovich
Chris Lamberth
as Angry Man #1
P.J. Marshall
as Agent Robbins
Denzel Johnson
as Angry Man #2
Jaquae Addison Pascal
as Kid #2
Shane McNair
as Recruit #2
Braden Bunch
as News Anchor #6
Leighton Samuels
as Trainee Steve
Michael Cerveris
as Assistant Director Gunn
Brandon Hirsch
as Security Guard
Lucia M. Aguirre
as Gonzales' Neighbor
Meredith Jackson
as Nurse
Damon Herriman
as Charles Manson
Daisy Jade
as Airplane Passenger
L. Derek Leonidoff
as Iowa Reporter #2
Alyssa Curry-Broderick
as Airline Stewardess/Shoe Shopper
Kevin Tre'von Patterson
as Ernest
Allie McCulloch
as Journalist #1
Anna Magoulas
as Park Mother
David Hayes
as Sammy Davis Jr.
Megan Brautigam
as Woman With Shopping Bags
Grayson Campbell
as Student
Tony Amen
as Diner Patron
Andrew Yackel
as Kevin Bright
Michael Rubino
as Deputy Director #1
Shelby Camilla
as Reporter #5
Jimel Atkins
as Marine #1
David Bodenschatz
as Iowa Police Officer #2
Gary Lee Vincent
as Sacramento Police Officer
John Walpole
as Frank's Legal Rep
Chris Dettone
as Reporter
Jessica Ureste
as Grad Student
Euseph Messiah
as Melvin Ware
Carl Hendrick Louis
as Agent/Driver
Myles Cranford
as Homer Williams
Heidi Mueller Smith
as Peg Shepard
Juliette Regnier
as College Janitor
Joseph Cross
as Benjamin Barnwright
Chris Briley
as Airplane Passenger
John O'Donnell
as Marine #2
Jor él Quinn
as Angry Man #3
Jake Moon
as Traveler
Javon Johnson
as Prison Officer #2
Gregory Bromfield
as FBI Staff
Neil Booker
as Shopping Woman's Husband
F. Robert McMurray
as Diner Patron/Hotel Guest
Donald Zoffel
as Student
David Glabb
as FBI Agent
Bryan McClure
as Alex Clarke
Jordan Kantola
as Trainee Mark
Rich Rule
as Prison Guard
Jacob Berger
as CMF Guard
Michael Strapac
as Grocery Shopper
Katherine Banks
as Joanne/Wife
Jeb Kreager
as Detective Drowatzky
Catherine Curtin
as Mrs. Ruth Barnwright
Siovhan Christensen
as Beverly Belt
Giles Wright
as Reception Prison Guard
Mike Taylor
as Marine #2
Ben Huth
as APD Recruit #5
Zoe Xandra
as Airline Passenger
David Healy
as Commonwealth Attorney
Zach Steffey
as Trainee Chris
Jason Gerrard
as Prison Guard
Robert Kwiatkowski
as FBI Range Instructor/US Marine
Mark Pettit
as News Anchor #2
Austin Archer
as Pinto Driver
Wes Robertson
as Plumber
Patrick Noonan
as Iowa Police Lieutenant
Nick D'Egidio
as Frank Sinatra
Patrick Jordan
as Librarian/Prison Employee
Evan Schmitt
as FBI Student/Jogging FBI Recruit
Spencer Rayshon Stevenson
as Marine #1
Levente Tarr
as College Student
Christian Stavrakis
as Black Cap Suspect
Greg Lang
as Prison Guard Jim
Hannah Gross
as Debbie Mitford
Kevin Mahler
as Drunk party guest
Conor Hannon
as Jogging FBI Recruit
Jordan Banks
as Kid #7
Jeff Pope
as Sgt. Willard Stokes
Antonio Costa
as Marine #3
Brent Sexton
as Garland Periwinkle
Joshua Wills
as Patrick
Marcella Lowery
as Lakewood Woman
Logan Crawford
as News Anchor #5
Davon Reynolds
as Kid #8
Joseph Trohoski
as FBI Trainee
Ryan Buggle
as Nick
Andrew Sensenig
as Dr. Henry Cale
Oliver Cooper
as David Berkowitz
Frankie Palombi
as Neighbor/Off-Duty Police Officer
Tredd Barton
as Prison Guard
Jordyn DiNatale
as Julie
Heath Ashmun
as Bar patron
Ben Cain
as Prison Officer #1
Vini Costanzo
as Prisoner
Daniel James
as Administrative Clerk/Fairfield Police
Robert DiDonato
as Lead Officer
Chris Jameson
as FBI Student
Sam Strike
as Monte Rissell
Crystal Lee Brown
as Willie Mae Mathis
Katie Killacky
as Emily
Liza Fernandez
as Gate Agent
Tyler Sharpe
as Neighborhood Kid
Steven P. Hamm
as Bar Patron/Police Officer
Allyson R. Hood
as Pedestrian
Richard Restivo
as Waiter
Frank McAleavey
as FBI Agent
Deborah Charity
as Airline Passenger
Judith Delgado
as Rosemary Gonzales
Marc Kudisch
as Roger Wade
Stephanie Swift
as Bar Patron
Brielle Brown
as College Student
David Docobo
as Copy Shop Manager
Martin A. Palma
as Police Officer
Thea Camara
as Baltimore Grandmother
Carter Bratton
as Quantico Instructor
Kelli Culbertson
as Punk Dancer
Phil Nardozzi
as Bartender/Airline Passenger/Diner Patron
Chandra Michaels
as Reporter #4
Grace Rex
as Cheryl Todd
Blythe Howard
as News Anchor #1
Rhoda Griffis
as Esther Mayweather
Lena Olin
as Annaliese Stilman
Tommy Nohilly
as Jim Conor
Sarah Wilson
as Lily Mullen
Julianne Kalec
as Waitress
David H. Holmes
as Cody Miller
Greg Harpold
as Prison Guard - Reception #2
Sean Grennan
as Ken
Daniel Lamont
as Prison Guard 1
Ashlee Payne
as Journalist #4
Lloyd Crago
as California Corrections Officer
Anna Torv
as Dr. Wendy Carr/Wendy Carr
Adam Kroloff
as Shoe Store Clerk
Rick Kelvin Branch
as Airplane Passenger
Trey Teufel
as Larry Peterson
Christopher Grove
as AD Wyman
Stacey Roca
as Nancy Tench
Elizabeth Nuhfer
as Hair Salon Patron
Dashiell Eaves
as D.A. Peterson
Chris Breen
as Facility Worker
Jimar Mangham
as Kid #4
Paul Carafotes
as Rod
Matthew Southers Jr.
as Kid #1
Paul Wallis
as Maximum Security Inmate
Todd Faulkner
as Detective Barr
John Varescak
as Andrew, Concierge
Lila Lazarus
as Reporter #2
Floyd Jackson
as Police Officer
Joe Tuttle
as Gregg Smith
Bryan Vavro
as Movie Theater Attendee
Nylen Turner
as Albert
Peter Graf
as Short Order Cook
Joshua Montgomery
as Wesley
Jordon Alexander
as APD Recruit #3
Emma Mercier
as UVA College Student
Amelia Campbell
as Ruth Moran
Christopher A Wright
as Texas Prison Guard
Andy Umberger
as Don Graham
Robert Aramayo
as Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.
Jack Erdie
as Richard Speck
Julia Crockett
as Sissy Miller
Nathaniel Zoffel
as FBI Student
Micaela Minner
as Aide to Mayor
Tom Stoviak
as Reporter #3
Kym Gomes
as Angry Woman #2
Greg Black
as FBI Agent
Brandy Grant
as Vickie Terrell
Munro M. Bonnell
as CMF Doctor
Christopher Livingston
as Wayne Williams
Matt Ruffo
as Recruit Matt
Samantha Steinmetz
as Mrs. Dickinson
Eric William Morris
as Mike Mullen
David Carranza
as Virginia Sheriff's Deputy
Elaine Marie Smith
as Bar Patron
Jaiden Edwards
as Kid #6
Matt Black
as Pedestrian
Saira Awan
as Church Patron/Churchgoer Wife
Paul Worley
as Prisoner
Ebony Y McGee
as DC Activist
Maurice D. McElrath
as Businessman on Airplane
Stephanie Bertoni
as Officer Quinn
Rashad Terry Freeman Jr.
as Kid #5
Jacob Haught
as Security Guard
James Matthew Poole
as Uniformed Officer
Jeremy Gabriel
as Tom
Troy Bogdan
as Georgia Prisoner
Peter Georgo
as FBI Agent
Megan McQuillan
as Harriet
Cameron Britton
as Edmund Kemper
Elijah Everett
as CMF Guard #2
Alton Fitzgerald White
as Tim
Michael Park
as Peter Dean
Carla Brandberg
as Marge
Andrew Holman
as Airplane Passenger
Beau Baxter
as DA Slaton
Rick Kain
as Cobb Chief
Grace Hinson
as Plumber's Wife
Brian E. Stead
as Santa Cruz Police Officer
Sean Cullen
as Director Webster
Andrene Ward-Hammond
as Venus Taylor
Cole Elliott
as FBI Agent
Bryan McCallum
as Marine in bar
Happy Anderson
as Jerry Brudos
Jackie Renee Robinson
as Rose Barnwright-Janderman
Thomas Daniel Smith
as Officer Lewis
Rich Morrow
as Wade Marcus
Mark Falvo
as FBI Executive
Julia Concolino
as College Student
Hamilton Clancy
as Alvin Moran
Brian Stapf
as CMF Guard #1
Dohn Norwood
as Commissioner Lee Brown
Megan Cook
as Churchgoer
Tobias Segal
as Dwight
Trudi Kennedy
as Diner Patron
Joe Fishel
as Airline Passenger/Marine
Catherine Zenkevich
as Churchgoer
Gary Warden
as Co-Worker
Andy S. Allen
as Journalist #2
Jordan Rhone
as Police Recruit
Noah Hamrick
as Pedestrian
Scott A. Martin
as Dekalb Chief
Bobby Liga
as Reporter #1
Evander Duck Jr.
as William
Emily Berry
as Sales Agent #2
Suzie Coker
as Mrs. Hamilton
Enid Graham
as Mrs. Wade
Alexander Stine
as Iowa Police Officer #4
as Charles Reynolds
Brad Archie
as FBI Agent
Rebecca Phipps
as Sleeper on Airplane
Joanna Lowe
as Hostage
Eric Rasmussen
as Bar Patron
Suzanne Hevner
as Janet Ebner
Amy Lyn Elliott
as School Secretary
Paul Hickert
as Iowa Police Captain
Leonard Anthony
as FBI Student
Mark Turkeltaub
as FBI Executive
Ryan Sobota
as Janitor
Kenneth Israel
as Tony
Susan Cashdollar
as FBI Recruit
Mike Ancas
as Airport Traveler
Perris Drew
as Overnight PD
Shanessa Sweeney
as Angry Woman #1
Brian Byers
as Journalist #3
Lindsey Shurmatz
as Girl #1
Ryan Dinning
as Officer Winston Brassel
Albert Jones
as Jim Barney/Agent Jim Barney
Drew Seltzer
as Dale Harmon
J.D. Dorn
as Recruit JD
Malcolm Thompson
as Older Kid #3
Deja Dee
as Annie Rogers
Jordan Gelber
as Peter Rathman
Shelly Lynn Koch
as State Official
Tom Bonello
as Security Guard
Chris McCail
as Inmate
Gareth Williams
as Chief Redding
Lindsey Hall
as Girl #2
Tammy Felice
as Gretchen Gunn
John Hawkinson
as Concierge
Robert Farrior
as Warren
Josh George
as GBI Agent
Eric Sharpe
as Altoona Police Officer/Protester Atlanta
Trenton Hudson
as FBI Agent
Chris James Boylan
as Trainee Sullivan
David Breda
as Inmate
Holt McCallany
as Bill Tench
Terrance Sims
as Angry Man #5
Erik Jensen
as Dr. Moritz
Nathaniel Rogers
as Airplane Passanger
Nate Corddry
as Detective Art Spencer
Peter Murnik
as Detective Carver
Harmony Kasper
as College Student
Stephen C. Poland
as FBI Agent
Amaris Davidson
as Sales Agent #1
Shawn Gilson
as FBI Academy Student
Duke Lafoon
as Detective Chambers
Cory Kopa
as FBI Student
Lauren Glazier
as Kay Manz
Thomas Philip O'Neill
as Leo Buchanan
Jeremy Waltman
as Detective
Matt Walton
as Anchorman
Corey Allen
as William Henry Hance
Roger Petan
as Prison Guard
Ricardo Miguel Young
as News Anchor #4
Christopher Mann
as Armstrong
Giovani Stprix
as Bellhops
Zachary Scott Ross
as Brian Tench
Ashley Smith
as Businessman
Emily Bergl
as Mavis Leland
Dre Jackson
as Trooper
June Carryl
as Camille Bell
Thomas Francis Murphy
as Detective McGraw
Nathan Todd
as College Student
Felix Solis
as Detective Molina
Sonny Valicenti
as ADT Serviceman
Marianne Bayard
as Housewife
Gabe Wood
as Police Sergeant
Damion Le Vias
as Prisoner
Jonathan Groff
as Holden Ford
Giordan Dixon
as Prison Inmate
Regi Davis
as Mayor Jackson
Courtney DeCosky
as Iowa Reporter #1
Michael Filipowich
as William Pierce Jr.
Eric Frank
as Orderly
Jesse C. Boyd
as Frank Janderman
Cynthia Mace
as Dwight's Mom
Ben Mathews
as Trainee Mike
Nathaniel Johnson
as FBI Agent
Hayden Saunier
as Mary Clark
Tracy Mazyck
as Angry Man #4
Jamal Henderson
as APD Recruit #4
Chris A. Riskus
as Prison Guard
Alex Morf
as Detective Ocasek
Rita Gregory
as Faye Williams
Darrin Giossi
as Recruit
Frank Wilson
as Accident Witness/CMF Doctor
Hannah Stoessner
as Movie Theater Patron
Laura Poe
as Realtor
Vince Ruggieri
as FBI Student
Kendall Yeaman
as Bicycle Girl/Neighborhood Kid

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 9 Episodes




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