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October 20, 2021
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Midsomer Murders’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


The British detective drama revolves around Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby's efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the fictional English county of Midsomer. The current lead character is Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), who is the younger cousin of former lead character Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles). The Barnabys have worked with several different Sergeants throughout the run of the show, including Sergeant Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey), Sergeant Dan Scott (John Hopkins), Detective Sergeant Ben Jones (Jason Hughes), Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee), and Sergeant Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix).

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United Kingdom

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: June 28, 1998

Also Known As: Crimes de Midsomer, Crimele din Midsomer |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, PG, MA15+), Belgium (KNT/ENA) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

police detective
murder investigation
police inspector

Company Credits

Production Co: Bentley Productions, ITV - Independent Television


Robby Haynes
as Forensic Police Officer
Andrew Tiernan
as Steve Bright
Stuart Wilson
as Aloysius Wilmington
Chris Walker
as Sam Fielding
Bharat Mistri
as Aunt Sally Attendee/Businessman/Postman
David Henry
as Eric Usher/Photographer
Emily Woof
as Janet Bailey
Rupert Hill
as Kyle Gideon
Ashley Artus
as Terry Lightfoot
Brian Conradsen
as Politibetjent
Emily Bevan
as Bryony Hayden/Naomi Ashworth
Ronan Vibert
as Giles Armitage
Terence Corrigan
as Charles Jennings
Lex Shrapnel
as Gavin Hopkirk
Sarah Middleton
as Ellie Loxley
Matthew David Hearn
as Young Julian
Charles Collingwood
as Lord Hislop
Philip Bowen
as Gregory Chambers
Bernard Bullen
as Nurse
Christopher Ravenscroft
as Dr. Rupert Bradshaw
Nikesh Patel
as Dev Kardek
Hilton McRae
as Mathew Spearman
Ronni Ancona
as Kitty Pottinger
Dominic Childs
as Alex
Julie Agnete Vang
as Sofie Bruun
Diana Hardcastle
as Barbara Lessiter
Hari Dhillon
as Reece Dexter
Marcus Hutton
as Eric Calder
Maureen Lipman
as Mags Dormer
Alan Howard
as Owen August
Mel Raido
as Chris Megson
Sam Crane
as Daniel Talbot
Gwyneth Keyworth
as Bethan
Andree Evans
as Grace Woodhall
Amanda Root
as Ruth Scholey
Rosie O'Sullivan
as Lottie
Susan Fordham
as CID Officer/Passerby/Book Festival Guest/Circulus Worker/Cricket Spectator/Factory Worker/Fairground Visitor/Funeral Guest/Meeting Member/Mortuary Assistant/Pilgrim/Pub Patron/Security Officer/Solar Eclipse Observer/Village Fair Guest/Village Protestor/Warrior Princess/Works Guest
Maggie Holland
as W.I. Woman
Delia Lindsay
as Zelda Frasier
Robert Lang
as Woody Pope
Francesca Zoutewelle
as Young Molly
Joanna Riding
as Sandra Butler
Alison Steadman
as Abigail Tonev
Philip Franks
as Quentin Roka
John Bowe
as Jimmy Wells
Arabella Weir
as Angela Linklater
Nicholas Palliser
as Marcus Fitzroy
Jenny Livsey
as Megan Mostyn
Ken Bones
as Giles Braithwaite
Nigel Williams
as Gerald Woodley
Jack Pierce
as Grady Felton
Lizzy Watts
as Laura Sharp
Leslie Phillips
as Godfrey Teal
Sophie Stuckey
as Dora Southerly
Michael Geary
as Lee Peters
Billy Geraghty
as Bill Russell
Renée Castle
as Dr. Serena Lowe
Pippa Nixon
as Rhiannon Sawney
Anna Northam
as Ruth Fairfax
Maroussia Frank
as Council Officer/Housekeeper
James Greene
as Douglas Wakely
Ann Firbank
as Felicity Law
Therese Bradley
as Heather Carver
Danielle Tilley
as Emily
Navin Chowdhry
as Sonny Desai
Nigel Davenport
as William Smithers
Ann Bell
as Cherrie Balcombe
Tony Barton
as Ronnie Milsom
Paul Rawson
as Mustard Johnny
Colin Tarrant
as Eric
Gavan O'Herlihy
as George Arlington
Anamaria Marinca
as Petra Antonescu
Georgine Anderson
as Madge Fielding/Rosemary Wood
Marie Askehave
as Ingrid Madsen
Richard Banks
as 1950s Retro Man/Festival Goer/Pallbearer/Police Officer/Pub Regular/River Authority Worker/Wine Taster
Bern Collaço
as Police Officer/PoliceOfficer/RAF Sargent
Mark Powley
as Wade McMaster
Noma Dumezweni
as Ailsa Probert
Janet Brown
as Mrs Sharp
Deddie Davies
as Mrs Fuller
David Calder
as George Hamilton
Richard Briers
as Stephen Wentworth
Bernard Gallagher
as Vernon Surtees
Pauline Kurks
as Village Cyclist
Rosalind Knight
as Eleanor Macpherson/Mother Jerome
Malcolm Raeburn
as Auctioneer/Hotel Manager/Steve
Kate Miles
as Louise
Dylan Brown
as Fred Burns
Paola Dionisotti
as Mrs Stroud
Lucy Punch
as Melissa Townsend
Barbara Durkin
as Linda Tyrell
Donald Sumpter
as Tim Settingfield
Sally Phillips
as Lucy Keswick
Peter Penry-Jones
as Peter, Marquis of Ross
Katy Murphy
as Helen
Kishore Bhatt
as Businessman/Brewery Guest/Cricket Club Member/Pet Handler/Resident at Grand Opening/Town Resident/UFO Enthusiast
Josie Taylor
as Emily Harte
Meera Syal
as Clara Myerscough
Oliver Kieran-Jones
as Freddy Chettham
Peter Jordan
as Counseller 1
Steve Simpson
as Guitarist
Lizzy McInnerny
as Alberta Tooms/Caroline Plummer
John Carson
as Older Gentleman
Daniel Evans
as David Mostyn
Richard Lumsden
as David Farmer
Caroline Langrishe
as Janey Rafferty/Susan Fincher
Owain Yeoman
as Henry Charlton
Luke Allen-Gale
as Dave Doggy Day
Jonathan Hyde
as Frank Webster
Amber Aga
as Emani Taylor
Rosina Carbone
as Lucy Terry
Lotte Rice
as Samantha Berry
John Neville
as Art Buyer/Fund Raiser and Choir Singer/Man on Bicycle/Stall Holder
John Macmillan
as Solomon Franks
Ian Peck
as Adam Knox/James Tapsell/Wilberforce
Paul Ritter
as Harry Fleetwood
James Howard
as Lord Fitzroy
Charles Daish
as Jack Clough
George Paish
as Young Curtis
Tom Smith
as Billy Gurdie
Andrew Parker
as Book festival visitor/Flood warden/Flying club member/Scene of crime investigator
Christopher Fairbank
as Ronnie Tyler
Charity Wakefield
as Ruth Lambert
Andrew Alexander
as Harry Wyham
Stella Gonet
as Grace Maplin
Tim Treloar
as Drinker in Pub/PC Reg/Thames Valley Constable/Uniformed Police Officer
Robin Weaver
as Serena Stanton
Jeremy Child
as Anthony Talbot
Zoë Hart
as Patricia Smith
Hilda Braid
as Doreen Beavis
Lampros Kalfuntzos
as CID
Mick Ford
as Frank Lightbourne
Matthew Tennyson
as Michael Butler
Peter Wight
as Ludlow
Pam Ferris
as Liz Tomlin
George Irving
as Matthew Hendred
George Lane Cooper
as Brazilian Bandit
John Hopkins
as Sergeant Dan Scott
Anna Massey
as Brenda Packard/Honoria Lyddiard
Paul Thornley
as Sergeant Gill
Craig Douglas
as Crime Scene Investigation
Edward Fox
as William Bingham
Nigel Anthony
as Lionel Bell
Janet Dale
as Betty Pringle
Elizabeth Spriggs
as Iris Rainbird/Ursula Gooding
Luke Foster
as Howard Aged 4
Geoffrey Whitehead
as Dr. Gregory Ransom/Giles Wilding
Henry Cavill
as Simon Mayfield
Frank Middlemass
as Noah Farrow
Amber Rose Revah
as Jessica Myerscough
Pax Baldwin
as Gary Soper
Aden Gillett
as Christopher Corby/Ian Kent
William Chubb
as Digby Frears
Jason Hughes
as DS Ben Jones/DC Ben Jones/DI Ben Jones
Rod Hallett
as Dexter Lockwood
Tom Anderson
as Forensic Officer
Paul Bentall
as Edward Palfrey
Charlie Beall
as Larry Smith
Katy Cavanagh-Jupe
as Lena Ferrera
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
as Rob Mead
Mossie Smith
as Barbara Henson
Francis Lee
as Roman/Shop Assistant
Jonny Phillips
as Orlando Lamington
Matt Bardock
as Harry Rose
Kate Fleetwood
as Sarah Douglas
John Cording
as Sam Judd
Pearce Quigley
as Colin Yule
Sarah Badel
as Patricia Blackshaw/Rosa Carmichael
Celia Imrie
as Louise August
Jamie Langlands
as Male On Ghost Train
Aneurin Barnard
as Freddie Lamb
Natasha Little
as Melody Henderson
Katy Brittain
as Gloria Bradley/Miss Owen
Richard Huw
as Tim Young
Liberty Mills
as Cecilie Petersen
Cory Pulman
as Terry Bazely
Annie Lambert
as Ingrid Peterson
Jessica Hynes
as Judith Lessiter
Nick Moran
as Michael Smith
Patrick Barlow
as Maurice Morrison
Matthew Jacobs Morgan
as Zak Sowande
Paul Reynolds
as Butler Styles
Sian Brooke
as Christine Turner
George Baker
as Charlie/Jack Magwood
Tom Chambers
as Ray Wilder
Richard Hawley
as Will Green
Hugo Speer
as Geoff Rogers
Robert Blythe
as George Miller
Antony Byrne
as Gary Talbot
Mark Bonnar
as William Carnarvon
Lucy-Ann Holmes
as Factory Worker/Polly
John Normington
as Donald Tew
Michael Harbour
as Harry Poulson
Helen Schlesinger
as Serena Wyham
Alex Lowe
as Phil Harrison
Sarah Pritchard
as Bella
Zac Rashid
as Policeman
Steve Speirs
as Keith Carter
Tom Ellis
as Lee Smeeton
Kenny Ireland
as George Dormer
Timothy Bateson
as James Jocelyne/Mr. Jocelyn/Mr. Jocelyne
Rachel Woolrich
as Tammie
Shane Attwooll
as Ray Craxton
Mo Zinal
as Boy
Huw Morgan
as Dancer
David Firth
as Alan King
Jeffry Wickham
as Judge
Steve Redgrave
as Scout
David Ryall
as Bob Moss
Lorraine Burroughs
as Freya Ferabbee
Cally Hamilton
as Sadie Castle
Kim Thomson
as Janet Reason
Selina Griffiths
as Elspeth Rice
Julian Wadham
as Simon Fletcher/William Chettham
Monica Dolan
as Imogen Stroud
Harriet Thorpe
as Elaine Trim/Georgie Tremayne
David Maybrick
as Policeman/Policeman 3
Jonathan Barnwell
as Harry Calder
Jolyon Coy
as Fabian Monkford
Arthur Kohn
as Billy
Linda Bassett
as Eileen Carnack
Niamh Cusack
as Penny Galsworthy
Christian Cooke
as Preston
Perri Snowdon
as James
Malcolm Terris
as Len Merryman
Ruth Jones
as Rachael Rose
Kingsley Ben-Adir
as Bartholomew Hines
Lucy Brown
as Helen Markham
Lucy Akhurst
as Camilla Strickland
John Atterbury
as Mr Fuller
Grant Ibbs
as Danny Hicks
Alison Rose
as Angela Goff
Karl Davies
as Luke Woodley
Matt Adams
as Young Ian
Dorothy Atkinson
as Angela Lawrence
Anna O'Grady
as Poppy/Wedding Guest
Lucy Liemann
as Beatrix Ordish
Debra Stephenson
as Kitty Carmichael
Alexander Owen
as Roderick Usher
James O'Donnell
as Duncan Palmer
Joe Absolom
as Luke Altman
Jo Stone-Fewings
as Danny Pinchel
Jack Chissick
as Murdoch
Caroline Fitch
as Young Mimi
Alex Belcourt
as WPC/Female Sergeant/WPS
John Duggan
as Biscuit Factory Worker/Flood Volunteer/Stallholder - Beer Tent/Yoga Student
David Yip
as Fergus Rooney
Wendy Wason
as Carol Prentice
Ellie Haddington
as Ginny Welton/Joan Farley
Sophie Stanton
as Brenda Buckley/Josie Palmer
John Woodvine
as Commodore/Sir Harry Chatwyn
Jim Norton
as Edward Canning
Nicholas Boulton
as Dr. Markham
Ifan Huw Dafydd
as Paul Bright
Adam Kirley
as Harry
Julia Ford
as Joanna Craxton
Edward Jewesbury
as Karl Wainwright
Phyllida Law
as Felicity Dinsdale/Mary Bingham
Robert McIntosh
as Charles Makepeace
Rob Edwards
as Richard Florian
David M. Hoyle
as Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO)
Charlotte Lucas
as Sophie Hammond
William Thomas
as Bryn Williams
Susie Trayling
as Mel Bridgeman
Richard Fleeshman
as Benedict Marsh
Ruth Sheen
as Valerie Horton
Rupert Holliday-Evans
as Adam Peach
Sarah Huntley
as Molly Thomas
Darryl Bradford
as Hub Cafe User
Prunella Scales
as Eleanor Bunsall
Peter Jones
as Bunny Dawlish
Dean Batchelor
as Michael
Dean Andrews
as Tom Asher
Joseph Kennedy
as Roland Marwood
Adam Farr
as P.C/P.C./Police Constable
Bruce Alexander
as Dominic Jones
Stephen Moyer
as Christopher Wainwright
Sai-Kit Yung
as Jimmy Fong
Darren Tighe
as Trent Terry
Gabrielle Glaister
as Juliet Evans
Fenella Woolgar
as Hazel Webster
Richard Leaf
as Evan Jago
Anne Stallybrass
as Emily Meakham
John Carlisle
as Lord Fitzgibbon
Jacqueline Morgan
as Miss Panter
Allan Corduner
as Michael Hipsman
Thelma Barlow
as Mrs Beverley
Bob Mason
as Dennis Carter
Andrew Havill
as Rev Conrad Walker
Nina Toussaint-White
as Hannah Brookthorpe
Holly Willoughby
Nikhita Essex
as Amy Wyham
Sandra Voe
as Lorna Hastings
Poppy Gilbert
as Kelly Kirk-Lees
Clarista Hoult
as Julie Fielding
Martyn Mayger
as Press Photographer/Customer in Fishing Tackle Shop/Fairground Visitor/Hospital Visitor/Spectator at Battle Re-enactment/Visitor in Spacesuit/Waiter at Private Party
Maggie Steed
as Lynne Fox/Rosemary Furman/Sylvia Mountford
Raymond Bowers
as Desmond Cox
Suzi Quatro
as Mimi Clifton
Michael Byrne
as Keith Grundy
Marcia Ashton
as Biddy Dixon
Malcolm Storry
as Joe Megson/Silas Burbage
Sam Heughan
as Ian King
Vivian Pickles
as Agnes Sampson
Rowena King
as Wendy Robson
Vic Waghorn
as Auction Bidder/Book Festival Attende/Flying Club Member/Village Fair Guest
Helen Evans
as Policewoman
Nina Kumar
as Pub Go-er/Village Protester
Elizabeth Conboy
as Harriet Tidyman
Paul Kaye
as Laurence Mann
Jesse Birdsall
as Harry Painter/Mike Johnson
Oliver Cotton
as Michael Maybury
Nadia Cameron-Blakey
as Penelope Guest/Tabby Fergus-Johnson
Anna Maguire
as Ettie Moore
Zoë Lister
as Young Mother Julian
Elaine Donnelly
as Elaine/Maureen Cruickshank
Nicholas Goh
as Mark Adler
Henry Garrett
as John Kinsella
June Whitfield
as Molly Darnley/Peggy Alder
Gordon Langford Rowe
as Peter
Jack Shepherd
as Magnus Soane
John Nettles
as DCI Tom Barnaby
Seamus Whitty
as Liam Booker
Liam Ryan
as Boom Operator
Ian Targett
as Steve Dove
Josh Stanley
as Duggie Hammond
Margery Mason
as Lydia Villiers
Jennifer Nicholls
as Eve
Lyndsey Marshal
as Emma Tysoe
Edwin Thomas
as Finn Thornberry
Sean Delaney
as Sean Nevins
Adrian Lukis
as Julian Calder/Phillip Trent
Gabrielle Lloyd
as Hannah Dewsbrough/Mary Bishop/Valerie Megson
Kelly Price
as Tanya Walker
Sam Callis
as Will Gideon
Murray Ewan
as Liam's Father
Tom Price
as Perry Tressel
Steve Pemberton
as Timothy Benson
MyAnna Buring
as Mandy
Sally Mates
as Helen Cartwright
Phil Davis
as Gary Cooper
Tom Knight
as Colin Fleming
Gemma Dyllen
as Florence
Alexander Wolfe
as Jason
Tom Chadbon
as Charles King
Rebecca Johnson
as Anne/Jenny Down
Dominic Jephcott
as Henry Marwood/Richard Bayly
Lucie Jones
as Melody Carver
Ben Crompton
as Spud
Robert Perkins
as Clyde Patchett
Rebecca James
as Aristocrat
Ford Kenyon
as Roadie
Terry O'Brien
as Dog Owner
Andy Capie
as Fireman
Amalia Vitale
as Ida Romano
Vicki Hopps
as Sarah
Alexander Hanson
as Marcus Dunlow/Patrick Morgan
Tom Beard
as Martin Fulmer/Tim Galsworthy
Will Featherstone
as Tommy Hicks
Sara Mair-Thomas
as Liz Keyne
Jonathan Moore
as Jed Norris
David Allister
as Maj. Harry Tomkinson
Mark Umbers
as Harry Fitzroy/Neville Williams
Alice Sykes
as Rosie Harris
Krupa Pattani
as Simone Skye
Christopher Good
as Simon Smythe-Webster
Greg Hicks
as Rev Norman Grigor
Pete Meads
as Police Officer/Biscuit Factory Worker/Cyclist/Flying Club Member/Paramedic
Kate Ashfield
as Helen Caxton
Imelda Staunton
as Christine Cooper
Ian Thompson
as Peter Fairfax
Julie Teal
as Prosecuting Counsel
Eric Carte
as Clarky
Susannah Harker
as Matilda Simms
Polly Hemingway
as Bubbles Stockard/Carol Hatchard
Amanda Drew
as Liz Gerrard
Richard Vanstone
as Joe Smeeton
Lauren Oliver
as Christine Kirby
Joe Anderson
as Max Ransom
Nancy Lodder
as Edie Carter
Sirine Saba
as Jocasta Farthing
Mark Bagnall
as Boreham
Tom Harper
as Will Hicks
Philip Bond
as Dr Wyatt
Diana Quick
as Clare Bonavita/Hermione Lancaster
Terry Noble
as Art Buyer
Martyn Whitby
as Lenny Leigh
Cara Horgan
as Rachel Monkford
Grahame Fox
as Nick the Money
Tony Haygarth
as George Napier/Jack Tewson/Tyson
Glen Murphy
as Frank Bishop
Fleur Bennett
as Debbie Shortlands
Roger Barclay
as Alexander Beauvoisin
Tobias Menzies
as Jack Dorset
Philip Madoc
as D.I. Owen Jenkins
Martin Hutson
as Seb Madrigal
Nigel Whitmey
as Clinton Finn
Tom Eilenberg
as David Merrill
Deirdre Mullins
as Libby Morris
Louise Breckon-Richards
as Helen Castle
Pablo Bubar
as Hospital Policeman
Philip Fox
as Gordon Leesmith
John Ramm
as Vince
Julie Cox
as Olivia Carr
Michelle Jeram
as Police Officer
Antony Sendall
as Barman/Cowboy Fair Attendee
Aaron Cobham
as Jake Galpin
Helen Masters
as Jane Benbow
David Mallinson
as Alan Pinkney
Helen Baxendale
as Rose Lancaster
Daphne Goddard
as Miss Laybourne
Thomas Thoroe
as Albert Toft
Sam Cox
as Shaun Widdowson
Elise Quevedo
as Chess Player
Natalie Mendoza
as Sasha Fleetwood
Simon McBurney
as Henry Carstairs
Michelle Butterly
as Kate Dove
Anthony Calf
as Julian Lennard/Stephen Cavendish
Lucinda Dryzek
as Amy Strickland
Sandra Duncan
as Mrs Stevens
Johnny Freeman
as Jeff/Station Manager
Ruth Rickman
as Gym Instructor
Chris Cowlin
as CID Officer/Police Officer
June Smith
as Bar Maid/Battle Guest/Bee Enthusiast/Book Fan, At Book Signing/Catwalk Audience/Drunken Floozy/Horror Film Enthusiast/Nurse/Villager at Farmers Market
Barnaby Kay
as Adrian Sharp/Dr Osgood
Jonathan Bonnici
as Raoul Delgado
Elaine Paige
as Sylvia Reynolds
Vivienne Moore
as Jenny Evers
Grant Gillespie
as Jack Worthing
Anne Reid
as Sarah Proudie
Paul Greenwood
as John Temple
Graham Seed
as Dr Tibbs/Miles Tully
Naomi Hill
as Young Woman
Cathryn Bradshaw
as Anne Marr
Patricia Heneghan
as Peggy Marshall
Michael Haydon
as Police Officer
Benedick Blythe
as Guy Sweetman
Bill Bailey
as Darwin Chipping
James Laurenson
as James Tate
Robert Swann
as Gerald Hadleigh
Oliver Ford Davies
as Otto Benham
Matt Kennard
as Jamie Weston
Ian Hogg
as Jonah Bloxham
Sue Parker-Nutley
as Villager
Will Knightley
as Andrew Turner/Max Fuller
Roy Hudd
as Victor Spencer
Leah Perkins
as Folk Festival Goer
J.P. Turner
as Customer/Sound Recording Engineer
Stephen Boxer
as Owen Swinscoe
Susan Porrett
as Sonia
Lydia Wilson
as Zoe Stock
Francesca Hunt
as Susan Crane
Cyril Shaps
as Jeweller/Sebastian Renwick
Gina Morrish
as Circus Attendee/Pub Punter/Village Protester/Yoga Client
Laura Howard
as Cully Barnaby
Jay Smith
as Police Technician
Rachel Pickup
as Isolde Balliol
Matthew James Thomas
as Orlando Guest
Helen Banks
as Pub Regular
Bernard Cribbins
as Duggie Wingate
Lin Blakley
as Janet Painter
Caroline Faber
as Caroline Cave/Ruth Weston
David Birrell
as Mark Thomas
Oliver Lavery-Farag
as School Boy
Hattie Ladbury
as Cathy Hewlett
Fred Pearson
as Charlie Birkett
Nigel Harrison
as Dave Ripert/Eddie Marston
Frances Grey
as Cilla Troughton
Jade Gould
as Young Charlie
Jack Fox
as Jude Deddington
John Warnaby
as Keith Scholey
Vincent Franklin
as Artie Blythe
Sheila Ruskin
as Lady Lucinda Butler
Shelagh Fraser
as Jane Rochelle
David Daker
as Harry Vellacott
Faye Tozer
as Rosa Corrigan
James Atherton
as Jensen Marsh
Claire Bloom
as Matilda Stowe
Sinéad Cusack
as Stella Harris
Frank Windsor
as George Meakham
Jasper Britton
as Anselm Plummer
Catherine Steadman
as Corina Craven
Georgia Taylor
as Bella Summersbee
Simon Nagra
as Dhruv Varma
Amanda Lawrence
as Olivia Carter
Barry Jackson
as Dr. George Bullard
Charlie Hicks
as Sean Fielding
Shirley King
as Marie Widger
Mike Ray
as CID Officer/Pub Punter/Concert Goer/Cricket Spectator/Gargoyle/Rugby Coach/Scenes of Crime Officer/Warehouse Customer/Wedding Guest
Ruth Shaw
as Biscuit Factory Worker/Cyclist Steward/PA to CC Richard Lovell
Denyse Alexander
as Agnes Gray/Peggy Benson
Julia Sawalha
as Penny Henderson
Annette Crosbie
as Amelia Plummer
Fabio Vollono
as Gym User/Yoga Student
Saskia Reeves
as Marcia Macintyre/Summer Pitt
Christopher Fulford
as Alan Best
Nina Marc
as Fiona Thompson
Jason Merrells
as Paul Taylor
Anthony Smee
as Captain Tucker
Paul Freeman
as Sir John Waverley
Madeleine Worrall
as Clarice Opperman
Bill Stewart
as Lucky Lol Tanner
David Roper
as Anton Thorneycroft
Ian Barritt
as Finch
Carol MacReady
as Hatty Down
Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty
as Nurse
Timothy West
as Marcus Devere
Jane Lapotaire
as Mary Mohan
Monica Gibb
as Mrs Painter
Vikki Edwards
as Guest at Ale Launch
Marcus McSorley
as Jenny's Lover
Deborah Moore
as Mel
Jeff Rawle
as Derrick Seagrove/Gerry Dawkins
Matthew Marsh
as Jack Braxton/Tony Carter
Neil McCaul
as Martin Strickland
Eleanor Fanyinka
as Jade-Marie Pierce
Donald Gee
as Reverend Ellis
Gemma Craven
as Judy Hicks
Lia Williams
as Maggie Markham
Jane Wymark
as Joyce Barnaby
David Lyon
as Alan Thorpe
Stephen McDade
as Art Collector/Graveyard Supervisor/Monk
Sarah Ball
as Denise Jenkins/Shop Assistant
Jack Roth
as Liam Peach
Sarah Dorsett
as PTA Parent
Phyllis Calvert
as Alice Bly
Emma Cooke
as Faye Lennox
Paul Blair
as Ross Clymer
Jennifer Hilary
as Sarah Fitzroy
Geoffrey Bayldon
as Arthur Prewitt
David Gant
as Brandon Monkford
Rosie Holden
as Candice Rafferty
Tom Goodman-Hill
as Tristan Balliol
William Ilkley
as Foreman
Mark Benton
as Eddie Rowbotham
Sion Tudor Owen
as Bob Walker
Jamie Belman
as Darren Fountain
David Yelland
as James Kirkwood/Jasper Wyham
Lucie Cooper-Jones
as Detective/Parent
John McGlynn
as Raif Canning
Anita Carey
as Barbara Flux
Nigel Lindsay
as DS James Noland
Guy Normas
as Charity Photographer/Circus Attendee/Dancing Guest/Festival Concert Goer/Grave Digger/Pub Punter
Abigail Cruttenden
as Nell Fryer
Bernard Hepton
as Harold Winstanley
Jonathan Hackett
as Rev Jim Hale/Reverend Thorne
Sam Kelly
as Jack Fothergill
Josephine Butler
as Freddie Raft
Sara Stewart
as Carolyn Armitage/Miranda Darnley
Belinda Sinclair
as Melody Thorpe
Paul Ridley
as Neville Blackshaw
Philip Bretherton
as Matthew Woodley
Ella Al-Khalil Coyle
as Aimee Whitley
Sonya Walger
as Becky Smith
Bryan Burdon
as Barman
Liza Sadovy
as Rosetta Price
Andrew Buckley
as Malcolm Merryman
Vanessa Emme
as Danni Karras
Nick Thomas-Webster
as CID Officer/CID officer/Group Painter/Police Driver/Road Protester
Jaye Jacobs
as PC Carolyn Florrie
John Cummins
as Brother Jozef
Candida Benson
as PC Sarah Pearce
Amanda Burton
as Carole Latimer
Ramon Tikaram
as Lance Auden
Vivienne Ritchie
as Dr Stannard
Nimmy March
as Julia Steinem
Zoe Verner
as Drunk Girl
Shereen Martin
as Debbie Gallagher
John Branwell
as Mick May
Susan Jameson
as Germaine Troughton
Mick Slaney
as Bee Master/Charity Member/Monk/Reporter/Village Resident
Tom Mannion
as Sam Callaghan
Kevin Vose
as Circus Attendee
Richard Syms
as Mr. Bream
Siobhan O'Carroll
as Waitress
Sean Chapman
as Jimmy Kirby
Peter Egan
as Grady Palmerston/Norman Swanscombe
Samuel Anderson
as Perry Stevens
Annabelle Apsion
as Ellen Barker/Jane Cavendish
Richard Cant
as Alistair Gooding/Dennis Rainbird
Marty Cruikshank
as Cecily Hope/Madeline Villiers
Frances Tomelty
as Audrey Monday
Jonathan Cecil
as Melville Dodgson
Niamh Quinn
as Prudence
Ella Kenion
as Celeste Palmerston
Dugald Bruce-Lockhart
as Greg Tutt
Geoffrey Beevers
as Newscaster
Peter Whitear
as Dog Handler
Leon Ockenden
as Jamie Cruickshank
Katy Brand
as Jemima Starling
Richard Herdman
as Chess Tournament Observer/Farm Worker/Hospital Orderly/School Handyman/Solar Eclipse Observer
Richard Morant
as Mr Tomlin
Scott Stevenson
as Policeman
Lisa Dillon
as Deirdre Denning
Rachael Stirling
as Eleanor Karras
Andrew Keelan
as Young Man
Daniel Crowder
as Noel Woods
David Sibley
as John Carver
A.k. Steppa
as Passerby/Pilgrim/Postman/Technician
Wendy Morgan
as Maria Godbold
Patrick Godfrey
as Dudley Carew
Terence Beesley
as Jerry Curtis
Barry Aird
as Derek/Jock
Emma Rydal
as Geri Barkham
Michael Fox
as Gavin Webster
John Warman
as Bell Ringer/Policeman
Francis Magee
as Smudgepot
Simon Wilson
as Alan Delaney
Rosalind March
as Liz Grey
Harry Burton
as Dennis Ebbrell
Roger Brierley
as Doctor
Lee Armstrong
as Dillon Faulkner
Maggie Ollerenshaw
as Eileen Fountain/Mrs. Hopkirk
Jonathan Slinger
as Thomas Marr
Michael Nardone
as Mack McInally
Geoffrey Freshwater
as Sam Tate
Robert Bathurst
as Perry Darnley
Prue Clarke
as Mary Yeatman
Robert Whitelock
as John Denton
Esther Hall
as Cassie Woods/Serena Luthando
Jim Carter
as Nathan Green
Danny Harfield
as Young Jack
Desmond Barrit
as Jonathan Eckersley-Hyde/Raymond Clandillon
Jeremy Clyde
as Bill Mitchell
Brian Parr
as Colin Thomas/Mr. Baker/Postman
Jensen Freeman
as Reporter/Waiter
Lucy Cohu
as Jenny Russell
Ian Driver
as Edmund Nelson
Amanda Ryan
as Martha Filby
Peter Bayliss
as Tramp
Kenneth Cranham
as Jude Langham
Robert Morgan
as Julian Shepherd/Martin Chadwick
Callum Blake
as Jacob Wheeler
Paul Chapman
as Howard Richardson/Reg Buckley
Christina Greatrex
as Carolyn Lambert
Rosalie Craig
as Carys Nicholson
Matthew Hopkinson
as Young Grady
Justin Salinger
as Andrew Maplin
Guy Henry
as Marcus Bramwell
Holly Aird
as Claire Powell
Sally Beaumont
as Hippy
Edward Petherbridge
as Lord Holm
Geoffrey Hutchings
as Colin Smy/Harry Claypole
Elizabeth Garvie
as Muriel Saxby
Tanya Fear
as Orla Campbell
Elena Saurel
as Zennia Lounds
Emily Joyce
as Bernadette Sullivan/Valerie Fergus-Johnson
Luke Neal
as Colin Fountain
Liza Pulman
as Crooner
Graham Turner
as Raymond Jennings
Charles Edwards
as Ned Fitzroy
John Thomson
as Cooper Steinem
Zoot Lynam
as Collar
Caroline Goodall
as Grace Starkey/Penelope Calder
Eamon Boland
as Ray Starkey
Frederick Treves
as Gerald Bennett
Jacqueline King
as Laura Wilding
Atul Sharma
as Circus Attendee/Concert Goer/Man/Taxi Driver/UFO Enthusiast
Jan Ravens
as Sarah Wroath
Amy Darcy
as Young Isabel
Sam Beazley
as Cyril Toft
Louise Jameson
as Annie Davids
Richard O'Callaghan
as Trevor Machin
Veronica Roberts
as Mary Cooper
Shaughan Seymour
as Archdeacon Able/Norman Wayland-Smith
Robert Glenister
as John Field
Ed Waters
as Nicholas Bentley/Nico Bentley
Susannah Fielding
as Jessica Peach
Dinah Stabb
as Tessa Hawksley
Olivia Thomas
as Elisabeth Shepherd
Peter Jay
as Circus Attendee
Kevin Tran
as Chess Player
John Burgess
as Cully's Grandfather/Douglas
Emily Hamilton
as Leonie Charteris
Joseph Millson
as James Parkes
Eloise Joseph
as Bluebell Eccbeer
Amara Karan
as Adele Paige
John Lightbody
as Jason Slater/Steve Hope
Caroline Blakiston
as Angela Hartley/Hilary Compton/Sylvia Lennard
Jodie Tyack
as Polly Oswood
Chris Stanton
as Vicar
Caroline Harker
as Tamsin Proctor
Ian Mann
as Cider Worker/Excited Fan
Anna Cropper
as Claire Williams
Steven Pimlott
as Judge
Sean Gleeson
as Rod Barkham
Cassian Horowitz
as James
Kathleen Byron
as Dorothea Pike
Georgie Glen
as Mary Oswood
Bryan Dick
as Cyrus Babbage
Geoffrey Leesley
as Jim Druce
Luke Pierre
as Warren Cunningham
Jemma Redgrave
as Dr Juno Starling
Victoria Wicks
as Helen Callaghan/Sarah Stone
Ashley Darkwood
as Curtain Twitcher/Newspaper Delivery Agent/Pagan Priest
Louisa Clein
as Amanda Harding
Vina Ladwa
as Hub Cafe User
Joe Sims
as Adrian Peck
Sheena Bhattessa
as Sgt Yasmin Ali
Soraya Radford
as Gagan Dutta
Jack Klaff
as Freddie Bonavita
Chen Yip Lai
as Camera Man/Circus Crowd/Dealer
Steve Healey
as Fire Fighter
Paul Brennen
as Dean Hunniset
Alan Leith
as Mr. Green
John W.G. Harley
as Flood Volunteer/Gentleman at the Flying Club/Man in Pub Garden/Wine Taster
Nicholas Jones
as Ernest Bradley/Reverend Moreland
Alan Williams
as Ezra Canning
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
as Book Club Guest/Exam Student/Passerby/Student/Villager
Hannah Waddingham
as Mimi Dagmar
Patricia Brake
as Anne Quarritch/Stella Spencer
Michael Higgs
as Butch Nevins
Joanna Roth
as Melanie Jeffers
Judy Cornwell
as May Cuttle
Nick Dunning
as Ian Eastman
Robert Hardy
as Robert Cavendish
Martha Mackintosh
as Tamsin Bickford
Sian Clifford
as PC Milton
Claire Price
as Sally Rickworth
Emma Cunniffe
as Rev. Melissa Ackers/Sally Fielding
Hilary Crane
as Mrs Partridge/Mrs. Maddox
Clive Merrison
as Caleb Southwood/Colin Hawksley
Angus Wright
as Roderick Craven
Jay Taylor
as Peter Groves
Barrie Martin
as Gentleman at the Flying Club/Villager
Philip Jackson
as Daniel Snape
Bernard Lloyd
as Byron Street
Emily Canfor-Dumas
as Annabel Weston
Richard Clifford
as Hugh Snape
Thomas Dominique
as Wesley Peters
Geno Washington
as Self
William Gaunt
as Ludo DeQuetteville/Michael Bannerman
Daniel Newman
as Tom Carter
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
as Beth Porteous
Maggie O'Neill
as Agnes Waterhouse/Audrey Glenhill
Ian Fitzgibbon
as David Smy
Mark Frost
as Vic Lynton
Arthur Cox
as Landlord
Paul Putner
as Policeman/Policeman 2
Jack Crutch
as Kevin/Otis Piggott
Pippa Haywood
as Andrea Craven
Miles Jupp
as Cornelius Tetbury
Adrian Mitchell
as Brewery Guest/Race Official
David Annen
as Major David Walsh
Rik Mayall
as David Roper
Jaye Griffiths
as Lilly Wilder
Daisy Bates
as Lucy Ramsey
Colin Farrell
as Ken Beavers
Maxim De Villiers
as Seb Huntington
Hugh Dickson
as Major Dickson
John Quayle
as Mr Judd
Nick Barber
as Harry Green
Ian Burfield
as Derek Soper
Lucy Briggs-Owen
as Verity Stanton
Ruth Gemmell
as Anne Merrick/Diana Carnarvon
Marcia Warren
as Belinda Braun/Melissa Shrike
Emma Amos
as Sandra Tate
Rebecca Lamb
as Staff Nurse
Manjinder Virk
as Dr. Kam Karimore
Adrian Edmondson
as Hugo Welles
Sue Vincent
as Matron Lynch
Tom Bowles
as Milner
Anick Wiget
as Villager/Airshow Spectator/Biscuit Factory Worker/Choir Singer/Cyclists' Support Team/Folk Festival Spectator/Nurse/Ufologist
Penelope Beaumont
as Mrs. Wilson
George Innes
as Jackie Marsh
Richard Trinder
as Michael Weston/Peter Cave
Roger Swaine
as Customer
Nicky Henson
as Simon Reason/Terence Charteris
Jonah Russell
as Conor Bridgeman
Rachel Power
as Lorna Bannerman
Perdita Weeks
as Hannah Moore
David Beames
as Richard Butler
Isabella Blake-Thomas
as Holly
Patrick Drury
as Connor Simpson/Robin Wooliscroft
Alwyne Taylor
as Kath Bullard/Catherine Bullard/Dr. Catherine Bullard
Oliver Le Sueur
as Rupert
Richard Price
as Fairground Worker/Rugby Trainee
Joe Dixon
as Elliot Luthando
Janet Maw
as Eileen Hamilton/Sylvia Woodard
Adie Allen
as Annie
Dominic Rowan
as Simon Wilmington
Denise Black
as Ann Carter/Chloe Baker
Anjli Mohindra
as Faiza Jindal
Ty Hurley
as Ballroom Judge/Crosby Newspaper Journalist/Cyclists' Support Team/Fairground Worker/Hotel Doorman & Radio Station Security Guard/Security Guard/Theatre Goer/UFO Observer/VIP Parish Councillor/Visitor
Christopher Colquhoun
as Blake Keswick
Charlie Lucas
as Danny Merrick
Tyger Drew-Honey
as Ferdy Linklater
Iain Fraser
as Constable
Joss Ackland
as Sir Freddy Butler
Claire Carrie
as Claire English
Nicola Redmond
as Marissa Clarke
Chonradee Kulthap
as Chess Player
Sophie Stone
as Fay Bell
Alison Skilbeck
as Sarah Kingslake
Kevin Eldon
as Terry 'Groucho' Bellini
Anton Rodgers
as Lord James Chetwood
Helen Grace
as Lynn Spearman
Kim Vithana
as Zoe Dyer
Darren Clarke
as Daniel
Barbara Young
as Anne Quine/Gwen Trevelyan
Joe McGann
as Jez Oliver
Sophie Thompson
as April Gooding
Fred Ridgeway
as Ben Gurdie
Paula Jennings
as Yvonne Best
Hugh Bonneville
as Hugh Barton
Raj Bajaj
as Lukesh Mallick
Marc Elliott
as Nick Iver
Sheila Shand Gibbs
as Jane Macpherson
Thalissa Teixeira
as Jane Everard
Warren Clarke
as Samuel Quested
Eleanor Summerfield
as Elfrida Molfrey
Iain Mitchell
as Auctioneer
Hannah Blamires
as CID Officer/Police Officer
Imogen Stubbs
as Tamara Deddington
Amanda Mealing
as Sally Boulter
Mali Harries
as Nurse O'Casey
Timothy Watson
as Vincent Treaborne
Ricky Rajpal
as Book Festival Guest/Folk Festival Spectator/Hotel Staff/Pub Customer
Cyril Nri
as Warwick Sowande
Belinda McGinley
as Felicity Ford
Tim Wylton
as Jim Hanley
David Crow
as Garth Platt
Daisy Keeping
as Nerys
Samuel Oatley
as Brad
Andrew Hawkins
as Alan
Charles Kay
as Arno Gibbs/Henry York
Benjamin Whitrow
as Hugo Balcombe/Sir Malcolm Frazer
Trudie Styler
as Liz Frances
Trevor Cooper
as Sean Moorcroft
Camilla Arfwedson
as Serena Madison
David Rintoul
as Jack Fincher
Marc Buchner
as Daniel Webster
Dearbhla Molloy
as Elizabeth Key
Michael Tucek
as Dean/Jason Hurst
Alistair Petrie
as Clifford Bunting
Jonty Stephens
as Jeff Haskin
Aisling Loftus
as Tegan Langton
John Shrapnel
as Leo Clarke/Max Jennings
Rosemary McHale
as Rosemary Balliol
Simon Quarterman
as Young Christian Aubrey
Anthony Farrelly
as C.I.D. Officer/Criminal Investigation Department Officer/Police Officer/CID Officer/Art Buyer/C.I.D Officer
Kika Markham
as Mary Morgan
Kelvin Wise
as Armed Response Unit
Laraine Dix
as Friend of the Bride
Robert Cooper
as Kinsella's Opponent
James Fox
as Sir Michael Fielding
Yolanda Vazquez
as Francesca Ward
Jeremy Silberston
as Jeremy the Director
Derek Riddell
as Des McCordell
Steve Toussaint
as Victor Campbell
Ian Knight
as Bagpiper
Nick Hendrix
as DS Jamie Winter
Serena Gordon
as Christina Finleyson/Ginny Sharp
Merelina Kendall
as Dr Grenville/Miss Alice Leonard
Rachel Bell
as Mrs Hunnicutt
James Dreyfus
as Ralph Ford
Gawn Grainger
as Lesley Flux
Malcolm Tierney
as Per Hansen
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
as KA Anna Degn
Michael Obiora
as Oliver Marcet
Alexandra Morris
as Daisy
Adam Blackwood
as Keith Shortlands
Chu Omambala
as Kwame Asante
Kate Bowes Renna
as Defence Counsel
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
as Marjorie Empson
Tim Pigott-Smith
as Matt Parkes
Tony Selby
as Vic Bishop
Daniela Denby-Ashe
as Camilla Farquaharson
John Neil Park
as Reporter
Tom Frederic
as Ben Kirby
Phyllis Logan
as Kate Merrill
Vicki Pepperdine
as Barbara Walton
Ella Balinska
as Grace Briggs
Andrew Brooke
as Lex Bedford
Michael Maloney
as Neville Gallagher/Simon Sharpe
Colin Michael Carmichael
as Ivo Baxter
Colin Higgins
as Mr. Miller
Holly Freeman
as Thea Stannard
James Callis
as Julian DeQuetteville/Toby DeQuetteville
Tristram Wymark
as Gordon Pope
Faith Tarby
as Art Party Guest/Circus Attendee/Event Guest
Clare Holman
as Fiona Beauvoisin/Rose Southerly/Sue Tutt
Tim Dutton
as Jamie Cameron
Barbara Jefford
as Barbara Drinkwater/Elizabeth Chettham
Dominic Colenso
as Aidan Carter
Angela Pleasence
as Doris Winstanley
Bill Thomas
as Derek Wildacre/Newly Widowed/Ray Dorset
William Melling
as Josh Craven
Laura Rogers
as Jane Morris
David Clement-Horton
as Catwalk Audience
Danny Mac
as Anton Walsh
Sharon Duce
as Mandy Gideon
Martine McCutcheon
as Debbie Moffett
Helen Dallimore
as Felicity
Eleanor Moriarty
as Lynn
Lee Asquith-Coe
as Causton CID Officer/Oblong Cult Body Guard
Jonathan Firth
as Michael Lacey
Sylvestra Le Touzel
as Linda Marquis/Miriam Fielding
Ed Birch
as Curtis Braylesford
Hugh Dennis
as Milo Craven
Gwilym Lee
as DS Charlie Nelson
Suzanne Burden
as Rebecca Plunkett/Zukie Richardson
Dilys Laye
as Vera Hopkins
Michael Wildman
as Killion Staples
Peter Davison
as Nicky Frazer
Garry Cooper
as James Griss
Amit Shah
as Shray Varma
Anton Lesser
as Eddie Darwin/Reverend Wallace Stone
Amanda Harris
as Deborah Plummer
Harriet Garside
as Bleakridge Watch
Rosalind Ayres
as Doreen Anderson
Gerda Stevenson
as Sandra Bradshaw
Paul Venables
as Simon Bartlett
Kieran Bew
as Danny Twyman
Brian Bovell
as Eric Gladberry
Ben Lamb
as Aiden McCordell
Susan Field
as Emily Beavis
Brendan McCoy
as Band Member
Francine Morgan
as Deirdre/Middle Aged Woman
Helen Lindsay
as Mary Pearce
Richard Johnson
as James Fitzroy/Rex Masters
Del Henney
as Mike Yeatman
David Bradley
as Tom
Jason Wong
as Stephan Ashworth
Rebecca Front
as Reverend Martha Hillcott
Brigit Forsyth
as Estelle Balliol
Rebecca Charles
as Jane/Path Lab Assistant
Gwyneth Strong
as Katie Soper
Lesley Manville
as Phoebe Archbold
Elizabeth Payne
as Nesta Goodfellow
Kelly Michelle Gray
as Maid
Mirabel Stuart
as Elsa Bellini
Bertie Carvel
as Justin Hooper
Daisy Haggard
as Fran Carter
Carolyn Pickles
as Sister Lovelace/Wendy Minchin
Fiona Dolman
as Sarah Barnaby/Charity Solicitor
Sean Gallagher
as Errol Judd
Caroline Holdaway
as Florence
Chance Perdomo
as Leo Scott
Ian McNeice
as Dr. Burgess
Adrian Scarborough
as Eddie Carfax/Peter Fogden/Tony Pitt
Graham Bill
as Driver
Gareth Thomas
as Huw Mostyn
Janie Dee
as Caroline Harrington
Alexandra Moen
as Emma Kirby
Sam Troughton
as Henry Marsh
Avril Elgar
as Mary Sharpe
Gemma Bourne
as Phoebe Aged 12
Richard Hope
as Gordon Brierly/Neville Hayward
Raju Ladwa
as Hub Cafe User
Sidney Livingstone
as Barman/Don Mitchinson/Landlord
Christopher Villiers
as David Whitely
Lloyd Owen
as Louis Paynton
Ian Talbot
as George
John Sackville
as Architect
Raj Awasti
as Pub Customer/Villager/Art Buyer/CID Officer/Cricket Fan/Fairground Visitor/Postman/Pub Go-er/Village Protester
Nigel Havers
as Andrew Wilder
Molly Harris
as Josie Skelton
Ed White
as Andrew Welles
Simon Paisley Day
as Randall Colquhoun
Gracie May Weldon
as Josh
Sarah Winman
as Kate Tranter
Jay Barrymore
as Liam
Sheila Reid
as Mrs. Metcalfe
John Cater
as Jack Pearce/Mr. Tibbs
Julian Lewis Jones
as Guy Bevan
Tom Rooke
as Young Nicky
Kirsty Dillon
as WPC Gail Stephens/DC Gail Stephens/WDC Stephens
David Haig
as George Jeffers
Amanda Edwards
as Police Woman
Sharon Small
as Ruth Cameron
Lloyd McGuire
as Bob
Simon Chandler
as Jonathan Canning/Richard Deverell
Sid Mitchell
as Thomas Brightwell
Clemmie Hooton
as Phoebe
Honor Blackman
as Isobel Hewitt
Scott Handy
as Stephen Latimer
Julia Deakin
as Valerie Smeeton
Jeremy Peters
as Bus Driver
Sabrina Bartlett
as Tina Tyler
Madeleine Potter
as Celia Patchett
Peter Eyre
as Headley Madrigal/Leonard Pike
John Castle
as Charles King
Joseph Prowen
as Dan Falconer
Simon Dutton
as Laurence Fletcher
Shereen Roushbaiani
as Waitress
Rakie Ayola
as Alice Winning
Richard Graham
as Gerry Bleacher/Stanley Goodfellow
Wendi Peters
as Lynda Babbage
Andrew Powell
as Vince Perry
Andrew Dunn
as Constable Crabbe
Abigail Williamson
as Kylie
Joanna Page
as Holly Ackroyd
Lucy Russell
as Felicity Turner
Maya Sondhi
as Aisha Khalique
John Sessions
as Barrett Filby
Phoebe Campbell
as Tara Lockston
Robert Goodale
as Dr. Sellers
Hannah Gordon
as Bella Devere
Stephen Marcus
as Silas Trout
Abigail McKern
as Josie Parker/Julia Gooders
Ben Caplan
as Murray Eccbeer
Michael Fitzgerald
as Francis Crawford/Hugo Cartwright
Clive Swift
as Felix Hope
Mark Williams
as Pat Everett
Roger Frost
as Colin Salter
Susan Brown
as Leticia Clifford
Mark Heap
as Simon Fergus-Johnson
Murray Melvin
as Bentham DeQuetteville
Frank Mills
as Ezra/Fred Rodale/Ted
Sally-Ann Burnett
as Young Peggy Benson
John Standing
as Charles Rust/Will Tunstall
Lydia Leonard
as Phoebe Frears
Frankie McLaughlin
as Young Joe
Lily-May Anson
as Tracey
Ferdinand Kingsley
as Brandon Yarrow
Duncan Watkinson
as Policeman
Sophia Di Martino
as Amber Layard
Ray Lonnen
as Peter Baxter
Edy Soares
as Police Officer
Polly Maberly
as Julie Stockard
James Hoare
as John Ransom
Sarah Lochlan
as Nancy Dewar
Jonathan Aris
as Alex Dyer
David Horovitch
as James Hobson
Claudie Blakley
as Claire Asher
Phil Daniels
as Teddy Molloy
James Lance
as Silas Raven
Margaret Tyzack
as Harriet Compton/Naomi Inkpen
Richenda Carey
as Margaret Hopkins
Miles Anderson
as Guy Gamelin/Lance Woodrow
Michael Colgan
as Father Behan
Poppy Drayton
as Summer Haleston
Ava May
as Josh
Una Stubbs
as Audrey Braylesford/Selina Jennings
Simon Armstrong
as Viv Marshall
Richard Clothier
as Postman/Simon Oliver
Anne Lambton
as Dr Mary McKay
Sophie Holland
as Young Mother
David Golt
as Restaurant Punter/Airshow Spectator/Art Gallery Bidder/Choir Singer/Parent/SOCO/Tourist
Richard Dee-Roberts
as Police officer
Larry Lamb
as Melvyn Stockard
David Burke
as Fred Messenger/Hedge/John Farrow
Will Brown
as Timothy Argo
Daniel Ryan
as Adam Burbage
Terence Rigby
as Ian Frasier
Michael Feast
as Ian Craigie
Felicity Dean
as Frances Kirby/Tara Cavendish
Leah Whitaker
as WPC
Justin Shevlin
as Alex Preston
John Snowden
as Detective
Nicholas Rowe
as David Heartley-Reade/Edward Stannington
James Clay
as Simon DeQuetteville
Jeanne Hepple
as Linda Wagstaff
Joseph Scatley
as Young Daniel/Young Mark
Paul Bazely
as Paul Matheson
Philip Quast
as Ross Villiers
Christopher Sloman
as Builder/Shop Keeper
Ginny Dee
as Waitress
Eunice Roberts
as TV Announcer
Jemima Rooper
as Jo Clifford
Tim Woodward
as Timothy Webster
Lucy Briers
as Jessica Wingate
Genevieve O'Reilly
as Nina Morgan
Rohan Nedd
as Finn Wokoma
James Philip Shaw
as Unruly Youth
Sarah Alexander
as Fliss Inkpen-Thomas
Isla Blair
as Dr. Jane Moore
Joseph Rye
as James Taylor
Steve Evets
as Carter Faulkner
Aki Omoshaybi
as Noah Adomakoh
Daniel Weyman
as Matthew Cole
Henry Pettigrew
as Sailor
Julia West
as Mrs. Bream
Neil Stuke
as Curtis Ferabbee/Glen Jarvis
Eleanor Yates
as Alice Quested
Jonie Broom
as Dave Hedges
Holly Gilbert
as Becky Tunstall
Gordon Gostelow
as Reginald Williams
Beth Cooke
as Young Sylvia
Cal MacAninch
as Alan Robson
David Hampshire
as Cabbie
Renée Asherson
as Emily Simpson
Cliff Parisi
as Barry
Dominic Rickhards
as Dudley Painter
Charlotte Beaumont
as Helena Pitt
Pandora Clifford
as Juliet Tilman
Nigel Betts
as DC Briars/Sergeant
Philip Bird
as Duncan Walton/Jeff Martin
Carlyss Peer
as Tracey Horton
Ned Derrington
as Pizza Boy
Daniel Casey
as Sgt. Gavin Troy/Sergeant Gavin Troy/Sgt Gavin Troy/Gavin Troy
Joni Kamen
as Sophia Bellini
Nick Robinson
as Felix Bryce
Gillian Barge
as Hannah Harrington
Lisa Ellis
as Junior Cook
Joan Blackham
as Maureen Stubbs
Tamzin Malleson
as Kate Wilding
David Bark-Jones
as Patrick Tilman
Cate Fowler
as Mrs Carter
Georgina Rich
as Alicia Matheson
Ruby Bentall
as Stella Starling
Brian Poyser
as Derek
Heather Wright
as Francesca Lounds
Glenn Webster
as Police Officer/Cricket Spectator/Villager
Abigail Clarke
as Sophie - Singing School Girl
Josephine Tewson
as Samantha Johnstone
Jason Watkins
as Joe Ferabbee
Nicholas Burns
as Barrett Lounds
Philip Whitchurch
as Ade Jessell
Lauren O'Neil
as Rowena Deeley
Gwen Taylor
as Frances Le Bon
Brian Gwaspari
as Landlord
Otene Hopa
as Haka Leader/Rugby Player 16
Rebecca Saire
as Miriam Heartley-Reade
Niamh Daly
as Denise Daly
Maggie Turner
as Mrs. Wilson's Sister
Rory Fleck Byrne
as Dale Nevins
Jenny Jackson
as Vicki
Susan Tracy
as Felicity Gamelin/Hilary King
Nicholas Pritchard
as Justin Pickard/Solicitor
Sian Webber
as Veronica Ford
Susan Sheridan
as Mother Thomas
Daniel Llewelyn-Williams
as Ken Tuohy
Owen Teale
as Little Mal Kirby/Young Mal
Roger Martin
as George Woodard
Louise Bangay
as Serena Fleming
Alice Patten
as Emily Hide
Edward Davenport
as Simon Bright
Tony Gardner
as Russell Grundy
Polly Kemp
as Gemma Rogers
Con O'Neill
as Jim Caxton
Martin Johnson
as Chess Player in Pub
Charles Millham
as Clerk/Detective/Peter Blagdon
Barbara Flynn
as Millie Bullard
Michael Keating
as Derek Painter
Graham Crowden
as Reggie Barton
Chloe Tucker
as Caroline Devere
Nick Hancock
as Phil Webster
Stephen Hawke
as Midsomer Police Officer/Police Officer/Crime Scene Police Officer/Investigating Officer
Annoushka Le Gallois
as Barbara Neale
Benedict Sandiford
as Alex Hardwick
Liza Goddard
as Marion Bell
Emma Davies
as Lauren Hendred
Colin Murtagh
as Ballroom Dancer/Mortuary Attendant/Villager
Joseph Beattie
as Scott Davenport
Lynda Bellingham
as Jane Willows
Rosa Hoskins
as Sophie Trevelyan
Angela Down
as Dr. Sylvia Goring/Pru Bennett
Olivia Vinall
as Kim Fosse
Albert Welling
as Ron Wilson
Kadell Herida
as Wade Andow
Jane Downs
as Dixie Goff
Daniel Betts
as Stefan Miller
Lauren Wigmore
as Party Guest
Alex Blake
as Bailiff
Jack Walker
as Harry Fowler
Thusitha Jayasundera
as Anika Sidana
Matt McCooey
as Steve Skelton
Tim Delap
as David Monroe
Edna Doré
as Granny Brightwell
Carolina Main
as Heather Wilder
Paul Anderson
as Graham Spate
Gillian Steventon
as Holly's Gran
Chris Cartwright
as Festival Goer
Michael Cronin
as Emperor Joseph
Raquel Cassidy
as Diana DeQuetteville
Daniel Eghan
as Dr. Good/Neighbourhood Watch/Party Priest
Kojo Attah
as Jez Gladberry
James Murray
as Ollie Tabori
David Ross
as Rodney Widger/Sam Hardwick
Jeremy Gittins
as Officer
Simon Greiff
as Director
Nicholas Asbury
as Henry
Nicholas Farrell
as Isaac Starling/John Merrill
Paul Copley
as Frank Dewar
Bryan Matheson
as Cedric/Vicar
Saskia Wickham
as Annie Woodrow
Jon Glover
as Interviewer
Brett Reylander
as Police Sergeant/Policeman
Ann Morrish
as Mildred Danvers
John Duttine
as Will Saxby
Ruth Horrocks
as Health Club Member/Wedding Dress Customer/CID/Yoga Client
Hannah Arterton
as Katy
Marcus Harris
as Film Fan
Elizabeth Rider
as Bobbie Loxley
Robert Oates
as Bill Pitman
Sally Giles
as Natasha Fox
Daphne Sherman
as Wine Taster
Arlene Cockburn
as Charlotte
Chris Lew Kum Hoi
as Ronin Chow
Simon Day
as Combover Guy
Geraldine James
as Miranda Bedford
Gemma Jones
as Maisie Gooch
Laura Girling
as Perry's Customer
Janine Duvitski
as Deirdre Tibbs
John Draycott
as Trevor Minchin
Sasha Waddell
as Eve Lomax
Alastair Mackenzie
as Felix Lancaster
Samuel West
as James Oswood/Jeremy Thacker
Tara Hugo
as Ad Woman
Deborah Findlay
as Hilary Richards/Lorna Soane
Janet Dibley
as Dawn Stock
Christine Bottomley
as Blaze Leadbetter
Aaron Anthony
as Cal Ingalls
Richard Dillane
as Oliver Ordish
Clifford Rose
as Rev Gregory
Kenneth Colley
as Lloyd Kirby
Christina Cole
as Sarah Sharp
Richard Simpson
as Feather
Chelsea Mather
as Chelsea
Brett Allen
as Police Officer
Maimie McCoy
as Rowan Yarrow
Lisa Brookes
as Dianne Price
George Costigan
as Jack Filby
Kirsty Bushell
as Rev. Suze
Freyja Faraday
as Country Villager
Grant Russell
as George Summersbee
Anna Bolt
as Suhami/Sylvie Gamelin
Susannah Doyle
as Vanessa Stone
Mae Wright
as Young Faith
June Barrie
as Gwen Dobson
Greg Lockett
as Joshua Kilbride
Jane Booker
as Janet Lovell/Laura Hutton
Jacqueline Boatswain
as Rachel Taylor
Justin Avoth
as Dan Malko
Sharon Morgan
as Delyth Mostyn
Charlotte Asprey
as Christine Miller
Patrick Baladi
as Steve Ramsey
Karen Gaynord
as UFO Enthusiast
Jack Staddon
as Greg Eddon
Nick Fletcher
as CS John Cotton/John Cotton
Rupert Vansittart
as Alistair Kingslake/Desmond Harcourt/Selwyn Proctor
Parth Thakerar
as Fitz Theara
Lee Byford
as Police Officer/Police officer
Pamela Betsy Cooper
as Author/Caterer/Christmas Shopper/Dairy Farm Worker/Event Guest/Nurse
Roger Allam
as Alan Hollingsworth
Katherine Press
as Francesca Sharpe
Jon Rake
as Builder/Ron/Warden
Noah Huntley
as Aidan Hardy/Noel Wooliscroft
Olly Rix
as Alex Darnley
Roger Bingham
as Taxi Driver
Mark J. Lovegrove
as Villager
Griff Rhys Jones
as Ambrose Deddington
Jessica Brooks
as Fiona Aynscombe
Allan Williams
as Captain Birdseye/Pub Customer
Jill Baker
as Eleanor Swanscombe
Katherine Stark
as Mary
Isabel Shaw
as Betty Barnaby
Jerome Willis
as John Smith
Adrian Rawlins
as Adam Keyne/David Orchard
Ian Redford
as Ted Denning
Imogen Holthouse
as Young Emma
Sanchia McCormack
as Jackie Tanner
Glen Berry
as Ben
Neil Pearson
as Eddie Stanton
Harry Myers
as Jonas Slee
Arran Topham
as Robin Bingham
Steve Oram
as Nathan Tonev
Lee Nicholas Harris
as CID Officer/Pilot Captain
Samantha Bond
as Arabella Hammond/Kate Cameron/Suzanna Chambers
Charity Reindorp
as Lady Fitzroy
Jesse Fox
as Jake Yapley
Nathalie Cox
as Tallis Filby
Heather Tobias
as Mrs Oliver
Richard Bailey
as Cameraman/Uncle Richard
Paul Blackwell
as Art Collector/Chess Player/Eclipse Observer
Alan Mathis
as Rower
Rosalind Drury
as Young Jenny
Richard Cordery
as Atticus Bradley/Dr. John Cole/Morris Bingham
Elizabeth Bell
as Sister Agnes
Laura Jeffree
as Girl
Edward Scott-Clarke
as Young Henry
Timothy Carlton
as Chief Constable
Alexandra Gilbreath
as Naomi Sinclair
Colin McFarlane
as Jordan Briggs
Suzy Aitchison
as Alice Carver
Peter De Jersey
as Toby Wagner
Jon Ranwell
as Delivery Man/Glamping Site Investor
Phil Cornwell
as Eddie Rayner
Will Keen
as Preaching Pete Kubatski
James Staddon
as Rector
Susie Blake
as Gemma Christie
James Hazeldine
as Leo Bantock
Sean Gilder
as Danny Carver
Edward MacLiam
as Noah Sawney
Greg Sheffield
as Lee/Phillip Merrick
Carolyn Backhouse
as Deborah Milton
Kevin Doyle
as Ferdy Villiers/Paddy Powell
Indra Ové
as Charlotte Knight
Julian Glover
as Henry Trace
Beth Goddard
as Selina Stanton/Wendy Smythe-Webster
Dorian Healy
as Danny Piggott
Abigail Thaw
as Annabel Johnson
Elizabeth Crarer
as Lucy Oliver
Nickolas Grace
as Frank Mannion/Hugo Greening
Richard McCabe
as Rev. Anthony Gant
Thomasin Rand
as Young Diana
Gia Labarbera
as Solicitor
Helen Ryan
as Mrs. Hilliard
Karl Theobald
as Doug Vaughan
Paul Bigley
as Tim Whitley
Jay Villiers
as Nick Cheyney
Pauline Whitaker
as Hotel Receptionist/Jackie Carter
Peter Capaldi
as Laurence Barker
Rachel Davies
as Jeannie Harding
Eamon Geoghegan
as Barman/Mike Weatherby
Rebecca Grant
as Joanna Stockerton
Oona Kirsch
as Suzie Colebrooke
Howard Ward
as Niall Colebrooke
Peter Paul Burrows
as Butcher
Taj Gill
as Chess Player/Circus Attendee/Woman
Robin Soans
as Mr. Perkins/Perkins
John Bird
as St John Beachwood
Harry Peacock
as Patrick Bradley
Hazel McBride
as Governor
Dave Hill
as Clive Cruickshank
Thom Fell
as Charlie Meynell
Terrence Hardiman
as Dr James Lavery
Nigel Hyams
as Rambler/Sailor
Colin Tierney
as Mungo Mortimer
Joss Gower
as Matthew Draper
Beth Chalmers
as Marina Fellowes
Raymond Coulthard
as Lawrence Haggard
Goldy Notay
as Samira Mallick
Melanie Kilburn
as Yvonne Flack
Stephen Hagan
as Jay Templeton
Jack Bence
as Freddy
Mel Martin
as Kate Frears
Richard Todd
as Charles Edmonton
Billy Postlethwaite
as Noah Evans
Luke de Woolfson
as Paul Starkey
Hermione Gulliford
as Ursula Carroll
Rosemary Leach
as Evelyn Pope
Jon Wennington
as Wall of Death Spectator
Patricia Valentine
as Sandra
Frances Barber
as Constance Fielding/Ingrid Lockston
Susan Wooldridge
as Margaret Seagrove
Jamie Treacher
as Richard Tanner
Lynn Farleigh
as Sonia Madrigal
Annabel Mullion
as Lady Tara Butler
Dermot Crowley
as Peter Hatchard
Derek Griffiths
as Reverend Nigel Brookthorpe
Frankie Carson
as Nick
Fiona Glascott
as Sister Catherine
Eleanor David
as Georgina Canning
Michele Dotrice
as Felicity Buckley
Tim Stanmore
as Security Guard
Richard Harrington
as Leo Fincher
Cat Simmons
as Clemmy Staples
Nicola King
as Eleanor Curtis
John Bell
as Jamie Carr
Terence Maynard
as Ashley Denton
Nick Owenford
as Biscuit Factory Worker/Frankenstein's Monster
John Stahl
as Damian Lint
Ben Starr
as Noah Moon
Roger Tooley
as Camera Operator
David Bamber
as Anthony Prideaux/Daniel Fargo/John Starkey
Charlie Condou
as Jake Foley
Struan Rodger
as Doctor O'Dowd
Kate Buffery
as Mallory Edmonton
Rory Copus
as Howard Frears
Dominic Mafham
as Grahame Tranter/James Otley
Jared Garfield
as Sean
Nicky Lilley
as Princess Diana
David Robb
as Charles MacKillop
Marcus Rogers
as Denzel
Stuart Bailey
as Gentleman at the Flying Club
Al Sawyer
as Circus Attendee/Wine Taster
David Troughton
as Brian Clapper/Miles King
Sian Doughty
as Air Show Visitor
Jamie-Lee Beacher
as Brewery Guest/Circus Worker/Fitness Class Participant
Nicolaj Kopernikus
as Thomas Madsen
Siobhan Hewlett
as Amanda
Mark Bazeley
as Gray Patterson
June Watson
as Mary May
Diane Fletcher
as Marcia Tranter
Stephen Beresford
as Marcus Poole
Gudrun Ure
as Celia Armstrong
Jane Thorne
as Olive Merryman
Tom York
as Mitch McCordell
Orlando Bloom
as Peter Drinkwater
John Quentin
as Doctor Frost
Phoebe Nicholls
as Laura Smythe-Webster
Marion Bailey
as Alyssa Bradley
Maggie McCarthy
as Hilda
Ruth Trippitt
as Barmaid
Hugh Sachs
as Harold Bumstead
Michael Angelis
as Nicky Harding
James Fleet
as Michael Falconer/Ralph Plummer
Simon Callow
as Dr. Wellow/Vernon De Harthog
Angus Barnett
as Kenny Pottinger
Morris Perry
as Ben Barrow/Pub Landlord
Daisy Whalley
as Beth Wyham
Jamie Thomas King
as Steven Curtis
Lisa Eichhorn
as Faith Alexander
Jenny Agutter
as Isobel Chettham
Chooye Bay
as Weng Tu Ho
Peter Cellier
as Peregrine Slade
Hannah Tointon
as Pippa Fergus-Johnson
Freddie Jones
as Benbow
Ifan Meredith
as Dave Taylor
Tom Mullion
as Freddy
Claire Oberman
as Jane Menzies
James Richard Marshall
as Young Peter Fossett
Haydn Gwynne
as Jennifer Carter/Maggie Viviani
Alan Cox
as Stephen Bannerman
Jean Challis
as Mrs Bainbridge
Claudia Elmhirst
as Amanda Watson
Elli Garnett
as Tracy Talbot
Jessica Turner
as Brenda Eastman/Delia Norrington
Victoria Shalet
as Julia Carter/Melony
Ron Cook
as Bernard Flack
Vivien Heilbron
as Felicity Brand
Robert Pugh
as Caradoc Singer
Michael Thomson
as Niall Deeley
Anna Wilson-Jones
as Emma Harris/Marianna Hartley
Tim Preece
as Jack Wilson
Mark Johnston
as Arresting Officer
Navinder Bhatti
as Jayesh Varma
Georgia Mackenzie
as Susie Bellingham
Luke McMillan
as Boy 2
Elizabeth Thomas
as Rachel Smith
Keith Barron
as Alan Clifford
Victoria Lennox
as Doris Maple/Ghost Walk Tourist/Librarian/Mrs. Maitland/Woman in Audience
Seeta Indrani
as Susan Lennard
Shaun Lucas
as Press Photographer/Alien Chaser/Barman/Folk Festival Spectator/Torch Bearer
Hattie Morahan
as Hayley Brantner
Andrew Gower
as Harry Ferabbee
Betty Romani
as Carla Constanza
Joseph Mydell
as Dr Isaac Vernon
Kate Maberly
as Holly Reid
Alyson Spiro
as Nina Barkham
Christine Moore
as Shirley Bennett
Gemma Page
as Lady Blakeney
Mary Wimbush
as George Watson
Steve North
as Nigel Woodley
Sean Baker
as Ivan Hawkins
Kerry Fox
as Betty DeQuetteville
Stewart Harwood
as Bookie
Ben Meyjes
as Harcourt
Ann Queensberry
as Hermione
Edward Clayton
as Butcher/Frank Bertram
Rowena Cooper
as Tilly Dinsdale
Ciarán McMenamin
as Craig Coffley
Chris Barrie
as Lionel Poulter
Doc Brown
as Zach Lime
Jacquetta May
as Melissa Deddington
Kate Duchêne
as Jane Bennett
Shaun Newnham
as Book Author/Charity Ball Guest/Ufologist/Village Protestor
Nia Roberts
as Stacey Purdy
Max Bennett
as Kevin Paynton
Paul Viragh
as Vicar
Angela Rippon
as Interviewer
Natalie Klamar
as Esme Baker
Tilly Blackwood
as Finola Harcourt/Trixie Channing
Ursula Howells
as Lady Isabel Aubrey
Pip Torrens
as Fergal Jenner/Group Captain Jeremy Ford
Nicholas Gleaves
as Ray Fryer
Kacey Ainsworth
as Nikki Rowntree
Mary Healey
as Mrs Wilson/Mrs. Cook
Geoffrey Chater
as Brother Robert
Marlene Sidaway
as Mrs. Bundy/Counseller 2/Mrs. Foster
Alice Knight
as Queen of Hearts
Shenagh Govan
as Matron
Jason Durr
as Luke Archbold
Josef Lindsay
as Robin Hood/Young Boy
Morgan Watkins
as Griffin Twigg
Roger Evans
as Micky
Julian Curry
as Ronald Burgess
Kazia Pelka
as Tanya Brzezinski
Kumud Pant
as Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO)
Andrew Lancel
as DC Simon Backley
Pooky Quesnel
as Julia Benson
Daniel Hart
as Tim Riley
Joe Armstrong
as David Cooke
Caroline Quentin
as Helen Welles
Rupert Walz
as Dave Cutler
Gus Gallagher
as Dale Mitchinson
Jo Woodcock
as Harriet Farmer
Anna Calder-Marshall
as Susan Millard
Michael Jayston
as Reverend Arthur Gould
Claudia Harrison
as Eleanor Preston
Jemma Churchill
as Maisie Cullen
Nigel Asbridge
as Vicar
Lindsay Townley
as Soco
Beatrice Comins
as Evelyn Grigor
Alice Krige
as Jenny Frazer
Caroline Lintott
as Jen/Researcher/Sally Middleton/Travel Agent
Josette Simon
as Samantha Flint
Thomas Arnold
as Sam Tomlin
Adam Kotz
as James Harrington/Nick Summersbee
Claire Skinner
as Kitty Oswood
Charlotte Emmerson
as Hayley Redfern
Harriet Walter
as Diana Davenport/Margaret Winstanley
Philip Martin Brown
as George Barkham/John Whittle
William Scott-Masson
as John Parkway
Tricia George
as Jenny Bridges
Christopher Benjamin
as Harvey Crane
Ella Jones
as Young Trish
Shuna Snow
as Nurse
Megan Fisher
as WPC Hitchens
Paul Jesson
as Hector Bridges/Lynton Pargeter
Jamie Blackley
as Duncan Hendred
Elizabeth Tyrrell
as Elderly Lady/Ticket Seller
Lee Ross
as Sergeant Trevor Gibson
Henry Goodman
as Cy Davenport
Marian McLoughlin
as Barbara Judd/Gwen Morrison
Juliet Aubrey
as Ginny Lamington
Malcolm Rennie
as Alderman
James Bolam
as Ron Pringle
David Killick
as Waiter
Judith Scott
as Sue Clapper
Olivia Llewellyn
as Helen
David Westhead
as Gerry Moore
Hayley Mills
as Lizzy Thornfield
Debbie Chazen
as Anna Santarosa/Gemma Platt
Michael Bertenshaw
as Michael Rycroft
Alison Fiske
as Beatrice Chatwyn
Lee Boardman
as Matt Rowntree
Katherine Tozer
as Hotel Receptionist
Chris Barnes
as Pub Landlord
Siobhan Redmond
as Pru Plunkett/Ronnie Everett
Annette Badland
as Fleur Perkins
Simon Godwin
as Giovanni
Tim Burrett
as Hunt Follower
Ray Fearon
as Carlton Scott
Joshua Williams
as Jerome Buchanan
Zebb Dempster
as Toby Grundy
Kelly Brook
as Laurel Newman
Brian Protheroe
as John Trevelyan
Tom Rhys Harries
as Ryan Carnarvon
Kenneth Gilbert
as Hilary Carlton
Anna Maxwell Martin
as Arabella Heywood
Leo Bill
as Darren
Georgina Beedle
as Young Stella
Moray Watson
as Edward Allardice
Stefano Braschi
as Dexter Ingram
Scarlett Alice Johnson
as Jessie Rayner
Rosie Cavaliero
as Denise Fielding/Judy Tyler
Will Willett
as Chef
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
as Gideon Tooms
Roger Chapman
as Self
Alan McKenna
as Rhodri Probert
Toby Jones
as Dan Peterson
Harry Hadden-Paton
as Lawrence Janson
Silas Carson
as Rueben Tooms
Harry Gostelow
as Doctor/Dr Robertshaw
Diana Kent
as Anne Heldman
Tom Fisher
as Crusty
Patrick Robinson
as Gregory Brantner
Henry Ian Cusick
as Gareth Heldman
Damien Gerard
as Oblong Cult Member
Matyelok Gibbs
as Muriel Harrap
Stephanie Leonidas
as Annabel Latimer
Bill Wallis
as Dr. Trevor Lessiter
Richard Ward
as Charlie Finleyson
Sara Kestelman
as Bernie
Gillian Kearney
as WPC Jay Nash
Paula Jacobs
as Mrs Bosworth
Cherie Lunghi
as Alexandra Monkford/Lillian Webster
Peter Coe
as Concert Audience/Georgian Gent/Party Guest
Christopher Mellows
as Giles Harrison/Mr Stevens
Justin Pierre
as Adam Osoba
Wayne Foskett
as Roger Tyler
Jo Wheatley
as Villager/Circus Staff/Cricket Spectator/Dance Class Attendee/Festival Goer/Neighbourhood Watch/Pub Diner/Van Driver/Wedding Guest
Malcolm Stoddard
as Richard Carnack
Bill Moody
as Clifford Rawnsley
Wendy Craig
as Victoria Bartlett
Grant Masters
as Martin Barrett
Ralf Little
as Jared Horton
Susan Engel
as Camilla Crofton/Harriet Wingate
Clemency Burton-Hill
as Hettie Trent
Amanda Wright
as Police Instructor
Stuart St. Paul
as Toby Winning
Susan Hampshire
as Delphi Hartley
Martin Herdman
as Jed Fox
Neil Conrich
as Police Constable Angel/Duty Police Officer/PC Angel
Janet Suzman
as Lady Matilda William
Zoë Tapper
as Jessica Peach
Selina Cadell
as Eleanor Crouch/Phyllis Cadell
Nicholas Amer
as Arthur Leggott
Joshua Parris
as Callum
Richard Rankin
as Danny Wickham
Michael Elwyn
as Giles Cato
Manoj Anand
as Brewery Guest/Circus Attendee/Theatre Lighting Technition Graham/Villager
Simon Williams
as Guy Sandys
Charlie Covell
as Kate Hammond
Joyia Fitch
as Waitress
Laurence Penry-Jones
as Young Peter Rhodes
Caroline John
as Florist
Denis Lill
as Simeon Rowling
Neil Dudgeon
as DCI John Barnaby/Daniel Bolt
John Franklyn-Robbins
as Teddy Butler
Nick Brimble
as Adam Grace
Ronald Pickup
as Ernest Balliol/Rupert Smythe-Webster
Tom Georgeson
as Ron Chalk
Douggie McMeekin
as Dominic Braun
Lloyd Everitt
as Harper Kaplan
Brian Woodward
as CID Officer
Tom Ward
as Tristan Goodfellow
Miles Richardson
as Dr. Giles Danby/Frederick Bentine-Brown/Sir Charles
William Beck
as Michael Dewar
Madeleine Rakic-Platt
as Lucy Middleton
Jonathan Coy
as Kenneth Gooders
Jackie Morrison
as Miranda Harvey
Kelly Hunter
as Kate Malpas
Jennie Dale
as Cath Jones
Victoria Hamilton
as Hilary Inkpen
Trevor Peacock
as Charlie Speight
Andrew Lee Potts
as Gideon Latimer
Paul Hunter
as Gert Michaels
Kimberley Nixon
as Cloud
John Light
as Luke Fawcett
Perdita Avery
as Felicity Hearn
Tracy Brabin
as Ruth Chalk
Olivia Colman
as Bernice
Keith Allen
as Harry Marx
Margot Leicester
as Kay Settingfield
Paul Shelley
as CC Richard Lovell/Walter Oswood
Mark Gatiss
as Rev Giles Shawcross
Mike Grady
as Les 'Oucho' Morrison
Sonya Cassidy
as Beatrice Daniels
Sarah Smart
as Jo Starling
Angela Griffin
as Jenny Moss
John Kinory
as Claudius/Cricket Club Member
Emily Mortimer
as Katherine Lacey
Roger Sloman
as Ralph Bailey
Erin Oliver
as Christine Kirby
Damien Lyne
as David Lowry
Tim Hardy
as Frank Hopkirk
Linda Spurrier
as Sylvia Burgess
George Cole
as Lionel Hicks
Jeroen Krabbé
as Cyrus LeVanu
Ellen Thomas
as Ruth Crane
Eileen Davies
as Olive Beauvoisin/Estate Agent
Joanna David
as Amy Lyddiard/Mother Julian
Sinead Matthews
as Mel Wallace
Flora Spencer-Longhurst
as Natalie Wheeler
Rebecca Egan
as Harriet Davis
Ian Puleston-Davies
as Terry Stock
Deborah Rock
as Bleakridge Neighbourhood Watch Officer/Circus Attendee
Karl Johnson
as Derek Lockwood
Dolly Wells
as Ava Rokeby
Caroline Laskowska
as Young Mum/Zara
Pip Donaghy
as Jack Colby
John McAndrew
as Jeremy Patchett
Simon Kunz
as Bruce Hartley/Miles Rattigan
Stirling Gallacher
as Cleo Langton
Stephanie Cole
as Dorothy Hutton
Tia Bannon
as Kia Luthando
Sam Hazeldine
as Simon Dixon
Robert Pickavance
as William Carter
Katie Buchholtz
as Young Deirdre
Ben Macleod
as Boy
Steve Doyle
as Police Officer
Eve Pearce
as Lady Bracknell
Natalie Gumede
as Rachel Stevenson
Ace Bhatti
as Harry Dutta
Matthew Flynn
as Jack Purdy/Jack Wilmot
Carol Cummings
Mike Read
as Self
John Nettleton
as Munro Hilliard
Valerie Minifie
as Cynthia
Guy Thompson
as Roman General
Amanda Walker
as Edwina the Rambler/Gwen
Belinda Lang
as Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas
Fiona Button
as Willow McKinley
Edward Akrout
as Damien Lamerat
Jane How
as Miranda Talbot
Alfie Adams
as Young Patrick
Carmen Du Sautoy
as Rosalind Parr
Joanna Scanlan
as Clara Trout
Siân Phillips
as Lady Annabel Butler
Sara Crowe
as Ailsa Benson
Richard Lintern
as Martin Spellman
Charlotte Moore
as Receptionist
Caroline Trowbridge
as Imogen/Tanya Cramner
Anthony Bate
as Augustus Deverell
Natalie Simpson
as Erika Marx
Clara Paget
as Charlotte Cameron
Julian Ovenden
as Ben Viviani
Caroline Munro
as Evil Priestess
Ami Okumura Jones
as Erin Turner
Chris Knight
as Chess Finalist
Freda Dowie
as Amie Pearce
Michelle Collins
as Nadine Campbell
Emma Buckley
as Jezebel Tripp
Honeysuckle Weeks
as Fleur Bridges
Cheryl Campbell
as Sandra MacKillop/Vivian Stannington
Alec McCowen
as Sir Christian Aubrey
Josie Kidd
as Peggy
Neil P. Hawley
as Worker
Jack Hawkins
as Jake Hannity
Christopher Sutton
as Aidan Aged 11
Michelle Fairley
as Iris Holman
Sean McGinley
as Sean O'Connell
Donald Sinden
as Colonel Henry Hammond
Michelle Holmes
as Trina Nevins
Royce Pierreson
as Finn Robson
Emma Fielding
as Faith Kent
Julia McKenzie
as Ruby Wilmott
Terence Harvey
as Archie Townsend
Anthony Howes
as Milkman
Naoko Mori
as Nadia Simons
Clarke Peters
as Frank Wainwright
Karl Collins
as Samuel Wokoma
Nicola Stephenson
as Izzy Silvermane
Tom Bennett
as Rob Pride
Clare Calbraith
as Catrina Harper
Andrea Lowe
as Ava Gould
Neil Morrissey
as Mitch McAllister
Janet Kay
as Mrs. Tudel
Steven Pereira
as CID Shawn
Laila Rouass
as Stephanie King
Nicholas Le Prevost
as Esslyn Carmichael/Jerry Drinkwater
Paul O'Kelly
as CID
Hannah Clare
as Radio Station Office Worker
Nancy Carroll
as Antonia Wilmot/Connie Bishop
Richard Bradshaw
as Peter Slim
Cassidy Little
as Duncan Corrigan
John Bardon
as Mr. Belgrove
James Wilby
as Edward Milton
Les Dennis
as Brendan Pearce
Christine Kavanagh
as Margaret Florian
Daniel Hill
as Martin Reid
John Henshaw
as Arthur Potts
Neville Phillips
as Vicar/Admirer/Archie Craddock/Priest/Richard
Vanessa Hehir
as Belinda Tressel
Robert Daws
as Hamish Rafferty/Mike Spicer
Vincent Regan
as Professor Philip Hamilton
James Musgrave
as Tom Jeffers
David Shaw Parker
as Bert Deling
Colin Brummage
as Richard William
Graham Warren
as French Horn Player
Catherine Bott
as Solo Voice
Fiona Mollison
as Diane Charteris
Hugh Ross
as Bishop Graves/Ed Monkberry
Derek Hutchinson
as Reg/Richard Budd
Sophie Hunter
as Bella Monday
Robert Putt
as Oyster Man
Kevin McNally
as Gerald Farquaharson/Orville Tudway
Stuart Bunce
as Tony Parish
Shaun Dooley
as Mark Purdy
Bill Ward
as Sam Nelms
Geraldine Alexander
as Helen Plummer
Richard Albrecht
as Mr Oliver
Christopher Timothy
as Ned Barnaby
Emma Stansfield
as Rebecca Rix
Keith Drinkel
as Tommy Crinney
Geoffrey Streatfeild
as Jonathan Makepeace
Gerard Horan
as Ewan Evans
Julia Swift
as Angie Blunstone
Mary Jo Randle
as Janet Pennyman
Claire Askam
as Marion Slade
Stephanie Jacob
as Alice/Middle Aged Woman/Solicitor
Sanjeev Bhaskar
as Armand Stone
Isabella Furst
as Bella Prentice
François Domange
as Maitre d' Hôtel
Paul Ireland
as Mark Castle
Richard Walsh
as George Norrington
Bronagh Waugh
as Blaise McQuinn
Jamie Glover
as Jamie Cramner
Lucy Phelps
as Sally Jackson
Sam Torrance
as Self - Special Guest Appearance
Don Gilet
as Bill Viner
Nicholas Audsley
as Marcus Heywood
Mark Webb
as Assistant Director
Kate Crutchley
as Jean Wildacre
Camille Coduri
as Grace Bishop
Alister Austin
as Brogan Steele
Nicholas Woodeson
as Avery Phillips
Philip McGough
as Geoffrey
Elizabeth Berrington
as Libs Pearce
Clive Dancey
as Sonnyboy
Eileen Page
as Beatrice
Rosalie Crutchley
as Lucy Bellringer
Susannah Wise
as Liz Francis
James Weber Brown
as Nick Turner
Jessica Ellerby
as Caitlin Dawson
Philip Anthony
as Peter De Winter
Paul Brooke
as Nigel Anderson
Jane Wood
as Cathy Gurdie
Simon Shepherd
as Reverend Oscar Hayden
Wanda Ventham
as Romany Rose
Jonathan Jaynes
as Jonathan Oak
Jamie Michie
as Gareth Dunbar
Emily Gloyens
as Ed Trevelyan
Clare Higgins
as 'Medea' read by/Gina Colby/Laura Crawford
Stuart Milligan
as Mr. Hundsecker/Victor Karras
Tamzin Outhwaite
as Samantha Adler
Martin Wenner
as Robin Lawson
Andrew Knott
as Mostyn Cartwright
Haroon Rafiq
as Crime Investigation Detective
Diane Bull
as Heather Beavers
Toni Palmer
as Lily Marsh
Rufus Jones
as Talk Show Host
Thomas Lockyer
as Matt Morecroft
Tessa Peake-Jones
as Mary Appleton/Sarah Lawton
Jimmy Ryan-Shedden
as Abbas Man
Angela Thorne
as Lady Lavinia Chetwood
Tony Bell
as Ed Lovell
Lesley Vickerage
as Simone Hollingsworth
Matilda Sturridge
as Christa Palfrey
Charmian May
as Miss Marian Leonard
Brian Capron
as Dave Hicks
Niamh McGrady
as Penny Kingdom
Chris Nightingale
as Bernard King
Julie Graham
as Dr. Laura Parr
Julia Watson
as Christine Wakely
Laurence Richardson
as Police Officer
Clive Wood
as Dr. Clive Warnford/Geoffrey Larkin/Johnny Linklater
Billy Hinchliff
as Jack Baldwin
Catherine Bailey
as Stephanie Weston
Linda Marlowe
as Bridget Wooliscroft/Fiona Conway
Judy Parfitt
as Angela Wentworth/Caroline Halsey
John Hollingworth
as Brin Dunne
Giles Havergal
as Judge
Lorraine Ashbourne
as Daniella Bellini
Jonathan Cullen
as Melrose Plunkett
Montserrat Lombard
as Philomena Bell
Ann Beach
as Sonia Hardwick
Lloyd Hutchinson
as Mickey Ryan
Paul Nicholls
as Dave Foxely
Richard Parkin
as Brad (Cully's Boyfriend)
Shaun Dingwall
as Carter Smith
Aimie Drinkwater
as Team Member
Pamela Miles
as Lady Hislop
Jamie de Courcey
as Marcus Steadman
Flora Montgomery
as Sophie Baxter
Louisa Connolly-Burnham
as Young Lou
Jack McIntosh
as Brian
Michael Thompson
as Hippy
Oliver Mellor
as Julian Woodley
Mark Richards
as Guy Moore
Elspeth Rae
as Layla Barkham
Malcolm Sinclair
as Alan Bradford/Johnny Hammond/Rev Peter Corby
Emilio Doorgasingh
as Azeem Meer
Leslie Schofield
as Amos Brown
Tim Packham
as Man Walking Dog
Helen Steinway Bailey
as Jennifer Bingham
Duncan Preston
as Colin Cooper
Paul Grunert
as Freddie Greenaway
Jonathan Oliver
as Counseller 3
Oliver Ryan
as Hamlet/Reporter
Liz Fraser
as Marcia Jackson
Bruce Lawrence
as Leo Henderson/Trevor
James Cosmo
as Jack 'Axeman' McKinley
Sue Jenkins
as Angie Walker
Charlie Brown
as Boy 1
Daphne Oxenford
as Muriel/Cully's Grandmother
David Warner
as Peter Fossett
Marsha Fitzalan
as Laura Brierly
Eleanor Bron
as Izzy DeQuetteville/Maxine Dobson
Ann Eleonora Jørgensen
as Birgitte Poulsen/VPK Birgitte Poulsen
Thomas Grant
as Peter Craxton
Nitin Ganatra
as Ned Skye
Richard Attlee
as Henry Plummer
Clive Russell
as Seth Comfort
Charlotte Cornwell
as Jeannie Summersbee
Sophie Dix
as Janet Smith
Sara Powell
as Maxine Lockston
Michael Simkins
as Gary Thompson
Matthew Douglas
as Sebastian Farquaharson
Matti Houghton
as Dottie Craven
Ray Donn
as Police Officer
William Hope
as Alan Alexander
Maureen Beattie
as Sonia Woodley
Patrick Ryecart
as Anthony Devereux
Sian Thomas
as Peggy Aynscombe
Tracy Redington
as Aristocrat
Daniel Brocklebank
as Brian Grey
Charles Simon
as Marcus Lowrie
Fay Ripley
as Caroline Potts
Grant Crookes
as Dealer/Office Worker
Tim McInnerny
as Hugh Dalgleish
Tim Wallers
as Jeremy Harper
Miranda Kingsley
as Nurse Bartlett
Danny Webb
as Jeff Bowmaker/Tony Kirby
Anita Harris
as Irene Taylor
Mark Armstrong
as PC
Kathryn Pogson
as Eve Whittle
Eloise Webb
as Poppy Ordish
Nicholas Day
as Martin Crisp
Richard Durden
as Duncan Goff
Chris Wilson
as Police Officer/Arresting Police Officer/Police SOCO Officer
Peter-Hugo Daly
as Archie Kemp/Wesley
Paul Hilton
as Dominic Segal
Alessandra Lèonie
as Waiter
Fraser Ayres
as Theo Bainbridge

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1998 | 5 Episodes

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2019 | 4 Episodes

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2021 | 6 Episodes




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