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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Part-American, part-Scandinavian death-metal band Dethklok has a lingering effect on its fans, who take the words seriously and do anything Dethklok lyrics say. The government fears the band's influence and sets out to destroy it by covert means; for example, by sending military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturers. Deemed sociopaths for tossing hot coffee at their concert attendees, two of the band members are alcoholics, and they all have self-esteem issues.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: August 6, 2006

Also Known As: Metalocalypse, Dethklok |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Canada (16+, 18+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

metal band

Company Credits

Production Co: Titmouse, Williams Street


George Fisher
as Metal Masked Assassin/Angry Customer/Football Player/Hippie/The Metal Masked Assassin
Ben Shepherd
as Man/News Anchor
Brendon Small
as Nathan Explosion/Skwisgaar Skwigelf/Pickles/Charles Ofdensen/Pickles the Drummer/Charles Foster Ofdensen/Edgar Jomfru/Charles Foster Offdensen/Pickles The Drummer/Brutalies Announcer/CFO/Celebrity Specialist/Charles Offdensen/Dick 'Magic Ears' Knubbler/Dick 'Magic Eyes' Knubler/Facebones/Ishnifus Meaddle/Old Man/Pickles the Drummer (voice)/Priest/Seth/Skwiisgaar Skwigelf/Skwisgaar Swigelf/Skwisgar Skwigelf/Swisgaar Swigelf/Týr Skwigelf
Marco Minnemann
Mike Patton
as Rikki Kixx
Brann Dailor
as Shirtless Member
Matt Pike
as Klokateer/Pickles' Father
Frankie Ingrassia
as Rachel/Screaming Audience Member/Stewardess/Sucubboso Explosionite
Joe Satriani
Rob Dukes
as Duncan Hills Coffee Customer
Samantha Eggar
as Whale
Laura Silverman
as Grishnack's Assistant/Rebecca Nightrod/Valerie Vransinn
as Eric von Wiechlinghammer
Werner Herzog
as Ishnifus Meaddle
Jon Hamm
as Captain Slufgyflaysid/Sultan Jamawa
Steve Vai
as Damien Cornickelson/Manager
as Billy Butterface
Jack Black
as Dethklok's Original Manager/Riktok72
Victor Brandt
as General Crozier/Cardinal Ravenwood/General Krosier/News Anchor/Cashastrophe Host/Cop/Officer James Goatwhore
Janeane Garofalo
as Abigail Remeltindrinc
Tony Campos
as Dr. Sepultura
Dweezil Zappa
as Bullied Camper/Guitarist/Horror Movie Character
as Eric's Assistant #1
Scott Ian
as Humiliated Participant/Sneaky Trunk Guy
Drew Pinsky
as Dr. Tormindbind Mickmildididindnin
Mark Hamill
as Senator Stampingston/Mr. Selatcia/News Anchor/Chef Jean-Pierre/TV Narrator/Car Wizard/Dr. Borgermu Barret Swingdworth/Mr. Salacia/Senator Stampington
Steve Smyth
as Snizzy 'Snazz' Bullets/Snizzy Bullets
Kim B. Petersen
as Employee 421/Fast Food Restaurant Manager/Ronald von Moldenberg/The Blues Devil
Ace Frehley
as Dr. Naniltred Faniltendriten/Member with Shirt with Number 7
Billy Gibbons
as Wine Industry Leader
Arve Isdal
as Jim
Devin Townsend
as Bink Bonk Blammymatazz/Teenage Fan at Juice Joint
Tom Hunting
as Burnt-Flesh Man
Andy Richter
as Dating Agency Director/Dr. Alsajahb Fifborgiltk/J.F. Amarth
Patton Oswalt
as Dr. Bartholomew Grahsrihajul/Klokateer/Neurosis Cosmetic Surgeries Doctor
Emilio Márquez
as William's Business Manager
Cam Pipes
as Fan with Tell-All Book
James Hetfield
as Fan #1/Lorkey/Sniper/Troll
Jeff Loomis
as Mr. Murderface
Troy Sanders
as DJ Member
Raya Yarbrough
as Abigail Remeltindrinc/Old Groupie
Trym Torson
as Eric's Assistant #2
Amber Tamblyn
as Trindle
Chris Elliott
as Dr. Commander Vermin Chuntspinkton/Klokateer
Mike Keneally
as Doctor/Toki Wartooth
Gene Hoglan
as Health Inspector
Warrel Dane
as Sammy 'Candynose' Twinskins/Sammy Twinskins
Tommy Blacha
as Toki Wartooth/William Murderface/Dr. Rockso/Teenager/Clerk/Murderface's Grandma/Stella Murderface/Sucubboso Explosionite/William Murderface (voice)
Brent Hinds
as Tank Top Member
Laraine Newman
as News Anchor/Pickles' Mom/Woman/Dethkones Ad Voice-Over/Dory McClean/Female News Anchor/GMILF/Grandma/Liz Bane/Molly/Molly the Drummer's Mother/Nathan's Grandma/Nathan's Mom/News Reporter/Newscaster/Rose Explosion/Serveta Skwigelf/Skwisgaar's Mom/Skwisgar's Mom/Sucubboso Explosionite/TV Host
Angela Gossow
as Lavona Sucubboso/Sucubboso Explosionite
Jack Gibson
as Duncan Hills Coffee Customer
Gary Holt
as Duncan Hills Coffee Customer/Legless Man on Wheelchair
Pat Healy
as Dr. Richard Reinhold Rnawighiwowpj
Mark Brooks
as Abductor/Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter
Michael Amott
as Antonio 'Tony' DiMarco Thunderbottom/Anthony DiMarco Thunderbottom/Dr. Amomolith Chesterfield
Christopher McCulloch
as Newscaster
ICS Vortex
as Mitch/Nathan Look-a-Like Soldier/Yaneemango Indian
Brian Posehn
as Melward Fjordslorn
Marty Friedman
as Mr. Gojira
Kirk Hammett
as Barkeep/Charles' Assistant Klokateer/Queen of Denmark/Rehab Doctor/Smoked Fingers fan
Grutle Kjellson
as Klokateer
James Urbaniak
as Dr. Fsmilejera Irlelwoll
Dino Cazares
as Dr. Sepultura's Assistant
Lee Altus
as Duncan Hills Coffee Customer
Byron Minns
as Dr. Krumpworth Schpunglacia IV, Jr.
Herbrand Larsen
as Marty
Richard Christy
as 57WHYK TV News Anchor/Floridian Meteorologist/Lunatic Driver
as Bobby/Prison Inmate/Yaneemango Indian
Jon Schnepp
as Dr. Gibbits
Marc Maron
as Magnus Hammersmith
Kim Thayil
as Ludwig
Dave Grohl
as Abdule Malik
Malcolm McDowell
as Vater Orlaag/News Anchor/Alfred Belmer/Dr. Mill Miniman Lanilin Swamnalin/Kloketteer/Newscaster/Producer/TV Host/Video Host/Young Eric von Wiechlinghammer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2006 | 20 Episodes

Season 2

2007 | 20 Episodes

Season 3

2009 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2012 | 12 Episodes

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