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October 22, 2021
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About this title


The legend of King Arthur ( Paul Curran ), this time, from the perspective of the King's Wizard, Merlin ( Sam Neill ). Merlin is a creature born of pagan magic, living in a world converting to Christianity. Merlin is beside Arthur as he gains Excalibur, builds Camelot, and is betrayed by his wife, Guinevere (Lena Headey). Merlin and Arthur are menaced by the plots of Morgan Le Fey (Helena Bonham Carter), her son by Arthur, Mordred (Jason Done), and their cohorts. Through it all, Merlin tries to keep Arthur from the destructive path set by fate.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 20, 2008

Also Known As: 少年魔法師梅林, Merlín (serie TV) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Germany (6) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

fantasy world
based on myths, legends or folklore

Company Credits

Production Co: RHI Entertainment, Hallmark Entertainment |  See more »


Nickolas Grace
as Sir Egbert
Angel Coulby
as Gwen
Anthony Head
as Uther Pendragon
Peter Eyre
as Chief Physician
Sebastian Roché
as Gawin
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
as Sir Boris
Rachel de Thame
as Lady Igraine
John Hurt
as Kilgharrah
Katie McGrath
as Morgana Pendragon
John McEnery
as Lord Ardente
Peter Benson
as 1st Architect
Agnieszka Koson
as Young Nimue
Billie Whitelaw
as Ambrosia
Darragh Byrne
as Noble Child at Camelot
John Tordoff
as New Architect
Peter Bayliss
as 2nd Physician
Nathaniel Parker
as Agravaine
Nicholas Clay
as Lord Leo
Peter Francis-Wemyss
as Flag Bearer
Vernon Dobtcheff
as 1st Physician
Colin Morgan
as Merlin
Isabella Rossellini
as Nimue
Lena Headey
as Guinevere
Helena Bonham Carter
as Morgan Le Fey
Thomas Lockyer
as Cornwall
James Earl Jones
as Mountain King
Mark Jax
as Uther
Keith Baxter
as Sir Hector
Timothy Bateson
as Father Abbot
Max Manganello
as Merlin's nobleman
Jeremy Sheffield
as Lancelot
Daniel Brocklebank
as Young Merlin
Harry Whitewood
as Young Mordred
Jeanie Gold
as Nun
Sam Neill
as Merlin
April Mills
as Ma' Lay
Peter Woodthorpe
as Soothsayer
Isabel Rocamora
as Fairy
Rutger Hauer
as King Vortigern
Rory Byrne
as Noble Child at Camelot
John Gielgud
as King Constant
John Turner
as Lord Lot
Joseph Mawle
as Village Man
Richard Wilson
as Gaius
Justin Girdler
as Young Galahad
Emma Lewis
as Elissa
Martin Short
as Frik
Paul Curran
as Arthur
Alice Hamilton
as Young Morgan
Emma Hughes
as Noblewoman at Camelot
Talula Sheppard
as Lady Friend
Christian Simpson
as Vortigern's Guard
Miranda Richardson
as Lady of the Lake/Queen Mab
Janine Eser
as Lady Elaine
Bradley James
as Arthur Pendragon
Jason Done
as Mordred
Robert Addie
as Sir Gilbert
Minja Filipovic
as Young fairy
Philip Brodie
as Sir Ethan
Janet Montgomery
as Princess Mithian
Andrew Tiernan
as Osgar
Richard Ridings
as Halig
Andy Linden
as Devlin
Tomiwa Edun
as Sir Elyan/Elyan
Matthew Crawford
as Bandit
Simon Blood DeVay
as Camelot Guard/Camelot Knight
Rhys Rusbatch
as The Guard
David Schofield
as King Alined
Beth Cordingly
as Forridel
Ralph Ineson
as Jarl
Leigh Stevenson
as Palace Guard
Andrew Vincent
as Dagr
Phil Holden
as Geldred
Caroline Faber
as Hunith
Adam Godley
as Jonas
Jonathan Bryan
as Sir Radnor
Charlene McKenna
as Lamia
Liam Cunningham
as Ruadan
Sean Francis
as Sir Pellimor
Peter Guinness
as Ari
Emily Beecham
as Enmyria
Gemma Jones
as The Cailleach
Kyle Lima
as Caerleon's Guard/Guard
John Hutch
as Guard
Paul Kynman
as Sir Cador
Nicholas Croucher
as Druid Boy
Jamie Oliver-Jones
as Guard
Mike Goodenough
as Fyren
Tom Meredith
as Eoghan
Alexandra Dowling
as Kara
Alexander Siddig
as Kanen
Matthew Clancy
as Albin
Michelle Ryan
as Nimueh
Sorcha Cusack
as Finna
Michael Burgess
as Stallholder
Ben Adams
as Bandit
Justin Avoth
as Sir Robert
Nicholas Gasson
as Steward
Georgia Tennant
as Lady Vivian
Hugh Holman
as Camelot Guard
as Ebor
Sophie Rundle
as Sefa
Sy Turner
as Camelot Knight
Jai Armstrong
as Guard No. 1
Katie Moore
as Drea
Zee Asha
as Audrey
Alexander Vlahos
as Mordred
Laura Donnelly
as Freya
James Greene
as Ferryman
Adrian Mitchell
as Southron Warrior
Erin Richards
as Eira
Jonny Coyne
as Asgerd
Eoin Macken
as Sir Gwaine/Gwaine
Michael Chase
as Messenger
Mylène Ragon
as Clown/La villageoise/Une villageoise
Miriam Margolyes
as Grunhilda
Josette Simon
as The Euchdag
Tony Guilfoyle
as Sindri
Keith Thorne
as Ewan
Brian Peck
as Eldred
Emilia Fox
as Morgause
Will Mellor
as Knight Valiant
Ian Burfield
as Nollar
Mark Williams
as The Goblin
Christian Bradley
as Guard 2
Gary Oliver
as Gregory
Alex Price
as William
Frank Finlay
as Anhora
Mickey Lewis
as Odin's Man/Woods Bandit
Donald Sumpter
as The Fisher King
David Sterne
as The Apothecary
Katie Foster-Barnes
as Beatrice
Leander Deeny
as George
Jonathan Aris
as Matthew
Jake Phillips
as Ghost Boy
Holliday Grainger
as Sophia
Robert Maillet
as Derian
Miranda Raison
as Isolde
Joseph Mawle
as Alvarr
Kelly Wenham
as Queen Mab
Richard Wilson
as Gaius
Colin Salmon
as Aglain
Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
as Annie
Samara MacLaren
as Rowena
Rupert Young
as Sir Leon
Sarah Counsell
as Mary
Matthew Jones
as Thug Hit with Jug
Julian Glover
as Lochru
Kevin Eldon
as Trickler
Jamie Kenna
as Guard 1
Alexander Delamere
as Innkeeper
Ian Peck
as Althild
Phil Davis
as The Gleeman
Louise Dylan
as Bronwen
John Lynch
as Balinor
Jem Wall
as Joseph
Gareth Jewell
as Helios' Servant
Gemma Arrowsmith
as Rose
Anthony Head
as Uther Pendragon
Pauline Collins
as Alice
Joe Dempsie
as William
Sarah Parish
as Lady Catrina
Eddie Marsan
as The Manticore
Richard Riddell
as Evan
Katie McGrath
as Morgana
Giles New
as Guard
Sarah Beck Mather
as The Vilia
Christopher Fairbank
as Voice of the Black Knight
William Charles
as Camelot Knight
Victoria Finney
as Cathryn
Michael Jenn
as Sidhe Elder
Wayne Foskett
as John Howden
Frances Tomelty
as Niede
Jack Sandle
as Kelda
Colin Morgan
as Merlin
Charles Dance
as Aredian
Steven Hartley
as Caerleon
Jamie McKenna
as Dungeon Guard
Matthew Rohman
as Villager
John Hopkins
as Sir Oswald
Eve Myles
as Lady Helen/Mary Collins
Simon Williams
as Lord Godwyn
Cal MacAninch
as Tauren
Alun Raglan
as Cerdan
Adrian Lester
as Myror
Rick English
as Black Knight/The Afanc
Stephen McCole
as Ragnor
John Shrapnel
as The Sarrum
Simon Pengelly
as Bandit
Samantha E. Hunt
as Paganum
Gordon Munro
as Alrick
Asa Butterfield
as Mordred
Barry Aird
as Beroun
James Fox
as King Rodor
Bradley James
as Arthur
David Durham
as Tom
Jody Halse
as Fermin
Grahame Fox
as Rider
Terence Maynard
as Helios
Jonathan Emmett
as Inn Keeper
Alan Bond
as Castle Guard
Michael Nardone
as Kendrick
Calum MacPherson
as Evoric
Angel Coulby
as Gwen
Santiago Cabrera
as Lancelot
John Ninnis
as Camelot Knight
Darren Swain
as Saxon swordsman/Saxon swordfighter
John Hurt
as The Dragon/Voice of the Dragon
Matthew Barker
as Guard
Duncan Meadows
as Ewan/Orn
Mitch Benn
as Gerrin
Chris McGill
as Guard
Greg Bennett
as Council Elder
Tom Hopper
as Sir Percival
James Cosmo
as Hengist
Simon Nehan
as Tom
Georgia King
as Princess Elena
Alice Patten
as Ygraine
Vincent Lecrocq
as Southron Warrior
Nathaniel Parker
as Agravaine
Kenneth Cranham
as Aulfric
Clive Russell
as Bayard
Helen Schlesinger
as Befelan
Robert Moir
as Mercenary
Ed Coleman
as Morris
Ben Daniels
as Tristan
Fintan McKeown
as King Odin
James Callis
as Borden
Tom Ellis
as Cenred
Jane Thorne
as Valdis
Trevor Sellers
as Iseldir
Alfie Stewart
as Daegel
Sian Thomas
as Atorloppe
Bill Thomas
as Cylferth
Michael Ballard
as Bandit
Maureen Carr
as The Dochraid
Karl Johnson
as Taliesin
Luke Neal
as Sir Geraint
Kyle Redmond-Jones
as Sir Owain
Julian Rhind-Tutt
as Edwin
Paul Robert Bird
as One of the Order of Four
Gary Lewis
as Alator
Paul McNeilly
as Tindr
Philip John Bailey
as Knight
Melanie Hill
as Mary Howden
Mackenzie Crook
as Cedric
John Bradley
as Tyr Seward
Veronica Roberts
as Gelda Seward
Raul Griffiths
as Druid Boy
Eran Backler
as Worker
Michael Cronin
as Geoffrey of Monmouth
Lindsay Duncan
as Queen Annis
Harry Melling
as Gilli
Mark Lewis Jones
as King Olaf
Warwick Davis
as Grettir

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1998 | 3 Episodes




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Casting Society of America, USA 1998


Casting Society of America, USA

Best Casting for TV Miniseries

International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) 1998


International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA)

Best Original Score for a Fantasy/Science Fiction Film

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