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October 20, 2021
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger’s
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United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Marvel's Cloak & Dagger has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, two teenagers from different backgrounds, acquire superpowers while forming a romantic relationship. They soon realize that their powers work better when they are together, but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: June 7, 2018

Also Known As: Плащ і Кинджал, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (14), Canada (TV-14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on comic
super power
marvel cinematic universe (mcu)

Company Credits

Production Co: ABC Signature, ABC Television Network |  See more »


Theodus Crane
as Bo
Malone Thomas
as Belinda
Artrial Clark
as Gang Member 2
Cecilia Leal
as Mikayla
Deneen Tyler
as Cop 2
Kelly Murtagh
as Stephanie Latour
John L. Armijo
as Bookies Hitman
Harlon Miller
as Faceless John
Mike Donovan
as Rick
J.D. Evermore
as Detective Connors/Connors
Damon Lipari
as Referee
Bruce Vincent Logan
as Groomsman/Oil Executive
Rachel Ryals
as Young Tandy
Dother Sykes
as Passenger
Mustafa Harris
as Cop 1
Onye Eme-Akwari
as Drummer
Arsene Delay
as Jazz Singer
Billy Slaughter
as Vance Caruthers
Marisa Davila
as Choir Member #3
Gordon Dexheimer
as Private Club Patron
Snow Nguyen
as Nana
Lucy Golden
as Officer Daniels
Peter Jaymes Jr.
as Clerk
Oliver Thomas
as Board Member Douglass
Joshua C. Allen
as Jack Rogers
Donna Duplantier
as Uniformed Officer 2
Walker Babington
as Ambulance Driver
Edward Parker
as Bar Patron/Pedestrian
Jon Eyez
as Edwin Dunlap
Al Vicente
as Trip
Ilan Muallem
as Eric
Wayne Pére
as Peter Scarborough
Alfred Smith III
as Uptown Block King
Kim Baptiste
as Board Member Reed
Noëlle Renée Bercy
as Evita Fusilier
Devin Lord Chachere
as Rig Worker
Gunnar Anderson
as Wounded Soldier
Juwyne Johnson
as Security Doorman
Ainsley Reagan Dobbs
as Dancer (Katie)
Wyman Tannehill
as Mud Man
Lauren Helling
as Laurel
Jessica Sherr
as Mourner
Wendy Miklovic
as Professor
Julia Holt
as Club Dancer/Student
Gloria Reuben
as Adina Johnson
Adam Michael Johnson
as Hancock Player
Andrea Frankle
as Chief Duchamp/Chief of Police Duchamp
Rafael Villegas
as Patrolman 1
Calvin Williams
as Executive/Reveler
Gralen Bryant Banks
as Choo Choo Broussard/Choo Choo
Blake Cooper Griffin
as Meathead
Tahseen Ghauri
as Lia's Father
Samantha Beaulieu
as Nurse
Brad Napp
as 1919 Patient
Brooklyn McLinn
as Andre Deschaine
Gary Weeks
as Greg Pressfield
Anthony Molinari
as Police Officer
Mark Druhet
as Glen
Samantha Smith
as Woman
Mark Oliver
as Newscaster
Preston Vanderslice
as Stan
Luray Cooper
as Big Chief Roland Duplantier
Donny Carrington
as Hancock Player #3
Isabella Esposito
as Highschool Partygirl
Chelsea Bruland
as Engineer Sam
William Prejean
as Patrolman Hannigan
Angela Davis
as Auntie Chantelle
Michelle L. Clarke
as Police Officer
Dalon J. Holland
as Duane Porter/Duane
Tim J. Smith
as Runner
Douglas M. Griffin
as Chief Watts
Tanner Hollifield
as Native American Boy
Jim Klock
as Coach
Shawn Bradly Hoefer
as Parent at Game
Odessa Feaster
as Detective 1
Joshua J. Williams
as Solomon
Tim Kang
as Ivan Hess
Lane Miller
as Officer Fuchs
Breon Pugh
as Officer Wyatt
Chad Governale
as Detective Budge
Lenita Harris
as Sgt. Paulson
Frank Monteleone
as Dan Hartlett
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
as Drag Queen
Amar Malone
as Player
J. D. Evermore
Deric Augustine
as Rockwell
Nakina Eugene
as Assistant
Mo Alfy
as Money Hustle Leader
Carsyn Taylor
as Young Billy
Dean J. West
as Mark
Ian Hoch
as Dale
Andrea Roth
as Melissa Bowen
Kiley Casciano Davis
as Aliza
Eduardo Losan
as Keg Kid
Jason Dowies
as Ewin Wilson
Aaron Mitchell
as Basketball Referee/Police Lieutenant
Aspen Kennedy Wilson
as Nurse
Cal Johnson
as Cop #1
Hannah Hardin
as Young Mina Hess
Zachary James Rukavina
as Louden Swift
Chelle Ramos
as Delia
Olivia Holt
as Dagger/Tandy Bowen
Marqus Clae
as Billy/Billy Johnson
Stefan Rollins
as Bobo Smith
Donald M. Krause
as Teacher
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
as Mardi Gras Indian Tambourine
Christopher Chapital
as Guard
Tracy Brotherton
as E.R. Doctor
Tanner Ellis
as Kev
Shawn Parsons
as Daniels
Emma Lahana
as Detective Brigid O'Reilly/Mayhem
Michelle Keller
as Mother
Mike R. Moreau
as NOPD Officer/Park Pedestrian
Jaime Zevallos
as Father Delgado
Craig Boe
as Sketchy Man
Butch Hammett
as General Manager
Garrett Kruithof
as Detective
Andy Dylan
as Nathan Bowen
Josh Ventura
as Officer Lafayette
Sarah-Grace Donnelly
as Cheerleader
Askia Bennett
as David
Lila Blake Palmer
as Duane's Girlfriend
Justin Sams
as Baron Samedi
Devyn A. Tyler
as Ballet Instructor
Steve Kish
as Police Officer
Joanna Hale-McGill
as Grieving Mother
Leslie Castay
as Woman
Gracie Ray Delgado
as Native American Girl
Taron Germany
as Officer Newman
T.C. Matherne
as Jeremy
Kamila Onikosi
as Party guest
Matthew Rimmer
as Detective 2
David Moncrief
as Patrolman
Jordan Salloum
as Greeter
Natosha Humphrey
as Club Patron/Student
Mitch Craft
as Club Bouncer
Colton Baumgartner
as Bartender
Maceo Smedley
as Young Tyrone
Andrea Andrade
as Young Bride
Sean Paul Braud
as Welder Charlie
Eleanor T. Threatt
as Board Member 1
Vanessa Motta
as Brunette Woman
James Dean Smith
as Taxi Driver
Carl Lundstedt
as Liam Walsh
Gabe Goodwin
as Basketball Player
Oraldo Austin
as Uptown Block Leader
Shawn Sanz
as Uniformed Officer 1
Ben Matheny
as Buyer
Jason Bayle
as SUV Guy
Dilshad Vadsaria
as Lia/Lia Dewan
Michael A. Cook
as Leland Wilson
Cristalle C. Leonard
as Dancer
Casey Groves
as Motel Owner
Betsy Borrego
as Young Woman
Amy Dionne
as Judy
Alex Ho
as Elmer
Catherine Ashton
as Miss Ainsley
Alex Stage
as Groomsman
Rebecca Chulew
as Police Officer
Kermit Burns III
as Crime Scene Tech
Lucia Boyd
as Choir Member #2
William E. Harris
as Priest
Bianca A. Santos
as Del
Christopher Ambrose
as Gang Member 1
Preston Schrag
as Gregory
John P. Fertitta
as State Senator Asa Henderson
Anthony Michael Frederick
as Range Master
Dalton E. Gray
as Benny
Heathyre Perara
as Club Patron
Stacy Brewer
as Cheerleader
Michael McQuillan
as 1920's Rioter/Bar Patron
Chandler Ryne Hollingsworth
as Jeremiah
Brian Matney
as Veteran Detective
Randal Gonzalez
as Patrolman 2
Tyler Galpin
as Rick's Friend
Aubrey Joseph
as Cloak/Tyrone Johnson
Miles Mussenden
as Otis Johnson
Armando Leduc
as Desk Sergeant
Tim Bell
as Officer Bradford
Ally Maki
as Mina Hess
Charles Barber
as CSI Tech
Johnny Ballance
as Choir Member #1
Scott Allen Perry
as Brett Latour

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 10 Episodes




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Best TV Comic Book Adaptation

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