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October 20, 2021
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About this title


The story of the quest to colonize Mars as told from the perspective of the crew of a fictitious mission in 2033.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 14, 2016

Also Known As: Red Planet, Mars |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

planet mars
space colony

Company Credits

Production Co: Imagine Entertainment, Pioneer Stilking Films |  See more »


Fenfen Huang
as Chinese TV Reporter
Mike Fincken
as Self - Captain, Arctic Sunrise
Antonia Juhasz
as Self - Investigative Journalist, Energy Analyst
Gunnar Cauthery
as Mike Glenn/Lt. Michael Glenn
Asa Larsson Blind
as Self - President, Saami Council
Casey Dreier
as Self - Director of Space Policy, The Planetary Society
Alberto Ammann
as Javier Delgado
Leland Melvin
as Self - Former NASA Astronaut
Cosima Shaw
as Leslie Richardson
Josh Cowdery
as Chris Owens
Hailey Abbott
as Breanna Maire Allmandinger
Monica Araya
as Self - Climate Advocate
Shana Diez
as Self - Director of Build Reliability, SpaceX
Caroline Boulton
as Nurse
Bettie Grant
as Self - Deputy Project Director, Antarctic Support Contract
Andy Weir
as Self - Author, 'The Martian'/Self - Arthur, 'The Martian'
Mirjam Novak
as IMSF American Member
Stephen Petranek
as Self - Author, How We'll Live On Mars
Clémentine Poidatz
as Amelie Durand
Paul Solet
as Cygnus Pilot
Neil deGrasse Tyson
as Self - Director, Hayden Planetarium
Jared Diamond
as Self - Arthur, 'Collapse' and 'Guns, Germs and Steel'
Kembe Sorel
as Nigerian Rep. Odogwu
Anne-Sophie Marie
as IMSF Crew Member
Susan Wise Bauer
as Self - Author, The History of the World Series
Vladimir Chuprov
as Self - Head of Energy Unit, Greenpeace Russia
Tom Nguyen
as Olympos Town Resident
Addison Holley
as Victoria Mcclain
Michio Kaku
as Self - Author, 'Physics of the Future'
Timo Soini
as Self - Foreign Minister Finland
Tímea Kása
as Clerk
Stephen Saracco
as Ben Sawyer's Father
Jedidah Isler
as Self - Astrophysicist
Joseph Levy
as Self - Geologist, University of Texas-Austin
Roxy Sternberg
as Jen Carson
Sini Saarela
as Self - Arctic Activist
Antoinette Fekete
as Sam
Shea Hephner
as Chelsea Hurelle
Jeff Hephner
as Kurt Hurrelle
Thanh-Huy Phan
as JAXA official
Ben Cotton
as Ben Sawyer
Emily Corcoran
as Ms. Wilson
Mimi Tyler
as Young Hana and Joon
Evan Hall
as Shep Marster
David Z. Miller
as Assistant
John M. Grunsfeld
as Self - Associate Administrator, NASA/Self - Astrophysicist & Former Astronaut
Jennifer Trosper
as Self - Project Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mila Tyler
as Young Hana and Joon
Sammi Rotibi
as Robert Foucault
Morten Emil Bergan
as Self - Production Operations Discipline Responsible
Naomi Yang
as Zhenzhen Yow/Zhen Zhen Yow
Joel Bourne
as Self - Former Senior Editor for the Environment, National Geographic
Nick Waring
as E.U. Rep. Davies
Alexandra Szucs
as Abby
Sara Martins
as Louise Varda
Miles Heizer
as Person watching launch
Kim Binsted
as Self - Principal Investigator, HI-SEAS
Karen Gagnon
as DRB Solutions Senior Board Member
John Light
as Paul Richardson
as Hana Seung/Joon Seung
Kata Sarbó
as Ava Macon
Pardis Sabeti
as Self - Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease, Harvard University
Amelia Hoy
as Anchor
Andrzej Stewart
as Self - Chief Engineering Officer, HI-SEAS
Lucianne Walkowicz
as Self - Chair of Astrobiology, Library of Congress
Thomas P. Wagner
as Self - NASA Program Scientist for the Cryosphere
Robert Zubrin
as Self - President, The Mars Society
Nick Wittman
as Oliver Lee/Oliver
Charles Elachi
as Self - Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Levi Fiehler
as Cameron Pate
Esai Morales
as Roland St. John
Alex Saracco
as Young Ben Sawyer
Joan Carles Suau
as Argentinian TV Reporter
Anamaria Marinca
as Marta Kamen
Ann Druyan
as Self - Creative Director, Voyager Interstellar Mission, NASA
Tristan Bassingthwaighte
as Self - Crew Architect, HI-SEAS
Adam Frank
as Self - Arthur, 'Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth'
Helen Austin
as British TV Reporter
Miklós Bányai
as DRB Solutions Board Member
Sonia Shah
as Self - Author, 'Pandemic: Tracking Contagions from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond)
Bill Nye
as CEO, The Planetary Society/Self - Science Educator
Ellen Stofan
as Self - Former NASA Chief Scientist
Martin Angerbauer
as Danny
Margot Wallström
as Self - Foreign Minister, Sweeden
Gen Seto
as IMSF Secretary General
Attila C. Arpa
as Russian Rep. Volkov/Volkov
Jennifer Armour
as American Reporter
Nicholas Goh
as Commander Chen/Gan Chen
Tommy Lioutas
as Brandon Mcclain
Peter Diamandis
as Self - Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Planetary Resources
Oleg Korablev
as Self - Principal Investigator, ExoMars
Khash-Erdene Ganbold
as South Korean Rep. Kim
Máté Haumann
as IMSF Member USA
Naomi Klein
as Self - Author, 'This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate'
Kim Stanley Robinson
as Self - Arthur, Mars Trilogy/Self - Author, Mars Trilogy
Mary Roach
as Self - Author, 'Packing for Mars'
Toby Cisneros
as American TV Reporter
Roger Launius
as Self - Smithsonian Institution
Akbar Kurtha
as Dr. Jay Johar
Gyula Mesterházy
as DRB Solutions Board Member
Jim Green
as Self - Division Director, NASA Planetary Science
Charles F. Bolden Jr.
as Former Astronaut/Self - Administrator, Former Astronaut, NASA/Self - Former NASA Administrator
Tsogtsaikan Narantsogt
as JAXA worker
Adam Lannon
as Man
Jason Gulley
as Self - Glaciologist
Olivier Martinez
as Ed Grann
Newt Gingrich
as Self - Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives
John Sonntag
as Self - Research and Development Scientist, NASA
Rebecca Emekandoko
as Joon's Assistant
Jennifer Heldmann
as Self - Research Scientist, NASA
Laurent Winkler
as Flight Director Mission Control
Ian Bremmer
as Self - President, Eurasia Group
Nicolas Thomas
as Self - Principal Investigator, ExoMars
Matt Kirkwood
as Self - Actic Activist
Laurence Poidatz
as Mother
Tom Kalil
as Self - Director, White House Office of Science and Technology
Jim Lovell
as Self - Apollo 13 Commander
David F. Dinges
as Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry/Self - Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Nikolett Barabas
as DRB Solutions Board Member
Elon Musk
as Self - CEO and Lead Designer, Space X/Self - CEO and Lead Designer, SpaceX
Sonia Kaur
as Anika Chandra

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 7 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 6 Episodes




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) 2016


Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA)

Best Original Score - Documentary


Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA)

Best Original Song - Documentary

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2017


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Presentation on Television

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