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October 21, 2021
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About this title


An offbeat, laugh track-lacking sitcom about a bizarrely dysfunctional family, the center of which is Malcolm, the middle of the two brothers who still live at home. His eldest (and favorite) sibling, Francis, boards at military school because his parents believe it will reform him and keep him out of trouble. Malcolm often has a hard time coping with his family life, but he has more troubles to contend with when he starts receiving special treatment at school after being diagnosed as an intellectually advanced genius.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 9, 2000

Also Known As: Veljemme on nero, Malcolm |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship
middle class
dysfunctional family
family relationships

Company Credits

Production Co: Satin City Productions, New Regency Productions |  See more »


Katya Abelski
as Little Girl
Montana Tsai
as Buttercup #4
Diana Rivas Hamar
as Girl #1
Al Rondon
as Scary Guy
Matthew Dunn
as Young Dewey
Nicole Mansour
as Hope
Darlene Kardon
as Gladys
Nestor Serrano
as Pig Prosecutor
Rick Hall
as Vince
Fiona Hale
as Edna Thornby/Elderly Lady
Connor Swanek
as Toddler Reese
Teresa Ganzel
as Crystal
Scott Berman
as Water Park Attendant
Sarah Godshaw
as J. J.
Kate Linae
as Cindy
Scotch Ellis Loring
as Photographer
Elizabeth Payne
as Woman
Ted Hollis
as Janitor
Frankie J. Allison
as Jack
Scott Berkhausen
as Francis at 9
Tom Ayers
as Trucker
Jesse Flanagan
as Jock Joey
Nancy Arsenault
as Siamese Twins
Ted Giannoulas
as San Diego Chicken
Heidi Klum
as Toothless Hockey Player
Ashley Edner
as Kelly
Jack McGee
as Coach Oleski
Chris Freeman
as Squatter
Brett Gilbert
as Teenage Boy
Santino Ramos
as Food Court Cashier
Deborah May
as Betty
Tashana Haye
as Classmate #2
Robert Grovich
as Kevin
D.J. Harper
as Teen #6
Bill Rutkoski
as Teacher
Robert Thomas Preston
as Young Hal
Jim O'Heir
as Roy
Wesley Barker
as Player
Kate Miner
as Katie
Clinton Huff
as Dancer
Michael Merton
as Joey
Jarod Einsohn
as Matt
Catherine Lloyd Burns
as Caroline Miller
Mildred Dumas
as Elderly Lady/Elderly Woman
Pat Battistini
as Truant Officer
Brooks McBeth
as Lyle/Trevor - suicidal caller
Tania Raymonde
as Cynthia Sanders
Jonathan Schmock
as Nathan
Alex Morris
as Trey
Torsten Voges
as Helmut
Sam Lerner
as Patrick
Tom McCleister
as Chef Arnold
Chi Muoi Lo
as Peter
Noah Matthews
as Young Malcolm
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Mr. Inkster
Martin Morales
as Ranch Hand #2
Shea Curry
as Dina
Bradley Whitford
as Meg's Husband
Chris Clobber
as Bird Caller
Parker Mills
as Circus
Marc Vann
as Mr. Pinter
Jean Sincere
as Old Woman
Malachi Pearson
as Cadet #1
Rick Zieff
as Heidi's Dad
Bradley Joseph
as Kid #2/Luger Bob
Marsha Kramer
as Toni
Jasmine Alvarado
as Teen #4
Joey Simmrin
as Thief #2
Harvey B. Jackson
as Parent of Graduating Teen
Craig Welzbacher
as Brian
Amy Farrington
as Karen
Philip Bolden
as Eight-Year-Old
Gloria LeRoy
as Judith/Martha
Adam Vernier
as Large Man
Amy Higgins
as Rowena
Michael Monks
as Grossman
Brian Mulligan
as Peter Noyes
Marty West
as Jeff
Michael Stellman
as Slacker Student
Brian Tahash
as Roy
David William James Elliott
as Nick Smith
Louan Gideon
as Woman
Cole Petersen
as Tony
Monti Sharp
as Off. Joplin
Daniel 'Smalls' Johnson
as Burly Guy
Florence Stanley
as Mrs. Griffin
Marco Gould
as Infirmed Cadet
Michael Robert Berger
as Cow Judge
Lauren Hodges
as Beebee
John Valdetero
as Pete
Kristina Hayes
as Julia
Dana Davis
as Chandra
Arjay Smith
as Finley
Dajiné Colón
as Student at Carnival
Owen Reece
as Baby Francis
Lucius Baybak
as Teenager
Brandon Alexander III
as Lost Student
Jim Jansen
as Mr. Jeffers/Pastor Roy
Clement Blake
as Garbage Man
Tara Lipinski
as Carrie
Hallee Hirsh
as Jessica
Danny Chambers
as Man at Alley
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter
as Concert Security Guy
Victoria Stevens
as Mrs. Tompkins
Edie McClurg
as Julie
Theo Rossi
as Senior
C. Stephen Browder
as Scary Guy #2
Mike White
as Wrestling Coach
Carole Goldman
as Customer
Charles Emmett
as Worker
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Audience Member #1
Larry Marko
as Ed
Frank Woods
as Funeral Director
Bob Clendenin
as Garkech
Meagen Fay
as Gretchen Mannkusser
Zach Mills
as Matt
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Boyd
Shannon Whirry
as Beautiful Woman
Aviva Baumann
as Booster Club Member
Fred Applegate
as Dr. Dave
David Burke
as Wheeler
Kevin Thompson
as Ringmaster
Bradley C. Berger
as Musclebound Jock
Danny Bolero
as ASPCA Officer
Joey Gray
as Teenager #3
Marcella Lentz-Pope
as Holly
Laura Roth
as Teenage Girl
Robert Alan Beuth
as Tom
Ellis Williams
as Patient
Larry Polson
as Lloyd
Shanna Collins
as Shana
Bruce Paul Barbour
as Ted Keneally
India King
as Strumpet Girl
Charlie Zigler
as Jock Wally
Chancellor Miller
as Jordan
Frankie Ingrassia
as Becky
Andre Jamal Kinney
as Teenage Son
John Ducey
as Peter Rubin
Jack Shearer
as Neighbor #1
Vanessa Paul
as Anne
Derek Cox-Berg
as Classmate #1/Busey #1/Special Kid #1
Lisa Foiles
as Mallory
Steven Bendik
as Kid
Renee Ryan
as Billy's Mother
Adam Hendershott
as Adam/Cadet #2
Andrew Craig
as Mr. Wells
Ramon Hilario
as Ranch Hand #3
Clyde Kusatsu
as Ice Cream Man
Jon Ryckman
as Arnie
Wayne Wilderson
as Hotel Clerk
Kelsey Chapman
as Sally
Kenneth Dolin
as Neighborhood Man
Tara Karsian
as Shelly
J. Paul Rogen
as Man
Jason Lansing
as Student #1
Sam Anderson
as Police Commissioner
Cleavon McClendon
as Student #6
Vernee Watson
as Gloria
Wesley Thompson
as Mr. Jones
Nancy Lenehan
as Christie/Helen
Derek Waters
as Waiter
Alex Weed
as Karl
Ron West
as Mr. Flerch
Sharon Johnston
as Theresa
Thomas Mills
as Teacher
Mark Christopher Lawrence
as Sheriff #1
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Eddie/Suit #2
Rodrigo Rojas
as High School Bully
Lee Reherman
Kerry David
as Dark-Suited Man
Brianna Deutsch
as Reese's Fantasy Girl
George McQuade
as George
Mary Gross
as Evelyn
Michelle Campbell
Austin Stout
as Spath's Victim
Cord Jackman
as Teen #5
Nikki Dalonzo
as Dick's Dance Partner
Ted Rooney
as Fritz
Peter Breitmayer
as Guy
Johnny Lewis
as Martin
Paul Avedisian
as Billy's Father
Nick Toth
as Newsman
Jacob Gray
as Malcolm's Classmate
John Harnagel
as Jerry
Kristina Colon
as Tori
McNally Sagal
as Woman
Larry Weissman
as Waiter
Alanna Masterson
as Heidi
Gregory White
as Hal's Boss
Barbara Arsenault
as Siamese Twins
Christie McNew
as Limo Passenger
Michael Kostroff
as Toadie
Adam Vignola
as Janitor
Traber Burns
as Minister
Mary Ellen Lyon
as Another Parent
Terry Rhoads
as Sheriff Chad/Supervisor
Patricia Bethune
as Mrs. Tracy
Jeremy Forte
as Clown
Teresa Velarde
as Theresa
Tinsley Grimes
as Sue Ann
Jackie Benoit
as Mrs. Jenkins
Steve Vinovich
as Mr. Hodges/Principal
Mary Wickliffe
as Fran
Gary J. Wayton
as Wedding Guest #2
Henry Gibson
as Frank Ralston
Easton Gage
as Francis at 5
Steven Gilborn
as Dr. Harrison
Chris Gann
as Jack
Sheff Otis
as Stevenson
Spencer Pennington
as Nerd Ricky
Steve Sheridan
as Nick
Craig Lamar Traylor
as Stevie Kenarban
Micah Henson
as Batter
Michael Emanuel
as Angry Dad
Bess Meisler
as Gorga
Frank Crim
as Barry
Aaron Brumfield
as Bodybuilder #1
Kim Shannon
as Kit
John Eric Brown
as Auction goer
Rachel Vacca
as Sarah
Luis Chávez
as Private Meadow
Scott Dreier
as Salesman
Lindsey Ginter
as Capt. Renquist
Marcus Folmar
as Dan
Shawn Bernal
as Drama Club Member
Paul Schackman
as Jackson
Jason Huber
as Alfredo
Shawn Pyfrom
as Eddie
Barbara Scolaro
as Buttercup #7
Carolyn Seymour
as Nina
Stan Sellers
as Trade-in Guy
Johanna McKay
as Carol
Jay Collette
as Young Reese
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
as Dad Driver
Kenneth Schmidt
as Little Kid #1
Stephen Brennan
as Kid #1
Randy Thompson
as Cop/Officer
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
as Amos
Josh Jacobson
as Matt
Paityn James
as Siobhan
Natasha Melnick
as Amber
Daniel Roebuck
as Zoo Worker Randy
Jayne Taini
as Farmer Woman
Susan Sarandon
as Meg
Mark Rickard
as Eraserhead's Brother Alfonze
Andrew Reville
as Leland
Lisa Lewolt
as Wendy
Jade Carter
as Boy Teen
Stephen Rockwell
as Mort
Steven I. Schafer
as Gorak
Sally Ann Brooks
as Seth's Mom
Keith Alexander
as Clown #1
Rheagan Wallace
as Raduca/Jackie
Sarah Wright
as Vicki
Cindy Ambuehl
as Darlene Fisher
Emma Stone
as Diane
E.J. De la Pena
as Boy
Gregory Deckman
as Deckman
Darcy Fowers
as New Parent
John Beckham
as Military Student in Shower
Kevin Dunigan
as Man Guest
Bret Loehr
as Carl
Elijah Anarchist
as Father
Dion Overstreet Jr.
as Little Kid #2/Pitcher
Sam Lloyd
as Jim
Linda Porter
as Audrey
Laura Henry
as Jeffrey's Mother
Colin Ferguson
as Deputy Brock
Matt Corboy
as Husband
Steven Houska
as Tom
Ahmad Stoner
as Thief #1
Jim Grollman
as Audience Member #2
Alexandra Picatto
as Bridget
Cece Tsou
as Vivian
Wendy Worthington
as Cheryl
Alexander Gould
as Egg
Art LaFleur
as Fred
Jason Alexander
as Leonard
Jozef Fahey
as Mike
Lauren Storm
as Laurie
Kyle Sullivan
as Dabney Hooper
Christopher Hutson
as Student #3
Kristina Page
as Cheerleader
Jerry Lambert
as Dave
Jay Harik
as Tim
Daniel Escobar
as Franklin
Rebecca Metz
as Mother
Barbara Brownell
as Debbie
Leah Pipes
as Stephanie Wright
Matthew Atherton
as M.P.
Scott McDonald
as Man in Grandstands
Michelle Durham
as Kathy
Helaine Lembeck
as Jeanne
Brenda Wehle
as Lavernia
Nasser Faris
as Sanjay
Kayleen Ancheta
as Trick or Treater
Leslie Upson
as Woman
Jonathan Palmer
as Salesman
Allison Andreas
as Little Girl #2
Heather McPhaul
as Doris/Trish
John Marshall Jones
as Cop
Craig Barnett
as Judge
Damon Jones
as Carl
Brandon de Paul
as Kid #2
Dan Desmond
as Judge
Hayden Panettiere
as Jessica
Joey Hiott
as Crying Kid
Caitlin Crosby
as Joanne/Kelly
Michael Rothhaar
as Dr. Herz
Patrick O'Connor
as Suit #1
Eric Hoffman
as Mr. Cyr
Frankie Muniz
as Malcolm/Malcolm Wilkerson
Danny McCarthy
as Hanson
Brooke Anne Smith
as Tracey
Linda Pine
as Cathryn
Jeran Pascascio
as Graduating Student
Samantha Streets
as Anna
Jamie Renée Smith
as Paula
Vanessa Chester
as Student #3
Edward James Gage
as Brian
Norma Michaels
as Ethel
Devin Sidell
as Teenage Lois
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Steve
Doug Cox
as Neighbor
Brandon Mauro
as Jeremy
Liz Kouri
as Co-ed
Dax Garner
as Male Flight Attendant
Denalda Williams
as Police Officer
Thomas Kopache
as Vic Feldspar
Kasan Butcher
as Joe
Nolan North
as Leonard Nimoy
Larry Udy
as Buzz
Melody Perkins
as Patty Henderson
Holmes Osborne
as Mr. Young
Joel Anderson
as Mr. Edwards
Tianna Danielle Kenney
as Buttercup #2
Frederick Koehler
as Mellon
Marshall Allman
as Dylan
Emy Coligado
as Piama Tananahaakna
Larry Hankin
as Luther
Tom Virtue
as Peter Dietrich/Priest
Brenda Strong
as Amelia
Billy Mayo
as Referee
Stephen Ford
as Neighborhood Kid
Steve Witting
as Announcer
Brian Palermo
as Steve
Molly Orr
as Beth
Blue Deckert
as Earl
John Maynard
as Father
Tina Gasbarra
as Researcher
Gil Glasgow
as Fred
Debbie Zipp
as Lisa
Jacob Franchek
as Big Kid #3
Dylan Cash
as Kid #2
Richard Dyer
as Nate's Bodyguard
Rafael J. Noble
as Phil
Mimi Cozzens
as Donna
Alison La Placa
as Barbara
Jeanette Miller
as Elderly Woman
Elyse Mirto
as Hal's Mom
Anne Chamberlain
as Feminist Supporter
David Anthony Higgins
as Craig Feldspar
Curt Clendenin
as Stereo Store Customer
Joseph Segura
as Graduate/Morp
Mark Silverman
as Chocolate Chip Cookie/Herbie Doll
Kirk Ward
as FCC Officer
Diana Murphy
as Connie
Mehcad Brooks
as Big kid
Dave Power
as Private James
Jonathan Hernandez
as Victor
Tricia O'Kelley
as Mrs. Welsh
DeeDee Rescher
as Flora
Brooke Ingraham
as Allison
J. Grant Albrecht
as Tough Guy
Jane Kaczmarek
as Lois/Lois Wilkerson
Cindy Lu
as Clerk
Magic Johnson
as Ringer Hockey Player #32
Danielle Panabaker
as Kathy McCulskey
Tangelia Rouse
as Mavis
Angela Little
as Debbie
Jeff Doucette
as Nate
Kyle Searles
as Jason
Davenia McFadden
as Dr. Samson
Timm Sharp
as Dean
Wayne Lopez
as Jorge
Aloma Wright
as Nurse
Marc De'Antone
as Construction Supervisor
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Security Guard
Melissa Marsala
as Lorene
Caden St. Clair
as Soccer Player
Dylan Capannelli
as Seth
Steffani Brass
as Eliza
Nikki Lee
as Special Kid #3
Lukas Rodriguez
as Jamie/Jamie Wilkerson
Robert Phares
as Diaper Guy
Michael Welch
as Josh
Christina Ricci
as Kelly
James Martin Kelly
as Umpire
Tom Lent
as Heavyset Man/Janitor
Max Faugno
as Man
Jonathan Pickett
as Kid #3
Kim Delgado
as Newsman
Bill Timoney
as Mr. Miller/Uniformed Guard
Franc Ross
as Pawn Shop Owner
Matt Malloy
as Mr. Sheridan
Titus Napoleon
as Sumo Wrestler
Reggie Jackson
as Reggie Jackson
Andrew James Allen
as Jerome
Gregory Jbara
as Mike
Rosanna Arquette
as Anita
Lori Beth Denberg
as Ronnie
Larry Dorf
as Warren
Jennie Ventriss
as Elderly Woman
Miles Marsico
as Ian
Rosemary Gore
as Reporter
Carlease Burke
as Janice
John O'Brien
as Sales Clerk
Dennis Napolitano
as Accordion Player
Dana Workman
as Girl
Bonnie Burroughs
as Fake Mom
Alyssa Monka
as Buttercup #3
Mel Rodriguez
as Neil
Lillian Adams
as Mona/Old Woman
Jim Jackman
as Bus Driver
Zack Phifer
as Steve Jenkins
Ursula Whittaker
as Dream Woman
Dylan Kasch
as Crony #1
Michael Yama
as Mr. Yamamoto
Chane't Johnson
as Customer
Tom Simmons
as Mr. Snow
Cynthia Beckert
as Neighbor
Richard Eck
as Police Officer
Mary Ostrow
as Ms. Plum
Nikki Tyler-Flynn
as Female Security Agent #1
Christopher DerGregorian
as Hector
David Cassidy
as Boone Vincent
Don Tiffany
as Gary
Jenna Edwards
as Cheryl
Kathleen York
as Ellie
Barton Tinapp
as Doctor
John Harrington Bland
as Sheriff #2
Jeff Bowser
as Alien Guy
Michael Kagan
as Cop
Mary Ann Springer
as Girl Saved by Hal
Justin Pierce
as Justin
Stephen Lee
as Speaker #1
Kat Graham
as Val
Mary Gillis
as Old Lady
Ken Land
as Reporter Clyde
Abigail Mavity
as Meagan
Robert R. Shafer
as Police Officer
Kelly Connolly
as Dancer
Jerry Hauck
as Co-Worker
Joey Tyllesen
as Nerd Melvin
Andy Umberger
as Minister
Jonathan Nail
as Medic
Randolph Jones
as Squatter
Stewart Skelton
as Agent
Reid Collums
as Bela
Jennifer Shon
as Patty Lin
Markus Flanagan
as Frank
Adam Rose
as Ken
Cristina Kernan
as Didi
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Wife
Shaun Toub
as Janic
Alex McKenna
as Beth
Martin Klebba
as Circus Barker
Alessandro Canale
as Krelboyne Boy
William Jackson
as Old Man
Kimberly Jackson
as Self
Kate Micucci
as Heather
Alex Boling
as Willy
Wells Rosales
as Private Martinez
Michaela Watkins
as Receptionist
Adam Cagley
as Lance
Matthew Beebe
as Basketball Player
Anthony Holiday
as Cop #1
Jenna Hagel
as 80's Cashier
David Grant Wright
as Officer #1
Raven Goodwin
as Busey #2/Classmate #2/Special Kid #2
Peter Siragusa
as Krijak
Beverly Polcyn
as Old Lady Employee
Nicholas Edwin Barb
as Boy
Emma Lockhart
as Girlscout
Michael Gaston
as Mel
Noel Conlon
as Executive #2
William Christian
as Don
Ellen Hollman
as Maayke
Asante Jones
as Lighting Guy
Eric Marquette
as Braveheart
Geneviere Anderson
as Groupie #1
Roderick M. Spencer
as Lou
Ashley Gardner
as Wendy
Gail Borges
as Dave's Mom
Scott Cummins
as Officer
Paul Gleason
as Mystery Man
Blair Wingo
as Amaani
Betty White
as Sylvia
Christopher Lee Cook
as Nick
Murray Rubin
as Teddy
Carla Jimenez
as Attendant
Logan A. Graham
as Billy Prescott
Chase Ellison
as Little Boy/Young Francis
Todd Eckert
as Hotel Man
Nick Fuoco
as Big Kid #4
as Meryl
Gregg Binkley
as Randy
Cristine Rose
as Mrs. Demarco
Michelle Davison
as Woman
Daniel Smith
as Huge Man
Christopher Michael Moore
as Elroy
Christel Khalil
as Kristin Peterson
Brianna Sperry
as Girl #1
Matt Knudsen
as Jesus/Therapist
Nicolas Roye
as Private Franklin
Merrin Dungey
as Kitty Kenarban
Paul Tigue
as Cake Vendor
Evan Reece
as Baby Francis
Michael Schoolcraft
as Clerk
Susan Leslie
as Tina
Kevin Brief
as Brian/Guy
John DiResta
as Jerry
Ginny McMath
as Customer
Andy Mackenzie
as Thief
Cerina Vincent
as Carly
Natalie Sutherland
as Nicky
Alex Richard
as Graduate/Prom Goer
Paul Michael Bloodgood
as Recruiting Officer Dorn
Dewey Weber
as Robber #1
Gracie Markland
as Buttercup #5
Justin Berfield
as Reese/Reese Wilkerson
Bob Koherr
as Mike
James Giordano
as Naked Man
Vincent Berry
as Dave Spath
Sean G. Griffin
as Judge
Aryn Nelson
as Bowler
Robert McCall
as Kid #5
Eric Nenninger
as Eric Hansen
Scarlett Lam
as Jeanie
Matthew Willig
as Crash
Anastasia Baranova
as Sonja
Aaron Hendry
as Bystander #2
Ned Schmidtke
as Manfred Schmidt
Sara Van Horn
as Richie's Mom
Patrick Warburton
as Burt Landon
Randy McPherson
as Cop #2
Adam Wylie
as Scott
Avery Kidd Waddell
as Al
Erik Sullivan
Carlo Manchini
as Rental guy
Yolanda Snowball
as Woman
Yun Choi
as Mike
Sheila Shaw
as Student #1
John Lee Ames
as Cadet
Don McManus
as Charles Cutler
Randall Bosley
as Mr. Dodson
Ray Buffer
as Bartender
Dale Hawes
as Zoo Patron
Maura Soden
as Roberta
Andrea Fellers
as Hippy Girl
Mark DeCarlo
as Announcer
Benjamin Fitch
as Drug Enforcement Officer
Regi Davis
as Husband
Marcel Donea
as Diaper Frat Boy
Phil Abrams
as Neighbor
Matthew Morgan Scott
as Sales Guy
Whitney Laux
as Girl
Christie Lynn Smith
as Angela
Ana Gabriel
as Woman
Michael Schmidt
as Big Tony
Ron Robinson
as Tough Cadet #1
Jennifer Lyons
as Stripper
Brian Treitler
as Sean
Spencer Andrews
as Morp
Candice T. Cain
as Big Wanda
John Michael Miller
as Lifeguard
Kenneth Mars
as Otto Mannkusser
Drew Powell
as Drew/Cadet Drew
Fredric Lehne
as Off. Ridley
Harris Doran
as Praying Guy
Larry Bagby
as Aide
Caroline Aaron
as Nurse Peterson
Tucker Smallwood
as Baffert
Dale E. Turner
as Father
Troy Martin
as Heckler
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Mr. Fisher
Coleen Maloney
as Student #2
Elizabeth Regen
as Waitress
Bette Rae
as Mrs. Potts
Dona Hardy
as Old Lady
Don Perry
as Old Man
Michael Patrick McGill
as Dave - Paramedic
Cody Arens
as Young Malcolm
P.J. O'Connor
as Executive #3
Larisa Oleynik
as Abby
Bobby McGee
as George
Elisa Leonetti
as French Maid
Laura Hayes
as Hattie
Martin Spanjers
as Richard
Dennis Bendersky
as Davey
Annie O'Donnell
as Nurse
Ajgie Kirkland
as Major Hughes
Curtis Williams
as Skateboarder/Skater Andy
Jeremy Roberts
as Georgie
Jackie Harris Greenberg
as Donna
Sara Paxton
as Angela Pozefsky
Lane Toran
as Jason
Regan Burns
as Middle Aged Man
Brian Stepanek
as Stan
Vanessa Marano
as Gina
Marcus Toji
as Owen
Robert Briscoe Evans
as Timmy's Father
Howie Long
as Howie
Laurie A. Schillinger
as Teen #3
Eric Payne
as Phil
Steven Barr
as Deputy
Nikki Boyer
as Pedicurist
Richard Gross
as Dave
Kristen Trucksess
as Attendant #2
Randall Carver
as Joshua
Darlene Koldenhoven
as Opera Choir
Atticus Todd
as Cow Skull Guy
James McCauley
as Burt
Ryan Allen Carrillo
as Roller Skater
Risé Stefani
as Delivery Room Nurse
Todd Hurst
as Joey
John Colella
as Off. Mel
Brendan Walsh
as Weaver
Eva Fisher
as Woman
Ibrahim Muhammad
as Another Kid
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Elderly Woman/Nana
Bradley Thomas Taylor
as Candyman Singer
Roger W. Morrissey
as Salesman
Megan Hubbell
as Jerome's Girlfriend
Jack Axelrod
as Sheldon
David Doty
as Priest
Bart McCarthy
as Fittsy/Homeless Man
Carlie Westerman
as Little Girl
Julie Hagerty
as Polly
Rich Piana
as Bodybuilder #2
Loanne Bishop
as Woman
David Rasche
as Lawyer
Sunny Bedi
as Tribesman
Kareem J. Grimes
as Private Carter
Pete Gardner
as Milt
Eddie Shin
as Jordan
Ciera Lamborn
as Lady in Waiting
Matt Battaglia
as Merl
Mike Randleman
as Ranch Hand Ray
Kevin Cooney
as Dr. Dumont
Charlie Stewart
as Kid #2
Nicholas Pappone
as Nervous Kid
Kurtwood Smith
as Principal Block
Carol Mansell
as Customer #2
Noli Mollakuqe
as Neighbor
Dave Allen
as Mr. Woodward
Garret Davis
as Guy #2
Jennifer Echols
as Book Club Lady #3
Dave Gist
as Ned
Scott L. Treger
as Man In Black
Sharon Omi
as Book Club Lady #2
Austin Wolff
as Reese at 6
Lindsey Haun
as Kristen
Jill Basey
as Shirley
Dillon John Dailidonis
as Young Reese
Kelli Barksdale
as Morp
Weston Blakesley
as Cabbie/Eric's Father #2
John Balma
as Hampton
Maggie Egan
as Mrs. Abbott
Rocky McMurray
as Zeke
Antoinette Byron
as Lillian
Joel McCrary
as Attendant
Julian Barnes
as Mr. Fortinberry
Kevin Christy
as Attendant/Pizza Man
Sean Marquette
as Boy
Connor M. Morrison
as Reese at 2
Dan Olivo
as Nick
Dave Andrews
as Teacher
David Ury
as Mechanic
Amy Davidson
as Paula
Michael A. Tessiero
as Casino Whale
Joel Murray
as Larry
Ashlee Simpson
as High School Girl
Octavia Spencer
as Cashier
Ryan Raftery
as Dick
Andrea Silvers
as Girl Contestant
Jim Hanna
as Seth's Dad
David Christian Welborn
as Guest in Line
Curtis Andersen
as Delivery Guy
Kevin Crowley
as Tech
Kirsten Nelson
as Jeanie
Matt Hannigan
as Fake Dad
Lynsey Bartilson
as Danielle
Jared McVay
as Elderly Man
Alessandra Torresani
as Kirsten/Sara Coleman
Danielle Savre
as Heidi
Eric Stonestreet
as Phil
Michael Dean Jacobs
as Albert
Connor Matheus
as Billy
Javier Grajeda
as Anesthesiologist/Jack/Man
Kathryn Joosten
as Claire
Paige Segal
as Student #4
Justin Martin
as Pete
Frederick Dawson
as Off. Bob/Sgt. Rowdy
Paul Willson
as Ed
Kevin Michael Richardson
as Bob Hope
Barry Sigismondi
as Off. O'Shannon
Kathleen Garrett
as Mrs. Werner
Mitch Silpa
as Bartender
Robert Joy
as Danny
Stuart Fratkin
as Dave
Michael Krawic
as Man
Keaton Simons
as Folk Singer
Ron E. Dickinson
as Worker
Mary Pat Gleason
as Woman
Stella Bach
as Woman
Jim Meskimen
as Waiter
Danny Cistone
as Jogger
Logan O'Brien
as Ronnie Demarco
Christopher Gerse
as Brett
Tom Towles
as Ethan
Nike Doukas
as Maria
Brian Stark
as Kid #1
Steve Kramer
as Doctor
Patricia Place
as Dolores/Mrs. Jansen
James Black
as Sgt. Rick
Suzie Pollard
as Hanna
Abigail Hummel
as Little Girl
Richie Rayfield
as Shopping Mall Contestant
Erik King
as Agent Stone
Travis Van Winkle
as Phillip
Jan Devereaux
as Executive #1
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as Driver
Kevin 'Repo' Thomas
as Squatter
Daniel von Bargen
as Commandant Edwin Spangler
Lilyan Chauvin
as Marica
Patricia Rae
as Ranch Hand's Wife
D.J. Lockhart-Johnson
as Conservation Official
Sandra Purpuro
as Miss Zeiger
Tim Haldeman
as Doctor
Jack Impellizzeri
as Deputy #2
Matt Crabtree
as Sam
Michael Jerome West
as Capt. Van De Kamp
Cisco Reyes
as Cadet
Brett Buford
as Kid #2
Larry Clarke
as Don
Steve Tom
as Mr. Jacobson
Marquis Scott
as Ricky
Raquel Horton
as Dancer
Amanda Fuller
as April
Kaitlin Cullum
as Stephanie
Michael McShane
as Dr. Phelps
Sandy Ward
as Pete
Katherine Boecher
as Greta
Jennette McCurdy
as Daisy/Penelope
Perry Anzilotti
as Earl
Jeff Braine
as A.J.
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad
as Mr. Li
April Tatro
as Contortionist
Michael Horse
as Security Guy/Steve
Timmy Fitzpatrick
as Trevor
Ivan Naranjo
as Ivan/Native American Man
Tanisha Grant
as Teacher
Ruth Cohen
as Checkout Clerk
Paul Stroili
as Waiter
Marianne Curan
as Dinah
Michelle Anne Johnson
as Saleslady
Kristin Quick
as Flora Mayesh/Water Park Attendant
Lyndsy Fonseca
as Olivia
Monique Coleman
as Andrea
Richard Penn
as Doctor
Kyle Clark
as Kid #4
Lamont Thompson
as Cedrick Hampton
Ransford Doherty
as Orderly
James Rodriguez
as Jamie/Jamie Wilkerson
Dean Bates
as Young Hal
Joe Donohoe
as Girl's Boyfriend
Cameron Bowen
as Wayne Finster
Harold Sylvester
as Phelps
Sonya Eddy
as Mabel
Sven Holmberg
as Rebirth Man
Brian Noonan
as Drew's Father
Hayley Erin
as Buttercup #1
Joe Camareno
as Gordon
Tim DeKay
as Matt
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Officer Karl
Donna Pieroni
as Heavyset Woman
Alexander Cardinale
as Squatter
Dennis Cockrum
as Lt. Sortino/Police Officer
Mikki Padilla
as Groupie #2
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Bodybuilder #2
Beth Grant
as Dorene Hooper
Jerry Messing
as Big Kid #2
Fitz Houston
as Other Man
Michael Bailey Smith
as Coach
Shashawnee Hall
as Policeman
Paulo Andrés
as Man at Funeral
Bea Arthur
as Mrs. White
Taylor Beacom
as Big Kid #5
Cody Estes
as Young Malcolm/Malcolm at 4
James Hong
as Mr. Li
Dan O'Connor
as Edward
Todd Giebenhain
as Richie
Eva La Dare
as Bystander #1
Lawrence Calvin
as Dog Face Boy/Suicidal
Todd Holland
as Patrick
Nick Wechsler
as Donnie
Gary Cairns
as Mad Cadet
Crystal the Monkey
as Oliver the Helper Monkey
Nick Gaza
as Security Guard
Dennis Singletary
as Worker
Roger Chico De Coster
as Hotel Guest
Eric George
as Private Cooper
Margie Loomis
as Elderly Lady/Elderly Woman
Penny Balfour
as Margie
Doug Ballard
as Businessman
Richard V. Licata
as Cochran
Liann Pattison
as Woman #1
José Espinoza
as Cadet Jose/Jose
Mike Rad
as Lab Technician
Sean Gordon
as Street Luger
Karl T. Wright
as Mark
Howard George
as Frank
Hayley DuMond
as Sally
Miguel Sagaz
as Graduating Student
Tracy Kay
as Kissing Hockey Player
Elijah Runcorn
as Kid #1
Ben Kronen
as Dawkins
E.J. Callahan
as Homeless Man
Michael Canavan
as Priest
Linwood Boomer
as Loan Shark
Kotoko Kawamura
as Inuit Woman
Jodi Carlisle
as Book Club Lady #1
Robin Krieger
as Liz
Bobby Brewer
as Boy #1
Glenn Lutz
as Preppie Kent
Farrah Skyler Greye
as Flight Attendent
Jon Beavers
as Man #2
Reece Morgan
as Jeremy
David A. Kimball
as MC/Man
Vivian Smallwood
as Althea
A.J. Noel
as Bobby
Bill Lee Brown
as Andy
Laura Ashlee Innes
as Cindy
Eddie Pepitone
as Homeless Nick
Ed Brigadier
as Man
Matthew R. Anderson
as Paratrooper
Jay Johnston
as Ed
George Takei
as Self
Jordan Del Spina
as Billy
Victor Z. Isaac
as Kevin
Richard Topol
as Mr. Grieb
Scott Adsit
as Attorney/Joe
John Eric Bentley
as Charlie
Bob Glouberman
as Gerry
Terry Bradshaw
as Coach Clarence
Lorna Raver
as Big Kathy
Sherman Howard
as Ivan Pozefsky
Joe J. Garcia
as Carnie
Gregory North
as George
J.T. Kubala
as Frank
Patricia Belcher
as Dr. Lucille Armstrong
Fernando Jiménez
as Cell phone Guy
Mark Moses
as Richard
Mimi Paley
as Renee
Juan Jose Dubon
as Diaper Guy
Katherine Norland
as Pageant Worker
Christian Boeving
Preston Shores
as Teddy/Utility Player
Angee Hughes
as Woman Guest
Wes Robinson
as Richard
Stuart Pankin
as Doctor
Gino Montesinos
as Ranch Hand #1
Kevin Will
as Gina's Father
Dianna St. Hilaire
as Hippy Girl
Scott Haven
as Groom
Bonita Friedericy
as Susan
Rick Scarry
as Preacher
Deborah Harmon
as Parent Volunteer
Max Van Ville
as Hans
Rishonda Napier
as Little Girl #1
Peter Mackenzie
as Terry
Todd Stashwick
as Nate
Ken Daly
as Meter Reader
Sandra Allen
as Showgirl
Chris Chee
as Cadet
Karen Lorre
as Vanessa
Susan Yeagley
as Nurse
Mark Chaet
as Doctor
Robert Curtis Brown
as Tom
Evan Matthew Cohen
as Lloyd
Julia Levy-Boeken
as Inge
David Kavandi
as Mullah
Lorin McCraley
as Ginsberg
Erik Per Sullivan
as Dewey/Dewey Wilkerson
Josh Hammond
as Travis
James Geralden
as Speaker #2
Jessica Hendra
as Joy
Miriam Flynn
as Cooking Teacher
Will Jennings
as Eraserhead
Benita Krista Nall
as Monique
Sam McMurray
as Off. Stockton
Graham Murdoch
as Randy
Joe O'Connor
as Jones
Jeremy Howard
as Ethan
Susan Morgenstern
as Naomi
Raymond O'Connor
as Al
Stephanie Lemelin
as Christie
Elise Horn
as Tanya
Erik von Detten
as Brad
Nikki Crawford
as Nell
James DiStefano
as Lawrence
Soren Fulton
as Kyle Rogers
Busy Philipps
as Meghan
Bryan Cranston
as Hal/Hal Wilkerson
Ben Livingston
as Eddie
Marisa Theodore
as Wendy
David Bickford
as Man
Cloris Leachman
as Ida/Ida Welker
Craig Patton
as Charlie - Angry Parent
Judith Moreland
as Prosecutor
Robin Riker
as Tina
Steve Reevis
as Enoch
Katherine Ellis
as Jody
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Female Security Agent #2
Justin Rios
as Axe Head Kid
Monica Smith
as Gertie
Scott Director
as Customer
Brooke Radding
as Girl
Betty Carvalho
as Woman #2
Brian J. Williams
as Clown #4/Neighbor #3
Paul Moncrief
as Convention Attendee
Kevin Kilner
as Vince
Jack Donner
as Old Man
Kathy Lamkin
as Customer #1
Cyndi Martino
as Nurse Cathy
Josh Gundling Williamson
as Employee Robbie
Kathryn Melton
Marsha Clark
as Babysitter
Michael David White
as Kid
Trieu Tran
as Bob
Julia Campbell
as Donna
Kristin Bushnell
as Teen #2
Cheryl Carter
as Jogger
Stephen Root
as John Pratt
Ricky Dominguez
as Bryan
John Ennis
as Artie
Vaughn Johseph
as Recruit Trainer
Christopher Jones
as Scary Teen #1
Frank Clem
as Creepy
Tyler Ryan
as Francis at 3
Alec Medlock
as Kid/Rubinger
James Callaghan
as Teenager #2
Will Stabile
as Barton
Nate Torrence
as Private Turner
James Edson
as Man
Joe Costanza
as Harry Pinkman
Maz Jobrani
as Robber #2
Christopher Lloyd
as Walter
Kerry Carney
as Candystriper
Chris Eigeman
as Lionel Herkabe
Donald Sage Mackay
as Man
Jasmine Di Angelo
as Brittany
Casey Sander
as Capt. James/Father McCluskey
Sonya Maddox
as Wife
Oscar Nuñez
as Ranch Hand
David Bonfadini
as Teenage Kid
Ashlee Gillespie
as Teenager #2
Karim Prince
as Stanley
Michael Chieffo
as Dennis
David Trice
as Manager
Roark Critchlow
as Vince
Jessica Rotter
as Teen #1
Perry D'Marco
as Teacher
Meghan Elizabeth
as Booster Club Member
Carlin Hadlock
as Moviegoer
Darryl Reed Jr.
as Big Senior #2
Tarah Paige
as Contortionist Girl
Myra McWethy
as Angela
Terence Bernie Hines
as Mr. Myers
Thomas Crawford
as Randall
Angela Sargeant
as Lady
Toby Linz
as Soccer Player
Michael Cutt
as Cop
Hallie Todd
as Miss Shaw
Drew Massey
as Mr. Waffles
Chip Murdock
as Hal's Co-Worker
Chad Brannon
as Cadet
Thomas Bellin
as Old Vendor
Reggie Jordan
as Man/Police Officer
Cameron Monaghan
as Chad
Geoff Meed
as Delivery Guy
Evan Lee Dahl
as Teenager #1
Patrick Howard
as Timmy
Chanel Gaines
as Buttercup #6
Harry Groener
as Rudy
Ricky Stark
as Kid #1
Gary Anthony Williams
as Abraham 'Abe' Kenarban
Maurice Godin
as Car Dealer
Michael Dempsey
as Teddy
Bob Cicherillo
as Walt
Leslie David Baker
as Cop/Customer
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Zoo Worker Mel
Ryan Malgarini
as Noah
Matthew Jones
Carrie 'CeCe' Cline
as Cute Cheerleader
Bryan Burke
as Gus
Amy Bruckner
as Zoe
Daniel Farber
as Scott
Mark L. Taylor
as Phil
Fred Sanders
as Cynthia's Dad
Kurt Fuller
as Mr. Young
Jeff Rosenthal
as Harry
Karen Russell
as Janet
Jeanine Jackson
as Claire
Amy Castle
as Hayley
David Reynolds
as Vernon
Howard Mann
as Elderly Man
Katie Morrow
as Classmate #2
Richard Alan Brown
as Skater Davey
Rob Elk
as Devon
Ivan Baccarat
as Oily Actor
Tyler Roche
as Jeffrey
Liz Laird
as Wife of Dad Driver
Tara Nicole Hughes
as Pregnant Showgirl
Darryl Henriques
as Oven Guy
Joan McMurtrey
as Mrs. Inkster
Betsy McIntyre
as Trumpet Strumpet
George Wyner
as Foreman Fred
Albert Owens
as Off. Jones
Steven Christopher Parker
as Boy
Landry Allbright
as Julie Houlerman
Don Pugsley
as Scott Porter
John Lacy
as Spectator
Byrne Offutt
as Ben
Timothy Stack
as Sam
Marcy Goldman
as Employee
Jerry Trainor
as Guardsman
Glen Hambly
as Enraged Evacuee
Cathrine Grace
as Lady
Nicole Marie Appleby
as Beer Hick Girl
Andy Richter
as Dr. Kennedy
Patricia A. Lewis
as Tour Guide
James Henriksen
as Male Security Agent/Off. Moon/Waiter/Zoo Worker Pete
Jim Titus
as Circus Burger employee w/bat
Scott Klace
as Ned
Heather McDonald
as Nancy
Malcolm David Kelley
as Kid #1
Blaire Baron
as Paula
Robert Cesario
as Maitre'd
Rose Colasanti
as Mrs. Miller
Cynthia Sophiea
as Ms. Sanguinetti
Sarah Ashley
as Teenage Girl
Corey Lovett
as Seth
Matthew McGrory
as Lothar
Erin Briskey
as Kid
Andrew J. Turner
as Photographer
Chip Heller
as Eric's Father #1
Halley Eveland
as Basketball Boy
Vic Polizos
as Father Murphy
Eric Fleeks
as Ref
Bruno Amato
as Cop
David C. Fisher
as Auto Sales Associate
David Paul Needles
as Bud
Karen Elmore
as Dancer
Lorenzo James Henrie
as Normal Boy
Joe Colligan
as White-Coated Man
Laurie Metcalf
as Susan
Jason Earles
as Marshal School Pupil on the Left
Daylon Reese
as One Kid
Jordan Masterson
as Student #2
Terry Woodberry
as Bill
Joyce Corradetti
as Biker Chick
Paul Rae
as Cop
Mike Grief
as Security Guard
Jesse D. Goins
as Off. Smith
Bridget Brno
as Sauerkraut Girl
Curtis Ray Husted
as Dungons and Dragons Player
Michael Milhoan
as Sgt. McManus
Diane Robin
as Heidi's Mom
Bobby Block
as Naked 9 Year Old
Joe Ochman
as Announcer
Robert Loggia
as Victor Welker
Dan Butler
as Norm
Roger Marks
as Rabbi
Ashley Tisdale
as Girl
Harley Zumbrum
as Pete Bucowski
Benjamin Bryan
as Sammy
Tom Tartamella
as Ronald
Margarita Franco
as Distraught Woman/Dottie
Evan Sabara
as Kid in Locker/Roger
Tom Green
as Steve
David Beach
as Dr. Don
John Vance
as Teacher
Kate Asner
as Neighbor #2
Curtis Taylor
as Bill Rendall
Jonny Acker
as Big Senior #1/High School Kid/Ira
Casey Williams
as Off. Kirkland
Steve Rankin
as Sgt. Hendrix
Patrick Bristow
as Lloyd/Phillip
Jonathan Jones
as Zadoc
Brittany Renee Finamore
as Alison
David Tran
as Yoga Guy
Ayla Kell
as Kylie
Marchello Stewart
as HS Student
Christopher Masterson
as Francis/Francis Wilkerson
Gary Ambrosia
as Mike Jeffers
Jay Edward Anthony
as Gas Station Owner
BJ Porter
as Attendant
Dan Martin
as Malik
Trevor Shores
as Teddy/Utility Player
Shannon Woodward
as Tammy
Joan Blair
as Bearded Lady/Lunch Lady Shirley
Scott Francisco
as Singing Fish
Ingo Neuhaus
as Nick
Nicolas Mize
as Barry
Joshua Levine
as Festival Guy
Joyce Fessides
as Maid
Aaron Hill
as George
Wayne Thomas Yorke
as Customer
Jeff D'Agostino
as Student #5
Paul Hayes
as Jury Foreman
Gregory Bell
as New Age Guru
Adam Craig Duro
as Kid #1
Rusty Flood
as Oscar
Michael Lawrence Morgan
as Goth Ronald
Dominic Colón
as Dave
Edmund L. Shaff
as General
Emmett Shoemaker
as Ronnie
Julia Anna Barrios
as Shopper
Claire Risoli
as Reporter
David Weisenberg
as Finance Guy/Man
Lester Speight
as Samuel
Dakota Fanning
as Emily
Jan Hoag
as Receptionist
Haven Hartman
as Girl Teen
Michele Spears
as Tracy
Skip O'Brien
as Worker
Amy Halloran
as Carla
Reagan Dale Neis
as Nikki/Laura
Rose Abdoo
as Margie

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2000 | 16 Episodes

Season 2

2000 | 25 Episodes

Season 3

2001 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2002 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2003 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2004 | 22 Episodes

Season 7

2005 | 21 Episodes




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BMI Film & TV Awards

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