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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, this series follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) -- until a murder takes place outside of his upscale nightclub. For the first time in billions of years, the murder awakens something unfamiliar in Lucifier's soul that is eerily similar to compassion and sympathy. Lucifer is faced with another surprise when he meets an intriguing homicide detective named Chloe, who appears to possess an inherent goodness -- unlike the worst of humanity, to which he is accustomed. Suddenly, Lucifer starts to wonder if there is hope for his soul.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 25, 2016

Also Known As: Lucifer, Λούσιφερ |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics
based on comic
los angeles, california

Company Credits

Production Co: Aggressive Mediocrity, DC Entertainment |  See more »


Garry Guerrier
as SWAT Captain
Oliver Keller
as Bodyguard #1
Annabelle King
as Ilene the Ex-Marine
Bailey Noble
as Lindsay Jolson
Wayne Hill
as Manager
Tomiwa Edun
as 2 Vile
Jardon Derrick
as Random Dude
Paul Anthony Scott
as Jared Holbrook
Brian Oblak
as Officer Reiben
Paul Fitzgerald
as Brian
Steven Daniel Brun
as Patrick Manning
Russell Wong
as Vincent Green
Peter Lindstedt
as Rob Daniel
Arthur Darbinyan
as Andrei
Owen Harn
as Greg 'Pony Boy' Grabowski
Carlo Yu
as Bloody Gang Banger
Sam Krumrine
as Benji
Chris Mulkey
as Gil
AnnaMaria Demara
as Peggy Russo
Kwasi Thomas
as Shane
Rob Zabrecky
as Horace Goldfinger
Vince Tsang
as Triad Member
Joel Cottingham
as Zombie Priest
Natalie Skye
as Doctor
Natasha Kalimada
as Ballerina
Caleb J. Thaggard
as JJ Bitner
Rachelle Goulding
as Blair
Kelsey Hainlen
as Caroler
Jackie Geary
as Tiffany James
Thom Rivera
as Glenn
Joshua Pak
as Clerk
Aiden Lewandowski
as Felix Rodriguez
Tory N. Thompson
as Delivery Guy
Davee Youngblood
as Man
Paul Edney
as Museum Visitor
Kevin Carlson
as Puppet
Suzanne Ristic
as Sue Hightower
Leon Milne Jr.
as Garage DJ
Natasha Denis
as Butch Sidekick
Jessica Sula
as Amy
Tyler Seiple
as Pianist
Jonathan Togo
as Anthony Annan
Gina Dunlap
as Amberly/Bride
Todd Simmons
as Uni/Uni Cop
Darren O'Hare
as Hanson
Alexandra Hoover
as Belinda Roberts
Philip Granger
as Louie Delgado
Darcey Johnson
as George
Jessy Schram
as Leona
Madeleine Coghlan
as Beckett Wilson
Graham Clarke
as Jeffrey Benedict
Eric Sweeney
as Lucky Larry
Julia Emelin
as Svetlana
Nicole Brown
as Nurse
Jose Yenque
as Anthony Rodriguez
Grace Yoo
as Karaoke Singer
Caitlin Stryker
as Tina Fields
Chris Lamica
as Bonehead Bobby
Michael Provost
as Nate Mifflin
Anthony Muniz
as LUX Valet
Artin John
as UNI Cop
Matty Finochio
as Irwin Veach
Greg Ellis
as Myles Drucker
Matthew Yang King
as Adrian Yates
Kristin Kowalski
as Tattoo Artist
Cameron Gharaee
as Tiko
Kather Sei
as Guy
Julian Domingues
as Billy
Bryan Adrian
as Blue Eyed #1
Stephen Adekolu
as Aiden Scott
Roderick McCarthy
as Greyson the Lawyer
Claire Fenech
as Brittanie #3
Emma Bell
as Mia Hytner
Charisma Carpenter
as Jamie Lee Adrienne
Jaime M. Callica
as Hot Cop
Patrick Fabian
as Reese Getty
Sarah Alami
as Deborah
Goran Ivanovski
as Proprietor
Jules Bruff
as Nurse
Heba Shire
as Nurse
Jordan Cockeram
as Wedding Guest
Rich Paul
as Vargas
Eddie Flake
as Uni
Lidia Porto
as Rosie Hernandez
James Calixte
as Player
Corina Akeson
as Woman
Taylor C. Baker
as Bedazzled Skater
Chau Long
as Tour Guide
Jamie Kennedy
as Andy Kleinburg
Alison Becker
as Madison
Edwin Perez
as Chad
Robert Picardo
as Yuri
Sahar Golestani
as Check in Person
Arleo Dordar
as Actor (David)
Gathoni Mutua
as Club Patron
Clayton Cannon
as Zeke Moore
Stephen Simon
as Bad Boy
John Karyus
as Jonathan Donelly
John Tague
as Grizzled Cop
Jacqueline Obradors
as Alexa Lee
Nathan Barnatt
as Buster
Aaron Bledsoe
as Josh
Britt Baron
as Maggie Cole
Joshua Gomez
as Neil Berger
Cara Koh
as Madison Evans
Heather Tom
as Malcolm's Wife/Mel Graham
Lobo Sebastian
as Joe Fields
Jasmine Ashanti
as Makayla Williams
Kruz Rambo
as Charlie
Craig Gellis
as Frankie Costa
Daniel Lue
as Bounty #2
Kelvin Lum
as Officer
Inbar Lavi
as Eve
Tricia Helfer
as Charlotte/Shirley Monroe
Dieterich Gray
as Ted Peterson
Murry Peeters
as Janet
Evan Ferraton
as Bartender
Myrasol Martinez
as Front Desk Girl/Myrasol
Andres Joseph
as Handsome Man
Howard Siegel
as Grizzled Uni Cop
Craig Meester
as Beardy
Michael A. Goorjian
as Elliot Richards
Deidra Kathleen
as Super Fan
Michael Imperioli
as Uriel
Flex Alexander
as Simon Hallbrooks
Jason E. Kelley
as Phil Goldstein
Kristen Bitting
as Bridesmaid
Kirstin Ford
as Devon
Bree Woodill
as Sarah Aiken
Karen Holness
as Sidney Loomis
Sarah Porscheta
as Hipster
Natalie D. Woodard
as Margaret
Joe Allard
as Bailiff
Jon Ryckman
as Lead Guard
Don Lew
as Kang
Claudio Pinto
as Demian Lorenzoni
Ingrid Tesch
as Judge
David Labrava
as Mike
Christina Veronica
as Poker Player
Antonio Cayonne
as Uni Cop/Uniformed Officer
Chris Coy
as Alan
Gabriela Zimmerman
as Mrs. Cortez
Maria Maestas McCann
as Sofia Rodriguez
Dizzie Harris
as P.A.
Justin Johnson Cortez
as Manny 'The Moondog' Taylor
Aiden Finn
as Malcolm's Son
Scarlett Estevez
as Trixie Espinoza
Brian Tee
as Ben Rogers
Suzanne Cryer
as Grace Foley
Andrey Ivchenko
as Kristoff
Cardi Wong
as Benjamin Tibi
Jess Lundgren
as Orca
Fraser Corbett
as Sly
Saxon Sharbino
as Carly Glantz
Simon Chin
as Security Guard
Jere Burns
as Jacob Tiernan
Paul Almeida
as Bomb Squad Tech
Nikea Gamby-Turner
as Stacy Zallis
Kiko Ellsworth
as Davis Fitzgerald
Liam Hall
as Edgar Romero
Charley Rossman
as Wyrzbeski
Tanroj Singh
as Bianca's Guard
Anil Raman
as Agent Pitts
Alex Pangburn
as Timmy Nolan
Lissa Neptuno
as Desk Cop
David Paladino
as Johnny Utah
Brian Kimmet
as Erik
Tom MacNeill
as Party Guest
McNally Sagal
as Margo Channing
Jay Kwon
as Skinbonez
Tammy Dahlstrom
as Crowd Person #1
Aimee Garcia
as Ella Lopez/Tommy Stomponato
Kate Beahan
as Justine Doble
Christian Gehring
as Logan
D.B. Woodside
as Amenadiel/Melvin the Magnificent
Michael Kruse-Dahl
as Man Bun
Sarah Grey
as Rose
Stephanie Bennett
as Muffy Beauregard
Giovanna Lin
as Pianist (Musician)
Tom Sizemore
as Hank Cutter
Adam Gifford
as Ruben Silva
Dennis Ogden
as Uni
David Nguyen
as Nurse
Patrick Cage
as Owen
Goldie Hoffman
as Tech
Tony Cipriano
as Louie Pagliani
Chris Yonan
as Kevin
Lauren Lapkus
as Abel/Bree Garland
Bri Neal
as Ali
Sloan Robinson
as Anita
Peter Brown
as Art Appraiser/Business Man/Forensic Scientist/Hipster
Aaron Post
as Satanist #1
Ryan Elm
as Satanist #3
Anissa Borrego
as Barista
Nancy De Mayo
as Nina
Babak Haleky
as Hotel Manager
D. B. Woodside
as Amenadiel
Tom Ellis
as Lucifer Morningstar/Michael/Lucifer
Nathan Cann
as Masseuse
Thomas Toulgoet
as Micah Richards
Eric Ladin
as Liam Pickering
LaFonda Baker
as Uni
Gabrielle Walsh
as Betty
Ashley Marie Jones
as Girl
Mike Horton
as Larry Peterson
Lee Doud
as Sato Miki
Madylin Sweeten
as Talkative Young Lass
Marlie Collins
as Beautiful Woman #3
Bianca Caroca
as Frisky Woman #2
Alya Lei
as Carly
Leigh Bush
as Reporter
Emily Maddison
as Brittanie #2/Brittany #2
Sylvesta Stuart
as Arnold
Dave Davis
as Maury Novak
Timothy Omundson
as Earl Johnson
Sean Harris
as Brock
Sebastian Uribe
as Howard
Brynn Alexander
as Remedy
Brody Allen
as T.K.
Nadine Ellis
as Iris/Wesley Wolf
Jordan Robinson
as 11 Year Old Boy
Mo Anouti
as Sayeed Faisal
Pat Asanti
as Officer Mason
John Griffin
as Niles
Livia Treviño
as Stern Female Desk Cop
Amro Majzoub
as Normal Ned
Brooke Lipton
as Director
Jennifer Cheon Garcia
as Jana Lawrence
Rachael Harris
as Linda Martin/Gertie
Devielle Johnson
as Officer/Uni #3
Scott Porter
as Carol
Matt Corboy
as Officer Diggs
Cynthia Mendez
as Offended Mom
Jasmine Lukuku
as Grieving Woman
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Heroin Addict
Christopher Pearce
as Barry
Sean Tyson
as Erwin
Juliette Hing-Lee
as Woman
Kevyn Bashore
as Ballet Audience Member
Scott Patey
as Matthew Hoffing
Jeremy Davies
as Nick Hofmeister
Mike Raab
as Grizzled Man
Howard Chan
as Dr. Chan Ahn
Tom Gallop
as Rowan Donahue
Jamal Duff
as Blaze
Heart Hayes
as Sharon
Ian Verdun
as Dave Maddox
Jonathan Salisbury
as Butler
Amy Tsang
as Emma Matthews
Karin Konoval
as Judge Vicky Estrada
Ted Cole
as Chairperson
Max Chadburn
as Ashley Corbett
Skye Townsend
as Axara
William Valenzuela
as Night Sergeant
Louis Herthum
as Lt. John Decker
Brittini London
as Jamie
Victor Ayala
as Patrick O'Neil
Alexis Celeste
as Kid
James Neate
as Doug Kennedy
Robert Merrill
as Mr. Glantz
John Posey
as Judge
Sonia Beeksma
as News Anchor/Newscaster
Jessica Garcie
as Young Woman Poisoned
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Captain
Bjorn Johnson
as Magnar
Adam Korson
as Ron
Michael Rady
as Mack Slater
Carly J. Casey
as Sister Andrea
Colby Wilson
as Sleaze Ball
Kade Wise
as Chet Ruiz
Megan Harmon
as Hot Girl at Pool Party
Maria Meadows
as Gisele
Omar Leyva
as Lalo Vasquez
Lisa Chandler
as Maddie Howard
Tina Georgieva
as Club Goer
Tyson Pickens
as Charlie
Paul Kim Jr.
as Benjamin Wu
Tina Pham
as Brittanie #1/Brittany #1
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Rodney Lam
Lia Farrelly-Hodge
as Sexy Girl
Jessica Trainham
as Alice
David Pérez
as Neighbor
Harry Katzman
as Tommy Smith
Michelly Farias
as Natalie
Vaz Andreas
as Fahrid Nasser
Alan Silverman
as Grizzled Detective
Cody Vaughan
as Dude
Mallory Mckenzie
as Masquerade Ball Blonde
Alex Fernandez
as Perry Smith
Lauren Gaw
as Melinda
Carlos Joe Costa
as Mysterious Man
John Specogna
as Detective/Club Onlooker/Cranky detective/Detective Safari/Vigil attendee
Erin Cummings
as Mandy
Vik Sahay
as Ray Codfree
Sierra Nowak
as Party Girl
Brianne Davis
as Detective Dancer
Philip Labes
as Norman Shultz
Stephi Chin-Salvo
as Ava Lyon
Jenna Hastings
as Irate Woman
Matthew Bohrer
as Donovan Glover
James Immekus
as Young Jimmy
Katya Bay
as Bridesmaid
Wilson Ramirez
as Boss Banger
Aloma Wright
as Party Bus Driver
Benjamin Arcé
as Bouncer
April Grace
as Dr. Scott
Allison McAtee
as Elizabeth Newman
Behtash Fazlali
as Maitre D'
Caitlin Howden
as Improv Chick
Ivonne Coll
as Sister Angelica
Stefania Indelicato
as Cute Woman
Marlon Aquino
as Sam Sofrelli
Kelly Blatz
as Kevin
Albert Nicholas
as Ricardo Lopez
Ashley Ross
as Assistant
Cynthia Kania
as Neighbor
Virginia Watson
as Gwendolyn Orloff
Michael Welch
as Kyle Erikson
Ian Reed Kesler
as The Fixer
Danielle Hoetmer
as April Peterson
Carolina Gómez
as Bianca Ruiz
Alexander Koch
as Pete Daily
Kue Lawrence
as Jackson Bell
Philip Alexander
as Kyle
Orson Chaplin
as Alonso
Graham McTavish
as Father Kinley
John Stewart
as Pyro Pete
Zehra Fazal
as Dr. Subia
Greg Vaughan
as Mr. Russell
Justin Chu Cary
as Benson Reeves
Kayla Ewell
as Amanda Bello
Erik Stocklin
as Julian McCaffrey
Shelene Yung
as Psychotic Girlfriend
Roslyn Gentle
as Snooty Owner
Diana Bang
as Suki Price
Shelley Robertson
as Editor
Louisa Abernathy
as Sister Odetta
Mark Adair-Rios
as Juan Perez
Blake Shields
as Liam Wade
Shannon Chan-Kent
as Kathleen Lyon
Michael Lanahan
as Kevin
Genevieve Gauss
as Officer Cacuzza
Zach LeBlanc
as Squirrely Dude
Selkie Hom
as Erika Dunlap
Will Roberts
as Crew Chief
Lisseth Chavez
as Nikki
Sari Sanchez
as Tabitha
Stephanie Lesh-Farrell
as Cocktail Woman
Terrell Tilford
as Robert Ertz
Christian Convery
as Ethan
James Rha
as Bookish Man
Eddie Davenport
as Fight Club Guy
Eric Cepeda
as Minister
Erik Solky
as Lancaster Cop
Jeff Bowser
as Simon Fisher
Parker Brando
as Dude with Neck Tattoos
Kallee Brookes
as Beatrix
Trevor Donovan
as Max Evans
Tina Grimm
as Bridesmaid
Charlyne Yi
as Ray-Ray/Azrael
Vladimir John Perez
as Kenneth
Shaun Omaid
as Hector
Susan Berger
as Olga
Cadence Murray
as Party guest
Julie Gonzalo
as Jessica Johnson
Jenna Osterlund
as Waitress
Rob Benedict
as Vincent Le Mec
Anthony Pierre Christopher
as Raymond
Camille Chen
as Sheila Vestal
Ashton Moio
as Driver
Antwon Tanner
as Tahir
Kellina Rutherford
as Raziel
Mario Perez
as Banger
Rema Kibayi
as Tall Paparazzo
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Peter
Crystal Mudry
as Young Woman
Debs Howard
as Party Girl
Jeremiah Birkett
as Lee/Lee Garner
Kirsten Comerford
as Buxom
James Paladino
as Hipster
Jonathan Stanley
as Guy with the Gun
David Grant Wright
as Dr. Kaminsky
Kareem Lewis
as Mover Terrell
Steven Lee Allen
as Jason
Joel Semande
as Handsome Guy
John Glover
as Peter Peterson
Michasha Armstrong
as Tim Dunlear
Becky Wu
as Yvonne Gwo
Erik Armando Alvarez
as Bouncer
Rigo Sanchez
as Marco
L.J. Batinas
as Homeless Dude
Alyssa Diaz
as Dani
Lyndon Smith
as Kylie the Rocker
Harvey J. Alperin
as Rabbi
Cailan Robinson
as Cop
Chelsea Gilson
as Blonde Model
Rachele Schank
as Charlynn
Adil Zaidi
as Grieving Man
Cate Cohen
as Joan
Chris McKenna
as Ben Rivers
David A. Joseph Baker
as Nervous Uni #1/Uni Cop #1
Kelsey Chock
as Kirby Jones
as Bob
Abhi Trivedi
as Kirby
Ashlei Tave
as Judy Mason
Marcus Coloma
as Hector Ruiz
Christine Heneise
as Station Traveler/Upscale Patron
Miles Burris
as Jophiel
Teana-Marie Smith
as Tech/Uni Cop
Mitch Gossett
as Party-Goer
Eric Nenninger
as Frederick Hoffman
Jared Farid Ward
as Steve Chamberlain
John Prowse
as Jack Peterson
Tarun Keram
as Adam Wiser
Elea Oberon
as Auctioneer
Amy Anderson
as Eleanor Basich
Richard T. Jones
as Joe Hanson
Sade Katarina
as Maggie
Adam Wylie
as Short Magician
Ginifer King
as Saraqael
Kira Clavell
as Statuesque Woman
Alina Phelan
as Rabbi Esther Barnum
Lena Georgas
Anna Grace Barlow
as Lexy Shaw
Karishma Ahluwalia
as Follower
Fei Ren
as Beautiful Woman
Danny Zuhlke
as Ira the Beardy Hipster
Brad Kelly
as Bruce
Eric Gibson
as Son (Dylan)
Mark DeCarlo
as Chance
Seth Whittaker
as Mover
Michael Voltaggio
as Michael Voltaggio
Michael Graziadei
as 'Dirty Doug' Sargisian
Chris McGarry
as Toby Golden
Joseph Dixon
as Ashley Collins
Johanna Olson
as Debbie Lang
Edward Kerr
as Don Zeikel
Yaroslav Poverlo
as Nikolas
James Coupland
as Thug 2
Melayni Gracia
as Party Girl
Brittany Panzer
as Beautiful Woman
Maggie Carney
as Theatre Manager
Chris Franco
as Ref
Ryla Taylor
as Charlie
Elizabeth Bond
as Sally
Drew Powell
as Coach Dale McVey
Alexia Rae Castillo
as Brunette Angel Model
Rey Valentin
as Jay Lopez
Rocky Myers
as Stryder Novac
Scott Rinker
as Matt Kessman
Amor Doomes
as Charlie
Lee Shan Gibson
as Police Officer
Farrah Aviva
as Yoga Mom
Mandy June Turpin
as Dr. Jessica LaMotte
Jon Chaffin
as Bishop Hoffman
Skyh Alvester Black
as Hot Bounty
Jim Eliason
as Dinner Party Patron/Hospital Orderly
Mike Doyle
as Bradley
Giovanni Bejarano
as Mario Canales
Doreen Gordon
as Waitress
Leo Chiang
as Thug #1
Joel Swetow
as Niels Schuman
Phillip Reed
as Middle Age Man
Kevin Alejandro
as Dan Espinoza/William McKinnon
Patrick Sparling
as Bodyguard
Gwenda Lorenzetti
as Check-In Lady
Olena Medwid
as Machete Model
Brady Roberts
as Robbie Russell Jr.
Billy Malone
as Vincent Walker
David Mizera
as Hot Male Doctor
Lindsey Gort
as Candy Morningstar
Angela Hoover
as Dr. Bette Crain
Coby Bell
as Sam Chavez
Felisha Terrell
as Courtney Sax
Guilford Adams
as Murder Clown
Erin Cameron
as Satanist #2
Chris Marquette
as Carver Cruz
Annie Funke
as Sister Franciene
Andy Cohen
as Joey Pileggi
Jeff Reyes
as Dishwasher
Jessica Jones
as Marcie
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Dog Show
Jon Buckhouse
as Club Patron
Paula Zerpa
as Paola Cortez
Dorian Missick
as Will Flemming
Mark Elias
as Runner (Vernon Gill)
Brian Majestic
as Neighbor
Cole Stroud
as Milo
Nicole Major
as Young Woman
Demord Dann
as Head Officer
Danielle Kremeniuk
as Female Detective
Ese Atawo
as Bystander
Vinessa Vidotto
as Remiel
Jag Bal
as Improv Student
Christopher Boyer
as Priest
Chris Payne Gilbert
as John Decker
Joel Michael Kramer
as Officer Steckler
Darcy Michael
as Kevin Burnick
Andy Davoli
as Frankie Ferrante
Lauren K. Robek
as Hot Lonely/Kelly Dolman
Charles Halford
as Boris Sokolov
Nick Jandl
as Eric Cooper
Kevin Douglas
as TJ 'The Fence' Ross
Clint Culp
as Joe the Farmer
Rusnico Canonigo Jr.
as EMT Tech
David Chin
as Officer
Alveraz Ricardez
as Raul Blanco
Ahmad Dugas
as Security Guard
Sam Grace Miller
as Ballerina
Kai Bradbury
as Triad Member
Anisha Adusumilli
as Mirror Maze
Aidan Gail
as Micah Richards
Eddie Shin
as Benny Choi
Ernesto Chaverri
as Responding Officer
Colman Domingo
as Father Frank Lawrence
Latonya Williams
as Juror #1
Harrison Thomas
as Connor
Craig Erickson
as Neil Palmer
Julianne Christie
as Gayle Sherman
Victoria Katongo
as Cute Female Uni Cop/Cute Uni
Troy Blendell
as Larry
Anna Ross
as Bikini Girl
Adam Kulbersh
as Ryan
Denny Love
as Caleb Mayfield
Andrew Wheeler
as Phil Davis
Emily Holmes
as Joy
Anastasia Dextrene
as Ballet Audience/King Clay's Employee
Oksanna Romanov
as Masha, Bar Girl
Dawn Olivieri
as Lt. Olivia Monroe/Olivia Monroe
Donavon Stinson
as Donavon
Patrick Gallagher
as Barry Hill
Michael Gladis
as Sam
Fred Mancuso
as Bounty #1
Kevin Christy
as Bobby Lowe
Colin Egglesfield
as Ben Wheeler
Lochlyn Munro
as Anthony Paolucci
Neil Gaiman
as God
Teri Reeves
as Colonel O'Brien
Aadila Dosani
as Receptionist
Glenn Fernandez
as Danilo
Toneey Acevedo
as Old Man
Chris Carney
as Waiter
Liz Nolan
as Poolgoer
Hamzah Saman
as Imam
Justin Bruening
as Jed Carnal
Lesley-Ann Brandt
as Mazikeen/Lilith/Mazikeen Smith
Scott Vostad
as Honor Guard
Jared Outten
as Kid
David Patykewich
as Sleepy Pete
Phil LaMarr
as Ryan Goldburg
Michael Owen
as Biker
Robin Givens
as Leila Simms
Andrew Steven Hernandez
as Dax
Patrick Rinehart
as Trophy Husband
Merren McMahon
as Amber
Alessandra Torresani
as Naomi Austen
Robert Salvador
as Hot Dude
Kimia Behpoornia
as Gabriel
Sydney Bell
as 911 Caller
Christina Chang
as Vanessa Dunlear
Adam Pateman
as Tim
Wenli Fu
as Audience Member
Christy Algoso
as Jovita
Tina Grant
as Raven Hair
Antonio Jaramillo
as Jerry Blackcrow
Isaac Keys
as 2 Vile Crew #1
Sean Mann
as Tristan Valenti
Brent Connolly
as Leon Klem
Matt Gerald
as Hank
Taylor Murphy-Sinclair
as Gogo Dancer
Michael Lehr
as Goon #1
Deyo Forteza
as Keaton Call
Greg Kasyan
as Phil the Phantom
Marco Soriano
as Jon
Catherine Dent
as Dr. Alice Porter
Simon Leung
as Korean Shop Owner
Christopher Gerse
as Benny
Marissa Rivera
as Karen
Leah Renee Benner
as Mean Girl
Naomi Hughes-Hall
as Runway Model
Wesley Mann
as Bondsman
Kevin Rankin
as Malcolm Graham
Tessa Auberjonois
as Keri Belwood
Kevin Covais
as Frazzled P.A.
Michael Christian Alexander
as Officer in Charge
Sorin Brouwers
as Crowd Person #2
Christina Wildes
as Katarina
Americus Abesamis
as Uni
Tony von Halle
as Ping-Pong Paddle Man
Vico Ortiz
as Teenage Employee
Dutch Johnson
as Zack Moore
Ryan A. McLean
as Raver
Erik Aude
as Rod
Alex Quijano
as Lieutenant Diablo
Celeste White Steele
as Zombie Wedding Guest
Mendel Fogelman
as Isaac
Nicole LaPlaca
as Shauna
Andrew Suttar
as Convention Attendee
Henry Mah
as Custodian
Doug Savant
as Forest Clay
Brandon Barash
as Jeremy Bell
L. Scott Caldwell
as Lily Rose
Katherine Boecher
as Mary Bell
Phil Kruse
as Lucifer/Michael Acting Double
Ash Lee
as Klause
Eoin Bates
as Player
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
as Pedestrian
Luke Kilvert
as Ranger
Veronika Dash
as Dr. Belinda
J. Anthony Pena
as A.J. Agholor
Sina Amedson
as JD Woodstock
Erica Cerra
as Athena Burns
Stephen Monroe Taylor
as Scotty Thomas
Jason William Day
as Security Guard
Jon Sklaroff
as Nigel
Ronak Gandhi
as Colin
Shaun Alphonso
as Stoner Dude
Stephanie C. Allen
as Firehawk Girl #1
Mario Rocha
as Benito
Daniel Letto
as Surly Improv Partner
Jordan Connor
as Stoner Leroy
Alice Rietveld
as Lenore
Samas Wu
as Station Traveler
Tim DeKay
as Professor Carlisle
Chasten Harmon
as Megan Garner
Al Coronel
as Nick Seals
Nikolai Witschl
as Cleveland
Sam Juergens
as Crab Cracker
Marco Sanchez
as Lt. Herrera
Shaan Sharma
as 1st AD
Tatiana Aarons
as Firehawk Girl #2
Andy Hoff
as Cop #1
Christopher Cendana
as Banger
Jermaine Love
as Nathan Fury
Daniel Edward Mora
as Victor Perez
James Rittinger
as Otis
Ryan Bittle
as Mr. Taylor
BJ Harrison
as Doctor
Paloma Alvarez
as Joan
John Charles Meyer
as Tío Sorrento
Ingrid Kleinig
as Lyla Clayborn
Lauren German
as Chloe Decker/Chloe/Jack Monroe
Francesca Santoro
as Claire
Bailey Chase
as Grey Cooper
Stephen Schneider
as Anders Brody
Jessica Lee Keller
as Amber Fontaine
Kelly McCabe
as Frat Guy
Trent Redekop
as Beefy Uni
Beatriz Brenes
as Young Hostess
Joel Rush
as Zadkiel
Catherine Kresge
as Mrs. Madison
Tanner Sarff
as Aspiring Musician
Adam Bartley
as Erik Doyle
Diana Cristina Solis
as Blindfolded Hottie
Teresa Laverty
as Bartender
Sergei Dmitriev
as Sergei
John Billingsley
as Alvin Kapitski
Mariana Paola Vicente
as Venus Hyatt
Hal Ozsan
as Sergei
Pippa Mackie
as Barista
John Pankow
as Jimmy Barnes
Laura Coover
as Nurse Kipsey
Taylor Black
as Misty Canyons
Doug Hurley
as Ned
Bethany Brown
as Club M.C.
Ben Afful
as Desk Cop
Minni Jo
as Marla
Morgan Benoit
as Thug
Wren Walker
as Uniform Officer
Maddie Phillips
as Waitress
Sky Kao
as Gyrating Dude
Alexa Alemanni
as Lucy
Jonathan Goldstein
as Jonathan Burke
Kimberly Green
as Crowd Person #4
Marcus Anderson Jr.
as Bartender/Donovan
Todd Mason
as Officer Todd
Andrea Bogart
as Corrina Huff
Rickey Eugene Brown
as Tyson Chase
Sari Sabella
as Mark
Guy Christie
as Random Dude
Derek Schnobb
as Highend LA Local
Michelle Arthur
as Courthouse Pedestrian
Raven Sto
as Juror #3
Lynzee Ballif
as Raver
Rick Kelly
as Tyler Utah
Dez Cleo
Marisa Emma Smith
as Tiffany
Aatash Amir
as Name Dropper Guy
Mark Dacascos
as Kimo Vanzandt
Hannah Barefoot
as Moira Murphy
Danny Wattley
as Tommy
Sharif Atkins
as Earl Steadman
Christopher Ashman
as Ray Dwight
Nick Hart
as Blue Eyed #2
Layla Alizada
as Odetta
Donnie MacNeil
as Pizza Guy
Jordan Killik
as Bartender
Audrey Moore
as Anya
Craig Baxley Jr.
as Guard
Karl Herlinger
as Logan McCarthy
Steve Suh
as Brandon Hong
Jay Linzy
as Large
Evan Arnold
as Jacob Williams
Alain Ali Washnevsky
as Turkish Pete
Victoria Gabrielle Platt
as Dr. Valerie Haynes
William Guirola
as Lucho
Chaley Rose
as Destiny Page
Angie Teodora Dick
as MC
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Carmen
Robert Curtis Brown
as William Sterling
Jason Simpson
as Emcee
Joey Coverson
as Hot Guy
Aaron Paul Stewart
as Hunter
Arnie Pantoja
as Simon
Teagan Mann
as Beautiful Woman #2
Chelsea Rendon
as Camila
Prince Hammond
as Puppet Suit
Sharon Osbourne
as Sharon Osbourne
Joy Osmanski
as Alexandra Shaw/Sandy Shaw
Ildy Modrovich
as Writer in Café
Bree Condon
as Veronica
Joe Sobalo Jr.
as Vincenzo
Chris McNally
as Hipster Guy
Julian Haig
as Tailor
Momo Dione
as Bouncer
David Attar
as Sad Sap
Amad Jackson
as Freddy Loomis
Sean Carrigan
as Vince Walker
Gavin Cooke
as Messenger
Lanny Joon
as Yellow Viper
Samantha Lee
as Hot Girl
Chelsea Hobbs
as Christi
Kathy Christopherson
as Joyce
Carlos Knight
as Emmet Toussant
Andy Nez
as Pete
Cleveland Berto
as Holla Bae (Squee)
Chris Bensinger
as Terry
Andrew Leeds
as Joel
Joe Williamson
as Burt
James R. Baylis
as Juror #2
Jt Asher
as Pool Model
Redaric Williams
as Ty Huntley
Betsy Baker
as Sister Molly
Veena Sood
as Eleanor Bloom
Ross McCall
as Onyx
Devon Alexander
as Frazzled AD
Theresa Dame Bellasario
as Winery Patron
Jake Hinkley
as China Town Patron
Jorden Birch
as Uni #2/Uni Cop #2/Uniform Officer
Anne Leighton
as Lily
M.Q. Tran
as Barista
Sandra Lee Gimpel
as Elderly Woman
Grant Harvey
as Justin
Raylene Harewood
as Gillian Taylor
Natasha McCrea
as Doctor
Rane Jameson
as Kevin Winstead
Debbie Gibson
as Mrs. Bitner
Fiona Vroom
as Nurse
Maury Morgan
as Danica
Rusty Schwimmer
as Roberta Beliard
Colbert Alembert
as Delivery Man
Veronika London
as Woman
Patrick Duke Conboy
as Club Guy
Toby Levins
as Tim Pickman
Jacob Chattman
as Detective Doofus
Robert Ri'chard
as Josh Bryant
Wesley Choi
as Kid
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Ronnie Hillman
Keith Powell
Liz Benoit
as Jane Everly
Tosca Leong
as Sally Peterson
Haig Sutherland
as Norm
Yvette Saunders
as Uni
Sean Hunter
as Jason Myers
AnnaLynne McCord
as Delilah
Amelie Leviant
as Ivy Richards
David Meunier
as Rex Wilson
David Anthony Buglione
as Ibriel
Lauren J. Daggett
as Cocktail Waitress
Garfield Wilson
as Cop
Steven Jeays
as Hot Dude
Paul Cheng
as Other Fighter
Sean Millington
as Wesley Cabot
Patrick Daniel
as Paddy
Julia Parker
as Brooke Frier
Al Madrigal
as Dr. Jonathan Medina
Adrian Petriw
as Tourettes Todd
Louis Lay
as Receptionist
Valerie Yu
as Sister Mary
Nicole Dele
as Vanessa
Chasty Ballesteros
as Isabel Deluca
Erron Jay
as MoNopolize
Amanda Cleghorn
as Dancer
Nemo Cartwright
as Goat Head
Sonya Balmores
as Wild Child
Jarelle Hepburn
as Stoner
Rebecca De Mornay
as Penelope/Penelope Decker
Carrie Gibson
as Landlady
Ashley Evans
as Widow
JoAnna McPhail
as Bartender
Raquel Pomplun
as Sexy Jogger
David Figlioli
as Les Klumpsky
Wilmer Calderon
as Officer Luis Navarro
Adam Sevani
as Brandon
Devin Crittenden
as Richie Ellison
Thai Edwards
as Bounty #3
Donny Boaz
as 'Dangerous Doug' Libby
Nicholas Massouh
as Bashir Al-Fassad
Gonzalo Menendez
as John Barrow
Andrew Beha
as Biker Gang/Casino Bouncer
Mikaela Hoover
as Esther
Maurice Mulligan
as Dealer #2
Henry Barrial
as Crowd Person #3
Freddy John James
as Priest
Kelly Mantle
as Cher/Donovan McCann
Catherine Christensen
as Lawyer
Teach Grant
as Renny
Danyella Angel
as Beautiful Body Shot Girl
Nicole Marie Appleby
as Shay
Fiona Gubelmann
as Kay/Maddie
Eileen Boylan
as Mystery Woman
Pej Vahdat
as Josh Hamid
Caroline Kwan
as Top Hat Lady/Woman
Aria Pullman
as Bride
Jeff Staron
as Shooter
Nia Cummins
as Dealer
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Craig
Elia Cantu
as Frazzled PA
Ryan Bruce
as Corazon
Austin Basis
as Todd Cornwell
Caryn Ward
as Emily Armantrout
Shannon Dee
as Jasmine the Model
Stacy Hall
as Devin
Barry Nerling
as Mugger
Katelyn Statton
as Tootie
T. Michael Morris
as Background Performer
Cassi Thomson
as Beth
Joshua Bitton
as Wes Williams
Keilani Elizabeth Rose
as Frisky Woman #1
Iris Braydon
as Portraitist
Bruno Amato
as Frank
Ty Chen
as Valet
Mike Cochrane
as Honky Tonk Patron
Emma Barratt
as Beautiful Woman #1
Sasha Roiz
as U.S. Marshal Luke Reynolds
Lauren Baldwin
as Meg Boyd
Enid-Raye Adams
as Frazzled Mom
Joseph Melendez
as Oscar Rivas
Lance Broadway
as Bodyguard
Nathaniel Vossen
as Lux Nightclub DJ
Kelly Dowdle
as Lexy
Kayla Stanton
as Redhead
Germaine De Leon
as Diego
Ogy Durham
as Odessa
Paul Lazenby
as Jackson
Elizabeth Grullon
as Erika
Andreas Blair
as Drug Rat
Sebastian Lawley
as Teenager
Gary Mitchell Carter
as Herb
Marlo Franson
as Detective Marlo
Sofia Vassilieva
as Debra Macall
Matthew MacCaull
as Nicholas Sands
Tom Welling
as Marcus Pierce
Kevin Carroll
as Sinnerman
Celeste Ziegler
as Brunette
Terrell Lee
as Satanic Doorman
Joy Dai
as Bartender
Sharmaine Yeoh
as OCD Debbie
Gary Freeman
as Benny Parker
Marika Sila
as Barfing Girl
Jim Rash
as Richard Kester
Greg Collins
as Traffic Cop
Geoffrey Owens
as Assistant Dean
Anastasia Leddick
as Helena Handbasket
Jack Yang
as Det. Jay Wong
Joey Vahedi
as Kid George
Alla Rouba
as Young Woman's Friend
Brent Bailey
as Jeremy Morgan
Manny Montana
as Junior
Robert Roldan
as Miguel Schraft
Alimi Ballard
as Dr. Liam Garrity
Ryan Grainger
as Dancer
Zach Scheerer
as Judd
Energy Lewis
as Partygoer
Patrick Hume
as Sidewalk Preacher
Marcus Hondro
as Sweaty Paparazzo
Elfina Luk
as Madame Chunhua Li
Emil Beheshti
as Abe Gantz
Lauren Holly
as Roxie Pagliani
Nelson Wong
as Coroner
Tara Summers
as Anne Martin
Pablo Nuñez
as Sal
Ryan Alosio
as Jenson Glory
Amaris Dupree
as Darla
Alexandra Grossi
as Adriana Nassar
Danny Dworkis
as Bald Paparazzo
Chris Trousdale
as Young Band Boy
Charles Edward Bae
as Manager
Jaleesa Mendez
as Coder
Darion Basco
as Froy
Bernardo Cubria
as Pablo Silva
Joy Meulenberg
as Sister Jude
Dusty Sorg
as Gangly
Andy Milder
as Judd
Jillian Rose Reed
as Cece
Kendra Westwood
as Fiona
Dennis Haysbert
as God
Alex Skinner
as Receptionist

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