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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Life can be hectic for a newly single father and successful stand-up comedian -- just ask Louie, a fictionalized version of comic Louis C.K., who portrays the character. From his first meeting of the PTA to dating again and navigating the big city with two children, the comic shares pieces of his day with an appreciative audience during his stand-up gigs. The series features appearances by a number of stand-up comedians appearing in the show as fictionalized versions of themselves. In addition to starring in the show, Louis C.K. also created it.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 29, 2010

Also Known As: 路易不容易, Lujis |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Netherlands (AL) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dark comedy
single father
new york city
inspired by celebrity

Company Credits

Production Co: 3 Arts Entertainment, Bluebush Productions |  See more »


Brad Aldous
as Flea Market Photographer
Ashley North
as Subway Passenger
Alfredo Diaz
as Cool guy
Libby Collins
as Liz's Nurse
Liam Broggy
as Little Boy
Maria Dizzia
as Delores
Joshua Rivera
as Crack Head Guy
Cliff Fleming
as Helicopter Pilot #1
Kate Blumberg
as Martha
Uma Incrocci
as Rug Stealing Woman
Kevin Nagle
as Giant
as Themselves
Chelsea Peretti
as Date
Dewey Wynn
as Vietnamese Man
Will Brill
as Guy #1
Nadia Quinn
as Flea Market Daughter
Jenson Smith
as Grown Jane
Kevin O'Grady
as Guy in Jail #3
Larisa Polonsky
as Debbie
Liza Colón-Zayas
as Miss Hernandez
Bob Saget
as Bob Saget
Wade Harlan
as Soldier #5
Alexis Cuesta Gaínza
as Backyard Musician #2
Ronica V. Reddick
as Sex Store Attendant
Jonathan Hadary
as Joseph the Guru
Kurt Metzger
as Kurt Metzger
Kurt Meier
as Classmate
Jodie Lynne McClintock
as Emotional Woman
John Dinello
as Tony the Super
Laurel Griggs
as Turkish Girl
Peter Hans Benson
as Ken
Matthew Lang
as Bookstore Employee
Leo Oliva
as Soldier #3 (Buffalo Soldier)
Lola Pashalinski
as Mrs. Frame
Manny Siverio
as Comedy Cellar Patron
Rene Ojeda
as Liquor Store Owner
Delle Irani
as BBC Announcer
Anna Orlova
as Turkish Mother
Amy Landecker
as Louie's Mom/Louie's Mother/Sandra
Joel Marsh Garland
as Doug
Kenneth Maharaj
as Cashier
Rosemary Howard
as Bus Passenger
Morgan O'Kane
as Musician
Darlene Violette
as Ratty Hair Teacher/Ratty Haired Teacher
Kate Gilligan
as Anchorwoman
Meghan Gutierrez
as Student
Jay Oakerson
as Bathroom Guy/Museum Exhibit/Strip Club Emcee
Russell G. Jones
as Airport Security Officer
Kelly Deadmon
as Lisa
Moisés Acevedo
as Jock #4
Dan Ziskie
as Sheriff
Hayley Podschun
as Laurie
Will Janowitz
as Goblin
P.J. Benjamin
as Diner Guy #1
Griffin Cole
as Student/Young Louie's Friend
Sarah Wong
as Louie's Fan's Girlfriend
Renee Iovine
as Other Woman in Toy Store
Janie Brookshire
as Saleswoman
Tony V.
as Principal Doug Miner
Clara Wong
as Andrea
Lauren Elder
as Fan
Rachel Bay Jones
as Barbara
Carla Dos Santos
as Sex Store Employee
Alyssa Ruland
as Classmate/Young Louie's Classmate
Todd Davis
as City Worker
Phillip Chorba
as Guy Who Looks Like Louie
Lynne Valley
as Pot Luck Attendee
Ismaelpeter Casillas Nelson
as Kissing Couple
Greg Paul
as Russian Tea Room Guard
Elaine Barrow
as Old Woman
Sidné Anderson
as Renassa
Annie Purcell
as College Girl #3
Ali Reza
as Veteran Writer
Caroline Grossman
as Spiteful Mean Girl #1
Alexa Torres
as Flight Attendant
Roberto Hill
as Joan's Assistant
Guy Whitlock
as Police Sergeant
Joshua Akin
as Young Man
Cara Guglielmino
as Bathroom Girl
Julie Turkowski
as Screaming Girl
Frankie Verroca
as Spiritual Guru Chanter
Gerry Vichi
as Simon
Paul Saltberg
as Knicks Fan
Stephen C. Bradbury
as Dr. Drake
Mike Bocchetti
as Mike
Jesus Padilla
as Student
Patrick Holden O'Neill
as Young Louie
Amy Poehler
as Debbie
Kelly McCrann
as Janice
Richard Council
as Club Owner
Sarah Baker
as Vanessa
Volieda Webb
as Black Woman on Train
Marisa Lee Douenias
as College Girl
Becca Lish
as Flight Attendant/GPS Voice
Tracy Friedman
as Policeman
Jeremy Shinder
as Never Cartesian
Oscar Wahlberg
as Danny
Greg Gutfeld
as Greg Gutfeld
Stephen Dym
as Joan Fan #1
Brian Jarvis
as Soundman
Eszter Balint
as Amia
Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry/Jerry Seinfeld
Victor Garber
as Louie's Lawyer
Stacey Lewis
as Poughkeepsie Nightclub Waitress
Marisa Vural
as Waitress
James Michael Reilly
as Doctor
Jen Snow
as Self - Russ & Daughters
Adepero Oduye
as Tarese
Whitney White
as Stripper #2
Ardie Fuqua
as Ardie/Comedy Cellar Emcee
Minnie Lee
as Stripper #4
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Asian Funeral Mourners
Max Behren
as Young Louie
Richard DeDomenico
as Hobo
Brandon Howard
as Student
Bonita Elery
as Tarese's Sister
Ernest Sampson
as Delivery Man
Conner O'Malley
as Young Louie
Sonya Cooke
as Office Assistant
Jenn Lyon
as Eunice
Oberon K.A. Adjepong
as Driver
Adam Sietz
as Job Foreman
Michael Cyril Creighton
as Marvin
Stephen Badalamenti
as TSA Agent
Joshua Russ Tupper
as Russ & Daughters Guy
Larry Fessenden
as Upset Man
P.J. Connaire
as Brian
Claudia Severance
as Front Row Woman
Gerhard Boshanas
as Cheese Guy
Lynn Marocola
as Knicks Fan
Amanda Devin King
as Student
Lily Peterson
as Student
Caitlyn McLaughlin
as Afghanistan
Cary Woodworth
as Guy #2
Caroline Strong
as Woman Executive
Elizabeth Morton
as Doreen
Lilly Robbins
as Jamie
Itziar Martinez
as Cousin
Louis Iacovino
as Bathing Bum
Charles Grodin
as Dr. Bigelow
Marc Maron
as Marc Maron
Ben Simmoneau
as Weather Guy
Antonio Ortiz
as High School Kid #2
Michael Drumgold
as Open Mic Comedian #4
Michael Rapaport
as Lenny
Reza Salazar
as Thug #1
James Shanahan
as Hotel Security Guard
Jeff Roches
as Roger
Robin Hopkins
as Policewoman
Mando Alvarado
as Manager
Carla Corvo
as College Girl #1
Celia Keenan-Bolger
as Julianne
Ashley Beach
as Elegant Blonde Woman
Jorge Chapa
as Bodega Man
Paul Woodburn
as Bruce
Gaby Hoffmann
as April
Denise Scilabra
as Knicks Fan
Tracy Lee
as Rude Beach Hunk
Cory Fleming
as Helicopter Pilot #2
Maxine Prescott
as Old Woman
Carolyn Seiff
as Jack Dahl's Receptionist #2
Ellen Burstyn
as Evanka
Julio Cesar Rodriguez Delet
as Backyard Musician #1
Marina Franklin
as Comedy Cellar MC
Graham Kurtz
as Guy #3
Eunice Anderson
as Aunt Ellen
Danny Burstein
as Mike
Ashlie Atkinson
as Teacher
Marilyn Duryea
as Old Lady Thief
Pamela Adlon
as Pamela/Cable Phone Voice
Eléonore Pourriat
as French Actress
Clinton Lowe
as Thug #2
Todd Glass
as Guy on Phone/USO Emcee
Alison Pick
as JHS Girl #1
Ally Gordon
as Stripper #1
Heather Hardy
as Tough Woman
Sam Towers
as Tom
Darcy Fowler
as Female Reality Show Contestant #2/Reality Show Contestant #2
Zoe Watkins
as Waitress
Greg O'Brien
as JHS Boy #1
Isaiah Reed
as Coffee Guy
Nancy Slusser
as Jane's Teacher
Barbara Spiegel
as Joan
Edward Burns
as Ed
Abraham Alvarez
as Louie's Father
Katy Grenfell
as Parent #3
Sean Phillips
as Electronics Store Employee
Phil Cappadora
as Man Asleep
Devin Ratray
as Mike
Clayton Dean Smith
as Man with Food
Allan Havey
as Allan Havey
Filip Pogady
as Young Musician with Violin
Jackie Tranchida
as Anchor Woman/Anchorwoman
Laurine Towler
as Parent #1
Budd Friedman
as Budd
Jane Wu
as Chinese Restaurant Hostess
Brigid Harrington
as Classmate
Judy Gold
as Marina
Louis C.K.
as Louie
Doug Stanhope
as Eddie Mack
Rhonda Hansome
as Open Mic Comedian #2
Carmen Lopez
as Ramon's Mother
Clark Middleton
as Tony
Hannibal Buress
as Hannibal
Gina Hernandez
as High End Executive
Lauren Francesca
as Kendra
Jack Tartaglia
as Jimmy
Leo Goodman
as Open Mic Comedian #1
Sarah Sugrue
as Student
Lisa McMillan
as Doris
Susanna Guzman
as School Secretary
Liz Holtan
as Ellen
Sebastian Quinn
as Concert Goer #1
Veanne Cox
as Ellie Bormer
Nicole Ehinger
as Young Tammy
Jo Tanner
as Nurse
Josh Rabinowitz
as Fan
Teena Byrd
as Bar Patron
Michael Kostroff
as Subway Man
Lorenzo Beronilla
as Millionaire Guest
Patrick Vincent Curran
as Kenny
Stephen C. Mitchell
as Blake's Brother
Zaki Sky
as Zaki
Bill Krakauer
as Turkish Man
Chazz Menendez
as Garbage Man #3
Edmund Ikeda
as Chinese Man
Cliff Samara
as Patient
Christine Donlon
as Jeff's Wife
Steve Fabricant
as Outside Steve
Elisabeth Hower
as Trisha
Fred Louisdhon
as Patron
Clemmie Evans
as Woman with Food
Gillian Glasco
as Arguing Black Woman
Isaac Galizio
as Small Bullied Kid
Artie Lange
as Truck Driver
Logan J Rush
as Albert
Aziza Miulli
as Open Mic Comedian #5
Dustin Olson
as Heckler #2
Daniel Marshall
as Kissing Gentleman #2
Yvonne Strahovski
as Blake
Val Rich
as Awful Being
Ross Mark
as Ross
Michael Basile
as Cop #2
Kim Sykes
as Chris Rock's Wife
Vernon Campbell
as Russian Tea Room Guard
Cory Nichols
as Brad
Gregg Rogell
as Gregg Rogell
Kevin McCormick
as Boston Car Guy
Mireille Crocco
as Concert Goer #2
Gregg Hughes
as Radio Show Producer
Ashleigh Hocking
as Knicks Fan
Oona Laurence
as Spiteful Mean Girl #4
Louis Vanaria
as Liz's Doorman
Garry Marshall
as Lars Tardigan
Kaija Matiss
as Diner Waitress
Kevin Creighton
as Antique Store Salesman
Josh Hamilton
as Jeff/Junior High School Counselor/Social Worker
Rick Shuster
as Helicopter Pilot #3
David Wilson Barnes
as Charlie
Eric Mathis
as Young Black Kid
Christine Pardo
as Concert Goer #4
Susan Sarandon
as Self
Hayley Feinstein
as Spiteful Mean Girl #3
Austin Jones
as Heckler #1
Linda Powell
as Liz's Doctor
Roger Brenner
as Bus Passenger/Hospital Orderly
Finnerty Steeves
as Joy
Robert Johnson
as Kissing Gentleman #1
Genoveva Rossi
as Comedy Cellar Patron
John Quilty
as Wine Store Guy
Hannah Patelunas
as Young Woman
David T. Zimmerman
as Shop Patron
Steven Boyer
as Young Pharmacy Employee
Amir Ali Said
as High School Kid #1
Blair Breard
as Producer
Robert Kelly
as Bobby/Robbie
Stephen Hill
as Electronics Store Security Guard
Audrey Lynn Weston
as Girl Behind Counter
Alexander Martin Jones
as Concerned Subway Man
Lulu Wilson
as Little Girl
Robert Trapp
as Laughing Soldier
Dave Konig
as Matchie
Jeremy Renner
as Jeff Davis
Evan Wadle
as Albert
Ashley Gerasimovich
as Jane
Donna Hanover
as Gloria
Kayli Gural
as Girl in School Hallway
Lucy McMichael
as Young Subway Woman
Hector Martinez
as Hector
Lucio Fernandez
as Gypsy Cab Driver
Jody Lyn Flynn
as Reality Show Host
Johann Luna
as Santiago
Zach McCall
as Soldier #7
Terrin Hill
as Man in Toy Store
Eddie Brill
as Eddie
Luba Pevnitskaia
as Woman in Toy Store
Erica Gonzalez
as Pastry Lady
Connie Ray
as Flea Market Mother
Tyler Kenney
as Jock #2
Steve Lacy
as Anchorman
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Deli Manager
Jordan Fargo
as Young Louie's Friend
Yul Vazquez
as Pedro
Ryah Nixon
as Waitress
Jose Soto
as Arguing Hispanic Man
Claudia Kiss
as College Girl #4
Sarah Ellis
as Teacher #3
Cyrah Hawkins
as FOB Soldier
Ori Kalmus
as Soldier #1
Keni Thomas
as Keni Thomas
Bud Stafford
as Blake's Father
as Godfrey
John Lithgow
as Funny Man
Chelsea Vance
as Concert Goer #3
Jim Norton
as Jim/Pig
Alix Elias
as Old Woman in Pharmacy
Thomas F. Duffy
as Faux Louie
Kirsty Meier
as Student
Jack Mercy
as Shai
Lisa Emery
as Karleen
Cliff Moylan
as Cop #1
Cassandra Bodzak
as Party Girl #2
Mike Gilliam
as Anchor Man/Announcer/Sidekick
Maria Thayer
as Rental Car Lady
Brett McClelland
as Dane Cook's Bodyguard
Christina Gausas
as Ticket Agent
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Alphonse
Anthony Cumia
as Tracer
Chris Kepford
as Priest
Gary Wilmes
as Patrick
Peter Kim
as Doctor
Jimmy Fallon
as Jimmy Fallon
Ronson Frank
as Large/Strong Boxer #2
Joseph Basile
as Guy in Jail #2
Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook
as Indian Restaurant Host
Meghan Rafferty
as Parent #2
Heléne Yorke
as Hot Girl
Heidi Armbruster
as Louie's Sitcom Wife
Casey Siemaszko
as Homeless Man
Sam Haft
as Young East Village Dude
Kathleen Butler
as Naked Woman
David Little
as Louie's Therapist
Faina Reinhardt
as Stripper #3
Anya Krawcheck
as Airport Saleslady
Steven Wright
as Comic Strip MC/Steven Wright
Adrian Martinez
as Hurricane Man
Gregory Gunter
as Dennis
Chuck Sklar
as Osama Bin Laden
Barbara Ann Davison
as Joan Fan #2
Matthew Broderick
as Man/Matthew Broderick
Edward Gelbinovich
as Doug
Victoriano Angel Napolez
as Backyard Musician #3
Sam Yazbeck
as Biker
Brooke Bloom
as Young Janet
Justin Gray
as Sound Mixer
Rich Duva
as Newton Detective
Jay Leibowitz
as Drunk Guy
Gina Piersanti
as Laurie
Chris Rock
as Chris Rock/Chris
Aidan T.K. Baker
as Bartender
Chris Gethard
as Self - Open Mic Host
Jim Tews
as Comedian On Stage
Miguel Gomez
as Ramon
Gwyneth E. Larsen
as Ellen
Rebecca Darke
as Elderly Woman
Kim Barlow
as Tammy
Nancy Robinette
as Woman Passenger
Andrea Frierson
as Nurse
Fahim Fazli
as Afghan Local
Roderick Hill
as Peter
Ben Jeffrey
as Curtis
Shae D'lyn
as Danila
France Iann
as Nurse #1
Maria Bamford
as Maria
Ann Carr
as Karen
Tom Noonan
as Dr. Haveford
Jon Glaser
as Jon
Sawyer Swanson
as Young Louie
Stephen Root
as Dr. Hepa
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Homeless Replacement
Deborah LaCoy
as Realtor Woman
Paul Coughlan
as Hotel Doorman
Tatsuya Rivera
as Serge
Amy Schumer
as Diane
Karyn Quackenbush
as Doris
Ryan Fitzsimmons
as Man with Janice
Maury Ginsberg
as Barry
Michael Torpey
as Male Realtor
Chetna Goel
as Student
Greg Fitzsimmons
as Greg
Mario Polit
as NYPD Cop
Christoph Manuel
as Store Attendant
Joan Porter
as Jack Dahl's Receptionist #1
Nilaja Sun
as Woman on Phone
Frank Carlo
as Jock #1
Johnnie Mae
as TSA Supervisor
Otis Edward Cotton
as Taxi Driver #2
Ursula Parker
as Jane
Rusty Schwimmer
as Gretchen
Harold Plaut
as Security Guard #1
as Open Mic Comedian #3
Kofi Boakye
as Garbage Man #1
Polina Nikiforova
as Elaine
Denny Dillon
as Therapist
Hadley Delany
as Lilly
Sylvia Kauders
as Woman
Scott Martin
as Guy on Phone at Precinct
Gene Jones
as Pharmacist
Lee Zarrett
as Bookstore Manager
Nancy Shayne
as Nancy/Nancy Cartesian/Teacher
Joan Rivers
as Joan Rivers
Walter Masterson
as Speedo-Man
Skipp Sudduth
as Mr. Hoffman
Matt Gehring
as IKEA Man
Vitali Baganov
as Radio
Jay Leno
as Jay
Susan Blommaert
as Dr. Bigelow's Nurse/Nurse
Robyn Payne
as Ticket Agent
Rich Rothbell
as Pushy Airport Suit
Lauren Doucette
as Parmesan Cheese Lady
Raul Frank
as Large/Strong Boxer #1
Jack O'Connell
as Casino Manager
Dennis Robinson
as Jock #3
Stephanie Berry
as Jane's Principal/Principal
Steven Cambria
as Unsure Man
Lino Del Core
as Italian Restaurant Waiter
Myq Kaplan
as Myq Kaplan
Mahira Kakkar
as Check-Out Clerk
Glen Feinstein
as Car Rental Person
Chloë Sevigny
as Jeanie
Nick Kocher
as Young Eddie
Raymond Cassar
as Hamptons Policeman
Justin Guess
as Soldier #6
Melissa Collado
as Clinic Receptionist
Glenn Close
as Woman
Peak Kwinarian
as Another Writer
Evan Fine
as Young Louie
Reynaldo Piniella
as Counter Guy
Dylan Prince
as Joan Fan #3
Ted Alexandro
as Flyer Comic
Lenny Marcus
as Lenny
Nimo Gandhi
as Taxi Driver #1
Emily Padgett
as Grown Lilly
Samia Akudo
as Flight Attendant
Angel Rosa
as Policeman
John Christopher Morton
as Nerdy Man
Devin Druid
as Young Louie
Sebastian Rocha
as Guy in Swimsuit
Ann Dowd
as Nun
Ana Kayne
as Jasmine
Vernon Chatman
as Jack Dahl's Receptionist #3
Jocelyn Bioh
as CBS Receptionist
Alan Muraoka
as Jordan
Angela Atwood
as Sitcom PA
Benhur Sito Barrero
as Benny
Gideon Adlon
as Amy
Sujoy De
as Cashier
Yury Tsykun
as Hungarian Waiter
Ingrid Reichert
as Girl in Bikini
William Stephenson
as William/Comedy Cellar Emcee/Bus Driver
Sofia Hublitz
as Danielle Hoffman
Don Pugsley
as General
Munro M. Bonnell
as Crazy Homeless Man
Michael H. Ingram
as Angry Man
Anthony Correa
as Older Cuban Man
Haley Higgins
as Woman in Bikini
Thomas Kyles
as Concert Goer #5
Chloe Elaine Scharf
as School Girl/Young Blake
Julia Losner
as Classmate
Betsy Struxness
as Sunshine
McKinley Belcher III
as Gravedigger #1
Nootka Rey
as Soldier #8
Dee Morris
as Reality Show Man #1
Nate Fernald
as Bart Folding
Lee Shepherd
as Louie's Doctor
Kailie Torres
as Reality Show Contestand #1
Bobby Cannavale
as Chris
Joe DeRosa
as Evan
as Homeless Man
Hannah Dunne
as Todd's Waitress
Alison Stover
as Astrid
Niki Russ Federman
as Self - Russ & Daughters
David Patrick Kelly
as Therapist
Ian Jarvis
as Mediator
Herman Chavez
as Policeman #1
Racheal Seymour
as Soldier #4
Dave Attell
as Dave
Justin James Lang
as Man With Axe Thru Neck
Mare Costello
as USO
Dane Cook
as Dane Cook
Lee Avant
as Cocktail Waitress
Todd Barry
as Todd
Christopher Clark Gates
as Guy
Megan Hilty
as Heckler
Rachel Stern
as Bartender
Allie Schulz
as Party Girl #1
Dylann Tripathi
as Sleepover friend
Michael Cera
as Young Man
Ben Dasaro
as Poughkeepsie Nightclub Owner
Elizabeth Ard
as Girl in Bar
Lucy Spain
as Joan Fan #4
Germar Terrell Gardner
as Goodwill Moving Man
Penn Lynn White
as Kate
Grant Shaud
as Eddie Faye
Delphina Belle
as Shasta
Kina Bermudez
as IKEA Woman
Jordana Keller
as Classmate
Dave M. Lile
as Beach Guy
Maria Menounos
as Entertainment News Anchor
E. Matthew Yavne
as Old Louie
Rolando Zaragoza
as Uncle Chavo
Tracee Chimo Pallero
as Dog Pound Volunteer
Jive Poetic
as Poetry Reader
Joseph Urban
as Guy in Jail #1
Melissa Leo
as Laurie
Joe Tom Collins
as Janitor
Ashton Landgraf
as Cheerleader
Matthew J. McCarthy
as Actor Louie
Manny de la Cruz
as Bouncer
Antonio E. Moreno
as Guy at Strip Club
Stivi Paskoski
as Motorcycle Salesman
Hye Jin Jang
as Stripper
Sidney Williams
as Waiter
Sarah Silverman
as Sarah Silverman/Sarah
Ricky Gervais
as Dr. Ben
Angela Struck
as Elevator Woman
Anya Denisova
as Spiteful Mean Girl #2
Rénayla Joye
as Comic #2
Linda Turley
as Linda/Waitress
Nick Di Paolo
as Nick
Isaiah Stokes
as Drugstore Employee/Spitting Guy
Jay Horton
as Bartender
Robin Williams
as Robin
Graham Winton
as Diner Guy #3
Parker Posey
as Liz
Tiffany Meier
as JHS Girl #2
Mesrop Agadzhanyan
as Afghan Soldier
Elena McGhee
as Grace
Bill Vila
as Bus Driver
John T. Scanlon
as Helicopter Pilot #4
Dena Tyler
as Bianca
Curtis Nelson II
as Soldier #2
Kevin Kolack
as Paramedic
Katie Honaker
as Mother
Amir Blumenfeld
as Young Nervous Writer
Hannelore Williams
as Unapologetic Woman
Bree Sharp
as Jamie
Dawn McGee
as Screaming Woman
Thomas Place
as Garbage Man #2
Susan Millard
as Nurse #2
David Lynch
as Jack Dahl/Jack Dall
Jessica Shea Alverson
as Flea Market Woman
Adam Escott
as A.D.
Alicia Sable
as College Girl #2
Mary Louise Wilson
as Dorethy
Lori Palminteri
as Poughkeepsie Nightclub MC
James Schram
as The Bartender
Colin Huggins
as Crazy Piano Guy
Kapil Bawa
as ER Doctor
Jim Florentine
as Kenny
J.B. Smoove
as Gravedigger #2
Zandi Holup
as April
Don Castro
as Oklahoma Doctor
Dominic Colón
as Electronics Store Manager
Meredith Hagner
as Alison
Pedro Morillo Jr.
as Cool Guy #2
Rick Crom
as Rick
Catori Crawford
as Tranquilitae
F. Murray Abraham
as Jonathan/Louie's Dad/Uncle Excelsior
Michael Drayer
as Sean
Amy Janette McDonald
as Jackie
Susan Kelechi Watson
as Janet
Ali Ahn
as Wanda
Amy Dickenson
as Mother Chewing Out Son
Rock Kohli
as Diner Waiter
Paul Rudd
as Paul Rudd
Jay Russell
as Jay
Amir Levy
as Restaurant Host

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 14 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 8 Episodes




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