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October 28, 2021
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About this title


Bo is a small-town girl on the run after a disastrous sexual encounter with her boyfriend ends with his death. Bo learns that she is not human, but a succubus, who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. She and her kind are members of the Fae, creatures of legend, who walk among humans and feed off them in different ways. As she searches for the truth about her origins and runs from her inhuman urges, she vows to help those she meets along the way -- human or Fae -- who need to right a wrong.

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Country: Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 12, 2010

Also Known As: A Rainha das Sombras, Elveszett lány |  See more »


Plot Keywords

love triangle

Company Credits

Production Co: Prodigy Pictures, Bo Series


Bola Olubowale
as Obsidian Man
Allison Dawn Doiron
as Amanda
Houida Kassem
as News Reporter
James Cade
as Tryst
Robin Kasyanov
as Zephyr
Mark Hobson
as Pete
Christopher Kennedy
as Dougie
Milton Barnes
as Jed
Andrew Jackson
as Jed
Julian Richings
as Arval
A. Frank Ruffo
as Italian Chef
James Preston Rogers
as Body Builder/Lucas
Fuad Ahmed
as Sam
P. Rodney Barnes
as Investor
Billy MacLellan
as Duncan
Jack Newman
as Delivery Fae
Shawn Doyle
as Isaac Taft
Lee Rumohr
as Carter
Graham Abbey
as Cayden
Michael Worthman
as Subterranean Fae
Jordan Pettle
as Atticus
Dwight Ireland
as Waiter
Dewshane Williams
as Jason Gaines
Maria Vacratsis
as Ms. Sizemore
Glen Gaston
as Scientist
Alana Bridgewater
as Bremusa
Sam Malkin
as Dark Fae Elder #1/Dark Fae Elder
Sarain Boylan
as Warden
Daveed Louza
as Bruno
Ryan Scott Greene
as Sam
Eli Martyr
as Lupercus
Philip Williams
as Ronald
Sebastian MacLean
as Bouncer
Sonya Côté
as Tina
Tanisha Thammavongsa
as Exoctic Dancer #1
Dwain Murphy
as Clay Jonas
Alyssa Veniece
as Riley
Sean Bell
as Whicher
Alli Chung
as Nurse
Meg Hogarth
as Pearl
Chris Hoffman
as Hamish
Stephanie Belding
as Amy
Scott Cavalheiro
as Tad
Deborah Odell
as Stella Nashira/Awhero
Ennis Esmer
as Philip
Kristina Pesic
as The Mare
Kyle Labine
as Tony
Aj Jaywar
as Reynard
Dalal Badr
as Light Fae Elder #2
Samantha Munro
as Beverly
Luke Bilyk
as Mark
Peter Cockett
as Jungle Jim
Robert Thomas
as Prison Guard/Uniformed Cop
Tadhg McMahon
as Lucas
Kyle Schmid
as Rainer/The Wanderer
Cheryl Quiacos
as The Morragh
Edwin MacIsaac
as Large Hunk
Angelica Lisk-Hann
as Thrasher
Sean Baek
as Monk Guard
Chris Violette
as Cell Guard #1
Brandon Firla
as Darren Clare
Kate Todd
as Dominique Clare
Karl Campbell
as Ba'al
Merwin Mondesir
as Guard
Wes Berger
as Police Officer
Sima Fisher
as Hot Tub Bikini Girl/Pool Party Woman #4
Ho Chow
as Tesso
Katie Bergin
as Tamsin
Jenny Raven
as Libra
Sabrina Campbell
as Allison
Lanette Ware
as Female Nurse
Seán Cullen
as Dabner
Apollonia Vanova
as Toxis
Chad Allen
as Incubus/Ogre
Allie MacDonald
as Hannah
Courtney Van Wirdum
as Dancer #1
Linda Hamilton
as Acacia
Anna Ferguson
as Estelle
Clive Walton
as Crier
Jordan Prentice
as Valentine
Erica Deutschman
as Milk Maid #1
John Kapelos
as Wayne
Eric Roberts
as Hades/Jack
Martin Julien
as Alastor
Melinda Deines
as Eleanor
Miriam McDonald
as Anita/Hot Fae
Michael Cram
as Woods
Luke Bontius
as Hunky Guy
Helena Marie
as Additional Voices
Allana Harkin
as Coach
Courtney-Jane White
as Tori
Anna Hardwick
as Maddy
Theresa Joy
as Gloria
Ryan Cooley
as Blogger
Belinda Bijan
as Double Dutch Girl #2
Elias Toufexis
as Michael Connell
Ted Atherton
as Bob Hamelin
Lochlyn Munro
as Ian Jenkins
Naomi Snieckus
as Talent Agent
Neema Bickersteth
as Jumbee
Shakura S'Aida
as Dark Fae Elder #2/Female Elder
Nicholas Bode
as Tyler
Marty Adams
as The Eye
Mellisa Moore
as Exoctic Dancer #2
Jason Faulkner
as Driver Goon
Noam Jenkins
as Heratio/Kevin Brown/Kevin Welles
Ben Lewis
as Liam
Paul James Saunders
as Mario
Kyle Buchanan
as Everett
Gabriel Browning Rodriguez
as Injured Boy
Nahanni Johnstone
as Dominatrix
Jake Michaels
as Patron
Nengi Adoki
as Woman
Judi-Anne Olivia Lopez
as Kai
Bobby Brown
as Cop #1
Wendy Anderson
as Marcia
Cory Grant
as Boxer
Steve Lucescu
as Man in Black
Brenda Kamino
as Light Fae Elder #3
Serje Basi
as Sailor
Katherine Ashby
as Kathy
Olunike Adeliyi
as Suri Middleton
Vladimir Jon Cubrt
as Guard #2
Raoul Max Trujillo
as The Garuda
Alan Catlin
as Bus Driver
Chris Owens
as Lieutenant
Zachary Bennett
as Cheeno
Jonathan Shatzky
as Photographer
Damon Runyan
as Roman Tyresius
Sadie Alter
as Young Bo
Richard Chevolleau
as Officer Boyd
Jessica Phillips
as Sex Trade Worker #1
Rachel Skarsten
as Tamsin/Thomasina
Constantine Meglis
as Mourner
Jonathan Watton
as Hugin
Kyra Harper
as Wai Lin
Richard McMillan
as Will-o'-the-Wisp
Kristin Fairlie
as Faux Kenzie Acting Double
Paul Fauteux
as Nigel
Genevieve Blais
as Party Crasher #2
Philippa Domville
as Lady Polly
Amy Lalonde
as Chloe
Chris Ratz
as Rolly
Fenulla Jiwani
as Eulalie
Ali Liebert
as Crystal
Gregory Finney
as Norn's Assistant
Denis Akiyama
as The Preta
John Paul Ruttan
as Ethan
Nikki Grant
as Gina
Jon De Leon
as Dark Fae Elder #3
Simon Northwood
as Henchman/Key Guardian
Shanice Banton
as Iris/Cecilia Lawrence/Nyx
Mercedes Leggett
as Musashi Girl #1
Brock Johnson
as Drunk Reveler
Inga Cadranel
as Aife/Saskia
Grahame Wood
as Salesman
Meghan Heffern
as Tabitha
Elisa Atristain-Garcia
as Nurse
Brian Frank
as Whitman
Pastel Supernova
as Maeve
Steve Whistance-Smith
as Gatekeeper
Bjanka Murgel
as Mylene
Caroline Torti
as Dancer #2
Michael Ayres
as Clerk
Vanessa Matsui
as Cassie
Keith Dinicol
as Bardwell
David Vena
as Hoodlum
Alex Paxton-Beesley
as Lola
Casey Hudecki
as Rosette
Eugene Clark
as Fletcher
Rick Howland
as Fitzpatrick 'Trick' McCorrigan
Aldrin Bundoc
as Fire Fae Waiter
Neil Whitely
as Head of Security
Derek Moran
as Gus
Krystin Pellerin
as Jenny
Dale Samms
as Blackwater Type 3
Travis Hedland
as Dead Groom
Kenneth Wickes
as Old Man
Shamier Anderson
as Evan
Jeff Douglas
as Silas
Nola Augustson
as Mary Dennis
Clinton Lee Pontes
as Oo'Glug Fae
Oliver Becker
as Acher
Lady Vezina
as Key Club Member
John Tench
as Pharmacist/Sheriff
Niville Diggs
as Waitress
Robert Mauriell
as Robert/Thug #1
David Keeley
as Jesper
Joanne Boland
as Mel Williams
Aron Tager
as Mayer
Kate Ross
as Lisa
Samantha Madely
as Consigliere
Anna Hopkins
as Brinkley White
Colin Lawrence
as Marcus
Lizz Alexander
as Kala
Greg Bryk
as Cleasby
Killian Gray
as Dullahan #2
Susanne Sutchy
as Ada
Lauren Ash
as Jane
Gordon S. Miller
as Connor
Diana Reyes
as Guard #1
Darren Frost
as Lazy John
Aaron Poole
as Kelly the Hunter
Dan Lett
as Cumberbatch
Trent Pardy
as Redneck #2
Linda Kash
as Galina Malikov
Donald Tripe
as Janitor
Jeff Kassel
as Gordon
Sasha Clements
as Sarah
Kim Roberts
as Esther
Sadie LeBlanc
as Susan
Anthony Sherwood
as Light Fae Elder #1
Pragna Desai
as Peggy
Shauna MacDonald
as Dean Peretti
K.C. Collins
as William 'Hale' Santiago/The Ash
Anthony Lemke
as Ryan Lambert
Julie Brar
as Suneetha
Nadine Djoury
as Lisa
Jean Yoon
as Commanding Officer
Ree Andrews
as Glaive Guard #2
Craig Arnold
as Matt
A.C. Peterson
as Light Fae Elder
Tim Rozon
as Massimo/The Druid
Mia Kirshner
as Clio
Ken Hall
as Jeffrey
Dennis O'Connor
as Elder Buzz Porter
Sterling Jarvis
as Vice Principal Dickerson
Kathy Maloney
as Injured Mother
Anna Silk
as Bo Dennis/Dyson Thornwood
Marci T. House
as Laveau
Ryan Tilley
as Noah Jenkins
Gabrielle Miller
as Caroline
Krysta Carter
as Tori
Ava Preston
as Baby Tamsin
Kris Siddiqi
as Delivery Man
Zoie Palmer
as Lauren Lewis/Amber/Flora Blooms/Lola/Zee
Oren Williamson
as Cute Guy
Adam Chuckryk
as Thrall
Carla Guiliani
as Chanting Woman #2
Suzanne Cyr
as Blake
Ingrid Kavelaars
as The Glaive
Jennifer Gibson
as Giselle
Tommie-Amber Pirie
as Sylvie
Harry Judge
as Max's Lawyer
Boyd Banks
as Groundskeeper
Kathy Imrie
as Light Fae Elder
Garfield Andrews
as Cop #1
Adam Booth
as Man Jump into Pool
Matt Purdy
as Kyle/Kyle (Flashback)
Steven Yaffee
as Earl
Adam Kenneth Wilson
as Homeless Man
Rothaford Gray
as Frank
Malcolm Messado Fletcher
as Basketball Player
Richard Harte
as Roger
Leslie Carlson
as Cole (Older)
James Kirchner
as Conductor
David Richmond-Peck
as Garrity
Richard Sheridan Willis
as Wendell
Lovina Yavari
as Carnival Fae
George Takei
as Engelram
Dimitri Pavlakos
as Blackwater Type 1/Dark Figure
Brittany Gray
as Delia
Bruce Beaton
as Marvin
Phyllis Ellis
as Eunice
Danny Waugh
as MC
Talia Russo
as Pool Party Woman #3
Arnold Pinnock
as Bertram
Scott Ryan Yamamura
as Musashi
Cheryl Hickey
as Reporter
Melyssa Anishnabie
as Carnival Fae/Goth Clubber
Adam Cassidy
as Monk
Rob Archer
as Bruce/Large Man
Karen Glave
as Marian
Clé Bennett
as The Ash
Cristina Rosato
as Sheri
Stephen Arbuckle
as Max
Carlyn Burchell
as Maddy
Melissa Veszi
as Exoctic Dancer #3
Bill Yak
as Boxing Coach
Jen Georgopoulos
as Goth on Swing
Ted Ludzik
as Geek
Devon MacDonald
as Drunk Girl
Kent Nolan
as Tenabrae/Tenebrae
Robert B. Kennedy
as Beat Cop
Matthew Lemche
as Tad
Rainbow Sun Francks
as Cameron
Rosemary Dunsmore
as Psychologist
Katherine Barrell
as Maisie
Robin Cunningham
as Club Photographer
Joe Pingue
as Salvatore Ferraro
David Macniven
as Beverly's Dad
Tenika Davis
as Selma
Vanessa Burns
as Cowgirl
Jacob Richter
as Initiate #1
Marlaina Andre
as Cynthia
Angela Besharah
as Jobina
Jack Sansone
as Lachlan's Gaurd
Emily Lawrence
as Party Crasher #1
Chad Connell
as Christoph
Daniel DeSanto
as Aussie
Ksenia Solo
as Kenzi Malikov/Angel/Inari/The Shtriga
Lauren Bullivant
as Delphine
Shondra Kayd
as Amazon Guard
Michael Dufays
as Angry Fae
Brandon Wickens
as Beautiful Guy
Jeffrey R. Smith
as Siegfried
Jeff Pangman
as Brad
Alisen Down
as Isabeau/Wife
Brookelyn Leonard
as Double Dutch Girl #1
Cindy Morellato
as Exoctic Dancer #4
Danya Nearon
as Truck Driver
Ian Downie
as Old Man
Daniel Kash
as Seebeck
Lawrence Bayne
as Muscular Goon
Maria del Mar
as Donna
Lisa Marcos
as Alicia Welles
Debra McCabe
as Neighbour
Todd Campbell
as Fired Employee
Darryl Hinds
as Choga
Rebecca Dalton
as Scenester Gal
Tara Wilson
as Jessica
Linzee Barclay
as Handmaiden
Tamsen McDonough
as Janet
Samantha Espie
as Pietra
Kathleen Laskey
as Tulip
Ashley MacIsaac
as Fiddler #1
Steve Lund
as Rockstar
Edsson Morales
as Thumper
Michelle Nolden
as Freyja
Vincent Walsh
as Lachlan/The Ash
Thet Win
as Lab Assistant
Lynne Griffin
as Halima
Aaron Ashmore
as Nate
Cynthia Preston
as Selene
John Corbett
as Gruff Voiced Figure
Ryan Belleville
as Balzac
Eve Harlow
as Epona
Hayley Nault
as Nain Rouge
Virna Kim
as Waitress
Jon Cor
as Paulo
Richard Blackburn
as Gerald
Anthony Grant
as Tyrell
Emily Piggford
as Tomoe
Sitara Hewitt
as Lita
Abena Malika
as Gloris
Craig Burnatowski
as Cell Guard #2
Justin Kelly
as Nelson
Ron Kennell
as Crater
Chapelle Jaffe
as Martha
Laura de Carteret
as Dr. Hansen
Paula Kaye
as Walla Group Performer
Tammy Gillis
as Marissa
Michael Mando
as Neville
Kristopher Turner
as Russell
Jay Schramek
as Singing Man
Julian Christopher
as Heathcliff Santiago
Plato Fountidakis
as Goblin
Hardee T. Lineham
as Heinze
Ian Matthews
as Dimitri
Rob Salem
as Fae Royalty
Shannon Leroux
as Glaive Guard #1/Lady Roids
Michael Rhoades
as Elder
Tim Campbell
as Mike
Clyde Phillips Sr.
as Goon #2
Jocelyn Hudon
as Victoria
Don Gough
as Goon #1
Jessie Behan
as Soccer Mom
Daniel Williston
as Caterer
Jamillah Ross
as Gladys
Cliff Saunders
as Mumphert
Cherisse Woonsam
as Leslie
Tig Fong
as Big Tak'o
Anna Cyzon
as Bartender #2
Steven P. Park
as Craig
Brittany Allen
as Della
Amber Goldfarb
as Olivia
Stefano DiMatteo
as Samir
Dave Kiner
as Musician
Katriina Isberg
as Beautiful Girl
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Evony Fleurette Marquise/The Morrigan
Jessica Huras
as Receptionist/Old Bo
Tricia Braun
as Woman
Starr Domingue
as Hostess
Catherine Burdon
as Nancy
Rick Braggins
as Dougalitte
Eliana Jones
as Teen Tamsin
Kristi Angus
as Cheryl
Conrad Bergschneider
as The Baku
Lou Jurgens
as Gaia
Natalie Brown
as Sabine Purcell
Matt Bois
as Male Nurse
Salvatore Antonio
as The Lich
Kevin Claydon
as Limo Driver
Pedro Miguel Arce
as Bouncer
Christine Aziz
as Maid
Kelly Fletcher
as Nurse
Amanda Walsh
as Zee/Elizabeth Helm
Benjamin Ayres
as Eddy/Endymion
Rob Stewart
as Harrison
Pamela Matthews
as Maganda
Marie Ward
as Lou Ann Heidinger
Tyler McMaster
as Redneck #1
Sofia Troop
as Kat
Kate Lynch
as Baba Yaga
Sarah Jackson
as Elle
Fulvio Cecere
as Sgt Ross
Ruth Goodwin
as Bottle Brunette
Tre Smith
as Black Ops
Zach Apostoleris
as Redneck #3
Toby Proctor
as Pike
Jeannie Daniels
as Cosmetics Salesperson
Isabelle Kiraly
as Assistant
Russell Ferrier
as Groundskeeper
Vincent Rother
as Berserker #3
Lisa Berry
as Serena
Yoko Kawashima
as Council Member
Elena Lau
as Detective Hale's Girlfriend
Paul Amos
as Vex/Prince Filipe III/The Maestro/The Morrigan
Sarah Power
as Siobhan the Banshee
Stephen Sparks
as Lloyd
Damon Redfern
as Emmett
Athena Karkanis
as Nadia
Von Flores
as Donovan
R.D. Reid
as Krampus
Hrant Alianak
as Kouyoumijian
David Occhipinti
as Servant
Azra Valani
as Club Patron
Kate Trotter
as The Norn
Holly Deveaux
as Portia
George Tchortov
as Blackwater Type 2/Dullahan #1
Dave Hemstad
as Lewis
Chloe Rose
as Julia Jenkins
Jack Jessop
as Craggy Old Man
Richard Zeppieri
as Mr. Keats
Nykeem Provo
as Christian
Mimi Kuzyk
as Judge Megaera
Claire Alan
as Beauty School Girl #2
Stephanie Cadman
as Fiddler #2
Craig Stickland
as Young Drug Dealer
Jayne Eastwood
as Velma
Genelle Williams
as Hessa
Adam Barrett
as Young Actor
Brooke Pastuch
as Double Dutch Girl #3
Clint Butler
as The Archivist
Christopher Russell
as Hepha
Derek McGrath
as Dr. Palmer
Catherine Fitch
as Aunt Ludmila
Rebecca Amare
as Attendant
Chloe Sullivan
as Beauty School Girl #1
Emily Lineham
as Dancing Blonde/Exoctic Dancer
Callum Gunn
as Model
Sagine Sémajuste
as Dedona
Jonathan Higgins
as Mitch
Sarah Robichaud
as Mother #1/Police Officer
Matt Burkhart
as Bouncer
Kerry Lai Fatt
as Jolene
Aaron Berg
as Barback
Jonathan Whittaker
as Patrick
Michelle Mylett
as Maggy
Andrew Bushell
as Cherry Wine Guy
Marina Tseva
as Milk Maid #2
Aren Buchholz
as Derek Finley
Erica Luttrell
as Val/Val Santiago
Jerome Bourgault
as French Farmer
Courtney Deelen
as Seamstress
Paul James Kelly
as Stefan
Scott McCord
as Harvey
Jill Frappier
as Mrs. Farlinger
Nick Alachiotis
as The Domovoi
Kirsten Comerford
as Bridesmaid
Lina Roessler
as Ciara O'Breen/Ciara
Philip Akin
as Tshombe
Jason Blicker
as Frank the Doorman
Miranda Jade
as Kappa Sorority Sister
Jennifer Dale
as The Leviathan
Samantha Michelle
as Astrid
Alyssa Pawlak
as ND Woman
Aniela Kurylo
as Pythia
Glen Cross
as Berserker #2
Adrian Nguyen
as Fang
Conrad Coates
as The Blackthorn
Masa Lizdek
as Girlfriend
Alex Keeton
as Backpacker
Seth Cooperman
as Bartender
Christopher Gross
as Door Henchman/Egg Thief
Josh Horvath
as Cute Fae
Andrew Butcher
as Patient
Lara Jean Chorostecki
as Ianka
Nenna Abuwa
as Sex Trade Worker #2
Rayisa Kondracki
as Elena
Randal Edwards
as Shawn
Ish Morris
as Police Officer
Christine Horne
as Arabella/The Keeper
Izaak Smith
as Clerk
Ari Cohen
as Brikim
Kate Corbett
as Stacey
Mary Pitt
as Ambassador Begga Brynhildr
Jamaal Grant
as Manny
Steve Cochrane
as Bartender/Man
Ieva Lucs
as Thraso
Jason McPherson
as Head Thrall
Matt Schichter
as Hipster
Chandra Galasso
as Day Nurse
Richard Clarkin
as Brother Douglas
Madison Cipparone
as Popular Girl
Yulia Lukin
as Pool Party Woman #2
Natalie Lisinska
as Collette
Alex Appel
as Puca
Farah Merani
as Astrid
JJ Moore
as Dance Blonde
Paulino Nunes
as Zael
Glenda MacInnis
as Hugin's Wife
Joanna Bacalso
as Female Contender
Julian De Zotti
as Fugly
Stephen R. Hart
as Tall Thin Man
Robin Brûlé
as Carla
Philip Nessel
as Teague
Ron Lea
as The Caretaker
Shadia Ali
as Trudy
Olivia Scriven
as Dagny
Katie Boland
as Bianca
Chris Gillett
as The General
Kris Holden-Ried
as Dyson Thornwood/Nosyd
Noah Dalton Danby
as Oscar
Robert Clarke
as John
Moses Nyarko
as Tough Guy
Lauren Holly
as Sadie
K. C. Collins
Lyndie Greenwood
as Lana
Zsuzsanna Cseh
as Pool Party Woman #1
Sean Clement
as Graeme
Gord Rand
as Dr. Snook
Victoria Adilman
as Mrs. Phelps
Karen Cliche
as Diana Clare
Jadyn Wong
as Dao-Ming
Steffi DiDomenicantonio
as Female Student
Alex Karzis
as Bamber
Joris Jarsky
as Munin
Christopher Kelk
as Patient
Jung-Yul Kim
as Bouncer
Odessa Kelebay
as Anna
Dylan Roberts
as Eddie
Tattiawna Jones
as Daphne
Katherine Trowell
as Old Nun
Sidney Leeder
as Kasey
Rachel Blair
as Lost Woman in Portal
Bethanie Ho
as Musashi Girl #2
Sonja Vanbesien
as Chanting Woman #1
Paul Stephen
as Una Mens
Lorne Hunter
as Security Guard
Hannah Emily Anderson
as Persephone
Dax Ravina
as Seymour
Drew Nelson
as Clive

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 16 Episodes




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Directors Guild of Canada 2011


Directors Guild of Canada

Production Design - Television Series


Directors Guild of Canada

Sound Editing - Television Series

Gemini Awards 2011


Gemini Awards

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series

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