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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Three best friends living in San Francisco share the nuances and complexities of contemporary gay relationships as they explore a variety of options, both in love and in life. They are unified by their close bond, but their search for happiness and intimacy has taken them on separate paths. Patrick is a 29-year-old video game designer who is dating again after his ex's engagement; Agustin, 31, is apprehensive about choosing monogamy and domesticity instead of the excitement of city life; and longtime waiter Dom is at a crossroads, as middle age approaches and his romantic and professional goals remain unfulfilled. The trio's lives unfold against the backdrop of San Francisco's progressive, unpredictable, almost-anything-goes culture, and "Looking" makes full use of the city's unique character -- with filming taking place in more than 40 locations and in various neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 19, 2014

Also Known As: Baieti frumosi, Мување |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

san francisco, california
male friendship

Company Credits

Production Co: Fair Harbor Productions


Susan Soriano
as Hotel Maid
Bashir Salahuddin
as Malik
Kelli Garner
as Megan Murray
Cynthia Naylor Smyth
as Wedding Guest
Adam Long
as Sexy Safari Man
Derek Ray
as Ethan
Shakeel Sherman
as Party Goer #1
Ptolemy Slocum
as Hugo
Susanna Wagner
as Follies Girl
Peter K. Owen
as Drunk at Bar
Harold Rudolph
as Cafe Patron
Boston Blake
as Party Goer
Michael Padilla
as Little Latinito
Mark Daniel Hodge
as Bar Patron
Wesley Taylor
as Milo
Charles Marquez
as Pedestrian
Anthony Veneziale
as Gus
Kayla Romans
as Zoo Visitor
Douglas Gawoski
as Wedding Guest
Federico Andrade
as Self
Clément Bauer
as Party Goer
Haley Camille
as Zoo Patron
Lauren Weedman
as Doris
Lani Ching
as Sammi
Sean Boncato
as Bar Patron/Biker/Tech Designer
as Waiter
Luis Fierros
as Futuristic Man/Tonga Waiter
Cooper Foster
as MDG Employee
Nestor Cuellas
as Upscale Businessman
Travis Delos Smith
as Friend of Dorothy
Hayes MacArthur
as Barry Foster
Katrina Sherwood
as Bridesmaid
Jeffrey Sun
as Party Goer
Rachel DeAngelis
as Pedestrian
Dick Martin
as Priest
Natalie Stephany Aguilar
as Diner Patron/Mission Cafe Hipster/Restaurant Patron/Youth Center Teen
Cruz Baltazar
as Kid at Ice Cream Truck
Richard Gross
as Phil Murray
Jane Stillwater
as Woman in Delores Park
Tim King
as Party guest
Nicole R'Shae Holiday
as Upscale Business Woman
Hayley Gagner
as Pedestrian
Zachary Culbertson
as Restaurant Patron
Ken Venzke
as Diner Patron
Julia Duffy
as Dana Murray
Damon K. Sperber
as Man in Woods
Joe Williamson
as Jon
Thomas Dalby
as Bar Patron/Gaymer Guy/Rugby Team Member
Rick Lasquete
as Hangover Cafe Patron/Sugar Daddy in Bar/Venture Capitalist
Sebastian Keys
as Male Stripper
Jeff Rankin
as Rugby Coach
Boston Rush Freeman
as Zoo Visitor
Elise Scarlott
as Party Goer
Mahal Montoya
as Hipster
Vermyttya Erahn
as Fair Attendee
Steve Faber
as Fairmont Hotel Guest
Jeff Bagley
as Wedding Guest
Daria Bauer
as Reception guest (seen)
Mike Santillan
as Goat Simulator Booth Vendor
Ethan N. Warren
as Prom Dancer
Ram Azur
as Board Member
O-T Fagbenle
as Frank
Maxwill Hauser
as Dustin
Tiffany Heggebo
as Marie Antoinette
Daniel Franzese
as Eddie
Liam Davis
as Leather Fetish Customer
Colton Wheeler
as Rival Rugby Player
Sean Maher
as Jake
Callan Taylor
as Restaurant Patron
Alex Phillip
as Office Party Guest
Jason Ralph
as Jason
Nicole Gamo
as Diner
Bianca Von Krieg
as Club Girl/Dominatrix/Youth Center Patron
Iván Jesús Herrera
as Gutter Punk Kid
Kurt Cotton
as Sailor Waiter
Tom Berklund
as Party Goer #2
Richard Allen
as Party Guest
Nicholas Totis
as Office Tech
Javier Chavarin
as Bear at Beach
Heidi Michaelis
as Esta Noche Patron/GaymerX Convention Personnel/MDG Video Game Designer/Rugby Spectator
Ava Tolentino
as Diner Patron
Charles Johnson
as George
Tom Hart
as Funeral Mourner
Aerin Ross
as Gaymer
Steven Jon Nichols
as Aunts Boyhreind
Mary Lu Marr
as Drug Store Customer/Hospital Patient/Muni Passenger
Michael T Stewart
as Bar Patron/Park Goer
Carol Jefferson
as Pedestrian/Restaurant Patron
Alan Chu
as Exhibitionist/Wedding Photographer
Anastassia Tchibissova
as Party Goer/Restaurant Patron
Eva Chao
as SF Fog Coach
Jeff Redlick
as Pedestrian
Murray Bartlett
as Dom Basaluzzo
Raúl Castillo
as Richie Donado Ventura/Richie Donado
Gillian Alaire Espina
as Kid in Gypsy Costume
Jacqueline Guillory
as Wedding Party Guest
Nandita Kant
as Restaurant Patron
Katherine Park
as Futuristic Cosplay Girl/Wedding Reception Guest
Aldrin Enriquez
as Park Pedestrian/Zoo Keeper
Tony Quintero
as Shopper
Matthew Wilkas
as Benjamin
Steve D'Assis
as Leather Guy
George C. Chen
as Gaymer
Carlos R. Hailey
as Rainbow Jaguar
Ann Magnuson
as Stina
Mel Powell
as Chip
Brandon Wardle
as Event Staff
Sandra Dee Richardson
as Donut Shop Patron
Todd Fjelsted
as Bear/Ship Captain
Evan Fowler
as Bartender
Vanessa DiVittorio
as MDG Video Game Designer
Justin Lucas
as Tester
Terry Brown
as Zoo Employee
John Lobato
as Party Goer
Jhoni Marchinko
as Noelle
as Cafe Patron
Jamie J.D. Walker
as Woman in Park
Christabel Savalas
as Señora Christina
Valentina Guerra
as Bridesmaid
Joel Tremblay
as Mattress Sales Clerk
Ryan Else
as MDG Employee
John Robinson
as Liam
Carl Marino
as Dom's Friend
Scott McLean
as Fair Attendee
Gabe Liedman
as Brent
Andrew Law
as Owen
Paul Wachter
as Diner Patron
Christina July Kim
as MDG EA/Pedestrian
John Douglas
as Bus Boy/Cafe Patron/Tourist/Youth Shelter Teen
Amy York Rubin
as Meredith
Benjamin Irizarry
as Pedestrian
Tanner Cohen
as Scotty
Mike Guerra
as Hipster
Carole Morey
as Dominatrix
Russell Tovey
as Kevin Matheson
Jennifer Foster
as Kyah
Dyendis Davis-Jones
as Festival goer
T.J. Linnard
as CJ
La Vera
as Gaymer
Yoli Mapp
as Bart Passenger/Neighborhood Pedestrian/Pub Patron
Anthony Larice
as Hipster
Charlyne Yi
as Cashier
Stefonia Bavin
as Diner Patron
Lisa Mallette
as Cashier
Chris Perfetti
as Brady
Steven Sparrow
as Festival Goer
Mari Kearney
as Mourner
Debra Norton-Miller
as Car Owner Parked in Front of the Main Business
Robert Noble
as Henry
Alessandro Garcia
as Party Bartender
Timothy Beagley
as Restaurant Patron
Kelly Richardson
as Aimee
Alexas Medina
as Park Goer
Derek Stefan
as Bar Patron
Jessica Lin
as AIDS Foundation Rep
Darryl Fong
as Wedding Photographer
Neil O'Neill
as Funeral Mourner
Mary Kay Place
as Sarah
Janell Islas
as Fair Enthusiast/Hipster/Restaurant Patron
Frankie J. Alvarez
as Agustín Lanuez
Paul Spadaro
as Patron
Jaden Alexander
as Dom's Friend/Waiter
Frank Scozzari
as Shop Customer
Shay Fernàndez
as Young Techy
John Johnson
as Wedding Photographer
as Taj
Daniel Valent
as Bar Patron
Kaitlan Whitteberry
as Waiter
Jesse Hewit
as Jesse
Fernando R. Felix
as Man Walking Bike/Waiter
Elizabeth De Vries
as Tourist
Scott Bakula
as Lynn
Doug Walker
as Think Bar Patron
Arlene Barshinger
as MUNI Passenger/Wedding Reception Guest
Gabriel Knight
as Rocker Friend
Pamela Ruth Bennett
as Jewelry Booth Vendor
Scotty Wood
as Bartender
Tanya Saracho
as Ceci
Tye Olson
as Bar Dancer
Charlotte Kearns
as Zoo Patron
Ken Essa
as Freddie
Richard Conti
as Randy
Chris Jorie
as Jack and Randy's Friend
Edward Michael
as Spa Guy
Honey Mahogany
as Self
Justin Chao
as MDG Employee
Cabran E. Chamberlain
as Castro Resident/Muni Passenger/Rugby Coach/Security Staff/Thrift Store Shopper/Tourist/Zoo Visitor
Carlos Carrasco
as Jack
Kelli Crump
as Sexy Devil
Arthur Napiontek
as Party Goer #1
Brian Dawson
as Gabe
Henry Lee
as Bar Dancer
Aaron Faris
as Malik's Friend
Tyler Agajan
as Grindr Guy in Park
Samuel Baca
as Bus Passenger
Bobby Ysip
as Bar Security Guard/Transit Passenger
Jason Brock
as Person on Dancefloor
Lee O'Brian
as Businessman on Market/Wedding Guest
Christine Estabrook
as Realtor
Joel Steingold
as Greg
Jerry Wu
as Designer
Christian Harris Neeman
as Pedestrian
Casey T. Evans
as Bar Dancer
Eliot Chang
as James
Jenn Tripp
as Party Goer
Andrew Koponen
as Rugby Player
as SF Hipster
Molly Shaiken
as Bar Patron/Latex Cop/Nerdy Hipster/Robot Prom King/Trans Partier/Youth Shelter Employee
Michelle Kiyono
as Bart Passenger
Anthony Hill
as Robert
Jeremy Kahn
as Flower Delivery Guy
John Edward Cabrera
as Bear Bar Patron/Muni Passenger
Travis Michael Myers
as MDG Employee
Apeksha Pradhan
as Cafe Patron
Matt Conn
as Emcee
Brook Penca
as Rugby Scorekeeper
Jesse Garcia
as Hector
Joseph Andrew Schneider
as Young V.C. Type
Leilani Amour Arenzana
as Business Woman
Sheila Ellis
as Business Woman
Matthew Risch
as Matthew
Janine Hartmann
as Party Guest
Angeline Skye Espina
as Zoo Patron
Victoria Vann Kuja
as Dom's Friend
Brian Gattas
as Faerie
James Morrison Reese
as Eccentric
Cristina Swift
as Club Goer
Moises Amaya
as Man in Toga Costume/Restaurant Patron/Zoo Worker
Micah Coate
as Fair Attendee
Phillip E. Walker
as Folsom Street Fair Dancer
Benito M. Selim
as Bar Patron/Club DJ
Andy Tabbat
as Bear bar patron/Castro Pedestrian/Homeless Man/Nudist/Tenderloin Pedestrian
Anthony Doss
as Party Goer
Chad Olson
as Hot Young Dude
Andrew Keenan-Bolger
as Alex
Michael Andrew Reed
as Folsom Faire Nude Bear
Kenley Gaffke
as Bar Dancer
John Lennon Harrison
as Coffee Shop Patron
Steven Wiig
as Man On Crutches/Margarita Guy/Rugby Fan
Veronique Blanc Meyere
as Hotel Client
Nathan Taylor
as Game Designer
Scott Evans
as Cody Heller
Donald Black
as Diner Patron
Jonathan Groff
as Patrick Murray
Bacilio Mendez II
as SF Fog Rugby Player
Landon Warren
as Jeremy
Kimberly Legg
as Bethany
Katy Tiemann
as Shopper
Rick Richardson
as Donut Shop Patron
Am Fong
as Fair Attendee/Picnicker at Birthday Party/Rugby Spectator
Vaughn Myovich
as Rugby Spectator
Lily Rubenstein
as Chloe
David Ojakian
as Wedding Guest
Adrian Anchondo
as Adrian
Thomas W. Stewart
as Restaurant Patron/Tonga Room Patron

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 10 Episodes




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Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series

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