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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Walt Longmire is the charismatic, dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County. Widowed only a year, Longmire is a man in psychic repair that buries his pain behind a brave face and dry wit. Struggling since his wife's death and at the urging of his daughter, Cady, Longmire knows that the time has come to turn his life around. With the help of Vic, a female deputy new to the department, he becomes reinvigorated about his job and committed to running for re-election. When Branch, an ambitious, young deputy decides to run against him for sheriff, Longmire feels betrayed but remains steadfast in his dedication to the community. Longmire often turns to close friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear for support as he sets out to rebuild both his personal and professional life, one step at a time.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 3, 2012

Also Known As: Лонгмайр, Лонгмайър |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

small town
small town sheriff

Company Credits

Production Co: Two Boomerang, The Shephard/Robin Company |  See more »


Matthew Van Wettering
as Kenny
Stephanie Hill
as Casino Patron/Customer
Tailinh Agoyo
as Cheyenne Mother
Peter Diseth
as Coroner
Nicole Geddie
as Waitress
Kenn Ashe
as Strip Club Patron
Elwood L. Hoyt
as Hungry Homeless Man
Jason A. Sedillo
as Prisoner
Estevan Lucero
as Tattooed Cart Race Strongman
Nelson Lee
as Mr. Chen
Mike Pniewski
as Judge Drood
Jeni Reed
as Faith Dewitt
Casey Messer
as Female Field Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter #3
Abby Brammell
as Susan Taylor
Dustin Seavey
as Sergeant
Tony Tost
as Cowboy in Bathroom
Laura Regan
as Tizz Kaufman
Mark Vasconcellos
as Basque Tug of War/Burly Man
Christopher Warner
as Barlow Crony #1
Claire Mackenzie Carter
as Addyson Fielding
Reynaldo Gallegos
as Dan Estes
Clif Stokes
as Agitated Patron
Debra Christofferson
as Pyper Callans
Michael Moquino
as Terry Thurlow
Patch Darragh
as Dave Milgrom
Mandy June Turpin
as Gretchen Cowley
Jarod Larance
as Inmate
Tony Whitecrow
as Old Man
Chaske Spencer
as Micah Dawson
Mary R. Woods
as Social Worker
Katrina Kavanaugh
as College Student
Taylor Wagenman
as Hiker
Glenn Thayer
as Reporter/Reporter #2
Trine Christensen
as Nurse
Keith Jardine
as Jonas
Zahn McClarnon
as Officer Mathias
Jason Douglas
as Mason Vaughn
Mandy Brown
as Cassie Linder
Mela Green
as Jule
David Busse
as Elrod the Trucker
Shane Woodson
as Seth Buyers
Hillary Tuck
as Linda James
Ruben Rivera Laguna
as Man With Cigar
Karina Logue
as Susan Parkford
Catherine Haun
as Mimi Lennox
Annie Henk
as Elena Dawson
Phoenix Wilson
as Tate Dawson
Stran Thompson
as Dylan
Bryan Head
as Paul Carter
Jay Tavare
as Reuben Lamebull
Steve Corona
as Coroner Tech #1
Kenneth Ruthardt
as Hugo/Hugo Tenderfoot
David Priemazon
as Guard
James Landry Hébert
as Davis Turner
Luis Bordonada
as Javier Hemendez
Nick E. Tarabay
as Tyler Malone
Callum Keith Rennie
as Walker Browning
Brian Stepanek
as Jay Purcell
Sam Quinn
as Gutter Punk Boy
Ashley Nguyen
as Native Girl 2
Max Gail
as Thomas Hoyt
Gabrielle Carteris
as Barbara Bollman
Katyia Shurkin
as Alicia Musgraves
Ian A. Hudson
as Owen Bennett
Seth Adkins
as TJ Stewart
Q'orianka Kilcher
as Ayasha Roundstone
Clayton Salberg
as FBI Agent
Parker Stevenson
as Welles VanBlarcom
Jessica Stotz Harrell
as Doctor
David Midthunder
as David Ridges/Bartender
Amanda Brooks
as Rebecca Eaves
Maury Sterling
as Cyrus Brooks
Amber Midthunder
as Lilly Stillwater
Aaron Abrams
as Vogel
Marcus Alston
as Red Poney Patron
Cory Tucker
as Hank Thompson
Terry Dale Parks
as Daxner
Charles Halford
as Hawk Robinson
Andrea Roth
as Diane Highsmith
Michael McGrady
as Warren Stark
Ally Walker
as Dr. Donna Sue Monaghan/Dr. Donna Sue Monahan
Lydia Mackay
as Confident Woman
Asher Corbin
as Eli Eaves
Gina Rodriguez
as Lorna Dove
Merritt C. Glover
as Granola-y Receptionist
Rodney Eastman
as Creeley Dorn
Landall Goolsby
as Manager
Hatuk Hill
as Medicine Man
Vivian Nesbitt
as Catherine/Ruth
Erand Hoxha
as Rolf
Xander Berkeley
as Jeremiah Rains
Dustin Ingram
as Trey/Wolverine
Tom Wopat
as Sheriff Jim Wilkins
Tara Buck
as Phoebe Greene
Kyle Marsh
as Pawn Shop Owner
Aaron Christian Howles
as Richard Stark
Bill Tangradi
as Officer Rudolph
Joseph Daniel Havenstar
as Darius/Sitting Man
Matthew Alan
as Hal
Lew Temple
as Archer Loftus
Jose Jacinto Marquez
as Mr. Drywater
Katie Stone
as Sue Chambers
Greg Ellis
as Jordan Helms
Cassidy Freeman
as Cady Longmire
Victoria Silva
as Blackjack Dealer
Cosme Duarte
as Officer Fox
Herman Quaye Agoyo
as Clerre
Allie MacDonald
as Delila
Shannon Lucio
as Cara Fillmore
Andy Kastelic
as Premo
Alex Livinalli
as Joey Takoda
Jim Beaver
as Lee Rosky
Ron Rondeaux
as Crew Man
Naya Zsanay
as Cheyenne Woman 2
Brytnee Ratledge
as Taylor
Keith Meriweather
as Prison Guard
J. Nathan Simmons
as Red Pony Saloon Patron
Stafford Douglas
as Carter VanBlarcom
Forrest Fyre
as Alfred Lennox
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Henry Standing Bear
Mike Miller
as Ellis Hinkley
Tracey Horsley
as German Woman
Patrick Fabian
as Dr. Dennis Nunn, DVM
James Burnett
as Laughing Tweaker Dude
Art Tedesco
as Barlow Crony #2
Gabrielle Chevalier
as Water Kid in Play
Noel Green
as Courtroom Deputy
Tatiana Larrea
as Bank Clerk
Michael Spears
as Mica Dullknife
Patrick Gallagher
as Joe Lone Elk
Hannah Nordberg
as Olivia Parr
Kate McNeil
as Maureen Mace
Andrew Sensenig
as Mr. Samms
Henri Lubatti
as Costa Vayas
Susan Uli
as Nurse
Jaime Powers
as Red Pony Patron/Construction Worker/Rodeo Attendee/Taxi Driver/Townsperson/Wheelchair Patient
Todd Lawson LaTourrette
as Rockabilly Bartender
Sicily Ranieri
as Gina
John Gibbs
as White Warrior
Lochlyn Munro
as Grant Thayer
Irene Bedard
as May Stillwater
Clinton Roberts
as Nick
Currie Graham
as Kevin Morris
Rodney Rowland
as Clay Dunbar
Emmanuelle Del La Dohr
as Cheyenne Woman 3
Larry Cahn
as Warden
Edric Ray
as FBI Crime Scene Tech
Molly Burnett
as Sarah
Marisa Quintanilla
as Ursula Tall Grass
Martin Ezelle
as Deputy Rex Scott
Johnny Palomarez Jr.
as Native American Casino Black Jack Dealer/Tribal Officer/protestor
Noam Jenkins
as Agent Towson
Jane Wilson
as Nurse
Shelley Kaehr
as Red Pony Bar Patron
Ivan Brutsche
as Emcee
Anthony Mingilino
as Guy
Bob Clendenin
as Jamie DeBell
Heather Kafka
as Holly Whitish
Katalina Parrish
as Reporter #1
Richard Speight Jr.
as Vacationing Biker
Ryan Begay
as Reuben
Roy Ward
as Drinker
Louise Stange-Wahl
as Hospital Visitor/Prison Visitor
Johnny Royal
as Bar Patron
Martin Palmer
as Franklin
Jason David Young
as Manager
Craig Thomas McAdams
as Library Guard/Prison Guard
Alma Sisneros
as Shadow Young
Carlos Telles
as Denver Detective/Other detective
Nicki Aycox
as Helen
John A. Ortiz
as Rodeo Announcer
Raoul Max Trujillo
as Grady Littlefoot
Jamison Jones
as Graham VanBlarcom
Peyton McDavitt
as Jenna
Carma Harvey
as Native Woman 4
Jay Torrez
as Firefighter
Eddie Spears
as Elwood
Kristin Hansen
as Cook
David Miller
as Bar Patron/Store Patron
Amber LeRae Earls
as Amy's Friend
Lobo Sebastian
as Octavio Muara
Drew Rausch
as Tony Kelso
David Burke
as Dan Keslow
Breon Gorman
as Bonnie Rosky
Morningstar Angeline
as Tribal Station Receptionist
Rachel Michaela
as Sharon
Barry R. White
as Bar Patron
Conrad Padilla
as Dale
Paula Ray
as Rodeo Attendee
Raphael Sbarge
as Agent Decker
Cliff Gravel
as Nervous Resident
Dan Hildebrand
as Wayne
Jeremiah Bitsui
as Chuck
Jodi Harris
as Langley Nunn
Dodie Montgomery
as VA Receptionist
Aaron McPherson
as Trot Simic/Trot Smic
Claudia Ferri
as Anita
Hans Eisenhart
as Man with Gun
Kenneth Wayne Bradley
as Stanley Keene
Jackie Jones
as Goldie (Deputy Applicant)
Peter Jason
as Abel 'Jenk' Jenkins
Arlin Alcala
as Next Woman
Paul Anthony McLean
as Garrett Driggs
Robert H. Doudell
as Cowboy Poet Finalist
Eric Schweig
as Dolan Lone Elk
Michael Weaver
as Al Chambers
Victoria L. Moya
as Cheyenne Woman
Myk Watford
as Norwood Young
Chase Sayer
as Male Sweat Participant #2
Charles Dowdy III
as Angry Veteran
Elisa Evans
as Cassandra Client
Catherine Dent
as ADA Brigitte Holder
Stephen Michael Ayers
as Jimmy
Elise Gomber
as Younger Woman
Tim DeZarn
as Keith Harp
Dylan Walsh
as Shane Muldoon
Joe Coots
as Reggie
Nancy Jeris
as Older Woman
Heather Gonzales
as Sex Tent Female
Drew Fuller
as Noah
Kristen DeVore Rakes
as Female Bartender
Donn Clark
as Rez Fire Chief
Eddie Hassell
as Caleb Jackey
Brett Rickaby
as Darren Tooman
Frederick Aragon
as Mr. Howlingbull
Rodney Nagel
as Bar Patron/Business Development Executive - Barlow Connally's Office/Courtroom Supporter
Megan Pribyl
as Group Therapy Member/Prostitute on Lap
Nicholas Jenks
as Roughneck 2
James Macon Mauldin
as Rusty Ames
Ryan Carlberg
as Officer Fields
Micheal Thomas Angel
as Irish Mobster Bar Patron
Paul Caster
as Cattle Rancher/Party Guest
Chelsea Kurtz
as Asha Wright
Jake B. Miller
as Spence
Kathy Randall
as Cheyenne Mother
Max Woertendyke
as Lewis
Jackamoe Buzzell
as Jerry Stonesifer
Mark Pearce
as Buff Veteran
Darrell House
as Tribal Police Officer
Joseph Gallegos
as Kid Ahab
Larry Clarke
as Nick Holman
Mariah Salazar
as News Reporter
Wade Williams
as Russell Gray
Rena Owen
as Medicine Woman
Loren Anthony
as Cheyenne Protester/Cheyenne Welder
Howard Ferguson Jr.
as Tall Man
Christiann Castellanos
as Rosa Marquez
Tamara Duarte
as Mandy
Venita Yawakie-Gauna
as Waiting Woman
Rebecca Tilney
as Crystal Shoemaker
Cory Blevins
as Cop/Gary Plerson
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Leland
Darlene Hunt
as Mrs. McGill
Trista Marchetto
as Teacher
Shad Adair
as Security Guard
Anthony Wamego
as Malcom Eaglestar
Anne Dudek
as Melissa Parr
John Trejo
as Armed Guard #1
Magdalena Begay
as Cheyenne Girl
Stacy Haiduk
as Julia Sublette
Bill Peterson
as Defense Attorney
Lynn Goodwin
as Friendly Woman
Ernesto Watchman
as Smoking Man
Linda Diane Holley
as Hotel Guest
Ken McNamara
as Tired Trucker
Abdiah Sagert
as Camper/Search Team
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Mrs. Thompson
Craig Johnson
as Funeral Director
Joshua R. Aragon
as Rodeo Thug
Michael E. Stogner
as ... Funeral Attendee/Bar Patron/Bystander/Casino Patron/Red Pony Patron/Townsman, Van Driver
Diego Klattenhoff
as Eli
Alicia Urizar
as Laila Bixby
Phillip Baca
as Roulette Croupier
Vanessa Torres
as Bar Waitress/Election Party Guest/Rodeo crowd/Truck Stop Waitress
Steve Larese
as Casino Investor/TV Reporter
Matthew Page
as Fireman
Nathaniel Arcand
as Avo
Dylan Kenin
as Sgt. Haynes
Christopher Cousins
as Calvin Cowley
Peter Weller
as Lucian Connally
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Ed Nardo
Nick Gomez
as Dwight Brisco
Evy Todd
as Jury Foreman
John Ales
as Tony Moten
Karen E. Thomas
as Press Reporter
Geno Segers
as Calvin Blackwolf
Russ Dillen
as JoJo
Del Zamora
as Jack Shaw
Adam Gifford
as Lane Potter
Patricia Bethune
as Mary Jo Murphy
Elizabeth Floyd
as Cult Girl
Dean Chekvala
as Pete Brooks
Matthew Tompkins
as Charlie Taylor
Susan Santiago
as Catori Long
Billy Fuessel
as Prison Guard
Lawrence Gilligan
as Forensics Specialist
Esodie Geiger
as Doctor
Brad Royster
as Cumberland Deputy
Rick Ravanello
as Marc Van Zandt
Trina E. Siopy
as Paramedic #2
Levi Lobo
as Spencer
Lynn Andrews III
as Marshall Jeffords
Brendan Fehr
as Greg Collette
P.J. Boudousqué
as Jelly
Arron Shiver
as Billy Barnes
Thomas Conklin
as Trucker 2
Peter Stormare
as Chance Gilbert
David Atkinson
as Corey Majack
Martin C Patterson
as Homeless Man
Marissa Woolf
as Tattoo Artist
Kevin Wester
as Gas Station Supervisor
Tara Elliott
as Durant Citizen
Eloy Casados
as Mancell Lone Elk
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Anna Harp
Nick Gehlfuss
as Cameron Maddox
Bailey Chase
as Branch Connally
Amy Emily Stack
as Patient
Ryan Seamy
as Bar Patron
Chad Boardsen
as Irish Mobster
Gustavo Montes
as Craps Dealer/Roulette Dealer
Eric Ladin
as Sawyer Crane
Brenden Wedner
as Caleb
Kenneth Choi
as Dr. Bloomfield
Andrea Kepple
as VA Nurse
Michelle Flyingman
as Female Sweat Participant #1/Native Woman 1
Nelson Rockwood
as Private Duty Nurse
Josh Cooke
as Eamonn O'Neill
Nathaniel Begay
as Kid in Group Home
Matthew Menalo
as Butler
Adam Bartley
as The Ferg
Noah Harpster
as Ryan Shank
John P. Funk
as Lab Executive
J.D. Garfield
as ADA Vondra
Cory Kapahulehua
as Nurse
Mary Wiseman
as Meg Joyce
Dan Belden
as Hotel Clerk
Clark Freeman
as Officer Schones
Derek Phillips
as Travis Murphy
Danett Hernandez
as Cheyenne Woman
Johnny Smith
as Motel Clerk
Matthew David Peterson
as Lone Fisherman
Michael Slusher
as Treasure Hunter
Rebekah Wiggins
as OR Nurse
Alan Humphrey
as Bar Patron/Gambler/Patron/School Guard/Separatist
Graham Beckel
as Dan
Chris Donaldson
as Methhead #2
Eli Goodman
as ADA Sloan
Scott D. Rice
as Auctioneer
Wallace Langham
as Brian O'Keane
Tenaya Torres
as Elsie
Luce Rains
as Farmer Chilton
Jesse Romero
as Young Delivery Guy
Indio Hock
as Crow Man
Gilland Jones
as Kara
Ava Del Cielo
as Waitress
T.J. Alvarado
as Dillon
W. Earl Brown
as R.J. Watts
Gage Petrone
as Luke
Jesi Mandagaran
as Jenine/Secretary
Michael Filipowich
as Dunston
Lori Romero
as Educated Questioner
Justin D. Moore
as Casino Gambler/Casino High Roller/Funeral Attendee/Grandparent, School Play/High Roller Roulette/Hospital Patient/Hospital and VA Patient/Man in Black/Posh Hotel Guest/Rodeo Attendee/Senior Home Resident/Town Hall Meeting
Scott Michael Campbell
as Dr. Weston
Jonathan David Dixon
as Phil Capps
Amelia Jeffries
as Nighthorse's Attorney
Shannon Henderson Herrera
as Rodeo Attendee
Ariel Holmes
as Roughneck 2
Barry Sloane
as Zachary Heflin/Zach
Kelly Mower
as Doug
Lorri Oliver
as Clerk
Lindsy Campbell
as Young Basque Girl
Cody Midthunder
as Darius
John Wylie
as Tall Man
Shawn Hatosy
as Levi Giggs
Stephen Sullivan
as Cooper James
James MacDonald
as Randolph Hale
David Garver
as Teton Manager
Chris Norden
as Bar Patron
Adrian Gurule
as High School Student
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Burke
Anthony Alabi
as Randal Horen
Antonio Leyba
as Drunk Punk
Javana Richardson
as Press Reporter
Mac Brandt
as Duncan Butler
David Hight
as Casino Patron/Lawyer
Aaron Wright
as Secure County Patrol Man/Secure County Patrolman
John Hensley
as Zip
Michelle Krusiec
as Shiori Igawa
Sachie Capitani
as Whale Kid 1
Chad Brummett
as Agent Hall
Joel Johnstone
as U.S. Marshal Peters
Tim Childress
as Casino Investor/Connally Employee
Krista Bradley
as Bank Teller
Jeremy Ray Valdez
as Vehoe Roundstone
Deborah Chavez
as Older Woman
C. Thomas Howell
as Ray Stewart
Mark Canjar
as FBI Agent
Rebecca Wisocky
as Rachel Clausen
Ernest Tsosie III
as Announcer/Cheyenne Questioner/Driver
Brad Carter
as Riley Manning
Luke Peckinpah
as Devin Grimes
Ryan Katherine Stearns
as Whale Kid 3
Richard Beal
as Bar Cowboy/Casino Patron/Town Person/Bar Patron/Church Goer/Grandfather/Local Citizen/Press Reporter/Tourist
John F. Kollar
as Cattle Rancher/Poetry Audience Member/Prison Guard/Red Pony Patron
Louis Herthum
as Omar
Anderson Kee
as Cheyenne Demonstrator/Guard
Dale O'Malley
as Auto Technician
Robert Taylor
as Sheriff Walt Longmire
Michael Rothhaar
as Ty Patterson
Crystal Thomas
as Receptionist
Matthew T. Metzler
as Survivalist Man
Devon Graye
as Dacus Whitish
Jim Johnson
as Cowboy Poet
Nikki Dixon
as Dr. Sanders
Beau Garrett
as Shawna Crawford
John Doman
as Victor Moretti
Tantoo Cardinal
as Crow Medicine Woman
Michael Sinclair Walter
as Roughneck
Adam Lewis Harvey
as Cook
Stephen Burhoe
as Cashier
Amy Morris
as Mrs. Samms
Antonya Molleur
as Cashier
Aaron Lade
as Ben Mallory
Richard Garcia
as Townsperson
Debrianna Mansini
as Pam Gray
Adam Korson
as Dr. Kraybeel
Austin Rising
as Donnie
Rutherford Cravens
as Ronnie
Rodger Larance
as Townie/Bus Tourist/Casino Gambler/Casino Local/Casino Protester/Homeless Man/Local Townie/Rodeo Patron/Townperson/Townsperson Funeral
Sterling Beaumon
as Andrew Price
Charles Jimenez
as Party Bus Goer
Nancy Chartier
as Receptionist
Sherman Allen
as Gene
Brian Thornton
as Sandy Bodene
Kevin Skousen
as Tom Witham
Aaron Alexander
as Operator
Dave Racki
as Boston Lawyer
Cameron Moulène
as Troy Thayer
Monique Gabriela Curnen
as Amaya Vayas
Catharine E. Jones
as Girl
Troy Ruptash
as Lanny Greene
Brett Rice
as Tucker Baggett
Michael J. Carnevale
as Cowboy
Gregory Cruz
as Dale Grey Wolf
Kai Porter
as Reporter #2
Bob Jesser
as Lumber Executive
Cheo Tapia
as Ranch Hand
Marshall Allman
as Kellen Dawes
Julia Jones
as Gabriella Langton
Harry Katzman
as Brooks Cameron
Keith Andreen
as Mitch Dye
John Bobek
as Lee McKinnon
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
as Susan Fielding
Travis Armstrong
as Sex Tent Male
Nathan Brimmer
as Town Hall Debater
Patrick Arrellin
as Tequila Tent Manager
Isaac London
as Bar Patron
Chris Conner
as Ted 'Pinkie' Sarton
Chadwick Johnson
as Orderly
Sylvie Mortenson
as Bar Patron
J.D. Marmion
as Roughneck 1
Roderick Hill
as JP Wright
Chris Butler
as Quinn Bishop
Jay Paulson
as Cal Weston
Noell Coet
as Lucy Samms
Justin Lotz
as Casino Patron
Marcus Red Thunder
as Ceremonial Man/DJ Ross Strongbow
Rhys Coiro
as Bill Norquist
Lillian Presley Leyba
as Whale Kid 2
Tami Nichols Reilly
as Bar patron
Erin Warden
as Townie
J. Michael Oliva
as Pawn Shop Owner
Vincent E. McDaniel
as Cranky Officer
Lee Tergesen
as Ed Gorski
David Dean Bottrell
as Jerry Napek
Sonja Kinski
as Fiona Hines aka October
Hank Rogerson
as Detective Glen Huber
Mädchen Amick
as Deena
Alexander Thorne
as Bailiff
Nando Betancur
as Trevor
Paul Blott
as Motel Clerk/Motel Manager
Christine Dunford
as Federal Prosecutor Bradley
Don Swayze
as Jim Mackey
Leslie O'Carroll
as Sally Hoagland ('Sunshine Sally')
Margaret Bowman
as Ethel
Derek Webster
as Coach Hargis
Chris Ranney
as Foreman
Angela Marie Duncan
as Gambler
Dave Colon
as Janitor
Julia Harris
as Punk Girl
Rick Anglada
as State Trooper
Genia Michaela
as Ida
Patrick Robert Smith
as Ross Lanten
Jesus Jr.
as Jace
Michelle Griego
as Yelena
Jamie Bruce
as Jesse
John Morelock
as Warden
Rusty Schwimmer
as Darla Lamebull
Calum Worthy
as Zac Nunn
Andres Michael
as Young Lawyer #2
Jennifer Parsons
as Dawn Linder
Wambli Eagleman
as Onlooker
Jeremy Ratchford
as Rett Jacky
Dan Buran
as Bobby Dunwood
Joey Abril
as Raul
Trudy Cordova
as Juror
Graham Shiels
as Officer Eubell
as Shadow
Richard Daniel Williams
as Red Pony Saloon Patron/Party Guest/Cassandra Client/Dancer/Hotel Patron/News Cameraman
Matthew Fahey
as Justin Bollman
Scott Paulin
as Ira Craig
Lee Garlington
as Ruth
Joe Berryman
as Lead Commissioner
Lyle DeRose
as Irish Mobster/Prison Inmate
Carolyn Wickwire
as Ruth
Aaron Templeton
as F.B.I. Special Agent
Thomas Kemp
as Guy at Police Station
Jack Burning
as Elderly Man
Megan Follows
as Alice Stewart
Charles S. Dutton
as Detective Fales
Mary Kay Riley
as Black-Veiled Woman
Kearon Lehman
as Casino Patron
Ronald Mizrahi
as Denver Detective
Bill Jones
as Bar Cowboy, Plumber
Austin Hébert
as Colton
Brooke Nevin
as Nikki
Sara Elizabeth Ryan
as Rodeo Girl
Julia Lee Romero
as Bianca
Steven Ray Byrd
as Hwy Patrol/Officer Flores
David Lambert
as Jason Lennox
Louanne Stephens
as Ruby
Dan Donohue
as Eddie Harp
Luke Gallegos
as Little Boy
Rob Tode
as Technician
Malachi Tsoodle-Nelson
as Native
Richard Folmer
as Gerry Solomon
Stephen M. Hardin
as Hospital Visitor
Sharon Brathwaite
as Lauren Lone Elk
Celia Holquin
as Older Woman
Beth Lucero
as Bar Patron/Rodeo Patron
Ares Limon
as Theo Half Moon
Alicia Lueras Maldonado
as Female Sweat Participant #2
Gerry Medina
as Waitress
Stefany Mathias
as Linda Langton
Daniel Pattison
as Bradley
Tsailii Rogers
as Red Pony Waitress/Race Contestant/Runner
Brian R. Norris
as Samuel Clausen
Pab Schwendimann
as Bryant
Levi Martinez
as Veteran
Dillon Lane
as Robbie Colfer
Melissa Carnell
as Jane
Graham Greene
as Malachi Strand
Radha Mitchell
as Alex Graham
Andrea Good
as Native Protester/Sue Smart
Greg Dorchak
as Bart
John A. Lorenz
as Cheyenne Father
Flora Amanda
as Cheyenne Woman 1
Aaron Kreltszheim
as Cowboy at bar
Bex Taylor-Klaus
as Vivian
Leroy Silva
as Male Protester
Michael Romero
as Buffet Line Server/Cyclist Father/Migrant Worker/Trainyard Warehouse Worker
Bree Bond
as Hannah
Parker Bolek
as Derek
Kathleen York
as Penny VanBlarcom
Jade Kammerman
as Chelsea
Jeffrey De Serrano
as Hector
Mary Sue Evans
as Professor
Nick Baron
as Customer
John Wirt
as Foreman
Ryan Kennedy
as Paul
Ed Duran
as Half Dressed Trucker
Shannan Wagenman
as Hiker
Faye Viviana
as Michaela Grey Wolf
Pastor Dewey Dwayne Moede
as Preacher
Derek Blakeney
as Convict
Tyler W. James
as The John
Mike Damus
as Tom Fowler
Lauren Benz Phillips
as Carly
Lynette Haozous
as Native Woman 2
Gary Farmer
as Aaron Two Rivers
Bridget Kelly
as Older Prostitute
Eb Lottimer
as Chris Sublette
Yvette Fazio-Delaney
as Waitress
Matt Angel
as Trent Lowry
Jeremie Dalaba
as Election Party Guest/German Husband
Julie Hanna
as Motel Clerk
Robyn Lively
as Connie Mallery
Scott Klace
as Lawrence Ward
Eric Steinig
as Tough Trucker
Morse Bicknell
as Whitey Culver
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Paula Wells
Fred Padilla
as Federal Bureau of Investigation
Stephen R. Estler
as Thug
Tinsel Korey
as Tina
Zion Rain Leyba
as Thomas James
Shane Brumett
as Paramedic #1
Sarah Minnich
as Prostitute/Skinny Prostitute
Kevin Wiggins
as Gary
Staci Robbins
as Lucy
Vic Browder
as Vet
Dale Gibson
as Trucker 1
Duke Davis Roberts
as Cody Barrett
Danny Winn
as Roughneck Gambler
Katherine LaNasa
as Lizzie Ambrose
Mary Elise Hayden
as Polina Yazov
Charlotte Alexis White
as Sofia
Jon Tenney
as FBI Agent Vance
Ali Agirnas
as Phil
Abbie Cobb
as Evelyn Mace
Roseanne Vau
as Female Questioner
Malcolm Ullery
as Bar Patron
Tommy Truex
as Rowan
Sab Shimono
as Francis Igawa
as Cheyenne Man
Raleigh Cain
as Caitlyn/Hotel Receptionist
Phil Duran
as Andujar
Cherami Leigh
as Trixie Dalton
Sean Dillingham
as Boston Man
Jay Foley
as Forest Service Climber
Samson Snell
as Roughneck 1
Robert Tree Cody
as Male Sweat Participant #1
A.J. Buckley
as Keith Dixon
Alix Elizabeth Gitter
as Amy Hendricks
Ralph Alderman
as Judge Mayhew/Judge Joseph Mayhew
Laboraex Abeita
as Arnie
Nakotah LaRance
as Junior
Gerald McRaney
as Barlow Connally
Steven W. Bailey
as Brent
Jamie McShane
as Bill Hoback
Molly Hawkey
as Jackie Purcell
Katee Sackhoff
as Victoria 'Vic' Moretti
Melissa Chambers
as Edwina
Aubrey Chisholm
as Masked Worker
Brian Denk
as FBI Agent
Josh Stamberg
as U.S. Marshal Hammond
L.J. Batinas
as Loading Dock Manager
Jim Hatch
as Gus Higgins
Jyl Murray
as Towns Person
William Greely
as Irish Mobster/Roughneck
Jason Weiler
as Orderly
Hank Cheyne
as Sam Poteet/White Warrior
Cristine Rose
as Donna Craig
Sam Daly
as Noel
Barbie Robertson
as Bartender/Female Bartender/Waitress
Roberto Alcaraz
as Nomar Vargess
Todd Anderson
as Dispatcher
Bo Greigh
as Trucker
Jason E. Hill
as Biker
Nia Peeples
as Adele Chapman
Teo Briones
as Cade Tall Grass
Timothy V. Murphy
as Ephraim Clausen
John Bishop
as Bob Barnes
Alexander Wagenman
as Hiker
Diane Villegas
as Nurse/Nurse 2
Kendra Tuthill
as Journalist/Truck Stop Prostitute
Scott Esquibel
as Miguel's Crew/Rodeo Goer
Sheila Eden
as Reporter
Jason Matthew Smith
as Jeremy Thompson
Gill Gayle
as Louie Frier
Marylouise Burke
as Beverly
Janae Collins
as Native Girl
Andy Mackenzie
as DB
Chris Freihofer
as Alan Little
Molly Hagan
as Sylvia Mallory
Terry Camilleri
as Bank Customer/Theo
Lionel Archuleta
as Basque
James E. Lane
as Bar Patron.Biker
Michael Mosley
as Sean/Sean Keegan
as Nighthorse's Assistant
Robert Baker
as Joe-Mega
John Lawlor
as Oren Mallory
Ashleigh Domangue
as Logan
Matt Gentry
as Bearded Trucker
Charles Parnell
as Agent Stanley
Rio Alexander
as Charles Burnett
Bob Kaye
as Federal Marshal
Jodi Lynn Thomas
as Shelby/Waitress
Emily Snell
as Native Woman 3
Brian Howe
as Dale Lowry
Matt Roszak
as Gareth Eaves
Jessica Camacho
as Kiersten
Colby French
as Charlie Fielding
Jerry Kernion
as Mel
Stephen Louis Grush
as Monte Ford
David Vigil
as Neel Cody
Jesse Garcia
as Rodeo Sharpshooter
Brian Houtz
as Gareth Ashbery
Shawn Lecrone
as Court Defendant/Flash Mobber/Irish Mobster
Brad Beyer
as Jerrod Jenkins
Royd McCargish
as Inmate
David White
as Bar Patron
Joleen Baughman
as Casino High Roller
Nina Leon
as Female Protester
Blake Berris
as Brett
Rayford Sewell
as Cheyenne Man
Rosie Palmer
as Reporter
Clay Johnson
as Channel 22 Boom Operator/Land Rover Customer/Red Pony Saloon Patron
A Martinez
as Jacob Nighthorse
Josh Relic
as Bar Cowboy/Oil Field Worker/Police Officer
Nate Warren
as Younger Man
Carrie Lazar
as Jess/Female Bartender (Jess)
Kevin Owen McDonald
as Tweaker Joe
Bonifacio Gurule
as Security Guard
Courtney Bell
as Nurse 1/Reception Nurse
Darlene Kellum
as Town Local
Margaret Easley
as Katherine Holt
Martin Edward Andazola
as Cowboy at Rodeo
Daniel Zubiate
as Census Taker
Zenobia Conkerite
as Jacob's Attorney
Briana Evigan
as Brandi Collette
Francine Williams
as Ada Black Kettle
John Lee Ames
as Miller Beck
Sage Owens
as Louie Musgraves
Cody Jones
as Merwin Tall Grass
Robb Moon
as Bartender/Lumberman/Reporter/Rodeo Goer/Sovereign Citizen #13/Strip Club Patron
Jamie Anne Allman
as Tamar Smith
Ron Perkins
as Insurance Agent
Don McManus
as Therapist
Tomas Sanchez
as Methhead #3
Bruce Holmes
as Highway Patrolman
Jovani Heng
as Mingan/Mingan Pine
John English
as Leo
Steven Culp
as Johnson Mace
Peter Andrew Chapman
as Court Reporter
Tom Schuch
as Allen Carter
Kimberly Guerrero
as Joanna/Neena Wapasha
Gezim Meta
as Sheriff
Erin O'Shaughnessy
as Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Ron Weisberg
as Josh Kirkland
Lori Z. Cordova
as Busy R.N./Nurse
Zach Rose
as Will/Will Balint
Bobby Neeld
as Greg Morris
Paul Adkins
as Mafia/Military Contractor
Mia Wagenman
as Baby Cady
Hugo Perez
as Miguel
Ryil Adamson
as Hardware Store Helper
Eve Gordon
as Gloria Dodd
Matt Roth
as Fred Tavish
Bess Armstrong
as Nancy Crandall
Rip Lowe
as Courtroom Spectator
Carrie Clifford
as Deb Safford
Marie Wagenman
as Blonde Girl
Joe Bocian
as Boston Driver
Rodrigo Tactaquin
as Native
Joseph Daniel Avila
as Darius
Julian Wondolowski
as Casino Gambler/Casino Patron,/Court Room Attendee/Juror Pool, Casino Patron/Jury Pool
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Cullen
Tina Parker
as Rosco Wilkes
Michael Graziadei
as Richard Montero
Alison Grainger
as Nurse
Cooper Huckabee
as George Linder
Francisco Peramos
as Guard
Shawn Speake
as Irish Mobster
J. Michael Trautmann
as Trey
Brigid Brannagh
as Agent Brooks
Curtis Colbert
as Naked Trucker
Alessandra Hayden
as Debate Attendee
Brad William Henke
as Sal Vayas
Milton Chee
as Elder/Older Native Man/Older Prisoner
Yvonne Delarosa
as Jill LittleFox

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