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October 21, 2021
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Visit the ghostly villages surrounding Chernobyl (abandoned by humans after the 1986 nuclear disaster), travel to remote islands off the coast of Maine to search for abandoned towns that have vanished from view in only a few decades, then head beneath the streets of New York to see how subway tunnels may become watery canals. A visual journey, LIFE AFTER PEOPLE is a thought provoking adventure that combines movie-quality visual effects with insights from experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology, and archeology to demonstrate how the very landscape of our planet will change in our absence.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 21, 2009

Also Known As: 人類消失後, After Days |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G)


Company Credits

Production Co: Flight 33 Productions


Ray Coppinger
as Self
Bill Bruninga
as Self
Nabil Nasr
as Self
Gordon Masterton
as Self
Eric Doehne
as Self
Kevin Harrison
as Self
Sergey Gashchak
as Self
Struan Rodger
as Self - Narrator
John Anderson
as Self
Stephen R. Palumbi
as Self
Alex Nickson
as Self
David Brin
as Self
Mary Sackett
as Self
Howard Oliver
as Self
Ron Chesser
as Self
Alan W. Pense
as Self
John Hadidian
as Self
Eric Sanderson
as Self
Jennifer Burt
as Self - Restoration Ecologist, Univeristy of California, Davis
Greg Laughlin
as Self - Astrophysicist, Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz
Frank Lowenstein
as Self - Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy
John Sanday
as Self - Global Heritage Fund
John Compton
as Self - Geologist, University of Capetown
Tim Nelson
as Self - Biologist, Seattle Pacific University
Mark Schuller
as Self - VP Maintenance, Knotts Berry Farm
Michael J. Crosbie
as Self - Architect & Editor, 'Faith & Form'
Earl Hatley
as Self - Grand Riverkeeper, LEAD Agency, Inc.
Glen Prater Jr.
as Self - Mechanical Engineer, University of Louisville
Gary Speck
as Self - Author, 'Dust in the Wind'
Kent Borner
as Self - Preston Redevelopment Agency
Jim Riccio
as Self - Nuclear Policy Analyst
Bob Nairn
as Self - Environmental Scientist, University of Oklahoma
Michael Feller
as Self - Naturalist, City of NY Parks & Recreation
Robert R. Cargill
as Self - Archaeologist, UCLA
Trevor S. Valle
as Self - Herpetologist/Self - Paleontologist, La Brea Tar Pits
George Ellenwood
as Self - Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Timothy Watson
as Narrator
Judith A. Riley
as Self - Former Nurse, Norwich Hospital
Gene Kritsky
as Self - Entomologist, College of Mount St. Joseph
Lynn Kimsey
as Self - Entomologist, University of California, Davis
Doutoku Sakamoto
as Self - Former Hashima Resident
Eric Broeske
as Self - Maintenance Carpenter, Santa Monica Pier
Carlos Gonzalez
as Self - Engineer - Petronyx
Jan Zalasiewicz
as Self - Author, 'The Earth After Us'/Self - Author - 'Earth After Us'
Volker Rudolf
as Self - Rice University
Matt Chalifoux
as Self - Historic Preservationist
Mary Lynn Ritzenthaller
as Self - National Archives
James R. Chiles
as Self - Author, 'Inviting Disaster'
Matthew Kubik
as Self - Indiana University-Purder University, Ft. Wayne
John Hadidian
as Self - Urban Ecologist, The Humane Society of the U.S.
Betsy Von Holle
as Self - Biologist, University of Central Florida
Dan Thayer
as Self - Vegetation Manager, South Florida Water Management District
Marshall Swartz
as Self - Major, Canadian Armed Forces
Bob Raynolds
as Self - Earth Scientist, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Tim McLeod
as Self - Development Manager
Paul Bahn
as Self - Author, 'Cave Art'
William Leffler
as Self - Author, 'Oil & Gas Pipelines in Nontechnical Language'/Self - Author, 'Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language'
Lynda Price
as Self - Tyneham Archivist
Barrie Schwortz
as Self - Shroud of Turin Researcher
Doug Failing
as Self - Caltrans
Kevin Knuuti
as Self - Chief Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers
Jill Bowers
as Self - Dog Trainer
Cheryl Porter
as Self - Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Brent Bishop
as Self - Climber
Leslie Lyons
as Self - Veterinary Geneticist, Univeristy of California, Davis
Ginger Strand
as Self - Author, 'Inventing Niagara'
Daniel T. Blumstein
as Self - Biologist, University of California, Los Angeles
Richard Bruce Winders
as Self - Historian and Curator - The Alamo
Robert L. Self
as Self - Architectural Conservator, Monticello
Gregory Vejvoda
as Self - Chicago Lock Facility Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
Elena Gretch
as Self - Dog Trainer
John McGrail
as Self - Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Michael Cohen
as Self - Salton Sea Expert, Pacific Institute
Tom Miesner
as Self - Author, 'Oil & Gas Pipelines in Nontechnical Language'
Butch Mederos
as Self - General Manager, Palm Springs Facility, AES Wind
Steven S. Ross
as Self - Author, 'Construction Disasters'
Andrew Watson
as Self - Structural Engineer
Andy Bernick
as Self - Ornithologist
Ronald Chavez
as Self - Chief Engineer, USS Missouri
Richard Helfant
as Self - Executive Director, Lucy the Margate Elephant
Kim Roddis
as Self - Civil & Enviromental Engineer, George Washington University
Mike Folse
as Self - Structural Engineer, University of New Orleans
Ray Saumure
as Self - Wildlife Biologist
Jonathan Kirsch
as Self - Author, 'A History of the End of the World'
John Feairheller
as Self - City Engineer, Atlantic City
Billy Edge
as Self - Coastal Engineer, North Carolina State University
Jeffrey Morseburg
as Self - Private Art Curator
Troy Bylsma
as Self - Caretaker
Mark Griffith
as Self - Anatolian Dog Breeder
Bert Murphy
as Self - Earth Scientist, Brock University
Matt Evans
as Self - University of Illinois, Springfield
Sam 'Ohu Gon
as Self - Biologist, The Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i
Vicki Berni
as Self - Former Owner, Americana Amusement Park
Stan Gehrt
as Self - Wildlife Ecologist, Ohio State University
Ray Coppinger
as Self - Author, 'Dogs'/Self - Hampshire College
Brian Burke-Gaffney
as Self - Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
Tommy Strowd
as Self - Environmental Engineer, South Florida Water Management District
Chuck Shea
as Self - Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
Bruce Golden
as Self - Animal Geneticist, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Jeffrey Mount
as Self - Geologist, Univeristy of California, Davis
Travis Taylor
as Self - Engineer & Physicist
Jim Haw
as Self - Director of Environmental Studies, USC
Phil Moy
as Self - Fisheries & Invasive Species Specialist, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Patti Wright
as Self - Archaeologist
Stein Sture
as Self - Civil Engineer, University of Colorado/Self - Civil Engineer, University of Colorado, Boulder
Mark Lassiter
as Self - Geologist
Hoyt Fields
as Self - Museum Director, Hearst Castle, CA State Parks
Jeffrey A. Lockwood
as Self - Entomologist, University of Wyoming
Mark Stafford
as Self - Parrots International
Mark Eberhart
as Self - Materials Scientist, Colorado School of Mines
Jonathan Stewart
as Self - Civil & Enviromental Engineer, UCLA
Paul S. Hudson
as Self - International Time Capsule Society, Oglethorpe University
Kristine Uhlman
as Self - Hydrologist, University of Arizona
Dave Roe
as Self - Aeronautical Engineer, 309th Aerospace Maint. & Regen. Group
Howard Oliver
as Self - Forensic Pathologist
Fred Barker
as Self - L.A. Department of Water and Power
James Lurie
as Narrator
Rene B. Testa
as Self - Civil Engineer, Columbia University
Jimmy Brooks
as Self - National Lacy Dog Association
Tom Jackson
as Self - Biologist. Research Fisheries NOAA
Kurt Moseley
as Self - Madame Tussaud's
Matt Russell
as Self - Underwater Archeologist, National Park Service
Douglas Goergens
as Self - Bonne Terre Mine
John Hoogland
as Self - Behavioral Ecologist, University of Maryland
Laura Welcher
as Self - The Long Now Foundation
Ubaldo Pastorino
as Self - Former Resident, Balestrino
David DeKok
as Self - Author, Fire Underground
Richard Gutkowski
as Self - Civil Engineer, Colorado State University/Self - Structural Engineer, Colorado State University
John Anderson
as Self - Rice University
John Stubbs
as Self - World Monument Fund
Marc Gottfried
as Self - Master Brewer
Jack R. Kruger
as Self - Chief of Storage, 309th Aerospace Maint. & Regen. Group
Charles Roeder
as Self - Civil Engineer, University of Washington
Peter Knego
as Self - Cruise Journalist & Historian,
Nicholas A. Veronico
as Self - Naval Historian
Michael Perez
as Self - Park Naturalist, Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge
Gail Gainey
as Self - Marine Biologist, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Richard Lanyon
as Self - Metro Water Reclamation District, Chicago
Cary Fowler
as Self - Global Crop Diversity Trust
Carol Borton
as Self - Reindeer Ranch
Gordon Masterton
as Self - Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - The Institution of Civil Engineers
Liam Heneghan
as Self - DePaul University
David Hawley
as Self - Steamboat Arabia Museum
Jerry Couch
as Self - Owner, Americana Amusement Park
Tom Dyer
as Self - Aviculturist - Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Alfred J. Brenner
as Self - Military Working Dog Handler, USMC
Akihisa Murata
as Self - Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
Ron Sevart
as Self - CEO, Space Needle
David Brin
as Self - Author, 'Earth'
Paul Burger
as Self - Geologist, Carlsbad National Park
John Farison
as Self - Director of Process Engineering, Calpine
Rick Hind
as Self - Chemical Policy Expert
Ellen Bradley
as Self - Food Scientist, Institute of Food Technologists
Helmut Ernst
as Self - Masspike Chief Engineer
Tanya Wattenburg Komas
as Self - Historical Concrete Investigator, California State University, Chico
Tim Beach
as Self - Environmental Scientist, Georgetown University
Robert Allison
as Self - Suffolk University
Alan W. Pense
as Self - Metallurgist, Lehigh University
James Arnold
as Self - Curator, Life Support, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Steve Schauer
as Self - San Antonio River Authority
Brian Boerner
as Self - Environmental Management Director, City of Fort Worth, Texas
William T. Vollmann
as Self - Author, 'Imperial'
Kaley O'Kelly
as Self - Climate Expert, ABC 15 Phoenix
Steinar Aksnes
as Self - Arctic Guide
Dieter Nickel
as Self - Civil Engineer, Berlin-Tempelhof Airport
Todd Sutton
as Self - Waste Consultant
Bob Moore
as Self - Historian, Gateway Arch
Karie Diethorn
as Self - Chief Curator, Independence Park
Paul Gepts
as Self - Plant Geneticist, University of California, Davis
Bill Latoza
as Self - Preservation Architect
John Taylor
as Self - US Forest Service
Tom Roach
as Self - Animal Trainer
Larry Smith
as Self - International Texas Longhorn Association
Brent Karner
as Self - L.A. Museum of Natural History
Kevin McGowan
as Self - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Lynn Bocamazo
as Self - US Army Corps of Engineers


Awards & Nominations

Primetime Emmy Awards 2008


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming (Single or Multi-Camera)


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special

Astra Awards 2009


Astra Awards

Most Outstanding International Program or Event

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