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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Dr. Cal Lightman teaches a course in body language and makes an honest fortune exploiting it. He's employed by various public authorities in various investigations, doing more when the police etc. fail to go the extra mile. So he can afford to constitute a team of his own, which like clients and others has to put up with his mind-games.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: January 21, 2009

Also Known As: Лажи ме, Klamári |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

criminal investigation
lie detection

Company Credits

Production Co: Imagine Television, Samuel Baum Productions |  See more »


Annamarie Kenoyer
as Marly
Tim Roth
as Dr. Cal Lightman
Michael Sun Lee
as Korean Man
Craig Tsuyumine
as Player #5
Valerie Brandy
as Gretchen Stoll
JD Cullum
as Dr. Dembeck
Robert Sutton
as Abe Tostevin
Sean Patrick Thomas
as Karl Dupree
Todd Grinnell
as Trevor Addison
Kelvin Han Yee
as Ambassador Park Jung-Soo
David Dustin Kenyon
as Jonathan - Rescue Worker
Brian Oblak
as FBI Agent #1
Melissa George
as Clara Musso
Brian Catalano
as Viewing Room Guard
Fredric Lehne
as Kevin Warren
Hayley Chase
as Liz Weatherly
Allen Maldonado
as Caden
Juan Monsalvez
as Reporter #3
Maurice Compte
as Juan Campos
Scotch Ellis Loring
as Congressman Rainer
Craig Reed
as Injured Amputee
Danai Gurira
as Michelle Russo
Abby Brammell
as Poppy Wells
Patrick Fischler
as Olson
Mike Smith
as Inmate Jayson
Dennis Hill
as Frat Boy
Steven Flynn
as Keith Berenson
José Zúñiga
as Detective Molina
Christopher Stanley
as Agent Williams
Mandy June Turpin
as Carolyn Hollin
Michael Patrick McGill
as Officer Barnes
Michele Nordin
as Melissa
Tyrees Allen
as DNC Chairman Baldridge
Reena Pankaj Shah
as Pregnant Hostage
Spencer Garrett
as Mr. Anders
Jack McGee
as Old Timer
Garret Dillahunt
as Eric Matheson
Annalise Basso
as Maggie Ambrose
Glenn Morshower
as Col. Gorman
Sunkrish Bala
as Arun Ashraf
Shawn Doyle
as Mike Salinger
Erika Schaefer
as Ingrid
Kathryn Meisle
as Mary Cole
Dana Sorman
as Lawyer
Christopher Darga
as Big Brother
Noel Fisher
as Brian Warner
Karina Logue
as Gwen Burns
Myra Turley
as Mrs. Perriman
Max Arciniega
as Miguel
Harold House Moore
as Little Sid
Kristolyn Lloyd
as Cara
Max Martini
as Dave Atherton/Dave Burns/Dave Ellstrom/Dr. Burns/Dr. Dave Burns
Jeremy Roberts
as Thug
Chris Tardio
as Hollander
Don Wallace
as Sharif Hamza Ali
Virginia Williams
as Nadia Dawson
Jonno Roberts
as Milo
Chip Sickler
as Vagrant (Undercover Cop)
Darren O'Hare
as FBI Agent #2
Kelvin Brown
as Henrik
Michelle Noh
as Corporate Woman
Jefferson Mays
as Sidney Carlton
Victoria Recaño
as Reporter
Hannah Brylowe
as Rose Sloan
Bob Bledsoe
as Hot Truck Guy
Ashley Johnson
as Valerie
Hannah Cox
as Mrs. Knox
Anthony Azizi
as Omar Kahn
Rick Hoffman
as Peters
Nikki Boyer
as Reporter
Naila Azad
as Ina Ashraf
Heather Rose
as Crew
Muriel Minot
as Mrs. Welsh
Isabella Hofmann
as Judge Kathleen Stark
Lenny Citrano
as Public Defender
Marc Vann
as Jim Gunderson
Sean Blakemore
as FBI Agent Irving
Maury Sterling
as Sully
Rachae Thomas
as Kira
Joy DeMichelle
as Kay Norton
Jon Briddell
as Richard Grange
Scott Ashby
as Player #6
Jason Beghe
as Captain Hoopes
Joel Doerfel
as Hazer
Erick Avari
as Dr. Kozell
Michelle Joyner
as Marlene
Wayne Dalglish
as Photog Club Student
Anthony Spagnola
as Bob
Cory Tucker
as FBI Agent
Michael McGrady
as Gil Wallace
Tiffany Espensen
as Isabella
Aubrey Chandler
as Mary Doyle
Brian Goodman
as Dale Anslinger
Landall Goolsby
as Adrian
Tyler Nimmons
as Guard Brady
Jeffrey Addiss
as Porsche Driver
David Kaufman
as Dan Felder
Basilina Butler
as Bus Bomb Survivor
Hayley Holmes
as Carley
John Amos
as Jim Weaver
Joe Willand
as Army Lieutenant Kenneth
Diana M. Kim
as Korean Waitstaff
Colton Shires
as Zack
Jahnnalee Randall
as Bunny Paige
Luis Moncada
as Inmate #1
Moira Squier
as Reporter #1
Troy Winbush
as Wallace
Chaz Wood
as Horny Guy #1
Dontrell Griffin
as Frat Boy #2
Scott Alan Smith
as Jeremy Levine
Jennifer Jalene
as Tanya
Nick Searcy
as Mr. Donnelly
Michael Wiseman
as Prosecutor Crosby
Diana Parks
as Mandy
Jeanne Simpson
as PTA Mom
Deidrie Henry
as A'isha Walker
Tim Guinee
as Alec Foster/Ron Foster
Jim Beaver
as Gus Sloan
Mandy McMillian
as Middle Aged Woman
Kayla Mae Maloney
as Danielle Ashland
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Cab Driver/Jogger
Steve Seagren
as Museum Guard
Sonny Mario Ayon
as Stomper
Alison LaPlaca
Linda Purl
as Meredith Spencer
Larry Herron
as Yager
Kay Aston
as Showgirl
Tiffany Hines
as Lacey
Aliya Astaphan
as Cocktail Waitress
Kurt Caceres
as Jack Garcia
B.K. Cannon
as Stacey
Sam Ball
as Joe Spaly
Mekenna Melvin
as Stefanie Fife
Currie Graham
as Eric Kuransky
Kathleen Rose Perkins
as Colette Bradley
Zachary Knower
as Videographer 1
Theo Rossi
as Tressler
Paul Sanchez
as Guard
David Ury
as Witness
Janora McDuffie
as McKenzie Dodd
Gabe Hohreiter
as Student
David Costabile
as Dr. Mitch Grandon
Jeffrey Johnson
as Ben Aston
Alvaro Orlando
as Orlando
Jos Viramontes
as Dr. Blake
Bob Gebert
as Howard Moss
Antonio Fargas
as Mr. Mitchell
Felice Heather Monteith
as Joan
Jay R. Ferguson
as Jimmy
John Pirruccello
as Arthur
Katie Mitchell
as Renee
Jim Hanna
as Ken
Natalie Dreyfuss
as Molly
Laurel Weber
as Carley
Matias Ponce
as Oliver Sheridan
Christopher Baskerville
as Construction Worker/Dinner Guest/F.B.I. Agent
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Holly Sando
Jessica Wright
as Sylvia
Gretchen Egolf
as Catherine
Jennifer Weston
as Nurse
Monyque Thompson Scott
as Nurse
Emma Turpen
as Teen Girl #1
Mark Berry
as Mr. McNeil
Gordon Greene
as Bob Swall
Mark Doerr
as Carter
Shahine Ezell
as Suarez
Sharon Blynn
as MRI Tech
Francisco Viana
as U.S. Marshal
Robert Alan Beuth
as Angry Guest
Leelila Strogov
as Female Reporter/Reporter
Jason Gedrick
as John Parks
Liza Seneca
as Anne-Marie McDermott
Raphael Sbarge
as Richard Prosser
Nick Hodaly
as Deputy Ambassador Hassan
Bernard White
as Imam Amir Hadad
Alan Mueting
as Protester
Katy Maloney
as Reporter
Tricia Helfer
as Naomi Russell
Angela Bullock
as Nurse
Anthony Ruivivar
as FBI Agent Dardis
Edward Hendershott
as Preston
Randy Oglesby
as Congressman Zeb Weil
David Warshofsky
as Owen Finnegan
Adam Donshik
as Aaron Craig
Waleed Zuaiter
as Deputy Ambassador Rafid
Jon Southwell
as Joseph Hench
Matt Gerald
as Marshal Johnson
Meta Golding
as Raven
John Knox
as Attorney
Kavita Patil
as Attorney J.P.
Carla Jeffery
as Female Student
Annabeth Rickley
as Lightman Intern
Michael A. Goorjian
as Franko James Vincent/Glen Welsh
Jim Meskimen
as Otto Frankel
Bryce Hitchcock
as Samantha Burch Look-A-Like
Griffin Cleveland
as AJ Ambrose
Christopher Amitrano
as Charlie One/Jim
Catherine Dent
as Faye Sheridan
John Aprea
as Victor Musso
Jason E. Kelley
as Uniform Cop #1
Anjul Nigam
as Shreyas Patel
Jeanie Hackett
as Diane Bradin
Chad L. Coleman
as Darryl
Nick McDow
as Rasheed
James Curreri
as Middle Aged Man
Chase Kim
as Korean American Secret Service Agent
Momo Yashima
as Parole Board Member
Kevin Rankin
as Kent Clark
Felicia Day
as Miss Angela
Tracia Takasugi
as Reporter #2
Rachelle Leah
as Ms. Cooper
Chadwick Boseman
as Cabe McNeil
Luke Youngblood
as Kid
Kari Coleman
as Mary/Mrs. McLaughlin
Shea Whigham
as Jered Blunt
Victoria Pratt
as Lily
Kay Panabaker
as Emily Lightman
Anne Bedian
as Hasina Kahn
Carmen Argenziano
as Gus
Michael Beach
as James
Bonnie Perlman
as ER Nurse
Tim Griffin
as Principal Tom Castle
Stephanie Michels
as Cynthia
Lena Ahn
as Dancer at Wedding
Audrey Marie Anderson
as Dr. Mary Hanson
Steve Mize
as Nick
Doug Hutchison
as Lane Bradley
Sam Littlefield
as Dave Miller
Melissa Tang
as Young Woman
Michelle Christian Corp
as Hilary Markov
Rick Fitts
as Male Protester
Cari Champion
as Reporter #1
Brian Tee
as Bodyguard (Han Yong-Dae)
Wendi Kenya
as Christine
Sara Mornell
as Janine
Gary wayne Hoffman
as Bomber
Molly Price
as Deputy Director Messler
Kevin Tighe
as Fletcher Bellwood
Khary Payton
as Cpt. Stan Renshaw
Richmond Arquette
as Trent
Richard Burgi
as Governor Charles Brooks
Carter Jenkins
as Rick/Rick Massey
Jackie Debatin
as Cheyenne
Martin Papazian
as Adam Duke
David Castañeda
as Boyfriend
Kristen Combs
as Deirdre Norton
Kate Orsini
as Nancy
Alicia Coppola
as Sheila Redatti
Joseph Bayard
as Lightman Employee
Ted Garcia
as Reporter/Reporter #1
Nathan Barilka
as Fireman
Jade Lane
as Party Girl/Party girl/Showgirl
Amy Shelton-White
as Denise Arnow
Jake Thomas
as James Cole
Georgia Hatzis
as AUSA Estin
Carlos McCullers II
as Kid
Yuki Bird
as Bank Teller
David J. Lee
as Groomsman 1
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Jamie Cowley
Lafe Jordan
as Casino Guest
Leo Solomon
as Walid
Marcus Giamatti
as Fentris
Michelle Anne Johnson
as Medical Examiner
Varín Ayala
as Benito
Jera Sky
as Student
Sherri Saum
as Candice McCallister
Jon Sklaroff
as Larry
Sarah Ramos
as Riley Berenson
Joey Naber
Ashton Holmes
as Zach Morstein
Tom Yi
as Bruce Morimoto
Ana Mackenzie
as Young Veronica
Amy McRoberts
as Juror #11
Jennifer Beals
as Zoe Landau
Michelle Clunie
as Jane Prescott
D.B. Woodside
as Henry Strong
Tony Aaron II
as Drew Coleman
Jennifer Irwin
as Mary Clark
Karis Campbell
as Sarah Garcia
Kenneth Mitchell
as Duane Corey
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Fight Referee
Dean Chekvala
as Danny Pavelka
Kosha Patel
as Kiran Purohit
Jocelyn Aguilar
as Accused Girl
Jasmine Golden
as Casino Guest
Giancarlo Esposito
as Beau Hackman
April Parker Jones
as Head Mistress Jonas
Rick Gonzalez
as Raul Campos
Ross Mackenzie
as FEMA Tech
Shashawnee Hall
as Larry Bernardo
Daniel Sunjata
as Andrew Jenkins
Alex Stamm
as Jared
Jessica Tuck
as Deputy Warden Lamb
Van Epperson
as Polygrapher
Nicole DuPort
as Marla Seeger
Lu Parker
as Reporter #2
Henry Clarke
as Man with Torres
Cassandra Kyle
as Miss Teen Florida
Marc Lear
as Prisoner
Mahershala Ali
as Detective Don Hughes
Enzo Cilenti
as John Lightman
Richard Brooks
as Mark Boulware
Erin Matthews
as Handsome Guy's Girlfriend
Alexandra Lydon
as Claire
Paul James
as Kyle
Matthew Del Negro
as Agent Young
Gina Ravera
as Paula
Mark Correy
as Lightman Group Tech
Kevin Jessup
as Wedding Cameraman
Sheryl Lee
as Janet Brooks
Louie Sayegh
as Gordie
David Gore
as Walter Grinwis
Kordo Doski
as Yemeni Soldier
Tim Mikulecky
as Bodyguard
Anna Zielinski
as Publicist
D. B. Woodside
Matt Bushell
as David Caddick
Bobby Soto
as Louis
Justin Reed
as Hospital Orderly
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Beth Lansford
Lou Richards
as Robert Bradin
D.W. Moffett
as Dr. Jeffrey Buchanan
Erik Jensen
as Wayne Dobar
Kerry Kilbride
as Reporter #1
Lennie James
as Terry 'Tel' Marsh
Bryan Hearne
as Track Team Student
Dominic Hoffman
as SEC Deputy Dawkins
Ronnie Steadman
as Ron Jackson
Mark Anthony Lopez
as Frightened Worker
Kenny Johnson
as Malcolm Hessler
Jessie Lande
as Nicole Bradin
James Ryen
as M.P.
Annabeth Gish
as Ilene Clark
Grinnell Morris
as Paul Russell
Sage Ryan
as Jake Turley
Brandon W. Jones
as Liam
Michael Harney
as Elliot Greene
Vince Corazza
as Deputy Whitmore
Sergio Garcia
as Juan Salazar
Patrick J. Adams
as Lou Nemeroff
Ivo Nandi
as Churlish
Sergei Zelinsky
as Resort Guest
Countrified Wedman
as Tevon
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll
as Guy #5/LMG
Hedy Burress
as Steph Salinger
Teresa Huang
as Nurse
John Hartmann
as Frank Stoll
Tejal Shah
as Dhara Ashraf
Michael B. Jordan
as Key
Rance Howard
as Joe Metz
Angela Pierce
as Sandy Weatherly
Nadine Ellis
as Female Secret Service Agent
Micah Hauptman
as Frazier
Nilsson Lawrence
as Sophie
Chad Olshavsky
as Frantic Family Member
Rene Moran
as Flaco
John Griffin
as DC Uniform Cop Ryan
Roman Itkin
as David
Matt Flanagan
as Teen Punk
Amy Rosoff
as Private Rebecca Metz
Kevin McCorkle
as Lawrence Eddison
Monique Edwards
as Mrs. McNeil
John Diehl
as Charlie Everett
Howard Hesseman
as Sam Hendricks
Dave Shalansky
as Harvey
Emerson Brooks
as Sgt. Scott's Lawyer
Lisa Moore-Marquez
as Bar Patron
Mark Allan Stewart
as Employee
Virginia Louise Smith
as Platoon Mate #2
Paul Keith
as Mr. Welsh
David Sutcliffe
as John Stafford
Chad Guerrero
as Masked Man #2
Yolonda Ross
as Simone Askew
Lydia Castro
as Platoon Mate #3
M.D. Walton
as ATF Agent
Porter Kelly
as Nurse
Jamie Anderson
as Peg Grange
James MacDonald
as Detective Riley
Christian Moldes
as Intern
Dean Norris
as Dawkins
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Marcus Weaver
Matt Corboy
as Matt
Ruben Garfias
as Colombian Mayor
Michael B. Silver
as Personick's Attorney
Kathleen Gati
as Nurse
Michole Briana White
as Merrick
Jessica Parker Kennedy
as Alison Roberts
Michael Irby
as Ronnie Bacca
Dylan Minnette
as Noah Marber
Kate Bond
as Margot
Karl Makinen
as Nick
Helen Wassell
as Louise
Don Danielson
as DC Cop
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Mike Personick
Erica Piccininni
as Joanna
J. Downing
as Mr. Roland
Zoe Portanova
as Ms. Arizona
Adam Godley
as Sandy Baxter
Monica Raymund
as Ria Torres
Seth Peterson
as Rick
Anoush Arakelian
as Mrs. Grinwis
Benito Martinez
as Charlie Sheridan
Shelby Fenner
as Attractive Woman
Shaun Duke
as Mr. Grinwis
Mark Rolston
as Ed Komisky
Nigel Gibbs
as John Agro
David Marciano
as Jason Wilkie
Fred Ochs
as Craig Snell
Damian Forest Light
as Union Delegate
Todd Stashwick
as Hugh Ellis
Timothy T Tyler
as Military Police Officer
Karl Herlinger
as Nick
Frank Novak
as Janitor
David Anders
as Staff Sgt. Russell Scott
Bradford Tatum
as Peter Burch
Whitney Powell
as Paula
Joseph Julian Soria
as Prince John
Kenneth Mark Bhan
as Cube Tech
Mageina Tovah
as Natalie
Sean Bunch
as Firing Range Lt.
K.J. Phelps
as Dough
Theodore Perkins
as Earl White
Maura M. Knowles
as Soccer Mom
Ella Dershowitz
as Teen Girl #2
Conor O'Farrell
as Bernard Dillon
Chris Vaughn
as Football Player
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Amadeo Valadez
Michael Coley
as Corner Kid
Lisa Breckenridge
as Reporter
Amy Cale Peterson
as Mortgage Manager
Michael Hexum
as FBI Arrest Team
Daniel Ross Owens
as Max Roland
Tzi Ma
as Mr. Chen
Billy Smith
as Mike Zancanelli
Hayley McFarland
as Emily Lightman
Lindsey Kraft
as Connie
Mario Cortez
as Army Polygrapher
Arlene Tur
as Kimi
Mary Mouser
as Tyler Seeger
Jeff Bullock
as Secret Service Agent
Jason Dohring
as Martin Walker
Ajay Mehta
as Rohit/Sulman Lamba
Andrew Rothenberg
as Kevin Rich
Jessica McKee
as Macey Hartman
KB Holland
as Joe Paul
Fay Masterson
as Gina Dobar
Jami Ferreira
as Wife in Bank
Robert Wisdom
as Bonds
Amanda Schull
as Phoebe Headling
Darren Keefe Reiher
as Jack
Michael Spellman
as Married Guy
Ken Rudulph
as Reporter #1
Soren Fulton
as Lane 'LJ' Bradley Jr.
Monique Gabriela Curnen
as Detective Sharon Wallowski
Christopher Sowers
as Tomkins
Mike Zent
as Man
Brett Rice
as Chief Jack Morrow
Joe Egender
as Eliot
Marcuis Harris
as Male Protester #2
Grant Alan Ouzts
as Wayne
Shannon McLemore
as Camille
Max Greenfield
as Damien Hardy
Lorenzo Callender
as Brian Denman
Jamie Hector
as Henry Miller
Terricka Rogers
as Bookstore Customer
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Hoodak
Jorga Caye
as Hospital Patient
Sarah Hollis
as Check-In Girl
Austin Priester
as Sniper Claroni
Richard Schimmelpfenneg
as Fireman #1
Erik Rondell
as Elevator Worker/Firefighter
Carlos Lacamara
as Inspector Mike Adams
Emilio Rivera
as Tony Calvo
Diane Baker
as Judge Quinn
Fahim Anwar
as Charles
Mister Mann Frisby
as Construction Worker
Alison La Placa
as Diane Ktretschmer
Haley Ramm
as Amy
Johanna Braddy
as Jacquelin Mathis
Mark Harelik
as DNI Mercier
Georgie Kidder
as Kid Caller
Julia Campbell
as Carol Ashland
Lee Tergesen
as Gordon Cook
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as ATF Asst. Dir.
James Devoti
as Marshal Bernaski
Jenni Blong
as Mrs. Jackson
John Dugan
as P.O.W.
Tom Ohmer
as Detective Jones
Diana Peña
as Gathering Attendant
Jonathan Banks
as Agent Richard Squire
Abby Cooper
as Nicole Lane
Hannah Hwang
as Dancer at Wedding
Michael Bofshever
as Lt. Gov. Matt Goldin
Rowena King
as Helen Dezekis
Homie Doroodian
as U.S. Soldier
Liana Liberato
Rashad Hood
as Paul
Mireille Enos
as Cheryl Ambrose
John Carroll Lynch
as Mr. Reed
Ramon Fernandez
as Detective Luna
Ramon De Ocampo
as Michael
Karim Saleh
as Nabil Kahn
Brent Sexton
as Thomas Fletcher
Christie Burson
as Kerry Morrow
Brea Angelo
as Sandra Kisker
Piper Mackenzie Harris
as Bernadette Doyle
Tina Lorraine
as Pageant Mom
James Immekus
as Jake Hartman
Madeline Carroll
as Samantha Burch
Barry Livingston
as Attorney
Skyler Caleb
as Lightman Group Employee
Angus Macfadyen
as Jimmy Doyle
April Grace
as Mrs. Lennox
Philippe Badreau
as Bank Customer/Museum Attendee with Tuxedo
Daniel Benzali
as Joseph Hollin
Clea DuVall
as Michelle Russell
Gary Perez
as Dr. Alvarez
Judy Echavez
as Newscaster
John Ceallach
as Courtroom Observer
Darrell Lake
as Harris
Paula Malcomson
as Louise Lightman
Crystal Young
as Kate
Scott Paulin
as Gerald Cole
Adelaide Clemens
as Megan Cross
Lee Garlington
as Mrs. Walker
Noah Smith
as Lightman Employee
Jerrika Hinton
as Robin
Ken Colquitt
as Bedside Doctor
Matthew Ellis
as Christian Boyce
Vincent Duvall
as Handsome Guy
Matt Malloy
as NASA Director Schaumburg
Tom Choi
as Groom
Anna Gunn
as Jenkins
Megan Follows
as Lorraine Burch
Ali Damji
as Agent Cooper
Roman Mitichyan
as Poker Player #1
Jane Yamamoto
as Reporter #2
Anjali Bhimani
as Young Woman
Christine Adams
as Farida Mugisha
Erica Grace
as Delisha
Michael Dempsey
as Farr/Herman Farr
J.R. Cacia
as Mr. Fitzgerald
Mohammad Kavianpour
as Yemeni Official
Rebecca Field
as Jenna Bynes
Donna Casey
as Susan McCartney
Christopher Goodman
as Paramedic
Michael Raymond-James
as Gavin Howell
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Head Guard
Omari Hardwick
as Benny 'B' Davis
Carole Gutierrez
as Mrs. Phillips
Stacey Moseley
as ICU Nurse
Christopher T. Wood
as TSA Deputy
Gene Farber
as Vas Belanov
Sharon Brathwaite
as Sarah Coleman
Matthew Jones
as Cop #1
Shelley Robertson
as Female Protester
Merle Dandridge
as D.A. Jill Ottinger
Bre Tiesi
as Ms. Oregon
Jeff Newburg
as Adam/Charlie Two
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Dr. Vincent Olson
Adam Crosby
as Troy Dixon
Marc Blucas
as Jack Rader
Scott Hoxby
as CEO Robert Rosiello
Alicia Lagano
as Sheila Lake
Brian R. Norris
as Marcus Bradin
Paul Calderon
as Manny Trillo
Harrison Knight
as Andre Ricks
Chris Krauser
as City Patrol Officer
David Rees Snell
as Kevin Wilkie
Martin Dorsla
as Clint Kisker
Bill Zasadil
as Ernie
Robert Crow
as Warden Baker
Don Fischer
as Player #1
Alexa Fischer
as Erica Vandeman
Don Tiffany
as Safety Guard
Enver Gjokaj
as Sgt. Jeff Turley
Kanin Howell
as Masked Man #1
Andre Kincaid
as Eric Mitchell
Leesa Severyn
as Reporter #2
Jim Holmes
as Skinhead's Attorney
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
as Wiry Man
Roy Werner
as Mark McLaughlin
Jon Kent Ethridge
as Andre
Oren Dayan
as Jamal
Jeremy Morgan
as Protester
Molly Schaffer
as Stacy Felder
Cindy Saavedra
as Nurse
Tom Verica
as Paul Aronson
Eric L. Haney
as Col. Cap Powler
Mark Ankeny
as Waylon
Mariah Buzolin
as Ashley
Andy Umberger
as Peters
Mary Mara
as Krentz
Grace Bannon
as Danielle Stark
Aurelia Scheppers
as High School Shooter
Ross Thomas
as Doug Donovan
Larell VanBuren
as Oscar
Jeff Grays
as Guard
Seema Lazar
as Jaya Ashraf
Byrne Offutt
as DHS Deputy
Sean Summers
as Neo-Nazi
Scott Atkinson
as Howard Taft
Erika Christensen
as Jessie/RJ/Sophie/Trisha
Tommy Flanagan
as Ron Marshall
Pej Vahdat
as Jason Kashani
Lauren Bowles
as Valerie Blunt
Keston John
as Moon
Scott Klace
as Martin Wexler
Nikki Novak
as Kara
Elijah Long
as US Marshal
Timothy Carhart
as Jerry Conway
Sean Bridgers
as Harold Clark
Eric Shackelford
as Enraged Prisoner
Cheryl White
as Meredith Fallon
Nieko Mann
as Jasmine
Katelyn Statton
as Kirby
Michael A. Templeton
as Faculty Member
Katherine LaNasa
as Laura Cross
James Marsters
as Jay Pollack
Sam Page
as George Parker
Alona Tal
as Becky Turley
Mark Colson
as Angry Man
Allie Gonino
as Susan
Victor McCay
as Dunst
Anthony Starke
as Kyle
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Garret Craywood
Shoshannah Stern
as Sarah
Dale Midkiff
as Samuel Wynn
Mike Cochrane
as Prisoner
David Grant Wright
as Dean Warren
Rob Reinis
as Hugo Boss Guy
Sasha Roiz
as Captain David Markov
Laura Chinn
as Michelle Daly
Jamie McBride
as Skinhead
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Jones
Shauna Stoddart
as Laurel Craig
Aldo Quintino
as Teen Boy
Nick Toren
as Male Tech
Michael Esparza
as Charlie Three/Eric
Arye Gross
as Dr. Joshua Hamill
Megan Dodds
as Gail
Karin Duseva
as Plaintiff
Mark Totty
as Dr. Garret Sunderland
Jason Spisak
as Al Larson
Josh Stamberg
as AUSA Hutchinson
Courtney Ford
Alyssa Diaz
as Ava Torres
Charles Rahi Chun
as Korean Man
Quinton Medina
as Maurice
Taryn O'Neill
as Heather
Rob Brownstein
as Secretary Adam Miller
Daniela Bobadilla
as Deedee
Logan Welch
as Young Charlie
Tomas Arana
as Judge Simon
Zachary Stockdale
as Specialist Taw
David Harbour
as Frank Ambrose
John Bishop
as Ray 'Romeo' Blake
Annette O'Toole
as Veronica Sloan
Michael Paul Gibben
as Agent Pritchett
Sean O'Bryan
as Tom McHenry
Nolan Gerard Funk
as Dan
Coby Seyrafi
as Insurgent Kid
Stacy Edwards
as Dr. Christina Knowlton
Mike Madrigal
as Rescue Worker
Miguel Ferrer
as FBI ASAC Bill Steele
Ricky Jay
as Mason Brock
Bruce Weitz
as Leo O'Sullivan
Kelli Williams
as Dr. Gillian Foster
Dominic Flores
as Janitor
Maestro Harrell
as Tyrel
Jennifer Christopher
as Julie Kinnell
Charles Parnell
as Major Harris
Randy Lowell
as Mr. Knox
Melissa McCarty
as Reporter #2
Jennifer Josy
as Miss Virginia
Brian Howe
as Garrett Denning
Suzanne Marques
as News Anchor/Newscaster
Mark Alexander Herz
as McClellan Thug
Colleen Porch
as Ingrid
Bryce Lenon
as Harry Ford
Ciro Suarez
as Julio
Kristen Ariza
as Heidi
Brad Beyer
as Lieutentant Tom Clayton
Dan Martin
as Conrad Ricks
Ned Schmidtke
as Don Galpern
Lisa Waltz
as Mrs. Roland
Frankie Faison
as Teddy
Nicole Pettis
as Platoon Mate #1
Manny Montana
as Dax
Heather Pugh
as Nurse
David Andrews
as Dr. Stanley Heaton
Danny Gonzalez
as Skater
Valerie Rose Curiel
as Dori
Alina Phelan
as Joan
Christopher Thornton
as Johnny Wheels
Terrence Hardy Jr.
as Antwon Ricks
Hope Olaidé Wilson
as Amber
Michael Tate Booras
as Young Martin
James Frain
as McClellan
Alexa Nikolas
as Amanda Dobar
Alesa DePersia
as Agent Ferro
Yara Shahidi
as Olivia
Kamala Lopez
as Inez
Jake Johnson
as Videographer 2
Keith D. Robinson
as Rudy
Bruce Nozick
as Mr. Dobson (attorney)
Tarina Pouncy
as Chick
Candice Nunes
as Initiate
Regi Davis
as Marshal Keller
Gary Kraus
as Bus Driver
Jennifer Marsala
as Anna
Chris McGarry
as FEMA Commander Stevens
Mekhi Phifer
as Ben Reynolds
Ashanna Bri
as Arresting Officer
Brendan Hines
as Eli Loker
J. Michael Trautmann
as Mark
Meilani Paul
as Tammy
Sarah Zurell
as Receptionist

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2009 | 13 Episodes

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2009 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2010 | 13 Episodes




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