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The tyrants who rule the Light Universe pass their essence onto their successor upon their demise, while their still-conscious brains are kept in a vault; their chief resource is The Lexx (Tom Gallant), the most-powerful mobile weapon in the universe, which can only be commanded by the keeper of the hand-key. The previous incumbent wiped out the Brunen-G race, except for Kai (Michael McManus), who he kept in a state of amnesiac suspended animation, to be revived by proto-blood for short periods, and used as an assassin. Into this background comes anti-hero Stanley H. Tweedle (Brian Downey), an ignored non-entity clerk, who misses an appointment and is branded a criminal. In the dungeons, overweight Zev (Eva Habermann) has been convicted of not fulfilling wifely duties, and is being transformed into a gorgeous, svelt love-slave. Meanwhile, captured terrorist Thodin (Barry Bostwick), due for public execution, escapes with his gang's help, and causes chaos, setting into motion Tweedle's accidental theft of Lexx and new ownership of the hand-key, Zev's escape with her new body and the characteristics of a giant reptilian attack worm, but before mind-wipe (which goes instead to a robot head), and Kai's release to combat the terrorists before his memory returns. Tweedle, Zev, the lovesick robot head, Kai, and the stolen tyrants' brains head off in Lexx to vaporize tyrant planets and find a place for themselves in the Dark Universe, while searching for a supply of proto-blood before Kai expires.

Country: Germany

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 18, 1997

Also Known As: Tales from a Parallel Universe, Lexx: The MoviesЛексс, Lexx - The Dark Zone, Terror no Espaço, Лексс: Темная зона, Lekss, Lexx |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Salter Street Films International, TiMe Film- und TV-Produktions GmbH, Chum Television, Silverlight Ltd., VIP Babelsberger Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KGVif Babelsberger Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. Erste KG |  See more »

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Clemens von Tubeuf
as Monk
Michael J. Reynolds
as Colonel Donald K. Gore
Frank Kelly
as Father Pickle
Susanna Metzner
as Lissha
Ian MacLeod
as Self - Band
Lionel Doucette
as Holo Judge
Sabrina Rattey
as Daisy
Rory MacGregor
as Mort the Mortician
Ross O'Hennessy
as Cedric
Matt Zimmerman
as Supervisor
Thorsten Feller
as Liggum
Britt Ekland
as Dulcibella Sternflanks
Geoff Herod
as Brock
Nigel Bennett
as Prince
Lauren Abrahams
as Lomea

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1996 | 4 Episodes

Season 2

1998 | 20 Episodes

Season 3

2000 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2001 | 24 Episodes


Awards & NominationsSee full list »

Gemini 1998



Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Dramatic Program or Series



Best Original Music Score for a Program or Mini-Series



Best Visual Effects

Gemini 1999



Best Visual Effects

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