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October 22, 2021
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Lethal Weapon’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Rebooting the hit movie franchise of the same name, "Lethal Weapon" follows Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh as they combat crime in Los Angeles. Following the death of his wife and their unborn child, ex-Navy SEAL Riggs moves to California in search of a new start at the LAPD, where he is paired up with Murtaugh, who recently suffered a near-fatal heart attack. The newcomer's tendency to look before he leaps clashes with Murtaugh's more considered technique, but when they look past the surface friction, they see the partnership might give them what they need.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 21, 2016

Also Known As: Arma mortífera, Lethal Weapon (televisieserie) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

los angeles, california
police detective
based on movie
buddy cop

Company Credits

Production Co: Good Session, Lin Pictures |  See more »


Kunal Dudheker
as Geek Squad Dude
Curtis Lyons
as Banger
Austin Kane
as Young Jake
Casper Andreas
as Dutch Friend #2
Richard Burden
as German Tourist
Chris Tavarez
as Jesse Raines
Peter Cortes
as Oscar Alvarez
Darren P. Leis
as ER Nurse
Christian Ochoa
as Darwin Perez
Todd Grinnell
as Jerry Johnson
Kate Blumberg
as Beverly
Derek Richardson
as Jonah Canter
Dakota Love
as Monroe
Adamo Palladino
as Ducati Driver
Russell Wong
as Stan
Timothy Davis-Reed
as Alan
Nelson Lee
as Paul Mason
Ned Vaughn
as Agent Larry Chappel
Maryfrances Careccia
as Female Cop
Nicole J. Butler
as Desk Clerk
Frankie J. Allison
as Paulie
Richard Cabral
as Alejandro Cruz
Adam Kaufman
as Brad
Christopher Stanley
as Henry Ashworth
Rick Marcus
as Husband
Nic Cornett
as Trucker
Shay Rudolph
as Maya/Maya Flynn
Spencer Garrett
as Albert Cook
Dash Pomerantz
as Executive
Ali Stroker
as Nina
Carlo Rota
as Guillermo Azoulay
Peter Banifaz
as Cab Driver Fred
Keith Jardine
as Goon
Rudolf Martin
as Levon Tibibian
C.J. Barkus
as Sheriff
as Dylan
Derek Mio
as Donnie
Lewis Dauber
as Gary
Rachelle Goulding
as Lisa Conlon
Rich Hutchman
as Maury
Karina Logue
as Patricia Swindon
Cliff Chamberlain
as Stuart Stevenson
David Magidoff
as Tour Guide
Sandra Benton
as Waitress
Errol Sack
as Trucker
Amy Sutherland
as Maternity Nurse
Peter Holden
as Dugan
Roman Arabia
as Worker #2
Adrian Bustamante
as Uni
Johnny Sneed
as Dr. Ronald Levinson
Julia Nolan
as Hot tub reactor
Leon Milne Jr.
as Surfer
Gil Darnell
as Kruger
Haley Strode
as Julie
Dasha Flynn
as Kristi James
Dante Brown
as Roger Murtaugh Jr.
Christopher Kriesa
as Parole Commissioner
Hal Havins
as Hal
Kristanna Loken
as Adriana Stabilito
James Quach
as Bar Patron/Chinese Pedestrian
Jesus Ruiz
as Nico
Tim Kang
as Mike Serrano
Joyful Drake
as Tanya
Dan Sachoff
as Jewelry Store Manager
Arryn Zech
as Waitress
Jason Manuel Olazabal
as Mike Turner
Chinyere Dobson
as Jenna
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as David Reed
Danny Wynands
as Armed Guard/Campus Security Guard
Mayank Bhatter
as Room Service Guy
Alyssa Alexander
as Pacific Diner
Jocelin Donahue
as Kate
Daniela Nieves
as Charlotte
Elisabeth Ferrara
as Heather
Sean Blakemore
as Barrett
Winston James Francis
as Brick
Andrew Creer
as Zach Bowman
Maggie Lawson
as Natalie Flynn
Christine Horn
as Ms. Dowd
Harvey B. Jackson
as Construction Worker
Michael McGrady
as Henry Butler
Jake Choi
as Richie Kim
Hawk Walts
as Goon
Senta Burke
as Uni #2
Doc Farrow
as Uni #2
Jude Ciccolella
as Frankie Kelso
Abe Martell
as Jason Bristo
Veronica Diaz Carranza
as Mrs. Alvarez
Kristen O'Meara
as Principal
Elizabeth Arends
as Medic
Keli Daniels
as Manager
Chuck McCollum
as Arthur
Ed Gage
as Bar Patron/Inmate
Gabriel Nunez
as Jose
Anthony Muniz
as Pool Party Guest
Caylee Cowan
as Waitress
Matthew Alan
as Officer Montero
Luis Moncada
as Paco
Mavrick Moreno
as Robbie/Robbie McNeile
Diana Danger
as Banger
Philip Harville
as Intern
Ken Garito
as Nick Graziano
Keesha Sharp
as Trish Murtaugh
Robert Riechel Jr.
as Herb
Shakira Barrera
as Nina Delillo
Scott Alan Smith
as Manager Gus
Davey Thompson
as Chauncey Cheddar Mascot
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Doctor
Nick Searcy
as Ray
Paul Michael Bair
as Oceanside Cop
Edward Finlay
as Chad
Travis Hammer
as Mitch Brennan
Veronica Milagros
as Mrs. Alvarez
Nishi Munshi
as Erica Malick
Bill Kalmenson
as Chief Jon Winslow
Kwame Patterson
as Jack Kirstein
D'Kia Anderson
as Nurse
Margaret Newborn
as Homeless Lady
Isiah Adams
as Ray LeRoy
Aaron O'Connell
as Derek
David Keith Anderson
as Slum Neighbor
Fred Mancuso
as Tony Corsetti
Taja V. Simpson
as Toya
Stephan Goldbach
as Shane
Greg Bryan
as Dan Harrison
Markell Andrew
as Texas Ranger
Ben Cain
as Commissioner Ted
Lance Gilbert
as Alley Dealer
V.J. Foster
as Coroner
Liz Nolan
as Hot tub sitter
Karen Huie
as Ginny Hong
George Wahba
as Hanni
Graham Miller
as Gary
Duncan Joiner
as Ben
Brandon Keener
as Jeff
Huntington Daly
as Bystander
Thomas Isao Morinaka
as Pharmacist
Nicola Lambo
as Noble's Lawyer
Thomas Lennon
as Leo Getz
David C. Scott
as Capitol Policeman #2
Luke Arnold
as Alan
Antoine Williams
as Gangbanger #2
Tiago Roberts
as El Coyote
Greg Serano
as Motorcycle Shop Owner
Katie Rowe
as Female Biker
Hilarie Burton
as Karen Palmer
Ashley Dulaney
as Waitress
Angelique Kenney
as Boxer's bikini girlfriend
Christian Bowman
as Coyote
Phil LaMarr
as Judge Lamarr
Siaka Massaquoi
as Marshal #2
D.T. Matias
as Rick
Rob Morris
as Party Goer
Luis Jose Lopez
as Stanley Oliver
Rosalie McIntire
as Woman #1
Rafael Cabrera
as Esposito
Jennifer K. Lee
as Wendy
Frank Trigg
as Carlos Gonzalez
Alexie Gilmore
as Marla Weir
Tim Braun
as Randy
Lobo Sebastian
as Ben Garvey
Tony Pasqualini
as Rocco
Marcus Brown
as Tiny
Omid Zader
as Serj
Jason Gedrick
as Frank Hardy
Mychal Thompson
as Boogie
Will Forte
as Gary
Craig Gellis
as Carl Edwards
Damon Wayans
as Roger Murtaugh
Aaron McPherson
as Agent Zigman
Daniel Bernhardt
as The Swede
Dieterich Gray
as Shep
Michael Wayne Foster
as Wade Dykstra
J. Francisco Rodriguez
as Gardener
Rob Evors
as Dale
Dempsey Pappion
as Paparazzi
Don Harvey
as Tom Kessler
Shannon McKain
as Robby
Brian Oerly
as Inmate #1
Brandon Black
as Valet #2
Myk Watford
as Wells
Karole Foreman
as Old Woman
Edward Singletary
as Dan Reiser
Brian Michael Reed
as Detective
Xingu Del Rosario
as Banger #1
Rio Mangini
as Nunes
Katherine Murphy
as Woman #2
Nathan Davis Jr.
as Ty Hill
Beth Curry
as Marcy
Josh Latzer
as Joey
Richard Whiten
as Chief Flores
Walter Grant III
as Cowboy Race Fan
Diana Toshiko
as Barista
Paul Ben-Victor
as Frank Truno
James Black
as Benny Barns
Adam Shapiro
as Kip
Seann William Scott
as Wesley Cole
Toby Hemingway
as Bobby Claypool
Brian Jimenez
as Michael
Americus Abesamis
as Big Suit
Burton Perez
as Luca Chavez
Aiden Berryman
as Buzz
Jennica Schwartzman
as Grace Stevenson
Samuel Le
as Jimmy Lee
James Bane
as Large Orderly
A.J. Rivera
as Pablo
Dutch Johnson
as SWAT Leader
Robert J. Watkins
as Uni
Jeremy Shouldis
as Security Guard
Michelle Hurd
as Gina Santos
Michael Beach
as Bryan Graves
Sandra Purpuro
as Jill Brown
Romi Dias
as Dr. Stone
Raul Colon
as Sureno's Gang
Darin Heames
as Raymond
Hiram A. Murray
as Omar
Chris Coy
as Dino Brand
Earnestine Phillips
as Bus Driver
Mikayla B. Head
as Harper
Brandee Evans
as Nurse #2
Jaeden Bettencourt
as Max
Alex Weed
as Lonnie
Marypat Farrell
as Brenda
Peter Parros
as FBI Agent Ross
Herbert Russell
as Larry Mandel
Robert Arce
as Det. Shepherd
Kelly Coffield Park
as Peggy
Boualem Hassaine
as Cartel
Aneasa Yacoub
as Amy
Valerie Claussen
as Onlooker
Todd Anthony
as Uni
Erin McIntosh
as Costumed Elf
Mitch Miller
as Room Service Server
Chandler Kinney
as Riana Murtaugh
Dale Waddington
as Judge
Melvin Tenner
as Rajon Phillips
Angel Labosette
as Kid #2
Joe Marinelli
as Stan
Luke O'Sullivan
as Jerry Brand
Michelle Hayden
as Model
Jimmy DellaValle
as Penthouse Hall Goon
Leonor Varela
as Sofia
Christopher Arminio
as Party Goer
Cindera Che
as Chinese Consulate Director
Liza Dean
as Mansion Girl
Scott William Winters
as Luke Barton
Tatum Shank
as Marshal #1
Dave Reaves
as Enzo
Dwayne Conyers
as Barbershop Patron
Jason Ross-Azikiwe
as Teller
Daniel Moncada
as Salazar
Jesse La Flair
as Jasper Evans
Anthony Martins
as Gangbanger #6
Clayne Crawford
as Martin Riggs
Robin Thomas
as Victor Halderman
Bobby Talbert
as White Ski Mask
Rex Linn
as Nathan Riggs
Michael Potter
as Old Biker
Tristan Cunningham
as Nurse #1
Louise Lombard
as Gillian
Silvia Busuioc
as Natasha
Roberto Aguire
as Dylan Ashworth
John Ales
as Phil Green
Maaz Ali
as Hip Patron
Anthony T. Pennello
as Red Ski Mask
Willis Chung
as Chinese Consulate Officer
Brad Martin
as Red-Head Goon
Juan Gil
as Drexel Simms
Shashawnee Hall
as Coach Marshawn Wiley
Elizabeth McLaughlin
as Rachel
Jesse Bush
as Gary Filmore
Michael James Lazar
as Robert McCoy
Andy Hoff
as Bike Cop
Alejandro Barrios
as Lucas
James Morosini
as Tyler Thatcher
Jessica Tuck
as Anna Strong
Rick Ravanello
as David Garrison
Jennifer Moxham
as FBI Agent
Treisa Gary
as Pharmacist
Forest Baker
as Upscale Race Fan
Robert Morgan
as Starks
Kevin Rahm
as Brooks Avery
as Shaye
Kevin Foster
as Aloha Elvis
Anna Khaja
as Senator Donna Malick
Cazzey Louis Cereghino
as Calvin Marks
Bill Leaman
as Cop
Molly Cerne
as Haley
Ian Stanley
as Cop
Ammon Jacob Ford
as Young Cole
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Hector
Megan Stevenson
as Bambi Mortenstern
Tweed Michael Manning
as Race Crewman
Efka Kvaraciejus
as Thug #2
Tim Connolly
as Sykes
Eric Ladin
as Gordon Barnes
Jacob Figueroa
as Sam Orasco
Annie Sims
as McNeile's wife
Frank Mercuri
as Detective
Daniela Gomez
as Mistress
Dominique Thaysen
as Senators Aid
Jaye Razor
as Rollins
Lindsey Alley
as Park Ranger
Swoosie Kurtz
as Ruthie Krumholz
Alex Miller
as Larry/Steve
Michael Harney
as Mike Ramos
Leigh Bush
as Lawyer
Matthew Jayson Cwern
as McTeer
Ash Kadian
as Customer
Jonathan Sadowski
as Andrew
Steven Cox
as Austin Noble
Sheila Cutchlow
as Doctor
Wallace Langham
as Charlie Blum
Chelsea Tavares
as Crystal
June Carryl
as Judge
Katie McCabe
as Girl in Aston Martin
Jim Pirri
as Angelo Casciano
Marwan Salama
as Rafi
Jeremy Luke
as Tony Guzman
Tre Hale
as Scott
John Griffin
as Joseph O'Brien
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Saban Gashi
Tre Hall
as Floyd
Marco Morales
as Gunman #2
Kaleina Cordova
as Sorority Girl
George Ketsios
as Alan
Jay Hieron
as Ben Orasco
Jeaneen Tang
as Court Clerk
Tomislav Smith
as Crook
Michael Reilly Burke
as Sean O'Brien
Brandon Molale
as Guard
Sala Baker
as Face Tattoo Goon
Gio Zavala
as Flaco
Melinda McGraw
as Cynthia Hahn
Gilbert Chayrez-Chavarria
as Gangbanger #3
Andrew Bongiorno
as Danny
Monique McKellop
as Valerie Rausch
Rachel London
as Jewelry Store Cashier
Michelle Arthur
as Wellness Clinic Patient
Rishi Arya
as Kumail
Pancho Cardena
as Ramon
Amanda Westlake
as Alexis
Jason Derulo
as Ronald Dawson
Jake Swallow
as Big Random Biker
Cascy Beddow
as Dutch Friend #1
Jessica Parker Kennedy
as DJ
Kevyn Bashore
as Patient in Robe/Theater Patron
Michael Graham
as LAPD Officer
Branton Box
as Tom Woodcock
Erica Piccininni
as Bridget
Richard Cetrone
as El Tranquilo
Sarah Chaney
as Game Runner
Jy Prishkulnik
as Freshman
David Ott
as Cop #2
Mykelti Williamson
as Tom Barnes
Ian McLaren
as Jimmy Doherty
Karin Collison
as Divorcee
Yolanda English
as Nurse
Rebecca Wisocky
as Commissioner Debra
Travis Grenke
as Fire Fighter
Shawn Patrick Lane
as Tall Skinny Biker
Ales Ordelt
as Serge
Dennis Zen
as Aide
Patrick Faucette
as Dr. Gibbs
Kristoffer Polaha
as Bennet Hirsch
Hugh B. Holub
as Judge Groban
Exie Booker
as Beach Sheriff
Kikéy Castillo
as Second Nurse
Katie Walder
as Denise Barnes
Colin Patrick Lynch
as Partner
Yusuf Toliver
as Tough Bodybuilder
Trevor Gretzky
as FBI Agent Becker
Brian Francisco Molina
as Nico
Robert Curtis Brown
as Walter Hancock
Tsuyoshi Abe
as Carl
Myles Grier
as Steven Raines
Jimmy Ortega
as Drug Dealer
Travis Lee Eller
as Aggressive Patron
Will Brandt
as Adam Pressman
Pamela Jean Noble
as Model
DeLaRosa Rivera
as Endo
Geri-Nikole Love
as Shana
Scarlett Fernandez
as Kate
Eric Utomo
as Race Spectator
Torrey Vogel
as Thug #1
Monica Barbaro
as Nora Cooper
Curtis Schurer
as Tomas
Lindsey Kraft
as Sarah McFadden
Wylie Small
as Lawyer
Manuel Uriza
as Raul Mendez
Scottie Pippen
as Scottie Pippen
Michael Uva
as Santa
David L. Peters
as Party Goer
Jonathan Ohye
as Lee
Josh Archer
as EMT
Ek Harris
as Uni/Uni #1
Arnell Powell
as Dr. Nathan Cox
Eddie Yu
as Senior MSS Agent
Owen Saxon
as Knobs
Trevor Gore
as Chris
Christina Llorens
as Maria
Reatha Grey
as Elderly Woman
Gerren Hall
as City Official
Alisha Wainwright
as Jess Bailey
Brett Rice
as Samuel Petry
Jack Kehler
as Sam Fisher
Araceli Prasarttongosoth
as Rosie Delgado
Cameron Fuller
as Cadet #1
Eddie Ramos
as Diego Cabrera
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Petros
Feodor Chin
as The Florist
Jake Austin Walker
as Sam Stoller
Evan Hofer
as 18-Year-Old Cole
Kurt Yaeger
as Billy Gottlieb
Frances Turner
as Brenda
Colby Lemmo
as Elena
Stephen Friedrich
as Mateo Peralto
Sandy Abramson
as Juror
Casey Kramer
as Homeless Woman Ellen
Lamar Stewart
as Deputy Allen
Chris Melissa Verdugo
as Miranda's Sister
Priscilla Quintana
as Phoebe Clarke
Adam Lazarre-White
as Luther Strickland
Sam Fusaro
as FBI agent
Shane Coffey
as Reuben Tomar
Phoebe Dorin
as Woman with Dog
David Piggott
as Door Man
Elias Janssen
as Hunter Caldera
Johnathan Fernandez
as Bernard Scorsese
Adrian Pasdar
as Dan Cooper
Bertila Damas
as Martha Clarke
Shahaub Roudbari
as Syrian Tech
Michael J. London
as Elderly Man
Adam J. Jefferis
as Bartender
Taylor Cooper
as Waitress
Lily Berlina
as Ali
Alejandro Edda
as Luis Caldera
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Intake Worker
Philip Tan
as Professor Brian Li
Kate Boyer
as Wife
Reinaldo Faberlle
as Thug #3
Matt DiBenedetto
as Beer Throwing Biker
Ramon Fernandez
as Joaquin Ortega
Annet Mahendru
as Layla/Lena
Corey Michael Eubanks
as Gatanas/Gold Elvis
Richard Roundtree
as Don Bennett
DeRon Horton
as Marcus
Cory DeMeyers
as Mugger
Stefanie Chin
as Junior DEA Agent
Matt Kaminsky
as Eddie Ross
George Sharperson
as Monty Jenkins
Linds Edwards
as Jake Voss
Tim Doiron
as Tow Truck Guy
Shakira Ja'nai Paye
as Young Woman
Mike Estes
as Sicario Body Guard
Adam Matthew Bartlett
as Groomsman
Steven Kirk
as Charlie Chaplin
Jess Allen
as Aggro Thug
Alex Cacho
as Worker
Scarlett Burke
as Bartender
Albert Kong
as Vince Hong
Erik Stabenau
as Sam
Korbin Miles
as Donnie Green
Kiyano La'vin
as Gym Owner
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Earl
Jason Medwin
as Henry
K.T. Tatara
as Budtender
Daniella Alonso
as Maria Navar
Amanda Misa Curtis
as Kid #1
Ernie Hudson
as Hank Peterson
Aubrey Cleland
as Feather
Charlie Talbert
as Travis
Derek Chariton
as Beck
Allison Holton
as Maid of Honor
Chase Mangum
as Young Martin Riggs/Young Nathan Riggs
Nick Gracer
as Victor Ivanov
Matt Malloy
as Dr. Samuels
Tre Styles
as Wendell
Merrick McCartha
as IA Agent #2
Brett Edwards
as Capitol Policeman
Ted Levine
as Ned Brower
Brooke Nevin
as Sara Burns
Tim Sitarz
as Zane
Monique Gall
as Uniformed Officer
Sarah Benoit
as Janice
E.E. Bell
as Danny Mancini
Jacob DeMonte-Finn
as Dutch Guy
Hector Hugo
as Mark Conlon
Michael Raymond-James
as Chad Jackson
Hana Hwang
as Nicole
Peter Kwong
as Kenneth Hong
Drew Lipson
as Carson Tate
Christopher T. Wood
as Detective Atkins
Jeannine Kaspar
as Naomi
Denell Johnson
as Russel Carswell
Peter Coventry Smith
as Garrett/Garrett Riggs
Abbie Gayle
as Cat Ears
Deborah Carson
as Reporter
Chase Anthony
as Valet #1
Toby Wilson
as Bouncer
Charles Baker
as Bank Robber/Peter Scarelli
Ronnie Marmo
as Terry Cusumano
Selkie Hom
as Nina Clausen
Pooja Batra
as Candi
Beth Littleford
as IA Agent #1
Quincy Ndekwe
as Desmond
Eric Cepeda
as Hipster Dude
Antal Kalik
as Mike Hardy
C.S. Lee
as Gene Nakahara
Wilmer Calderon
as Coach Latimer
Elena Chernyakova
as Katie
Hemky Madera
as Benny Avila
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
as Miguel Ortega
Carlos Acuña
as Banger
Kristen Gutoskie
as Molly Hendricks
Anthony Marciona
as Degenerate
Dah-uh Morrow
as Uni
Catherine Kamei
as Madeline Tate
Joshua Bassett
as Will
Lane Carlson
as Sean Hawkins
Paul Witten
as Maitre'd
Anise Fuller
as Nurse
Jamin Thompson
as Gangbanger
Teodora Cristea
as Young Woman
Lovensky Jean-Baptiste
as Carlo
Teddy Margas
as Tony Tibone
Tina Grimm
as Masked Woman
Juan Riedinger
as Liam Taylor
Patrick Burch
as Preston
Tony Nunes
as Tow Truck Driver
Tom Musgrave
as Rodney
Cadence Murray
as Girl at Birthday Party/Girl at Party in Bouncy House
Audrey Wasilewski
as Helen
Adam Sinclair
as Llewyn Scott
BJ Tanner
as Devante
Fiona Gubelmann
as Andi Canter
Chloe Copus
as Kid #3
Don DiPetta
as Trent
Fancy Acholonu
as April
David Paul Olsen
as Limo Driver
Lauren Bray
as Sandra
Tanc Sade
as Julian
Mike Dopud
as Christian Orloff
Myah White
as Cheryl
Tate Ellington
as Daryl
Vic Chao
as Commissioner Greg
Jeff Houkal
as Parking Security Guard
Katherine Skelton
as Waitress
Clint Jung
as Dr. Littlejohn
Eric Brown
as Cauliflower Ear Goon
Katrina Nelson
as Kelly (Soccer Mom)/Saleswoman
Jasmine Leyva
as Hostess
Costas Mandylor
as Fabrizio Stavos
Elia Cantu
as Delilah
Martin Klebba
as Short Biker
Sam T. West
as Stoic Guard
Jose Herrera
as Catholic Bishop
Sprague Grayden
as Genie Babcock
Nikita Orlov
as Teen
Melvin Diggs
as Banger #2
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Jim McNeile
Jake O'Flaherty
as Driver
Michelle Mitchenor
as Sonya Bailey
Cale Schultz
as Bigger Biker
Perry Young
as Cadet #2
Alisha Soper
as Marilyn Monroe
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Daryl Hennicky
Lorenz Arnell
as Teen
Jeff Davis
as Wade Davies
Pablo Ramos
as Park Goer
Marisela Zumbado
as Ana
Lee Coc
as Banger/Gun Runner
Zach McGowan
as Cody Lewis
Jordana Brewster
as Maureen Cahill
Ellen Hollman
as Angela Carlson
Lily Rains
as Mom
André Eriksen
as Zovra Umarov
Mason McNulty
as 10 Year Old Boy
Jimmy Walker Jr.
as Mikey
Gail Borges
as Judge Bechdel
as Hot Surfer Girl
Michael Alaimo
as Grandpa
Chin Han
as Detective Henry Cho
Carl Tart
as Uni/Station Officer
Shay Ali
as Random Bar Patron
Andy Taylor Kim
as Waiter
J.C. Currais
as Gus/Manager Brad
Alyssa Diaz
as Hannah
Lyndon Smith
as Owlsly
Cristian Fagins
as Sam
Adam Wang
as 20-Something MSS Agent
Sola Bamis
as Leila Jones
Chris Palermo
as Yuri
Lindsay Farris
as Joshua
Jeff Jocoy
as Hockey Fan
Rob Raco
as Parker Adams
David Chan
as Packer
Judy Jean Berns
as Sweet-Faced Old Lady
Teo Briones
as Ethan McFadden
Andy Buckley
as Tom Noble
Carlos Arellano
as Victor
Chanté Bowser
as Stage Manager
Danny Mora
as Tito Flores
Dan Warner
as Sam Higgins
Anthony Vitale
as IA Agent #3
Jim Bentley
as Bartender
William Mapother
as Jacob Porter
Bre Blair
as Ali Weiss
Michelle Vawer
as Waitress
Justin A. Williams
as Thug #1
Floriana Lima
as Miranda Riggs
Mustafa Speaks
as Oscar Ripley
Daniel DiVenere
as Jesse Clarke
Chad Rook
as Sean
Toni Trucks
as Maria Torez
Raul Casso
as Eddie Flores
Mustafa Elzein
as CJ
Melissa Strom
as Resort Manager
Marcelo Olivas
as Wendell
Britt Sanborn
as OR Nurse
Yancey Arias
as Jose
Matt Riedy
as Sergeant Gause
Chris Naoki Lee
as Chang
Sophia Woodward
as Young Molly
Brice Williams
as A.D.A.
Nancy Nave
as Croupier
Kj Smith
as Beth
Richard Rubin
as Radio Host
Roxanna Dunlop
as Shauna
Tony Plana
as Ronnie Delgado
Omari Washington
as Gangbanger #1
Phillip Kane Rhee
as Korean Gangster #1
Samantha Win
as Eve
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
as Father Darryl Patterson
Craig Ricci Shaynak
as Howard
Larvell Hood
as Medic
Jaclyn Winters
as Valet Girl
Paola Lázaro
as Gutierrez
Sam Marra
as Blake
Sheaun McKinney
as Booker
Jack Yang
as Thomas Kang
Lola Glaudini
as FBI Agent
Nash Carter
as Stylist
Stephanie Burke
as Nurse #3
Energy Lewis
as Pedestrian
Hart Denton
as Chauncey
Terry Fradet
as Tattoo Artist
Jake Regal
as Cashier
David Briner
as Dave
Jay Acovone
as Elliott Nunziata
Lena Georgas
as Mrs. Reynolds
Franchesca Agramonte
as EMT
Amanda Fields
as Iconic Swimsuit Girl
Andrew Kai
as Kyle Kennedy
Kelsie Mathews
as Parade Balloon Handler
Marco Rodríguez
as Alberto
George Tovar
as Judge
Christopher Neiman
as Kevin Flynn
Martin Donovan
as Grant Davenport
Jim Palmer
as South Pole Bartender
Jack Guzman
as Security Guard
Hudson Hilsman
as Jimmy Stevenson
Jason Rodriguez
as Lars
Chris McGarry
as Greg Antonetti
Danny Jacobs
as Teddy Malkin
Dennis Keiffer
as Gangbanger
Matt Passmore
as Gideon Lyon
Huse Madhavji
as Dr. Paulo Weller
Josh Wingate
as Duke Rawlings
Paul Bates
as Art
Carlos Carballeda
as Waiter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 18 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 15 Episodes




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Image Awards (NAACP) 2017


Image Awards (NAACP)

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2017


Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA

Best Sound Editing - Short Form Music in Television

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