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A few years before the start of World War One, Fanny, a naive young girl from a French bourgeois family enters a love triangle with her two cousins, Raoul and Marcel. Neither the three young people nor their families will be spared by the horrors of WWI...

Country: France

Type: miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: French

Release Date: December 22, 1979

Also Known As: Kvinnene ved kysten, Dames de la côteLes Dames de la côte, Las damas de la costa, Les dames de la côte, Les Dames De La Côte, Les Dames de la cote, Kustens döttrar, A tengerpart hölgyei |  See more »


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Hadrien Lefèvre
Bernard Demory
Jean-Yves Postic
as Hébert
Wladimir Yordanoff
as Jean-Charles Hébert
Françoise Fabian
as Clara Decourt
Eric Broneer
as Julien Breton
Nathalie Ragani
as Marie
Annie Sinigalia
as Marianne Hérart
Jean-Simon Prévost
as Le docteur Bertin
Paul Minthe
Edwige Feuillère
as Tante Alix Accart
Mike Marshall
as Alexander Scott
Rémy Gorrez
Didier Valmont
Jeffrey Grice

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1979 | 5 Episodes

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