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Jan, 28, 2023
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David Letterman uses mature humor to appeal to his audience in this weeknight series, which gets its music from a house band led by Paul Shaffer. Among the show's most-famous segments are the Top Ten List and Stupid Pet Tricks, the latter of which subsequently led to an additional recurring segment called Stupid Human Tricks.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Language: English

Release Date: August 30, 1993

Also Known As: Late Show Backstage, Late Show with David Letterman레터맨 쇼, 大衛牙擦騷, David Letterman-show, برنامهٔ اخر وقت با دیوید لترمن, The Late Show with David Letterman, the late show with david letterman, 大卫深夜秀, The Late Show, 레터맨쇼, برنامهٔ دیروقت با دیوید لترمن, David Letterman, 데이비드 레터맨쇼, Вечернее шоу с Дэвидом Леттерманом, برنامه اخر وقت با دیوید لترمن, برنامه دیروقت با دیوید لترمن, 레잇 쇼 위드 데이비드 레터맨, The late show with david letterman, 晚间秀, Late Show, 今夜秀, david letterman, 大衛深夜Show, The late show, Late Show mit David Letterman, برنامهٔ آخر وقت با دیوید لترمن, ザ・レイト・ショー・ウィズ・デイヴィッド・レターマン, レイト・ショー・ウィズ・デイヴィッド・レターマン, The Late Show with David Latterman, David Letterman Show |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), United States (TV-PG)


Company Credits

Production Co: Worldwide Pants

CastSee full cast »

David Letterman
as Self - Host/Self/Various/Self - Guest/Self - Hosr
Rupert Jee
as Self/Self - Host's 'What's on the Ipod?'/Self - 'Soup of the Day' Host/Self - Birthday Greeter #4/Self - Bringer of Final Thoughts/Self - Dramatizing Prom Nightmares/Self - Dressed as 'Ugly Betty'/Self - Explains What He Found in His Chili/Self - Frozen Fruit Whippy Vendor/Self - Giving Back-to-School Advice/Self - Hello Deli Owner/Self - Host/Self - Host of 'Guess the Green Puddle'/Self - Host of 'Hot Enough for You?'/Self - Host of 'May We Shave You for Spring?'/Self - Host of 'Would You Like to Take a Vacation Photo with Dave?'/Self - Host of Bonanza Gameshow/Self - Host's Guessing Game/Self - Hosting 'Psychic Soup'/Self - Hosting 'What's In The Soup?' Contest/Self - Hosts 'Psychic Gasoline'/Self - Kicking Footballs from Roof/Self - Komedy Klassic Host/Self - Late Show Arm Wrestling Championship Host/Self - Olympic Speed Dialing Contestant/Self - Performs a Pizza Taste-off/Self - Presenter (segment "May We See Your Photos - Please?")/Self - Presenting 'Soup of the Day'/Self - Presenting 'What's Rupert's Soup of the Day?' Segment/Self - Presenting U.S. Open Meatballs/Self - Slurpy Vendor/Self - Supporting the WGA Strike/Self - Taking Christmas Card Photos/Self - Trying Out Pantsuits/Self - What's on the iPod?
Paul Shaffer
as Self - Musical Director/Self - Band Director/Musical Supervisor/Self/Self - Musucal Director/Self - Musical Supervisor/Self - Bandleader/Self - Guest/Pianist/Self - Announcer/Self - Band Director-Musical Supervisor/Self - Band Leader/Self - Band leader/Self - Host/Self - Interviewee & Musical Director/Self - Musica Director/Self - Musucal Guest/Various
Tom Malone
as Self - Horn Section Yay-Sayer #1/Self - CBS Orchestra: Trombone/Self - CBS Orchestra: Saxophone/Iranian Horn Section Yay-Sayer #1/Self/Self - Horn Section Guy #1/Self - Ice Cream Hungry Band Member/Sunday Morning TV Viewer #1/Tom - Father of 14 Children/Tom - Swine Flu Victim #1/Trinidad Tobago Native #1
Bruce Kapler
as Self - Horn Section Yay-Sayer #3/Self/Self - CBS Orchestra: Saxophone/Bruce - Father of 14 Children/Bruce - Swine Flu Victim #3/Iranian Horn Section Yay-Sayer #3/Self - 'Stump the Band' Contestant/Self - Horn Section Guy #3/Self - Ice Cream Hungry Band Member/Self - Recovered Saxophone Player/Self - Saxophone Player/Self - Saxophone Soloist/Self - Signs for a Package/Sunday Morning TV Viewer #3/Trinidad Tobago Native #3
Al Chez
as Self - Horn Section Yay-Sayer #2/Self - CBS Orchestra: Trumpet/Self/Al - Father of 14 Children/Al - Swine Flu Victim #2/Iranian Horn Section Yay-Sayer #2/Self - CBS Orchestra: Trumpet & Valve Trombone/Self - Celebrates His Birthday/Self - Commended Musician/Self - Commended Trumpet Musician/Self - Guitar Player/Self - Horn Section Guy #2/Self - Horn Section Pornographer/Self - Horn Section Wide Receiver/Self - Ice Cream Hungry Band Member/Sunday Morning TV Viewer #2/Trinidad Tobago Native #2
Johnny Dark
as Stanley Cronkite/Johnny Twain/B.J. Twain/Mark Twain/President Abraham Lincoln/Abraham Lincoln/Francis Albert Lincoln/Gay Cowboy/Self/State Trooper/Accountant/Bob Lubin/Doctor/Frustrated Remote Control Owner/Guy in Cold Open Sketch/Johnny - Cold Open Sketch/Johnny D/Johnny Lincoln/Kim Jong-Twain/Mark 'Johnny' Twain/Mets Fan/Richard - Resident of Crescent Springs Village/Ronald Reagan dressed as Abraham Lincoln/Rude Dude/Sarah Palin Twain/Self - Cold Open Sketch/Tailor/Unknown Role/Vince - Crescent Springs Village Sales Representative
Jack Hanna
as Self/Self - Guest/Self - Animal Fun Facts/Self - Animal Expert
Pat Farmer
as Self - Stagehand/Self - Disruptive Staffer/Self/Self - Head Stagehand/Self - Reading 'Oprah' Transcript/Self - Disruptive Stagehand/Self - Drops Things Off Theatre Roof/Self - Stagehand Spinning 'Late Show Prize Wheel'/Flu Shot Shooter/Pat - Pandemic Alert Discusser/Pat - Star on 'The Hands'/Self - Brings in Pizza/Self - Celebrating Columbus Day by Throwing Things Off Theater Roof/Self - Disruptive Staffer #2/Self - Dying Stagehand/Self - Elevator Racer/Self - Hosting 'Pat Farmer's What They Might Have Sounded Like' Segment/Self - Riverdancing Stagehand #1/Self - Spinning the 'Late Show Prize Wheel'/Self - Stagehand Bringing in Box of Meat from Gallagher's/Self - Stagehand Bringing in Pizza for Three Guys in Audience/Self - Stagehand Causing Light to Flicker/Self - Stagehand Dropping Baseballs from Theatre Roof Dressed as New York Yankee/Self - Stagehand Remembering What He'll Miss About Summer/Self - Stagehand Saving 'Lady' from Falling Off Balcony/Self - Sunroof Curler
Regis Philbin
as Self/Self - Guest/Self - Cameo/Self - Top Ten List Presenter/Shrek/'Late Show Bear' Caretaker/Host's a special edition of 'Million Dollar Password'/New York Body Disposer/Self - Being killed by the 'Late Show Prize Wheel'/Self - Guest Co-host/Self - Surprise Cameo/Self - Surprise Stand-By Guest
Biff Henderson
as Self - Stage Manager/Self/Self - Quality-Assurance Questioneer/Self - Disruptive Staffer/Self - Visiting Yankees Spring Training/Alcohol Breath Analyzer/Biff Henderson/Blue Card Chaser/Phone-Talking Broadway Play Visitor/Self - Academy Award Previewer/Self - At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway/Self - Celebrates Thanksgiving/Self - Chocolate Referee/Self - Cookie-Searching Staffer/Self - Disruptive Staffer #2/Self - Disruptive Stage Manager/Self - Drives a Go-Kart/Self - Explains Climate Change/Self - Female Fossil Eater/Self - Giving Back-to-School Advice/Self - Grocery Bagging Contest Starter/Self - Guy in Cold Open Sketch/Self - Hang'er Out'er/Self - Helps Amanda Peet to Calm Down/Self - Hidden Camera Prankster/Self - Host of 'What's in the Green Room?'/Self - Host's 'What's on the Ipod?'/Self - Interviewing Audience Members/Self - Model for Lego portrait/Self - Modelling for Balloon Portrait/Self - Olympic Contestant Interviewer/Self - Overlooks the 'Slip 'n Slide'/Self - Reporting from the Super Bowl in Arizona/Self - Reports from the NBA Finals in Salt Lake City/Self - Richard Simmons Impersonator/Self - Slam Dunk Obstacle/Self - Stage Manager Bringing Out Christmas Ornaments/Self - Stage Manager Interviewing Audience Member/Self - Stage Manager Interviewing Audience Members/Self - Stage Manager Modelling for Cheese Sculpture/Self - Stage Manager Presenting 'What's in the Green Room?'/Self - Stage Manager Saving 'Lady' from Falling Off Balcony/Self - Stage Manager Starting Grocery Bagging Contest/Self - Stage Manager: Visiting Greenwood, Wisconsin/Self - Thanksgiving Dinner Guest/Self - Top Ten List Presenter/Self - Topless Staffer/Self - Visiting Set of 'Cop Out'/Self - Visiting the 'Larry Crowne' Set/Self - Visiting the World Series/Self - Visits Super Bowl/Self - Visits Superbowl XXXIX/Self - Wax Celebrity Identifier/Shoe Thrower/Skunk Eater/Starfleet Recruiter
CBS Orchestra
Alan Kalter
as Self - Announcer/Various/Self - Annoncer/Self - Annonuncer/Self/Assault Victim/Chasing After Regis Philbin/Hosting 'Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview'/Scratching a Lottery Ticket/Spock
Tony Mendez
as Self - Cue Card Boy/Self/Goat Herder on 'Que Pasa USA!'/Guy Reading Newspaper in Cold Open Sketch/Guy on Phone in Cold Open Sketch/Self - Angry Cue Card Boy/Self - Argues with Matt Damon in Spanish/Self - Cue Card Boy & Back-up Host/Self - Cue Card Boy Adopted by Madonna/Self - Cue Card Boy Getting Sprayed with Water by Dave/Self - Cue Card Boy Revealing 'What's in the Cargo Shorts?'/Self - Cue Card Boy Talking to Chevron CEO/Self - Cue Card Boy in 'How It's Made' Segment/Self - Cue Card Master/Self - Drinks a Blue Card/Self - Guarantees a Good Show Tomorrow/Self - Presenting 'How It's Made'/Self - Sarcastic Cue Card Boy/Self - Top Ten List Presenter/Tony - Spanish 'War of the Worlds' Spoiler'er/Tony Mendez - Angry Mexican
Jeff Altman
as Self/Lt. Len Easton of the California Highway Patrol/Phone Drunk/Self - Guest/President Harry S. Truman/Carl the Corolla Owner/Lt. Len Easton - California Highway Patrol/Phone Internship Interviewee/Self - Comedian

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1993 | 84 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10
Season 11

2003 | 189 Episodes

Season 12
Season 13

2005 | 189 Episodes

Season 14
Season 15

2007 | 168 Episodes

Season 16

2008 | 196 Episodes

Season 17

2009 | 185 Episodes

Season 18

2010 | 180 Episodes

Season 19

2011 | 180 Episodes

Season 20

2012 | 120 Episodes

Season 21

2013 | 137 Episodes

Season 22

2014 | 145 Episodes

Season 23


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American Comedy Award 1994



American Comedy Award

Funniest Male Performer in a TV Series (Leading Role) Network, Cable or Syndication

DGA Award 1994


DGA Award

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical/Variety

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