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October 21, 2021
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John Oliver won an Emmy for his work as a writer on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," but it wasn't until he guest-hosted that show in the summer of 2013 that HBO took notice of his "singular perspective and distinct voice." Thanks to that memorable gig, Oliver gets to show off his talent in front of HBO's camera on "Last Week Tonight." The late-night series sees the British comic review what happened the past seven days in news, politics and current events, all with a heavy dose of satire, of course. Oliver hosted a stand-up show for four seasons on Comedy Central, and he was also responsible for co-writing and co-presenting the popular weekly satirical podcast "The Bugle."

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: News

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: April 27, 2014

Also Known As: 上周今夜, Last Week Tonight |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (14), Canada (14+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

political satire
global politics
late-night show

Company Credits

Production Co: Sixteen String Jack Productions, Avalon Television |  See more »


Matt Vogel
as Kermit the Frog/Sesame Street Muppet(TM) Performer
Noa Fe Williams
as Girl Playing Recorder
Molly K. Lyons
as Self
Joe Heimbauer
as Pipe Band
Laverne Cox
as Self - Guest
Dan Reynolds
as Self
Peter Jackson
as Self - Guest
Sarah Goeke
as Mom
Valley Lodge
Cassandra Lee Morris
as Self
Finn Robbins
as Son
Jake Lacy
as Jake Lacy
Joe List
as Edamame
Mandy Moore
as Rebecca Pearson
Ricky Garcia
as Van suspect
Stephen Hawking
as Self
George Clooney
as Self/Self - Guest appearance
Rob Riggle
as Fireman
Michael Bolton
as Self/Self - Guest
Ellen Marlow
as Amber
Nick Offerman
as Self/Self - Guest
John Fiore
as Detective Tony Profaci
Dale E. Turner
as Male Patient
Amauris Muñoz
as Bus Boy
Kristin Chenoweth
as Self - Guest
Leslie Jones
as Self
Mustafa Haidari
as Afghan Translator
Rob Huebel
as Dad
John Dinello
as Italian Game Show Host
Marcus Natividad
as Criminal
Danielle Brooks
as Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson
Evan Hoyt Thompson
as Andy
Neil deGrasse Tyson
as Self
Allison Cai
as Cheerleader
Alex Lacamoire
as Self
Lynn Hill
as Ladybuck
John Garry
as Voice Over
Alison Sweeney
as Self
Prince Jordan Tyson
as Hero
Aurora Leonard
as Cheerleader/Former Miss USA
Anderson Cooper
as Self
Keegan-Michael Key
as Self - Guest
Mario Van Peebles
Ava Della Pietra
as Self - Child Chorus
Kiefer Sutherland
as Self
Stephanie Pryor
as Cheerleader
Ryan Farrell
as Doctor
Mike Carlsen
as Actor/Cincinnati Fan/Juggalo
Asli Pelit
as Self
Elísabet Skagfjord
as Icelandic Woman
Avery Owens
as Self
Robert John Burke
as Cop/Forensic Scientist
Luke Gulbranson
as Model
America Ferrera
as Maternity
Michael Keaton
as Richard Sackler
Olli Haaskivi
as Apple Engineering Assistant
Roy Samuelson
as Voice Over Cast
Rich Sommer
as Apple Engineering Assistant
Larry David
as Self
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Self - Guest
Traci Weintraub
as Voice Over Cast
Adrian Quinonez
as Criminal
Elaina Royter
as Mascot
Mike Birbiglia
as Self - Fantasy Sports Enthusiast
Phillip Chorba
as American Cheeseburger Family
Naomi Brockwell
as Self
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Woman in Park
Caroline Bednar
as American Cheeseburger Family
Aisha Tyler
as Self
John Stevens
as Pipe Band
B.J. Hendricks
as Mechanic
Belinda Johnson
as Housewife
Jennifer Stewart
as Lady Liberty
Frank Rodriguez
as Voice Over Cast
Mark Ricketson
as Model
John Oliver
as Self - Host/Self
Jane Goodall
as Self
Katence A. Lucas
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Sarah Baker
as Allison
Bill Nye
as Self
Hope Davis
as Duct Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")
Emmanuel Royal
as Kid 2
Richard Toth
as George Washington
Julian Lerner
as Rap Kid: Xi Video
Suzanne Savoy
as Ladybuck/Mother/Reporter #3
Kathryn Hahn
as Wife
Mike Myers
as Self
Uzo Aduba
as Self/Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren
Alberto Bonilla
as Al (Amazon Employee)/Average American/Boarder Patrol Agent/Cypto Currency Investor/Man in Suit/Man on Street/Maternity/Senator/Toaster Guy
'Weird Al' Yankovic
as Self
Jon Stewart
as Self
Ashley Blankenship
as Lotto Girl/Model/Waitress
Ann Wilson
as Self
Erinn Hayes
as Maternity
James Charchafian
as Gecko
Johnathan Mont
as Self - Stagehand
Ryan Barger
as Voice over/Self/Voice Over/Voice Over Cast
Colin Hanks
as Son
Danni Wang
as Model
Monica Lewinsky
as Self
Carmina Garay
as Migrant Daughter
Anita Welch
as Yoga Student
Toby Leeder
as News Reporter
Christian Lanz
as Ukrainian Interpreter/Univision Anchorman
Catherine O'Hara
as Self
Eric Stonestreet
as Cameron Tucker
Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson
Aiden Leeder
as News Reporter
Sarah Friedson
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Tracy Morgan
as Self
Helen Mirren
as Self - Guest
Greg Johnson
as Mascot
Jason Sudeikis
as Head of Chirp
Kristen Bell
as Self
Olan Montgomery
as Coal Miner
Luca Padovan
as Boy singer
Katie Silverman
as 9-1-1 Kid #3
Tuck Milligan
as Tour Group Leader
Jeremy Sisto
as Cop
Jerrod Carmichael
Bonale Fambrini
as Children Chorus/Singapore Gambling Cast
Lara MacLean
as Mascot/Sesame Street Muppet(TM) Performer
Grant Baciocco
as President Puppeteer
Michael Satow
as Hipster On Bike
Bruce Comtois
as Mitchell
Jaden Michael
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Faiven Feshazion
as Woman
Ryan Dillon
as Elmo/Penguin Puppeteer
Kevin Cannon
as Miner
Lindsey Broad
as Rebecca
Nancy Meyer
as Housewife
John Becker
as Self Alabama Politician
Mari Weiss
as Voice Over Cast
Jeff Goldblum
as Detective Zach Nichols
Jimmy Kimmel
as Self
Mariana Elizabeth DeMarco
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Jack McBrayer
as Dr. Ted Group III/Mystery Virus/Self
David Carranza
as Man with Cell phone
David Ebert
as Cogsworth
Bobby Moynihan
as Santa
Cyndi Lauper
as Self
Aleks Zosuls
as Self - Elite Rower
Caroline Martin
as Cypto Currency Investor
Joshua Morrow
as Nicholas Newman
Sharon Case
as Sharon Collins
Lisa Loeb
as Singer
Matt Walsh
as Jason Clark
Moujan Zolfaghari
as Cypto Currency Investor/Jackie (Amazon Employee)/Reporter/Taco Bell Staff
Paul Radki
as Miner/Puppeteer
Michelle Beadle
as Self
William Shatner
as Self - Guest
Eliza Ohman
as Cheerleader/Principal Dancer
Joel McHale
as Self
Kenny G
as Self
Frankie Cordero
as Penguin Puppeteer
Sylvia Ward
as Alison Grimes
Kevin Chapman
as Cop
James Scott
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
as Mitchell Pritchett/Wesley
Lorianna Izrailova
as Model
Rachel Dratch
as Wanda Jo/Wanda Jo Oliver
Chen Drachman
as Fiddler
Larry Weissman
as Average American
Jonah Halperin
as Child Singer
Adam Pally
as Self
Wyatt Cenac
Michael Alexander Henry
as Choir Member
Jane Krakowski
as Spokesperson
Paul Tawczynski
as Jock Strap Henchman
Tim Washer
as Scientist
Kelly Vogel
as Supporting Muppet
Adrienne Warren
as Maternity
Kumail Nanjiani
as Self
Debi Mae West
as Voice Over Cast
Kaitlin Thomas
as McDonald's Critic/Young Woman
Gianna Ernst
as Self - Child Singer
Vincent D'Onofrio
as Dam Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")
Anthony Miale
as Self/Voice Over Cast
Fred Armisen
as Voice Over Cast
Ilana Becker
as Average American (Toe Lady)
Chazz Menendez
as Grimes Ad Character
Anna Kendrick
as Nan Britton
Ambre Anderson
as Person #6
Derek Klena
as Brandon Schmidt
Haley Jenkins
as Puppeteer
Taliyah Whitaker
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Rita Moreno
as Self
Laura Pruden
as Jill Stein Supporter
Josh Groban
as Self
Adrienne C. Moore
as Cindy Hayes
David Schwimmer
as Special Guest
Mahershala Ali
as Self - Guest
Assibey Blake
as Henchmen
James Wilcox
as Dad
Tara Holt
as Pharmaceutical Rep
Omar Capra
as Security Guard
Alex Webb
as CEO/Cryptocurrency Investor/DOJ employee/Ladybucks/Senator/White House Advisor
Michelle Trachtenberg
Alivia Clark
as Daughter
Suzanne Marie Berman
as Cop
Noel MacNeal
as Puppeteer/Mr. Nutterbutter/Unicorn Puppeteer/Mascot/Mr. Nutter Butter/Nutter Butter Quartet/Totes McGoats/Vaccine cicada puppeteer/Zebra
Larry Wilmore
as Self
Danny Pino
as Self
Tim Gunn
as Self
Billy Porter
as Self
Steve Buscemi
as Chief Dam Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")/Self - Guest
Steve Schirripa
as Self
Mark Boughton
as Self
Matthew Mindler
as American Cheeseburger Family
Lauren Adams
as Homeowner's friend
Jack Corbin
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Bob Balaban
as Crazy Walter/Self - Guest
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
as Mascot/Puppeteer
Bob Karpowicz
as Pipe Band
Roger Brenner
as Crony/SergeantAtArms
Sunita Mani
as Self
Olivia Cipolla
as Dancer
Armie Hammer
as Self
David Wain
as Maternity
Keith Alexander
as Self - Former NSA Director
Caleb McLaughlin
as Self
Brian Skinner
as Bass Singer - Barbershop Quintet
Alex Trebek
as Self
Josh Lucas
as Bridge Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")/Forensic Scientist
Sophia Gennusa
as Children's Chorus
Lin-Manuel Miranda
as Self - Guest
Jason A. Messina
as Self/Voice Over Cast
Andrew Daly
as Self - Guest
Thea McCartan
as Average American (Mom)
Christian Paxton
as Walmart Model
Jeremy Sample
as Fan #2
Wilmer Valderrama
George R.R. Martin
as Self
John Cena
as Self
David Fino
as Mascot/Nutter Butter Quartet
Priscila Zortea
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Nate Dern
as Public Urinator
Martin Starr
as Self
Chris Henry Coffey
as Det. Ted Hickman
Suni Reyes
as Taco Bell Customer
J.K. Simmons
as Self
Adam Zastrow
as Hotel Perp
Steve Israel
as Self - Guest
Richard Kind
as Richard Sackler/Blobfish
Dante Pereira-Olson
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
T.J. White
as Pipe Band
Eugene Mirman
as Gary
Jill Twiss
as Janice in Accounting/Voice Over/Voice Over Cast
Greg Hildreth
as Average American
Erick Abbate
as Recorder Player
Rob Corddry
as Sheriff Wilkerson/Voice Over
Jenna Ellis
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Benjamin Brooks
as Mascot
John Lithgow
as The Stinkbug
Seth Rogen
as Husband
Drew McKeon
as Band
Emeka Guindo
as Self
Steve Gorey
as Pipe Band
James Cromwell
as Albert Fall
Method Man
as Self
Aubrey Wilson
as Pipe Band
Ken Burns
as Self
Allison Wardwell
as Mascot
Cody Lindquist
as Taco Bell Customer
Jimmy Fallon
as Self
Matthew Curley
as Guy Getting Hit in the Balls
Phil Chau
as Singapore Gambling Cast
Richard Branson
as Self
Salli Saffioti
as Voice Over Cast
Dwight Howard
as Self
Edward Snowden
as Self
Adam Newman
as Gecko/Mascot/Ronald McDonald
Alex Knight
as Agent Knight
Jaime Camil
as Self
Sean Lynch
as Pipe Band
Carmen Osbahr
as Rosita
Thomas Kopache
as Cowboy
Tyler Fischer
as Penis
Karan Choudhary
as Turkmenistan Cyclist
Mara Junot
as Russian News Anchor
Bryan Cranston
as Richard Sackler
Kristen Schaal
as Self - Guest
Cloris Leachman
as Self - Guest
Ray Singh
as Ladybuck
Faith Logan
as Taco Bell Girl
Right Said Fred
as Themselves - Musical Guest
Jacob Berger
as Painted St. Louis Rams Fan
Alise Shoemaker
as Model
Summer Crockett Moore
as Housewife
Arya Gartside-Vats
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Dean Neistat
as Grimes Ad Character
Edward Norton
as Bridge Inspection Supervisor (segment "Infrastructure")
Peter Grosz
as Self
Mike Massimino
as Fratty Guy
Rip Taylor
as Self
Dave Coleman
as Gap
Johnathan Fernandez
as Lost Phone Pedestrian
Wesley Faucher
as Dancer
Buzz Aldrin
as Self
André Sogliuzzo
as Voice Over Cast
Amy Schumer
as Self - Guest
Nancy Wilson
as Self
Regina King
as Self - Guest
Michael Torpey
as Self/Steve
Jonathan Banks
as Self
BD Wong
as Self
Susan Evans
as Voice over/Self
The Black and Gold Marching Elite
as Themselves - Band
Steve Mason
as Grimes Ad Character
Alex Karpovsky
as Self
James Van Der Beek
as Self - Guest
Chris Beresford
as Pipe Band
Ryan Matthew White
as Male Model
Tommy Savas
as Zillow Man
Beatrix Hart
as Judge Riley
Franco Vega
as Cop
Alex Yiakoumatos
as Twin Boy Detective
Ryan Buggle
as Music Video Kid
Ryan Parrino
as Band
Russ Walko
as President Puppeteer
Greg Woods
Rick Perry
as Self
David Letterman
as Self
Jillian Urrutia
as Pole Dancing Chicken
Lord Buckethead
as Self
Megan Mullally
as Self - Guest
Michaela Sprague
as Dancer
Kathryn Erbe
as Detective Alexandra Eames
Kathy Griffin
as Self - Guest
Blake Robbins
as Self
Nate Begle
as Puppeteer
Matthew Scheffler
as Dinosaur/Man Peeing/Van Agent
Simon Otrovski
Devin Trey Campbell
as Dancer/Singer
Nick Yiakoumatos
as Twin Boy Detective
Jeffrey Tambor
as Self
Sophia Anne Caruso
as Children's Chorus
Dean Winters
as Brett
Samira Wiley
as Forensic Scientist
Kaitlyn Raymond
as Model
H. Jon Benjamin
as Blank Void/The Blank Void/Ben/Lawyer/Self
Paul McGinnis
as Dog/Elmo's Piggy Bank/Puppeteer/Right Hand/Unicorn
Austin Michael Young
as Model
Glenn Close
as Self
Adam Morrison
as Self - Pianist
James III
as Taco Bell Customer
Meredith Vieira
as Self
Tommy Brown
as Prudential Domino Experiment Ringer
Wanda Sykes
as Self
Jonathan Cook
as Voice Over Cast
Catherine Goodman
as Mascot
Adam Driver
as Self - Guest
Alyse Cirelli
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Martin Sheen
as Self/Self - Guest Appearance
Olivia Oguma
as Karen
Corey Burton
as Voice Over Cast
Michael Schupbach
as Puppetteer
Laura Linney
as Florence Harding
Jason Moore
Hugh Bonneville
as Chiijohn Narrator
Regis Philbin
as Self
Becky Ann Baker
as Deborah
Peter Daniel Straus
as Angry Mime
Matt Lauer
Sonja Sohn
as Police Officer
Chad Martin
as Self - Group President Tyson Poultry
William Stephenson
as Gerald
Kermit the Frog
as Self
Dante Hoagland
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Haley Higgins
as H&M Model
Marc Mazur
as Criminal #2
Russell Crowe
as Self
Milo Ventimiglia
as Jack Pearson
Patrick Stewart
as Self - Guest
Pepe Julian Onziema
as Self - Special Guest
Mario Batali
as Self
Geo Hubela
as Abraham Lincoln
Campbell Scott
as Bridge Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")/Crony
Gilbert Gottfried
as Jared Kushner/Self
Bobby Cannavale
as Self - Guest/Reporter
Erica Hernandez
as Self - Guest appearance
Rose Byrne
as Reporter
Brianna Barnett
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Kenny Bermudez
as Dancing Zebra
Dennis Quaid
as Self - Guest
Brian McCarthy
as Apple Engineering Assistant/Bearded Hipster
Nella Cole
as Dancer/Mrs. Potts
Eric Henry
as Cockroach
Frances Mitchell
as Average American (Woman 50 shades of grey)/Cypto Currency Investor/Nurse/Scientist
Melvin Diggs
as Criminal
Connor Ratliff
as Man/Sean (Amazon Employee)/Taco Bell Staff
Fred Willard
as Self
Fareed Zakaria
as Self
Giovanni Celentano
as Nash Lake
Bruno Amato
as Agent Evans
Craig Robinson
as Self
Marvin Avila
as Taco Bell Staff
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Richard Sackler
Zachary McGraw
as Courtroom Kid
Michael Gaston
as Actor
Seth Meyers
as Self/Self - Guest
Eric Jacobson
as Oscar the Grouch
as Self
J.J. Abrams
as Self - Guest
Yo-Yo Ma
as Self
David Kaye
as Voice Over/Narrator/Self/Self - Voice Over
D'Arcy Carden
as Homeowner
John Mellencamp
as Self
Darlene Tsaylor
as Self - Georgia Politician
Wayne Brady
as Self
Rob Wallace
Josh Charles
as Forensic Scientist
Watt White
as Rap Artist
Kylie Fisher
as Jeff Campaign Supporter
Van Brunelle
as Migrant Son
Jason Jones
as Voice Over Cast
Brian Huskey
as Doctor
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Newspaper Owner
Ian Branch
as Kid 4
James Wojtal
as Puppeteer/Unicorn Puppeteer/Nutter Butter Quartet
Rachel Feinstein
Darryl Reuben Hall
as Scientist
Billy Eichner
as Self - Guest
Angela Rambourg
as Mom
Kahan James
as Ladybuck/Maternity
Sarah Silverman
as Self - Guest/Zillow Commercial Narrator
Pallavi Sastry
as Apple Engineering Assistant
Rachael Ray
as Self
Angela Struck
as Miss First Contestant
Robbie Tann
as Alley Perp
Seth Baird
as Average American
Alexander Kaminer
as Vladimir Putin
Lily Tomlin
as Self - Guest
The Dalai Lama
as Self - Guest
Eric Shorey
as Lumiere
Jordan Gelber
as Hotdog Vendor
Michael McKean
as Aide
Ryan Cooper
as Mr. Diet Coke
Parker Dzuba
as Self
John Whitmire
as Self - Texas state senator
Jared Parker
as Singapore Gambling Cast
Mishay Petronelli
as Dancer
Sheryl Crow
as Self
Kelly Ripa
as Self
Mike Shapiro
as Voice Over Cast
Shannon Woodward
as Forensic Scientist
as RuPaul/Self
Brian d'Arcy James
as Lawyer
Nicolette Pierini
as Self - Child Singer
Thomas Middleditch
as Faceboook Commercial Narrator/Narrator/Self
Jaime Northrup
as Dancing Tiger/Mascot
Jonathan Chacko
as Self
Will Arnett
as Documentary Narrator/Self
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Ambulance dispatcher
Bryon Krueger
as Flutist
Brian Becvar
as Band
Kapil Bawa
as Scientist
Lana Hardeman
as Gotham City Cheerleader
Nelson Braxton
as Band
Dan Hedaya
as Dam Inspector (segment "Infrastructure")
Leslee Worseldine
as Cue Card Girl
Glenn Hegar
as Self
Peter Brensinger
as Maternity
Jeff Maurer
as Voice Over
Mauricio Ovalle
as Bar Perp
Colin Quinn
as Voice Over Cast
Stephen Colbert
as Self
Kris Carr
as Chipotle Employee
as Self - Translator, Coalition forces in Afghanistan
Tom Hanks
as Self - Guest
Martin Harris
as Self
Bob Costas
as Self
Kyle Ploof
as Dancing Zebra/Space Gecko/Ecuadorian Clown
Rock Kohli
as Average American (Lotion Guy)
Paul Rudd
as Self
Mylinda Hull
as American Cheeseburger Family
Stephen Fry
as Winston Churchill
Nicky Torchia
as Self - Child Chorus

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 24 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 35 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 30 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 30 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 30 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 30 Episodes

Season 7

2020 | 30 Episodes

Season 8

2021 | 23 Episodes




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