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October 27, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


A teenage boy is found wandering, naked and dazed, in traffic. At a nearby youth detention center, authorities discover that this kid -- Kyle -- is a savant who's missing instinctive human behavior like joy, anger and love. Stranger still, he's missing the one thing every mammal has: a belly button. One of the center's psychologists, Natalie Trager, realizes that Kyle needs special attention -- so she brings him home to live with her family. Soon, Kyle starts to investigate his origins ... and some people aren't too happy about it.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: June 26, 2006

Also Known As: Кайл XY, 781227 |  See more »


Plot Keywords

seattle, usa
secret organization

Company Credits

Production Co: ABC Signature, BenderSpink |  See more »


Ali Liebert
as Jackie
Nickolas Baric
as Security Guard #2
Jesse Haddock
as Geek
Marcus Sim
as Kid/Teenager
Taylor Kitsch
as Male Camper
Iris Paluly
as Woman
Cascy Beddow
as L.K. Deichman
Mackenzie Gray
as Functionary
Bruce Dawson
as Dr. Jacob Cassidy
Eileen Pedde
as Anna Manfredi
Nicole Leduc
as Paige
Laara Sadiq
as Dr. Kheel
Maxine Miller
as Secretary
Marcia Moulton
as Lab Tech #2
Andrew Jackson
as Cyrus Reynolds
Jake D. Smith
as Baseball boy
Jimmy Star
as Professor
Jeffrey Ballard
as Doug
Marsha Regis
as Kim Sanford
Emmy Unaegbu
as Player #2
Michael Karl Richards
as Engineering Rep
Derek Green
as Mr. Preston
Leah Cairns
as Emily Hollander
Chad Riley
as Referee
Daniela Mace
as Customer #2
Chris Olivero
as Declan McDonough
Chelan Simmons
as Hillary Shepard
Haley Beauchamp
as College Girl #2
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Ms. Schultz
Carmen Moore
as Psychic
Adrian Holmes
as Radio DJ
Shekhar Paleja
as Manny Jones
Jesse Hutch
as Nate Harrison
Dalias Blake
as Security Guard #3
Adam Thomas
as Frat Boy
Don Lew
as Security Guard #3
Chris Gauthier
as Technician
Devon Casagrande
as Glammed Up Girl
Zachary Jaydon
as Chance
Mittita Barber
as College Girl #1
Matt Dallas
as Kyle
Ken Tremblett
as David Peterson
Daren A. Herbert
as Intern
Chaz Chamberlain
as Latnok Guard
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Dispatcher
Henry Mah
as Car Salesman
Terence Kelly
as Eli
Dean Paul Gibson
as Crepe Man
Sebastian Gacki
as Lifeguard
Jeffrey Curtis
as Guard #2
Ted Friend
as Announcer
Sean Amsing
as Guy
Linda Sorensen
as Nancy Hollander
Andrew Francis
as Jeff Preston
Kirsten Zien
as Amanda Bloom
Kameron Louangxay
as Architecture Rep
Jaydon Zachary
as Chance
Nicholas Lea
as Tom Foss
Christopher Shyer
as Brad
Justen Ortiz
as Conroy
Malcolm Stewart
as Mr. Bradford Hooper/Bradford Hooper
Anna Galvin
as Constance Berlinger
Chad Krowchuk
as Alessandri
Christie Laing
as Kenzie
Ben Cotton
as Impound Man
Jean-Luc Bilodeau
as Josh Trager
Jamie Daniel Wayne Desjardins
as Student
Kate Robbins
as The Judge
Josh Zuckerman
as Mark
Aaron Craven
as Dr. Lawrence
Shayn Solberg
as Geek
Danielle Kremeniuk
as Erika
Conrad Coates
as Julian Ballantine/Ballantine
Magda Apanowicz
as Andy Jensen
Sara Canning
as Redhead
Brandon Jay McLaren
as Chad
Sherry Nelson
as College Professor
Robert Harper
as Elderly Man
Eileen Barrett
as Judge
Eve Harlow
as Customer #2
Heather Doerksen
as Mrs. Preston
Bill Dow
as Professor Kern
Jim Shield
as Hunter
Katie Chapman
as Customer #1
Marc Petey
as Flannel Shirt Man/Guard #1
Beau Daniels
as William Trager
Merritt Patterson
as Ashleigh
Kurt Max Runte
as Detective Jason Breen
Douglas Roy Dack
as Cook
Stefanie Samuels
as Nurse
Robert Weiss
as Security Guard
Veena Sood
as C.I.R. Tech
Randal Edwards
as Lab Tech #3
Giacomo Baessato
as Robbie
Chris Kelly
as J.T.
Teryl Rothery
as Carol Bloom/Mrs. Carol Bloom/Mrs. Bloom
Cory Monteith
as Charlie Tanner
Mi-Jung Lee
as Newscaster/News Anchor
Ian Robison
as Teacher
Troy Hibbs
as Drunk Guy
Darren Moore
as Junkie
William S. Taylor
as Coach
Andrew Hedge
as Cop
Vanesa Tomasino
as Girl Hiker
J. Eddie Peck
as Adam Baylin
Martin Cummins
as Brian Taylor
Jessica Harmon
as Gretchen
Jeff Scrutton
as Hooded Thief
Emma Lahana
as Girl
Shawn Beaton
as Security Guard #4
Marguerite MacIntyre
as Nicole Trager
Kevin Durand
as Police Officer at Party
Ally Sheedy
as Sarah
Kelly Louise Wiwchar
as Waitress
David Stuart
as Madacorp Exec
Tiffani Timms
as Balantine's Assistant
Jaimie Alexander
as Jessi
Lori Triolo
as Detective Myatt
M. Jung Lee
as News Anchor
Sylvia Soska
as Prom Queen's minion
David Pauls
as Customer
Dorian Harewood
as Lou Daniels
BJ Harrison
as Prickly Official
Robert Wisden
as Dr. Stone
Franco Maravilla
as Nose Rubber
Cara Hrdlitschka
as Dancer
Fiona Vroom
as Arguing Girl
Megan Serena Trainer
as Dancer
Pesi Daruwalla
as Tired Man in Suit
Calum Worthy
as Toby Neuworth
Bruce Thomas
as Stephen Trager
Kevin McNulty
as Dr. Feldman
Jermaine Lopez
as Player
Carrie Genzel
as Julia Peterson
Lisa Bunting
as Patron
Holly Elissa
as Female Camper
David Lewis
as Mark
Joel Berg
as Boy
Agam Darshi
as Pretty Girl
Jessica Lowndes
as Eve
David Quinlan
as Tech
Andrew McNee
as Radiologist
Shawn Reis
as Lab Security Guard
Rhys Williams
as Skeeter
Kerbie O'Neill
as Prom Queen
Ravel Boynton
as Player #1
Jen Soska
as Prom Queen's minion
Julian LeBlanc
as Piano Playing Boy
Holly Dignard
Judith Maxie
as Therapist
Jennifer Kitchen
as Security Guard
John Gray
as Red Shirt Guy
Darcy Laurie
as Pawnshop Owner
Robert Parent
as Lobby Security Guard
Alejandro Rae
as Mr. Miller
Hal Ozsan
as Michael Cassidy
Nicholas Carella
as Burly Guy
Ecstasia Sanders
as Jenna
Kirsten Prout
Adam Lolacher
as Lab Tech #1
Julie Patzwald
as Marsha
Amber Borycki
as Jessica Birch
Brenna O'Brien
as Katie
Brendan Penny
as Wes
Rob Hayter
as Security Guard #1
April Matson
as Lori Trager
Dan Joffre
as Orderly
Nina Bialecki
as Kissing Girl
Sonya Salomaa
as Allison
Scott Little
as Evan/Camera Peon/Dweeby Co-Worker
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Rebecca Thatcher
Leon Chabot
as Arguing Man

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2006 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2007 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

2009 | 10 Episodes


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Teen Choice Awards 2006


Teen Choice Awards

Choice Summer Series

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2007


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Actor on Television

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