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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Killjoys is a fast-paced space adventure about a trio of hard-living, party-loving bounty hunters working for the R.A.C., (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition), an Independent interplanetary organization of assassins and retrieval experts who are known across the J cluster as Killjoys. The show centers on their lives and activities in the Quad--a heavily populated planetary system--ruled by a tyrannical class-based corporation known as the company. With the whole system verging on revolutionary war and their own bloody pasts finally catching up with them, the three struggle daily to maintain their R.A.C neutrality by focusing on the only law a Killjoy won't break "The Warrant is all".

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: Canada, United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 19, 2015

Also Known As: Киллджойс, KILLJOYS/銀河の賞金ハンター |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

bounty hunter
space travel
family secrets
corporate greed

Company Credits

Production Co: Mendacity Pictures, Bell Media |  See more »


Morgan Kelly
as Alvis Akari
Grayson Stephen
as Docking Guard
John MacDonald
as Burly Guard
Rowan Kimbell
as Redhead
Steve Boyle
as Tempet
Jameson Kraemer
as Carl/Intake Officer
Lisa Rose Snow
as San-Bot #1
Tara Spencer-Nairn
as Kitaan
Lisa Ryder
as Keera Dean
Nadine Bhabha
as Woman
Milton Barnes
as Breaur
Clare McConnell
as Evi Robbel
Brianna Goldie
as Not-Dutch Woman
Ucal Shillingford
as Talking Hullen
Keon Alexander
as Sam Romwell
John Campbell
as Singing Royal Patron 4
Maxime Savaria
as Ruby's Sex Partner
Devlin Anderson
as Spectator
Brad Austin
as Captain Fahruk
Derek Herd
as Nomad/Sacrifice
Julian Richings
as Ancient Scarback
Rodney Alexandre
as Attacker
David Crowe
as Black Root Guard
Billy MacLellan
as Juno Clay
Christian Bako
as Red Coat
Mike Tyrell
as Intake Officer
Qaseem Gul
as Killjoys
Erik Knudsen
as McAvoy
Adam Bogen
as Robed Nomad
Alisha Phillips
as Surrogate
Brayden Jones
as Enzo
Neil Davison
as Homeless Man
Emily Dickinson
as Prisoner
Nicolas Grimes
as Quarterstave Guard 2
Danijel Mandic
as Machete Scavenger
Ana Shepherd
as Hung Hullen
Sheldon Davis
as Derelict Man
Gavin Fox
as Gared
Dewshane Williams
as Hector Feraanz
Luc Trottier
as Benji
Wolf Saga
as Royale Musician
Prince Amponsah
as Havigan
Sarain Boylan
as Dr. Bliss
Juan Carlos Velis
as Drunk Customer
Clara Pasieka
as Vena
Alain Goulem
as Sparlo
Jonathan Llyr
as Barfly
Sebastian MacLean
as Cart Guy
Maria Nash
as Luvaya/Luvayan
Rogue Johnston
as Big Shady Westerlyn/Remy Skeever
Patrick Garrow
as Turin
Dwain Murphy
as Surja
Aidan Devine
as Last Seer
Eileen Li
as Hostess
Tamsen McDonough
as Lucy/Nucy
Thom Vernon
as Fallen Man
Chris Hoffman
as Creepy Interrogator
Peyton Kennedy
as Xosia
Michael Giel
as Old Towner
Ophilia Davis
as Convulsing Hullen
Aaron Ashmore
as Johnny Jaqobis/John Jaqobis
Alexis Harrison
as Woman at Club
Nicolas Van Burek
as Scree
Carson Durven
as Broken Man
Joseph Cochrane
as Singing Royal Patron 1
Jack Fulton
as Jake
Sean Baek
as Fancy Lee
Blaine McKenzie
as Prisoner
Damon E. White
as Drunk Patron
Emily Piggford
as Yoki
Chris Violette
as Mark
Frank Moore
as Hills Oonan/Hills/Hillary Oonan
Nigel Downer
as Guy
Craig Burnatowski
as Reiner
Alden Adair
as Innis Kotler
Karl Campbell
as Campbell
Mike Taylor
as Pilot #2
Kunal Jaggi
as Sick Worker
Yanna McIntosh
as Zia Seyah Traclus
Jeff Sinasac
as Medic
Drake Nadeau
as Old Town Child
Camille Stopps
as Najik
Austin Ball
as Hatchling Guard
Mark O'Brien
as Grayson Hicks
Mercedes Morris
as Bea
Olaf Sham
as Psycho Halo Inmate
James Hawksley
as Repo Man
Mike Chow
as Mustache Doctor
Kedar Brown
as Tighmon
Matthew Gouveia
as Mano
Steve Rizzo
as Wasteland Guard #3
Allie MacDonald
as Clara
Savannah Burton
as Itchy Woman
Ian Matthews
as Jaal
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll
as Jr. Techie
Athena Park
as Kerrigan
Michael Rhoades
as Overseer
Elena Khan
as Westerly Townsperson/Head of Nine Burgandy
Randy Thomas
as Allen
Evan Stern
as Genner
Jamillah Ross
as Delle Seyah House Guard/Delle Seyah's Guard/Guard #1
Omar Alex Khan
as Rat
Luke Marty
as Screaming Patient
Rachael Ancheril
as The Warden
Peter Deiwick
as Black Root Commander
Tony Marra
as Screaming Man
Tony Nappo
as Joseph Siano/Big Joe
Jason Gosbee
as Commander/Westhole Guard
Maya Lowe
as Yalena
Stefano DiMatteo
as Vincent Sh'ao
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as Coren Jeers
Maria Syrgiannis
as Vitalis Technician
Jsin Sasha
as Singing Royal Patron 3
Sharon Forrester
as Captain Duhane
Sara Waisglass
as Quin
Malcom Ross
as Boy (6 Yrs Old)
Kip Brown
as Rankev
Neil Girvan
as Durek
Jeffrey Wetsch
as Aegir
Ted Atherton
as Gander
Dru Viergever
as Kal Csoort
Rakim Kelly
as Choir Boy
Jason Burke
as Jer
Krista Bridges
as Captain
Ali Johnson
as Liv
Noam Jenkins
as Radek
David Collins
as Yarin
Finny McConnell
as Male Tavern Singer
Delphine Roussel
as Melek Seyah Rinn
Sarah Stunt
as Torture Victim #1
Jake Michaels
as Bruxton
Jayne Lewis
as Adaline Simms/Seyah Simms
Rob Stewart
as Khlyen
Tyler McMaster
as Buck
Jason Jazrawy
as Rolly Desh
Karen LeBlanc
as Banyon Grey/Banyon
Ryan Allen
as Company Guard
Olunike Adeliyi
as Artura Senbek
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
as Spider Drakos
Zach Apostoleris
as Paulo
Amber-Kelly Mackereth
as Singing Royal Patron 2
Amanda Tapping
as Dr. Jaeger
Kimberly-Sue Murray
as Louella Simms
Velo Thaya
as Soldier
Mayko Nguyen
as Delle Seyah Kendry
Richard Chevolleau
as Tattoo-Face Guy
Andrew Gillies
as Weymer Simms
Sarah Power
as Pawter Simms
Katherine East
as Black Root Guard
Terrence Balazo
as Entitled Fan
Damon Redfern
as Kaster
Von Flores
as Suspicious Man
R.D. Reid
as Beggar
Jane Johanson
as Malta Chambers
Nicky Lawrence
as Sweet Jane
Andy McQueen
as Harold
Daniel Falk
as Dr. Jaegar's Assistant
Peter Schoelier
as Old Monk
Phillip Samuel
as Dreadnaught Armada Guard
Lamont James
as Black Root Officer
Murry Peeters
as Tuck
George Tchortov
as Martell
Ryan Rogerson
as Mortimer
Chloe Rose
as Constance
Dan Warry-Smith
as Beefy Son
Amy Keating
as Strapping Granddaughter
Simon Northwood
as Staked Prisoner
Farid Yazdani
as Ian
Chandler Loryn
as Doll #2
Stephanie Leonidas
as Clara/Clara - Alice
Sandy McMaster
as Man in Tea House
Gregory Dasilva
as RAC Hullen Guard
Emma Pedersen
as Singing Tavern Girl
Meagan Tuck
as Hacksaw Server
Brock Johnson
as Gush
Laara Sadiq
as Mother Sal
Anthony Ulc
as Jonesy
Mark Sparks
as Black Root Lieutenant/71st Floor Guard
Pastel Supernova
as Sexer
Miguel Anthony
as Mammoth Man
Lily Gail Reid
as The Little Lady/Girl
Shaun Benson
as The Hunter
Isys Alexis
as Pilot #1
Martin Roach
as Captain Pike
Nora McLellan
as Bellus Haardy
Ian Tracey
as Lucas Kotler
Marc-Antoine Robertson
as Royale Musician
Luke Macfarlane
as D'avin Jaqobis
Tony Hart
as Monastery Scarback
Yahsmin Daviault
as Angry Woman
Roland Rothchild
as Dock Worker
Jennifer Vallance
as Lacey
Kevin Fox
as Supervisor
Jaeden Noel
as Jaq/Boy (16 Yrs Old)/Ozzman Kin Rit
Sarah Demers
as Bar Jumper
Rick Howland
as Dej Serafan Archive Keeper
Leslie Adlam
as Guard #1/Supermax Intake Guard
Aldrin Bundoc
as Liam
Ryan Blakely
as Toad
Tim MacLean
as Prisoner
Troy Blundell
as Black Root Commander/Black Roots Commander
Asad Que
as Dancing Man
Shamier Anderson
as Arune Hyponia
Michael Orr
as BFSD Driver
Bridget Gillie
as Rena
as Archive Guard
Sierra Wooldridge
as San-Bot #2
Kalinka Petrie
as Brynn
Natalie Charles
as Shopkeeper
John Tench
as Mole Foreman
Pascal Langdale
as Jelco
Michael Brown
as Black Root Lieutenant
Marco Grazzini
as Hank
Andrea Davis
as Qreshi Woman
Kelly McCormack
as Zeph
Nick Alachiotis
as Psycho-Eyes
Jill Frappier
as Seyah Nenodall
Saamer Usmani
as Flik
Lina Roessler
as Tania
Stephne Halliburn
as Weathered Woman
Anna Hopkins
as Fairuza
Kiriana Stanton
as Jelco's Gang Member
Dayle McLeod
as Jenny
Dylan Trowbridge
as Twick
Viktoria Modesta
as Niko
Pamela MacDonald
as Old Woman
Natalie Sebastien
as Bleeding Dancer
Adrian Nguyen
as Torture Victim #2
Julian Doucet
as Bodie/Julian Spring Hill Computer/Kravn
Killian Gray
as Company Guard #1
Conrad Coates
as Seyon Faresh
Lori Nancy Kalamanski
as Hologram Woman
Hannah John-Kamen
as Dutch/Aneela/Aneela Kin Rit/Yalena Yardeen
Ava Laferriere
as Yalena/Young Yala
Sascha Cole
as RAC Official
Anthony Lake
as Body Modifier
Sherry Nelson
as Inhabitant/Prisoner/Surrogate
Stuart Hughes
as Herin
Tyler Williams
as Branson
Danka Scepanovic
as Carleen
Michael Potter
as Havigan's Enforcer
Kyle Mitchell
as Wilson
Kjartan Hewitt
as Sylas Robbel
Lara Jean Chorostecki
as Charlie Volford
Brooker Muir
as Prison Guard
Charlie Ebbs
as Old Town Man
Irene Poole
as R'yo
Kim Roberts
as Ginny
Ewa Placzynska
as Ruby
Mac Fyfe
as Lachlan
Terry Jones
as RAC Agent
Ish Morris
as Weej
Christine Horne
as Dr. Lyra Grange
Izaak Smith
as Quarterstave Guard 1
Peter Bailey
as Refugee Killjoy
Sean Fowler
as Hacksaw Cutter
John Bourgeois
as Kalla Seyon Trus
J. Cameron Barnett
as Nurse
Alex Spencer
as Security Guard
Erica Cox
as San-Bot #3
Natasha Bromfield
as Big Borna/Borna
Patrick Kerton
as Hoolian Ducat
Richard Clarkin
as Hogan
Elena Juatco
as N'oa
Louis Paquette
as Mercenary
Anastasia Phillips
as Calvert
Caeden Lawrence
as RAC Agent
Giuseppe Chessari
as Runaway Jumper
Kato Alexander
as Armada Guard
Bea Santos
as Doll #1
Michael Therriault
as Simon Muraayn
Tori Anderson
as Sabine
Paulino Nunes
as Dr. Beren
Jeremy Raymond
as Drone Pilot
Stephen Park
as Lans
Will Conlon
as X Wing Guard #2
Matthew G. Taylor
as Behemoth
Nabil Khatib
as Ferran
Ryan Turner
as Sexer's Trick
Matthew Gonzales
as Red 17 Door Guard
Alanna Bale
as The Lady
Ron Lea
as Marris/Marris Jaqobis
Caroline Puzinas
as Sister Terese
Hilary McCormack
as Zaia
Amy Rutherford
as Company Sergeant
Jordana Blake
as Young Aneela/Little Yala/Yala
Anthony Bewlz
as Viq
Tommie-Amber Pirie
as Oleana/Olli/Ollie
Myrthin Stagg
as Killjoy
Boyd Banks
as Drunk
Noah Dalton Danby
as Rat King
Robert Clarke
as Sr. Techie
Adam Kenneth Wilson
as Bartender
Anthony Jhade
as Red 9 Black Root Guard/Red 9 Guard
Allan James Cooke
as Patron
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Prison Guard #1
Moses Nyarko
as Bodyguard
Ese Beaudoin-Borha
as Black Root Hullen Guard
Khalid Karim
as Well Dressed Man
Atticus Mitchell
as Pippin Foster
Gord Rand
as Captain Cardiff
Lucy Winkle
as Cindy
Lorna Wilson
as Garther's Mom
Joan Massiah
as Drugged Grandma
Allen Keng
as Lemy Skeever
Dennis Andres
as Harvost Mueller
Scott Garland
as Stalker
Christopher Kelk
as Dying Old Waiter
Danny Waugh
as Techie #3
Paloma Nuñez
as Female Westerlyn
Matthew MacFadzean
as Doula
Thom Allison
as Pree
Alec Stockwell
as Older Worker
Rosie Simon
as Lieut. Miller
Brandy Dawley
as Female Sexer
Karen Glave
as Marlene/Maylene/Yalena/Yalena Yardeen
Alkan Emin
as Monk
Lorne Hunter
as Rough Nck
Hannah Emily Anderson
as Shyla
Emeka Menakaya
as Guard
Ricardo Hoyos
as Olan
Jennifer Wigmore
as Great Mother
Jon Ambrose
as Colonist

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 10 Episodes




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Best TV Sci-Fi Series

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