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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Fresh faces Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star in this 30-minute sketch comedy series, leaving no stone unturned -- whether satirizing the president or spoofing Nazis -- in their search for laughs. The actor/writers examine life through a combination of filmed sketches and live stage segments, demonstrating their unique chemistry, camaraderie and point of view. Key has starred as the "Theoretical Criminal" on "Reno 911! (2003)" and Peele's credits include "MADtv (1995)."

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 31, 2012

Also Known As: 基和皮尔, 阿奇與阿皮 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Canada (14A, PG, PG) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Cindylou, Monkeypaw Productions |  See more »


Mecca Vazie Andrews
as Negrotown Dancer
Robert Ben Garant
as Person at People Park #2
Charlie Sanders
as Cop
Michael Derek
as Police Officer Bard
Aaron Perilo
as Christian
Keith Raskin
as Jiu Jitsu Man
Michael Shulze
as A Cappella Club Singer
Eileen Hsi
as Girlfriend/Keira
Cornellius Carradine
as Self
Rick Hall
as Boss
Chelsea Peretti
as Art Show Presenter
Todd Christian Hunter
as Destructo/Villain
Evan Fung
as Child
Janet Varney
as Campaign Advisor/White Woman #1
Rob Riggle
as Boss
Yassir Lester
as Laron's Friend #2
Julian Sergi
as Blake
Jordan Black
as Dance Judge/Pegasus Fan
Caroline Pho
as Sex Addict #3
Richard Cabral
as Eduardo
Rob Huebel
as Blue Falcon
Aden Stay
as Barbarian
Russell Charles Pitts
as Latiya's Boyfriend
Joel Spence
as Dead Man
Greg Hess
as Nazi Soldier
David Pompeii
as Black Guy in Negraph Commercial
as Dreadlock Dancer/Zombie Survivor
Kim Rhodes
as Widow
Jasika Nicole
as Girlfriend
Echo Kellum
as Funk Band Member
Elaine Lockhart
as Democratic Voter
Bryce Pyper
as Max
Tayler Buck
as Little Girl
Keegan-Michael Key
as Various Characters/Self/African Man #1/Albanian Waiter/Client/Concussed Quarterback/Dicknanigans #2/Laron's Friend #1/Macedonian Restaurant Owner/Mr. Flyer/Scat Man #1/Sex Addict Counselor/Stanley
Michelle Marie
as Self
Jason Ruiz
as Mr. Simmons
Brad Abrell
as Announcer
Metta World Peace
as Self
Melanie Lynskey
as Fiance
Connor Del Rio
as Jonald
Jeff Sloniker
as Cameraman/Passenger/Writer #5
Joel Meyers
as Dave Sassin
Errol Sack
as Barbarian
Epic Lloyd
as Rap Battle Host
Jerry Minor
as Bone Thugs-n-Homeless/Pegasus Fan
Michael J. Craven
as Football Player
James Livingston
as Assistant
Alphonso McAuley
as Buddy #3
Drew Droege
as Maitre D
Holly Laurent
as Cadet
Marissa Cuevas
as Audience Member
Brad Morris
as Tommy
Stevie Nelson
as Jiu Jitsu Woman
Hayes MacArthur
as Jack
Kristanna Loken
as Red Falcon
Ptosha Storey
as Gospel Singer #2
Bryce Hurless
as Student #2
David Babbitt
as Man
April Barnett
as Dancer
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Arthur Washington/Dad #3
Frostee Rucker
as Self
Ian Roberts
as Crazed Spectator/Person at People Park #4
Billy Dee Williams
as Self
Alon Williams
as Little Slave
Owen Burke
as Alien
Camille Knox
as Theater Patron #2/White Girl
Shawn Pearlman
as Friend #1
Tatyana Ali
as Heresa
Carson Bolde
as Little Kid
Matt Besser
as Club Owner
Joshua Funk
as DJ Simon Says/Drunk Guy/Mr. Jacob Dixon/Pirate #4/Slave Owner
Caitlin O'Connor
as Samantha
Nicole Parker
as Fantine
LynNita Ellis
as Redneck Bar Patron
Nicole Randall Johnson
as Katendra/Rap Video Mom
Luis Moncada
as Roberto
Stephen Heim
as A Cappella Club Singer
Kyle Weishaar
as Redneck
Ayesha Orange
as Galaxy
Chad Wright
as Drummer/Jazz Musician
Cici Leah Campbell
as Othello Theater Attendee
Ace Gibson
as Pegasus Witness
Sarah Baker
as Barista
Houston Alexander
as Large Guy in Bar
Nick Searcy
as Cop
Will Leong
as Ninja #1
Claudia Michelle Wallace
as Eleanor
Nicholas Rutherford
as College Kid #3
Bonnie-Jill Laflin
as Mia Mondez
Tone Bell
as Friend #1
Ashanti Brown
as Girl
Madison Mason
as Founding Father/Quentin/Right Wing Senator
Lindsay Ames
as Marvel Employee #1/Wife
Hayden Faraday
as Zachary
Davey Johnson
as Psychopath
D.C. Pierson
as Funk Band Member
Denise Boutte
as Wife
Devon Libran
as Player #1
Jah Shams
as Bystander #2
Jeffrey James Lippold
as Football Coach
Nadège August
as Girl in Club
Marcel Wilson
as Negrotown Dancer
Madison Horcher
as Child
Matt Wheeler
as Cop
Fozzy Whittaker
as Self
Jennifer Wenger
as Vampire
Craig Anton
as Aide
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
as Self
Zac Oyama
as Mr. Oyama/Telemarketer
Cedric Sanders
as Cadet
Andreas Lyon
as Soccer Referee
Hal Rudnick
as Stage Manager/Writer #1
Thomas Lennon
as Person at People Park #5
Jeff Sanders
as Coach Johnson/Referee
Charlie O'Connor
Trevor Ware
as Bassist/Jazz Musician
Haha Clinton-Dix
as Self
Kevin Clough
as Basketball Player
Justin Hires
as Bystander #1/Friend/Laron's Friend #3/Rhino D
Colin Hanks
as Director
Matthew Craig
as Man
Andy Pessoa
as Daniel Rosenblum
Leger Douzable
as Self
Titus Makin Jr.
as Young Man at Bar
Jason Echols
as Bone Thugs-n-Homeless/Mr. Lewis' Posse
Keila Hamilton
as Bikini Girl
Greta Knox
as Gospel Singer
Mekia Cox
as Girl On Date/Girlfriend/Michelle Obama
Collin Baja
as Dancer
Jason Ritter
as Male Customer
Jon Huertas
as Baseball Player
Allison Janney
as Robot God/Self
Tucker Rhodes
as Student
as Ice-T dog's girlfriend
John Gemberling
as Creepy Paint Guy
Jet Set Hudson
as Man
Ed Clement
Tricia Helfer
as Agent Jackson
Emory Ogletree II
as Theater Patron #1
Paul F. Tompkins
as Congressman
Mark Anthony Williams
as Jerome Smith
Dani Woodson
as Bystander #1
Josh Fadem
as Person at People Park #1/Theater Usher
Noro Otitigbe
as Clarissa
Freddie Wong
as Ping
Terrence Colby Clemons
as Boyfriend
Ethan Herisse
as Student #1
Romany Malco
as Johnson Family Member
Curtis Rainsberry
as Assistant Director
Micah Moch
as Negrotown Dancer
Matthew McKelligon
as Marriage Equality Protester
Brian Shortall
as Dan White/Reporter/Rick Nickelsby/SWAT Team Member
Esteban Cueto
as Barbarian
Ruth Cadiente
as Student
Cale Hartmann
as Character/Sex Addict #2/Writer #2
Paul Walter Hauser
as Overweight Guy/Person at People Park #3
Jack McBrayer
as Robert
Granville Ames
as Detective
Carissa Pinckney
as Laverne
Clint Howard
as Aerobic Director
Seth Morris
as Audience Member #1
Vernee Watson
as Johnson Family Member
Laird Macintosh
as Jamie Thorneburg
Ty Burrell
as Colonel Hans Muller/Nazi Commander
Michael Shaun Sandy
as Cop
Rashida Jones
as Colin's Wife
Laura Brunkala
as Cadet
Nic Wegener
as Bachelor Party Buddy/Writer #4
Will McLaughlin
as Bachelor Party Buddy
Ron West
as Slave Owner
Shad Gaspard
as Rhinos Teammate
Thomas A. Miller
as Cameraman
Keith Fiddmont
as Jazz Musician
Rich Hall
Frank Scozzari
as Italian Waiter
Nicole Yvonne
as Dancer
Mars Crain
as Bouncer/Prisoner
Aja Bair
as Audience Member
Kelle Whitehurst
as Prisoner
James Pumphrey
as Bystander #2/Guy at Party/Messenger
Mel Cowan
as Civil War Soldier
Alie Ward
as Friend
Stig Eldred
as Pirate #2
Jeremy Rowley
as Jerry/Man
Stephnie Weir
as Savannah (Hillary Clinton's anger translator)
Erika L. Holmes
as Zachary's Mom
Courtney Pauroso
as Emily/Jiu Jitsu Woman
Brenda Song
as Purple Falcon
Melissa Stetten
as Princess
Rex Linn
as Detective
Adam Pally
as Adam
Joe Nunez
as Mexican Drug Cartel Member
Hari Leigh
as Sex Addict #4
Jon Daly
as Party White Guy
Royce Herron
as Hotel Customer
Kumail Nanjiani
as College Kid #1
Bonnie Bartlett
as Mother
K.D. Aubert
as Passed Out Woman
Ingrid Haas
as Mom Zombie
Mechad Clark
as Child on Plane/Monk
Jim Turner
Ronnie Adrian
as Guy/Homie
Victor Bell
as Gospel Singer
Diane Sellers
as Waitress
Livia Milano
as Party Guest
Prince Don Anthonie Royal
as Rhino D's Hypeman
James Hong
as Mr. Shin
Lauren Lapkus
as Marion Glass
Buddy Daniels Friedman
as Boxing Trainer
Ken Marino
as Dreadlocked Guy
Heather George
as Gay activist
Jessica St. Clair
as Amy
Chris Roark
as Sean Walton
David Haley
as Basketball Player
Jase Whitaker
as Orange Rhino/Ted
Aalyrah Caldwell
as Soldier's Daughter
Joey Kern
as Rich White Guy
Randy Blekitas
as Student #1
Rachel Montez Minor
as Aerobics Dancer/Girl in Club #2/Video Vixen
Anthea Young
as Negrotown Dancer
Mac Larsen
as A Cappella Club Singer
Kaya Sakrak
as Soccer Player
Ify Nwadiwe
as Democratic Voter #1
Darryl Reeves
as Inmate
Utkarsh Ambudkar
as Friend #2
Gakenia Muigai
as Negrotown Dancer
Sergio Kardenas
as Gay Sailor
David Wain
as Person at People Park #6
Jimmy Chhiu
as Ninja #2
Regina Hall
as Wife #1
Ithamar Enriquez
as Principal Martell/Principle Martel
Kerri Kenney
as Person at People Park
Vicky Lambert
as Negrotown Dancer
Brett Johnson
as Dan Smith
Richard Schiff
as Ambassador
Michael McCafferty
as UTL Commissioner
Devereau Chumrau
as Dance Show Dancer
Rogelio Douglas Jr.
as Trumpet Player
Olivia Norman
as Vampire Victim
Jennefer Folsom
as Mom
Gokor Chivichyan
as Barbarian
Mark Moses
as Civil War General
Jon Barinholtz
as Phillip
Eric Moneypenny
as Writer #3
Dean Norris
as Mexican Drug Cartel Leader
Matt Corboy
as SWAT Team Member/SWAT Team Officer
Esther Povitsky
as Cassie
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Slave Master
Lance Moore
as Democratic Voter #2
Kenny Cooper
as Guy in Negraph Commercial
Charles Robinson
as Dying Father/Pawn Shop Owner
Art LaFleur
as Father
Ginger Gonzaga
as Lady J
Otis Knighten
as K-9 Unit Officer
Danielle Nicolet
as Andrea/Girlfriend/Wife #2
Jerry Lambert
as James Livingston
Guy Stevenson
as Robber
Annie Ruby
as Wife
as Woman
Chelsea Cook
as Sarah Schwartzman
Paget Brewster
as Det. Sally Ferguson
Casey Washington
as Character
Brendan Hunt
as Creepy Van Guy/Soccer Announcer/Suspect/The Clown/Whittling Pirate
Meredith Ostrowsky
as Aerobics Dancer
Nana Gbewonyo
as Basketball Player
Juan Pierce
as Cadet
Erin Gibson
as News Reporter
Brooklyn McLinn
as Secret Service
Colton Dunn
as Barbershop Man/Eyewitness/Mr. Lewis' Posse/Negrotown Cab Driver
Rebecca Romijn
as Pirate Captian
Damion Poitier
as Pirate #3/The Police Alien
Brenda Vivian
as Cadet
Sandra Kate Burck
as Student #2
Alex Fernie
as D&D Player/Mike Yoast
Frederick Keeve
as Fitness Guy
Heather Anne Campbell
as Math Teacher/Writer #6
Michael Coley
as Man in Class
Prince Amukamara
as Self
JC Coccoli
as Zombie Cheerleader
David Krumholtz
as Terrorist #3
Jean-Emmanuel Casséus
as Kid
Nick Krause
as Monday
Meagan Holder
as Girl at Bar
Shelby Fero
as Denise
Taye Andre Newman
as Man Waiting for ATM
David Giuntoli
as Mack
Lara Ingraham
as Dancer
Andrew Bachelor
as Buddy #1
Cass Buggé
as Girlfriend
Myles Cranford
as Old Man at Bar
Jason Schwartzman
as Self
John Ruby
as Secret Service Agent
Catherine Worth
as Soldier's Wife
Selwyn Emerson Miller
as Gerald
Reatha Grey
as Customer/Georgiana
Tom Lister Jr.
as Driver
Maribeth Monroe
as Dance Judge
Neil Flynn
as Dr. Kravitz
Jordan Peele
as Various Characters/Self/African Man #2/Albanian Restaurant Owner/Andrea's Other Man/Colin/Dicknanigans #1/Jimmy/Laron/Macedonian Waiter/Masseur/Scat Man #2/Teammate/Wendell
Jesse Glasgow
as Female Customer
Pete Humphrey
as Negrotown Resident
Julia Duffy
as Mom
Anna Camp
as Dr. Carol Roberts
Patrick Carlyle
as Singer
Peter Grosz
as David Schwartzman
Eddie Robinson
as Laundromat Man
Maria Blasucci
as Nerdy Girl
Daniele Gaither
as Johnson Family Member/Pegasus Protester/Real Instructor
Omar Nazel
as Bouncer/Naked Sprinter/Rhinos Teammate/Teammate
Eric Edelstein
as Cop
Emily Maya Mills
as Jeff's Date
Brian Swinehart
as Marvel Employee
Ishmaa'ily Kitchen
as Self
Frank Caeti
as Party Guest/Usher
Michelle Buteau
as Girlfriend/Wife
Cjon Saulsberry
as Barbarian
Jean Villepique
as Character
Alex Rubens
as Adam
Andre Royo
as Bully's Dad
Malcolm Barrett
as Harassed Passenger/Harrassed Passenger
Edward Fordham Jr.
as Bus Driver/Mr. Lewis' Posse/Zombie Survivor
Gabriel Freilich
as Soldier
Marc Evan Jackson
as Director
Johnny Ray Meeks
as Bill
Debra Olson-Tolar
as Ruby Ruhf
Christian S. Anderson
as Congressman
Joe Hartzler
as Steve
Mike Rosenstein
as Interviewee/Rabbi/Zombie Rabbi
Alex Ellsworth
as A Cappella Club Singer
Al Brown
as Hotel Customer
Carlson Young
as Jacquelin
Anders Holm
as White Guy in Negraph Commercial
Anthony Carr
as Negrotown Dancer
John William King
as Lawnmower Man
Ed Broaddus
as Father In Negraph Commercial
Zach Steel
as Hotel Employee
Ernie Hudson
as Dad
Saba McGee
as Malia Obama
Brandon O'Neal
as Negrotown Dancer
Cynthia Blaise
as Adoption Agency Worker/Character/Mrs. Carruthers/Prayer #1
Aubrey Leigh
as Aerobics Dancer
Lance Reddick
as Johnson Family Member
Gary Anthony Williams
as Bystander #4/Funk Band Member/Johnson Family Member/Wisdom Caldwell
Carlease Burke
as Gina
Dylan Ballard
as Child
Reggie De Leon
as Mexican Busboy/Ricardo
Toby Huss
as Shoeshine Customer
Bryan Cass
as Cadet
Cedric Yarbrough
as Hunter/Ruben
Leslie David Baker
as Benjamin Button Man
Kevin Sorbo
as Brad
Frederick Lawrence
as Neo-Nazi
Helena Barrett
as Jiu Jitsu Woman
Christina Anthony
as Tracey
Louisa Abernathy
as Democratic Voter #3
Amber Ruffin
as Party Wife
as Racist Dog
Davis Allsop
as Vampire's Boyfriend
Jacob Wysocki
as Improv #2
Jacob Bruce
as Lobot
Adolphus Ward
as Mailroom Guy/Old Man at Bar #1
Kevin Wilson
as Negrotown Dancer
John O'Rourke
as Self
Jamie Denbo
as Sylvia Rosenblum
Cristen Coppen
as Reporter
Bill Seward
as Geoff Worthing/Announcer
Ryan Gunnarson
as Football Player
Dmitri Todd
as Rodriguez
Michael McLafferty
as Messed Up Mob Boss
Eli Newell
as Cadet
Pam Murphy
as Ashley Ferguson
Ryan Niemeyer
as A Cappella Club Singer
Fiona Gubelmann
as Sex Addict #1
Wyeth Hickerson
as Funeral Attendee
Melissa Carter
as Character
Nick Armstrong
as Joe the Audio Tech
Dylan Booth
as A. A. Ron Balakay
Ryan Hansen
as A Tribe Called Quest Shirt Guy
Brandi Oglesby
as Aerobics Dancer
Natasha Leggero
as White Woman #2
Kate Micucci
as Scout
Michaela Watkins
as Mary Magdalene
Tyler James Williams
as Jaleel White
Daniel Ozan
as Gospel Singer
Matt Jones
as Weed Guy
Billy Merritt
as Slave Bidder
Frank Birney
as Scared White Guy
Dana Michael Woods
as Little Prisoner
Micah Garrido
as A Cappella Club Singer
Kim Rouggie
as Mother
Milana Vayntrub
as Vampire
Samuel Marcus
as Student
Sawyer Ever
as Child
Tyler Barnett
as American Soldier
Bert Belasco
as Rhino Teammate
Robin Thede
as Girlfriend
Victor Samuel Lopez
as Cadet
Bianca Buck
as Little Girl
Wayne Brady
as Centipede Buddy
Rob Delaney
as Campaign Advisor/Party Husband/White Guy in Negraph Commercial
Kimleigh Smith
as Mrs. Whitaker
Rell Battle
as Funk Band Member
Lucia Solares
as Teacher
Rebecca Mader
as CIA Agent
Michael Busch
as Clapper Loader
T. Murph
as Lead Barber
Joe Wengert
as Theater Patron #3/White Guy
Eric Price
as Tommy/Wayne
Arden Myrin
as Marcy Whitchurch
Kathryn Burns
as Betty/Video Vixen
Crista Flanagan
as Margot
Johnny A. Sanchez
as Man in Safari Movie
Julian Gant
as Jamal/Man
Baron Vaughn
as Man at Bar
Eugene Cordero
as Baseball Player/Cadet/D&D Player
Stefan Raulston
as Negrotown Dancer
Aaron Rodgers
as A.A. Ron Rodgers
Hymnson Chan
as Audio Tech
Phil Augusta Jackson
as Bystander #3/Marvel Employee #2
Anoop Simon
as Arab Market Vendor
Lily Holleman
as Character
Amrapali Ambegaokar
as Party Friend
Alex Berg
as Waiter
Jacob Womack
as Homeless Man
Ron G.
as Cadet
Jay Martel
as Bartender
Emmet Flores
as Biker
Rebecca Drysdale
as Audience Member #2/Madame Thénardier
Bo Burnham
as Lyle
Stephanie Allynne
as Karen
Anna Maria Horsford
as Maid
Will Sasso
as Pirate
Jonathan Davila
as Officer Winslow
James Callis
as Shakespeare
Gabriel Iglesias
as Self
Adrian Gonzalez
as Gonzalez
Alyx Andrushuk
as Aerobics Dancer
Scott Rodgers
as Gavin
Zack Pearlman
as Aaron
Craig Cunningham
as Cadet
Reggie Watkins
as Buddy #2/Leo
Patrick Hume
as Biker Gang Member
Thomas Middleditch
as Thénardier
Melissa Stephens
as Dog Walker/Jiu Jitsu Woman/Office Worker
Todd Fasen
as Waiter
Dominique Kelley
as Negrotown Dancer
Satya Bhabha
as Food Truck Worker/Terrorist #2
Gregory Schmauss
as Marriage Equality Protester
Lance Barber
as Cop
Kate Burton
as Hillary Clinton
Larry Joe Campbell
as Doyle Smith/Founding Father/Prayer Leader/Slave Trader
Paul Welsh
as Nazi Soldier
Nyima Funk
as Darrell's Wife/Nyima/Real Instructor/Singer
Anthony Gioe
as Improv #1
Mickey Cassidy
as American Soldier
Desiree Ann Gonzales
as Singer
Isabella Prince
as Child
Jim Ounniyom
as Swat Team Member
Beckie King
as Aerobics Dancer
Carla Gallo
as Drunk Girl at the Bar
Derek Mears
as Monster
Julie Berlin
as Concert Groupie
Georgie Guinane
as Secretary
Katie O'Brien
as Employee
Leslie L. Miller
as Denise
Keke Palmer
as Malia's Anger Translator
Greg Tuculescu
as Singer
Kemper Bailes
as Child
Mekhi Phifer
as Cousin
Quincy Johnson
as Spectator

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 11 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 11 Episodes




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Primetime Emmy Awards 2013


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic)

Writers Guild of America, USA 2013


Writers Guild of America, USA

Comedy/Variety (Including Talk) - Series

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