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Jan, 31, 2023
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Emmy-winning funnyman Jimmy Kimmel serves up comedy bits and welcomes guests that include other comics, celebrities, athletes and musicians, as well as everyday people with unusual or compelling personal stories. Kimmel's family and friends take part in the festivities, including his Cousin Sal, Uncle Frank (until his death in 2011) and childhood friend Cleto Escobedo III, who leads the show's house band. Recurring segments include the FCC-pleasing This Week in Unnecessary Censorship in which they take TV clips and "bleep and blur things whether they need it or not," as Kimmel describes it. But it's too bad they consistently run out of time for Matt Damon's segment.

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Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Language: English

Release Date: January 26, 2003

Also Known As: Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmi Kimmel jonli efirdaJimmy Kimmel Sucks, The Jimmy Kimmel Project, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Джимми Киммел в прямом эфире, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, จิมมี คิมเมล มีชีวิต, ジミー・キンメル・ライブ!, Jimmy Kimmel Live from His House |  See more »

Parents Guide: Norway (12), United States (TV-14)


Company Credits

Production Co: Jackhole Industries, 12:05 Productions, ABC Signature, Central Talent Booking, Touchstone Television


Kristen Bell
as Self/Self - Guest/Self - Fantasy League Player/Self (segment "Mean Tweets")/Self - Guest (segment "Mean Tweets")/Self - Guest Host/Self - Mean Tweets Reader
Frank Potenza
as Self/Various/Dr. Uncle Frank/Self - Assists Eric Scott/Self - Various Segments/Uncle Frank/Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg/Lunch Lady Uncle Frank/Self - Ad Man/Self - Analyses Barack Obama's Campaign Video/Self - Competes in Go-Go Dancing/Self - Discusses Birth Control/Self - Discusses Halloween Safety/Self - Gives Legal Advice/Self - Gives marriage counseling/Self - Might be drunk/Self - Remembers Russell Brand/Self - Remembers presidents/Self - Security Guard/Self - Segway Race Flagman/Self - Take's a lie detector test/Self - Tours the studio/Self - Uncle Frank/Self - Various/Self - Waves to Kristin/Various Characters/William Bradford
as Self/Sarah Palin/Self - Various Segments/Thanksgiving Lady
Matt Damon
as Self - Guest/Self/Cubby Hurlihy/Self - Actor/Self - Host/Self - Irate Homeowner/Self - Makes Surprise Appearance as Tom Brady/Self - Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon
Anthony Anderson
as Self - Guest/Self - Co-Host/Self/Self - Guest Host/Self - Guest (segment "Mean Tweets")
Anna Vocino
as Alexa VO/Audience Confessions VO/Adopt Adult Spokeswoman/Alexa/Alexa Voice/Amazon Alexa Kids VO/Awards Show VO/Big Hair Alaska/Boehner Baby Announcer/Book Club Member/Car Navigation VO/Columbian Hooker Registery Announcer/Diaperette Announcer/Entertainment Host VO/Fake Ad Announcer/Gobblr VO/Home for the Horny Announcer/Jiffy-Hab Female Announcer/JoJo's mom/Josh't Married VO/Lannister On The Bannister Announcer/Movember Spokesperson/Obama Care Ad VO/Oprah Tears Announcer/Sarah Huckabee Sanders/Sarcastic Siri/Sears Ad VO/Sex Doll VO/Simon's See 'N Say Announcer/Siri/Siri As A Doctor/Siri Waitress/Sketch Announcer/Snuggie Announcer/Strip Club Ad VO/Subway VO/Waze VO/Wikileaks Mom/Woman - Billy Mays' Tombstone Pizza Stone/Women's Day Siri/Young Aunt Chippy
Guillermo Rodriguez
as Self/Various/Self - Security Guard/Self - Burns Dancing Shoes/Self - Various Segments/Adolf Hitler/Barbara Walters/Captain Mexico/Kim Jong Il/Little Paco/Oprah Translator/Randy 'The Ram' Robinson/Self - Ad Man/Self - Announcer/Self - Appear in Excerpts from 'Lakeview Terrace'/Self - At the Grammy Awards/Self - At the Oscars/Self - Competes in Guillerm-O-lympics/Self - Competing in 'Guillerm-O-Lympics'/Self - Correspondent at Emmy Awards/Self - Discusses Birth Control/Self - Discusses Halloween Safety/Self - Discusses Politics/Self - Doesn't Know Dustin Hoffman/Self - Drunk Segway Racer/Self - Gives Jimmy a Tour of Toronto/Self - Gives Legal Advice/Self - Guest/Self - Interviews Tom Cruise/Self - Intewing Celebreties at Ocean's 13 Premiere/Self - Live at Dancing With the Stars/Self - Might Be Drunk/Self - Parking Lot Security Guard/Self - Participates in 'Guillerm-O-lympics' & a movie shoot/Self - Special Appearance/Self - Takes on Tiger Woods/Self - Visits American Music Awards/Self - Visits Emmy Awards/Self - Visits the NBA All Star Party/Singing Thanksgiving Turkey/Sleeping American Hero/Snowboard Trainer/Sorta Lindsay/Spider-Man/Tito The Builder
Jimmy Kimmel
as Self - Host/3 Ridiculous Questions/Charlie Swan/Jay Leno/Jimmy the Talking Chimp/Self/Tour of Toronto with Guillermo/Waitress
Kathy Griffin
as Self - Guest/Self - Guest Co-Host/Self - Guest (segment "Mean Tweets")
Lora Cain
as Self - Announcer
Cleto and the Cletones
as Themselves - House Band/Themselves - Featuring/Themselves
Adam Carolla
as Self/Self - Guest/Self - Fantasy League Player/Self - Co-Host/Self - Author, Daddy Stop Talking
Dicky Barrett
as Self - Announcer/Self
Sal Iacono
as Self/Self - Fantasy League Commissioner/Self - Pop-a-Shot Referee/Self - Assists Eric Scott/Self - Does Funny Things/Benjamin Franklin/Self - Assisting Professor Splash/Self - At the L.A. Marathon/Self - Costco Returns/Self - Does Funny Thingsa/Self - Gambles in a Chicago casino/Self - Gets Aunt Chippy furious/Self - Guest/Self - Offers Pizza/Self - Referee/Self - Segway Race Starter/Self - Trick or Treats
Cleto Escobedo III
as Self - Musical Director/Self

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2003 | 115 Episodes

Season 2

2003 | 89 Episodes

Season 3

2004 | 260 Episodes

Season 4

2005 | 424 Episodes

Season 5

2007 | 82 Episodes

Season 6

2008 | 175 Episodes

Season 7

2009 | 107 Episodes

Season 8

2009 | 180 Episodes

Season 9

2010 | 172 Episodes

Season 10

2011 | 295 Episodes

Season 11

2013 | 94 Episodes

Season 12

2014 | 177 Episodes

Season 13

2015 | 173 Episodes

Season 14

2016 | 175 Episodes

Season 15

2017 | 170 Episodes

Season 16

2018 | 172 Episodes

Season 17

2019 | 186 Episodes

Season 18

2020 | 109 Episodes

Season 19

2020 | 181 Episodes

Season 20

2021 | 170 Episodes

Season 21

2022 | 75 Episodes

Season 22
Season 23


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Teen Choice Award 2003


Teen Choice Award

Choice TV - Late Night

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