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December 4, 2021
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About this title


Jane is a religious young Latina who is a waitress in a hotel in Miami. Her life takes a big turn for the unexpected when her doctor (Dr. Luisa Alver) mistakenly artificially inseminates her during her checkup. Jane's mother Xiomara, who became pregnant with Jane at a very young age, and is scared that Jane will be destroying her life by deciding to bring the baby to full term, while Jane's traditional religious Latina grandmother, Alba, encourages Jane to do what she chooses. The biological father is a married man named Rafael Solano, who is a cancer survivor and a former playboy. He is the new owner of the hotel where Jane works, and was her former teenage crush. Petra, Rafael's amoral and scheming wife, learns of the mistake and plots her own agenda. Petra is also involved in an affair with Roman Zazo, Rafael's best friend, who is under investigation by Jane's police detective boyfriend, Michael Cordero, and who also deals with Jane's unexpected condition in his own way. Meanwhile, the doctor who inseminated Jane, Dr. Luisa Alver, who is Rafael's younger sister, is distraught over learning that her wife cheated on her and left her. Elsewhere, Rogelio de la Vega, a famous TV star and, unbeknownst to her, Jane's biological father, shows up to wanting to make contact with Xiomara, unaware of Jane's existence.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 13, 2014

Also Known As: Jane, a Virgem, Jane l'immaculée |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

miami, florida
love triangle

Company Credits

Production Co: Poppy Productions, RCTV |  See more »


Scott Thewes
as Hospital Administrator
Maria Semple
as Maria Semple
Marlene Favela
as Best Supporting Actress
Julien Ari
as Mario
Uma Incrocci
as Another Woman In Line
Victor Manso
as Freddy
Yara Martinez
as Dr. Luisa Alver
Bianca Lopez
as Nurse
Stephanie Maura Sanchez
as Dr. Saltillo
Brian Oblak
as Male Examiner
Aiden Fernandes
as Toddler Mateo/Mateo/Two-Year-Old Mateo
Jon-Mark Hurley
as Impressed Dad
Fernando Rivera
as Medical Resident
Medalion Rahimi
as Hot Girl
Juan Monsalvez
as Male Exec
Shvona Lavette Chung
as Avery Van Allen
Nicole J. Butler
as Gabrielle
Jordan Diambrini
as Superfly Date
Bernard Bullen
as Columbus
Christiane Georgi
as Mystery Woman
Kate del Castillo
as Luciana Leon
Russell Charles Pitts
as Nick
Carlo Rota
as Emilio Solano
Alex Loynaz
as Steven
Payson Lewis
as Writer #2
Pamela Mitchell
as Dean's Assistant
Michelle N. Carter
as Nurse
Jelena Nik
as Mary
Marie Del Marco
as Hotel Maid
Landen Beattie
as Seven-Year-Old Michael
Angela Landis
as Papparazzo
Nick Echols
as Second Immigration Officer
Ericka Kreutz
as Hannah
Aiden Lewandowski
as Young Rogelio
Ondrej Habinak
as Mystery Man
Gabriela Fresquez
as Physical Therapist
Miles Dausuel
as Barista/Barista #2
Carla Lomelín
as Woman
Ty Mayberry
as Weatherman
John O'Leary
as Old Man
Krizia Bajos
as Caroline
Melanie Abrams
as Hot Girl
Clint Hummel
as Anton
James Quattrochi
as Bus Driver
Joyful Drake
as Dr. Bolton
Audrey Starr
as Shopper
Will Bethencourt
as Ricky
Jaret Sacrey
as EMT
Graham Clarke
as Gus
Fionn James
as Teenage Mateo
Gia Lopez
as Gia
Sean Spann
as Professor
Jessica Nunez-Wood
as Dancer/Musician/Wedding Guest
Deniz Akdeniz
as Alex
Ryan Devlin
as Billy Cordero
Leslie Ishii
as Nurse
Justin Cuomo
as Detective #2/Passing Cop
Corie Vickers
as Embeth Balthazar
Craig Welzbacher
as Waiter
Shawn Singh
as Groomsman 4
Gina Rodriguez
as Jane Villanueva/Jane/Self
Hawk Walts
as Henchman
Amy Higgins
as Contractor
Kristen O'Meara
as Leah
Ursula Burton
as Danielle Sullivan
Kyra Locke
as Female Executive
Catherine Toribio
as Teen Xiomara/Teen Xo/Young Xo
Daniel Messier
as Handsome Man
Ungela Brockman
as Lawyer
Terryn Westbrook
as Teacher
Sandra Seeling
as Gerta
Nikiva Dionne
as Hospital Nurse
Shelly Bhalla
as Krishna
Eddie Santiago
as Monk 2
Emily Alabi
as Dancer 1
Andrew Heder
as Groomsman 1
Michael Broderick
as Guard
A.J. Tannen
as Businessman/Garret
Maxwell Loeb
as Vince
Artyon Celestine
as Classmate
Michael Hyland
as Ben
Iyanla Vanzant
as Iyanla Vanzant
Jalene Goodwin
as Bride
Darin Toonder
as Mitchell Murray
Iyari Limon
as Allison
José De Vega
as Alejandro
Crystal Mantecon
as Telenovela Female Star
Eugene Young
as Tech Guy
Lidia Porto
as Chepa
Riley Vuong
as Another Classmate
Cali DiCapo
as Young Jane/11 Year Old Jane/9 Year Old Jane
Fernanda Tapia
as Salsa Dancer
Peter Cornell
as Donny
Edelyn Okano
as Rich friend
Will Beinbrink
as Club Manager
Clint Carmichael
as Executve
Ani Melkonian
as Self - Hotel Guest
Anna Hanson
as Female Yoga Instructor
Tai Brown
as Runner
Katie Adler
as Pammy the Parrot
Felice Heather Monteith
as Nurse Patricia
Bob Clendenin
as Bar Patron
Victoria Kelleher
as Segment Producer
Jon Reep
as Fumigator
Justina Machado
as Darci Factor
Brian Jordan Alvarez
as Wesley Masters/Wesley
Heidi Balvanera
as Self
Sarah Buehler
as Lily's Mom
Yemi Cole
as Student #1
Flor de Maria Chahua
as Another EMT
Ada Luz Pla
as Telemasivo V.P.
Bret Green
as Brad
Tim Banning
as Man Nearby
Chloe Fineman
as Assistant
Heather S. Michaels
as Nurse
Samantha Eggers
as Birgit
Andres Mejia Vallejo
as Arturo
Joy Tuck
as Young Jane Dancer 8
Emily Baldoni
as Classmate/Runner Friend
Stephanie Nash
as Gwen Conway/Gwen
Matthew Patrick Davis
as Bobby
Åsa Wallander
as Velma
Grant Christopher Maquet
as Czech Republic Police Officer
Estefania Rebellon
as Alejandra
Noel Arthur
as Dr. Sutker
Shamicka Benn
as Moderator
Lisagaye Tomlinson
as Doctor Lewis
Alex Meneses
as Katherine
Zailee Madrigal
as Juanita
Karole Foreman
as Nurse
Christopher Amitrano
as Tony Vaughn
Donielle Artese
as Director
Natasha Kojic
as Bar Patron/Beautiful Women
Cynthia Quiles
as Intern
Catherine Taber
as Woman
Yarixel Smith
as Salsa Dancer
Josh Latzer
as Guard
Emmy Raver-Lampman
as Lily Lofton
Julie Berman
as Candyce
Mario Lopez
as Mario Lopez
Sophia Bush
as Julie
Alex Smith
as Waiter
Mari Weiss
as Sister Monica
Shannon McClung
as Mann
Carmen Carrera
as Eva
A.J. Rivera
as Employee
Nick Bush
as First AD
Brooke Shields
as River Fields
Phredley Brown
as Self - Bruno Mars's Bassist
Joe Souza
as Male Executive
Maria Maestas McCann
as Doctor
Alex Lombard
as Whitney Devore
Senta Moses Mikan
as Tammy
Andrey Ivchenko
as Danek
Marypat Farrell
as Nurse
Cheyenne Nugent
as Marbella Staff
Willow Geer
as Sister Theresa
Kate Orsini
as Snooty Mom
Paul Nobrega
as Dr. Hillcroft
Lee Reherman
as Lee
Conroe Brooks
as Delivery Guy
Chad Michaels
as Cher Impersonator
as Elliot Lantana
Jabari Jones
as Cop #1
Kara Wang
as Alice Maxwell
Lauren McCarroll
as Assistant 2
LeShay N. Tomlinson
as Director
Elia Saldana
as Fan #2
Brad Gage
as Young Dad
Amanda George
as Taylor
McNally Sagal
as April
Marek Matousek
as Czech EMT
Jamie Rose
as Therapist
Crystal-Lee Naomi
as Desk Clerk
Haley Lu Richardson
as Charlie
Kamilla Alnes
as Woman
Matthew Scott Montgomery
as Luc
Patrick Cage
as Officer Knapp
Michael James Lazar
as Security Guard
Dot-Marie Jones
as Magda's Friend
Ava Davila
as Future Six-Year-Old Daughter
Madeline Bertani
as Nosy Girl
Isabella Marino
as Eva
Ali Hill
as Mom Near Jane
Donnabella Mortel
as Nurse Gina
Doug Locke
as Morgan
Tom Michelsen
as Prison Guard
Adwin Brown
as Mini Golf Manager
Janai Johnson
as Lead Dancer
Toni James Dickens
as Hotel Patron
Kelly Pendygraft
as Alice
Jamison Bright
as Gentleman at Majestad Coffee Shop
Gigi Bermingham
as Female Network Exec
Michael Minto
as Student #4
Jully Lee
as Zoe
as Eve
Morgan Eliza Hill
as Rose's Henchwoman/Rose's henchwoman
Jason Huber
as Jason Tartuffe/Realtor
José Díaz-Balart
as Jose Diaz-Balart
Adam J. Smith
as Real Estate Manager
Debbie Allen
as Beverly Flores
Kenny Kelleher
as Customer #3
Talia Toms
as Mother
Alana Grace
as Chartreuse
Leigh Bush
as Lisa
Daniel Roebuck
as Michael Cordero Sr.
Shannon Burwell
as Another Fan
Orestes Arcuni
as Male Executive
Katie McCabe
as Suffragette
Teri Andrez
as Yoga Instructor
Ruby Capacete
as Production Designer
David Goldman
as Guest #1
Nadine Ellis
as Jane's Therapist
Jeirmarie Osorio
as Nurse Who Recognizes Rogelio
Larry Sullivan
as Rev. Richard Fairdale
Beth Hall
as Olivia
Justin Hartley
as Justin Hartley
Richie Gaona
as Mateo's Uncle #2
Joshua Chang
as Danny/Danny Zhao
Eduardo Roman
as Male Director
Diego Boneta
as Dax
Marcos De Silvas
as Mateo's Uncle
Tacey Adams
as Judge
Judy Kain
as Barbara Fairwick
Sheila Carrasco
as Dana Peruzzi
Adryella Perez
as Susan B. Anthony
Akrosia Samson
as Doctor
Megan Park
as Dr. Damprey
Johnny Glasser
as Hospital Visitor
Gilbert Chayrez-Chavarria
as Ranch Hand
Cambrian Thomas-Adams
as Guest
Ludo Lefebvre
as Ludo Lefebvre
Omar Ruiz
as Newscaster on TV
Rishi Arya
as Dr. Sterling
Alli Kinzel
as Waitress
Stephen R. Hudis
as Bus Driver
Amanda Westlake
as Woman
Dominique Generaux
as Female Employee
Howard Chan
as Dr. Nguyen
Joseph Wilson
as Hotel Guest
Rachel DiPillo
as Andie
Keisuke Hoashi
as Dr. Elliot
Nakia Burrise
as Female Executive
Melanie Mayron
as Marlene Donaldson
Melissa Christine
as Barista #1
Tiffany Smith
as Telemasivo Reporter
Paolo Andino
as Diego
Oliver Vaquer
as Professor Blake
Don Creech
as Henry
Rafael Torres
as Valet Attendant
Brittini London
as Bartender
Dexter Masland
as Waiter #1
Hugh B. Holub
as Officiant
Nikhil Pai
as Waiter
Ayesha Magpali-Isaac
as Editor
Kikéy Castillo
as Xaviera
Philip Boyd
as Handsome Guy on Bus
Mia Allan
as Anna Solano/Anna
Mina Joo
as Costumer
Lucas Kwan Peterson
as Photographer
Donnell Turner
as Handsome Customer
Frederick Keeve
as Parent
Angela Oh
as Megyn Kelly Lee, Moderator
John Salley
as John
Cheryl Burke
as Cheryl Burke
Lynn Adrianna Freedman
as Nosy Woman
Prisilla Weckesser
as Party Guest
Renato Powell
as Guard
Devin Sidell
as Charlie's Mom
Kate Butler
as Hospital Administrator
Enzo Rodriguez
as Classmate/Earth Kid
Cassie Keet
as Young Female Student
Michael Rady
as Lachlan Moore
Allen Walls
as Wendy's Husband
Katelyn Pacitto
as Adult Ellie
Jaime Camil
as Rogelio De La Vega/Rogelio/Self
Sheryl Underwood
as Sheryl Underwood
Lorenzo Lamas
as Lorenzo Lamas
Jonathan Ohye
as Eric Wu
Monica Moskatow
as Salsa Dancer
Jami Ferreira
as Rhonda
Michelle Twarowska
as Nurse Helga/Helga
Soni Bringas
as Hip-Hop Dancer
Matthew P Camacho
as Parent
Raquel Montero
as Emma Lazarus
Corinna Cechi
as Alba's Aunt
Jason Rosenwach
as Bellboy
Paul Kim Jr.
as Dr. Huang
Diana Hernandez
as Waitress
Julie Pearl
as Account Exec
Michael Meir Saltzman
as Groomsman 3
Everly Carganilla
as Baby Jane
Feodor Chin
as Dr. Park
Marion Kerr
as Sister Julia
Odalys Nanin
as Arturo's mother
Rhett Kaufusi
as Telemasivo P.A.
Rachel Rosenbloom
as Fan
Lillianna Valenzuela
as Young Jane/7 Year Old Jane/Little Girl Jane
Teri Ruiz
as Stenographer
Elias Janssen
as Mateo Solano Villanueva/Mateo Solano/Four-Year-Old Rafael
Joe LoCicero
as Alien Soldier Man/Blooki/Don Quixote Stripper/Masked Figure/Prince Charming
Ana de la Reguera
as Paola
Bart Braverman
as Priest
Jenn Liu
as Hospital Nurse
Alex Fernandez
as Father Gustavo
Leo Lam
as Dancer 11
Scott Hislop
as Line Dancer
Christine Rodriguez
as Student
Rosario Dawson
as Jane Ramos
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Alexis Falco
Diane Guerrero
as Lina
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Chantelle
Charles Hoyes
as Contractor
Ben Faigus
as Waiter
Rolando Boyce
as Cop
Bayley Corman
as Marissa
Candice Richardson
as Marbella Waitress
John Frederick Scott
as Bowler Hat Man
Jim Wilkey
as Bus Driver
Norma Maldonado
as Director
Nirayl Stone
as Ella's Mom
Ivonne Coll
as Alba Villanueva/Alba/Self
Aaron W Reed
as Laird
Jared Boghosian
as Indie Film Director
Jason Medwin
as Delivery Man
Maggie Gwin
as Swim Instructor
Lisa Leyva
as Reunion Guest/Wardrobe Crew
Elena Dizon
as Script Supervisior
Matthew Harris
as Male Reporter
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Nurse
Darren Bluestone
as Ray
Chad Yazawa
as Mailman
Tiffany Jeneen
as Courthouse Official
Lex Medlin
as Jerry/Producer
Angela Fornero
as Chauncy's Mom
Julian Silver
as Temp #13
Christopher Cho
as Gary Huang
Alano Miller
as Aaron Zazo/Roman Zazo
Arianna Ortiz
as Fiona
Justin Chu Cary
as Guy #1
Emebeit Beyene
as Waitress
Stacey Moseley
as Doctor
Andrea Navedo
as Xiomara Villanueva/Self/Xiomara/Xiomara De La Vega nee Villanueva
Eileen Fogarty
as Woman in Line
Shelley Robertson
as Gillian
Gabriel Baca
as Crew Member
Edward Redmond
as Marathon Runner
Kelly King
as Crystal/Slutty Crystal
Roni Geva
as Too-Crunchy Babysitter
Kimberlee Kidd
as Pretty Teenager
Mell Bowser
as Nick
Tamra Meskimen
as Nearby Woman
Hina X. Khan
as Front Desk Clerk
Michael Dearie
as Ike
Valeria Sweet
as Grape Picker
Angie Cepeda
as Adriana Chavando
Ben Belack
as Customer #1
Simona Williams
as Irene
Kathleen York
as Angelique Harper
Yvonne Orji
as Stacy
Elisabeth Röhm
as Eileen
Kim Marie Cooper
as Customer
Doris L. Guerrero
as Policewoman
A Leslie Kies
as Dana
Reagan To
as Little Kid
Phire Whitaker
as Woman
Tina Morasco
as Mrs. Hutchinson
Dru Mouser
as Impressed Mom
Mariah Buzolin
as Stephanie
Claire Friesen
as Performer
Mashka Wolfe
as Room Service Lady
Tina Grimm
as Grad Student/Reporter
Charlyne Yi
as Angela
Amber Juliana
as Reunion Guest/Target Employee
Gloria Estefan
as Self
Andre Lowe
as Bride's Father
Arber Mehmeti
as Investor
Cadence Murray
as School Girl
Jenna Osterlund
as Party Guest
Elle Paris Legaspi
as Dancer 14/Tree Kid
Anthony Pierre Christopher
as Costume Designer
Seth Laird
as Security Guard
Eric M. Myrick
as Valet
Eric Lyons
as Party Guest
Johan Khalilian
as Bartender
Augustine Hargrave
as Waiter
Whitney Avalon
as Anxious Receptionist
Isabel Allende
as Isabel Allende
Brennan Murray
as Fan #2
Cheech Marin
as Edward
Racheal Seymour
as Detective Borders/Policewoman
Christopher Carroll
as Gustav
Becki Dennis
as Justine
Leah Briese
as Another Woman
Kathryn Winslow
as Saleswoman
Ryan Dizon
as Little Boy
Emma Fassler
as Waitress
Madia Hill Scott
as Nearby Mom
Andrea Lareo
as Coco
Christian Ward
as Young Jane's Date
Nia Vardalos
as Barbara
Stacie Theon
as Another Woman
Angélica Vale
as Marisol
Denise Richards
as Denise Richards
Amir Khalighi
as Cop #1
Brien Perry
as Officer J. Harris
Daniel Robaire
as Upset Dad #2
Steven Lee Allen
as Cowboy
Fernando Aldaz
as Telenovela Male Star
Marcus Sanchez
as Passing Cop #2
Brett Dier
as Michael Cordero Jr./Michael/Self
Ethan Harris-Riggs
as Teenage Boyfriend
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Wendy
Helen Hong
as Felicia
Jeff Holman
as Vinnie
Maahra Hill
as HBO Rep
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Monk 1
Shay Ali
as Male Executive
Vanessa Mizzone
as Sonogram Tech/Sonogram Tech Elise/Sonogram Technician
Eden Sher
as PJ
Tara Cardinal
as Candy Crunch
Ana Rey
as Pilar
Harvey J. Alperin
as Vendor
Brooke Burke
as Brooke Burke-Charvet
Derek Hough
as Salsa Dancer
Chad James Buchanan
as McBaskets
Nardeep Khurmi
as Husband
Nico Lopez
as Nico
Drew Fonteiro
as Chris
C.J. Ramirez
as Fan #1
George Akram
as Brad
Jay Montalvo
as Priest
Cate Cohen
as Senior Network Executive/Network Executive
Irina Maleeva
as Nun
Hymnson Chan
as Writer
Susan Ortiz
as Doctor Soriano/Doctor
Mustafa Speaks
as Policeman
Kelly Rutherford
as Leslie
Karen Lew
as Mateo's Teacher
Tim Halling
as Immigration Officer
Julie Lancaster
as Nasty Customer
Molly Hagan
as Patricia Cordero
Briana Henry
as Jill
Jim Boeven
as Henchman #1
Chanel Minnifield
as Student #5
Eva Longoria
as Eva Longoria
Reece Frith
as Marbella Valet
Emilio Estefan Jr.
as Self
Mara Casey
as Nurse
Shalin Agarwal
as Farouk Yasin
Evan Antin
as Dr. Evan Antin
Tia Streaty
as Different Woman
Angela Sauer
as Police Officer
Bee-Be Smith
as Professor Henderson
Chelsea Alden
as Winnie
Fawnda McMahan
as UPS Woman
Jonathan Cahill
as Shifty Worker
Kristen Henry King
as J.J./JJ
Natalia Trejos Herrera
as Reporter #1
Ana Isabel Castillo
as Telemasivo Actress
Sean Samuels
as Instructor
Philip Lawrence
as Self - Bruno Mars's Pianist
Laura Cordova
as Alba's Mom
Yolanda Snowball
as Clerk
Max Bird-Ridnell
as Milos
Tony Evangelista
as Prankster Cop
Drue Schaefer Crookston
as Paramedic
Casey Nelson
as Cop
Lee Sherman
as Director
Marri Savinar
as Lilah
Scott Michael Morgan
as Property Manager
Daisy McCrackin
as Other Mommy
Tarina Pouncy
as School Director
Jeremy Olson
as Guy in Hat
Brittney Renee
as Wedding Attendee
Jack Guzman
as Dean
Shireen Crutchfield
as Mom
Amy Brenneman
as Donna
Brent Popolizio
as Courier
Sabrina Perez
as Female Presenter
Reem Kadem
as Dr. Ghazali
Michael Galante
as Alex Mendez
Lyle Kanouse
as Joey
Frank Maharajh
as Mr. Flanagan
Ellie Grace Siler
as Kid E3
Mark Jacob Chaitin
as Room Service Guy
Christopher Mychael Watson
as American Runner
Maya Kazan
as Chloe Leland
Mario Corona
as Churro Guy
Nate Luis Silva
as Spectator
Elena Campbell-Martinez
as Psychiatric Nurse
Hal Devi
as Mover
Justin Baldoni
as Rafael Solano/Rafael/Self
Priscilla Barnes
as Magda
Dennis Mencia
as Young Mateo/Mateo/Mateo Sr.
Mandy June Turpin
as Doctor Ducard/Dr. Robin Ducard
Ilka Urbach
as Guard
Tyler Posey
as Adam
Alec Mapa
as Aguilar
Mary Jeanette Ramsey
as Choreographer
Adrian Bustamante
as Manager
Michelle J. Costello
as Dancer
as Savannah's Mom
Robert Almodovar
as Priest
Andrew Matarazzo
as Flaco
as Charo
Jason Boegh
as Director
Jeff DeCrosta Jr.
as Student #2
Craig Ng
as Shaman
James Quach
as Telemaviso Crew
Jesus Ruiz
as Priest
Isaac Stephen Montgomery
as Bouncer
Stephanie Koenig
as Host
Zabeth Russell
as Nurse
Adrian Quinonez
as Nurse
Castulo Guerra
as Grandpa De La Vega
Gloria Laino
as Aida
Lily Donoghue
as Young Brenda
Brad Lee Wind
as Officer A. Wolf
Christopher Boyer
as Santa Claus
Tonya Kay
as D.J.
Isabelle Galebyan
as Main Kid
Alfredo Tavares
as Eastern European Investor
Robbie Davidson
as Evan Hutchinson
Michael Melwani
as Greyhound Passenger
Sarah Jorge León
as Adrianna
Blaine Gray
as Michael's Doctor
Phil Tyler
as Cop
Marisa Chen Moller
as Tanner's Mom
as Annabelle
Steven Allerick
as Male Nurse
Terry Myers
as Cop
Garret Davis
as Vet on the Bus
Rudy Martinez
as Production Assistant/Rudy the P.A./Rudy/Rudy the PA
as Javi
Shirell Ferguson-Coleman
as Another Female Nurse
Nishi Munshi
as Izzie Hillcroft
Jill Basey
as Random Nun
Michael DeBartolo
as Dad on Heritage Day
Sylvia Panacione
as Chelsea
Wes Armstrong
as Scott
Jana Lee Hamblin
as Female Exec
Nikki Snipper
as Student
Julianna Barninger
as Junior Network Executive
Hayley Muñoz
as Temp
Mele Ihara
as Mom
Mickey O'Connor
as Marathon Runner #1/Wedding Guest
Yael Grobglas
as Petra Solano/Anezka/Petra/Self
Armando Molina
as Byron
Sharon Im
as Another Student
Helen Wilson
as Clothilde
Kara Pacitto
as Adult Anna
Brian Maillard
as Sales Clerk
Gloria Calderón Kellett
as Executive Senior Executive/Network Executive
Duncan Joiner
as Tyler
Jon Klaft
as Waiter
Anna Lillie
as Alien Woman
Nicola Lambo
as Guest #2
Erinn Westbrook
as Natalie Tanner
Jillian Davis
as Spin Instructor
Jim Hanna
as Immigration Official
David Michael Trevino
as Priest
Alfonso DiLuca
as Jorge
Lexi Flores
as Assistant 1
Alfred F. Woodley
as Head of Hotel Security
Rob Morris
as Valet
Amber Martinez
as Marathon Runner
Vanessa Vander Pluym
as Juicy Jordan
Michael Hagiwara
as Bob
Jose Moreno Brooks
as Greg
Lubella Gauna
as Cafe Patron
Irene DeBari
as Mother Constantine
Paige Glenn
as Crying Classmate
Itziar Martinez
as Woman
Carol Avery
as Banker
Isabella Camil
as Flavia
Juan Alfonso
as EMT
Jodi Harris
as Ms. Everette
Claudia Zie
as Nurse Wilma
Isaac Johnson
as Cop
Diahnna Nicole Baxter
as Lecturer
Connie Jackson
as Nurse
Jon Southwell
as Bus Driver
Fiona Rene
as Celeste
Brooke Arlington
as Stephanie's Friend
Johnny Messner
as Chuck
Emmanuel Delcour
as Photographer
Sarah Delgado
as Meg
Christopher Gerse
as Waiter #2
Doreen Calderon
as Preschool Supervisor
Butch Klein
as Jim
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez
as Julia
Jason Jin
as Groomsman 2
Michael Christian Alexander
as News Anchor
Carlos Montilla
as Cesar Chavez
Americus Abesamis
as Henchman
Luba Chan
as Student #3
Vico Ortiz
as Lookalike #2
Christopher Farrar
as Little Kid
Holger Moncada Jr.
as Nearby Grip
Diana DeLaCruz
as Middle-Aged Woman
Alison Whitney
as Young Producer
Ashlei Foushee
as Teen Dancer #2
Samantha Cutaran
as Party Hostess
as Studio Producer
Patrick Cronen
as Jay
Mendel Fogelman
as Marbella Employee
Sara Gilbert
as Sara Gilbert
Clayton Farris
as Improv Teacher
Fabiana Udenio
as Elena Di Nola
Chance Michael
as Clerk
Bridget Regan
as Rose
David Castañeda
as Nicholas
Katherine Boecher
as Henry's Mom
Jeffrey Lynn White Jr.
as Fan/Rally Supporter
Jorge Diaz
as JD Guzman
Jennie Snyder Urman
as Executive Producer/Self
Melissa Ciesla
as Nosy Mom
Richard Varga
as Vice President
Dale Waddington
as Senior Studio Executive
Gregory Sims
as Angry Customer
Julia Farino
as Too-Strict Babysitter
Corey Clifford
as Female Nurse
Lincoln Bonilla
as Chauncy/Younger Mateo
Julianna Gamiz
as Young Jane/5 Year Old Jane
Tammy Caplan
as Betty
Sebrina Purcell
as Female Cop
Linn Bjornland
as Heidi Von Ocher
Nilla Elizabeth Watkins
as Nurse Helen
Francisco San Martin
as Fabian
Vivis Colombetti
as Mateo's Aunt
Karen Constantine
as Mia the Editor
Jack Landron
as Ronaldo
Nicole Picard
as Female Examiner
Alice Rietveld
as Female Cop
Donna Pieroni
as Nurse Sharon
Al Coronel
as Dr. Peters
Ray Garcia
as Choreographer
Rachel DeGenaro
as Sonogram Tech
Vanessa Merrell
as Valeria
Doris Morgado
as Estela
Skylar Solis
as Lina's Daughter
Ella Allan
as Ellie Solano/Ellie/Elsa Solano
Paul Haitkin
as Dr. Bennett
Elaine Loh
as Gretchen
Edward Padilla
as Actor Priest
Joseph Piccuirro
as Trevor
Coryn Mabalot
as Mall Girl #1
Isaiah Morgan
as Dancer #5
Miles Gaston Villanueva
as Sam
Aaron Krebs
as Forensic Tech
Rita Moreno
as Liliana De La Vega
Cherish Monique Duke
as Fan
Junes Zahdi
as Salsero
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Bus Driver
Julie Chen Moonves
as Julie Chen
David L. King
as Dr. Price
Minka Kelly
as Abbey Whitman
Francesca Santoro
as Young Elena
Skyler Hart
as Hot Manny
David Haley
as Another Cop
Tina Casciani
as Melissa De La Vega
Rubén Guevara
as FDR
Karl T. Wright
as Mr. Baird
Kelli Kirkland
as Eileen Hatcher
Cindy Sterling
as Bride
Claudia de Vasco
as Instructor
John Starr
as Carl the Clown
Brenda Arteaga-Walsh
as Wife
Poppy Urman
as Screaming Little Girl
Diana Cristina Solis
as Female Telenovela Star
Azie Tesfai
as Nadine Hansan
Amaris Davidson
as Perky Instructor
Manuel Urrego
as Alba's Uncle
Patrick Cox
as Steve the Mailman
Montse Hernandez
as Teenage Jane
Lorena Jorge
as Fan #1
Angela Martinez
as Female School Official
Joseph Ferrante
as Guy #2
Brittani Ebert
as Polly
Jessica Caban
as Sonia
Louise Barnes
as Doctor
Bruno Mars
as Self
Susan Huckle
as Sophia's Mom
Veronica Merrell
as Victoria
Jamila Webb
as Nora
Bonnie von Duyke
as Abby
Amanda Mayfield
as Mall Girl #2
Melissa Jobe
as Alice
Thai Douglas
as Detective #1
Marcus Emanuel Mitchell
as Nate
David Bisbal
as Self
Carrie Madsen
as Diane
Marcus Anderson Jr.
as Bicyclist
Crystal Marie Denha
as Miami Reporter
Kaleina Cordova
as Hotel Waitress
Clinton Jackson
as Swat Captain
Tania Vega
as Voluptuous Office Manager
Eduardo Lezcano
as Church Goer
Dannay Rodriguez
as Tess
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Marco Esquivel
Jeff Witzke
as Kenny
Mercedes Cornett
as Isla
Mercedes Colon
as Freda Alonso
René Ashton
as Cop
Ryan Anderson Lopez
as 6 Year Old
Melody Peng
as Caitlyn
Alyssa Preston
as Stern Woman
Gabriela Banus
as Marie Antionette
Stacey Bender
as Hotel Guest
Bobo Chang
as Harried Waiter/Server/Waiter
Brian Dare
as Luca
Eric Emmanuel
as Sergio
Mandy Levin
as Laura
Jason Woods
as McBaskets' Teammate
Hira Ambrosino
as Dr. Pelgado
Sara Erikson
as Instructor
Rogelio T. Ramos
as Priest
Jordan Rodriguez
as Brett
Russell Thomas
as Vitamin Man
Danny Woodburn
as Donnie 'The Jaguar' Shapiro
Nick Hart
as Dan
Erich Lane
as Bellboy
Layla Alizada
as Regina
Christopher Salazar
as Attorney/Robert Torres
Leslie Simms
as Sister Margaret
Tommy Dorfman
as Bobby
Luis Cordova
as Teen Rogelio
Nico Ciccone-Scott
as Tommy Boxer
Ricardo Mamood-Vega
as Louis XVI
Lana Danielyan
as Lookalike #1
Audrey Lynn
as Small Child
GiGi Erneta
as Lawyer
Britney Spears
as Britney Spears
Katie Cofield
as Virginia
Chieko Hidaka
as Woman
Jessica Chow
as Photographers Assistant
Skylar T. Adams
as Tom
Elizabeth Rian
as Hotel Guest
Judy Reyes
as Dina Milagro
Chris Aquilino
as Beau
Peter Janov
as Security Guard
Adam Rodriguez
as Jonathan Chavez
Will Brandt
as Chad
Gigi Peretz
as Waitress
Mark Collier
as Slick Lawyer
Scarlett Fernandez
as Kid
Daniel Kash
as Dr. Spinoza
Sharon Osbourne
as Sharon Osbourne
Zelda Williams
as Leona
Britt Loren
as Model-Type
Gerren Hall
as Student
Mat Vairo
as Derek/Derek Ruvelle
Abigaille Ozrey
as Assistant 3
Megan Ketch
as Susanna Barnett
Efrain Gomez
as Total Weirdo
Kaiwi Lyman
as Zed
Sydney Viengluang
as FBI Agent #2
Rachel Andersen
as Mrs. Taub
Claude Knowlton
as Gabriel
Denise Ryan-Sherman
as Chuck's Lawyer
JoAnna Rhambo
as Audience Member
Blaine Allen
as Nadine's Mother
Keller Wortham
as Esteban Santiago/Esteban
Maite Garcia
as Dr. Perez
Elizabeth Hinkler
as Event Assistant
Corey Martin Craig
as Taylor
Paul Toweh
as Young Barista
Carla Vega
as Detective Oliva
Dario Barbuto
as Ricardo
Julio Macias
as Male Student
Minerva García
as Attendant
Michelle Castillo
as Costumer
Christopher Corbin
as Ivan
Chiquita Fuller
as Nurse #1
Kelly LaMarr
as Inspector
Katie Michels
as Pammy the Parrot
Appy Pratt
as 4 Year Old Xo/Young Xo
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Delivery Woman
Danielle Flores
as Young Mother
Sofia Pernas
as Catalina
Jaime Schwarz
as Jemma
Alison Yates
as Production Coordinator
Emanuel Loarca
as Nurse #2
Brie DaSilveira
as College Student
Dyana Ortelli
as Alma
Reinaldo Faberlle
as Huge Man
Jacqueline Mazarella
as Therapist
Duvier Poviones
as Bogelio
Valeria Soto
as Mariana
Rodney Ingram
as Young Steve
Carmen Electra
as Carmen Electra
Kaylee Arroyo
as Youngest Lina
Charles Kim
as Dr. Hamagaki
Amber Legaspi-Valdez
as Tourist
Olivia d'Abo
as Clarissa
Korbin Miles
as Another Ranch Hand
Gina St. John
as E.R. Doctor
Zahlia Lawrence
as Jules
Craig Lee Thomas
as Elvis
Fernando Luis Vega
as 19-Year-Old Mateo
Katherine Castillo
as Young Xiomara
Constanza Palavecino
as Victoria
Susan Artigas
as Roxanna
Benjamin McFadden
as Young Man
Jill Remez
as Lawyer
Sohm Kapila
as Leslie
David Huey
as Announcer
Carla Vila
as Director
Greg Audino
as Bellboy
Sarah Benoit
as Nun
Jessica Knight
as Expectant Mom
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Nurse
Mike Rylander
as Rude Man
Julia Parker
as Snooty Woman
Christopher Goodman
as Doctor
Jenny Steadman
as Mrs. Flanagan
Anthony Mendez
as Narrator/Self
Silvia Curiel
as Señora Belen
Baby Adam
as Mateo
Carole Gutierrez
as Diana Chavez
Bella Popa
as Shelly
Mackenzie Marsh
as Carly
Ralph Cole Jr.
as Sales Clerk
Tiffany Panhilason
as Erika
Maria Carmen
as Moderator
Cody Stauber
as Man on Bus
Rachel Axelrod
as Kai
John Burke
as Graham Falco
Heather Olt
as Doula
J.D. Hinton
as Announcer
Carrie Gibson
as Officiant
Joe Thornton Jr.
as Gary
Lauren White
as Telenovela Star
Romel De Silva
as Student
Normm Epperson
as Bus Driver
Jenn An
as Engineer
Kim Yarbrough
as Fan/Judge
Rudy Quintanilla
as Enrique
Daniel Montgomery
as Jean
Jay Tapaoan
as Helpful Target Employee
Devin Crittenden
as Swashbuckling Shawn
Jeffrey De Serrano
as Alex
Robert Burgos
as White Judge #1
Tia Valentine
as Taylor
Vera Taylor
as Woman
Marcelo Tubert
as Pablo Alonso Segura
Jane Seymour
as Amanda Elaine
Charles Maceo
as Police Officer 1
Willow Hale
as Michael's Grandmother
Henry Barrial
as Dr. Grove
Preston James Hillier
as Officer Leon
Graham Sibley
as Carl
Bo Kane
as Rick
Junior Alabi
as Dancer 2
Freddy John James
as Marbella Guard
B.J. Clinkscales
as Police Officer #2
Matthew Rocheleau
as Male Network Exec
Roel Navarro
as Mateo Sr.
Ricardo Chavira
as Bruce
Camille Collard
as Frankie
Aria Pullman
as Hot Band Leader
Rueben Grundy
as Cop/Junior Studio Executive
Paulina Rubio
as Paulina Rubio
Anna Campbell
as Female Executive
Alison Trumbull
as Jackson's Mom
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Moderator
Clint Jung
as Sensei
Rose Colasanti
as Housekeeper
Lizz Carter
as Layla Vane
Caryn Ward
as Customer #2
Christina DeRosa
as Astrid
Salome Azizi
as Julie
Jessica Gardner
as Childbirth Instructor
Omar Chavez
as Frantic PA
Mary Eileen O'Donnell
as Ederly Librarian
Alvaro Martinez
as Child
Stephen Weigand
as FBI Agent #1
Bruno Amato
as Security Guard
Rick Malambri
as Keith
Evan Todd
as Jeremy Howe
Carlos Alazraqui
as Dr. Jorge Pizano Moncada/Dr. Moncada
Jenna Ortega
as Young Jane
Ravi Naidu
as ER Doctor
Kelli Erdmann
as Teen Dancer #1
Michelle C. Bonilla
as Ms. Rivas
Stacie Greenwell
as Sonogram Technician
Tahlena Chikami
as Isabelle
Josh Evans
as Line Cook
Jesse D. Goins
as Minister
Andy Taylor Kim
as Employee
Greice Santo
as Blanca
Melissa Marty
as Miami News Anchor
Reinaldo Zavarce
as Male Telenovela Star
Jon Root
as Male Tourist
Atticus Batacan
as Man
Tiffany Yvonne Cox
as Tanya
Diana Care
as Synchronized Swimmer
Richard Shelton
as Arnaud
Bradley Bundlie
as Boy in Elevator
Kevin Ashworth
as Mr. Asterly
Khafre King
as Bartender
Joseph Sanders
as Four-Year-Old Mateo
Harlo Haas
as Elijah
Andrew Lee
as Man on the Bus
James William O'Halloran
as Male Model (Ryan)
Dayrin Martinez
as Young Lina
Samantha Esteban
as Captain Garcia
Ryan W. Garcia
as Javier
Billy Meade
as Mario
Corbin Mayberry
as Messenger
Tony Plana
as Father Ortega
Annie Korzen
as Mrs. Cohen
Joelle Better
as Dancer
Kayla A Chavez
as 8 Year Old Xo
Ray Reynaga
as Worker
Annie Little
as Vanessa
Madison Rojas
as Five-Year-Old Mateo
Mike Kalinowski
as Tripp
Mat Hayes
as Upset Dad #1
Natalia Bair
as Bus Passenger
Gia Balzano
as Daughter
Greg Collins
as Armstrong/Lieutenant Armstrong/Coop/Lieutenant Collins
Vanessa Marshall
as Latina Lover Narrator
Phillip Jordan
as Van
Benjamin Hjelm
as Brandon
Alison Fernandez
as Young Jane/13 Year Old Jane
Bonnie Kolber
as Nurse
Mallory Low
as Young Woman
Chris Dougherty
as Forensic Linguist
Galicia Vaca Lopez
as Female Employee
Anton Narinskiy
as Adonis
Kassandra Voyagis
as Young Sister Constantine
Brad Crooker
as Abel
Vic Stagliano
as Prison Warden/Warden Kelly
Iris Almario
as Soledad Goldberg
Joey Lanai
as Male Presenter
Leaha Boschen
as Acupuncturist
Roland Angelo Crisolo
as Guest
Rosie Garcia
as Young Alba
Courtney Henggeler
as Satchet
Kelby Joseph
as Mover
Ana Dela Cruz
as Dr. Garcia
Bronx Warren
as Young Lina's Date
Christopher Allen
as Dennis Chambers/Dennis
Chris A. Liscomb
as Husband of pregnant wife
Sandra Cevallos
as Dr. Flores

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