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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Former CIA operative is lured back to his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer. Dr. Dylan Reinhart (Alan Cumming) is a gifted author and university professor living a quiet life teaching psychopathic behavior to packed classes of adoring students. But when top NYPD detective Lizzie Needham (Bojana Novakovic) appeals to him to help her catch a serial murderer who is using Dylan's first book as a tutorial, Dylan is compelled by the case, comes out of retirement and taps into his old skill set. Though Dylan and Lizzie initially clash, when it comes to catching killers, they realize they will make an ideal team if they both trust their instincts. Based on the James Patterson book.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: March 18, 2018

Also Known As: Инстинкт, インスティンクト -異常犯罪捜査- |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), France (Tous publics) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
based on novel or book
murder investigation

Company Credits

Production Co: 34 Films, Secret Hideout |  See more »


Guillermo Arribas
as Onlooker #2
Chris Henry Coffey
as Todd
Rachel Christopher
as E.R. Resident
Timothy Stickney
as Eric
Stephanie Leone
as Renata Pendell
Michael B. Silver
as Sgt. Kanter Harris
Sarita Choudhury
as Mayor Myers
Andrew Burnap
as Henry
De'Adre Aziza
as Ellen
Deborah S. Craig
as Mrs. Jorry
Bill Cwikowski
as Shopkeeper
Dakin Matthews
as Judge Brooks
Victor Joel Ortiz
as Greg
Tony Aidan Vo
as Student #1
Zainab Jah
as Rebreau
Max Gordon Moore
as Solly Smigel
Hannah Kelsy
as Figure Skating Competitor/Hostess
Casey Cott
as Dino Moretti
Brian Lee Huynh
as Doctor
Alexander Salamat
as Bill
Kate Arrington
as Abby Wright
Bobby Favoretto
as Party Kid/Vandal
Stephen Rider
as Zack Clark
Patch Darragh
as Bert
Jeb Brown
as Daniel
Megan Haley
as Claire
Chanel Mack
as Detective
Brian Muller
as Jason
Orlagh Cassidy
as Margot
Anthony Fazio
as Pizza Guy
Ali Stroker
as Ella
Prema Cruz
as Hotel Manager
Keke Lindgard
as Guest
Jennifer Cody
as Selma
Cody Kostro
as Seth
Jose Gamo
as Student 2
Stuart Zagnit
as Rabbi
Iris Beaumier
as Student #2
Gabriel Ebert
as Richard Brophy
Lizzy DeClement
as Annie
Danny McCarthy
as Randy
Elliott Fullam
as Young Dylan
Shiloh Fernandez
as Troy
Shawn Andrew
as Uni
Peter Hermann
as Russell Wright
John Doman
as Roger Reinhart
Jeremy Shamos
as Dr. Wells
Shayvawn Webster
as Grace
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Nypd
Joe Holt
as Derek Taylor
Stacey Yen
as Celine
Mikayla Petrilla
as Clubgoer
Don Noble
as Dan
Aleyse Shannon
as Starr
Andrew Pang
as MRI Tech
Colby Dezelick
as Caleb
Michael Rady
as Cormac Rego
Layla Khoshnoudi
as Rameen
Andrew Rothenberg
as Ian Tucker
Tommar Wilson
as Ken
Lauren E. Banks
as Dierde
Christopher Shyer
as Sebastian Trevor
Philip Hoffman
as Professor
Jimmy Palumbo
as Traub
Kaan Akyol
as Ballistics Technician
Elizabeth Clark
as Claire
Lilli Cooper
as Marie
Sharone Sayegh
as Katherine
Ashley Williams
as Nora Cecchino
Gage Maynard
as Student/Upscale Bar Patron
Ben Livingston
as Chuck Conrad
Carlos Gómez
as Alfaro
Clyde Lawrence
as Elliott Emerson
Tommy McInnis
as ND Cop #1
Jarrod LaBine
as Detective
Rosa Arredondo
as Amanda
Faith Logan
as Bar Girl/Sexy Woman at Bar
Catherine Czaja
as TV Reporter
Luke Robertson
as Kyle
Irungu Mutu
as Jeff
Nat Cassidy
as Jay Moseby
Onata Aprile
as Madison
Roderick Hill
as Bobby Concannon
Lilli Stein
as Becca
John Dossett
as Reilly
Tom Day
as Squad Leader Wyatt
Thom Sesma
as Mr. Jorry
Rowan Vickers
as Mario
Maya Barrera
as Maya
Kenya Brome
as Reporter
José Báez
as Clarence
Makeia Davis
as Stock Trader
Luke Alamo
as Top Brass Officer on Ceremony Stage
Terrence Mann
as John Whitehead
Neil Starkenberg
as Waiter
Bianca D'Aprile
as Female Teen
Steve Rizzo
as Bagel the Begal
Anthony DiNoto
as ESU Bomb Squad
Mark Lotito
as Shop Owner
Jeanette Dilone
as Selena Trevor
Alan Cumming
as Dr. Dylan Reinhart
Mark DiConzo
as Waiter
Arlene Lane
as Wallstreet Trader
Jayden Marine
as Robby
Lucca De Oliveira
as Fucci's Nephew
Eshan Bay
as Young Man
George Zouvelos
as Detective Rizzi
Abdel Gonzalez
as Delivery Man
John Joseph Gallagher
as Ragged Man
Zoe Winters
as Molly Tynan
Diego Aguirre
as Diego
David T. Patterson
as Earl
Olga Glazman
as Figure Skater
Leila Sbitani
as Lara
Jay Maher
as Student
Jennifer Laura Thompson
as Alice
Tiffany Villarin
as Margot
Arash Mokhtar
as Hassan Rajami
Anthony Gaskins
as Uni
Bob Leszczak
as Professor/Bar Patron/Pedestrian
Peter Charney
as Student
Emma Kikue
as Charlotte Jorry
Nora Murphy
as Bea Cecchino
Gary Perez
as Claude
Nicole Kang
as Stephanie
Holly Chou
as Sylvia
Brittany Chan
as Nancy Lee
James Saito
as Haru Onishi
Kathryn Erbe
as Caitlyn Gerich
Judith Ivey
as Social Worker Sheila
Ben Edelman
as Edward
Bill Heck
as Roman Cecchino
Steve Cirbus
as Nelson Grimes
Joseph Dellger
as Patron
Julia Schlaepfer
as Maggie Fallon
Andrew Stiko
as Student
Alex Kramer
as Timothy
Eric Bogosian
as Harry Kassabian
Deirdre Koczur
as Student
Ray Iannicelli
as Tony
Michelle Liu Coughlin
as Woman
Lauri Landry
as Dr. Eldridge
Sutton Foster
as Celia Baxter
Susannah Hoffman
as Claire
Will Carlyon
as Cory
Margo Seibert
as Gwen Anderson
Andrew Polk
as Doug the Medical Examiner/Doug
Samuel María Gómez
as Rodrigo Salinas
Whitney Richardson
as College Student
Gregory Abbey
as Assistant District Attorney
Emma Sam
as Girl in Park
Rey Lucas
as Hector
Samuel H. Levine
as Ross
Andreas Pliatsikas
as Undercover Agent
Kate Reinders
as Sara
Nick D'Ambrosio
as Boy in Crowd
Naveen Andrews
as Julian Cousins
Lynn Marocola
as NYPD Officer
Daniel Ings
as Andy
Betsy Wolfe
as Ella Betts
Dee Pelletier
as Mrs. Rego
Christopher Brian Roach
as Lon Vicars
Samaria Nixon-Fleming
as Onlooker #1
Brooklyn Shuck
as Emma Lockhart
Telly Leung
as Sam
Peterson Townsend
as Reporter #1
Jim Bracchitta
as Donald
Rachael Holmes
as Dina
Jay Klaitz
as Pete
Guiesseppe Jones
as Court Officer
Daryl Paris Bright
as Efficient Nurse
J.C. MacKenzie
as Frank Fallon
Gary Milner
as Richard Davies
Jeremy Ciero
as Student
Gus Birney
as Nicki
Olivia Oguma
as Sam
Paton Ashbrook
as Kristy
Comfort Clinton
as Bridget
Rebecca Faulkenberry
as Candace Rego
Grayson Taylor
as Boy
Bojana Novakovic
as Det. Lizzie Needham
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Pedestrian
Leigh Whitney
as Press
Anna Mikami
as Evie
Amy Morse
as Barbara
Molly Griggs
as Gemma
John Lavelle
as Joel Crowley
Michael Satow
as Entitled Man
Rodney Richardson
as Tom 'Tomahawk' Sarkeysian
Isaach De Bankolé
as Ben Richfield
Jenelle Chu
as Lia
Ito Aghayere
as Tammy Sarkeysian
Aria Shahghasemi
as Vet Tech
Kevyn Morrow
as Al
Matt Wood
as Justin
Ricardo Dávila
as EMT
Richard Prioleau
as EMT 1
Marcus Ho
as Elliot the Clerk
Maceo Oliver
as Security Officer
Danny Burstein
as Brent
Travis Van Winkle
as Det. Ryan Stock
Danny Flaherty
as Travis
Danny the Beagle
as Gary the Dog
David A. Gregory
as Jeff Johnson
Charlie Semine
as Steve Rizzo
Michael Harris
as Hipster Patron
Rebecca Watson
as Eleanor
Whoopi Goldberg
as Joan Ross
Lesli Margherita
as Maria Fucci/Monica Fucci
Paul Pontrelli
as Sully
T. Ryder Smith
as Dr. Martin Portman
Heather MacRae
as Dorothy
Campbell Scott
as Pasternack
Joshua De Jesus
as Kev
David Carranza
as Medical Investigator
Jennifer Ferrin
as Dr. Alexandra Becker
Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut
as Theresa Daniels
Jason Kravits
as Theodore Burton
Eduardo J. Escobar
as CI Cyrus Bryant
Kimberly S. Fairbanks
as Cornell Cutler
Robert Turano
as Stan
Melina Lanza
as Girl Going to Court
Michael Mulheren
as Darrell Hill
Margaret Odette
as Allison
Eboni Booth
as Sandy
Patrick Duggan
as Mr. Smith
John Mainieri
as Det. Jimmy Marino/Detective Jimmy Marino
Lynne Wintersteller
as Sondra Conrad
Rayna Starr
as Candice
Karl Iglesias
as Henchman #2
Kyli Zion
as Beth Lennon
Brian Avers
as Charlie Pavlik
David Alan Basche
as Steve Gerich
Giovanni Celentano
as Gavin Carson
Paul Alexander Nolan
as Jonathan James
John Herrera
as Reverend
Sharon Leal
as Lt. Jasmine Gooden
Bubba Weiler
as Daniel
Natalie Welds
as Renata's Friend
Alicia Crowder
as Jenny
Jennifer Lim
as Mindy
Justiin A. Davis
as Reese Watson
Gene Gillette
as Motorcycle Man
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Det. Anthony Fucci
Carra Patterson
as Amber
Lev Gorn
as Uri Marshak
Emily Swallow
as Allyson Randolph
Gonzalo Trigueros
as Emilio Frantio
Larry Chan
as Businessman/Custodian
William Ragsdale
as Lockhart
Al Thompson
as Barry Starr
Brian Hutchison
as Dr. James Walters
Alejandro Hernandez
as Det. Rafael Sosa
Elijah Richardson
as Kid
Ivanhoe Aurelio
as NYPD Officer
Elizabeth Drake
as Waitress
April Matthis
as Vanessa Taylor
Simon Longnight
as DJ
Myles Clohessy
as Sasha
Ann Sanders
as Dr. Parlee
Vincenzo Amato
as Mr. Moretti
Aaron Roman Weiner
as Bernard Rudolf
Alexis Suarez
as Patrolman
Anjali Gauld
as Anila
Julian Leong
as Ted
Ethan Slater
as Noah
Shiloh Verrico
as Sutton Lockhart
Tracee Chimo Pallero
as Becca Dunmar
Reg Rogers
as Russ Mosher
Michael Kostroff
as John Raymond
Rasha Zamamiri
as Farah
Mlé Chester
as Reporter #2
Afton Williamson
as Haley
David Corenswet
as Spencer Baymoore
Nemuna Ceesay
as Receptionist
Marie Smalley
as Complaintant
Jackson Pace
as Male Teen
Jimmy Nicholas
as Son
Eston Fung
as Restaurant Waiter
Andrew Richardson
as Driver
Gareth Keegan
as Billy
Nikki M. James
as Ashley
Patricia R. Floyd
as Bea the Beekeeper
Marylouise Burke
as Ana
Veladya Chapman
as Student 1
David Aron Damane
as Conductor Johnson
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Dr. Chandler
Michael Genet
as Geoff Marston
Jim Ford
as Chad
Mark Evans
as Det. Tom
David Harris
as Building Super
Joniece Abbott-Pratt
as Ashley
Haley Murphy
as Alex Gerich
Rory Clarke
as Lewis
Bryce Pinkham
as Paul
Ted Sutherland
as Justin
Ignacio Borderes
as Nicolas
Aaron Morton
as Cop
Leslie Hendrix
as Maggie Stock
Stephen Sable
as David Wu
Mark Lehneman
as NYC Emergency Management Agent/NYPD/Tourist
Rosie Benton
as Justine Crowley
Christopher Ramirez
as Gene
John Behlmann
as Brett Miller
Dena Tyler
as Nurse Albany
Ali Lopez-Sohaili
as Ramzy
Annie Pisapia
as Pedestrian
Matt Harrington
as Young Reporter
Mark Bedard
as Angry Guest
Paco Lozano
as Radiology Tech
Nicolai Kabana
as Student
Keith Kozlin
as Nypd
Kristin Villanueva
as Woman at Apartment
Sawyer Nunes
as Young John Raymond
Agneeta Thacker
as Zara
Richard Bird
as Detective
Jennifer Mudge
as Mrs. Lockhart
Laura Sohn
as Millennial
Tom Lipinski
as Will
Matt Walton
as Dr. Damian Grant
Chuck Nice
as Ryan
Rosanny Zayas
as Naomi
Ben Ahlers
as Boyd Carter
April Ortiz
as Veterinarian
Roger Brenner
as Emt/FDNY
Sean Dugan
as Dr. Beams
Jason DeStefano
as Businessman
Genevieve Angelson
as Katie
Bhavesh Patel
as Samar
Myra Lucretia Taylor
as Neighbor
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Sean McColl
Darius Jackson
as NYPD Officer
Orease Bowers
as Bouncer
Tessa Albertson
as Shayla
Doris McCarthy
as Pedestrian/Upscale Businesswoman
Reshma Shetty
as Maya
Kevin Porter Young
as Fire Inspector
Nadia Alexander
as Kim
Debra Monk
as Judge Gillespie
Alma Cuervo
as Marisol
Rich Masotti
as ESU Bomb Squad
Babak Tafti
as Max
Pilar Witherspoon
as Mom
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Henderson
Kelsey Maples
as Undercover Agent
Joaquina Kalukango
as Angela
Gene Gabriel
as Raul
Drew Gehling
as Dennis Walker
Keith Pillow
as Det. Marks
Agnes Chung
as Reporter
Daniel London
as Dan
Penelope Kathryn Golden
as Student
Alexandra Lee
as Phoebe

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 11 Episodes



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