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October 19, 2021
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About this title


Unpacked stories of the black female experience from the perspective of two female protagonists, Issa and Molly who have been best friends with each other since their college days at Stanford. Both in their late 20s, they navigate career and relationship experiences while living in their hometown Los Angeles, California. The two share a close bond, and throughout the show, they deal with internal struggles within themselves, their friendship, and the African American community. Issa works at a non-profit that benefits middle-school aged students of color called "We Got Y'all". She struggles to put the spark back into her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Lawrence, who has been slacking in their relationship since his start-up company failed. Molly is a successful corporate attorney who has career success but difficulty with dating men. The half-hour series explores social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: October 9, 2016

Also Known As: Insecure, Niepewne |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: 3 Arts Entertainment


Winter Dunn
as Kiss-n-Grind Girl
Bree DeLee
as Random Person #1
Fernando Flores
as Mariachi Band
Christian Olivo
as Bartender
Stacy Lightner
as Block Party Attendee
Arlington Randolph
as Student
DeOtis Tole
as Afrocentric Theater Goer
Marlon Hawkins
Laura Kittrell
as Customer/Girl/Kiss-n-Grind Girl/Tenant
Roger J. Timber
as Jamz Employee
Rebecca De Juan
as Coachella girl
Keith Pittman
as Boyfriend
Shvona Lavette Chung
as Ashlee
Journée McMillan
as Movie Goer
A. Russell Andrews
as Vice Principal Charles Gaines
Diego Serrano
as Nico
Marielle Caldwell
as Student
Jenna Veroni
as Glitter Girl
as Julian
Amber Kahwaji
as Bar Patron
Spencer Garrett
as John Merrill
Vanessa Deleon
as Jasmine - Bartender
Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett
as Bartender
Kiri S. Stevens
as Marathon Runner
Jahking Guillory
as Billy
Dahiana Torres
as Theater Goer
Bryan Sapphire
as Airport Traveler
Christopher Ellay
as Bartender
Samantha L Thomas
as Party Goer
Jamaal Lewis
as Barber/Shirtless Runner
Hilda Boulware
Dan J. Evans
as Creepy Guy
Eli Santana
as Marathon Runner
Selina Hui
as Block Party Neighbor
Angela Hoover
as White Wife
Kezii Curtis
as Trey
John B.J. White
David Gurrola
as 6th Grade Boy
Brandon Mitchell
as Johnny
Carlo Sciortino
as Hipster
James Quach
as Juror/Marathon Runner
Morgan Cohen
as Wife
Michael J. Henderson
as Audience Member
Brian Majestic
as Cop #2
Aaron Jennings
as Khalil
L. Tish Jordan
as Sushi Diner #2
Amanda Seales
as Tiffany DuBois
Kindsey L. Young
as Cashier
Cha-tah Ellem
as Vaping Teen
Noelle Mahasin
as Mazda
Mayank Saxena
as Nelson
Timothy Ryan Cole
as Photographer
Ariana Raygoza
as Pregnant Woman
Haley Nelson
Catherine Curtin
as Joanne
Kevin Kilumbu
as Dante
Michael J. Morgan
John Paul Jones II
as Patron #2
Evan Vincent Washington
as Studio Rat
Wade Allain-Marcus
as Derek DuBois
Monique StaTeena
as Kim
Keturah Gregg
Kiki Turner
as Ebony
Rosie Narasaki
as Meridian Employee
Roshon Fegan
as Spyder
Hayley Kiyoko
as Miko
Karen Obilom
as Antoinette
Laci Mosley
as Black Woman
Nikiva Dionne
as Stacy Sutton
Langston Kerman
as Jered
Kamal Angelo Bolden
as Brandon
Miatta Lebile
as Mazda
Amy Aniobi
as Jogger
Issa Rae
as Issa Dee
Baudelio Gutierrez Jr.
Theodora McQueen
Brittany Black
as CAAM Guest
Larry Herron
Margaret Newborn
as Arm Wrestling Auntie/Neighbor
Tristen J. Winger
as Thug Yoda
Ray Ray Chase
as Club Goer/House Party Goer/Marathon Runner
as SiR
Taja V. Simpson
as Cheyenne
Alberto David Mercado
as Downtown Pedestrian
John Knight
as Hipster
Teresa Jelks-Kirkley
Daniel R. Lawson Jr.
as Bystander/Lawyer/Patron/Pedestrian/Restaurant Patron
Kendall Lewis
Elle Lorraine
as Trina
Elijah Howard
as Tashas Family Member
Ahamed Weinberg
as Colin
Sabrina Rudolph
as Bus Passenger
Anton Peeples
as Darryl
Ben Lewis
as Cody
Mandioula Sylla
as Patron
Nia Chanel
as Jada
Carol Jefferson
as Event Staff
Porsha Williams
as Tasha
Stephanie Lane
Harry Lennix
as Marcus Walker
Marleik Mar Mar Walker
Demetre Durham
as Meridian Worker/Runner
Dayna Dooley
as Shannon
Letia Solomon
as Party Goer
Alex Gregory
as Corey
Cam & China
as Cam & China
Luke Mones
as Bartender
Adrian Vaca
as Mariachi Band
Chris Brew
as Louis
Tierra Peters
as LaRachel
Terri J. Vaughn
as Rose Cranberry
Ben Cory Jones
as Lyft Passenger
Natasha Rothwell
as Kelli Prenny
Moustapha Lamine Diop
as Lamine Dee
Melvin Payne Jr.
as Reunion Guest
Courtney Turner
as Lyft Passenger
Ray J
as Rufus
Sarunas J. Jackson
as Alejandro 'Dro' Peña
Erica Dickerson
as Deniese
Cyrus Finnie
Jaida-Iman Benjamin
as Kev'ysha
Kelli Jordan
as Party Guest
Allison Paige
as Jennifer
Nick Thomas
as Kiss & Grind Bouncer
Mykal Monroe
as Rahel
Brandon Black
as Devin
Kenneth Hodges
as Parking Officer
Catelynn Brown
as Party Goer
Adriana Vecc
as Coachella Girl
Roderick Davis
as Tinder Date
Matthew-David Smith
as Dude #2
Donielle Artese
as Karen
Chris Reese
as Vendor #1
Atika Greene
as Juror 9
Tru Collins
as Sandra
Heather Ann Gottlieb
as Coachella Attendee
Candice Ramirez
as Vanessa
Kameron Couch
as Hero Twin
Brent Jennings
as George
Roderick Bascom
George Anton
as Patron
Americus Abesamis
as Security Guard
Franco Machado-Pesce
as Marathon Runner
Kyla Pratt
as Dina
Nikki Vanderdyz
as Reunion Party Goer
Katharine Leonard
as Christine Turnfellow
Yutopia Essex
Del Brown
as Party Guest
Firoozeh Adli
as Latino Student
Jamaar Simon
as Block Party Attendee
Christopher Oscar Pena
as Gary
Earnestine Phillips
Alex Preble
Ill Camille
Walter Fauntleroy
as Office Guy
Lisa Joyce
as Frieda
Ja'rell Anderson
as Markese
Kristofer Gordon
as Tyrell Smith (Pepper Pig)/Tyrell Smith (Street Judas)
Jiya Simon
as Woman at Bar
Alvin Ellie
as Husband
Ani Sava
as Clerk
as Kid in Classroom
L. Scott Caldwell
as Molly's Mother
Shota Kakibata
as Venture Capitalist
Emana Rachelle
as Kindsey
Will Leon
as Strip Club Patron
Mason McCulley
as Ken
Paula Bryant-Ellis
as Ticket Taker
Nick Viall
as Gabe
Joe Marinelli
as Jeweler
Quentin Gulledge
Veronica Blakney
as Movie Goer/Restaurant Goer/Vanessa Party Goer#2
Sylvia Barron
as Alumni Audience
Anthony Romeo Garcia
as Latino Family Member
Ben Dougan
Darryl M. Bell
as Percy
Tayla Schaffner
as Bike Rider
Jasmine Kaur
as Aparna
Dasha Chadwick
as Theater Goer
LeShay N. Tomlinson
as Renee
Staci Lynn Fletcher
as Mrs. Andrews
Daniel Covarrubias
as Waiter
Tatiana McSwain
as Student #1
Gwen Van Dam
as Old Lady
Elester Latham
as Theatre Goer
Brennon Peters
as Orderly
Jack Landron
as Judge
Kate Beahan
Scarlet Sheppard
as Coachella Girl
Angela Iranna Perkins
as Woman with Stroller
Noelle Dominique Rodriguez
as Coachella Attendee
Kamilah Michelle Hatcher
as Bass Anxiety Lady
Juan Franco
Amani Atkinson
as Security
Wendy Raquel Robinson
as Lila
Tara R. Cook
as Gloria
Shawana Carter
as Lesbian
Dominique Morton
as Laundry Guy
Jaret Martino
as Patron #1
Semret Ealy
as Hostess
Phylicia Townes
as Block Party Attendee/Congregation Member
Gail Bean
as Rasheeda
Tsion Mitchell
as Hot Waitress
Joel-Ryan Armamento
as Host
Aaron Krebs
as Man
Noah Laufer
as Restaurant Patron #1
Violette Nelson
as Cashier
Bill Bellamy
as Kev'yn
Lana Leigh Taylor
as Patron
Clayton Thomas
as Tasha's Cousin
Jason Dalhouse
as Club Goer
Antuone Torbert
as Bouncer
Susan Beaubian
as Lyft Passenger/Black Lawyer/Cynthia
Maisie Klompus
as Employee
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Towel Buyer
Londale Theus Jr.
Ryan Davis
as Barber/Moe
Dan Sanders-Joyce
as Loader
Phillip Hudson
Paul Schackman
as Schwartz
Eddie James
as Drag Queen
Mayra Juarez
as Mall Shopper
Ivan Shaw
as Justin
Aflamu Johnson
as Abednego
Tone Oliver
Erika Strasburg
as Paint & Sip Woman
as Zacari
Tyrone Emanuel
as Catty Club Goer/Party Guest
Jermaine Williams
as Leonard
Max Calder
as Drunk Guy
Gustavo Velasquez
as Edgar
Reante Brown
as Coachella Attendee
Vika Stubblebine
as Lyft Passenger
Dylan Mattina
as Block Party Coordinator
Eric D'Alessandro
as Elijah
Kondwani Phiri
as Event Staffer
Katie Couch
as Hero Twin
Jonathan Rubio
Phillip E. Walker
as Gym Teacher
Colleen Bowling
as Flight Attendant
Broderick Hunter
as Felix
Angelique Maurnae
as Titty Girl
King Kedar
as Mr. Robinson
Ariana Jankovic
as Marathon Runner
Dayna Lynne North
as Wait Line Woman
Syreeta Singleton
as Lyft Passenger
Fred Sennie
Josh Kaye
as Man
Regina Hall
as Ninny
Kendrick Sampson
as Nathan Campbell
Nena Za
as Venture Capitalist
Jackie Osorio
as Waitress
Bethany Clayton
as Coachella Attendee
E.J. Bonilla
as Eli
Laura Siegel
as Usher
Vince Staples
as Vince Staples
Sheila M. Lockhart
as Church Goer
Eduardo Lezcano
as Party Guest/Pedestrian/Restaurant Patron
George Ketsios
as Richard
Norman Towns
as Bennett 'BJ'/Bj
Bernardo Verdugo
as Taco Man
David Sutcliffe
as Isaac
Eli Wilson Pelton
Johnny Glasser
as Party Guest
Jonathan Espinoza
as Logan
Anthony Alabi
as Terrence
Lopez Jd
as Student
Alisa Murray
as Reporter
Amentha Dymally
Veronika Mindal
as Restaurant Patron
Jean Elie
as Ahmal Dee
Kevyn Bashore
as Marathon Bystander
Mario White
as Bar Patron
Michael Graham
as Cop #1
Malik Brazile
Brianni Walker
as Beach/On Bus/Student
Mike A Nidiffer
as PR Employee
Virginia Collins
as Server
Rogelio T. Ramos
as Rich
Brandon Turner
Sarah Chaney
as Lydia
Ashley Platz
as Yoga Student
Mykelti Williamson
as Preacher
Jisaura Cardinale
as Club Date - Female/Marathon Runner
Amie Raylynn Apodaca
as Hotel Employee
Rashida Olayiwola
Alex Isley
as Alex Isley
Luis Cordova
as Student
Amari Chala
as Church Kid
Jamie Sara Slovon
as Bartender
Alejandro Mayen
as Kid Eating Ice Cream
Tiana Le
as Dayniece
Paula Jai Parker
as Sheryl
Ricarlo Flanagan
as Rumi Cafe Owner
Yaret Lora
as Girl
Nija Okoro
as Nessa
Tara Turnbull
as Cool Crowd/Marathon Runner
Jason Lew
as Flight Attendant
Christina Elmore
as Condola Hayes
Keraun Harris
Philip Lubin
as Gabe Lookalike/White Man
Lauren Mendoza
as Assistant
Dennis Neal
Gary Palmer
as Mall Shopper
Judah Nelson
as Samuel Turnfellow
Tanjareen Thomas
as Isys
Mark Collier
as Jonathan
Andrea L Gavidia
as Booth Girl
India Conner
as Marathon Runner
Bradford A Wilson
as Bar Patron
Matt Cordova
as Cop
David L. Peters
as Neighbor
Johnny Mansbach
as Nurse
Desmond Hayes
as Gay #2
Ari Stidham
as Cameron
Kiana René
as Concertgoer
Spencer Paez
as Light-Up Coachella Guy
India Mynatt
as Sushi Customer
Jesse Tayeh
as Bartender
Luke James
as Ben
Jack Taylor Jr.
as Waiter
Joseph Will
as Bartender
Olivia Jonale
Amber Dancy
as Patron
Mike Holley
as Workman
Don Franklin
as Malcolm
Akinyele Caldwell
as Student
Jen Regan
as Waitress/Winery Employee
Cameron Fuller
as Lifeguard
Stephen Oyoung
as Victor
Alex Gibbs
as Party Goer
Mark Winn
as Cat Daddy
Richard Nevels
as Curtis Carter
D.K. Uzoukwu
as Jamal
Courtney Richards
as Dante
Bernardo Badillo
as Ronald
Kandi Burruss
Grace Edwards
Heather Mazur
as Hannah Richards-Foster
Rizi Timane
as Blood/Homie
Kelly LaMarr
as Landlord/Roger
Kristen Horde
as Young Molly
Y'lan Noel
as Daniel King
Catherine Uram
as Server
D.J. Mausner
as Joy
Taylor Cooper
as Waitress
Andrea Joy Tucker
as Background
Wahayn Inello Clayton
as Chef/Kitchen Worker
Rayven Mervin
as Dunes Resident
Ross Partridge
as Johnson
Ginny O'Keefe
as Coachella Girl
Brandon P Bell
as Dr. Michael Peete
Isai Devine
as Isaac
Roy Antoine
as Block Party Attendee
Maurice Tillmon
as Ethiopian Merchant
DomiNque Perry
as Tasha
Greg Kriek
as Pilot
Nicole Danielle Watts
as Block Party Sponsor
as Coya
Anahi Bustillos
as Sky
Wyatt Carnel
as White Guy #2
Aziza Scott
as Club Girl
Sierra Hoyle
as Lyft Passenger
Pablo Soriano
Babette Davis
Edgar Reveles
as Mariachi Band
Diana Matlak
as Coachella attendee
Fran Richter
as Perky Girl/Waitress
Leonard Robinson
as Taurean Jackson
Virginia Watson
as Lyft Driver
Scott Foley
as Master Turnfellow
Jamayla Gray
as Waitress
Rocío López
as Kiss-N-Grind Girl
Roya Adli
as Inner City Kid/Latino Student
Raven Bowens
as Sharice
Carl Walton
Orlando Davis
as Party Guest
Kelsey Scott
as Felicia
Dan Wells
as Bailiff
Leandra Ryan
as Yoga Instructor
Shanna Malcolm
as Lilian
Twins Newman
as Identical twins
Derrius Logan
as Derrius Logan
Roderick Moore
as Teen
Briana Starks
as Partygoer #1
O'Neil Cespedes
as Bartender
John Garet Stoker
as Tomás
Erica Mathlin
as Clerk
Bonnie Burroughs
as Susan
Krystle Comer
as Server
Simone Posey
Sydney Morgan Currie
as Theater Goer
Louisa Abernathy
as Great Aunt
Shelley Robertson
as Cousin Mary
Ron DJ R'Tistic Turner
as DJ R-Tistic
Regina Y. Hicks
as Lyft Passenger/Sexplosion Lady
Toby Wilson
as Tow Truck Driver
Jhanelle Elissa
as Guitarist
Ahmed T. Brooks
as Security Guard
J. Black
Erika Alexander
as Yolanda
Rox Miller
Brianna Reed
as Black Student
Miles Stroter
as Big Faded Guy
Michael Felix
as Thurgood Chambers
Yvonne Orji
as Molly Carter
Gregg Daniel
as David Carter
Yakira Chambers
as Crystal
Daniel Montgomery
as Vance
David Banks
as Show Cop
Ambyr McWilliams
as Random Person #4
Tia Valentine
as Aisha Eddie's Girlfriend
Craig Rhodes
as Passerby
Tamba Tongu
as Party Guest
Hank Northrop
as Cop's Partner
La Vera
as Cute Girl
Paul Mabon
as Gabe
Natalie Conneely
as Pool Party Goer
Jean-Pierre Vertus
as Party Guest
David Raibon
as Bus Driver
Aretha Perry Greene
as Congregation Member
Mariah Dyson
as Random Girl
Sujata Day
as Sarah
Arthur J. Davis
as Hood Baby/Hood Dude
Rome Green Jr.
as Man
Juan Martinez
Prentice Penny
as Security Guard
Toby Burge
as White Guy #1
Misty Marie
as Lesbian
Alexander Hodge
as Andrew Tan
Blair Hickey
as Doctor Randall
Marcy Goldman
Camille Chen
as Lydia Tan
Tahir Moore
as Fast Mike
Evan Cortez
as Greg
Horacio Galaviz
as Front Desk Agent
Malcolm David Kelley
as Jerome Carter
Stephaun Pender
as Club Patron/Mixer Guest
Juan F. Villaluna
Veronica Mannion
as Kitty
Najee Muhammad
as Vaping Teen
Austin Grant
as Freshman
Cris Sosa
Mark Odlum
as Owner
Mary Elise Hayden
as Bartender
Jay Ellis
as Lawrence Walker
Richie Loco
Christian J. Simon
as Lil Chris
as Darnell
Leonard L. Thomas
as Stanley
Tamyshia Curry
as Bus Rider/Runner
Toby Wayne Carter
as Church Kid
Alison Law
as Gym Woman
Teroy Roberts
as Theater goer
Ty Dolla $ign
as Ty Dolla $ign
Andria B Langston
as Laker Fan
Dalia Kaissi
as Sexplosion Attendee
Raymond Forchion
as Uncle Jesse
Anthony Carr Jr.
as Benjamin
Tyrone Evans Clark
as Coachella Attendee/Movie Attendee/Rap Fan/Super Hip-Hop
Justice Allah
as Justice Allah
Catherine Adell
as High Patient
Chinedu Unaka
as Omari
Sterling K. Brown
as Lionel
William Catlett
Philip Willcox
as Spencer
Robin Thede
as Nicki
Jenni Chiaramonte
as Girl on Date
Carlos Carrasco
as Jorge Pena
Monette Moio
as White Girl #1
Dominic Vedder
as Theater Staff
Andrew Allan James
as Emmanuel
Harry Fowler
Motown Maurice
as Stuff Eat Patron
Elio Armas
as Mariachi Band
Maya Erskine
as Diane Nakamura
David Hull
as Travis
Candice Renee
as Thais
Lil Rel Howery
as Quentin
Arden Myrin
as Detective Rawlins
Jonathan P. Sims
Jeff Elam
as Police Chief
Rose Han
as Partygoer #2
Ian McQuown
Glenn Payne
as Wedding Guest
Carl Anthony Payne II
Phil Augusta Jackson
as Party Guest
Matthew Parry-Jones
as Latino Student
Di Vinci SanTana
as Student
Eduardo Godinez
Angela Elayne Gibbs
Briana Henry
as Blair
Martel Shaw
as Tasha's Cousin
Brandon McEachern
Chrystal Brooks
as Marathon Runner
Ron G.
as Sweetie
Krystle McMullan
as Lawyer
Lorena Flores
as Ms. Alvarez
Gabrielle Dennis
as Candice
Delyna Diop
Marvin Ortuno
as Boy #1
Candice J. Scales
as Candice
Larvell Hood
Thomas Carney
as Coachella Attendee
Evan Richards
as Blue Collar Bus Rider
Reggie Conquest
as Marvin
Mieko Clark
Chriz Ortiz
as Coachella Dude
Caleb Pierce
as Tim
Leon Thomas III
as Eddie
Courtney Taylor
as Sequoia
Kim Fields
as Mabel
Victoria Gale
as SoHo Dinner patron party guest
Allyson Juliette
as Tantrum Toddler
Patrick Quinlan
as Brett
Masika Kalysha
as Curtis's Date
Denise Dowse
as Dr. Rhonda Pine
John Forest
as Jeffrey
Christopher Glenn
as Bestfriend
Anjil Collins
as Congregation Member
Chaz Miller
Akia Takara
as Wobbler Dancer
Samantha Cope
as Brooke
Michael Jai White
as Zeke
Kinner Shah
as Vikram
Jim Garrity
as Attorney
Eimanne El Zein
as Bike Girl
Kathreen Khavari
as Patricia
Scott Evans
Beatrice Hernandez
as Bank Teller/Rosa
as Chris
Gary Kraus
as Frank
Neil Brown Jr.
as Chad Kerr
Lita Lopez
as Drive Thru Employee
Petteri Lassila
as Town Car Driver
Antwon Keith Collier
as Bar Patron
Dawn Richard
as Girl Singing
Timothy Hall
as Student
Christopher Allen
as Cop #2
Dustin Frederic Ross
Justin Ruse
as Server
Alex Skinner
as Barista
Ricky Woznichak
as Mark

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 8 Episodes

Season 4

2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2021 | 8 Episodes




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