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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of "INK MASTER". The stakes couldn't be higher with 'Living Canvasses' donating their skin to be permanently marked in this adrenalized competition elimination.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 17, 2012

Also Known As: Tetováló mesterek, Ink Master: Turf War |  See more »

Parents Guide: Canada (G), Netherlands (AL) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

tattoo artist

Company Credits

Production Co: Truly Original


Chad Tepper
as Self
Robert Mynar
Kendra Sample
Anja Keister
as Self (Cat Woman Tattoo
Ryan Ashley
as Self
Maximo Pain
as Corrections Officer/Razor Rocco
Steve Ferrarie
as Human Canvas
Rasheme Watson
as Human Canvas
Todd Weinberger
as Self - Guest Judge
Josh Woods
as Self - Contestant
Brianna Stearman
Ashley Bauer
Najee Seabrook
King Mo
as Self
Oliver Peck
as Self - Judge/Self
as Self - Human Canvas
Lilith Astaroth
as Hula Girl
Scott Nocero
as Human Canvas
Jack Rudy
as Self - Guest Judge
Kelly Aruanno
Diana Befoh
Jason Clay Dunn
as Self
Felicity Feline
as Canvas
Annmarie Bediako
Caroline Berberich
as Self
Kyle Dunbar
as Self
Stephanie Baines
Joey Hamilton
as Self
Troy Denning
as Self - Guest Judge
Erik Medina
Greg Capullo
as Self
Frank McManus
as Self
Heather Sinn
as Self - Contestant
Maryblake Smith
Sveta Zhukovska
as Self - PinUp Model
Sarah Joy Miller
as Self - Contestant/Self
Joshua Hibbard
as Self
Jesus Moreno
as Moreno
Bec Fordyce
as Human Canvas
Chris Blinston
as Self - Contestant
Dj Tambe
as Self
Jackie Jennings
as Self
Terry Browning
as Human Canvas/Stormtrooper
Haley Willis
Brieana Thomas
Ingrid Saire
Uchenna Obi
Alexander Garganera
as Self - Alex Garganera
Samantha Campi
as Human Canvas
Tom Miley
as Human Canvas
Elizabeth Nunez
Darenzia Elizabeth
as Self - Pinup Model
Yash Patel
Arden Baldassare
Charlie Johnson
as Self
Kay Kutta
as Human Canvas
Bili Vegas
as Self - Artist/Self - Contestant/Self
James Vaughn
as Self - Contestant
Jeff Hunter
as Series Promo Model
Hannah Arulampalam
Kim Fromkin
Rick Robles
as Self - narrator
Jime Litwalk
as Self
Craig Foster
as Self
Chris May
as Self
Julia Scott
Marisa LaRen
as Self
Marcus Stroud
as Self
Kevin Laroy
as Self
Janet Torres-White
Saul Guzman
Léa Vendetta
as Self - Contestant
Michael Tomasulo
Chris Nunez
as Self - Judge
Hannah Torres
Glorymer Bello
Kat Flores
as Self - Contestant
James Steinke
as Self
Shaniqua Whitfield
as Lingerie Girl for Flash Challenge
Brian Robinson
as Self - Contestant
Belal Syed
Nikko Hurtado
as Self
Michel Bougazelli
Avyana Baker
Keith Smith
as Human Canvas
Crystal Inked
as Self - Tattooee
Muriel Sarabia
Scott McKillop
as Self
Shykira Scott-Strong
Ezijeamaka Nwosu
Anthony Michaels
as Self
Kyle Ross
Christian Terinoni
Jennifer Amariti
Alexa Rovello
Kelly Doty
as Self
Jeremy Miller
as Self - Contestant
Mackenzie Gilbreath
Dave Navarro
as Self - Host/Self - Judge/Self - Host & Judge
Justina Mendoza
as Human Canvas
Ally Lee
as Self
Thom Bulman
as Self
Ikeedah Salaam
Shane Norton
Kelly McDougald
Rhiannon Hastings
as Self - Human Canvas
Kashem Nahim
Kennedy Samuels
J. Michael Kent
as Human Canvas
Shane O'Neill
as Self - Contestant
Nathalie Sanchez
Christian Buckingham
as Self
Layne Olsen
Vivian Tai
Jayvo Scott
as Self
Brittany Schotter
Rosita Rosas
Marc Casella
as Human Canvas
Chris Johnson
as Self
Evan Qualheim
Tommy Helm
as Self - Contestant
Al Fliction
as Self - Contestant
Jennifer Augustin
as Self - Human Canvas
Scott Campbell
as Self - Guest Judge
Cypress Bates
as Self - Human Canvas
Kuldipsinh Delada
Anam Tahseen
Matthew Murray
as Self
NaVorro Bowman
as Self - San Francisco 49ers Linebacker
David Korpel
as Human Canvas
Jason m Lynn
as Creepy Jason
Damian Fisicaro
as Volcano canvas yellow shirt
Kitty Crystal
as Self
Chris Andersen
as Self - Guest Judge

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 9 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 11 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 18 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 18 Episodes

Season 7

2016 | 13 Episodes

Season 8

2016 | 16 Episodes

Season 9

2017 | 16 Episodes

Season 10

2018 | 16 Episodes

Season 11

2018 | 16 Episodes

Season 12

2019 | 16 Episodes

Season 13

2020 | 15 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Directors Guild of America, USA 2013


Directors Guild of America, USA

Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs

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