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October 27, 2021
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About this title


This documentary series explores extraordinary feats of modern-day engineering and introduces pioneers whose techniques changed the world. Each episode traces the details behind some of the most technically advanced structures, from record-breaking buildings to colossal ships, as well as the latest models of planes and trains. The mechanics and designs are explained using 3-D graphics, archived sources and specially shot footage. The show celebrates engineers throughout history for their technical breakthroughs that made it possible to create the constructions that exist today.

Country: United States

Type: Documentary

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: April 13, 2015

Also Known As: Fantastické inzenýrství, Konstruktérske zázraky |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Twofour Broadcast, Yesterday


Rhys Morgan
as Self - Phd., Director of Education , Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Phd., Director of Education - Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Director of Education, Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Director of Education - Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Phd., Director of education, Royal Academy of Engineering/Self - Royal Academy of Engineering (as Dr. Rhys Morgan)
Camilla Barrow
as Self - Deputy Project Manager
Jonatan Ledin
as Self - Structural Engineer
Justin Cunningham
as Self - Engineering Journalist
Daniel Dickrell
as Self - Mechanical Engineer
Pat Whipps
as Self - Michoud SLS Resident Manager
Jen Masengarb
as Self - Chicago Architecture Foundation/Self - Director of Interpretation and Research - Chicago Architecture Foundation/Self - Director of Interpretation and Research Chicago Architecture Foundation
Paul Sannes
as Self - Orion Test Article Manager, Lockheed Martin
Stuart Justice
as Self - Engineer
Adrian Brugger
as Self - Civil Engineer
Steve Wofford
as Self - SLS Liquid Engines Manager
Dirk Krueger
as Self - Geophysicist, Amberg Engineering AG
Tuija Linden
as Self - Restoration Architect Governing Body of Suomenlinna
Liting Yu
as Self - Electrical Engineer, Three Gorges Dam Corporation
Zihua Ding
as Self - Deputy Director - Construction Three Gorges Complex
Benedetto Cameron
as Self - Architect and Historian
Ming Zhu
as Self - Head of FAST science group
Rajib Dasgupta
as Self - BEAM Project Manager
John Harper
as Self - Captain, RRS Ernest Shackleton
Roger Mendel
as Self - Manager, RTC
Art Nalls
as Self - U.S.M.C. Retired
Fred Regtop
as Self - Captain, Pioneering Spirit
Daniel Kickrell
as Self - Mechanical Engineer
Henrik Birkegaard
as Self - Mechanical Engineer, MAN Diesel
Eric Lima
as Self - Associate Professor, The Cooper Union
Ryan S. Lynch
as Self - Astronomer, Green Bank Observatory
Charlotte Jones Anderson
as Self - Executive Vice President Dallas Cowboys
Jessica Walkup
as Self - Winter Station Leader, British Antarctic Survey
Michel Virlogeux
as Self - Structural Engineer
Simon Davies
as Self - Head of Test Flight and Test Pilot
Mike Bratton
as Narrator
David Knight
as Self - Structural Engineer, Flint & Neill
Dennis Poon
as Self - Lead Structural Engineer/Self - Lead Structural Engineer & Vice Chairman of Thornton Tomasetti
Mario Chong
as Self - Chief Canal Pilot
Melanie Weber
as Self - Boeing CST-100 Starliner Design Engineer
Andrew Steele
as Self - Physicist/Self - Physicist (as Dr Andrew Steele)/Self - Phd., Physicist
Sylvain Fagot
as Self - VP Maintenance, CDG
Amy Shira Teitel
as Self - Spaceflight Historian
Hans Peter Brasser
as Self - Civil Engineer Amberg Engineering AG
Yann Fournie
as Self - Director of Engineering Projects, SHEM
Michael Tobias
as Self - Mechanical Engineer
Kevin Smith
as Self - Transportation And Installation Project Manager
Luis Ferreira
as Self - Engineer
Cliff Kettle
as Self - Principle Engineer
Yewande Akinola
as Self - Design Engineer/Self - Design Engineer - ARUP
Andrew Smith
as Self - Professor of Civil Engineering - Columbia University
Tom Anderson
as Self - Captain, LCS Shipbuilding Program Manager
Matthew R. Werner
as Self - Dean, Professor of Navel Architecture & Mechanical Engineering
Leila Nilipour
as Self - Science Journalist
Jun Xia
as Self - Lead Designer
Timo Yrjovuori
as Self - Technical Manager
Andrew Smyth
as Self - Professor of Civil Engineering - Columbia University/Self - Professor of Engineering, Columbia University
Norman Foster
as Self - Architect
William Albert
as Self - Mining Engineer
Guy Decker
as Self - Structural Engineer
Chris Martin
as Self - Senior Engineer, British Antarctic Survey
Ilya de Marotta
as Self - Chief Engineer
Mark Alvey
as Self - Science Administrator
André Steenhuis
as Self - Vice President Innovations
Claude Berube
as Self - Naval Historian
Douglas Meagher
as Self - Commander, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Independence
Koki Machin
as Self - Parachute System Chief Engineer, NASA
Lara Kearney
as Self - Deputy Crew Module Manager
Patty McDaniel
as Self - General Dynamics Electric Boat, PCU Colorado
Frank Moore
as Self - Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Operations and Simulation Center
Jorge de la Guardia
as Self - Contracts Manager
Scott Ramsay
as Self - Materials Scientist
Ben Evans
as Self - Aerospace Engineer
Alfred Castillo Jr.
as Self - Civil Engineer
Alex Roy
as Self - Rally Race Driver
Mark Stefanik
as Self - Commander, Commanding Officer, U.S.S Montgomery
Donal Rajasingam
as Self - General Manager, Shell Deepwater Gulf of Mexico - West
Cheryl George
as Self - Chief Locks Design Engineer/Self - Chief Locks Design Engineering
John Parker
as Parsons Brinckerhoff/Self - Project Director, WSP
Tim Peake
as Self - Major, ESA Astronaut
Petteri Keso
as Self - Project Director, Harmony of the Seas
Mike Murtaugh
as Self - Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
William LeMessurier
as Self - Architect
Mike Bannister
as Self - Former Chief Pilot of the Concorde
Jules Boyd
as Self - Project manager
Ben Roe
as Self - Structural Engineering Director - Ramboll
Charlie Jackson
as Self - Team Manager, Maintenance, CDG
Urs Meier
as Self - Engineer
Chris Smith
as Self - Initial Period Operations Manager
Suzie Sheehy
as Self - Phd., Accelerator Physicist - University of Oxford/Self - Phd., Accelerator Physicist University of Oxford/Self - Accelerator Physicist , University of Oxford/Self - Accelerator Physicist - Oxford University
Bryan Trubey
as Self - Principle Architect
Daan Akerboom
as Self - Site Coordinator
Alexis Georgeson
as Self - Tesla
Michael Bryant
as Self - Operations Executive
Chris Sweet
as Self - Bicycle Historian
Amazon Ashley
as Self
Nick Allan
as Self - Program Director
Wendy Fok
as Self - Expert host
Mark Fallon
as Self - Internals Manager, Galliford Try
Pete Kosogorin
as Self - Project Test Pilot/Self - Test Pilot
Jan De Rydt
as Self - Glaciologist, British Antarctic Survey
Rob Boyle
as Self - Environmental Control Systems
Adam Bradley
as Self - Relocation Project Manager, British Antarctic Survey
Fraser Hudson
as Self - Commander, USS Missouri
Bo Peng
as Self - Professor, Deputy Manager - FAST Project
Luke Bisby
as Self - Professor of Engineering/Self - Phd., Professor of Engineering University of Edinburgh/Self - Professor of Engineering, University of Edinburgh/Self - Professor, University of Ediburgh/Self - University of Ediburgh
Renzo Simoni
as Self - Phd., CEO, Alp Transit Gothard Ltd.
Lucy Collins
as Self - Naval Architect
Aaron Decker
as Self - EVA Systems Engineer
Panayotis Papanikolas
as Self - Chief Engineer
Mike Murtagh
as Self - U.S.S. Intrepid
John Curry
as Self - Dream Chaser Program Director
Ian Prickett
as Self - Works Manager, Galliford Try
Michael Reitz
as Self - Rollercoaster Engineer
Damon Gilber
as Self - Lt., Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Freedom
Art Calls
as Self - Lt. Col., U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)
Mark McCloskey
as Self - Orion Crew Module Manufacturing Lead; Michoud, Lockheed Martin
Ken Blomstedt
as Self - General Dynamics Electric Boat Division, V.P. Virginia Class Program
Greg Holt
as Self - Deputy Navigation Lead, Flight Dynamics Division, NASA
Kate Mulcahy
as Self - Science Communicator

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 19 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 6 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 10 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 6 Episodes

Season 7

2020 | 8 Episodes

Season 8

2020 | 4 Episodes

Season 9

2020 | 4 Episodes

Season 10

2021 | 6 Episodes



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