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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, iCarly. She lives with her twenty-something brother/guardian Spencer and produces her webcasts from a makeshift third-floor loft studio. Grappling with adolescence, she never aimed to gain fame as a rising star/underground celebrity to kids. As events unfold in the pilot, it all happens by accident when a teacher puts her in charge of the school talent show. She and her sassy best bud Sam turn the audition process into a show, which Carly's tech savvy smitten friend Freddie tapes - including their hilarious banter and great chemistry - and posts on the Web without telling the girls. The on-line audience clamors for more, and a pop phenomenon blooms, with Carly and sidekick Sam's regular webcasts ultimately featuring everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 8, 2007

Also Known As: Untitled Dan Schneider Project, اي كارلي |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G, PG), Brazil (10, Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: Nickelodeon Network, Schneider's Bakery


David Jean Thomas
as Maiman
Jeff Lewis
as Mr. Bushwell
Yoshicka Betty-Horton
as Dancer
Daniel Booko
as Cort
William Salyers
as Judge Phillipe
as T-Bo/Self
Matthew R. Staley
as Conference Room #2
Nicole J. Butler
as Woman on Computer
R. Michael Egan
as Groovy Smoothie Patron
Lisa Lillien
as Lisa/Lisa Lillien/Self
Taryn Davis
as Pogo Girl
Gabriel Basso
as Fake Freddie
Sakoiya Fletcher
as Young Student
Tim Lopez
as Self
Madison Hargrove
as Colleen
Macy Elliot
as Stephanie #1
Maray Ayres
as J'Mam-Maw
Seth Coltan
as Baliff
Stephen Full
as Lenny
Dominick Mozee
as Simon
Joshua Lopez Lawson
as Kid
Michael Carbonaro
as Jim
Taylor Ashlynn Beckett
as Highschool Student
Ivan Kalinin
as Ivan
George Doty IV
as Dr. Doty/Paramedic
Tania Pilar
as Music Video Girl
Jeremy Dozier
as Gilbert/Goopy Gilbert
Tim Trobec
as Hugh
Andrea Savo
as Blanton's Assistant/Cara
Mary Margaret Robinson
as Elderly Woman
Marcus Choi
as Delivery Guy
Kevin Hendricks
as Teen Boy #2
Phil Idrissi
as Delivery Man
Greg Pattillo
as Self
Mike Retondo
as Self
Jeff Lorch
as Leslie
David Andreiw
as Viking
Muriel Minot
as Grandmother
Justin Tinucci
as Justin
Ben Adams
as Squidge
Easton Schirra
as Daniel
Randall Wulff
as Kevin
Michael Kristian Kraning
as Mark
Jean Sincere
as Gloria
Jennifer O'Dell
as Kathy Millford
Crystal Mora
as Agent Mora
Craig Welzbacher
as Sydney Van Gurbin
Ashley Switzer
as Abby
Cazimir Milostan
as Delivery Guy/Delivery Man
David Hadinger
as Monster #2
Matthew Jacob Wayne
as Chip's Friend
Deenie Castleberry
as Tancy
Julianna Rose
as Michelle
Alex Golumbic
as Boy #2
Eve Miller
as Stunts
Ian Ewart
as Renaissance Teenage Boy
Sonny Scozzari
as High School Student
Jim Parsons
as Caleb
Gary Pease
as Reuben
Laila Sadeq
Justin Dray
as Devin
Patrick Birkett
as Cramps the Clown
Sandra Alvarado
as Fran
Gary Ryder
as Webicon Fan
Connor Kramme
as Kid #2
Paul Olsen
as Fencer #3
Harry Styles
as Harry Styles
Ryan Bates
as David
Kevin Railsback
as Kyle
Kamuela Kim
as Dulcimer Player #2
Ryan Alvarez
as Employee
Treva Tegtmeier
as Enthusiastic Patient
Travis Hammer
as Barry Schatz
Drake Kemper
as Darren
Jesse Bernstein
as Jerald
Ellie McRae
as Little Kid
Aaron Aguilera
as Shadow Hammer
Evanne Friedmann
as Teen Girl
Summer Rose Ly
as Young Classmate #1
Scott Halberstadt
as Eric Blonowitz
Andy Golbienko
as Dave
Trampas Thompson
as Stunts
as Drive-Through Guy
David St. James
as Mr. Howard
Peggy Clements
as Natalie
Gil L. Aroy
as Background Chanter #5
Joe Ross
as Conference Room #7
Jason Heck
Harrison S. Miller
as Kid
Amanda Petersen
as Lisa
Justin Prentice
as Brad
J.R. Nutt
as Jim
Liza Del Mundo
as Sonya
Brice Harris
as Prisoner
Katherine M. Ellis
as Rebecca Berkowitz
Ariel Finley
as Jessica's Friend #1
Chic Cecchini
as Butter Sock Victim #2
Ben Hisoler
as Delivery Man
Barrett Gregory
as Bushwell Resident
Jeff Grace
as Jerry
Andrew Shea
as Barry
Trevor Larcom
as Boy
Zayn Malik
as Zayn Malik
Antonio Mladineo
as Lobby
Amie Farrell
as Candice
Brad Carr
as Frightened Chili Eater
De'Mar Hamilton
as Self
Matt Bennett
as Robbie Shapiro
Manny Streetz
as Keyboard Player
John Ducey
as Darnell
Kevin T. McCarthy
as Prisoner #1
Kyle Chebbi
as Guy in Carly Costume
Cynthia Quiles
as Award Presenter
Matthew Moy
as Shawn
Josh Latzer
as Janitor Andy
Robert Beard
as Little Kid
Ruben Sandoval
as Young Mario
Bryan Coffee
as Hal
Julie Nathanson
as Julie
Aaron Bacon
as Student
Charlie Morgan Patton
as Julia
Kelsey Sanders
as Michelle
Rich Chew
as Gas Man
Wyatt Carper
as Spanky's Son
Michele Boyd
as P.A. #2
Joan-Lorraine Huddleston
as Ms. Murdoch
Austin Wells
as Kyle-Head of Mathletes
Martin Ruskov
as Greg
Isabella Astor
as Claire/Sunshine Girl #2
Ryan J Kelly
as Groovy Smoothie Employee #2
Peet Montzingo
as iCarly's Biggest Fan
Kent Avenido
as Blow-Far Nerd
Jason DeRoest
as Dancer
Brian Nolan
as Rabbi Goldman
Rich Cohen
as DAKA Executive
Toshi Toda
as Dad
Kevin Derr
as Jerry
Seth Ginsberg
as Matt
Tyler Farrington
as Boy #1
Catherine Kozlowski
as Court Officer
Lauren Rose Lewis
as Carmen
Wendy Carter
as Screaming Mom
Olivia Hosken
as Young Sam
Jeremy Rowley
as Lewbert/Lewbert the Doorman
Maria Diane
as Funeral Attendee
Nate Hartley
as Jeb
David Rice
as Frightened Kid
Brian Konowal
as Webicon Staffer
Michael Boyd
as P.A. #2
Braxton Beckham
as Tim
Danielle Morrow
as Nora Dershlit
Steve Monroe
as Braxley
Jadin Gould
as Little Carly
Roberta Ahrens
as Marsha
Michael Bunin
as Richard Blanton
Valerie Lucas
as Penny Whistle Player #2
Jacqueline Wong Yu
as Autograph-Seeking Sister #1
Arthur Gradstein
as Comedy Writer
Shannon Garnett
as MMA Fighter
Paul Vandervort
as Klaus
Marlane Barnes
as Tina
Matthew Glen Johnson
as Reggie
Summer Kailani
as Young Tancy
Kaya Sasaki
as Mr. Fuzawa's Daughter
Andrew Wayne
as Fireman Wayne
Charles DeWayne
as Drummer
Bree Michael Warner
as Marilyn Raymer
Patrick Cage
as Kid #3
Richard W. Cox
as Pirate
Dot-Marie Jones
as Corrections Officer
Jack Black
as Aspartamay
David Boat
as Nolan
Christopher Cane
as Rex
Ashton Schmidt
as Staci
Danny Fernandez
as Kevin
Ryan Happy
Sean A. Rosales
as Conference Room #4
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Bree
Archie the Bulldog
as Gibby's Dog
Madisen Hill
as Janie
Scott Dreier
as Judge Eric
David Futernick
as Waiter
Jake Farrow
as Comedy Writer/Gavin
Brian Confer
as Richard Carpenter
April Ennis
as Spacecations Worker
Micky Drummond
as Jake's Singing Voice
Michaela Thurlow
as Trick-Or-Treater
Emileigh Stock
as Little Girl
Alex Robert Holmes
as Farely
John Omohundro
as Teen Boy #1
Christopher H. Fisher
as Kid Tickling Himself
Kallie Kerns
Eboni Gentry
as Group Dancer #4
Larry Brown
as Police Officer
Cynthia Dallas
as Jocelyn
Maryah Gabrielle Cohen
as Sunshine Girl #1
Jamie Snow
as Self
Cameron Palatas
as Student in the Hallway
Kyle T. Heffner
as Dr. Parper
Leigh Bush
as NCC Investigator
Andy Goldenberg
as Jason
Connor Wayton
Shane Cupp
as Jack
Brett Leigh
as Abe Lincoln
Alfred Rubin Thompson
as Huge Scary Patient
Nika King
as Pretend MMA Fighter #1
Mike Bridenstine
as Jeff
Jim Pirri
as Mario
Cary Y. Mizobe
as Mr. Hobek
Jake Wells
as Randy's Friend
Michelle Gunn
Jarell Dubose
as Rapper
Chaz James
as Band Member
Dakota Floeter
as Guitarist
Rick Sawaya
as Stunts
Alissa Anderegg
Jasi Cotton Lanier
as Harriet/Stunt Double
Michael McCafferty
as Oliver Dixon
Emma Stone
as Heather
Joe Hall
as Group Dancer #1
John Reha
as W.O.W. Fan #1
Monique Edwards
as Flora
Bridger Palmer
as Frankenstein
Dana DeRuyck
as Tina
Jordyn Dodd-Waddington
as Rudy
Austin 'Chumlee' Russell
as Self
Brandon Molale
as Officer Platt
Theo Wilson
as Marvin
Stu Smith
as Pirate
Andre Boyer
as Patron
as Questlove
Juliette Hing-Lee
as Karen Yamakawa
Rachel Currence
as Danica McNoltey
Jozef Fahey
as Guy in Bunny Suit
Jacqueline Reres
as Doctor's Wife
Josh Peck
as Jimmy
David Bizgia
as Dave
Ashley Cinq-Mars
as Group Dancer #2
Natalie Coughlin
as Self
Kevin Fonteyne
as Austin
Daniel Samonas
as Doug Toder
Cannon Jay
as Dave
John Brantley Cole
as Newscaster
Vincent Angelo
as Mall Worker #1
Colleen Schmucker
as Twin Baby #2
Elias Castillo
as Little Kid
David Chisum
as Colonel Steven Shay
Ashley Ausburn
as Cross Eyed Girl
Timothy Hornor
as Calvin
Sarah Kraemer
as Bushwell Resident
Kevin Symons
as Greg Horvath
Rick Harrison
as Self
Amelia Jackson-Gray
as Cassie
Lexi Ainsworth
as Lexi
James Michael Hayes
as Elderly Man
Sherry Weston
as Hazel
Leslie Garza
as Fighter
Bruce Dworkin
as Sweaty Guy
Kristal Harwood
as Amanda
Jimmy Fallon
as Jimmy Fallon
Gary Rolin
as Raymond
Sky Soleil
as FBI Agent
Norma Michaels
as Jake's Grandmother
Niclana Tolmasoff
as Niclana Tolmasoff
Erica Mer
as Leslie
Antonio Spruill
as Alphonzo
Curtis Armstrong
as Store Clerk
Brandon DeShazer
as Massuer
Melissa Barker
Ian Novotny
as Police Officer
Carly Anderson
as Denise
Jason Karasev
as Foogtor
Reatha Grey
as Woman in Lobby
Andy Dubick
as Seth
Griffin Anglin
as Background Chanter #1
Jessica Jann
as Celine
Patricia Ashley
as Puppy Owner
Jesse Erwin
as Ollie Paisley
Alexandra Habberstad
Morgan Bateman
as Stunt Fan #1
Robert Benedict
as Dr. Paksal
Will Krieger
as Tripp
Niall Horan
as Niall Horan
Abby Wilde
as Stacey Dillsen
Jimmy Graham
as Clown with Bra
Jamie Lea Willett
as Girl
Jacob Bertrand
as Chip Chambers
Aubree Knight
as Suzy
Taylor Zakhar Perez
as Keith
David Dean Bottrell
as Bob
Andrew Friedman
as Mr. Dershlit
Tim Russ
as Principal Franklin
Leonard Jackson
as Gas Man #2
Dave Bushnell
as Corbin Davis
Louis Tomlinson
as Louis Tomlinson
James Longstreet
as Drummer
Joey Luthman
as Dave
Madisen Beaty
as Leslie
Aaron Zachary Philips
as Kindergartener #2
Mike Caron
as Self
Peter Chen
as Mico
Dylan McLaughlin
as Benji
Charlene Amoia
as Jenna Hamilton
Robert Russell
as Raul
Corey Michael Eubanks
as Stunts
Donessa Alexander
as Karen Carpenter
Piper Mackenzie Harris
as Emily Millford
Mario Mosley
as Mall Worker #2
Kimberly Woods
as Music Video Girl
Johnny Schaffer
as Boy Dancer #3
Dru Davis
as Warning Kid
Tom Beyer
as LCC Inspector Bullock
Frank Sabinski
as Fencer #2
Rob Narita
as Mr. Yamamoto
Michael Nance
Rob Gleeson
as Keith
Rand Holdren
as Dr. Porterfield
Eli Vargas
as Cute Guy #1
Christine Barger
as Dana Bukowski
Nick Gracer
as E-Von
Kim Delgado
as Agent Newman
Jasi Lanie
Nick Heyman
as Todd
Steve Higgins
as Steve Higgins
Greg Reynolds
Reggie De Leon
as Lucas
Jared Hillman
as Marty
Katie Eischen
as Conference Room #5
Greg Mullavey
as Grandfather Shay/Granddad Shay
Xavier De Freitas
Brittany Beery
as Dana
Bran'Dunn Allen
as Lars's Friend
Robert Rooney
as Old Man
Chris Fogleman
as Benny
Bil Dwyer
as Dr. Scholl
Kathy DiStefano
as Billy's Posse
Andre Bolourchi
as Yurgin
Christine Baur
as Old Lady
Aidan Gould
as Lars
Bianca Alexa
Dre Swain
as Abby/Toby's Mom/W.O.W. Fan #3
Danielle Carlacci
as Courtney
Steve Horn
as Douglas
Bill Blair
as Customs Traveler
Chloe Carlson
as Baby
Greer Grammer
as Tancy
Paula Deming
as Webicon Fan
Thomas Kasp
as Corbin/Polish Guy
Jack Carter
as Gilbert Gibson
Chase Austin
as Billy Boots
Molly Bearor
as Annie
Brayden Petchenick
as Billy, the Baby Face #1
Marilyn Sue Perry
as Nurse Vullen
Sophia Strauss
as Little Girl Wedding Guest
Austin Butler
as Jake Krandle
Derrick Bishop
as Reporter #2
Zach Cumer
as Randy
Ryan Bollman
as Detective Stuart 'Spanky' Stimbler
Gilbert J. Menchaca
as Rob
Tina Fey
as Tina Fey
Lauren Nicole Smith
as Tarla
Jessica Makinson
as Miss Lauren Ackerman
Mary Ann Springer
as Wendy/Bad Girl
Daniel Kiuttu
as Bad Boy
Nicholas Jewell
as Kid #2
Baldeep Singh
as Yohan
Pierson Fode
as Todd
Lorena Segura York
as Sasha Striker
Kevin Hong
as Emmett
Jim Stephan
C.J. Manigo
as Guy In Video
Melissa Mandisa
as Sam's Mom
as Music Video Girl
Chris Flanders
as TV Dad
Dustin Courtney
Valerie Azlynn
as Veronica
Susane Joseph
as Mandy
Monica Anne Parales
as Girl at Quisp Dance Club
Kyle Dietz
as Popular Guy
Blake Petchenick
as Billy, the Baby Face #2
Peter Castellotti III
as Boy Dancer #6
Adrian Neil
as Mr. Devlin
Thomas Mann
as Jeffrey Flanken
Ashton Moio
Jennifer Cortese
as Back-Up Singer
Nicole Kalek
as Patrice
Annie McKnight
as Bushwell Resident
Saleemah Sharpe
as Girl Dancer
Eric Kambestad
as Young Spencer
Esther Hersh
as Mrs. Wexner
Martin Klebba
as Nug Nug
Kelsey McGuire
as Baby #1
Mario Perez
as Fencer #4
Todd Bosley
as Bart
Nicole Taylor
as Gabriella
Cherise Bangs
as Miss Fielder
Jack DePew
as Cameron
Randy Lewis
as Agent
Kelly Nyberg
as Leslie
Mark Antani
as W.O.W. Fan #2
Aaron Craven
as Lawrence
Riley Brock
as Miles
Nick Clark
as Kenny
Wendy Braun
as Mrs. Papperman
Kyle Chavarria
as Cellist Girl
Christopher David
as Ripoff Rodney
Ashley Argota
as Kathy
Shane Partlow
as Dr. Dorfman
Brien Perry
as Fireman #1
Asante Jones
as Detective Tragg
Brandon Wengrzynek
as Bass Player
Austin Michael Scott
as Fanboy
Scott Frausto
as Boy Dancer #7
Jeff Holman
as Delivery Man #1
Nathan Kress
as Freddie Benson/Self
Peter Stader
as Stunts
Victoria Strauss
as 4th Grader #1
Scott Kennedy
as Joe
Nicole Randall
as Mom
Chad Carleton
as Bell Pole Player
Gregg Martin
as Classmate #2
Michelle M. Richardson
as Funeral Attendee
Cody Lawrence
as Alex
Anthony De Longis
as Emile
Anthony Vitale
as Gunsmoke
Marlon John
as FBI Agent
Ivan Quijano
as Student
Lucas Cruikshank
as Fred Figglehorn/Self
Renee Dorian
as Aspartamay Supporter
Taylor Keene
as Dee Dee
Tramaine Wanzo
as Assistant
Andre White
as Chris #2
Jackson Odell
as Gumbo
Wendy Haines
as Trudy
as School administrator
Nikki Hahn
as Kindergartener #3
Reena Tolentino
as Quinea Pig Girl
Hope Shapiro
as Officer Brecker
James Giordano
as Uncle Carmine
Rico Rodriguez
as Kid on Rocking Horse
Enrique Almeida
as Bathroom Guy
Fawnda McMahan
as Lonnie
Chelsea Alden
as Giggling Girl
Matt Fleckenstein
as Man Eating Lettuce/Paramedic
Matthew Willig
as Sledgehammer
Charlie Hartsock
as Gas Man #1
Stephanie Cicero
as Background Chanter #2
Rain Gregorio
as Guitarist
Jeff Musial
as Jeff Musial The Animal Guy
Sean Smith
as Dr. Dresdin
Hannah Telle
as Harp Player
Jacob Witkin
as Police Officer/Buddy Landers
Carly Bondar
as Valerie
Ed Gray
as Ed
Scott Olynek
as Boom Operator
Lise Simms
as Linda Peeloff
Allyse Rivera
as Frightened Girl
Vanessa Alfaro
as Warrior Princess
Glen Vaughan
as Coach Matthews
Chris Dotson
as Darrin
Trip Davis
as Electrician
Tiffany Adams
as Officer Kramer
David Limon
as Butter Sock Victim #1
J. Teddy Garces
as Prisoner #2
Lane Napper
as Dancing Teacher/Ernie
Patrick Flanagan
as Roland
Phil Abrams
as Man/Marty Klemish/Mr. Klemish
Cole Volmer
as Green Skinned Girl
Annamarie Kenoyer
as Shannon Mitchell
Delany Lewis
as Marsha
Carol Lyn Black
as Old Lady
David Chen
as Son
Doug Brochu
as Duke/Wrestler #1
Darina Voloshina
as Russian Actress
Richard Ratliff
as Bernie
Matthew Warzel
as Chili Man
Spencer List
as Lurvin
Julien Cesario
as Juan
Steve Trzaska
as Treg
Jason Clay
as Patient
Shayne Topp
as Phillip Brownley
Tristan Miles Theopholis Dalley
as Dulcimer Player #1
The Four Postmen
as The Hoboken Quartet
J.J. Clark
as Background Chanter #3
Andrew Hill Newman
as George the Bra/Albert Einstein/Mr. Henning
Chris Erric Maddox
as Orderly
Juliocesar Chavez
as Ryan
Dave Tirio
as Self
'Big' LeRoy Mobley
as Fireman #2
Giovanni Bejarano
as Mario
Sarah Edwards
as Gia
Jonathan Kehoe
as Richard
Eric Satterberg
as Kerny
One Direction
as Themselves
Ashton Shane
as Pink Superhero
Sarah Sommers
as 9th Grader #2
Eric Nelsen
as Zeke
Nick Afanasiev
as Nick
Vivian Bang
as Dental Hygentist
Aaron Albert
as Jonah
River Jordan
as River
Guilford Adams
as John Wilkes Booth
Ajay Sahgal
as Lubman
Ethan Munck
as Guppy/5-Year-Old Gibby
Nicole Gale Anderson
as Tasha
Stephen Jared
as Chief Donker
Scott Dean
as Henry/P.A. #1
Sean Blodgett
as Dave
Tohoru Masamune
as Mr. Fuzawa
Rashad Monson
as Kevin Colt
Adrian Quinonez
as MMA Fighter
Lenny Citrano
as Don Flanken
Kevin Blake
as Rosco
Garrett Brunsch
Lavelle Roby
as Lady
Steven Ritchie
as Kevin
Miss Kitty the Cat
as Cat
Kailee Bauer
as Litttle Girl
Drew Butler
as Security Guard
Joshua Stilley
as Young Lewbert
Max Ehrich
as Adam
Alix Maria Taulbee
as Upset Kid #3
Michael Anthony Giannelli
as Billy's Posse
Erin Sossamon
as Callie
Jayson Dumenigo
as Karl
Skylan Brooks
as Danny Peterson
Liam Payne
as Liam Payne
Frances Manzo
as Group Dancer #8
Vince Deadrick Jr.
as Val/Stunts/Lobby/Rep #1
Mitchell Abbott
as Crazy Kid
Hayley Holmes
as Flexible Girl
Stephanie Conway
as Webicon Attendee
Nick Romero
as Chris #1
Logan Holladay
Taran Killam
as Agent Kinsey
Lian Moy
as Student
Anthony Tavera
as Andy
Jonathan Spencer
as Mr. Connick
Bill Tangradi
as Rod
Cherub Moore
as Hostess
Joseph Limbaugh
as Dr. Wheeler
Jake Siegel
as Cal
Jozette Wong Yu
as Autograph-Seeking Sister #2
Alina Andrei
Nancy Thurston
as Stunts
Nic Robuck
as Navin
Johnny Giacalone
as Stu
Emily Ann Gonsalves
as Upset Kid #2
Rachel Pace
as Little Girl
Guistina Chirco
as Funeral Attendee
Dan Schneider
as Self/Man in Crowd/Meekalito/Police Officer #1/Voiceover
Wes McGee
as Brad Conway
Jason Gibbs
as Paul/Self/Woody
Marisa Chen Moller
as Brenda
Noah Weisberg
as Carson
Stephen W. Schriver
as Stunts
James Woods
as Security Guard #2
Matt J. Doyle
as Officer De Vicariis
Adrian Kali Turner
as Mobster
John Kapelos
as Morris
Sally Elphick
as Nancy
Rudy Martinez
as Stu
Jill Basey
as Nevel's Grandmother
Eve Sigall
as Edith Marx
Eddie Perino
as Lance
Matthew Krause
as Cato
Weston Blakesley
as Superintendent Gorman
Joel McCrary
as Porkchop
Greg Bryan
as Officer Price
Kimberly Barnett
as Suezay
Austin Herrera Davis
as Guy In Video
Teri Pensky
as Self
Samantha Aisling
as Connie
Brooke Nelson
as Pretty Girl #1
Malcolm Devine
as Roy
Christopher B. Duncan
as Colonel Morgan
Ruffy Landayan
as Running Guy
J.D. Walsh
as Gordon Birch
Jennifer Birmingham Lee
as Kirsten
Jaycee Levin
as Becca
Alison R. Smith
as iCarly Fan
David Malkoff
as Robot
Keoki Kekaula
as Penny Whistle Player #1
Vanessa Vander Pluym
as Maya Feckner
Miles Wood
as Trey
Cierra Voelkl
as Student
Adam Mandala
as Boy Dancer #1
Tracy Dillon
as Book Club Woman #1
Victor Kelso
as Wesley
Tara Deadrick
as Stunts
Lauren Foose
as Girl Dancer #1
Gordon Greene
as Rudy's Dad
Brendan Ford
as NCC Investigator
Stephanie G. Conti
as Sternographer
Meghan Strange
as Bitty Sam
Jane Lynch
as Pam Puckett
Muse Watson
as Bucky
David Archuleta
as Self
Kristos Andrews
as Band Member
Biff Wiff
as Hollywood Hobo
Mitch Silpa
as Doctor
David Esteban Perez
as Extremely Masculine Girl
Sammi Hanratty
as Morgan
Rodney Petreikis
as Billy, the Baby Body
Natalia Fedner
as Fangirl
Nick Steele
as Olaf
Elisabeth Abbott
as Alison
Kathleen DeCarlo-Leavitt
as Funeral Attendee
Mary Scheer
as Marissa Benson/Mrs. Benson
Carla Jeffery
as Girl at Cheesecake Warehouse
Randall Park
as Mr. Palladino
Catherine Novis
as Carly Photo Double/Pretty Teenage Girl
Kayla Tinucci
as Kayla
Bryce Hitchcock
as Biggest Fan
Shanley Caswell
as Tara
Iran Daniel
Roger Narayan
as Dental Patient
Jaime Tintor
as Brett Thompson
Alberto Jose Pujols
as 4th Grader #1
Erick Nathan
as Group Dancer #6
Chris Devicariis
as Self
Libe Barer
as Tareen
Tabitha Morella
as Rona Berger
Kyle Matthew Hamilton
as Keyboard Player
Alex Iglesias
as Kid with Orange
Giovanni Jones
as Kid
Marta Cross
as Sandra
Paris Yates
as Paris
Ryan Ochoa
as Chuck
Daniella Monet
as Popular Girl
Brynn Samms
as Carly's Body Double
Troy Brackett
as Referee
David Grammer
as Travis
Aaron Wayne Hill
as Young Classmate #2
Angel Garcia
as Woman
Dan D'Amicol
as Ethan
Alexandria Basso
as Girl at Quisp Dance Club/Sabrina
Justin Welborn
as Conman
Chris Harper
as Mr. Chambers
Austin Hazel
Dorian Kingi
as Spencer/Stunts/Spencer's Stunt Double
Bobby Porter
as Bob
Jordan Fisher
as Clark
Jennette McCurdy
as Sam Puckett/Melanie Puckett/Self
David St. Pierre
as Marty's Stunt Double
Teresa Castillo
as Ashley
Dale Waddington
as Dierdra
Carlos Lopez Jr.
as Firefighter Vicente
Caroline Choi
as Classmate #1
Zarii Arri
as Little Girl
Justin Mitchiner
as Larry the Mailman
Dylan Sprayberry
as Matthew
Mason Steel Davis
as Guy
Melissa Disney
as Debbie
Chord Overstreet
as Eric
Jonathan Hargrove
as Teasing Kid
Jonathon Cann
as Boy Dancer #8
Joey Naber
as Clothes Salesman
Stephanie C. Allen
as Faye Dorfman
Tim Storms
as Teacher with Microwave
Rachel Dratch
as Rachel Dratch
Nathan Pearson
as Jeremy
Millicent French
as Carrie Mackler
Skyler Day
as Magic Malika
Molly Tarlov
as Lisa
Steven Hack
as Mr. Feldon
Logan Jay Stern
as Contortionist
Donna Pieroni
as Woman with Pomeranian
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as MMA Fighter
Jeannette Sousa
as Nancy
Joe Dietl
as Jeb Birch
Ariel Feruglio
as Freeky Teen Guy
Emmy Jewell
as Kid #1
Tyger Rawlings
as Myron
Betsy Rue
as Ginger Fox
Paul Douglas Brown
as Minister
Gil Harris
as Agent Morris
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Dudley
Ryan Chowdhury
as Cute Guy #2
John Charles Meyer
as Dirk
Deven Kumar Jain
as Kindergartner #4
Anthony Burch
as Dink
Brian Johnson
as Chief Security Guard
Julia Sanford
Jaymes Butler
as Lt. Miller
Jameelah McMillan
as Bianca Jay
Christopher Michael
as Officer Carl
Kit Pongetti
as Marta
Angelyna Martinez-Boyd
as Mother in Lobby
Andrew Sibner
as Bobby
Claire Leahy
as Wild Fan
Angela Martinez
as Sarah James
Carleen Williams
as Recorder Player
Lynden Kim
as Little Kid
Joey Cappuccino
Matt Braunger
as Gary Halberstadt
Doreen Caughman
as Sam's Mom
Michelle Obama
as Self
Merna Aodisho
as Wild Fan
Matt Deadrick
as Stunt Fan #2
Emily Ratajkowski
as Tasha
Gilland Jones
as LeAnne Carter
Maxie G. Rosales
as Teen Girl
Bob Glouberman
as Dr. Moonie
Kal Mansoor
as Ado
Tom Higgenson
as Self
James Cavlo
as Rico
Pat McNeely
Clinton Jackson
as Referee
L.J. Bologna
as Boy Dancer #5/Dancing Kid
David Aranovich
as Alien Guy
Caitlin Carmichael
as Molly
Jarron Vosburg
as Upset Kid #1
Chad Doreck
as Stewart Butler
Annie DeFatta
as Fake Sam/Sam's Double
Paul Eliopoulos
as Foreign Bike Messenger
Mindy Sterling
as Ms. Francine Briggs/Mrs. Briggs
Parker McKenna Posey
as Kathy
Jenna Seitz
as Little Girl
Che Bouey
as Upset Kid #4
James Maslow
as Shane
Al Espinosa
as Ricky Flame
Danny Woodburn
as Mitch
Lara Jill Miller
as Mrs. Kravitz
David Starzyk
as Brad
Alison Katsky Boomer
as Little Girl
Ashlye Meyer
Drew Roy
as Griffin
Patrick Labyorteaux
as Wilson
Adam Tait
as Lieutenant Breck/Man with Finger in Person's Ear/Monster #1/Russian Actor
Graham Patrick Martin
as Pete
Brennan Feonix
as Delivery Man #2
Chad Addison
as Groovy Smoothie Employee #1
Adam J. Kang
as Mark
Freedom Bridgewater
as Chet
Crawford James
as Cop #2
Noah Geldberg
as Multiple-Personality Patient
Stéphanie Edmonds
as Fight Cheerleader
C.J. Stussi
as Stalking Fan
Elle Alexander
Courtney Taylor Burness
as Courtney
Allison Stokke
as Pole Vaulting Girl
Jake Borelli
as Roy
Zachary Blair Spilkoman
as Pirate
Daniel Kash
as Jack
Lauren Day
as Maddie
Debi Derryberry
as Principal Franklin's Secretary
Brennan Mejia
as Brennan Yubberly
Calvin Oishi
as Funeral Attendee
Mitchell Field
as Fainting Nerd
Leslie Berger
as Speed Walker #2
Deena Dill
as Charlotte/Gibby's Mom
Aria Wallace
as Mandy Valdez
Andra Fuller
as Paramedic
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Art Student
Nathan Morrow
as Pear Store Customer/Penny-Tee Worker
Keller Wortham
as Reporter #1
Monica Smith
as Mom
Mason Alexander Park
as Toby Peterson
Jeanette O'Connor
as Velma
Damon Pfaff
as Guitar Player
Chris Butler
as Agent Farrow
Haley Ramm
as Missy
Sarah James
as Group Dancer #5
Rachel Martinez
as Grace
Jesse Daly
as DAKA Executive
John T. Woods
as Newberg
Alec Medlock
as Craig Ramirez
Andy Anderson
as Cop #1
Dalton O'Dell
as Ozlottis Dorfman
Devan Leos
as 10-Year-Old Boy #2
Victor Holstein
as Webicon Employee
Bailey Forman
as Arthur
George Frazier
as Guy in Freddie Costume
Erik Walker
as Cleeshay
Hayden Bromberg
as Darby
Charles Kim
as Chuck
Beverly Piper
Maurice Mejia
as Billy's Posse
Lathan D. Jefferson
as Frame Drum Player
Alex Phillip
Kendall Gallagher
as Jessica
Christian S. Anderson
as Dave Mercer
Oliver Muirhead
as Harry Joyner
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Mrs. Walker
Noah Munck
as Gibby/Gibby Gibson/Self
Myra McWethy
as Margaret Collins
Ritsa Gountoumas
as Actress
Spencir Bridges
as Bullied Kid
Robert Ian Evans
as Nerd
Reed Anthony
as Officer 'Dale'
Michelle Guo
as Sheila
Oliver Garrett
Matthew Landon
as Red Skybot
Tim Weske
as Fencer #1
Fernando Becerra
as Student
Stella McGuire
as Baby #2
Cathy Cann
as Girl Dancer
Logan C. Jones
as Boy Dancer #2
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Sam's Boss
Joe Gjura
as Freddie's Body Double
Gabriel Corbin
as Vooshnod
Maile Flanagan
as Female Guard
David Duarte
as Tambourine Player
Karla Marie Holland
as Miriam
Joshua Miller
as Jessica's Friend #2
Luke Walker
Todd Julian
as Yussle
Anita Schmucker
as Twin Baby #1
Reed Alexander
as Nevel Papperman
Skyler Beckett
as Photo Freddie
Shauntay Hinton
as Jessica Warner/Reporter/TV Reporter
Gary Pike
as Stunts
John Burke
as Marlin
Vanessa Meier
as Self
Kyle Goleman
as Screaming Boy
Desiree Hall
as Ms. Kepple
Nick Di Brizzi Jr.
as Pizza Delivery Thief
Courtenay Taylor
as Judge Marla
Shyloh Oostwald
as Kindergartener #1
Aaron Ikeda
as Don
Anthony Keyvan
as Jake
Jon Kent Ethridge
as Grover
as Angry Man
Marcus Ashley
as Harvey
Tyler Foden
as JD Fallon
Shawn Crowder
as Stunts/Gary/Willard
Claudia Choi
as Reporter
Sammy Centrella
as Dancer
Christina Lynn
as Girl
Rakefet Abergel
as Jodi Flooger
Heather Harper
as Serena
Jerry Trainor
as Spencer Shay/Self
Jon Seminara
as Blake
Joseph Buttler
as Mr. Stern
Miranda Cosgrove
as Carly Shay/Self
Clayton Mattingly
as Wilson Kreeger
Daven Wilson
as Fleck
Spencer Boldman
as Nate
Nick Armstrong
as Warlords Booth Worker
Kathryn Mowat Murphy
as Dancing Teacher
Derick Walker
as Groovy Smoothie Guy
Logan Manus
as Guy
David Lewison
as Father Steinberg
David Mattey
as Prison Guard
Ben Begley
as Food Cart Guy
Steve Hoefer
as Director/Self
Cynthia Price
as Sam's Body Double
Webster P. Whinery Jr.
Kayslee Collins
as Pretty Girl #2
Sarah Ashley
as Sam's Photo Double
Matthew Scott Miller
as Young Jeff
Shaun W. Loeser
as Freddie's Stunt Double
Meredith Kelley
Jessica Gardner
as Kacey
Omar Chavez
as Santa Boy
Christopher Birt
as Officer Decker
Erika Medina
as Monique
William Cowart
as Mr. Wimbley
Jackie Joyner
as Bonnie
Cassidy Ann Shaffer
as Girl in Sam Costume
Kennedy Thompson
as Little Kid
Colin Spensor
as Wesley
Jay Ellis
as Friend #1
Anna Clark
as Little Girl
Tiffany Sales
as Pushed Girl at Groovy Smoothy
Iris Braydon
as Natalie
Chloe Csengery
as Bethany
Peter Lindy
as Doctor
as Fake Carly
Hannah Mear
as Pretty Teenage Girl
J.D. Hall
as Judge
Michaela Carrozzo
as 9th Grader #1/Co-Star/Kid #1
Derek Craigie
as Buckminsta
Jason Weissbrod
as Gary Bervin
Alex Schemmer
as Wade Collins
Victoria Justice
as Shelby Marx
Stuart Allan
as Jake
Tatiana Piccone
as Coffee Girl/Mexican Dessert Channel Host/Party Bush/Toby's Mom
Ryan McGinnis
as Boy Dancer #4
Michael Thomas Allen
as Rick
Zach Callison
as 10-Year-Old Boy #1
David Lengel
as Jarvis
John K. Frazier
as Pirate
Ciara Hanna
as Dana
Eddie Braun
as Taxi Driver
Irina Voronina
as Krestacia
Monette Moio
Mike Grief
as Buster
Devin Walker
as Group Dancer #7
Dustin Cyril Robles
as Harry's Assistant
Andrew Lockridge
as Will
Simon Bernal
as Simon
Inda Craig-Galván
as Melinda
Norman Mora
as Crazy Prisoner
Cathy Baron
as Sheena
Roger Ainslie
as Mr. Merkle
Taylor Gunnin
as Lexi's Friend
Harley Graham
as Young Sam
Stefan Raulston
as Benjamin Yip
Courtney Johnson
as Agent
Linda Jewell
as Carly/Conference Room #6
Estelle Harris
as Mrs. Halberstadt
Reece Elliot
as Stephanie #2
Terrell Lee
as Jackson Colt
Ryan Christiansen
as Sergeant Cooper
Casey Williams
as Mrs. Dorfman
Casandra Ashe
as Fairy
Sarah Racey
as Girl Dancer #2
Troy Smith
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Crazy Old Man/Mr. Treadwell
Justin Gant
as Conference Room #3/William
Samy Camara
as Miranda
Kristi Clainos
as Justine
Joshua Malina
as Goldstein
William A. Johnson
as Cup Stacking Bo
Erica Beck
as Claire
John Jeon
as Duke's Friend
Dorenda Moore
as Stunts
Al Manuel Douglas
as Teenage Guy
Mary Karcz
as Stunt Fan #3
Missy Doty
as Mrs. Rosenthal
Gregory Domond
as Camera Kid
Leon Thomas III
as Harper
Margaret Easley
as Mrs. Dershlit
Dicky Murphy
as Comedy Writer
Francesca Ellana
as Background Chanter #4
Kameron Winston-Lucas
as Hunter
Christine Fazzino
as Jenny
Eitan Loewenstein
as Matthew's Dad
Lauren Phillips
as Alicia
Steven D. Snyder
as Demetri
Chris Gardner
Arianna Hanson
as Girl Dancer
Jake Johnson
as British 4th Grader
David Weisenberg
as Health Inspector
Rachel G. Fox
as Amber Tate/Singer
Corey Harrison
as Self
Lance Irwin
as Tito
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Buttburn
Scott Seay
as Christopher
Marian Collier
as Mrs. Feener
Joseph Russo
as Chaz
Dennis Keiffer
as Prisoner #3
Debbie McAlister
as DAKA Executive

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2007 | 25 Episodes

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2008 | 20 Episodes

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2009 | 18 Episodes

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2010 | 9 Episodes

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2011 | 10 Episodes

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2012 | 13 Episodes




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