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October 20, 2021
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How To Get Away With Murder’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Annalise Keating (Oscar-nominated,Tony-winning actress Viola Davis) is a brilliant, charismatic and seductive professor of defense law, who teaches a class called How to Get Away With Murder. Annalise, also a criminal defense attorney, selects a group of students -- the best and the brightest -- to assist with cases at her firm alongside her employees, the trustworthy and discreet Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) and Bonnie Winterbottom ("Gilmore Girls" alum Liza Weil), an associate attorney. Mysteries arise that test everyone's limits and reveal dark truths.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 25, 2014

Also Known As: Satsujin wo Muzai ni suru Houhou, Kuidas mõrvast puhtalt pääseda |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

philadelphia, pennsylvania
court case

Company Credits

Production Co: Shondaland, Nowalk Entertainment |  See more »


Alex Daniels
as Jay Walker
Uma Incrocci
as Secretary
Bianca Lopez
as ER Doctor
Innis Casey
as Adrian Castillo
Cicely Tyson
as Ophelia Harkness
Lisa Kaminir
as Maureen Groff
Abhimanyu Katyal
as Dr. Takahamo
Celesta DeAstis
as Stella Roa
Maryfrances Careccia
as Nighttime Cop
Nikki Corinne Thomas
as Law Student
Stephanie Faracy
as Ellen Freeman
Keiko Elizabeth
as Dr. Huang
Amber Friendly
as Tech Specialist
Peggy Goss
as Beatrice
Hal Cohen
as Businessman
Michael Andrew Baker
as Tom Mitchell
Spencer Garrett
as Alexander Ballast
Gwendolyn Mulamba
as Celestine Harkness/Celestine
Liz Burnette
as Bethany Harrington
Kasi Brown
as Paramedic 2
Chauncey Jenkins
as Male Student
Hector Luis Bustamante
as Pedro Hortua
PJ Hubbard
as Jericho
Conrad Ricamora
as Oliver Hampton
Karina Logue
as Rita Kaplan
Jackie Geary
as Jackie Groves
Juan Antonio
as Levi
Tess Harper
as Sheila Miller
Denis Arndt
as Justice Strickland
John McKeever
as Another Drunk Dude
Lisa Joffrey
as Janice
Zach Kaltenbach
as Funeral Attendee
Alysia Reiner
as Wendy Parks
Jack Armstrong
as Local News Anchor/Anchor
Meera Simhan
as Talulah Kendrick
Sumalee Montano
as Nancy Bayer
Adrianna Jones
as Baby Christopher
Scott Broderick
as Quiet Male Inmate
John Getz
as David Dolan
Jim Ortlieb
as Dennis Cruz
Beth Payne
as Busty Woman
Alexander Harris
as Male Officer
Mary J. Blige
as Rolanda
Rachael Edlow
as Law Student
Silawn Lewis
as Courtroom Observer/Potential Juror
David Gautreaux
as Art Trucco
Nelson Mashita
as Judge Gene Escobar
Pooja Shah
as Hostess
Chris Lemchi
as Bank Customer
Tom Irwin
as Mark Spivey
Eddie Jackson
as Guard
William Ngo
as FBI Computer Tech
John Paul Jones II
as Law Student
Morgan Rae Egger
as Law Student
Massiel Hernandez
as AA Meeting Member
Kristen O'Meara
as Desk Reporter
Steven Weber
as Max St. Vincent
Dre Sawyer
as Judge's Clerk
Vince Melocchi
as Jonathan
Keli Daniels
as Mediator
Roman Coto
as Johnny
Fredella Calloway
as Pediatric Nurse
Tyler Bruhn
as Law Student
Chic Daniel
as Lumberjack
Ungela Brockman
as David's Sister
Monti Sharp
as Minister #1
Larry Tazuma
as Jury Foreperson/Rick Sakai
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Ted
Abraham Lim
as Byron
Jeanne Simpson
as Sarah
Margaret Newborn
as AA Member/Courtroom Audience
Janet Song
as Paramedic
Alton Clemente
as Frank's Older Brother
Yatoya Toy
as Law Student
Leif Gantvoort
as Jared Duvall
Iyari Limon
as Annalise's Handler
Lolita Davidovich
as Sandrine Castillo
Rebecca Avery
as ICE Assistant
Leah Lamarr
as Mean Girl
Danny Belford
as Law Student
Justin Fortmeier
as Law Student
Shannon Mary Dixon
as Sorority Girl
Kat Ahn
as Becky
Malia Pyles
as Madison
Liza Fernandez
as Witness Advocate
Crystal J. Huang
as Lawyer
Deborah Alexander-Lee
as Ally Bathurst
Megan West
as Lila Stangard
Michelle Azar
as ADA Leigh
Rondi Reed
as Tina Haye/Victoria Harper
James Maple
as Law Student
Liisa Cohen
as Police Officer
Trisha Rae Stahl
as New Prisoner
Bret Green
as Police Officer #2
Joyce Guy
as Judge Francine O'Donnell
Alexia Jordan
as Law Student
David Burke
as Matthew Thomas
Alfred Enoch
as Wes Gibbins/Christopher Castillo
Assaf Cohen
as Karim Assaf
Elizabeth Morton
as Julie Winterbottom
Amy Pietz
as Sharon Remini
Intae Kim
as Detective Fisher/Detective
Donn Swaby
as Nurse
Ron Bottitta
as Pierce Jensen
Alex Marshall-Brown
as Seamstress
Oded Fehr
as Anderson Chase
Luis Avilez
as Another Male Student
Robin Karfo
as DOJ Attorney Reyes
Tamlyn Tomita
as Carol Morrow
Catelynn Brown
as Student
Karole Foreman
as Clerk of the Court
Fabian Rodriguez
as Law Student
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Hollis Feldman
Miguel Gabriel
as Hector
Paul Woolfolk
as Hector
Noelle Therese Mulligan
as Paramedic
Nick Boraine
as Funeral Director
Mari Weiss
as Clarice Redding
Wayne Wilderson
as Jeremy Eastham
Alan Pratt
as Football Coach
Erin Flannery
as Bank Customer
Tayler Vee Robinson
as Rachel Parker
Mike Ostroski
as Jack Williams
Gary Ayash
as Courtroom Attendee
Shani Upshaw
as Associate
Adrienne Bankert
as Reporter
Tim Griffin
as Caleb Abernathy
Jeremy Batiste
as Ajay
Kal Bennett
as FBI Agent
Sam Anderson
as Thomas Fitzgerald
Lynn Ann Leveridge
as Medical Examiner
Roxann Lovseth
as C & G Lawyer
Michael Hyatt
as Camila
Elizabeth Gmaz
as Law Student
Arshad Aslam
as Male Student
Buck Acosta
as Assistant Prosecutor
Alexandra Grey
as Brandi Greene
Ronald F. Hoiseck
as Bob Winterbottom
Kevin Linell
as Clerk
Gita Reddy
as Minister
François Chau
as Carl's Lawyer
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Juror 525
Pat Healy
as Dennis
Thomas Daniel Smith
as Reporter 2
Amanda Christine
as Lavinia
Roger Rignack
as Detective Marshall Norwood
Charisse Woodall
as Evelyn Park
Christina Leone
as Buffy
Ryan Philbin
as Assistant ADA
Lizzie Peet
as Nurse Janice
Ij Scimeca
as Prison Guard
Lisa Dring
as Danielle/Assistant Danielle
Sherri Saum
as Tanya Randolph
Staci Lynn Fletcher
as Delivery Woman
Harrison White
as Pawnshop Clerk
Julie Dretzin
as Alexandra Kain/Alexandra Kim
Laura Hart
as Reporter
Crystal Coney
as Reporter #1
Louise Lombard
as Nora
Kristopher Boutin
as Lawyer/Legal Observer
Timothy Reifsnyder
as Monotone, Quiet Guy
Patricia Bethune
as Lorraine Huffman
Gina Garcia
as Officer Lim
Jim Turner
as George Gabler
Jill Johnson
as Bailiff #2
Marcus T. Thomas
as Nurse 2
Susan Santiago
as Dr. Bradfield
Michael James Lazar
as Mr. Aboiye
Jeff Austin
as Sergeant Joseph/Sergeant Matthew Joseph/Sgt. Matthew Joseph
Natalia del Riego
as Marisol Diaz
Donnabella Mortel
as Alicia
Joe Lorenzo
Lu Parker
as Reporter #2
Curtis K Case
as Reporter
Tom Michelsen
as Admin Cleark
Jessyka Finnøy
as Law Student
Ben Chang
as Core Law Student
Jerry Ying
as Soccer Dad
Malcolm Bowen
as Male Student
Robin Ensley
as Juror
Jacqueline Hahn
as Barbara Jacobs
Shaleeni Ranchhod
as Student
Chunzi He
as 2nd Year Law Student
Aubrey Manning
as Claire
Waymond Lee
as Courtroom Spectator
Julius Tennon
as Desmond
Paulina Leija
as Law Student
Danielle Kennedy
as Nurse
Katia Gomez
as Officer Peterson
Eme Ikwuakor
as Hank
Holly Kaplan
as Elderly Lady
Max Gray Wilbur
as Cody Thomas
LaFonda Baker
as Agent Portman/Agent Katrina Portman
Lou Richards
as Father Bernard
D.W. Moffett
as Jeff Walsh
Tess Lina
as Ricki
Amy Madigan
as Irene Crowley
Brandon Young
as Correctional Officer
Chet Anekwe
as Marshal of the Court
Marc Grapey
as Floyd Bishop
Larry Brown
as Nurse
Sope Aluko
as Detective Shelby Diaz
Cristina Swift
as Waitress
Terrell Clayton
as Jeffrey Sykes
Bobak Bakhtiari
as Businessy Guy 2
Marc Abbink
as Courtroom Attendee/Bar Patron/Pedestrian/Restaurant
Toni French
as Dive Bar Patron/Doctor/Pedestrian
Kimiko Gelman
as Ursela Mamoon
Greg Wood
as Arthur Kaufman
Kendrick Sampson
as Caleb Hapstall
Lamar Kukuk
as Reporter
Cheryl Getuiza
as Reporter #1
Joshua Chang
as Field Reporter 2/Reporter #1
Ithamar Enriquez
as Dr. Neil Heby
William L. Bozarth
as Frat Boy - E Painted On Chest
Jim Carlson
as ICE Agent
Nora Dunn
as Judge Lily Nanjani/Lily Nanjani
Rene Moran
as Ben Carter
Wilson Bethel
as Charles Mahoney
Kevin Interdonato
as Older Officer
Sheila M. Lockhart
as Featured Witness Gina Brown
Issac Ryan Brown
as Christophe/Christophe Edmond
Anne Gee Byrd
as Edith Duvall
Ricardo Walker
as Lindstrom Partner 2
Mircea Oprea
as Corporate Paralegal
Nathan Ferguson
as Kaufman Family
Adrian Anchondo
as Jace Stone
Giovanna Galdi
as Waitress
Tomislav Smith
as Hospital Patient
Francesca Ferrara
as Woman #1
Yolonda Ross
as Claudia Gelvin
Kerry Washington
as Olivia Pope
Matt Corboy
as Barry Thompson
Jefferson White
as Philip Jessup
Suleka Mathew
as Dana Benton
Kevyn Bashore
as Restaurant Patron
Lynn Whitfield
as Mary Walker
John Bain
as ADA Richt
David Ulmer
as Crooked Detective
Sarah Chaney
as Paramedic #2
Makenna James
as Mia Thomas
Liz Jenkins
as Regina
Hannah Kasulka
as Megan Harris
Benito Martinez
as Todd Denver
Greg Germann
as Jared Keegan
Ray Campbell
as Solomon Vick
Mimi Rogers
as Natalia Wright
Rya Meyers
as Clara
Luke Peckinpah
as Security Guard
Virginia Gardner
as Molly Bartlett
Paula Jai Parker
as Yvonne
Lee Lourdes
as Reporter #2
Hugh B. Holub
as Angry Spectator #2
John Posey
as William Millstone
Megan Suri
as Rachael
Pia Vicioso-Vila
as Supreme Court Audience
Lauren McKnight
as Heather
Max Leon
as Court attendee 1
Michael Adam Hamilton
as Julien
Kalina Vanska
as Client
Katie Walder
as Kelly Bryce
Dalila Ali Rajah
as Judy
Braylon Jackson
as Young Christopher
Donnell Turner
as Handsome Man
Dameon Clarke
as John Mumford/Detective Mumford
Yorke Fryer
as Clerk
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Reporter
Anne Betancourt
as Judge
Shelby Lackman
as Core Law Student
Jonathan Craig Williams
as David Smith
Tyee Tilghman
as Reporter 2
Rick Peters
as Clay Irvin
Eric Utomo
as Law Intern
Tracy Vilar
as Prosecutor Barker
Jonathan Ohye
as Prosecutor Woodford
Susan Chuang
as Ingrid Peters
Amato D'Apolito
as Richard Summers
Kim Hawthorne
as Detective Nicholls
Michael Bow
as Confident Intern
Megan Harmon
as Woman at Work Party
Daniel Nguyen
as Evan Blackstone
Marie Caldare
as Leo's Wife
Justin Backus
as Drunk Guy
Pierce Minor
as Eric Mintos
Albie Selznick
as A.D.A. Holland
Karen Malina White
as Carla Brookings
Lovlee Carroll
as Reporter 1
Renee Petkovski
as Salsa Dancer
Cristina Jankovic
as Nerdy Girl
Anthony Quinn Williams
as Security Guard
Kathleen Quinlan
as Britt
Dendrie Taylor
as Eileen Colterman
Anna Belknap
as Brenda
Ryan Shank
as Core Law Student
Dionne Audain
as AA Woman
Eric Lutes
as Dale Madden
Zedrick Restauro
as Nerdy Student
Alex Fernandez
as AG Harold Chavez
Andrew Friedman
as Mr. Fowler
Tim Russ
as Judge Kofi Bonaparte
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Claire Telesco
Michael Bofshever
as Mitchell Sabarski/Judge Sabarski
Matt McGorry
as Asher Millstone
Matthew Bridges
as Male Nurse
Jeff Doucette
as George Danvers
Kimberly Fox
as Philly Police Officer
Cantrell Harris
as Officer Price
Mackenzie Astin
as Noah Baker
Jennifer Parsons
as Lydia Millstone
Teddy Sears
as Abe Charmagne
Stephanie Andrea Barron
as Female Clinic Student
Tim Powell
as Caplan & Gold Partner 3
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Quentin
April Grace
as Renee Garret
Tom Beyer
as Trent Davis
Myra Cris Ocenar
as Jury Foreperson
Rif Hutton
as Priest
Robert Anderson
as assistant DA
Christian Lyon
as Paramedic 1
Vincent Duvall
as D.A. Roger Galvinson
Nick Gracer
as Felix Michel
Kim Delgado
as Judge Howard Walker
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Police Officer #1
Wayne Riggan
as Funeral Attendee
Ashlee Marie McLemore
as Medic Abby
Lisa Dawn Tynes
as Bonfire Student/Court Observer
David A. Cooper
as Businessy Guy 1
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Virginia Cross
Carlease Burke
as A.D.A. Price
Tamika Katon-Donegal
as Female Guard
Tiffany Jeneen
as Morgue Clerk
Karen Ann Cabrera
as Law Student
Charlie Weber
as Frank Delfino
Zehra Fazal
as Reporter 1/Field Reporter 1
Doc Holliday
as Prisoner #1
Bonnie Burroughs
as Mrs. Stangard
Eileen Fogarty
as Bar Representative
Mark Adair-Rios
as Dr. Erik Turner
Kila Kitu
as Concerned Looky-Loo
William James Kelly
as College Professor
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Kendra Strauss
John Montana
as Judge/Judge Robert Hemmings
Eamon Hunt
as Judge Colton Lee
Christopher Grove
as Rustein Tarpley
Wade Barrett
as Blue Collar Woman
Roger Robinson
as Mac Harkness
Kathleen York
as Judge Vitkay/Martha Vitkay
Charles Carroll
as Mr. Hedstrom
Niko Pepaj
as Paxton Curtis
Doris L. Guerrero
as CSI Tech
Donna Rusch
as Annoyed Detective
Jimmy Star
as Juror
Dawn Frances
as ER Nurse #2
Jerry Hauck
as Judge James Badgely
Andy Umberger
as Henry Schuler
Sandra Dillon
as Juror
Horace Dodd
as Orderly
Angela Richardson
as Jury Forman
Todd Aaron Brotze
as Professor Cormicle
Adam Arkin
as Wallace Mahoney
Joshua Elijah Reese
as Online Preacher
Courtney Thomas
as Law Student
Enuka Okuma
as Nia Lahey
Quei Tann
as Peyton Osborn
T.K. Carter
as Thelonious Harkness
Gary Tang
as Reporter
Lauren Bowles
as AUSA Montes/Ausa Montes
Elizabeth Perkins
as Marren Trudeau
Brandon Morales
as Police Officer #1
Michael John Benzaia
as ER Resident
Doug DeBeech
as Bro-ish A.D.A.
Hope Brown
as Federal Marshal Quimby
Racheal Seymour
as Officer Henderson
Julian de la Celle
as Ryan Remini
Becki Dennis
as Bailiff #1
Carlye Tamaren
as Janie Sherwin
Elayn J. Taylor
as Gwen
Ethan Corn
as Male Student
Matthew Downs
as Agent Anthony Fain
Shea Buckner
as Lindstrom Partner 1
Emily Swallow
as Lisa Cameron
Trevor J. Davis
as Mr. Ingram
Michael Gaston
as Henry Wiliams
Kim Robillard
as Commissioner Graves
William Christian
as DOJ Attorney
Elisa Perry
as Doris Reid/Kenya
Lilli Birdsell
as Agnes Wills
Bob Rumnock
as Judge Granville Killinger
Gail Borges
as Officer Bryant/Arresting Officer
Brynn Thayer
as Elena Castillo
John DeLuca
as Matt
Algerita Wynn
as Good Samaritan
Robin Gammell
as Chief Justice
Nicholas Mazzone
as DA Officer Admin
Courtney Comer
as Pizza Woman
Maahra Hill
as Dr. Cundey
Monnae Michaell
as Dr. Pasco
Peggy Blow
as Croupier
Sage Kirkpatrick
as Alice
Alyssa Diaz
as Daniela Alvodar
Cristine Rose
as Wenona Sansbury
Markie Farnsley
as Server
Rob Brownstein
as Brad Bloomfield
Hash Patel
as Dr. Nelson
Olivia R Luna
as English Accent Girl
Dior Jazmine
as College Student
Drew Fonteiro
as Young Tweeker Guy
William Leon
as Ben Araim
Eddie Driscoll
as Annoyed Male Driver
Cate Cohen
as Surgeon
Alysia Livingston
as Reporter #3
Reed Diamond
as David Golan
Jarrell Hall
as Customer
Stacy Edwards
as Gretchen Thomas
Molly Hagan
as Nancy Montoya
Dave Ferrier
as Courtroom spectator
Nina Fehren
as Kennedy
Jennifer Christopher
as Gemma/Gemma Walsh
Nate Bynum
as Maxwell Salinas
Gloria Garayua
as Brianna Davis/Detective Brianna Davis
Kurt Collins
as Cashier
Colby French
as Barrett Nelson
Rome Flynn
as Gabriel Maddox
Matthew Risch
as Thomas
Chris Mollica
as Police Officer
Jae Jung
as Woman
Matt Cohen
as Levi Wescott
Scott Elrod
as Gideon Holt
David Denman
as Kevin Murphy
Minita Gandhi
as Lawyer
Rico McClinton
as Mark
Alina Phelan
as Susan Boatman
Michael Peter Bolus
as Butch Man
Eddie Diaz
as Guard
Marcia Gay Harden
as Hannah Keating
Steven Culp
as Victor Leshner
Roxanne Hart
as Sylvia Mahoney
Maurice Webster
as Tipstaff/Court Clerk
Kim Estes
as Panel Judge 1
William R. Moses
as Special Agent Lanford
Dawn Greenidge
as Dr. Fenwick
Heather Soellner
as Law Student
Cuete Yeska
as Manuel Soto
Christopher Underwood
as Newscaster #1
Beverly Todd
as Donna Fitzgerald
Frank Maharajh
as Disdainful Man
Miles Frank
as Dude
Jenine Giusto
as Student
William Charlton
as Judge Lester Tipton
Steven M. Gagnon
as Officer James Nelson
Jasmyne Jones
as Baby Christopher
Luke Cook
as Guard Leon
Elena Campbell-Martinez
as Judge Adrienne Whitman
Hal Devi
as Police Officer
Billie J Bradford
as College Student/Lecture Hall Student
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Courtroom Spectator
Duke Jones
as Governor Assistant James
Cathy Ladman
as Justice Helen Bass
José Zúñiga
as Jorge Castillo
Alexandra Billings
as Jill Hartford
Cherie Mercedes
as Juror
Daniel Steven Gonzalez
as Paramedic #1
Teya Patt
as Paula Gladden/C.O. Paula Gladden
Thomas Anthony Jones
as Dr. Clark
Carrie Armstrong
as Receptionist
Jeris Poindexter
as James Smalley
Amy Okuda
as Catherine Hapstall
Christopher Darga
as Victor
Sarah McMullen
as Ally Burnham
Hilda Boulware
as David's Mother
Amirah Vann
as Tegan Price
Nick Warnock
as Trent Stockton
Paul Yen
as Uptight Student
Caleb Mixson
as Zach
Daniel Dannas
as Sexy Freddy
Makeda Declet
as Melissa Greenwell
Sara Paxton
as Talia Lewis
Ramona DuBarry
as Nanda Hashim
Louisa Hodge
as Reporter #2
Paula Newsome
as Joyce Robinson
Misha Gonz-Cirkl
as Detective Lana Ramos
Rafiq Batcha
as ER Nurse #1
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man in Courtroom/Doctor/Man at Trial/Reporter
Hannah Choi
as DNA Technician
Marie-Françoise Theodore
as A.U.S.A. Victoria Crothers
Andrea Grano
as Alice Williams
James Quach
as Detective/Forensic Tech
Anthony Azizi
as Prosecutor
David Caprita
as Records Clerk
Lenny Platt
as Griffin O'Reilly
Tony Jacobsen
as Hallway Nurse
Peggy Dunne
as Sharon Sherwin
Rachae Thomas
as Liz
Brad Lee Wind
as Officer Vitelli
Mayank Saxena
as Xavier
Carlos Miranda
as Jason Murray
Michael McGrady
as AUSA Hobbs
Doc Farrow
as Seasoned Male Inmate
Keith Chandler
as Security Officer
Galyn Görg
as Riley
Zoey Sidwell
as Judge Lucy Modena
Susan Walters
as Sharon Tidwell
Alexandra Metz
as Melanie Dalton
Kristina Hagan
as Theresa
Cici Leah Campbell
as Reporter
Jaclyn McHugh
as Law Student
Jennifer Jalene
as Agent Avery Norris
Ashley James
as Law Student
Billy Brown
as Nate Lahey
Troy Blendell
as Clay Powers
Farah Haque
as Police Officer
Sharon Omi
as ADA Karen Hawley
Eric Ritter
as Dude
Patrick J. McGuire
as Jailer #2
Matthew Brady
as Cody
Jill Basey
as Librarian
Jacquelyn Houston
as DHS Officer Henderson
Wes Armstrong
as Bill
Rebecca Berman
as Housekeeper
Thomas W. Ashworth
as Mr. Fisher
Suzanne Savoy
as Kathy Powell
Cornelius Smith Jr.
as Marcus Walker
B.K. Cannon
as Sophie Dolan
Greg Bryan
as Renee
Matisha Baldwin
as Prison Clerk
Monique A. Green
as Nicole
Christine Corpuz
as Mousey Female Associate
Peter Macon
as David Allen
Judith Scott
as Barham
Gerardo Celasco
as Xavier Castillo
Elliot Knight
as Aiden Walker
Ana Ortiz
as Paula Murphy
Nicola Lambo
as Caplan & Gold Partner 1
Tamberla Perry
as Theresa Hoff
Brett Butler
as Trishelle Pratt
James S.W. Lee
as Tipstaff
Mapuana Makia
as Officer
Tomas Boykin
as DVD Man
Christopher Baskerville
as Court Spectator
Christina Childress
as Lawyer/Orderly 1/Woman Screams
Lily Knight
as Amber Crowley
Emily Yancy
as Aunt Josephine
Mark Berry
as Fire Chief Gaines
Cyrus Deboo
as Professor Tim Dozier
Derek Basco
as Wedding DJ
Sonya Giddings
as Clerical Worker
Jason Gedrick
as Gabriel Shaw
Juan Alfonso
as Jailer
Freda Foh Shen
as Dr. Phillips
James Logan
as Vince Groves
Sammi Hanratty
as Zoe Mitchell
Connie Jackson
as Female Moderator
Carolyn Michelle Smith
as Charmaine Cole
Alexa Mansour
as Faiza Assaf
Carmella Riley
as Darlene Thornton
Mary Pat Gleason
as Robin Laforge
Kevin Austra
as Frat Guy
Catherine Dent
as DHS Attorney Ford
Jimmy Smits
as Isaac Roa
Josh Clark
as Commissioner Monaghan
Brett Zimmerman
as A.D.A. Orrin Driver
Johanna Yukiko Haneda
as ICE Agent
Madonna Cacciatore
as Female Inmate 2
Sabin Rich
as Nurse Seth
Michael Christian Alexander
as Flinty Detective
Chris Jai Alex
as Guard Paul
James McAndrew
as Clayton
Carlos Montilla
as Agent 1
Warren Paul
as Agent 1
Traci Belushi
as Soccer Mom
Linda DeMetrick
as Ursula Hapstall
Tabitha Morella
as Lynn Applewhite
Albert Malafronte
as Judge Erwin Coughlin
Michelle Hurd
as Amanda Winthrop
Chet Grissom
as HR Lawyer/Mike Richardson
Julienne Irons
as Aide/Paige
Amy Cates
as Corrupt Cop
Lizzy Dalla Betta
as Courtroom Attendee
Mercedes Mason
as Cora
Milauna Jackson
as Renee Atwood
David Collihan
as News Camera Man
Tom G. McMahon
as Lloyd
Kelly Coffield Park
as Judge Helen Bines
Nanrisa Lee
as Another Med Student
Denise Crosby
as Chanha Singh
Robin Rieger
as Reporter
L. Scott Caldwell
as Jasmine Bromelle
Marisa Baram
as Female Student/Ms. Cohen
Katie Cleary
as Sasha
Jack Briggs
as Prosser Lecht
Melissa Ciesla
as Dr. Lowell/Danielle Lowell
Fizaa Dosani
as Serious Intern
Alice Ko
as Juror #5
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
as Funeral Attendee
J. Anthony Pena
as Prison Guard/Sheriff's Deputy
Tye Alexander
as Officer Jake Dorsey
Corey Clifford
as Hannah Bathurst
Mehdi Merali
as Parking Attendant
Dijon Talton
as Ravi
Dani Haberman
as Law Student
Bradley James
as Officer Reynolds
Liza Weil
as Bonnie Winterbottom
Carlin James
as Martin
Donna Pieroni
as Linda Morelli
Whitney Ortega
as Kymberly Wheeler
April Parker Jones
as Claire Bryce
Katie Findlay
as Rebecca Sutter
Jack Falahee
as Connor Walsh
Rochelle Greenwood
as Attorney
Christopher Cendana
as Teller
Van Epperson
as Dr. Silas Root
Eva La Dare
as Leah
Catherine Bruhier
as Dr. Sheila Greenlee
Kalpana Pot
as Ms. Gunderson
Julia Gross
as Cocktail Server/Law Student
Dominic Daniel
as Security Guard
Yeniffer Behrens
as Federal ICE Officer
Kiran Deol
as Veronica Lira
David L. King
as Dr. Belridge
Morgan Alexandria
as Judy
Chris Spinelli
as Delfino Relative
Alex Désert
as Keith Travers
Luna Lauren Velez
as Soraya Hargrove
Tai Bennett
as Gene Wallace
Ellen Ratner
as Dina Glover
Sara Welch
as Field Reporter/TV Reporter
Dominique Washington
as Pretty Student
Karl T. Wright
as Judge Bradford Wilkins
Valeska Grant
as Asst to ADA Nelson
Brian Johnson
as Neighbor
Tyrone Emanuel
as Bartender
Vika Stubblebine
as Nice-Seeming Girl
Aaron Norvell
as Police Officer
Joni Bovill
as Judge
Gerald Yelverton
as Law Student
Attique Iqbal
as Court Reporter
Laura Innes
as Lynne Birkhead/Governor Lynne Birkhead
Teresa Huang
as Dr. Annabelle Grimes
Laura Coover
as Eloise St. Vincent
Barbara Eve Harris
as Fiona Pruitt
Jack Coleman
as Mr. Dean
Joseph Forsstrom
as Sound Engineer
Behzad Dabu
as Simon Drake
Nohely Quiroz
as Law Student Lowell
Jen Dede
as Cynthia Ewing
Renee Pezzotta
as Hotel Manager/Manager
John Duffy
as Tristan Fullerton
Dante Verica
as Young Gabriel
Lynette DuPree
as Judge Yolanda Nichols
Nrsimha Jordan
as Frat Boy/Law Student
Stephen D'Angelo
as Mover
Dave Shalansky
as Seth Keough
Gregory North
as Officer Gary Miller
Lynn Carey Saylor
as Juror
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Dominick Flores/Dominick
Patricia Belcher
as Corrine Stefano
Antonio Aaron
as Police Officer
Michael Reilly Burke
as Louis Lindgren
Natalie Anne Pagano
as Court Reporter
Heidi Sulzman
as Molly Keener
Danella Dutton
as Salsa Dancer
Nick Bialis
as Student
Jack Mikesell
as Rudy Walters
David E. Lucas
as Frat guy
John Hensley
as Ronald Miller
Eric Mitro
as Dominic Ewing
Jonney Ahmanson
as Evidence Room Attendant
Karl Makinen
as Paul Lombardo
Vivan Dugré
as News Reporter/Reporter
Rosalyn Sidewater
as Maid Gloria
Bonita Friedericy
as Sandra Guthrie
Sharon Lawrence
as Ingrid Egan
Mandy Levin
as Woman #2
Mark Jacobson
as Clerk Kevin
Cloie Wyatt Taylor
as Lead Police Officer
Aaron Benjamin Miller
as Nerdy Intellectual/Mr. Montgomery
Timothy Hutton
as Emmett Crawford
Travis Grenke
as FBI Agent
Tianna Chanel Flynn
as Bride-to-Be
Caroline Redekopp
as Field Reporter/News Anchor
Sarah Burns
as Emily Sinclair
Celeste Cook
as Rainey
Mageina Tovah
as Jolene Samuels
Ashleigh Biller
as Buffy's Friend
Lenora May
as Irene
Shamori Washington
as Tyrone
Punnavith Koy
as College Student/Reporter
Lukas Stoiber
as Boom Operator
Chris Aquilino
as Babyfaced Intern
Charles Greer IV
as Luis
Julia Leusner
as Law Student
Sal Landi
as Mr. Delfino
Susan Angelo
as Ruth Stevenson
Kevin B. Mulligan
as Reporter
Michael Petrone
as Detective Keith Bainer
Bryce McKinney
as Dancer/Jason
Andi Chapman
as Peggy
Susan Wilder
as Agnes Kaufman
Leana Chavez
as Drug Dealer
Tom Everett Scott
as Andrew Crawford
Robert Mammana
as Adrian Mayfield
Judith Moreland
as Virginia Wilder
Tiffany Simone English
as Preggers
Kenajuan Bentley
as Agent Seward
Stephen Oyoung
as E.R. Doctor
Danny Fehsenfeld
as Athletic Director
Debbie Fan
as Shawesh Partner
Mia Katigbak
as Joanna Hampton
Alex Alexander
as Nurse
Helen Eigenberg
as Lisa Mitchell
Tara Broadway
as Courtroom Patron
Ellen Haun
as Ms. Chapin/Nervous Girl
Anita Davenport
as Tough Female Inmate/Tough Inmate
Milton T.J. Taylor
as Tyrone Gelvin
Chuti Tiu
as Judge Alyssa Gage
Ruben Pla
as Justice Alberto Gutierrez
George Williams
as Law Student
Betsy Baker
as Waitress
Heather Mazur
as Heidi Turpin
Gregory Sagryan
as Abdul Assaf
Christopher Kager
as C.O. Wagner
Mark Harelik
as Niles Harrington
Chiquita Fuller
as Delivery Woman
Jim Abele
as Ted Walsh
Theo Iyer
as Dougie
Rick Gifford
as Michael Bordal/Prosecutor ('AUSA' Bordal)
Carolyn Crotty
as Philly Waitress
Ozz Gomez
as Oliver's Friend
Viola Davis
as Annalise Keating
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Rookie Officer
Violet Hicks
as Skyler Winterbottom
Liz Eldridge
as Female Inmate #3
Esai Morales
as Jorge Castillo
Eric Davis
as Counsel Clark Byers
John Ciccolini
as Morgue Attendant
Famke Janssen
as Eve Rothlo
Cesili Williams
as Desk Officer
Arjun Gupta
as Kan
Andrea Syglowski
as Gina Sadowski
Brian Gallagher
as Maintenance Worker
Shawn Gonzalez
as Law Student
Christian Benz Belnavis
as Evidence Officer
Dinora Walcott
as Reporter Carol
Michelle Lukiman
as Dr. Michaels
Deborah Levin
as Sara Gordon/Agent Pollock
Miranda LeRae
as Court Attendant
Anahi Bustillos
as Reporter #2
Alan Brooks
as Grant Hapstall
Deborah Geffner
as Jillian
Nicole Baldino
as Law Student
Javier Chavarin
as Imam Nassim Darwish
Tony Elias
as Jimmy Wordshaw
Kathryn Erbe
as Jacqueline Roa
Thomas Crawford
as Nurse Theo
Jill Remez
as Prosecutor Lucinda Blair
Danny Watters
as Rookie Cop
Kelsey Scott
as Rose Edmond/Rose
Romy Rosemont
as Vera Dewitt
Pamela Shaddock
as Ms. Medick
Cynthia Stevenson
as Pam Walsh
Joy Benedict
as Desk Reporter/Local Newscaster
Juliana Donald
as Patient
Rhym Guisse
as Law Student
Jessica Marie Garcia
as Rhonda Navarro
Sarah Benoit
as Female TV Addict
Zara McDowell
as Girl
Hector Hugo
as Raul Hargrove
Carole Gutierrez
as Pam
Glynn Turman
as Nate Lahey Sr.
Marsha Stephanie Blake
as Vivian Maddox/Vivian
Tommie Earl Jenkins
as Donald
Shiloh Nelson
as Madison Cameron
Tom Jenkins
as Caplan & Gold Partner 2/Donald Anderson
Mark L. Taylor
as Vince Levin
Catherine Carlen
as Judge Emily Hargrove
Joel Ambo
as Robbie
Kevin D'Arcy
as Crazy Man
Sonny Mandal
as Stan
Tonya Cornelisse
as Sketchy Woman
John Burke
as ADA Vince Travers
Joseph C. Phillips
as Alvin Cox
Sarah Cortez
as Stacy
Marlyn Bandiero
as Marjorie
Simon Kassianides
as Bruno Mancini
Leah Dowdy
as Drunk Girl
Paul Wallis
as Upscale Bar Patron
Erica Lynne Arden
as Law Student
Jeffrey De Serrano
as ADA Hector Rodriguez
Tom Verica
as Sam Keating
Brandon Claybon
as Handsome Salesman
Charmel Catrell
as Sheriff's Deputy
Allen Williamson
as Drunk Dude
Joan McMurtrey
as Helena Hapstall
David Raibon
as Howie
James Patrick Stuart
as Mr. Morris
Jonella Landry
as Funeral Attendee
Oscar Daniel Reyez
as Hector Diaz
Bo Kane
as Reporter
Dean Cameron
as Jim Buchanan
Graham Sibley
as Peyton Whitmore
Annie Tedesco
as Karen Duvall
Atkins Estimond
as Otis
Kelen Coleman
as Chloe Millstone
Jane Daly
as Constance Horning
Chris Kos
as Chad Manning
Connie Schiro
as Tough Female Inmate
Lauren Bray
as Rochelle
Mark Famiglietti
as David Tucker
Tobias Forrest
as Carl
Clint Jung
as Ryan Stack
Matt Orduna
as Mitch Donaldson
Kara Shoemaker
as Bouncy Girl
Austin Basis
as Toby Solomon
Ian Bedford
as Campus Cop
Peter Onorati
as Leo Lombardo
Dave Droxler
as Detective Gill
Faran Tahir
as Terrence Amos
Jay Ellis
as Gogo Waiter
Karla Souza
as Laurel Castillo
Brian Tyree Henry
as Frank's Public Defender
Iris Braydon
as Process Server
Katy M. O'Brian
as Cashier Girl
Alexa Niemi
as Juror
Gayla Johnson
as Mediator Becca Overbay
Folake Olowofoyeku
as Desk Nurse
Reece Rios
as Reporter Peter
Alyson Reed
as Panel Judge 2
Joseph Melendez
as Lionel Bryant
Stacie Greenwell
as Rosette
Gabrielle Made
as Detective Sophia Rodgers
Jamie McShane
as U.S. Attorney Lennox
Terry Woodberry
as Rex Morris
Arye Gross
as Connor's Lawyer
Bianca Buck
as J.J. Greenbaum
Jesse D. Goins
as Chief Justice Patrick Montgomery
Cas Anvar
as Robert Hsieh
Michelle Alegria
as Desk Anchor
David Chan
as Kyle
Joel Steingold
as Blake Mathis
Andrew Hunsicker
as ABC News Reporter
Ron Roggé
as Detective Paul Reed
Carlos Arellano
as Officer West
Suzanne Sena
as Best Friend
Fred Gusoff
as Courtroom Spectator
Tiffany Yvonne Cox
as Mariah
Ryan Dugan
as College Student
Cat Hammons
as Female Officer/Police Desk Clerk
Aja Naomi King
as Michaela Pratt
Britt Sanborn
as Nurse
Jennifer Kindhouse
as A.D.A. Dooley
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Plaintiff in Precinct
Anthony Hill
as Noah
Thomas Robinson
as Kenny Thomas
Chuck Saculla
as Officer
Elando Baltimore
as Dirty Hot Guy
Roberta Bassin
as Jury Foreperson
Kate Kearney-Patch
as Linda Tanner
James Allen McCune
as Josh Bathurst
Greg Collins
as Police Officer #3
Hannah Shantz
as Intern
Dan Martin
as Janitor Joe
Toni Torres
as Detective Phillipe
Mallory Low
as Eager Girl/Ms. Leibowitz
Nicole Pettis
as Court Crier
Missy Doty
as Receptionist
Linda Bisesti
as Mrs. Delfino
Alison Martin
as Ms. Maloney
David Andrews
as Hugh Murphy
Jason Brooks
as Nelson Duvall
Danielle Barbosa
as Angry Spectator #1
Emily Bergl
as Sally
Jackie Ganz
as Virginia Michaelson
Julian Silva
as Carlos Riviera
Barbara Tutolo
as Courtroom Attendee
Corbin Reid
as Meggy Travers
Marco Rodríguez
as Disciplinary Board Member
Jeff L. Williams
as Elias Edson
Chad Harp
as Journalist
John Thaddeus
as Cabbie
Tom Billett
as Rough-Looking Guy
Delpaneaux Wills
as Stylish Man
Roland Ruiz
as Lazlo
Eve Gordon
as ADA Gibson
Damien Leake
as Dr. Healy
Jordan Destin
as Student
Tony Abatemarco
as Judge Rodger Charters/Judge Roger Charters
Ellana Barksdale
as Court Staff
Jessica E. Williams
as Officer Clark
Lauren Lynn King
as Diana
Jarrod Crawford
as Robin Sinnamby
Paris Perrault
as Intern/Nervous Intern
Sandra Cevallos
as Dr. Murphy
Matt Valvardi
as Bartender

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