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October 24, 2021
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About this title


U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina starts out as a ruthless politician seeking revenge in this Netflix original production. Promised the post of Secretary of State in exchange for his support, his efforts help to ensure the election of Garrett Walker to the presidency. But Walker changes his mind before the inauguration, telling Underwood he's too valuable in Congress. Outwardly, Underwood accepts his marching orders, but secretly he and his wife, an environmental activist, make a pact to destroy Walker and his allies. Based on the U.K. miniseries of the same name, the U.S. version offers a look behind the scenes at the greed and corruption in American politics. A number of real-life media figures make cameo appearances.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 1, 2013

Also Known As: Картковий будинок, Ván Bài Chính Trị |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

usa president

Company Credits

Production Co: Media Rights Capital (MRC), Netflix |  See more »


Daniel Bridges
as Herald Assistant
Victoria Anastasi
as Francis Staffer
Corey Maher
as Agent Drake/Secret Service Agent
John King
as John King
Chris Gagnon
as Strip Club Guy
Jay McCord
as White House Press Corps
Chance Kelly
as Steve
John Trout
as News Anchor
George R. Sheffey
as Executive Director
Artie Brennan
as IT Guy
Mark Segraves
as Aaron Gunn
Heather Callahan-Stevens
as Legislative Aide
Melissa-Lou Ellis
as Secretary
Sheri Lahris
as Senator
Kenneth J. Coughlan
as Assistant Pastor
Deborah Lonon
as Annie
Scott Morgan
as Congressman 3
Kevin Tan
as Photographer's Assistant
Bobby Akers
as Press Photographer
Steven Shulgach
as Photographer
Fred Arsenault
as Co-Pilot
Jamie McIntyre
as Bruce Woodbury
Valencia Gamble
as Church Member
Cicely Tyson
as Doris Jones
Carol Schultz
as Janine's Mother
Amy Garber
as Nurse
Erika Rolfsrud
as Julia Melman
Monika Spruch
as Guest
William G. Tomek
as Iowa Governor
Richard Strasser
as Diplomat/Embassy Guest/Union Supporter
Betty Leigh
as Vi
Jonathan D. Williams
as News Anchor
James Krehely
as Baseball Fan/Debate Background/Dignitary/Polish Ambassador/Re-enactment Visitor/Reporter
Jeffrey Klemmer
as Secret Service Agent
Brenna McDonough
as Penny
Yvonne Erickson
as Dunbar's Lawyer
Todd James Jackson
as FBI Agent
Daniel Sauli
as Benjamin Grant
Bret Baier
as Bret Baier
Spencer Garrett
as Howard Webb
Brad Hamerly
as Drunk in Bar
Lee R. Sellars
as Governor Olmstead/Roger Olmstead
Leonid Citer
as Igor Milkin
Robert Eli
as Miles Shaftsbury
Andy Clemence
as Secretary of Labor
Annie Bao
as Anti-Underwood Protestor
Kaelan Denali Dickinson
as Cabinet Aide/Church Member/Dunbar Supporter
Constance Zimmer
as Janine Skorsky
William Kaffenberger
as Josef Holchman, a White House Steward
Tarra Denise Jackson
as Office Assistant
Ben McCain
as Radio News Reporter
John Scurti
as Wes Buchwalter
Reiner Prochaska
as Commission Member 3
Evgeniya Orudzheva
as Russian Server
Lauren Cox
as Claire's Secret Service/Rally Crowd
Kelly O'Donnell
as Kelly O'Donnell
Sig Libowitz
as Supervisor
Neve Campbell
as Leann Harvey
Steven Ted Beckler
as Henry Chapman
Melanie Jewel Howard
as White House Aide
Mackie Lou Vigal
as Herald Staff
Kevin Laughon
as Reporter
Dennis Wildberger
as Guest at Fundraiser/Traveler at Airport/Women's Conference Attendee
Amy Tribbey
as Diane
Gary Lee Vincent
as Congressman
Craig Galloway
as Secret Service Agent
Corey Bente
as Secret Service
Jesse Robinson
as Job Seeker Watching Fireworks
Patricia DiZebba
as Nurse
Michael Bell
as Pizza Hut Guy
Brenda Heckert
as Tusk's Secretary
A.C. Bryan
as College Student/Mourner/Print Press
Michael Mack
as Congressman 4
Neal Katyal
as Neal Kumar Katyal
Darwin Reina
as Restaurant diner/Town Citizen
Nikolas Tamburri
as Jackson Green
Anna Maria
as Protestor/Student
Finn Douglas
as Charlie Conway
Joseph Giambrone
as Doctor/Professor
Riaz Dhanani
as Diplomat
Justin Doescher
as Frank Underwood Security/Frank's Secret Service/Secret Service
Telisha L. Davis
as Union Protester
Michelle Kosinski
as Michelle Kosinski
Sean M. Brown
as Lawyer
Carme Boixadera
as Inez
Nathaniel 'Billy' Sherrod Jr.
as Boom Mic Press
David B. Meadows
as SEAL #3
Julian Brittano
as Military Police
Devin Albert
as Congressional Staffer
Christopher Morrow
as Flag Folder
Brian Keane
as Ray Meyers
Elizabeth Thorp
as Illinois Delegate/Maria Ford
Edward Gero
as Abraham Isaacs
Noam Harary
as Spokesperson
Sebastian Arcelus
as Lucas Goodwin
Aurelio Dominguez
as Man
Tom Day
as CIA Agent
Todd Bobenrieth
as Delegate/Videographer
Sarah Skeist
as Reporter #1
Jason M. Jones
as Detective
John Berman
as John Berman
John C. Vennema
as Senator Sheer
Reade Kelly
as Clive Reynolds
Joe Peck
as Air Force One Steward
Lawrence Derx
as Catherine Durant Security
Jennifer Osborn
as Claire's Assistant
David Flynn
as Dance Couple 10
LisaGay Hamilton
as Celia Jones
Erik Mueller
as Senator
John Judy
as Principal
Rasool J'Han
as Reporter
Mark Salas
as Debate Attendee/News Media/News Reporter/Press Reporter
Scott Drummond
as Senator's Aide
James Nevins
as Underwood Staffer/Union Leader
Darrin Archer
as Air Force One Steward
Shamel Hashish
as Translator
Michael Warner
as Oliver Spence
Ron Canada
as Vincent Abruzzo
Gabby Beans
as Private Jenna Burton
C.J. Wilson
as Agent Lasker
Curzon Dobell
as Print Reporter
Alan Davis
as Russo Staffer
Michael J. Kraycik
as Hammerschmidt TV Producer
Grant Chang
as Feng's Security Guard
Vashti Gray Sadjedy
as Reporter
Coleen Prenda
as Laura
Stephanie Cookie Carson
as Reporter/Cafetaria Worker/Convention Delegate/Conway Rally Attendee/Gas Station Patron/Inauguration Guest/Parishoner/Protestor/Women's Conference Attendee
David Gregory
as David Gregory
Peter Cincotti
as Peter Cincotti
Melanie Hastings
as News Anchor/News Anchor #2
Rebecca Lines
as Nurse
Tom Galantich
as Thomas Larkin
Kris Arnold
as Field Office Director
Philip Greene
as Park Goer
Robert C. Treveiler
as Karl Simms
Al Sapienza
as Marty Spinella
James Flanagan
as Policy Aide
Jake Tapper
as Jake Tapper
George Stephanopoulos
as George Stephanopoulos
Kathryn Browning
as Congresswoman/Congresswoman #3/Senator Wallace
Deonte White
as Underwood Volunteer
Brian Harvath
as Agent
Jes J.N. Mau
as UN President of the Security Council
Carolyn Presutti
as News Anchor
Barbara Edwards
as Washington Herald Press
Darla Robinson
as Moderator
George Kardulias
as Guest at the Sentinel Military Academy/Opera Attendee/Restaurant diner/White House attorney for Linda Vasquez at House Judiciary Hearing
Tre'a Bertrille
as Resident
Joanna M. Lewis
as Reporter
Greg Harvey
as High Priest
Katie Killacky
as NSC Staffer
Shawn McBurney
as American Delegate
Peter Oldring
as Florida Congressman
Michael Gabel
as Chief Justice
Randall Gort
as Katyal's Co-counsel
Jan Johns
as Associate
Alok Tewari
as Hazan Aruri
Marc Kudisch
as Henry Mitchell
Erica Chamblee
as Cassandra
Jamie Nocher
as Young Man at B&B
Susannah Hoffman
as Stephanie Daldry
Craig Newkirk
as NSA Agent #1
Darren Alford
as Deshawn Hayes
Brian Cade
as Reporter #2
Chance Gibson
as Press Videographer
Andy Murray
as Airman Webson
Michael McKenzie
as Hotel Manager
Whitney Richardson
as Intern
Gregory Divers
as White House Press Corps/Telegraph Reporter/Debate Press/Russo Supporter/Ship Builder 2
Jibril Goodman
as Student Protester
Kelli Culbertson
as Reporter
Brandon Crosby
as Mourner
Gordon Danniels
as Mike
Michael Harding
as Governor Parsons
Matthew John Dowd
as Matthew Dowd
John G. Pavelec
as Sergeant at Arms
Adriaen Valéry Burgis
as Investigative Journalist
James Howard
as Guest of the Court
Reese Madigan
as Jeff Squire
Debbie Tsamoudakis
as FBI Agent
Emilio Delgado
as Ambassador Davila
Peter Mason
as Russian Soldier
David Price
as Fred Amburg
Lamont Easter
as Underwood Secret Service
David Bromley
as Gas Station Attendant/Pollster
Malikha Mallette
as Vivian
Angie Goff
as Michele Marcos
Konstantine James
as Camera Man
Andrew Borene
as Senior White House Official
Greg Kinnear
as Bill Shepherd
Gina Jun
as Staff/White House Staffer
Scott Swope
as Secret Service
Charles Borland
as Captain Rockland
Adam Donshik
as Jordan Sadowsky
Joanna Going
as First Lady Tricia Walker
Joshua David Scarlett
as Staff
Gary Ray Moore
as Jack Warton
Misti Morningstar
as Rally Photographer
Joe Scarborough
as Joe Scarborough
John A. Taylor
as Political Rally Attendee/UN Diplomat
Gale Nemec
as Copy Shop Clerk
Clayton Teat
as Cameraman
Chuck Taber
as Drug Dealer/Protestor/Shipyard Worker/Townsman
Jamal Alkhaldi
David Clennon
as Ted Havemeyer
Stephen Michael Ayers
as South Carolina Congressman
Ted Williams
as Cameraman
Lynette Rathnam
as Reporter
Sunkanmi London
as Parent/Parishioner
Jeremy Bobb
as Nick Henslow
Tim R. Worley
as Congressman/Concerned Citizen/Foreign Press Corps/Government Worker/Stranger on Train Platform/White House Press Corp
Adrian Nanney
as Press Photographer
Cat Andersen
as Entertainment Anchor
Michael Ahl
as Congressman Anthony Lucajko
Ellen Burstyn
as Elizabeth Hale
Isaac Reeb
as Navy Color Guard/Navy Officer
Jenna Gavigan
as Russo Staffer
Robert Beard
as Telecom Head
Eric Bass
as Classy Man
Jim Hild
as Commissioner Roberts
Mike McVearry
as Secret Agent
Mack Jones
as Parishoner/White House Press
Frank Bliss
as General/Man at Strip Club/Vice President's Drunk Friend
Emanuele Ancorini
as Galloway Friend #6
Boris McGiver
as Tom Hammerschmidt
Robert Neal Marshall
as Scotty Tibbs
Kate Lyn Sheil
as Lisa Williams
Alan Pratt
as Field Director
Greg Black
as Herald Staffer
Loretta Burnette
as Convention Delegate/Conway Rally Attendee/Conway Supporter/Gas Station Patron/Inauguration Guest/Opera Attendee/Parishoner/Protestor/Reporter/Women's Conference Attendee
Stan Kang
as Counterman
Richard Evans
as Metro Officer/College Student/Congregation/Mourner
Steve Coulter
as Mitch Scanlon
Dan Matteucci
as Marine
Myke Holmes
as Sharp's Aide
Gary Ayash
as White House Press Corp Reporter/White House Press Corp Reporter-Press Room/White House Press Corp Reporter-DNC/Audience Member/Bar Patron/Civil War Re-enactment Spectator/Democrat Senator/Opera Attendee/Reporter/Restaurant Patron/Town Hall Attendee/White House Press Corp Reporter-New Year's Eve Formal Party/White House Press Corp Reporter-New Years Formal Party
Babs Proller
as Clerk of Courts
Luke Forbes
as Secret Service Driver
Michelle Poole
as Press Photographer
Rachel Brosnahan
as Rachel Posner/Call Girl
Sarah Dacey-Charles
as Nancy Gallagher
Ann Harada
as Hawaii Chair
Edward Pfeifer
as Courtroom Attendee/Protestor/Reporter
Lee Murphy
as Secretary of Defense
Staci Dickerson
as WH Reporter Jess
Mike Sutton
as Corporate Type
Tracy McMullan
as Olivia Austen
James Fielder
as B&B Proprietor
Derek Cecil
as Seth Grayson
Dustin Lewis
as Aide
Ed Wagenseller
as Fred
Daniel Alfonso Contreras
as Underwood Secret Service
Michael Park
as Curtis Haas
Nzinga Porter
as Ms. Davis Sister 2
Mir Rizvi
as Dunbar Staff/Dunbar Staffer/Train Passenger
Elizabeth Gmaz
as CWI Staffer/Dunbar Supporter
Lori Titus
as Debate Attendee
Emma Blancovich
as Tech Conference Attendee/Upscale Bar Goer
Michelle Roy
as Legislative Aide
Sean Phillips
as Lieutenant Phelps
Carl Schurr
as Chief Justice
Cody N. Carter
as School Kid
Morris Jones
as Morris Jones
Matthew Lawler
as Editor
Vincent Riviezzo
as Driver
Mark J. Kilbane
as National Security Advisor
Lester Holt
as Lester Holt
Brian Kurlander
as FBI Director Clark
Linda Ha
as Dance Couple 10
Wendy Carter
as CIA Translator
Jessica Abo
as Anchor
Becky Quick
as Rebecca Quick
Michael L. Gibson
as Lieutenant
Maria Diavolitsis
as Political Event Rallier
John-Patrick Driscoll
as Dunbar's Comm Director
Wesley Bocian
as Protester/Videographer
Ricky Montano
as UN Soldier
Al Sotto
as Anxious Patient/Casino Security Guard
Kate Bennis
as Photographer
Lorri Lindberg
as FISA Court Judge
Joe Duquette
as Bartender
Claudia Kastellanos
as Russian Reporter
Alexander Emmert
as Embassy Attache/Russian Cabinet/Russian Dignitary/Russian Embassy Attache
Michael Garvey
as Businessman/Congressman/Delegate
Karen Tsen Lee
as Calista Bates
Hillary Schenning
as Francis Supporter
Anne Hall
as MD Congresswoman
John Moon
as Editor #1/Telegraph Executive Editor
Clark Carmichael
as Dean Masters
Randy Thomas Lindsay
as Patron
Candace Hammer
as White Powder Intern
Kay Galvin
as Congresswoman
Tatyana N. Pokrovskaya
as Protester/Alaskan Democrat/Congressional Staffer/Conway Supporter/Democrat/Democratic Congress/Government Type/News Reporter/Patron/Press/Reporter
Julius Webb
as Mack the Barber
Joey Auzenne
as Vern
Tom Myers
as Bar Patron/Casino Patron/Congressman
Art McFarland
as News Anchor
Jim Acosta
as Jim Acosta
Kerry Dutka
as Underwood Rally Support
James Cottingham
as Politician
Scott Mielock
as General's Aid
Amanda Warren
as Jenna Perkins
Mc Jones
as Martin
Kristen Adele
as Usher's Aide
Bob Kessler
as Dance Couple 8
Brendon Sinclair Wilde
as UN Marine
Marla Aaron Wapner
as WH Press Corp/TV Reporter/News Reporter/Reporter at Bar
Gil Birmingham
as Daniel Lanagin
Ross Bickell
as President of NEA
Lance E. Nichols
as Gene Clancy
Derek Larthey
as Herald Reporter
Samuel Muriithi
as Vasquez Aide/Vasquez Assistant
Natalya Franklin
as Dance Couple 11
Kristen Sieh
as Kelsey Stewart/Kelsey
Sullivan Jones
as Reporter
Kris Andrews
as Justice Moretti
David Shae
as Buha
Ryan Hinson
as White House Reporter/Catherine's Brother/Governor's Guest/Ohio Victim
Kirk Penberthy
as Jake Vaughn
Jonathan Marballi
as Greer
Arielle Bielicki
as Political Journalist
Edward Daniels
as Disc Jockey
Kristen Welker
as Kristen Welker
Randy Spence
as Arthur Capo
Teresa Castracane
as Janet
Kenneth Israel
as Secret Service Agent
Steve Lebens
as Reporter/Tilden's Assistant
Mahershala Ali
as Remy Danton
Lars Mikkelsen
as Viktor Petrov
PJ Landers
as Bearded Man
Scott Lehman
as Louisiana Chair
Greg Williams
as Congressman #2
Lindsley Register
as Protester
Michael A. Thompson
as Frank Underwood Security
Andre Nance
as Church Soloist
Jasmine Shea
as Aide to Francis
Charlita Woodruff
as White House Press Corp
Jenny Gulley
as Reporter
Mariya Alyokhina
as Mariya Alyokhina
Dan Callaway
as Dance Couple 13
Ryan Konig
as Businessman
Bob Singer
as Delegate/Governor of Louisiana
Richard Zane
as Waiter
Alex Webb
as Agent Carter
Patricia Clarkson
as Jane Davis
Roger Tyler
as Server
Danny Boushebel
as Photographer
Erik Jensen
as Fitz
Mark Zeisler
as Bill Galich
Clem Cheung
as Chinese Delegate
Kimia' Workman
as Traveler
Kyle Johnson
as Walker Kid 1
Sean C. Graham
as James Miller
Christina Munn
as Server/Women's Conference Attendee
David Cohen
as Congressman/Dignitary/Norwegian Delegate/Passenger/Polish Ambassador
Steven Gleich
as Telegraph Managing Editor
Felix Quiñones
as Tomas - Ballroom Guest
Herrari Hamilton
as Young Woman
Mike Lutz
as Speechwriter 1
Matthew J Sutphin
as Boston Red Sox Player
Linda Powell
as Marcy Siegerson
Connie Chung
as Connie Chung
A. Smith Harrison
as Reporter
Jimmi Simpson
as Gavin Orsay
Frank Bal
as Second Cop
Zaq Harrison
as Mourner
J. Omar Castro
as Desk Officer #2
David Alexander
as Head of Advance
Shannon Mulaire
as News Anchor
Nick Madrick
as SS Agent #1
Rusty Martin Sr.
as Bright Star Pilot
Mark Borkowski
as Ted Barnes
Samuel Smith
as Secret Service Agent
Stephen Gonzales
as Dance Couple 11
Theresa McCarthy
as Dr. Larson
Lamar Kukuk
as White House Press/Campaign Supporter
David Murray Solomon
as Congregation Member/Iowa Rally Attendee/New Years Eve Partygoer/Political Rally Attendee/Subway Station Bucket Drum Listener
Kim Dickens
as Kate Baldwin
Alfredo Narciso
as Agent Holbrooke
Alex Martin
as Union Soildier
Dayna Beilenson
as Editor #2/Dayna
Bonnie Johnson
as Charlotte
Chris Hayes
as Chris Hayes
Wil Bradford
as Well Wisher 1
Elena Schick
as TV Reporter
Nello DeBlasio
as Private Investigator
Brian Stever
as FBI Agent
Shaira Barton
as Luisa's Mother/TV Reporter #3
Nathan Ferguson
as Staffer
Sindy Nurse
as Campaign Manager/Parishoner
Amna Geko
as Mourner
Darin Moore
as White House Press
Kacey Leigh
as President's Makeup Artist
Sam McCrea
as Congressional Hearing Reporter
Wendy Snow
as Presidential Secretary
Annie K. Fox
as Rally Crowd
Alexis Nichole Smith
as Angela
Holly Twyford
as Mrs. Applebaum
Joanna Becker
as Herald Staffer
Geoffrey Cantor
as Ben Goldstein
Jeremy McLain
as Walker Secret Service
Kara Jackson
as Mandy Pierce
Eddie Clark
as First Cop
Deanna Dunagan
as Susan Marbury
Kate Mara
as Zoe Barnes
Jefferson White
as Joshua Masterson
Christopher Reed
as Background Player
Gabrielle West
as Gabby
Jon Shaver
as Cabinet Member
Frank Sesno
as News Anchor
Michelle Davidson
as Newscaster #2
Liam Ferguson
as Photographer/Press
Steve Sanpietro
as Detective
Ken Barnett
as Stephen Haines
Parisa Fitz-Henley
as Waitress
Ronen Lewis
as Student Protester
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Moderator
Darlesia Cearcy
as Simone Murphy
Colin Bishopp
as Senator/State Representative
Joseph Balinas
as Passerby
Benito Martinez
as Hector Mendoza
Caleb J. Jackson
as Deli Clerk
Tom Gambrill
as Newspaper Reporter
Chad Tyler
as Reporter
Tina Edwards
as Register Clerk
David Abrams
as Reporter
Brian Barela
as Customer
Valerie Grace
as White House Press Photographer/Miscellaneous Crew/Lithuanian Ambassador/White House Press Corp Photographer
Kenneth Tigar
as Walter Doyle
Anna Damen
as Dance Couple 3
Jason Stolfi
as Underwood Secret Service/Underwood Tactical Secret Service
Jay Soni
as Bar Patron
Brian Michael Jones
as Navy Officer
Charlie Neal
as Pundit
Micheila Leighland
as Gala VIP/Legislative Aide/Opera VIP/Parishioner
Angela Gollan
as Receptionist
Tony Senzamici
as Austen's Chief of Staff
Charles W Harris III
as Carl Williams/Staffer
Ryan Phoenix
as Press
Lawrence Whitener
as Cab Driver/Chapter 53/New Years Eve Partygoer
Gabriela Coro
as Theater attendee
Adrienne Nelson
as Russian Woman
Edward Stachyra
as Fundraiser Attendee
Kristof Konrad
as Boris Litsky
Brian Distance
as Frank Security 1
Shawn Michelle Cosby
as Young Mother
Max Firestein
as Russian Teen
Patricia Squire
as Woman
Edward Incle
as Lieutenant Quintero
Michael Wingate Jones
as Casino Security Specialist
Robert G. McKay
as Senior Cop
Brian Reddy
as Bruce Higgins
Kevin Hunt
as Underwood Secret Service
Kerry Malloy
as Assistant Restaurant Manager
Nancy Nagrant
as Press Secretary Maggie Wilson
Jon Leiberman
as Finance Anchor
David Little
as Senator Timms
Pyotr Verzilov
as Pyotr Verzilov
W. Keith Scott
as DC Cop 1
Theodore A. Adams III
as Claire Underwood's Attorney
Curtiss Cook
as Terry Womack
Bryan Langlitz
as Brian
Ira Grossman
as Mourner/Newspaper Reporter
Curran Connor
as Media Consultant
Nik Menotiades
as Gordon
Thomas Kopache
as Earl Hanna
Morley Safer
as Morley Safer
Jen Ayer Drake
as Victim
Colm Feore
as General Brockhart/Ted Brockhart
Jeff Moore
as Businessman/Restaurant Patron
Brant Casey
as TV Reporter
Francie Swift
as Felicity Holburn
Karen Pittman
as Elizabeth Ward
Ena Wagner
as Office Worker
Richard Barlow
as Moderator
Nat DeWolf
as Plant Representative
Kevyn Settle
as Drew Coughlin
Catherine Duvall
as Campaign Supporter/College Student/Reporter/TV Crew Assistant/Town Hall Member/Union Supporter/Working Class Person
Jay Viera
as State Police
Marisol Correa
as Audience/Committee Reaction/Jazz Club Hipster/Lieutenant General Nancy Gallagher/Mom/Photog/Victim
Kevin Reeverts
as Presidential Power Player
Andre Faulcon
as Conway Security
Alan Tilles
as Cabinet Secretary
Bob Schwartz
as Photographer/Press Photographer/Waiter
Tony Moore
as Commission Member 2/DC Arts Gala Patron/US Navy Admiral/USAF General/USAF Major General
Honour Drew
as Protestor
Adam Bashian
as Rifleman 3
Kent Sanders
Dionne Audain
as Ms. Davis
Alejandro Chamorro
as Latino Wonks/Ship Worker
Melissa Dudek
as White House Press Corp
Kwajalyn Brown
as Gina
Clinton Kelly
as Clinton Stamper
Lane Carlock
as Herald Reporter
Phil Notarange
as Cabinet Member
Rob Sheridan
as Print Reporter
Dylan R. Nix
as Cameraman/Democrat Partygoer
Jimmy Day
as Homeland Security/National Guard
Mark Lotito
as Joe Siskind
Christine Nelson
as Town Citizen
Michael Siberry
as David Rasmussen
Frances Eve
as Young Woman at B&B
David Hill
as Congressman/Secret Service Agent/Senior White House Aide
Morris D. Small
as Freddy's Customer
Greg Lang
as Military Aide
Marco Rosario
as Press Photographer
Eshan Bay
as Staffer #1
Diann Y. Rust-Tierney
as Danton's Mother
Erik David Barber
as Russo Campaign Staffer
Anne Marie Howard
as Correspondent #2
Vanessa Quinlivan
as Congressional Staffer/Hotel Employee/Party Guest/Underwood Supporter
Wayne Shearer
as Neighbor
Jared Collins
as Orioles Baseball Player
Christina Ritter
as Office Staffer
Kristi Faye
as First Underwood Staffer/VP Receptionist
Logan Crawford
as News Anchor #1
Dave Fairbanks
as Friend/Parishoner/Party Guest/Pollster/Town Hall Member
Anthony Logan Cole
as Alumni
Lillian Cartagena
as Military Guest
Chris Konke
as Analyst
Gene Jones
as Wayne Paley
Charlie Dreizen
as 20-Year-Old Hit and Run Driver
Mark Vincent
as Dignitary/Serviceman #1/Tactical Secret Service
Ali Collier
as Teen Claire
Estes Tarver
as Driver
Gretchen Koerner
as NSA Agent 2
Don Meehan
as Galloway Friend #7
Lucy Henningfield
as Dance Couple 9
Adam DeMarco
as Valet
Barney Fitzpatrick
as Tusk's Lawyer #2
Paul Weaver
as Commission Member 5
Sean Hannity
as Sean Hannity
Barbara Rosenblat
as Louise Talbert
Martin Lopez
as Bartender/Waiter
Pete Garvey
as Politician
Kyle Edwards
as Anti-Union Protestor
Dana Bash
as Dana Bash
Svetlana Efremova
as Nadia Surkova
Anthony Quartetti
as Capra Kid 2
Rege Lewis
as Polling Caller
Asher Grodman
as Aide
Annie Gill
as Opera Singer
Bert Puckett
as Confederate Soldier
Andrew Polk
as Harry Marshall
Fabian Starr
as Ballroom Attendee
Yuri Chernykh
as Union Protestor
Jonah Proepper
as Capra Kid 4
Peak Kwinarian
as Deputy Chair
Jay DeVon Johnson
as Senior Airman Edwards
Mary Suib
as Older Woman
John Wells
as Congressman/Reporter/Press Corps/Alcoholic/Diner Patron/Diplomat/Farmer/Gambler/UN Delegate
Guiesseppe Jones
as Manager
Armando Gutierrez
as Staffer/CWI Staffer
Blanca Avalos
as Galloway Friend #10
Jose Miguel Vasquez
as Gas Station Attendant
Carver Hudson
as Telegraph Legal Counsel
Aaron T. Mott
as Town Hall Attendee
Kayla Blake
as Kerry Kuilima
William James Kelly
as Politician
Devin Druid
as Danny
Ian Blackman
as Casey Giallo
Ed Costlow
as Dance Couple 4
Jesse Williams
as US Congressman
Nikiya Palombi
as Russian Reporter
Paton Ashbrook
as Bridget Cohen
Dominique McElligott
as Hannah Conway
Zachary Schwartz
as Young Tech Artist
Erica Frene
as Seth's Secretary
Rafael Alfonzo
as Marine Sergeant
Dot Gregory
as Catherine Durant's Mother
Stephanie Green
as Stephanie
Jesse Milliner
as Glad Hander
Dimitri Klubov
as Dance Couple 7
John Harrington Bland
as Congressman Carlson Greer
Charlie Rose
as Charlie Rose
Stephanie Parker
as Secret Service
Malcolm Goodwin
as Darnell Hayes
Pippa Pearthree
as Helen
Sophie von Haselberg
as Tanya Benson
Robert Toomey
as Reporter
Jason Tottenham
as Agent Morgan
Matthew Bowen
as Analyst
Steven Carino
as Videographer
Michael James Thomas
as Male Soldier
Maceo Oliver
as ER Doctor
Dan Verkman
as White House Press Corp/Civil War Reenactment Attendee/Democratic Convention Attendee/Mid Western Reporter/Reporter/Russian Dignitary
Kelsey Saunders
as Galloway Friend #2
Jessica Kartalija
as News Anchor
Tanis Parenteau
as Tammy
Hailey Wist
as Young Woman
James Martinez
as Alex Romero
Kacy Gabbert
as Bellport Resident
Marva Hicks
as Strategist 1
Kevin D. Benton
as Government Type/House of Representatives/Military Recruit/National Guard
Jennifer Lavi
as Convention Staff/Presidential Debate Attendee
Chagmion Antoine
as News Anchor/Newscaster
Kianné Muschett
as Reporter
Catalina Parks
as Claire's Secret Service
Molly Parker
as Jackie Sharp
Campbell Scott
as Mark Usher
Jason Nuzzo
as Maître D'
Mary Richards
as Ship Builder's Wife
Lois DaVincent
as Mrs. Dempsey
Kaylyn Aznavorian
as Alabama Delegate/Political Journalist/College Student
Monica Lee Bellais
as WH Senior Staffer
Nakia Dillard
as Soundman
Shaun O'Hagan
as Lawyer #1
Chrislene Bright
as White House Press Corp.
Craig Miller
as Sergeant at Arms
Hillary Mazer
as Bar
Terry Chen
as Xander Feng
Kimberly S. Fairbanks
as Mary/Reporter/WH Reporter
Monica Crowley
as Monica Crowley
Gabriele Schafer
as Chancellor of Germany
Alex Zuko
as Rick Sussman
Ken Arnold
as Vice Chief
Miguel Martinez
as Bartender
Elizabeth Marvel
as Heather Dunbar
Jim Dougherty
as Republican Congressman Walters
Beau Baxter
as Serviceman #2
Isabelle McNally
as Kendra Lee
Judah Sandridge
as Little Kid
Mike D Harris
as Ballet Patron
Tony Wade
as Special Agent Slater
Katie Carpenter
as Young Woman
Sean Cullen
as Senator Dean Austen
Harlan J. Strauss
as Chairman
Celeste Jones
as Telegraph Executive Assistant
Darian Drescher
as Tv Producer
Karen Culp
as Mrs. Hennessey
Nathaniel E. Bell
as Protestor
Laura Avnaim
as Pedestrian
Alan Richmond
as Indiana Chair
Nini Le Huynh
as Claire's Assistant/Lynn Phang/Claire's Aide
Jocelyn Samson
as JD Samson
Susanne Arrington
as Tennessee Chair
Kristen Connolly
as Christina Gallagher
Mark Falvo
as White House Press Corps/Reporter/Iowa Resident/News Photgrapher/Photographer/White House Press Corp/Congressman/Convention Attendee/Lawyer/Press/UN Member/White House Ptress Corp
Kelly Miller
as News Correspondent
Ryan A. Phillips
as Drug Dealer
Simon Feil
as VP's Chief of Staff
Daniel Johnsen
as Larry
Rosa Laura O'Brocki
as Rosario
Keith Kuperman
as White House Press Corps
Aaron Bryant
as Rude Politician
Eoin O'Shea
as Federal Marshall
Annie Parisse
as Suzie
Benjamin Edward Simpson
as Rifleman 1
Prentice Onayemi
as Staffer #2/Staffer #3
Laura Chaneski
as Reporter
David DeBoy
as Chairman
Luke Frey
as Pallbearer/White House Staffer
Tim Pabon
as Reporter/Mark/WH Reporter Mark
Alan Wade
as Delaware Chair
Steven Soto
as White House Aide
Mike Monroe
as President Underwood Staff
Eliza Kelley
as Doctor
Brad Eaton
as Parishoner
Evander Duck Jr.
as Secretary of Transportation
Adam Devine
as Photographer at Graveyard
John Thomas Cramer
as Delegation Leader
Randall Newsome
as Park Ranger
Andrea Leigh
as WH Secretary
Molly Moores
as Woman at Bar
Richard Allen Cramer
as Protester
Brannon Cross
as Reg
Keely Borland
as Tech Audience Member/Women's Arena Audience
Louis Murray
as Taylor
Shanara Gabrielle
as Lorraine
Ally Ibach
as Military Recruit
Jonathan W. Colby
as Slugline Employee
Mary Lee Adams
as Russo Intern
Thomas C. Hessenauer
as Mourner
Mike Cimatu
as Secretary of Transportation
Robert Olausen
as White House Press Photographer/Dunbar Supporter/Georgia Delegate/House Republican/Ohio State Trooper/Town Hall Member/White House Press Reporter
Anne Bowles
as Jane
Kirsten Johnson
as Walker Kid 2
Morgan Flanagan
as Mourner
Major Garrett
as Major Garrett
Cara Jaye
as Event Planner
Alex Sanon
as Billionaire Camper
Kim Cheek
as Mourner
Reg E. Cathey
as Freddy
Charles D. Clark
as Executive Campaign Staff
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
as Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
Dave Ferrier
as Videographer/Photographer
James Donahue
as Walker Secret Service/Secret Service
Brian Harrison
as Photographer/Reporter
Doug Henderson
as Union Protester/Opera Patron
Ben VanderMey
as Zachary Hawthorne
Mars Xexelia
as Shepherd Foundation Staffer
Gloria Borger
as Gloria Borger
Beth Barnes
as Honored Conference Guest
Raymond H. Johnson
as Motorcade Passenger
Andreu Honeycutt
as Messenger
Cody Bennett
as Bar Patron
Mitchell Hebert
as Doctor
Aleszea Blanche Germann
as Svetla
Gregg Edelman
as Stan Durant
Ray Miller
as Cameraman
S.E. Cupp
as S.E. Cupp
Pia Glenn
as Pundit #1
Michael Kincade
as Gordon
Vivian Yoon Lee
as Famous Celebrity
Janet Devine Smith
as Mourner/DNC Conventioneer/Donor/Physical Therapist
Sarah Laine Smith
as Makeup Artist/Ohio TV Producer
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Miguel
Dan De Luca
as Galloway Friend #4
Lance Lewman
as Communication Director
Dakota Romero
as Woman Crossing Street
Taylor Thomas
as News Anchor
Stephen C. Poland
as Usher's Cabinet
Andrea Cirie
as Lorrie Tate
Terrence Shingler
as Drug Dealer #2
David Douglas Johnston
as White House Protester/Gas Station Customer/Hotel Guest/Mourner/Press
Prue Lewarne
as Gallery Owner
Kellyn Lindsay
as Blonde Hooker
Dawn McGee
as Desk Officer #1
Amy Lynn Stewart
as Claire's Mother
Tracie Conrad
as White House Press Corps
Nikki Estridge
as Female Agent
Andrea R. Baker
as President Walker's Secretary
Robin Wright
as Claire Underwood
Elizabeth M. Kallman
as Shopper
Alexander Sokovikov
as Alexi Moryakov
Chris Lawrence
as Chris Lawrence
Kelly AuCoin
as Gary Stamper
Lancer Dean Shull
as CIA Agent
Chris Endres
as Dance Couple 6
Jenna Stern
as Eliana Caspi
Rick Zahn
as Captain
Julianna Goldman
as Julianna Goldman
Phyllis Somerville
as Russo's Mother
Mika Brzezinski
as Mika Brzezinski
Tom Giannini
as Political Pundit
Leonor Chaves
as Tusk Secretary
Tricia Sawyer
as Cosmetologist
Juan Eloy Carrera
as Ballroom Attendee
Toshi Calderón
as Jazz Club Hipster
Tawny Cypress
as Carly Heath
Joel Kinnaman
as Will Conway
Jeff Sandor
as SEAL #1
Neil Hellegers
as Hospital Doctor
Stephen Colbert
as Stephen Colbert
James Hindman
as Nash Aarons
Rachael Price
as Rachael Price
Dennis P. Marburger
as Restaurant Customer/Videographer/Voter
Emily Jackson
as Server
Paola Torres
as Concierge
Manny Mertis
as Russian Secret Service
Kim Ramirez
as Agent March
Gilbert Cruz
as Texas Chair
Jed Lunario
as White House Staff/White House Staffer
Felicia Greenfield
as Speechwriter 2
Caroline Clay
as Secretary of Commerce
Laura Poe
as Senator Cornwall
Jennifer Barnhart
as Speaker McCarthy
Jackie McClain
as Cabinet Member
Kara Turner
as Claire's Staffer
Neil Baltus
as Gettysburg Crowd
Kathryn Klvana
as Mayor
Christopher Crutchfield Walker
as Director
Candy Crowley
as Candy Crowley
Stacy Gedney
as Church Member
Alex Brewer
as Photographer
Tex Allen
as Restaurant Patron
Herndon Lackey
as Well Wisher 2
Joy Kigin
as Stamper's Secretary
Jae Jin
as Singing Young Man
Ralph Byers
as Congressman from Alabama
Valeria Volynkina
as Upscale Party Guest
Ann Marlow
as Dance Couple 2
Jocelyn Sigue
as Reporter #1
Sonia Debreczeni
as First Lady Patricia Walker
Steve Ray
as TV Reporter #1
Shawn Shillingford
as White House Photographer
Peter Von Berg
as Ivan Bugayev
Maureen Kerrigan
as Strategist 3
Megan McLain
as Press Photographer
Phil Nee
as Xu Jiabao
Randall Taylor
as Alabama Chair
Kelley Davis
as Reporter
Brian Foreman
as Politician/Campaign Manager
Brent Langdon
as Congressman Abrams
Angela Reed
as Roseanne Masterson
Jennifer Joy Funkhouser
as Kentucky Delegate
Hiten D. Patel
as White House Staffer/Underwood Senior Staff
Patrick Ryan Wood
as Young Boy #3
Caren Anton
as Older Woman
John Hagy
as Congressman/Rally Person
Aaron Marcus
as Michael
Danny Johnson
as Hazmat Chief
Daryn Kahn
as Conway Staffer
Lauren O'Quinn
as Reporter/Reporter 2
Shawn Doyle
as Dr. Alan Cooke
Steve Beauchamp
as Mr. Brown
Ron Nakahara
as Japanese Prime Minister
Carol Berger
as Dance Couple 4
Kevin Spacey
as Francis Underwood
Annie Chang
as Feng's Assistant
Michael 'Mick' Harrity
as Dunbar's Security
Charles Poole
as Press Cameraman
Andrew Dolan
as Adrian Ogioni
Christopher Zash
as Telegraph Mail Boy
Amber Gwin
as Dunbar Campaign Staffer
Andy Rivera
as Guatemalan Foreign Minister/Inauguration VIP
Gwendolyn Briley-Strand
as Head of AFT
Rebecca Street
as Homeless Woman
Jacalyn E. Stanley
as Congresswoman/Delegate
Susan Pourfar
as Nora Cafferty
E. Parker Webb
as Naked Man
Anthony Hackett
as Ship Builder
Dan Ziskie
as Jim Matthews/VP Jim Matthews/VP Matthews
Jody Matzer
as FBI Agent/Journalist/Mourner/Photographer/Senate Hearing Spectator/White House Press
Margaret Daly
as Elaine Brooks
Ciera Nicole Butts
as Student Protestor
Kevin Pitcairn
as Labor Leader
Michael Alban
as Senior Staffer
Chris Matthews
as Chris Matthews
Ron Christie
as UN Diplomat
Dana Healey
as George Walleck
Peter Bradbury
as Dalton McGinnis
Kelly Mumme
as Reporter
Sally Meints
as Dance Couple 12
Stephanie Umoh
as Reporter
Doug Barron
as Senator Baker
Liam Hughes
as Older Man
Jessica J. Immanuel
as Supporter
Frances A. Cheever
as Trauma Doctor
Katrina Clark
as Sign Language Interpreter
Darlene Wallace
as Ship Builder 3
Matthew Gooley
as Waiter
Mary-Alice Farina
as White House Press Corps
Dave Blamy
as Democratic Congressman
Martha Raddatz
as Martha Raddatz
Oriana Oppice
as Reporter
Yuko Yu
as Dance Couple 14
Eyas Younis
as Prince Ryad
John Leslie Wolfe
as Congressman #1
Angela Christian
as Leanne Masters
Bruce Allen Dawson
as Union Protest Leader
Mike Hayes
as Ben
Sam Freed
as Paul Landry
Delphi Harrington
as Louise
Dani Englander
as 1st Lady Patricia Walker
Richie Acevedo
as Women's Covention Attendee
Esther You
as CNN Moderator
Chelsea Grace Fox
as Dog Walker
Lauren Cash
as Iowa Dunbar Supporter
Christopher Lee Philips
as Announcer at Underwood Rally
Samuel Ray Gates
as Police Officer
James Whalen
as Jack
Lenny Le
as Herald Staff
Scott Gardner
as WH Steward
Robert Poletick
as Secretary of Defense/Defense Secretary Davis
Ulysses E. Campbell
as Ogilvy
Altorro Prince Black
as Secret Service Agent/Immigration Officer
Brian Patrick Russell
as Captain Cardiff
Franke Kelly
as Franke Stamper
Jaclyn McHugh
as Dunbar Supporter
Cathleen Trigg
as Anchor
Adam Ratcliffe
as Federal Agent
Hadi Tabbal
as U.N. Interpreter
Annabelle Shore
as Heather Dunbar's Daughter
Jennifer Leigh Mann
as Caroline Miller
Ashley James
as Underwood Assistant
Ken Holliday
as Bookstore Patron/Congressman at Press Conference/Dining Patron/FBI Agent/Office Worker/Pedestrian/Senator/State Trooper
Colin Grube
as Reporter #2
Felipe Taruselli
as Young Boy
Michael Beasley
as Mark Stevens
Joshua Barnes
as Police Officer
Jackie Nedell
as Anchor
Elizabeth Girard
as Correspondent Reporter
Victoria Morrison
as Opera Couple 1
Christina Bennett Lind
as Sharon
Beth Hylton
as Press Secretary
Devin A.W. Wheeler
as Tech Confrence Member
Debbie Winchell
as Dance Couple 6
Chunying Zhang
as President of China
Kesner Cham
as Danton's Father
Seth Kozak
as Brigadier General
Robert Newman
as EPA Administrator
Richard Toth
as Arnold Silva
Sharrie McCain
as Military recruit
Cindy Cheung
as Meredith Lee
Jaci Jones
as Staffer
Suzanne Savoy
as Patti Whittaker/Patricia Whittaker
Abby Rose Merrill
as Teen Annette
Jill Marie Lawrence
as Sec of Housing and Urban Development
Ellyn McLaughlin
as President's Secretary
Chase Crawford
as Campaign Assistant
Ben Hyland
as Kevin Russo
Alexis Barone
as Protester
Joshua Craig
as Secret Service Agent
Korey Jackson
as Sean Jeffries
Carlyncia S. Peck
as Guidance Counselor
Ed Walsh
as Agent
Guy LeMonnier
as Military Aide
Will Debley
as Rich Party Goer
James Saito
as Dr. Krebs
J. Ryan Smith
as Confederate Soldier
Chris Conlon
as Red Sox Baseball Player
Michael J. Lyons
as Senator/Speaker
Juan Williams
as Juan Williams
Angelo Reyes
as Bellhop
Valerie Boyd
as College Student
Ed Moran
as Agent Schiller
Cindy Gueli
as Caroline
Erick Washington
as Ship Builder 1
Pun Bandhu
as Rob
Kamal Jones
as Cop
Marc Goodman
as Debate Attendee/Dog Walker/Opera Attendee/Restaurant Patron
Loren Fenton
as Mother
Drepung Loseling Monks of the Mystical Arts of Tibet
as Themselves
Neal McNeil
as Orioles Fan/Parishoner/Wedding Photographer/White House Photographer
Alisa Anderson
as Congresswoman
Ann Curry
as Ann Curry
Carol Anne Raffa
as Claire's Secretary
Elan Zafir
as Gagik
Charles Gibson
as Charles Gibson
Boris Kodjoe
as Brett Cole
Sophie Rosenthal
as Vigil Attendee
John Brennan
as NSA Liaison
Trey Robertson
as Russian State Dinner Server
Elliott Grey
as Congressman #2
Rachel Gray
as Capitol Police Officer
James Lewis
as Hazmat Team Member
Kathleen Chalfant
as Margaret Tilden
Neill Hartley
as Secretary of Treasury
Michael Blumenstock
as Reporter
Reese Langlois
as Crowdmember
David Pittu
as Dr. Saxon
Dude Walker
as Presiding Officer
Jonathan David Randle
as Drug Dealer #1
Steve K. Young
as Secret Service
Iris Crenshaw
as Party Goer/Political Guest
Sean Climer
as Dance Couple 3
Demetria Bailey
as California Chair
Thomas Yu
as Dance Couple 14
Gabrielle Senn
as Waitress
Kyle Ensley
as Congressional Aide
Peter Chiamardas
as White House Press/Gala Attendee/Reporter/Restaurant Patron/United Nations Dignitary
Sanjay Raja
as Reporter/Reporter 4
J.C. MacKenzie
as Phil Langdon
Chuck Todd
as Chuck Todd
Megan Graves
as Sheila
Maggie Lovitt
as Press Camera Operator
Lendon LeMelle
as White House Intern
David M. Raine
as Secret Service Agent
Kelly L. Moran
as Protestor/Wealthy Patron
Greg Puckett
as Secret Service
Michael McCormick
as Porter
Peter Muggleworth
as Reporter/Capitol Police/Dunbar Supporter/Inauguration Guest/Party Guest/Political Rally Supporter
Gina Grinkemeyer
as Abby Green
Carolyn Michelle Smith
as Willa
Waleed Zuaiter
as Kaseem Mahmoud
Tom Cutler
as Tusk Lawyer
Silvia Baldassini
as Reporter
David Eichenbaum
as Abbott Vaughn
Monica Haynes
as 'Dunbar' Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent
Thomas Adrian Simpson
as FISA Court Lawyer
Eisa Davis
as Cynthia Driscoll
Richard Cutting
as CIA Liaison/FBI Director
Rasik Ohal
as Dr. Chase
Randall Lawrence
as SecretService/Tastic
Serena Rasoul
as TV Reporter
Rick Samuel
as Television Press
Gameela Wright
as Lawyer
Martin Barabas
as Walker's Lawyer
Daisy Tahan
as Sarah Russo
Hugo Ciarrocchi
as Charity Event Attendee/New Year's Eve Guest
Kyle Flynn
as Town Hall Attendee
Lawrence O'Donnell
as Lawrence O'Donnell
Julian Gamble
as Chairman of Joint Chiefs/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs/Col. Max Braegher/Max Braegher
Elizabeth Norment
as Nancy Kaufberger
Adi Stein
as Busboy
Maalik Evans
as CWI Staffer
Cynthia Kossally
as Nurse
Alphie Hyorth
as Mayor Adalardi
Joe Inscoe
as Jamie Reed
Robert T. Bogue
as Claire's Father
Sarah Middlemiss
as Videographer/White House Press
Patrick Brown
as White House Server
Crystal Dee
as Park Goer
Bill Phillips
as Reverend Jenkins
Erin Fritch
as Ashley
Jack Henningfield
as Dance Couple 9
Bobbie Peterson
as Mrs. Casey Giallo
Julee Cerda
as Dana Treister
Jennice Fuentes
as Spanish Anchor
Michelle Xander Gruver
as Campaign Volunteer
Jimmy Gary Jr.
as Bouncer
Bella Chu
as Chinese Woman
Sara Antonio
as Reporter #2
James Matthew Poole
as Photographer
Jennifer Stokes
as Mourner/Onlooker
Mike Masters
as Male Illinois Delegate
Maureen Reese
as Reporter
Jimmy Bacon
as Senator
Colin McHugh
as Campaign Photographer
Brooke Mulkins
as Stamper Staffer
Kaili Vernoff
as Alicia Heyman
Kevin Carrigan
as Admiral Dale
Kate Sanford
as Valerie
Kody Kight
as Protestor
Herbert Lee Frazier III
as Anti-Underwood Protester/Anti-War Protester
Chad Hartline
as Russian General
Elan Noelle
as Bartender - Dupont Circle Bar
Maria Konstantinidis
as Tour Guest
Emet Mihajlo
as Campaign Donor/Pvt. Ortiz
Al Nazemian
as Joram Ismat
Jimmy McCool
as Young Boy #1
Juanita Trad
as Manager
Jennifer Riker
as Maureen Shaud
James Mahony
as Agent Phillips/Bartender
Timothy Britten Parker
as Jonah
Darwin Shaw
as Rafiq Nasser
Brian Stapf
as Sam
John Paul Andrews
as Campaign Staffer
Deborah Benner
as Secretary of Agriculture
David Denyer
as Pollyhop Staff
Chris Agos
as Special Agent Rick Bowman
Joe Fishel
as Video Camera Operator
Peggy J. Scott
as Jean Tusk
Kathy McCafferty
as Press Secretary
Andrew Kober
as Joe Taminini
Gretchen Carlson
as Gretchen Carlson
Tremayne Norris
as Reporter
Andrew Zappone
as Photographer
Antoinette Montgomery
as White House Press Corps
Victoria White
as White House Staffer
Scarlett Knopf
as Tattoo Artist
Rachel Maddow
as Rachel Maddow
Steve 'Stevieweevie' Jones
as Casino Patron
Joel Hurt Jones
as Director
Salvatore Cali
as Digital Conference Attendee/VP Press Conference Videographer/White House Press Corp/Women's Conference Attendee
Jeremy Holm
as Nathan Green
Aaron Serotsky
as Russell
Pat Dortch
as Secretary of Energy
Tiffany Marz
as Town Hall Patron/Underwood Supporter
Richard Adams
as Casino Attendent
Ben Cook
as Heather Dunbar's Son
Jose Luis Munoz
as Union Protester
Kit Banks
as Protestor
Candice 'CJ' Johnson
as Slugline
Ian Mark Brown
as Donor
Bill Maher
as Bill Maher
Rick Voight
as US Senator
John Ellison Conlee
as Hunter
Amy Hohn
as Debbie Simms
Ryan L. Price
as Mourner
Patrick Michael Strange
as Commuter
Bruce Drummond
as Angry Citizen
Perry Bacon Jr.
as Perry Bacon
Kasie Hunt
as Kasie Hunt
Gabriel Scruggs
as Factory Worker
Sophia Parra
as Girl in Park
Jamie Hodge
as Coffee Shop Jogger/Jogger/Pedestrian/Presidential Speech Attendee/Shepherd Hall Patron/Staffer
Maryann Plunkett
as Evelyn
Lynnae Stine
as Family Donor Member
James Wilcox
as Secret Service
Christine Guerra
as Crown Rally
Lee Ordeman
as Anchor/News Anchor
Caroline O'Grady
as Galloway Friend #8
Heidi Segal
as Delegate/Car Driver/Jazz Club Hipster
Ashleigh Banfield
as Ashleigh Banfield
Richard V. Licata
as Chief Justice
James Lyones
as AA Member
Ben Daniels
as Adam Galloway
Wonsup Chung
as Young Asian Man
Matthew Foster
as Manager
Julian Johnson
as Congressional Aide
Theophilus Griffin
as Rally Member/Underwood Supporter
Luke Van Bergen
as Party Goer
Chris McKinney
as Detective Noland
John Jarvis
as Protester/Server/Sharpe Aide/White House Press Core
Garrett Pietrocola
as Garrett Pietrocola
Tod Rainey
as Secret Service
Kim Tuvin
as Congresswoman #1
Kelly McAndrew
as Susan Newman
Bolton Marsh
as Congressman Corey Phillips
as Military Shelter Patron
Paul Begala
as Paul Begala
Jonathan Lee Taylor
as Speechwriter
Christopher Mann
as Secretary of Energy
Cristen Kennedy
as Underwood Caterer
Joe Lanza
as Staffer #2/Staffer #3
Don Whatley
as DC Cop 2
Eli Goodman
as Wayne/Wayne Snyder
Finnerty Steeves
as Lesley
Julie Mun
as Reporter/Sara/WH Reporter Sara
Jeff Andrus
as US Attorney
Adam Godou
as Rifleman 4
Jonathan Hogan
as Justice Jacobs
Johanna Fateman
as Johanna Fateman
Gwen Ifill
as Gwen Ifill
Ava Del Cielo
as Bianca
Fatima Gloria Shahzad
as Rally Crowd
Jon Hartley
as Convention Staff
Tiller Gray
as Journalist
Carly Tamborski
as Anti-Underwood Protester/Formal Dinner Guest/Inauguration Guest/Syrian Refugee/Syrian War Protester/Woman Under Scope
Murphy Guyer
as Oren Chase
Karen Carbone
as Nurse
Nathan Purdee
as AA Congressman
Jose L. Penaranda
as Governor of Nevada
Alex Au
as Tech Conference Attendee
Chris Dyer
as New Years Eve Partygoer/Reporter #3
Cody Cooley
as Reporter
Anthony Reynolds
as Herald Lawyer
Chuck Cooper
as Barney Hull
George Winchell
as Dance Couple 12
Megan Petersen
as Nurse
Brandon Michael Thomas
as Secret Service/Senate
Timothy Crowe
as Owner of Telegraph
Kelsi Chandler
as Front Desk Clerk
Marinko Radakovic
as FSB Russian President Head Security
Richie Moriarty
as Reporter
Alex Drummond III
as Community member
Basil Kershner
as Tusk's Driver
Elizabeth Rich
as Lonnie McDermott
Ron Decker
as Opera Couple 1
Prairie Griffith
as Protester
Jayla Norris
as Union Supporter
Reed Birney
as Donald Blythe/Rep. Donald Blythe/VP Donald Blythe
Cotter Smith
as Drewery
Daryl Ray Carliles
as Seth's Staffer
Mozhan Marnò
as Ayla Sayyad
Velta Moore
as White House Staffer
Jeffrey Voice
as Colonel
Kevin Murray
as Strategist 4
Damian Young
as Aidan Macallan/Aidan MacAllan
Andre Ware
as NSA Director/NSA Deputy Director Michaels
Spencer Trinwith
as Affluent Trust Fund Guy
Brandon Gill
as Cadet #1
Chris Stinson
as Baltimore Orioles Fan
Alisyn Camerota
as Alisyn Camerota
Karl Kenzler
as Sen. Charles Holburn
Julio Bana Fernandez
as Photographer at Underwood Rally/Pool Shark
Kristina Aponte
as White House Press
Robert Dodrill
as Congregation Member
James Davenjay
as White House Staff
Anita Moore
as Lady Cabinet/Reporter/Opera Attendee/Outgoing First Lady/Pedestrian/Trauma Nurse
Dan Franko
as Iowa Reporter
Yana Karp
as Dance Couple 13
Jimmy Gonzales
as Witsec Officer
Morrie Kraemer
as Dennis Mendel
Kit Flanagan
as Annie Wietz
Cliff Moylan
as Guy at Bar
Brett Schmidt
as Russian Prison Guard
April Whatley
as Reporter
Alie Urquhart
as Melissa Miller
Helen E. McNutt
as Agnes
John Henry Cox
as Willard Erickson
John Doman
as Bishop Charles Eddis
Molly Ross
as Aim High Girl
Terry Gross
as Terry Gross
Allie McCulloch
as Sally
Yan Xi
as Mandarin Translator
Michel Gill
as President Garrett Walker/Garrett Walker
Shihab Rattansi
as Shihab Rattansi
Lini Sherburne
as White House Press/Women's Rally Audience Member
Carolyn Mignini
as Congresswoman Rebecca Huntley
Heidi Armbruster
as Sarah Stamper
Anna Magoulas
as Special Agent Wenniger
Ellen Harvey
as Martha Wilson
Jayne Atkinson
as Catherine Durant
John Peddie
as Anti Union Protester/Church Parishioner/Debate audience member/Pedestrian/Russian Dignitary
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Bartender
Tamara Jones
as Tech Sgt Bracco
as Radio Host
Eliot Malamud
as Dance Couple 1
Zachary Leipert
as Press Cameraman
Michael Rubino
as Pundit #2
George Ludden
as Congressman/Bystander/Convention Delegate/Man on the Street/Parishioner/Senator
Poorna Jagannathan
as Dr. Lanjawni
Carey Van Driest
as Reporter #2
Scott Thurman
as Scott Thurman
Katrinka Stringfield
as Parishioner/Parishoner
Paul Sparks
as Thomas Yates
Barry Ratcliffe
as Correspondent
Jeffrey Wells
as Kentucky Delegate
Donna Brazile
as Donna Brazile
Hollis McCarthy
as Tabitha Lonnergan
J. Scott Watkins
as Congressman #3
Jodi Dawson
as CWI Staffer
Patricia Prete
as Stylist
Rafael V. DeLeon
as Party Goer
Ben Livingston
as Director of NWS
Shira Bethea
as Campaign Volunteer/Dignatary/U.N. Diplomat
Donny Deutsch
as Donny Deutsch
Joy Lynn Jacobs
as U.S. Attorney/US Attorney
Lindsay Dyan Epp
as White House Press
Beth Chamberlin
as Tabitha Peters
Aldoris Bate
as Delegate
F. Robert McMurray
as Governor
Therron Dumas
as Man in Diner
Alexandra Linn
as Dance Couple 1
Jenny Anne Hochberg
as Fighting Wife
Miran Powell
as Galloway Friend #9
Libby Woodbridge
as Megan Hennessey
Sean Holloran
as Student
Malcolm Madera
as Eric Rawlings/Augustus Underwood
Brian Corrigan
as Chairman
Kevin Kilner
as Michael Kern
Michael Devine
as Conservative Pundit
Jose Alejandro Santillan
as White House Staff
Garrick Wimbush
as Billionaire/Cabinet Member
Diana Jurand
as Campaign Staffer/Congressional Staffer
Geoffrey Dawe
as Tusk's Head Lawyer
Chris O'Brocki
as Gallery Hipster
Laura Cayouette
as Woman
Dennis Miller
as Dennis Miller
Elihu Eli El
as Congressman Wilkins
Sharon Caraballo
as Donor Family Member
T.J. Edwards
as Roy Kapeniak
Honey Kessler
as Dance Couple 8
Stephanie Garvin
as Secretary
David Healy
as Chairman
Zach Steffey
as Airline Counter Attendent
Tom O'Keefe
as EPA Regional Administrator
John McComas
as Commission Member 1
Jordan Elizabeth Gelber
as Dunbar Supporter
Towanda Underdue
as Secretary of Education/Lady on the bus
Brit Whittle
as Lawyer #2
Amy Parrish
as Shawna Stewart
Draaco Aventura
as WH Press Corps
Yasmin Qudah
as Photographer
Kevin Leigh
as Pollster
Maury Ginsberg
as Strategist 2
Marley McKay
as Capra Kid 3
Tracy Flynn
as Town Hall Attendee
Zionah Butler
as Student
Bert Pence
as Meet the Press Announcer
Jason Aaron Foster
as Glad Hander
David L. Marston
as New Years Eve Partygoer
Ashleigh Michèle McGill
as Orioles Fan/Trendy Hipster
Kendrick Cross
as Secret Service Agent
Clarke Thorell
as Brad Petite
Jean Brassard
as French Ambassador
Matt Bai
as Matt Bai
Kailani Coba
as Adam's Assistant
Lucky Harmon
as Spitting Inmate/Videographer
Peter Sweet
as Delegate and White House Reporter/Politician/Politician - Democratic
Bill Ward
as DNC Attendee/Press/Senate Staffer/Senator
Catherine Callahan
as Young Girl
Dawn Douglas
as Claire Secret Service
Paul H Chapman
as Concierge
Shawn Gonzalez
as White House Staff
Billy McFadden
as Young Boy #2
Linda Atkinson
as Madam Secretary
Traci Mitchell
as Anchor/News Anchor
Tanya Davis
as President's Aide
Matthew Bernard
as Press/Supporter
Molly Nugent
as Ray's Daughter
Michael Kelly
as Doug Stamper
Armand Schultz
as Scott Cunningham
Nateice Aisha
as Neighbor
William Hill
as Ken Caswell
Bobby Plasencia
as Super
Ben Cunis
as Maurice
Eric Porter
as Analyst
Marque Dixon
as Conway Supporter
Andrew Buzolic
as Duncan Abernathy
Ben Hammock
as Capitol Building Staff/DC Driver/Pedestrian
Robert Lance Mooney
as Rifleman 2
as Michael Frost
Gemma McIlhenny
as Congresswoman
Jamie Ann Romero
as Interviewer
Melissa Panos
as White House Reporter
Bru Ajueyitsi
as Marine
Juan Carlos Hernández
as Jose
Debbie Hartner
as Congresswoman/Dining Patron/Guest at Confederate Field Dedication/Madelyn RN/Reporter
Janae Palmer
as Airport Commuter/Mourner/Upscale Bar Goer
Robyn Payne
as Congresswoman 1
Scott Bruffey
as White House Videographer
Matt Gulbranson
as Russian General
Anne Rutter
as CWI Receptionist
Jo Twiss
as Large Woman
LaToya Ward
as CWI Staffer
Soledad O'Brien
as Soledad O'Brien
Kearon Lehman
as Veteran Biker
Matt W. Cody
as Pundit #3
Brian Hatch
as Young Man
Tim Moriarty
as Special Agent Gilbar
Felix Stevenson
as White House Steward/WH Steward
Clinton Brandhagen
as Photographer
Ken Peebles
as Homeless Man
Aaron Costa Ganis
as Secret Service Agent
Elaina Adrianna
as Dead Redhead
Sofia Pellegrino
as Congressional Aide
Steve Rudden
as Federal Marshall
Lynnanne Zager
as Political Commercial Announcer
Craig Waletzko
as Congressman Vanderburgh
Craig Harcum
as Church Pastor
Karina Casiano
as Hospice Aide
Connor Berry
as Inquesitive Student
Alex Russo
as Telegraph Employee
Athena Karkanis
as Melody Cruz
Brendan Petak
as Bar Patron/College Student/VP Press Conference Videographer
William L. Thomas
as Greg/Reporter/WH Reporter Greg
Mo Brings Plenty
as Chief Whitehall
Meredith Vieira
as Meredith Vieira
David Mason
as Randy Flint
Stephanie McIntyre
as Nurse Sophia Vemratti/Reporter
Antonio Edwards Suarez
as Orderly
Dan Vanbey
as Dance Couple 2
Karen Trimble
as Dance Couple 7
Willa Fitzgerald
as Twenty-Year-Old Claire
Rick Kelvin Branch
as Hotel Guest/Inaguration Acceptance Speach Guest
Adam Kroloff
as Cameraman
Samuel Maupin
as Minister
Gary Charles Pick
as Party Goer
Ryan Poole
as Press Cameraman
Jonathan Hova
as Jamil Abaza
Ryan Sell
as Young Boy #4
Kevin Joel Anderson
as Political Supporter/Resort Guest
David J. Smolar
as FBI Agent
Lauren White
as Maxine
Kevin Witt
as Frank Security 2
Laura Beth Melchiorre
as Debate Attendee
Vincent Cucuzza
as FBI Agent
Benjamin Loeh
as Bartender
Donnie Kehr
as Adam Gould
Paul Wallis
as DNC Cameraman
Johnna Leary
as Iowa Campaign Supporter/Melman Staffer
John Harrington
as Photojournalist
Donald Imm
as Press Corp
Aimee Cassada
as AA Moderator
Jeff Panzarella
as Advance Man
Farshad Farahat
as Yusuf Al Ahmadi
Monica Sanchez
as Consuela/Consuela Munroe
Ann Charles Sutton
as Young Claire
Anntoinette Johnson
as Gwen Ifill's Producer
Fernando Urquides
as Mechanic
Cody Fern
as Duncan Shepherd
Vanessa Jones
as Reporter #1
Wass Stevens
as Paul Capra
Olivia Luccardi
as Escort
Catherine Noblitt
as Dance Couple 5
Ari Melber
as Ari Melber
Jason Babinsky
as Doorman
Philip Baty
as Senator
Pete Burris
as Agent
Corey Stoll
as Rep. Peter Russo
Reuel Belt
as Staffer
Terea Grant
as Ms. Davis Sister 1
Kristen M. Mentasti
as Congressional Staff/Hipster
Matthew Bowerman
as Tech Guy
Steve Blanchard
as Senator
David Bishins
as Secretary of Homeland Security
Kalynn Burke
as Young Barista
Bob Paff
as Congressman #4
Victor Cruz
as Leon
Kevin Savage
as Sniper
Troy Bogdan
as Casino Patron
Todd Alan Crain
as John Pasternak
Dawn Kopecki
as Dawn Kopecki
Peter Georgo
as Colonel USAF
Mercedes Herrero
as Director of National Intelligence/Vanessa Morrison/National Security Advisor
Allen Fawcett
as Pilot
Larry Pine
as Bob Birch
Hazel Honeysuckle
as Babe/Echo
Gonzalo Vargas
as Herald Reporter
Nathan Darrow
as Edward Meechum
Kathleen McNenny
as Mrs. MacManus
Bobby Kruger
as Durant's Staffer
CJ Williams
as Political Rally Attendee
Marcus LaRon
as Precision Driver/Secret Service
Alexander Pennecke
as Town Hall Attendee
Peter J. Mendez
as Dunbar's Political Director
Amy Parochetti
as Pam
Sky Coda
as Delegate
Linda Marie Larson
as Jennifer Baumgarten
Cole Elliott
as Diplomatic Security/Trust Funder/White House Videographer
Tom Kemp
as Editor in Chief
Frances Mitchell
as Sue Warton
Sam Page
as Connor Ellis
Wolf Blitzer
as Wolf Blitzer
Omeed Nabavi
as Videographer
Cynthia Steele Vance
as Reporter/Reporter 3
Wendy Moniz-Grillo
as Laura Moretti
Thomas Gobena
as Galloway Friend #1
Drew Matthews
as Dunbar Staffer
Patrick Kelly
as Photographer
Lauren Halperin
as Stamper's Assistant
Mitchell Palombi
as Capra Kid 1
Stacy Rabon
as Middle Aged Woman
Joe Isenberg
as Bartender
Victoria Ealy
as Campaign Aide
Nina Hodoruk
as First Reporter
Norman Brownstein
as Diplomat
Lisa Golden
as Sandra Keith
John Rue
as CIA Director
David Thornhill
as Capital Security Guard
Anthony DeVito
as Pizza Guy
Jeff Allin
as Congresswoman 2
MauraClaire Harford
as Alaska Chair/Mrs. Hector Mendoza
Susan Rome
as Danny's Mother
Lauren Culpepper
as Hostess
Makeda Vaughn
as Make-Up Artist
Jennifer Richards
as Politician Wife/Politicians Wife
Eric Santamaria
as Conway Supporter/Underwood Supporter
Gerald McRaney
as Raymond Tusk
Casey Ford Alexander
as Technician
Karen Dadey
as Commission Member 6
Dan Daily
as Priest
Amr El-Bayoumi
as Ibrahim Halabi
Ken Wulf Clark
as Cadet #2
Carla Saylor
as Campaign Volunteer
Vincent De Paul
as Belvedere Manager
Alex Emanuel
as Galloway Friend #5
Mark E. Young Sr.
as Iowa Farm Neighbor/Underwood Campaign Supporter
Lori Bedsole
as Union Protestor
David Corenswet
as Reed
Andrew Hunsicker
as The Man
Emlyn Elisabeth Morinelli
as Lieutenant
Robert Lucas Nelson
as Bar Patron/Parishoner/Photographer/Senator
Roger Ainslie
as Reporter
Quinten Johnson
as Conway Aide
Elliott Kashner
as Staffer
Tasia Grant
as Reporter/Reporter 1
Diane Villegas
as Maria
Carol Costello
as Carol Costello
Debbie Morrison
as Church Member
Eugenia Gonzales
as NEA Staffer
Tim Miller
as Pundit #2
Justin Duckham
as WH Press corps
Christian Camargo
as Michael Corrigan
Antonio Jefferson
as Janitor
Jefferson Farber
as Bomber
Van Jones
as Van Jones
Christopher Fleming
as College Student/Conway Supporter/Rally Crowd Attendee/Student Protester
Regan Ferrier
as Jackson Green
Gord James
as Newscaster/Newscaster #1
David Silverman
as Craig Squire
Jeff Delaney
as Republican Congressman
Eddy Shalita
as Party Patron/Patron
Albert Jones
as Tommy Devine
J.D. Wine
as Party Patron
Lora Lee Gayer
as Reporter
Stephanie Cutter
as Stephanie Cutter
Tiara Jackson
as Government Worker
Chris Marcellas
as Waiter
Chip Zien
as Dr. Charles Rosen
Neal Matarazzo
as Detective Pryor
Corinna May
as Congresswoman from Tennessee
Brittney Aleah
as Anti-Underwood Protester/Anti-War Protester/Event Staffer/Vigil Attendee/White House Financial Advisor/White House Staffer
Lyon Beckwith
as Fighter Inmate
Bill Hoag
as Jack
Deletta Gillespie
as Galloway Friend #3
James McClenahan
as Underwood Press Videographer
Mike Russell
as Commission Member 4
Alexis Skinner
as Reporter
Sandrine Holt
as Gillian Cole
Jodi Stapler
as Campaign Volunteer
Scott Whitehurst
as Randy Watts
Chris Wolfe
as Town Hall Member
Paul O'Brien
as Steve Travers
Azize Erim
as Party Patron
Patrick McCarthy
as Iowa Dignitary/VFW Man
Suehyla El-Attar
as Austen's Staffer
Sakina Jaffrey
as Linda Vasquez
Michael Bonis
as Dunbar's Aide/Dunbar's Associate
David Andrews
as Tim Corbet
Emily Dorsch
as Emma Lane
Aaron Wiggins
as Color Guard/Dunbar Supporter/Pedestrian
Carol Ann Meyer
as Reporter
Sarah Labov
as White House Press
Ian Flanders
as Nurse
Joseph Lisa
as College Student/Shipbuilder
Emily Vitek
as Metro Passenger
Alonzo Bristol
as Iowa Supporter
Rea Blakey
as Reporter
Alex Witherow
as Congressional Staffer
Rick Crom
as Saxby
Nate Nelson
as Disgruntled Shipbuilder
Margaret Perkowski
as Staffer/Diner Patron
Diane Lane
as Annette Shepherd
Christian Brunetti
as Staff Sgt Gold
Laura Urgelles
as New Year's Eve Guest
Frank Ridley
as Harlan Traub
James Waters
as Staffer Kid
David A MacDonald
as SEAL #2
Dave Quay
as Sam Price
Mark Norton
as Dance Couple 5
Patrick Boyer
as Town Person
Michael Davis
as Secret Service
Genevive Barker
as Reporter
Hayden Saunier
as Comm Director
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Travis Shore
Fernando A. Mico
as Feng Business Associate
B. Cherie Patterson
as Military Recruit/Underwood Supporter
Jeffrey Mowery
as Herald Photographer
Leslie Olabisi
as Freddy's Neighbor
Alice Bozga
as Campaign Staffer

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