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October 27, 2021
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About this title


She has no past. She has no family. She was raised in an orphanage. So, she lives for what she does best: be an FBI agent. That's why Audrey Parker is sent to a distant Maine village called Haven, to investigate the crime of a prison fugitive. What she does not know, is that her past is connected to that village, that old threats from the past are coming back, and she is going to be a central piece on everyone's life... or death.

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Country: United States, Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 9, 2010

Also Known As: Haven, Mestečko Haven |  See more »


Plot Keywords

small town
based on novel or book

Company Credits

Production Co: Entertainment One, Big Motion Pictures |  See more »


Scott Baker
as Leith Glendower/Tall Guard Manager
Connor Price
as Henry Stillman
Timothy Schwager
as Ben
Lisa Rose Snow
as Sonia Winston
Gay Hauser
as Liv Carpenter
Peter MacNeill
as Mayor Richard Brody
Brian MacWilliam
as T.R. Holt
Brian MacQuarrie
as Henry Pace
Evan Hennigar
as Skater Kid
Todd Godin
as Fisherman
Aidan McLaughlin
as Young Saul Goodwin
David Ferry
as Frank Marigolds
Dean Armstrong
as Geoff McShaw
Kenneth Welsh
as Cole Glendower
Jennifer Morris
as Peggy
Mark Graham
as Selectman Gerst
Geoff Dunsworth
as Frozen Cop/Patrolman
Jacob Sampson
as Staffer
Rena Kossatz
as Waitress
Kim Dunn
as Forest Lambert
Lara Daans
as Berta Shumway
Joe Dinicol
as Peter Novelli
Otis Daye
as Brandt
Amber Dunn
as Widow
Kathleen Munroe
as FBI Agent/FBI Agent Audrey Parker/Fraudrey
Philip Williams
as Mack Allen
Christopher Shore
as Dr. Lucassi
Kristin Langille
as Harper's Mom
Liam Cyr
as Barrista
Jefferson Brown
as Tobias
Patrick Garrow
as Conrad Brauer
Andre Hanes
as Engineer
Vi Tang
as Thug #1/Thug 1
Ian Alden
as Faber Haskins
Dorian Missick
as Tommy Bowen
Scott Owen
as Steve
Tammy Isbell
as Eve
Madeline Toal
as Julia
Kelin Boyd
as Brittany
Nicholas Leblanc
as Daniel
Duncan MacDonald
as Glowing Teen
Tom Barnett
as James Garrick
Lisa Houle
as Marcia Stelzer
George Green
as Heart Attack Victim
Stephen Wilsack
as Dancing Bear
Simon Henderson
as Joe Underhill
Meegwun Fairbrother
as Sam
Jonas Chernick
as Ezra
Lydia Stevens
as Blonde Woman
Kevin Kincaid
as Montilee Korte
André Pettigrew
as Lawnmower Man
Andrew MacVicar
as Henry's Father
Lauren Messervey
as Drunk Woman
Michael Chandler
as Bartender
Hal Tatlidil
as Landon Taylor
Carrie Neville
as Helena
Taylor Olson
as Karl
Adrien Dixon
as Ronnie
Laura Kohoot
as Nora
Owen Pattison
as Connor Nix
Sheena Larkin
as Sheila
Ian Tench
as Randy the Bailiff
Molly Atkinson
as Jeanine
Simon Mutabazi
as Employee
John Beale
as Umpire Larry Kunkel
Suzanne Hawkins
as Gail Doty
Allie MacDonald
as Tina
David Rossetti
as Elliot Wallace
Kyle Mac
as Don Keaton
Joe Zanetti
as Russell
Maurice Dean Wint
as Agent Howard
Andrew Chandler
as Jason Dooley
Steven Wallace Lowe
as Workman
James Hunter
as Cookie Eater
Scott Bailey
as Victor Kirby
Martin Julien
as Reed Harris
Melinda Deines
as Denise
Tony Nappo
as Mike Gallagher
Conni Zafiris
as Receptionist
Colin Hluchaniuk
as Colin the Cop/Officer
Cristián de la Fuente
as Cornell Stamoran
Stephen McHattie
as Rev. Ed Driscoll
Craig Wood
as Old Man
Torrance Coombs
as Kyle Hopkins
Ted Atherton
as Ben Keegan
Naomi Snieckus
as Perky Volunteer
Hans Böggild
as Bud Shubert
Jacquie Thillaye
as Hadley's Mom
Michael De Sadeleer
as Rental Guy
Kirk Hall
as Running Man
Lyriq Bent
as Ray McBreen
Kaitlyn Bernard
as 12 Year Old Girl
Hans Pettersen
as Brian
Andrew Bush
as Joseph Brenter
Guy Germain
as Brad
Connor Leif Charron
as Boy #2
Robert Maillet
as Heavy
Kandyse McClure
as Carrie Benson
Hugh Thompson
as Captain Richards
Emily Jewer
as Thelma
Jason Jazrawy
as Peter Krebs
Olivia Wood
as Douen #1
Laura Mennell
as Dr. Charlotte Cross/Charlotte Cross
Gordon Patrick White
as Ray
Tim Dunn
as Mr. Banks
Damon Runyan
as Jeffrey Doohan
J.D. Nicholsen
as Halsey
Michael Gaudet
as Little Mike
Joe the Dog
as Morph Dog
Michael Ray Fox
as Man from 1955
Tessa Cameron
as Alica Hargrove
Jack Williams
as Mark
Ray Brimicombe
as Bishop/Fan
Kirstin Howell
as Manager
Anne Caillon
as Jess Minion
Susan Leblanc-Crawford
as Haven Cop
Joseph Young
as Boy #1
Christian Murray
as Chet Lawson
Kathryn MacLellan
as Arlene Shubert
Joel Freckelton
as Bruce Fresnel
Shanice Banton
as Charlotte
Victoria Snow
as Lucy Ripley
Chad Willett
as Dan Hamilton
Matthew Nette
as James Wardel
Charlotte Hegele
as Katie
Anthony Ulc
as Joe Sena
Samantha Cade
as Sheila McMartin
Shaun Benson
as Robert Taylor
Dominique D'Arnell
as Jeanie Shumway
Chris MacKinnon
as Kyle Baron
Jeff Irving
as Young Vince
Crystal Allen
as Colleen Pierce
Alex Paxton-Beesley
as Kira Fletcher
Molly Murray
as Mousey Girl
Kristin Slaney
as Zoe Sellers
Matthew Ritchie
as Barry
Michael Swain
as Store Patron
Nicole de Boer
as Marion Caldwell
Leah Ostry
as Frankie Benton
Josh MacDonald
as Allan the Cop
Dan MacDonald
as Trucker
Nicki Davis
as Meg/Waitress
Adam Pennington
as Orderly
Tina Prinsenberg
as Susanna Donnelly
Amy Kerr
as Mother/Whitney
David Keeley
as Harry Nix
Brad Armitage
as FBI Agent/Hunt Club Member/Neal
William MacDonald
as Boss Mechanic
Slavko Negulic
as Tennis Player
Lauren Liem
as Lizzy Hamilton
Nicole Blackberri Bowman
as Nurse Holly
Joanne Boland
as Mary Collins
Tamara Duarte
as Hailie Colton
Stephen Swinamer
as Savage #4
William Shatner
as Croatoan
Dylan Trowbridge
as Glen Andros
Raiden Moore
as Liam Magnusson
Christine Taylor
as Cathy the Caterer
Kyle Mitchell
as Sinister Man
Joel Diamond
as Lance Zerner
Linda Kash
as Maddie
Jeff Kassel
as Greg
Ryan Brumwell
as Boyd Davis
William Parsons
as Old Man Joe Campbell
Rhonda McLean
as Marjean Nix
Andre Myette
as Biker
Kate Kelton
as Jordan McKee
Kenneth Mitchell
as Cliff
Martha Irving
as Sophia Carter
Iain Glen
as Roland Holloway
K.T. Lamond
as Savage #1
Tara Doyle
as Marcy
Saundra Vernon
as Uniform Cop
Barry Flatman
as Judge Boone
Hugo Speer
as Louis Pufahl
Laura Vandervoort
as Arla Cogan
Emma Lahana
as Jennifer Mason
Craig Arnold
as Brian Shaw
Geordie Brown
as Greaser
Janet-Laine Green
as Felicia Brody
Stephen Bogaert
as Morton Danvers
Simon Reynolds
as Patrick Grolsch
Stephen LeBail
as Bob Harmon
Michael Ratchford
as Barry
Charlie Rhindress
as Curtis
Mitchell Landzaat
as Career Uniform
Dylan Neal
as Hugh Underwood
Gabrielle Miller
as Lainey Fortuna
Emily Rose
as Audrey Parker/Lexie the former Audrey Parker/Lexie/Lexie DeWitt/Mara/Paige
Sean Koppel
as Thug #2
Vinessa Antoine
as Evidence 'Evi' Ryan
Bernie Bermundo
as Opponent
Nicola Correia-Damude
as Rhonda
Tim Beresford
as Grayson
Malcolm Mann
as Boy #3
Chase Duffy
as Cop
Michael Hogan
as Lincoln Harker
Fabien Melanson
as Paul Sullivan
Thom Payne
as Young Stuart Mosley
Sam Humphreys
as Douen #5/Rebellious Boy
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Tor Magnusson
Rhys Bevan-John
as Tobias Gillespie
Mark A. Owen
as Brad Donnelly
Nicholas Campbell
as Chief of Police Wuornos
Stuart Hiseler
as Bill
Leslie Carlson
as Vaughn Carpenter
Shelley Thompson
as Dr. Portenza
Eric Noel
as Fireman #1
Leah Randell
as Doreen
Joanne Miller
as Doctor
Brian Downey
as Sal Fortuna
Tanya Chedrawy
as Nurse
John Dunsworth
as Dave Teagues
Gary Levert
as Leo
Michael Pellerin
as Captain Robbie
Michael Taylor
as FBI Agent Howard
Kate Greenhouse
as Lori Fulcher
Lucas Bryant
as Nathan Wuornos
Joshua Young
as Young Joe Campbell
Adam Copeland
as Dwight Hendrickson
Jay Reso
as McHugh
Ricardo Hoyos
as Bobby Mueller
Samantha Wilson
as Mrs. Wilson
Michael McPhee
as Morgan
Colin Rogers
as Tipsy Guy
Michelle Monteith
as Julia Carr
Daniel Fanaberia
as Larry Belfiore
Colin Ferguson
as William
Elizabeth VanGorder
as Glendower Woman
Jamie Proctor
as Barbara Colton
Robert Murphy
as Rookie
Bree Williamson
as Claire Callahan
Rachael Whitzman
as Cheryl
Francine Deschepper
as Daphne
Margot Sampson
as Virginia
Keegan Blue
as John-John
Ashley Marie Pike
as Lily Moffatt
Stefani N. Deoul
as Laverne
Bernard Robichaud
as Kirk
Kris Lemche
as Seth Byrne
Bryan Dick
as Ian Haskell
Emma Wells
as Miriam Lacroix
Annika Borg
as Danielle
Jason Collier
as Trucker
Cecil Wright
as Coach
Angela Besharah
as Becka
Alexander Rosborough
as Bill Rand
Mike McLeod
as Sam
Mary Fay Coady
as Jemma
Alisen Down
as Janet
Paul Popowich
as Tony
Victor Zinck Jr.
as Alex Sena
Mark H. Pound
as Police Officer/Community Member
Sara Campbell
as Crying Woman
Christian Campbell
as Ben Harker
Cory Bowles
as Guard #2
Aislinn Paul
as Grace
Aria Publicover
as Teenage Girl
Ryan Lee Kennedy
as Young Stuart Mosley
Darri Ingolfsson
as Jack Driscoll
Alex Carter
as Mr. Campbell
Margot Dionne
as Colette Barrow
Chaz Libby
as Casey
Danielle Moore
as Harper
Corinne Victoria Carpenter
as Party Patron
Henrick Strait-Hinnerichsen
as Officer Tatum
Kevin Nugent
as Reggie Buswell
John Allen MacLean
as Morgue Tech
Eric Balfour
as Duke Crocker
Kirsty Hinchcliffe
as Rebecca Rafferty
Nolan North
as Will Brady
Joey Campbell
as Officer Paul Stark
Steve Lund
as Colorado Kid/James Cogan
Gavin Liddel
as Carl McDonald
Rick Roberts
as Thornton Aarons
Claudia Black
as Moira
Landy Cannon
as Garland Wuornos
Nancy Regan
as Mary
Cynthia Preston
as Vanessa Stanley
Megan Fahlenbock
as Allison Doohan
Amanda Molloy
as Marie Hansen
Judy Savoy
as Older Wife
Jazz Campbell
as William
Gharrett Patrick Paon
as Henry Barrow
Elizabeth Murphy
as Principal Carlene Manning
Andrew Kraulis
as Skip Doohan
Janine Theriault
as Valerie
Matthew McIntyre
as Man/Paul Buckhalt
Christopher Killam
as Allan/Uniform Cop
Molly Dunsworth
as Vickie Dutton/Vicki Dutton (Intern)/Vickie
Lee J. Campbell
as Hank Olson
Elizabeth Richardson
as Nancy Fortuna
Katherine Shore
as Douen #3
Mary-Colin Chisholm
as Eleanor Carr/Eleanor/Eleanor Barr
Christopher Bearne
as Boy
Evan Buliung
as Chaz
Ira Henderson
as Seth Hughes
Supinder Wraich
as Guard Nurse
Matthew Amyotte
as Bart
Jacqueline MacDonald
as Attractive Woman
Jim Fowler
as Bart
Fiona Reid
as Piper Taylor
Jonathan Crombie
as Young Dave Teague
DeRon Horton
as Savage #5
John O'Keefe
as Hamish Corkum
Matthew Lumley
as Bobby's Father
John Awoods
as Howie/Store Savage
Beth Amiro
as Paddle Boarder
Will McKay
as Boy #4
Rick Doyle
as Henchman #2
Joey Romkey
as Kent's Father
Jennie Raymond
as Beatrice Mitchell
Devon Bostick
as Jimmy
Frank Mackay
as Clerk
Katriina Isberg
as Lady Justice
David Hughes
as Big Benjy
Juanita Peters
as Doctor
Shawn Duggan
as Connor
Jeremy Webb
as Coach B
Krista Bridges
as Carmen Brock
Peter Gant
as Prison Guard #2
Angela Vint
as Tracy Garrick
Matt Bois
as Young Dave
Paul Braunstein
as Mitchell
Caroline Cave
as Hannah
Julia Hines
as Sophia Benton
Jonny Thompson
as Ice Cream Vendor
Simon Pattison
as Stevie
Garrow Hill-Stotsky
as Brad
Margaret Legere
as Katarina Hall
Celeste Desjardins
as Samantha
Jason Priestley
as Chris Brody
John Ralston
as Walter
Steven McCarthy
as Braer Brock
Stephen Eric McIntyre
as Fireman #2
David Christoffel
as Putnam
Gareth Meagher
as Man
Dawn McKelvie Cyr
as Marnie Snell
Theo Pitsiavas
as Arlo McMartin
Sarah Ainsley Harrison
as Erin Sullivan
Anthony Black
as Man in Suit
Joel DeLong
as Angry Citizen
Danny Masterson
as Anderson Harris
Becca Babcock
as Guard Deb
Melissa Kelly
as Savage #2
Jarrett Downey-Shaw
as Guard #1
Lisa Berry
as Rica Hamilton
Roy Ellis
as Tourist Dad
Vikki Humphrey
as Lisa/Lisa Hawkins
Julia Topple
as Woman
Brent Robertson
as Rhett
Pamela Rowe
as Nurse
Nicholas McInnis
as Bearded Man
Niamh Wilson
as Hadley Chambers
Sean Skerry
as Saul Goodwin
Holly Deveaux
as Brooke Garrick
Michael Younger
as Bennie
Andrew Simpson
as Puppeteer
Ahmad Alqenai
as Steet Savage
Alexis Milligan
as Waitress
Blair Langille
as Driver
Jayne Eastwood
as Gloria/Gloria Verrano
Sean McCann
as Dom Novelli
Bob Mann
as Hank
Lucia Walters
as Jody
Glen Matthews
as Karl
Jordan Poole
as Young Garland Wuornos
Adam Smith
as Tall Guardsman
Annemarie Cassidy
as Stoney Jo
Brenda Bazinet
as Gwen Glendower
Annie Valentina
as Sherri
Jake Stern
as Teenage Duke
Zach Tovey
as Jonas Lester
Dale Belfontaine
as Big One
Sebastian Pigott
as Bill McShaw
Isabella Baxter
as Little Girl
Murlane Carew
as Security Guard
Alexandria Benoit
as Amelia Benton
Brian Heighton
as Alec
Stephen Coats
as Mr. Wilson
Tiffany Westwood
as Nurse
Glenn Lefchak
as Stan the Cop
Myron Natwick
as Mr. Barrow
Riley Raymer
as Ashley Harker
Marcus Simmonds
as Security Guard
Bridget Gillie
as Annie
Bradley Bailey
as Xander
Mitchell Heinrich-Frederick
as Kent
Tim Post
as Male Voice
Meredith MacNeill
as Ona Fortuna
Andria Wilson
as Jackie Clark
Vincent Montuel
as Roy Crocker
Joey Klein
as TJ Smith
Sarah D. McCarthy
as Marissa Hopkins
Jim Swansburg
as Cornell's Copy
George R. Robertson
as Stuart Mosley
Andrew Machum
as Teenage Robert
Rebecca Lamarche
as Country Club Patron
Craig Olejnik
as Aiden Driscoll
Conrad Coates
as Mr. Simon
Barry Fredericks
as Bowflex
Bailey Maughan
as Late Kid
Lita Llewellyn
as Dr. Reynolds
Carol Sinclair
as Vera Weaver
Jon McLaren
as Tyler
Andrea Dymond
as Lab Tech
Kristin Booth
as Nikki Coleman
Deborah Tennant
as Roslyn Toomey
Bill Wood
as John Roberts
Pasha Ebrahimi
as Glen
Kim Parkhill
as Mother
Lara Jean Chorostecki
as Amy Potter/Market Photographer
Shayne Douglas Taylor
as Jake
Magael Buchan
as Courier
Kevin Jubinville
as Ted
Bernadette Serbu
as Tourist
Ari Cohen
as Anson Shumway
Shawn Maggio
as Ambulance Driver
Allen Dunlop
as Cop
Kevin Gerrior
as Man
John Bourgeois
as Max Hansen
Craig Eldridge
as Gordon Chambers
Oscar Hogan-Paul
as Hoyt
Trina Corkum
as Carol Tintle
Dan White
as Rougarou
Ben Stone
as Hopkins
Corinne Conley
as Beverly Keegan
Christian Camargo
as Wade Crocker
Adam Krzyski
as Chad
Gabrielle Trudel
as Lizzie Hendrickson
Marlane O'Brien
as Waitress
Daniel Lillford
as Otis
Rene Bishop
as Henchman #1
Michael Therriault
as Wesley Toomey
Joan Gregson
as June Cogan
Monte Murray
as Figure/Prison Guard #1
Paulino Nunes
as Cal
Mauralea Austin
as Menchie
Christopher Masterson
as Morgan Gardener
Stacie Dunlop
as Mrs. Dawson
Matt Baram
as Pete Palak
Michael Best
as Mr. Lentino
Tyler Munford
as Savage #3
Nikki Barnett
as Susie
Amy Reitsma
as Meg
Dylan Taylor
as Reggie
Richard Donat
as Vince Teagues
Jack Wolfe
as Douen #4
Brian Jamieson
as Horace/Sal
Ron White
as Chief Merrill
Randy Boliver
as Man in Cage/Thug
Nancy Farmer
as Bobby's Mother
Max Topplin
as Matt West
Andy Smith
as Elvis
Nirah Villeneuve
as Maureen
Travis Flint
as Volunteer
Bill Carr
as Morris Crane
Laurie Hanley
as Neighbour
Melanie Scrofano
as Noelle
Wade Carroll
as Cop
Amy Sloan
as Lynette
Leah Johnston
as Nurse
Joris Jarsky
as Stu Pierce
Jacob Robertson
as Michael Garrick
Douglas Nyback
as Josh
Eric Woolfe
as Frank Bentley
Alexz Johnson
as Moira Keegan
Tahmoh Penikett
as Simon Crocker
Darcy Lindzon
as Bill Stevens
James MacLean
as Freddie the Barfly
Geneviève Steele
as Lilly McBreen
Kiara Glasco
as Ginger Danvers
Scott Beaudin
as Rory Campbell
Sheila Golez
as Nurse
Ken Shipley
as Herbert
Rossif Sutherland
as Sandman
Sandi Ross
as Abby

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 26 Episodes




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