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October 27, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex were the core of their group of friends, holding them all together. But when Alex leaves Dave at the altar, the gang must figure out how to deal with the fallout and split their time. Luckily, Alex and Dave realize what they all have together is worth saving. The exes decide that, just because their relationship has changed, it doesn't mean they need to lose each other completely, and as they all adjust to their new reality, they have their friends there to help get them through.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: April 13, 2011

Also Known As: Happy Endings, Tudo Acaba Bem |  See more »


Plot Keywords

husband wife relationship
sibling relationship
group of friends

Company Credits

Production Co: Fan Fare, ABC Signature |  See more »


Austin Kane
as Django
Brandon Johnson
as Daryl
Beth Goldberg
as Hostess
Nick Zano
as Pete
Ryan Sypek
as Todd
David Storrs
as Tim
John Ross Bowie
as Michael
Brock Charles
as Kid
Rachel Germaine
as Trish
Caroline Aaron
as Pauline Blum
Rob Riggle
as Drew
Kristin Malko
as Kat
Justin Baldoni
as Marcus
Rob Huebel
as Alan Fitzgerald
Chryssie Whitehead
as Janet
Sammy Fine
as Tanner
Eric Tiede
as Tad
James Kirkland
as Zane
Jen Mears
as Lotto Girl
Stephanie March
as Brooke
Matthew Nicklaw
as Jimmy
Brett A. Bumgarner
as Ian
Dorothy Constantine
as Old Woman
Walter Vincent Wright
as Gym Member
Stephanie Kim
as Female Dancer
Christopher Darga
as Cousin Terry
Jesse Mackey
as Man
Brandon Klopot
as Kid
Mo Mandel
as Reed
Drew Droege
as Josh Jill
Anthony James Whitewolf
as Tourist
Regan Burns
as Connie
Stu James
as Choir Member
Alex Morris
as Restaurant Investor
Nicole Gale Anderson
as Madison 1
Marcus Choi
as Japanese Waiter
Pilar Holland
as Sara
Hayes MacArthur
as Steven
Marcus Toji
as Clerk
Joshua Lassman
as Penny's Guest
Gunnar Petersen
as Gunnar
Ian Durney
as Steve
Pam Trotter
as Janine
Nelson Mashita
as Doctor
Dominic Pace
as Manager 2
Karthik Srinivasan
as Bank Guy
Kristen Ruhlin
as Kenzi - Girl in Jane's Dress
Ryan Allen Carrillo
as Roller Skater
Heather Fox
as Ellen
Beckett Gandolfi
as Ginger Snap
Kyle Maddock
as Cute Guy
Ian Roberts
as Bouncer
Lauren K. Solomon
as Dental Assistant
Kelly Jenrette
as Shop Lady
Michael Daniel Cassady
as Robert
Lex Quarterman
as German Soldier #2
Gina Rodriguez
as Rita
Jeff Howard
as Clay
Clint Culp
as Paul
Matt Besser
as Rick
Ursula Burton
as Susan
Justin Dray
as Customer
Nichole Bunch
as Waitress
Scott Ford
as Jason
Julie Hagerty
as Mrs. Kerkovich
Kimberly Forchetti
as Bar Patron
Fabrice Terrade
as French Waiter
Tom Kenny
as Tyler the Parrot
Irene Roseen
as Nana
David Alan Grier
as Terry
Sam Ayers
as Officer
Tara Gerard
as Trophy Wife
Kenzo Lee
as Waiter
Adam Cayton-Holland
as Customer
Christopher McDonald
as Mr. Kerkovich
Josh Casaubon
as Liam
Kelly Connell
as Pilgrim Man
Suanne Spoke
as Cousin Sherry
Anthony S. Johnson
as Minister
Brittany Alexis Phillips
as Waitress
Brad Stocker
as The Waiter
Steve Agee
as Chad
Wes Armstrong
as Clark
D'Kia Anderson
as Girlfriend 1
Hayden Lee
as Steve
Jake Martin
as Manager 1
Nikola Kent
as Hot Guy
Valerie Humbard
as Girl in diner
Elisa Eliot
as Backpacker 1
Kevin Christy
as Franklin
Nadège August
as Leslie Gruff
Damon Hines
as Owner
Alexandra Ozeri
as Waitress
Brian Maillard
as Greg
Nate Smith
as Eric
Marissa Strickland
as Jenny
Nick Thune
as Tommy
Robert Picardo
as Mr. Logan
Colin Hanks
as Self
Abby Elliott
as Katie
Ashley Dulaney
as Go Go Dancer
Briga Heelan
as Ryan
Phil LaMarr
as Phil
Jessica Nichole
as Wedding Guest
David Walton
as Henry
Meagen Fay
as Barbara
Nosheen Phoenix
as Melissa
Jillana Laufer
as Skype Dermatologist
Nathan Barnatt
as Roger
Sergio Cilli
as Atticus
Kate Morgan Chadwick
as Waitress
Chris Marrs
as Guy
Alex Mauriello
as Tiffani
Chris Isner
as Angry Store Owner
Ben Gigli
as Backpacker 2
Alan Rachins
as Howard Blum
James Wolk
as Grant
Brooke Newton
as Christine
John Gemberling
as Thief
Greg Cromer
as Doug Hitler
Faith Prince
as Roz Liebowitz
Damon Wayans
as Francis Williams
Deon Sams
as Choir Director
Katie Silverman
as Young Penny
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
as Daphne Wilson
Will Greenberg
as A.J.
Ned Hosford
as Co-Worker
Michael Weaver
as Kevin
Cameron Webb
as Wedding Guest
Ashley Lindley
as Bar Woman/Diner
Andrew Donnelly
as Stuart
Jim Hazelton
as Clark
Benjamin Scott Panock
as Bench Press Guy
Sandra Mahanna
as Committee Woman
Travis Van Winkle
as Bo Bazinski
Aron Kader
as Waiter
Rob Kerkovich
as Normal Guy #1
Aaron Mullenix
as Office Zombie
Alex Quijano
as Wilson
Lindsey Morgan
as Tracy
Hunter Hamilton
as Male Dancer
Seth Morris
as Scotty/Scott
Amelie Romanet
as Katie G
Cody Chappel
as Nick Gunn
Bobby Moynihan
as Corey
Michael Cassidy
as Male Lead
Derek Waters
as Glaze
Billy Beck
as Ben
Janell Winkler
as Store Owner
Fred Savage
as Self
Will McLaughlin
as Co-Worker 3
Dash Kolos
as Wine Booth Runner
Mike Rose
as Waiter
Matt Walsh
as Duckie
Patricia Forte
as Miss Mary
Isabella Crovetti
as Young Alex
Mike Hagerty
as Cop
Lidia Sabljic
as Senka
Kaden Hetherington
as Young Max
Roz Witt
as Bo's Mom
Adam Pally
as Max Blum
Jason Tatum
as Joel
Alexander Dean Williams
as Ostrich Bar Guy
Scott Golden
as Guy
Jon Daly
as Brody/Brody Daniels
Curtis Gwinn
as Normal Guy #2
Jim Turner
as Middle-Aged Guy
Cohl Kenneth Love
as Scalper
Isabella Jem
as Baby Justice
Diane Sellers
as Tourist 2
B.J. Bales
as Randy
Ross Mackenzie
as Brad's Boss
Cheryl Texiera
as Hipster Girl
Janie Haddad Tompkins
as Skype Girl
Brody Moller
as Cody
Frances Parsons
as Zoe
Nat Faxon
as Chef Leslie
Chelsey Crisp
as Candice
James Bannon
as Voice Actor
Ken Marino
as Richard Rickman
Michael Rubenstone
as Hugh
David Gueriera
as Normal Guy #3
Aalok Mehta
as Andrew
Matthew Del Negro
as Kent
Nicole Foster Callahan
as Sexy Nun
Alex Valente
as Mossimo
James Eason
as Paul
Stephen Schneider
as Keith
Julie Dove
as Tourist 1
Marcus Folmar
as Police Officer
Sasha Jackson
as Gym Girl
Larry Wilmore
as Mr. Forristal
Jeff Copas
as Roadie
Dwight V Coleman
as Tyler's Friend
Christopher Michael
as Major Fitness
Andy Gala
as Shaun
E.J. Callahan
as Mr. Olsen
Juette Raphael
as Fireman #1
Amanda Carlin
as Pilgrim Woman
Angela de Silva
as Hostess
Medora Groff
as Niece #2
Nakia Secrest
as Oliver's Mom
Matt Braunger
as Kevin
Gil Ozeri
as Yoni
Eddie Pepitone
as Crazy Randy
Edward Kiniry-Ostro
as Manny Petty
Jen Kober
as Big Woman
April Wade
as Carla
Sally Ann Brooks
as Cousin Ann
Sarah Wright
as Female Lead
Brett Gelman
as Carl
Pat Asanti
as Gus
Michael McCafferty
as Principal
Craig Saslow
as Andy
Clinton Jackson
as Supervisor
Richard John Reliford
as Jeff
Morgan Walsh
as Julie Davenport
Hans Raith
as Connor
Damon Wayans Jr.
as Brad Williams
Brandon Molale
as Brandon
Rachael Harris
as Suzanne
Lauren Howard Hayes
as Server
Jamie Anderson
as Sara
Jon Barinholtz
as Cute Guy
Megan Park
as Chloe
Megan Harwick
as Allison
Tyler Wilkins
as Little Girl
Paul Scheer
as Avi
Nick Mundy
as Man #3
Kitty Kreidler
as Lenke
Branton Box
as Julian
Nancy Sinclair
as Instructor
Louis Fasanaro
as Cab Driver
Rob Corddry
as Car Czar
Jon Gabrus
as Cashier
Anastacia McPherson
as Kendall
Chris Williams
as Officer Sommers
Meredith Roberts Quill
as Female Customer
Izzy Palmieri
as Dora
Benjamin Patterson
as Thad
Subhash Mandal
as Indian Waiter
Isabella Cuda
as Young Daphne
Ervin Ross
as Man #2
Hugh B. Holub
as Reverend
Zachary Knighton
as Dave Rose
Leslie A. Hughes
as Pete's Friend
David Clayton Rogers
as Sean
Colton Dunn
as Thug
Richard Edson
as Valet Guy
Lance Briggs
as Self
Sal Velez Jr.
as Kissing Guy
Gabriel Myers
as Bachelor
Gary Rolin
as Boatist
Bunny Levine
as Enid
Devin Sidell
as Ione
Michael Rady
as John
Cade Dundish
as Boy
Robert Bagnell
as Guy
Lindsey Kraft
as Lindsey
Kasey Campbell
as Teen
Adam Aarons
as Office Zombie
John Ruby
as Player #1
Busy Philipps
as Girl
Annette Moore
as Choir Member #1
Jessica Tyler Brown
as Leila
Caitlin Thompson
as Chelsea
Amad Jackson
as Black Guy
Max Greenfield
as Ian
Steve Bakken
as Skype Guy
Cory Norris
as Bartender
John Bobek
as Toby
Nikki McKenzie
as Sushi Lady
Brian Tichnell
as Store Employee
Justin Wilczynski
as Connor
James Ellis
as Fireman 2
Andrew Friedman
as Andrew
Karim Foster
as Robin
Jane Morris
as Mrs. Sarner
Dave Bushnell
as Hooper
Diana Peña
as Store Owner
Moritz J. Williams
as Wedding Guest
Nate Torrence
as Slacker Buddy
Scott Prendergast
as Green Monkey
Danielle Schneider
as Dianne
Casey Wilson
as Penny Hartz
Alex Mooren
as Biker
Nikki McCauley
as Samantha
O-T Fagbenle
as Adrian
Marc Evan Jackson
as Fishmonger
Kyle Red Silverstein
as Martin
Michael Rupnow
as Parker
Sean Bass
as Roland
Megan Mullally
as Dana Hartz
Rand Holdren
as Jeremy
Ben Falcone
as Darren
Zale Kessler
as Walrus Guy
Kiana Lyz Rivera
as Kid 3
Brian Thomas Smith
as Nick
Steve Kaufmann
as Colin's Crew
Eliza Coupe
as Jane Kerkovich-Williams
Robert Torti
as Dr. Fred
Gary Anthony Williams
as Officer Jones
Ashley Wood Garcia
as Veronica
Alan Gray
as Clyde
Shane Blades
as EMT
Jessica Rothe
as Teenage Girl
Daisy Stoneman
as Young Jane
Paxton Anderson
as Jake Umansky
Brady Ellis
as Jimmy Nichols
Bergen Williams
as Dragga
Lillie Owers
as Niece #1
Aaron Groben
as Patches
Ian Wolterstorff
as Young Guy
June Diane Raphael
as Melinda Shershow
James Lesure
as Elliot
Chasty Ballesteros
as Hot Girl
Kelly Kruger
as Woman
Ryan Sulak
as Club Goer
Russell Curry
as Pizza Guy
Shyloh Oostwald
as Rope
Gina Cantrell
as Fly Girl
Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher
as Little Guy
Chris Arvan
as Guy
Elimu Nelson
as Fireman
Jamie Denbo
as Gita
Jerry Hauck
as Crossing Guard
Christopher Riordan
as The Man With The Tacos
Mikaela Hoover
as Jackie
Ron Lynch
as Tourist 3
Jadon Sand
as Boy
Kai Whitaker
as Young Dave
Greg Magnuson
as Royston Summers
Brad Grunberg
as Butcher
Pam Murphy
as Woman
Olivia May
as Zombie Co-Worker
Matthew Rocheleau
as Waiter
Andy Richter
as Roy
John C. Moskoff
as Uncle Jerry
Ellie Knaus
as Female Customer
Ryan Hansen
as Jeff
Ben Begley
as Co-Worker 1
Alexa Demara
as Martial Artist
Elisha Cuthbert
as Alex Kerkovich
Erin Pineda
as Marcy
Holly Westen
as Sexy Waitress
Kulap Vilaysack
as Nicole
Bruno Amato
as Repo Man #1
Brian Austin Green
as Chris
Tre Williamson
as Bellhop
Johnny Kostrey
as German Soldier #1
Jason Weissbrod
as Random Guy
Billy Merritt
as Bartender/Manager/Umpire
Laura Chinn
as Karissa
Tom Segura
as Paparazzi
Nate Shelkey
as Larry
Cynthia Frost
as Grandma Nellie
Alex Kapp
as Kelly
Annie Hsu
as Mr. Super Gay Chicago Judge
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
as Chase
Mike Still
as Norman
Louisa Adams
as Bar Patron
Chad Fogland
as Geoff Klein
Izzy Diaz
as Hector
Brent Musburger
as Self
Fred Stoller
as Gary
Jonathan Emerson
as Preston
Hash Patel
as Mahesh
Brian Huskey
as Dr. Charles
Danny Mora
as The Brazilian
Bre Blair
as Kim
Rachel Ann Mullins
as Sam
Eugene Cordero
as Co-Worker 2
Ace Antonio Hall
as Cashier
Toy Lei
as Waitress
Alice Macdonald
as Sexy French Maid
Rafi Silver
as Brandon
David Harris
as Neighbor Guy
Patrick Bradford
as Additional
Rusty Burns
as Tourist 4
Tom Christensen
as Jamie
Michael Mosley
as Malcolm
Patrick O'Sullivan
as Ted
Brice Williams
as Justin Davenport
Jose Barba IV
as Kid
Stephanie Allynne
as Stephanie
Michael McKean
as Big Dave
Connor Rosen
as Joey
Laura Ortiz
as Madison 2/Winnie McCray
Julie Goldman
as Bar Patron
Alastair James
as Mugger
Noureen DeWulf
as Molly
Angelique Cabral
as Vanessa/Waitress
as KrisJahn
Matt McConkey
as Beans
Jackie Clarke
as Trish
Julie Brister
as Denise
Mary Portser
as Mary
Dale Shane
as Dinner Guest
Stephen Guarino
as Derrick
Courtney Henggeler
as Andrea
Ed Begley Jr.
as Self
Ami Haruna
as Jill
Daniel Rhyder
as Pitchy Pete
T.J. Miller
as Jason Shershow
Gary Kraus
as Gary
Donn Carl Harper
as Hardware Store Owner
Jason Berger
as Radio DJ
Sayeed Shahidi
as Oliver
Daniel Okeefe
as Chubby Kid
Sara Rodier
as Young Alex
Andy Shephard
as Kyle
Riki Lindhome
as Angie
Rose Abdoo
as Magic Ann

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 21 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 23 Episodes




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