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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Gifted criminal profiler Will Graham has a unique way of thinking that allows him to empathize with anyone, including psychopaths. But while helping the FBI pursue a particularly complicated serial killer, he decides he could use some help and enlists the brilliant psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter. The two form a partnership and it seems that there is no villain they can't catch together, but Lecter harbors a dark secret. His own brilliant mind has gone to the dark side and he has more in common with the criminals they hunt than Will could possibly imagine.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 4, 2013

Also Known As: Hannibal Giao Su An Thit Nguoi, Ганнибал |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Brazil (18, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

serial killer

Company Credits

Production Co: Dino De Laurentiis Company, Living Dead Guy Productions |  See more »


Kacey Rohl
as Abigail Hobbs
Brendee Green
as Female Beachgoer
Jessica Malka
as French Stewardess
Holly Deveaux
as Marissa Schurr
Phillip Samuel
as Verger Bodyguard
Hilary Jardine
as Beth LeBeau
Ted Ludzik
as Male Nurse/Nurse
Davide D'Izzia
as Inspector Donaggio
Joel Labelle
as Dirty Italian Cop
Molly Shannon
as Kidnapper
Darren Josephs
as Officer Stewart
Rory Moy
as Chinese Dentist
Giorgio Lupano
as Inspector
Anthony Massullo
as Poliziotto Lamanna
Eddie Izzard
as Dr. Abel Gideon
Helen Taylor
as Docent
Mark Waters
as Hospital Security
Liam MacDonald
as Troy
Jeremy Davies
as Peter Bernardone
Eve Gane
as Shrike Victim #3
Azeem Nathoo
as Convenience Store Clerk
Rutina Wesley
as Reba McClane
Craig Thomas
as Police Officer #2
Michael Pitt
as Mason Verger
Greg Dunham
as Janitor
Earl-Antham Chrysostom
as Inmate #2
Billy Parrott
as Police Officer #1
Jessie Saunders-Drutz
as Shrike Victim #5
Steve Whistance-Smith
as Lloyd Roat
Shant Srabian
as Andrew Caldwell
Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci
as Trucker
Julian Richings
as Caged Man
Johnny Larocque
as Bike Courier
Brittany Starkman
as Chloris
Chelan Simmons
as Gretchen Speck
Ellen Greene
as Mrs. Komeda
Sophie Holdstock
as Mrs. Turner
Ryan Singh
as Victim #2 (Eye Mural)
Mads Mikkelsen
as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Wayne Ward
as Mr. Nichols
Kevin Whalen
as Parks & Rec #2
Nicholas Rice
as Tour Guide
Ellen Muth
as Georgia Madchen
Brittney Johnston
as Flight Attendant
Eve Ganes
as Shrike Victim #3
Wayne Hissong
as Cop #2
Daniel von Diergardt
as Dead Man
Darrin Brown
as Inmate #1
Brendan Halloran
as Reporter #1
Shawn Doyle
as Leonard Brauer
Scott Anderson
as Funeral Director
Hugh Dancy
as Will Graham
Krista Patton
as Louise Hobbs
Al Vrkljan
as Security Guard
Ana Shepherd
as Nurse Shell
Max White
as Male Nurse
Greg Dunfield
as Repairman
Devan Cohen
as Young Dolarhyde
Dwight Ireland
as Doctor
Trudy Weiss
as Grandmother Dolarhyde
Ezio Bondi
as Garage Attendant
Ryan Field
as Roland Umber
Alana Bridgewater
as Orderly
Catherine Tait
as Mrs. Fell
Tom Wisdom
as Anthony Dimmond
Daniel Kash
as Carlo Deogracias
Emily Klassen
as Lenora
Maria del Mar
as Wendy Vega
Bernadette Couture
as Theresa Marlow
Zachary Bloch
as Pre-Teen Cello Player
Patrick Garrow
as Killer
Caroline Dhavernas
as Dr. Alana Bloom
Aidan Devine
as Eldon Stammets
Howard Pont
as Defence Attorney
Jeremy Crutchley
as Dr. Roman Fell
Joe Anderson
as Mason Verger
Jason Blicker
as Joel Summers
Peyton Kennedy
as Little Girl
George Masswohl
as Garage Manager
Anna Chlumsky
as Miriam Lass
Mark Rendall
as Nicholas Boyle
Nicky Cappella
as Jacobi Boy
Amanda Plummer
as Katherine Pimms
Paul Sturino
as Poliziotto Officer
Chris Ip
as Chinese Tattoo Artist
Cynthia Preston
as Emma Buddish
Samuel Faraci
as Franklin
Peter Spence
as Mr. Lombard
Bas Reitman
as Tommaso
Aaron Abrams
as Brian Zeller
Raúl Esparza
as Dr. Frederick Chilton
Mía Maestro
as Allegra Pazzi
Dominique Bisson
as Shrike Victim #2
Wayne Wells
as Matteo
Rob Norman
as Police Officer
Christina Schimmel
as Victim #1
Clayton Gray II
as Stag Man
Lara Jean Chorostecki
as Freddie Lounds
Sara Sue Vallee
as Victim
Douglas E. Hughes
as Veterinarian
Steven Pigozzo
as Reporter #2
Gabriel Varga-Watt
as Leeds Boy #2
Mark O'Brien
as Randall Tier
Kashif Khan
as Dinner Guest
Jamaal Grant
as Guard
Fortunato Cerlino
as Insp. Rinaldo Pazzi
Gillian Anderson
as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier
Seann Gallagher
as Elliot Buddish
Nola Martin
as Mrs. Leeds
Barry Flatman
as Judge Davies
Austin MacDonald
as C.J. Lincoln
Kalen Davidson
as Stag Man
Sally Cahill
as Veterinarian
Diane Johnstone
as Nurse
Devon Hyland
as Parking Lot Attendant
Hettienne Park
as Beverly Katz
Adam Winlove-Smith
as Mr. Murray
Audra Yulanda Gray
as Reporter #3
Graeme Jokic
as Steve
Margaret Kellins
as Elderly Patient #1
Brendan Heard
as Jesse Turner
Wayne Downer
as Thomas Marlow
Pierre Simpson
as Devon Silvestri
Jonathan Tucker
as Matthew Brown
Severn Thompson
as Marissa's Mother
Richard Armitage
as Francis Dolarhyde
Ray Kahnert
as Minister
Martin Julien
as Stable Hand
Lance Henriksen
as Lawrence Wells
Carter Siddall
as Douglas Wilson
Saige Aurora
as Jacobi Girl
Christine Ebadi
as Sarah Craber
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Clark Ingram
Sydney Cross
as Turner Kid #2
Katharine Isabelle
as Margot Verger
Tao Okamoto
as Chiyo
Kevan Kase
as Officer Dormau
Kaiman Teevins
as Jason
James Chilli Chillingworth
as Agent at Table
Michael Torontow
as Pharmacist
Lindsey Connell
as Marcy O'Halloran
Jerry Getty
as Mr. Jacobi
Michael Dunston
as Car Driver
Aiden Glenn
as Castrato Singer
Toni Ellwand
as Mrs. Albizzi
Michael James Regan
as Male Beachgoer
Nicholas Bode
as Christopher O'Halloran
Krista Bridges
as Jocelyn Madchen
Mio Adilman
as Dentist
Elana McMurtry
as Michelle Brunner
Blair Johannes
as Mr. Leeds
Duncan McLeod
as Mr. O'Halloran
Scott Thompson
as Jimmy Price
Suzanne Coy
as Dixie
Nina Arianda
as Molly Graham
Gabriel Browning Rodriguez
as Walter
John Benjamin Hickey
as Dr. Sutcliffe
Laurence Fishburne
as Jack Crawford
Zachary Quinto
as Neal Frank
Gina Torres
as Bella Crawford
Mark Munro
as Roger Brunner
Vladimir Jon Cubrt
as Garret Jacob Hobbs
Eli Ham
as Parks & Rec #1
Marcel Lewis
as Cop #1
Cynthia Nixon
as Kade Prurnell
Torianna Lee
as Elise Nichols
Martin Donovan
as Crawford's Therapist
Sarah Evans
as Mrs. Nichols
Demore Barnes
as Tobias Budge
David Calderisi
as Mr. Albizzi/Signore Albizzi
Devon Phillipson
as Leeds Boy #1
Vincent Rother
as PT Officer
Emma Gibbs
as Shrike Victim #4
Richard Chevolleau
as Detective Pascal
Todd Dulmage
as Dr. Paul Carruthers
Dan Fogler
as Franklin
Omar Habib
as Guard
Glenn Fleshler
as Dr. Cordell Doemling
Rinaldo Rocco
as Sogliato
Cheryl Poirier
as Mrs. Jacobi
Michael Park Ingram
as Mr. Komeda
Nicole Babb
as Law clerk
Howard Swinson
as Elderly Patient #2

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 13 Episodes




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