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October 20, 2021
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Halt And Catch Fire’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


It's the early 1980s, and the spirit of innovation in personal computing is about to catch fire. Hot on the trail is a renegade trio -- a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy -- who risk everything to realize their vision of building a computer that can change the future. Not long after IBM corners the market with its flagship PC, a flaw is discovered in its operation, opening the door for competition. In steps Joe MacMillan, a former IBM executive who now works for Cardiff Electric. MacMillan plans to reverse-engineer IBM's technology, putting Cardiff in the thick of the personal computer race. He enlists the help of engineer Gordon Clark, who dreams of creating a revolutionary computer, and Cameron Howe, a volatile prodigy who puts her future on the line to join MacMillan's rogue project.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 1, 2014

Also Known As: Halt and Catch Fire - Fãrã CTRL, ホルト・アンド・キャッチ・ファイア |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (14), Canada (TV-14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

period drama

Company Credits

Production Co: AMC Studios


Melanie J. Newby
as Lorraine
Neko Parham
as Nick Rallo
Brian Walters
as Joanie's Friend #1
Jeff Freilich
as Burn-Out Hippie
Anthony R. McClara
as Extra
Nicholas Stargel
as Kevin
Kenny Alfonso
as Mike Houseman
Hannah Celeste
as Jessica
Bill Kelly
as Jim
A.C. Hensley
as Bus Passenger (A.C. Hensley)
Lee Pace
as Joe MacMillan
Mike Pniewski
as Barry Shields
Randall Taylor
as Carl Suberry
Wayne Pére
as Aaron
Chris Mulkey
as Gary
Richard Hempton
as Fast Food Customer
Cooper Andrews
as Yo-Yo Engberk
Maria Paula Bagnati
as Alex
Aaron Marcus
as Lawyer
Bill Stinchcomb
as Bartender
John Archer Lundgren
as Club Goer
Griff Furst
as Wally Turner
Daryn Kahn
as Ted
Jon Kohler
as Bruce
Stephen Stanton
as Commercial Announcer
Ross Philips
as James Bosworth
Sivan Fraser
as Hebrew-Speaking Student
William J. Harrison
as Conner
Salvador Becerra
as Spanish-Speaking Shopper
Bobby Pizer
as Coder
Joe Dinicol
as Craig Bosch
Barak Hardley
as Petey Manning
M. Sanjayan
as Doctor
Jameson Jamey Copeland
as Club Goer
Wes Holland
as Macky
Rafiq Batcha
as Darren
John Getz
as Joe MacMillan, Sr.
Kate MacCallum
as Tracy
Alex Lee Corbit
as Programmer
Colton Medlin
as Desk Clerk
Sean Hassan Rogers
as Bar Patron/Pool Player
Randy Havens
as Stan
Wayne Jones
as Bos Restaurant Client
Anna Chlumsky
as Katie Herman
Brandon O'Dell
as Gary
Travis Smith
as Travis
Tom McCafferty
as Deputy
Moli Hall
as Waitress
Cristian Gonzalez
as Cecil
Lily Donoghue
as Vanessa
Jin Jo
as Ashley
Don Teems
as Movie Goer/Restaurant customer
Scott Michael Foster
as Hunt Whitmarsh
Daniel Collins
as Arcade Attendee
Charles Casey
as Cardiff Accountant
Eduardo Gonzalez
as Senior Sales Rep
Caitlin McGee
as Kimberly Gould
Joe Massingill
as Doug Sheridan
Jean Smart
as LouLu Lutherford
Eric Robert Hunter
as Hospital Visitor
Brett Brooks
as Coder
Kathryn Newton
as Joanie Clark
Jona Xiao
as Julie Yang
Cece Kelly
as Jody Clark
Francine Locke
as Cameron's Mom
Cason Richter
as Mutiny Partygoer
Jason Giuliano
as Allen Wilcox
Scott Ryerson
as State Trooper
Matt McHugh
as Flamethrower
Kate Kilcoyne
as Witch
Jared Simon
as ER Doctor
Nathan Hollabaugh
as FBI Agent
Mackenzie Davis
as Cameron Howe/Cameron Rendon
Brian Elder
as Bus Passenger
Morgan Hinkleman
as Joanie Clark/Young Joanie Clark
Adam Drescher
as Office Supervisor/Supervisor
Gregory Nassif St. John
as Sommelier
Ted Huckabee
as FBI Agent
Victor Turner
as Sales Rep #1
Eric Santiago
as Bryce
Kate Kneeland
as Risa
Aleksa Palladino
as Sara Wheeler
J. Elijah Cho
as Wonderboy
Andrew Masset
as Senior Attorney
Robert C. Treveiler
as Timothy Bondham
Raven Wynn
as AGGEK Receptionist/AGGE Receptionist
Joshua Brady
as Robot
Dane Davenport
as Brett
Matt Metzger
as Grimace
Ryan Newton
as Audience Member
Matt Burke
as Steve
Kevin Christenson
as Westgroup Shareholder
John Atwood
as Vice President of Development
Nick Pupo
as Carl
Elliott Grey
as Veteran
Doug Stroup
as Business Executive/Comdex Staff
Asher Miles Fallica
as Osiris
Cynthia Barrett
as Harried Mom
Tyler Buckingham
as Rob
Javier Grajeda
as Ellis Mortimer
Michael Harding
as Po
Han Soto
as Shuji Kobayashi
Alma Kent
as Daughter
Darrell L. Shuler
as Bar Patron
Julie Zipperer
as Squirrel Girl
Marshall Choka
as Desk Clerk
David Sherrill
as Randy
Cory Chapman
as Frosty
Will Greenberg
as Brian Braswell
Sierra Nicole Krug
as Flight Attendant
T.C. Carter
as Vince
Michael Silvio Fortino
as Project Team Member
Stephen Michael Ayers
as Mr. Sanderson
Lee Zatkovic
as Len
Charles William Cook
as Young Maverick
Kevin Rankin
as Henry Clark
Michael Crider
as Joel Stern
Levi Krevinghaus
as Arcade Gamer/Mall Dad
John R. Brennan
as Engineer Bob
Adam Bucci
as Jay
Ben Proctor
as Caddy/Country Club Golfer
Greg Sproles
as Officer Washington
Pedro Garcia
as Janitor
Scoot McNairy
as Gordon Clark
Hannah Pniewski
as Symphonic Team Leader
Jim Gleason
as Patron
Alexandra Bayless
as Girl
Connor Hammond
as Dennis
Chris Coy
as Bobby Aron
Sharon Blackwood
as Gloria
Al Mitchell
as Maintenance Man
Gavin Munn
as Hobo
Jeff Sprauve
as Cater Waiter #2
Eli Logue
as Bodypainted cocktail waitress
Doug Savant
as Mac Harpor
Todd Lee
as Coder
Ashlee Heath
as Paralegal
Tim Campione
as Jr. Sales Manager
Jake Kearney
as Craig Dempsey
Stephen Caudill
as Father/Sales Rep #2
Patricia French
as Lydia
Stephen Vining
as Comdex Tourist
Brody Rose
as Michael Clark
Lou Anne Cooper
as Maylene
Ian J. Cunningham
as Cardiff Engineer
Scott Ledbetter
as Arthur
Will Wilson
as Joanie's Friend #2
Anna House
as Doris
Kerry Bishé
as Donna Clark/Donna Emerson
Lee Armstrong
as Director
Justice Leak
as Neil
Gregory Leute
as Mr. Hendricks
Sean Bury
as Coder
D.B. Woodside
as Simon Church
Jennifer Irwin
as Cookie Kuempel
Alex Blair
as Punk Bartender
David Peters
as Patron
J. Thomas Bailey
as Blue Guy #1
Randy Spence
as Stereo Salesman
Henry Bazemore Jr.
as Brad
Kenneth Israel
as Maitre D'
Johnson Cooley
as Hirsute Hippie
Pat Young
as Car Wash Attendant
Lina Zalewski
as AGGEK Staff/AGGE Staff
Scott Lomas
as Carpenter
Christopher Weite
as Cardiff Staff Engineer
Amy Seimetz
as Michelle Lattimer
Virginia Newcomb
as Producer
Javier Prusky
as Hotel Clerk
Deja Dee
as Nurse
Ken Murray
as Steve Wozniak Lookalike
Chelsea Talmadge
as Vera
Tweed Michael Manning
as Office Assistant
Michael A. Leo
as Professor
David de Vries
as Dennis Cummings
Kathy Walton
as Theater Patron
Karen Cassady
as Waitress
Frank Corcoran
as Ben Gould
Adam Cronan
as Engineer
Annabeth Gish
as Diane Gould
Nick Arapoglou
as Bellhop
Donna Sue Nickason
as Bus Passenger
Paul Ryden
as Chip Rowlett
Becky Boyd
as Cardiff Administration/Administration
David Wilson Barnes
as Dale Butler
Sasha Morfaw
as Tanya Reese
Graham Beckel
as Nathan Cardiff
Grant Murray
as Agent Calligan
Alexa Rachelle Jennings
as Inspiration Seeker
Ricky Wayne
as Kenny Burke
Michael May
as Chet Jensen
Elle Shaw
as Erica
Skylar Astin
as Jessie Evans
Megan Prater Robinson
as Black Tie Party Guest
Orlando Rios
as Young Specialist
Alana Cavanaugh
as Haley Clark
Jay Huguley
as Cal Erickson
Brad Ashten
as Jordan
Matthew Lillard
as Ken Diebold
Anthony Reynolds
as Detective
Brian Welch
as Computerland Retailer
Jenna Bryant
as Booth Babe
Katie Parker
as Amy
John Michael Morris
as Disgruntled Arcade Customer
Justin David
as FedEx Man
Jay Romero
as Coffee Shop Patron
Bob Harter
as Powerline Tech
Mark Lainer
as Phone Company Technician
Mann Alfonso
as Robert
Michael Irby
as Bernie
Barbra Prince
as Shopper
Michelle Davidson
as Lynda Davidson
Jason Davis
as Aaron Littlefield
Mike Stoudt
as Demo Audience Member #1
Jason Claspell
as Executive
Chris Eckles
as Evan
Cathryn de Prume
as Karen Rendon
Joe Hardy Jr.
as Demo Audience Member #2
Sean Buxton
as Mechanic
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Millennium Lead
James Sterling
as Party Guest
James Cromwell
as Jacob Wheeler
Brady Rogers
as AGGEK Staff/AGGE Staff
Gregory Konow
as Gardener
David Paul Lord
as Arcade Manager
Gary Weeks
as Tim Henkel
Dino Muccio
as Carjacker #1
Cuyle Carvin
as Roberto Campinello
Kennith Edwards
as Rider with Sidecar
Jeremy G. Greene
as Convention Attendee
Geoff Schuppert
as Bob
Alissah Brooks
as Drag Diva
Eric Goins
as Larry
Lillian Ellen Jones
as Haley Clark
Maia Moss-Fife
as Principal's Secretary
Joshua Sawtell
as Millennium Team Member
Stephen Archer
as Jimmy
Ruben Vidal
as Mexican Smoker
Dan Chandler
as Seth - Country Waiter
Kimberly Banta
as Office Worker
James DuMont
as Eugene Bowdich
Michael E. Sanders
Manish Dayal
as Ryan Ray
Barrett Doyle
as Waiter
Molly Ephraim
as Alexa Vonn
Kandace Howard
as Patient
Wanda Morganstern
as Gallery Owner
Vonii Bristow
as Travis
Scott Takeda
as Hirohiko Taketa
Alan Heckner
as Fred
Destiny Lopez
as Comet Team Web Surfer
Ryan Nesset
as Business Man
Todd A Stubelt
as Various
Rae Jordan
as Hound Dogz Employee
Josh Henry
as Attorney #2
Mike Sibley
as Board Member
Kristin Brock
as Dinner Party Guest
Rachel Mae Moore
as Restaurant Patron
Mark O'Brien
as Tom Rendon
Al-Jaleel Knox
as Tommy Plotkin
Keith Flippen
as Billingham
Amy Parrish
as Real Estate Agent
Whitney Goin
as Gayle
Matthew Cornwell
as Shep
Vince Pisani
as Alan/Lead Accountant
Taylor McPherson
as Movie Theater Patron
Keith Nussbaum
as Atari Comdex Patron
Marion Guyot
as Caroline
Jamie Miles
as Bonsai Enthusiast
Erin Cummings
as Jules Duffy
Peter den Boer
as Cardiff Salesman
Andrea Powell
as Ginny Bosworth
Chris Lowell
as Donna's one-night stand
Paul Rolfes
as Advertising Suit
Cody Taylor
as Caden
Carol Kane
as Denise
Susanna Skaggs
as Haley Clark
Michael Perez
as Game Master Benji
Carla Fisher
as Stokes Capital Receptionist
Mitch Eakins
as Davis Gladwell
Michael S. Moncrief
as Theater Patron
Chris Pauley
as Marketing Suit
Curt Willis
as Haley's Teacher
Lou Taylor Pucci
as Heath
Corey Creque
as Computer Expert/Penthouse Stoner
William Walker
as Tech Conference Attendee
Jena Sims
as Club Goer
Matt Malloy
as Dr. Lebec
James Harvley
as Executive
Wayne Hughes
as Wealthy Dinner Guest
Farah Cavanaugh
as Young Haley Clark
Dan Johnson
as Kyle
Bryan Murphy
as Young Man
Stephan DeKemper
as Tech Conference Guy #1
Toby Huss
as John Bosworth
Heather Lyda
as Wendy Clark
Lenny Jacobson
as Donnie Manning
Matt Lewis
as Hardware Richard
Jessica Miesel
as Admin
Brayden Benson
as Alf
Alano Miller
as Gavin Green
R. Keith Harris
as Dr. Semel
Lisa Finlayson
as Cardiff Administration
Levi Burdick
as Manufacturing Suit
Tommas Oden
as Louis
K.D. O'Hair
as Judie
Niko Nicotera
as Rick
Jose Miguel Vasquez
as Paramedic
Ian Wolterstorff
as Goodwill Employee
Gabriel Manak
as Arki
Bobby Hoskins
as Moving Man/Penthouse Party Guest
Brian R. Norris
as Elliot
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Clem
Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy
as FBI Agent
Lisa Sheridan
as Rebecca Taylor
Colin Lacativa
as Launch Party Attendee
Ryan Poole
as Club Patron
Anthony Collins
as Comdex Staff
Damon Lipari
as Kyle
Catherine Dyer
as Kelly
Gabrielle Byndloss
as Lisa
Joey Nappo
as Ajax
Jeffrey Karantza
as Western Bar Patron
Barry Stoltze
as Executive #1
Taylor Calmus
as Fanny Pack Guy
Michael Esper
as Ron Cane
August Emerson
as Malcolm Levitan
Pete Burris
as Ed
Caleb Elliott
as Trey
Alec Magee
as Dallas Deputy
Steven Reddington
as Male Student
Tachou Dubuisson
as Nancy
Blue Man Group
as Blue Man Group
Gregory Hunter
as Cardiff Engineer
Brittany Kelly
as Hotel Housekeeper
Cory Scott Allen
as Eugene Ferriter
Dane Rhodes
as Eli
Joshua Hoover
as Bodie
Jack Landry
as Ernie
Cait Pool
as Gretchen
Bruno Rose
as Student
Robin Bloodworth
as Bryon Nayhead
Megan Hayes
as Alicia
Steven Sean Garland
as TI Executive
Katy M. O'Brian
as Bartender
Maggie Elizabeth Jones
as Joanie Clark
Avery Fassnacht
as Slip and Slide Kid
Amelia Fischer
as Club Goer
David Mackey
as Elias Amador
Miles Doleac
as Bill
Jim France
as Waiter
Craig Crumpton
as Restaurant Patron
Patrick Newton
as Blue Man
John Paul Marston
as Ross Weaver
Ed Amatrudo
as Professor
Anthony B. Harris
as Bar Patron
Richard Jin
as Reggie
Jared Staley
as Marc Kuempel
Bianca Malinowski
as Debbie
Andrew S. McMillan
as Westgroup Shareholder
Cj Sykes
as Dogget
Leon Lamar
as Gabe
NM Garcia
as Mutiny Partygoer
Annette O'Toole
as Susan Emerson
Jason Vail
as Attorney #1
David Silverman
as Security Guard
Abhi Trivedi
as Sai Mistry
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Restaurant Patron
Joe Knezevich
as Mitch Clouden
Lauren Boyd
as Young Woman
Jesse Kindred
as Student
Heather Gilliland
as Receptionist
Tom Kemnitz Jr.
as Johnny Topaz
Holly A. Morris
as Cynthia
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
as Cavale
Jay D. Kacho
as Party Guest
Alan D'Antoni
as Carjacker #2
Corey Jason Thomas
as Convention Attendee-Bar PArton
James Patrick Freetly
as Attorney
Martin Seifert
as Employee
Langley McArol
as Paul
Lee Grinner Pace
as Joe MacMillan
Brent Schraff
as Calnect Engineer
Rachel Harker
as AGG Receptionist
Julie Ivey
as Diane
Justin Randell Brooke
as Dave
Robert Larriviere
as Executive #2
Brett Gentile
as Engineer Being Fired
Lowrey Brown
as Beau
Frank Hoyt Taylor
as Gilson
Charlie Bodin
as Trip Kisker III
Lee Spencer
as P.K. Simonds
Demetri Landell
as 1994 High School Student
Jason Burkey
as Cater Waiter #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 10 Episodes




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