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January 18, 2022
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About this title


TV personality Kevin Pereira ("Attack of the Show") and comic Brooke Van Poppelen explore the world of "life hacks": procedures or actions that solve problems, simplify tasks or reduce frustrations. From opening a wine bottle with a shoe, eliminating pet hair on fabric with a squeegee and flip-flop, or using a sock to make a toilet seat more comfortable, the successful hacks are designed to be fun, inexpensive time-savers. Those that don't live up to the hype are exposed, and undercover hacks challenge members of the public to overcome pitfalls.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: Spanish

Release Date: January 6, 2015

Also Known As: Arreglame la vida, Hack My Life

Parents Guide: Canada (PG), United States (TV-14)


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Company Credits

Production Co: Syndrome Studio


Zachery Byrd
as Doug (Pop Quiz)/Party Host
Stephanie Sherry
as Deodorant Girl
Sean Zerbe
as Mohawk Rocker
Jake Hunter
as Gym Goer
Dominique Barbagallo
as Female Kisser
Maximo Pain
as Gino/Gino the Guido
Elyssa Phillips
as Patient
Alisa Murray
as Pedestrian
Jason Poel Smith
as Self - Hack Master
Amber Bloom
as Amber
Nicole Erb
Shoshana Wilder
as Sarah
Jocelyn Kuritsky
as Nurse
Ben Gougeon
as Handyman
Kristen Calgaro
as Karen
Michael Aaron Carico
as Dr. Dunno Jack
Catt Minster
as Glamorous Lady
Andrew Colford
as Dad
Lindsay Brill
as Gina Grincherson
Kosta Grammatis
as Self - Engineer
Emily Turner Marsland
as Self (2017)
Adison Eisenberg
Vladimir John Perez
as Bouncer
An Phan
as Office Manager
Caryn Ruby
as Self
Laura James
as Self
Rach Lerman
as Cold-Blooded Hacker
Misty Marie
as Amanda
Humberto Le Pelch
as The Painter (2018)
Brooke van Poppelen
as Self - Host
Alex Cioffi
as Self
Tom Ashton
as Husband
Paige Sciarrino
as Cab Thief/Melon Girl
Stefanie Bloom
as Traveling Business Woman
Tom Scharpling
as Self - Host, The Best Show podcast
Scott Mena
as Office Worker
Paul Sigwerth
as Truck driver
Brett Doar
as Self - Hack Master
John Charles Nagy
as Commuter Hero
Abigail Murphy
as Wife
Alex Hodgins
as Bill
Rachel Dahlenburg
as Hipster
Mara Herron
as Self - Beauty Expert
Jack Frederick
as Self
Heather Monroe
as Self
Mike Smith Rivera
as Señor Solución/Señor Solucion
Matt Nagin
as Mechanic
Megan Sass
as Hospital CEO
Elizabeth Chang
as Chef
Val Tasso
as The Needy Neighbor
Alice Bowden
as Alice Neal
Tony Sam
as Broke Ass Bob
Jaron Ferguson
as Dan
Joseph C. Reyes
as Dad
Nate Leykam
as Dad/Jett/Patient
Lisa Timmons
as Nurse/Rita
Daniel Sobieray
as Self
Matthew Van
as Model/Plunger Washer
Rio Shigeta
as Self
Lola Rae
as Parking Officer Kennedy
Olivia Whelan
as Man on the Street
Katt Balsan
as Miss Noir
Colton Braun
as Margo's Boyfriend
Frank Vignola
as Party Guest
Nina Lucy Locke
as Cheap Roommate
Megan Hensley
as Anna
Luca Nicora
as Camper
Paxton Booth
as Mikey
Caleb Thomas
as Screech/Shriek
Lionel Ruland
as Santa Claus
Devon True
as Self
Deanna Henson
as Keep Your Kids In Line Mom
Kate Maloy
as Office Boss
Derek Brantley
as Mr. ADT Husband
Patrick Rubiano
as Self
Jon Maxwell
as Grill Master
Luna Antonia Arboleda
as Office Employee
Emma Zerner
Neal Tucker
as Husband
Gregg Blake
as Dad
Rosanne Limeres
as Mom/Wife
Kaitlin Thomas
as Gym Member
Amanda Van Nostrand
as Officer Mack
Vincent Ticali
as Senor Solucion, Sr.
Ryan Andrew Campbell
as Ryan Andrew Campbell
Bruce Schroffel
as Bruce
Alexandra Lemus
as Señorita Mujer
John Noel
as Nervous Party Host
Gianmarco Soresi
as Infomercial Pitchman
Christopher Rex Stone
as Hipster
Emily Nash
as Deodorant Girl
Victoria Jacobsen
as Fake Bangs Girl/Wife
Jenny Formica
as Laundry Patron
Marc Hawes
as Bagel Tony
Aaron Burdette
as Graphite Man/Rope Hack Guy
Jacqueline Guillen
as Inez
Evan Michael Pinsonnault
as Chris Hackison
Micah Lyons
as Bob/Hank Westin
Nancy Harding
as Susan
James Michael McHale
as Cell Phone Sales Associate
Joan Borzomati
as Self - Owner, Mrs. B's Cakes
Adam Pasulka
as Office Employee
Ali Ganjavian
as Self - Creator, Ostrich Pillow
Jon Noto
as Self
Tory Taranova
as Club Goer
Manny Cartier
as Model/Plunger Washer
Lance Bonza
as Ben
Matthew Krol
as Narrator (Hacks From History)
Drew Lewis
as Dr. Hack
Shad Roberts
as Mort
Jacqueline Pereda
as Beer Lady
Tavi Juarez
as Margo
Freddie Kuguru
as Pop Quizzer
Amanda Rodhe
as Karen
Kevin Pereira
as Self - Host
Barry Lee Sheppard
as Scrawny Guy
Daniel Genalo
as Funny Australian Boyfriend
Connor Dylan
as Intern
Barrett Carroll Curtis
as Duncan
Tanya Thompson
as Office Employee
Joseph D Fisher
as Guest #2
Laura Bohlin
as Cassie Spandeau
Nigel A. Fullerton
as Man on Street
Zachary Karem
as Paul
David Johnson
as Don Soup/Self
Anlezia Moné
as Shelly
Lisa Cole
as Pop Quiz Hacker
Dan Perlman
as Self - Panelist
Allie Funk
as Perfect Roommate
Mike Stein
as Self - Coach, Furious Squirrels
Dov Lebowitz-Nowak
as Dov
Adrienne Ianniciello
as Nurse
Steven Conroy
as Wingman
Sarah Pribis
as Commercial Woman
Steve Brio
as Steve Neal
Josh Opper
as Joshua Neal
Eila Francis
as Young Child
Chia Chen
as Fancy Lady
Erin Kay Van Pay
as Claire
Joe Amato
as Husband
Raquelle Wallace
as Hacker Jenny/Slacker Jenny
Anthony Elias Contreras
as Ernesto
Nick Hurley
as Detective Basil Rothschild
Alexis Paton
as Guest
Anand Ray
as Husband
Trarell Rogers
as Zombie
Regina Gibson
as Wife
Keith Panzarella
as Team Science Club

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 24 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 19 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 8 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 2 Episodes

Season 6

2018 | 2 Episodes



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