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October 21, 2021
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About this title


When Portland, Ore., homicide detective Nick Burkhardt receives a visit from his sick aunt, he gets an explanation for some strange events in his life. She informs him that he is descended from a long ancestry of "Grimms," not just chroniclers of fairy tales but hunters charged with protecting humanity from supernatural creatures. Soon Nick discovers that he can see the creatures, "wesen," who look merely human to most people, and he must bear the responsibility of his ancestors and deal with the mythology of the Brothers Grimm. As Burkhardt tries to cope with the newfound dangers of his life without alarming his fiancee and his partner, he becomes more knowledgeable about the ancient rivalry -- with help from a peaceable clockmaker.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 28, 2011

Also Known As: Грімм, Grimm |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

fairy tale

Company Credits

Production Co: GK Productions, Hazy Mills Productions |  See more »


Charissa J. Adams
as Emma Gladstone
Benjamin Farmer
as Forensic Accountant
Rich Morris
as Doug Shellow
Oliver Keller
as Blutbad
Jonah Weston
as Worker One
Alla Korot
as Dasha Karpushin
Russell Hornsby
as Hank Griffin
Ezekiel Boston
as Hundjagerman
Kent W. Luttrell
as Wesen Council Member #2
Laura Faye Smith
as DeEtta/DeEtta Calvert
LaVon Hardison
as Officer #3
Christian Lagadec
as Sebastien/Castle Spy/Renard's Spy
Jane Bement Geesman
as Arlene
Laurie Slater
as Kallikantzaroi #3's Mom
Janosh Neumann
as Man #1
Nathan Crosby
as Officer #2
Khushi Dayal
as Suleka Turner
Alexis Denisof
as Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf
Geno Romo
as Guy 2
Carter Rodriquez
as Mr. Martinez
Paul Glazier
as Clint Vickers
Tim Bagley
as Postman
Greg James
as Business Man
Carlos Sanz
as El Cuegle
Dylan Wayne Lawrence
as Student
Tirzah Vest
as Ghost Child 1
Karla Mason
as Dr. Bern
Bret Kiene
as First Man In Suit
David Williams
as Bernard Aidikoff
DeRon Brigdon
as Party Goer #1
Kyler Morrison
as Brian Johnson
Michael Draper
as Captive
Chris Mulkey
as Bart
Kate del Castillo
as Valentina Espinosa
Sonya Davis
as Dolores
Rey Borge
as Customer
Eric Tiede
as Vincent
Jade Pettyjohn
as April Granger
Derek Joseph Shields
as Police Officer
Carlo Rota
as Hedig
Brian Dykeman
as Man In Black 4
Dennis Fitzpatrick
as Lance Truman
Stephanie Meyer
as Officer Torres
Jim Becker
as Grieving Man #2
Michelle N. Carter
as Special Agent Brady
Hillary Tuck
as Maggie Bowden
Daniel di Tomasso
as Mark Nelson
Declan Tucker
as 9-Year-Old Son
Emma Rose Maloney
as Lily
Debra Pralle
as D.A. Hurtz
Adam Elliott Davis
as Hitchhiker Dave
Jessica Bork
as Diane Heddan
Charles Taylor Gould
as Harbor Cop
Doren Elias
as Mark Wilson
Chase Offerle
as Marvin
Josh Edward
as Allan Eiger
Leah Renee
as Bella Turner
Jack Armstrong
as Nathaniel
Will Rothhaar
as Officer Jesse Acker
Lodric D. Collins
as Lieutenant Marshall
Edgar Reynolds
as Spanish Captain
Logan Loughmiller
as SUV Driver
Asha Sawyer
as Courtroom Patron/Medical Examiner/Nurse
Louis Chirillo
as Dad #3
Gary Taylor
as Frank Bryce
Torsten Voges
as The Leader
Tommy Hestmark
as Suspect/Luis Lopez
Bernhard Forcher
as Hans Tavitian/Tavitian
Larissa Schmitz
as Jeane
Rachael Perrell Fosket
as Harmony/Heidi McDunnah
Heath Koerschgen
as Officer Welsh
Richard Portnow
as Daniel Troyer
Felicia Tuck
as Mavis' Assistant
Joseph Mueller
as Man in Street/Spice Shop Customer
Tim True
as Larry/Leroy Kent
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Marcus Rispoli
Kevin T. Williams
as Keith Harrow
Joseph Gibson
as Man #1
Kirsten Foe
as Wedding Guest/Wendy Henley
Samuel R. Benjamin
as Flock Member #2
Judd Eustice
as Wedding Guest
Eric Lee Huffman
as Max McClay
Erick Avari
as JP
Dan Considine
as Sid
Ryan Sands
as Special Agent Lofthouse
Foss Curtis
as Mother
Steven Michael West
as Lane
Ricki Bhullar
as David Gimlin/Dix Turner
Dan Bakkedahl
as Graydon Ostler
Tim Becker
as Reporter/Reporter #2/Reporter #1/Reporter #3
Jon Ashley Hall
as Male CSI
Jenny McShane
as Lilly O'Hara/Lily O'Hara
Claire Coffee
as Adalind Schade
Matthew Yang King
as Jin Akagi
Emery John Frazier
as Officer #1
Bradley Hollibaugh
as Ivan
LisaGay Hamilton
as Mrs. Pittman
Isidora Geranios
as Kalli
Jason McBeth
as Casey Darwell
Christian Blair
as Boy
Zoe Donnell
as Young Woman
John R. Lewis
as Police Officer/Precinct Detective/Wesenrein Judge/Bellman/CSU Tech/Public Official
Emily McWilliams
as Waitress
Abie Ekenezar
as Boxing Fan/Campaign Supporter/Diner Patron/Party Goer/Perp
Gavin Bristol
as Guy
Ron Canada
as Stan Kingston
Brian J. Saville Allard
as Cody Carson
Darryl Lemon
as Kai
Francisco Diego Garcia
as Dad #5
Joseph Aceves
as Rafael Alvarez
E.C. Mathews
as Tram Passenger
Patrick Fabian
as Dr. Eugene Forbes
Marissa Price
as Diana Massey
Henri Lubatti
as Slivitch
Arlene East
as Old Woman
Lucy Paschall
as Andrea Stroh
Parker Bagley
as Barry Rabe
Diane Kondrat
as Judge Mason
Nelda Reyes
as Maid
Jonathan Scarfe
as Reverend Calvin
Booboo Stewart
as Simon George
Wren Grabham
as 8 Year Old in Wheel Chair
Greg Michaels
as Sheriff Doug Parcell
Bob Clendenin
as Xavier
Dee Wallace
as Alice
Martyn G. Krouse
as Hundjager One
Ashley Whittaker
as Kimber
Ami C. Ericson
as Police Officer
Carolyn Monroe
as Hundjager Three
Ellen Bloodworth
as Sweet Old Lady
Lj Klink
as Cabbie
Gene Freedman
as Gregor Danilov
Amelia Rose Baldwin
as Olivia Sutton
Paul Angelo
as Man #3
Jacqueline Obradors
as Ava
Makinna Ridgway
as Jenna Blake
Jeanette McMahon
as Child Services Woman (Ms. Kidler)
Garland Lyons
as Priest
Clancy Bundy
as Masked Man #1
Ted Douglass
as Car Owner
Omid Zader
as Alfredo Guzman
Brian Steele
as Golem/Volcanalis
Callard Harris
as Cole Pritchard
Stephanie Kim-Bryan
as Beth
Michael J. Prosser
as Elliot Spinella
Timothy Dean Lee
as Beaver Council
Alistair McKenzie
as Officer Richards
Jeff Fahey
as Elder Bowden
Robert Alan Barnett
as Matthew
Jake Mager
as Boy #2
Michael Lewis Hudson
as Officer Fogel
Tyler Miles
as Robert 'Bobby' Kyle/Scott Himber
Nicholas Ealy-Elder
as Waiter
Jason Pancoast
as Bartender
Don Burns
as Melvin
Rodney Hicks
as CSU Tech
Lucas Adams
as Peter Bennett
Craig Kennedy
as Restaurant Patron
Joan Campbell
as Officer
Hardy Awadjie
as Man
Robert McKeehen
as DEA Agent Langford
Joseph Bertót
as Detective Pogue
Hank Cartwright
as Jerry Baxter/Jerry
Ellia White
as Daughter
Del Lewis
as Mr. Higginbotham
Robert Pescovitz
as Detective Gubser
Esra Guler
as Hazmat #1
Johnny Fergus
as Customer
David M. Austin
as Dixon Greeter and Rally Supporter
Richard Brake
as Hunter
Lien Mya Nguyen Oost
as Party Goer
Katharine Leonard
as Young Marie
Tim Griffin
as Mr. Keary
Jake Brock
as Prisoner
Sam Anderson
as Old Man/Rolek Porter
Aaron Farb
as Special Agent Durwell
Jim Lykins
as Bartender
Ayanna Berkshire
as Dr. Rose
Susannah Mars
as Dr. Richet
Antonio D. Richardson
as Guard
Tina Baldridge
as Rosalee's Aunt
Jennifer Lanier
as Lab Tech/Female Jailer
Aleksandra Kaniak
as Olga Myshkin
Imogen Love
as Candy
Richard Leebrick
as Brooks
Joseph Kathrein
as Tony Talamonti/Tony
Kendall Wells
as Agent Four/Kyle/Verrat #1/Woods Verrat #1
Brian Tee
as Akira Kimura
Shan Applegate
as Ross
Eric Hepperle
as German mobber with 2x4/Man Reporting Theft
Jake Street
as Thug
Lukas King
as Bodyguard #1/Lucas
Carson Cook
as Patrick
Jeanne Rogers
as Nancy Turner
Wade Williams
as Mark Holloway
Angela Alvarado
as The Woman
Richard Lee Jackson
as Karl Herman
Brian T. Finney
as Barry Kellogg
Claire Rigsby
as Aimee Diaz
Simone Leorin
as Hundjager Two/Italian Council Member
Josh Crotty
as Buxton
Jace Daniel
as Book Signing Attendant
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Hayden Walker
Josh Randall
as Timothy Steinkellner
Alexander Smith
as Cyclist
Matt Baker
as Priest
Anne Dudek
as Vera Gates
William Russ
as Scott Mudgett
Caren Calderón
as Patty Donovan
Aparna Brielle
as Jenny
Gary Powell
as Man
Ted Rooney
as James Addison
Joy Flatz
as Sylvie Oster
Mason Cook
as Peter
Daniel Vasic
as CSI Agent
Naia Schroder
as Resistance Two
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Mrs. Stanton
Melissa Center
as Nurse
D'Emmanuel Ball
as Officer #1
Ryan Fields
as Dr. Kevin Levalle
Louise Lombard
as Elizabeth/Elizabeth Lascelles
Enrique Arias
as Andy Salazar
Charlez Douglas
as Bobby
Jon Bebe
as Officer Mays
Aaron Landon
as Trey Harrison
Jose A. Rios
as Doctor
Ron Carrier
as Harold
David Cascadden
as Contractor
Alex Taraghi
as Waiter
Cody Burns
as Bike Rider/Crime Scene Witness/Lucha Libre Staff/Worker
Kenneth Mitchell
as Bigfoot/Larry McKenzie
Traber Burns
as Robert Grosszahn
Ariel Shaw
as Salesperson
Viola Pruitt
as Grieving Woman #2
Sapphire L. James
as Donna Reynolds
Dean Chekvala
as Wayne Dunbar
Grant Davis
as Cameraman
Daniel Hart Donoghue
as Reporter Assassin
Chris Gann
as Geier
Vladimir Tevlovski
as Alex/Bat Creature
Amitesh Prasad
as Sharat
Jonni Armani
as Announcer
Jason Loitz
as Bar Patron/Major Bernard/Man in Bar/Man with Bartender/Prison Guard
Jim Iorio
as Detective Holtby
Mikki Lipsey
as Patty Vetvark
Mary Jon Nelson
as Holly Clark
Lex Damis
as Pick-up Driver
Jayme S. Hall
as Police Officer
Sherilyn Lawson
as Nurse Barton
Tarn Bregman
as Werewolf Boy
Sara Fletcher
as Sarah Mahario
Sean A. Rosales
as Lone Hitchhiker
Garrett Hammond
as Andres Venegas
Lauren Crowe-Mueller
as Woman in Bar
Alan Smyth
as Ian Flynn
Jordan Roske
as Mason Heady
Sophie Gajowskyj
as Young Girl
Nick Ferrucci
as Rick
Dylan Boye
as Paramedic 2
Matthew Kerrigan
as Bartender
Quentin Contreras
as Dixon Rally Supporter
Joseph Thomas Bailey
as Driver/Man Getting Off Bus/Pedestrian
Romeo Castellanos
as Handler
Carly Kingston
as Lola
Jaime Ray Newman
as Angelina Lasser
Jodie Harwood
as Diane Rabe
Brian McNamara
as Abel Mahario
Mark Lewis
as Robin's Grandfather
Derek Phillips
as Stetson Donovan
Heath Lourwood
as Doorman/Uni
J.J. Johnston
as Stankavitch
Sean C. Graham
as Officer Mart
Sebastian Barba
as Boy #3
Pat Janowski
as Harriet
Tori Padellford
as Customer Four
Ruben Del Rio
as Manuel Fierros
Nico Evers-Swindell
as Kenneth
Daniel Roebuck
as Lt. Peter Orson/Peter Orson
Roshan Maloney
as Dog Handler
Faith Vaillancourt
as Orderlie
Scott McMahon
as Officer
Tobias Anderson
as Charles 'Red Herring' Lynk/Monsignor Paul Dobbs
Jason Sharp
as Hazmat #2
Keiko Green
as Nurse Fran
Mike Butters
as Store Detective
Dave Shecter
as Dad/Guard 1
Jesse Lee Keeter
as Walker Williams
Ricard Foyé
as Witness
Areana Cirina
as Club Girl/Diner Girl/Pretty Myshkin Groupie
Brian Silverman
as Special Agent Xavier Kosloski
Kagan Seymour
as 5 Year Old Simon
Michael King
as Eli Kemper
Kieren Hutchison
as Andre
Brian Demar Jones
as US Marshal Dan Reeves
Gokor Chivichyan
as Torturer #2
Trenton Rostedt
as Hundjager Four
John Hoffman
as Hardware Store Employee
Ryan Harter
as Agent Three
Devielle Johnson
as US Marshal Ray Durant
Harley Castro
as Verrat #1
Rex Alan McMillan
as Second Man In Suit
Kirk Acevedo
as Ron Hurd
Anya Ruoss
as Female Patient
Emily Sahler
as Commercial Real Estate Agent
Kevin Michael Moore
as Hotel Manager
Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
as Josh Porter
Sean Cook
as Joshua Hall
Tierra Valentine
as Holly/Jenny Lee/Sylvie's Roommate
Ebbe Roe Smith
as Mr. Burgess
Michael Fetters
as Stu Oliver
Ira Kortum
as Orderly
Richard Turner
as Middle-Aged Driver
Kayla Dixon
as Homeless Gal
Erica Sullivan
as Katherine Nidaria
Jessica Aalvik
as Lea
John Henry Whitaker
as Mel
C. Thomas Howell
as Weston Steward
Daryl Sabara
as Hanson
Rebecca Wisocky
as Lily Hinkley
Gregory Marks
as Approaching Sheriff
David Hendrick
as Campus Police #1
Duffy Epstein
as Businessman
Rian Turner
as Police Officer/Sledgehammer Blackshirt/Streetcar CSI
Andy Mangels
as Wesenrein/Wesenrein with Knife
Joel Robert Walker
as Uniformed officer
Orianna Milne
as Tiffany
Nick Chinlund
as Leo Taymor
David Clayton Rogers
as Arthur Jarvis
Pete Robertson
as Jail Cop
Katie Walder
as Elisha
Lester B. Hanson
as Parliamentary Officer #1
Cuyle Carvin
as SERT Team Leader
April Rogalski
as Ricki
Lisa Carswell
as Nora Grosszahn
as Chester Avery
Luis Arambul
as Cameraman/Vendor
Tony Doupe
as Detective
Peter James DeLuca
as Black Claw Cop/Bus Boy/James Kriminski
B.J. Britt
as Bryan
Michael Patten
as Richard Berna
Quinn Armstrong
as Matthew Bard
Vonessa Martin
as Principal Wiley
Solomon Brende
as Richard Mulpus
Richard Garcia
as CSI Fingerprint Analyst
Jordi Caballero
as Soledad Marquesa
Marcel Davis
as Charlie Heller
Aaron Trainor
as Firebaugh's Brother
Torrey Vogel
as John
Nick Krause
as Jonah Riken
Joshua Sawtell
as Marwan Hanano
Aliina Sconiers
as Patricia Voorhees/TV Reporter #4
David Giuntoli
as Nick Burkhardt
Henry Noble
as Campus Police #3
Mary Kae Irvin
as Cindy Turner
Bree Turner
as Rosalee Calvert
Juan Canopii
as Fire Captain
Nick Hope
as Terry
Malosi Leonard
as Bodyguard #2
Conrad Wrobel
as Reporter
Carlos Gómez
as Anselmo Baledin
Andrew D. Ford
as Bank Employee/Beaver Creature/Carnival Goer/Orderlie/Police SRGT./Uniformed Officer/Wedding Guest
Lane Stiemsma
as Driver
Ken Ballenger
as Warden Stocker
Frederick Koehler
as Martin Burgess
Niene Pugliano
as Taylor
Andrew Harris
as Gabe Rayes
Scott Takeda
as Mr. Adams
Tim Gouran
as Bobby Moore
Quinn Franzen
as Brody Crawford
Ashaki Boelter
as Portland Java Patron
Claire Doody
as Passenger #4
Macall Gordon
as Doctor Hawelka
Sam Kamerman
as Young Woman Jogger
Sharva Maynard
as Lois Weller
Robbie Clark
as Jason Colbert
Eric Edelstein
as Oleg Stark
Shane Coffey
as Derrick Bryce
Nick Kent
as Boy #4
Bevin Kaye
as Faith Collins
Bob Olin
as Steven Gallagher
Mary Page Keller
as Dr. Higgins
Chris Drexel
as Police Officer
Matt McTighe
as Ray Bolton
Stephen Douglas Butler
as Hasidic Rabbi
Beth Thompson
as Vicky Edwards
Tom Walton
as Joe
Ben Lawson
as William Stillman
Abby Dylan
as Jess Reilly
David Katims
as Cabbie
Steve Rizzo
as Mr. Stanton
Reggie Lee
as Sgt. Wu/Sergeant Wu/Sergeant Drew Wu
Kristi Bogart
as Kallikantzaroi #2's Mom
Christopher Meyer
as Roger Voorhees
Adam Hart
as Driver
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Joan Vark
Robert Fuentes
as Third Surgeon
Jeremy Evan Taylor
as Policeman's Banquet Attendee
Brandon Truong
as Young Wu
Keith Cox
as Kidnapper/Zombie #1/Thug #1/Torturer #2
Walter Perez
as Benjamin McCullough
Rich Cashin
as Officer
Jerry Basham
as Santa
Suzanne Stoker
as Restaurant Patron/Theater patron
Brandon Quinn
as Charlie Riken/Creepy Voice
Vik Sahay
as Dr. Sanji Raju
Danielle Panabaker
as Ariel Eberhart
Andrew Morgado
as Zerstörer
Kacy Owens
as Officer Johnson
Cameron Kolkemo
as Older Girl/Trick or Treater - Marilyn Monroe
Tiffany Luce
as Maddie Simms
David Barrera
as Luis
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
as El Mayordomo/James Vasquez
Daniel Knight
as Railroad Employee
Nicholas Kessler
as Kevin Salesky
Daniel Baldwin
as Jordan Vance
Fred Swink
as Beaver Council/Tall Man
Karen Tucker
as Landlady/Receptionist
Michael Maize
as Adrian Zayne
John Meier
as Pilot
Jeb Berrier
as Prosecutor/Al Eckert
Adam Syron
as Morgue Clerk
Kurt Conroyd
as Jeremy Tauberg
Jeremiah Washburn
as Dimitri Skontos
Bill Geisslinger
as Agent Robert Anderson
Michael Welch
as Jake Barnes
James Martin Kelly
as Abe Tucker
Timothy M. Hill
as Detective #1
Jack Sneed
as Cop/Officer
Logan Miller
as Pierce Higgins
Leah Huebner
as Nurse
Will Blagrove
as Donald Simpson
Benjamin Johnston
as Cyclist
Karissa Lee Staples
as Donna
Matt Lasky
as Woden
Cooper Taylor
as Verrat #2/Woods Verrat #2
Ben Whitehair
as Officer Vick
Nicole McCullough
as Sally Marcinko
David M. Drury
as Black Claw Soldier/Boxing Fan/Quarry Folk
Fulvio Cecere
as Rinaldo
Aaron Ross
as Matt
Jim Crino
as Leroy Estes
Paul Sobrie
as Face In Wall #2
Robert Agostenelli
as Wedding Guest
Jason Wilkinson
as Mover One
Brad Hackworth
as Young Bearded Man
Todd E. Williams
as Verrat Bodyguard/Man In Black 3
Randy Schulman
as Freddy/Freddy Calvert
Eric S. Meyer
as Driver
Michelle Damis
as Cindy/Suited Woman
Patrick Kwan
as Officer Soong
Vartan Friedman
as Delmar
Lloyd Weema
as Chris the Valet
David Meyers
as Dmitri
Michael Grant Terry
as Ryan Smulson/Teen #2
Charles Baker
as Dan Wells
George Castillo
as Announcer/Doctor Graham
Nate Scholz
as Jimmy
Jamison Peil
as Knute Gunderson
Russell Hodgkinson
as Ephram Geiger
Mackie Mallison
as Ghost Child 3
David Julian Hirsh
as Ben Fisher
Eddie Davenport
as Mauvais Dentes Creature
Hank Harris
as Andy Harrison
Kanin Howell
as Al the Mechanic
Jason Rouse
as Marty
Donald Fisher
as Steven Bamford
Nora Zehetner
as Khloe Sedgwick
Sourixay Vilalay
as Bank Employee
Harold Warren Jr.
as Paramedic #1
Alain Uy
as Sam Tomas
David Loftus
as Medical Examiner/Yannick
Shontina Vernon
as Saleswoman
Adam Dunlap
as Walter Dempsey/Masked Man #2
Pritesh Shah
as Dan
Kristi Evans
as Doctor
David Knell
as Stan's Father
Matt Angel
as Doyle Baske
Ben Gonio
as E.R. Doctor
Todd A. Robinson
as Troy Dodge
Michael Patrick Connolly
as Dad #4
Hunter Jackson
as Todd
Chris Ihlenfeldt
as Driver/Perp
Camille Chen
as Jenna Marshall
Angela DiMarco
as Lanie
Azura Skye
as Robin Steinkellner
Ashley Leilani
as Woman
Jesten Mariconda
as Kevin Melvoy
Tom Avila
as Chauffeur
Derald Krause
as Samuel Rankin
Arnold Vosloo
as Jonathon Wilde
Shaun Toub
as Conrad Bonaparte
Dana Millican
as M.E. Bindra/M. E. Bindra/Nurse
Mario Perez
as Eddie Otero
Kiah Stern
as Cammy Reynolds
Claudia Christian
as Mrs. Clark
Lisa Norman
as Mrs. Benton
Elizabeth Fournier
as Tough Looking Woman
Dominique Valdovinos
as Cafe Staff
Yuji Okumoto
as Sheriff Gaffen
Liam Krug
as Villager
Anna Bocci
as Sara Trump
Suzanne Tufan
as Kelly
David Natale
as Maitre D'
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Dread
Bryar Freed-Golden
as Gloria Calvert
Ithica Tell
as Bank Teller
John Steinkamp
as Dr. Feldman
Tabor Helton
as Businessman/Theo
Tim Sampson
as Terry
Mike G.
as Con #1
Maddie Hasson
as Carly Kempfer
Jessica Erin Martin
as Vera Saldona
Christina Mansell
as Party Goer
Coltron James
as Jesse
Brian L. Walker
as David
Wil Traval
as Zerstörer
Jesse Vint
as Thom Carson
Darius Jones
as Bartender
Nana Visitor
as Melissa Wincroft
John Murray
as John Harrison
Pierre Brulatour
as Store Manager
Nathan Reimer
as Man #2
Rollyn Stafford
as Hazmat #3
Eddie Feigel
as Wedding Guest
Shelly Lipkin
as Harrison Berman
Alyssa Diaz
as Belem Hoyos
Rob Brownstein
as Dr. Landeaux
Shane Edward Thompson
as Black Claw/C.C. Guard/Commercial Crew Sounds/Prison Guard
Ephraim Bano
as Brother
Anthony De Longis
as Judge Logan Patterson
Danny Mora
as Benito
Cherif Khazem
as French Man
Chris McKenna
as Lt. Grossante
Tess Paras
as Dana Tomas
Eric Sahlstrom
as Angry Mob/Nurse/Bartender/Motel Patron/Policeman/Precinct Perpetrator/Tourist/Train Passenger
William Mapother
as Dwight Eleazer
Jason Adkins
as Ben Henley
Leo Lin
as Rick
Brenda Braxton
as Brenda Braxton/Reporter #1/News Anchor/Newscaster/TV Reporter #5
Casey Adams
as Klaustreich
Toni Trucks
as Deputy Sheriff Janelle Farris
Reg E. Cathey
as The Baron/Baron Samedi
Billy Louviere
as Dolph
Rodney Sherwood
as Henry Slocombe
Sid Louie
as Driver
Eric Ray Anderson
as Security Guard
Don MacEllis
as Shaw
Adam O'Byrne
as Oscar Vasicek
Tristan David Luciotti
as CSI Photographer
D'Arquoia Connor
as Wedding Guest
Bob Bridges Jr.
as Bartender
Nicole Weaver
as Simone Rodier
Ari Montgomery
as Roni
CC Barber
as Nurse 1
Delaney Hagfeldt
as Younger Girl
Michelle Danilson
as Passenger #2
Matthew Willig
as Gregorek
Moses Olson
as Angelo
Nita Torres Young
as Paramedic
Jonathan Patrick Moore
as Malcolm Caulfield
Tim Blough
as Sheriff Munson
Michelle Rose
as Gangbanger Girl
Ted Dowling
as Felix Azaceta
Jacqueline Gault
as Cleaning Woman
Cherity Parenzin
as Nurse
Gideon Emery
as Damien Barso
Cody Banta
as Opponent
Cathy Thiel
as Rat Wesen
Rick Espaillat
as Doctor
Darius Pierce
as Krampus Human
Rick Walters
as SERT #2/SERT Team Leader
Jessen Noviello
as Hargrund
Bruce Blanchard
as Herman Nimerfro
Kate Burton
as Marie Kessler
Mary Bayley
as Cat Owner
Paul Chirico
as Todd Bowden
Damon Kupper
as Forest Service Ranger
Drew Barrios
as Charlie Mane/Delmar Blake
Karishma Ahluwalia
as Det. Kate Masters
George Newbern
as Julian
Will Hawkes
as Larry Killburn
Erin Way
as Jocelyn
Scott Michael Morgan
as Nathaniel Adams
Alexcia Tsu
as Store Employee #1
Carmen N. Brantley-Payne
as Vender
Elsa Faith
as Boxing Fan/Carnival Goer/Prostitute #2/Supporter/Wrestling Fan
Tawny René Hamilton
as Nurse Christy Kane
Josh Rice
as Building Guard
Stephanie Fodor
as Elizabeth Eiger
Derek Mears
as Krampus
Tyrone Henry
as Manager
Gray Eubank
as Reginald
Nina Marie O'Reilly
as Pedestrian
Regi Davis
as Mason Wilcox
Olga D. Grovic
as Anita
Gary Kraus
as Mr. Beau Childs
Maurice Webster
as Chip
Nicholas Anthony
as Black Claw Cop #1
Lindsay W. Evans
as Sally Spinelli
Hannah Marks
as Gracie
Chris Franklin
as Michael Sobek
Dawn Greenidge
as SERT Team Commander
Michael Graziadei
as Ken
Susan Ruttan
as Betty Frame
Dana Green
as Mabel Kurlon
Tyler Irwin
as Unruly Suspect
Jonas Grosserhode
as Sacher Waiter
Alyma Dorsey
as Hurricane
Brigid Brannagh
as Sara Fisher
Brad William Henke
as Hap Lasser
Josephine DeLellis
as Mrs. Margaret Cutler
Michael Mendelson
as Dr. Sailman
Stephen Lange
as John Coleman
Julian Acosta
as Gabriel Martel
Maureen Porter
as Mom
Brad Greenquist
as Steiger
Vince Valenzuela
as Joe Silva
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Takeshi Imura
Jarrod Zinn
as Damien
Ivan Heimbuch
as Verrat #2
Bethany Jacobs
as Liz Kent
Carsten Norgaard
as Krisztian
Jennifer Rowe
as Debra Cooper
Jeff Gorham
as Gavin Trump
Patrick Fischler
as Billy Capra
Brandon Loeser
as Robert Lewis
Cecily Crow
as Carol/Female Paramedic
Chryssie Whitehead
as Jonvieve
Juliocesar Chavez
as Miguel
Hamilton Willis
Chris Murray
as Trinket Lipslums
Jake Ynzunza
as Sergeant Conlin/Desk Sergeant Conlon
Sean McGrath
as Ted Spinelli
Jen Van Epps
as Mercedes Dawson
Shelby Meader
as Helper Elf
Titus Welliver
as Farley Kolt
Ray Buckley
as Raymond
Jeremy Fitzgerald
as Tough Guy #2
Kevin Joy
as Adult Kelly
Marti Matulis
as Thomas Woolsey
Sam Witwer
as Max
Eleanor O'Brien
as Female Officer
Danny Hernandez
as Hulda
Debra Muchow
as Wesen Rally Attendee
Andrew Stearns
as Kent Vickers
Peter Jang
as Man 2
Rafael Miguel
as Bob Taylor
Ehren McGhehey
as Luke Virkler
Errol Sack
as Declan Henry Burke
Dre Slaman
as Little Boy's Mother
Edward McDougle 111
as Police Officer
Lanie Hoyo
as CSI
Jeffrey Wade Gilbert
as Jailer
Jacqueline Toboni
as Trubel/Theresa Rubel
Max Arciniega
as Diego Hoyos
Richard Carmen
as Manager
Orion Bradshaw
as Jalmer Gunderson
Dennis Adkins
as Colonel Adam Desai
Julie Coles
as Client
Jamie Pederson
as Ludwig
Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako
as Condo Manager
Jim Vadala
as Bodyguard #2
Jacob Block
as Police Officer
Steven Beckingham
as Tom Daniels
Trish Hunter
as Mavis
Mike Massa
as Anton Mengers
Neil Hopkins
as Ian Harmon
Paul Cuneo
as Stephan Barinov
Jesse Collver
as Donald Jones
Stephanie Nogueras
as Elly Mahario
June Eisler
as Rebecca/Reporter #2
Darcy Miller
as Wife/Phyllis
Evan Honer
as Guy 1
Lorraine Bahr
as Esther Blake
Andrew Sterns
as Kent Vickers
Haley Talbot
as Lisa
Noah Greene
as Brian Grady
Anna Ostrem
as Little Girl
Mad Martian
as Church Board Member/Kallikantzaroi #3's Dad
Lars Slind
as Man #2
Rick Emerson
as Boy's Father
Elizabeth Rhoades
as Nurse
Angela Uherbelau
as Supervisor
Benjamin Kauffman
as Doctor
Darragh Kennan
as Dr. Ian Krieger
Damien Geter
as John
John Ryan Custodio
as CSU Officer
Sarina Hart
as Detective #2
Phillip Keiman
as Don Nidaria
Zoey Sidwell
as Sophia Katsaros
Endre Hules
as Voice on Phone
Logan Holladay
as Ken Honeycutt
Brandi Hicks
as Mother
Zach Myers
as Speech Writer
Diane Englert
as Vera Montgomery
Angela Gots
as Larissa
Aaron Blakely
as First Officer Brenner
Skyler Verity
as Boy
Brandon Gouner
as Black Claw Cop #2
McKenzie McCall
as Trick-or-Treater Bride
Paul Root
as Michael Patterson/Pinklon 'Pinky' Williams
Julianne Christie
as Nancy Keary
Sophie Soong
as Reporter/Reporter #3
Raoul Barba
as Kallikantzaroi #2
Emily Rios
as Frankie Gonzales
John Dewar
as Sauly
John Srednicki
as Paramedic/Deputy Medical Examiner/EMT #1
Jana Lee Hamblin
as Amanda Proctor
Thomas Lemieux
as Patrick Defonte
Keith Cable
as Dad
Don Alder
as Fred Eberhart/Nate Harrow
Nathan Kornelis
as Dennis Johnson
Mary Ann Jarou
as Serena Dunbrook
Barbara Deering
as Woman
Amelia Rose Blaire
as Sarah Jessup
Harold Phillips
as Dad #6
Currie Graham
as Frank Rabe
John Ulman
as Doctor
Ian Bell
as Officer
Tamara Szalewski
as Airway Technician/Carnie/Pedestrian
Kc Guyer
as Terrence
David Ury
as Hofmann
Sam Wilson
as Young Man
Tony Donno
as Man 1
Jenifer Yeuroukis
as Henry's Doctor
Miles Cardin
as Portland Java patron
David Frederick White
as Businessman
Matthew DiBiasio
as Mike Blake
John Forbes
as Maintenance Person
George Mount
as Sam Leoni
Jasper Louis
as Officer/Uniformed Officer
Chris Carnel
as Miles Kreski
Jay Karnes
as Detective Bauer
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Stefania Vaduva Popescu
Mason Treviño Brown
as Boy #5
Rusty Tennant
as Joe Oliver
Gregory Miller
as Lawrence Brimley
Mike Dunay
as Dustin
Scarlett McAlister
as Teri Johnson
Titus Makin Jr.
as Brandon Kingston
Sharonlee McLean
as Anne Peyton
Todd Tolces
as Gus Pappas
Kristina Anapau
as Megan Marston
Tarun Shetty
as Adesh
Glen Baggerly
as Lead Officer/SERT #1/SERT Team Leader
Patricia Ferguson
as Mrs. Klosterman
Evan Kubena
as Young Officer
Madisyn Lane
as Jeanine Phillips
Armand Jalayeri
as Con #2
Jeff Richardson
as Homeless Man
Charlie Brewer
as Joe
Jason McGuinness
as Young Boy
Josh Mead
as Young Man/Zack Blumenthal
Jason Gedrick
as Craig Wendell Ferren
Freda Foh Shen
as Lani Tomas
Eric Lange
as Dominick Spinner
Troy Loney
as Forensic Pathologist
Mark Pellegrino
as Jarold Kempfer
Joshua Lee Frazier
as Police Officer
Doug Dawson
as Eric Sanders/Guard #1
Matt Gerald
as Arbok
Ayham Samkough
as Kallikantzaroi #2's Dad
Dave Kosloski
as Detective/Crime Scene Detective
Alex Hurt
as Isaac Proctor
Madison Wray
as Joan Tapford
Eric Martin Reid
as Gus
Juliana Wheeler
as Barista
Keiko Agena
as Madoka Akagi
Brandon Baity
as Lineup Suspect #2
Kate Holdaway
as Judith
Marcella Laasch
as Abdominal Surgeon
Jerry Bell Jr.
as Bar Guy/Beast #2/Harbor Cop #2
Matt Keeslar
as Sven Gunderson
Anita Florean
as Tatiana
Sumilang Angeles
as Wu's Grandmother
Brett Weinstock
as Dennis Gladstone
Kyle Vahan
as John Oblinger
Ryan Wren Barret
as Face In Wall #1
Cody Weselis
as Loud Guy
Alex Mentzel
as Quinn Baxter
Will Grimme
as Boy #1
Lexi Pearl
as Mrs. Stanton
Erin McGarry
as Female Officer/Officer Ricci
Josh Stewart
as Bill Granger
Jared Miller
as Franz
Elizabeth "Bitsie" Tulloch
Shaun J. Brown
as Paul
Quyona Anderson
as Young Woman
Kacey Griffin
as Officer Messina/Policewoman
Joshua St. James
as Will
Samuel Summer
as Adult Auggie Maler
Matt Nolan
as Detective Meacham
Cathy Vu
as Dr. Myers
Hannah R. Loyd
as Diana
Christopher D. Harder
as Doctor
Jason Schuurmans
as Bus Rider
Sharon Leal
as Zuri Ellis
Scot Carson
as Surveyor 1
Gary Cash
as Breslau
Corey Brunish
as Laszlo Kurlon
Curtis Eastwood
as Worker Two
Ted deChatelet
as Paul Lawson
Tim Cummings
as Charlie Higginbotham
Linn Bjornland
as Camilla Gotlieb
Curtis Huff
as Delivery Man
Nurmi Husa
as De Groot
Sara Hennessy
as Tech
Darrin Glesser
as Jailer
Ben Newman
as Jeremiah Rogers
Jonathan Slavin
as Paul Wemlinger
Alex Leigh Ramirez
as Young Woman
Baraka Noel
as Lion Creature
Shawn Telford
as Roscoe
Conner B. Neddersen
as Kirk LLewelyn Firebaugh
Chelsey Rae
as Young Mother
Ethan Rogers
as Kalli's Father
Arlen Escarpeta
as Clay Pittman
Roger Bart
as Constantine Brinkerhof
Aaron Fitzgerald
as Maitre d'
Sandra Von Johnson
as Nurse
Valerie Cruz
as Dr. Levine
Richard G. Boron
as Thug #1
Kevin Shinick
as Ryan Gilko
Bill Shaw
as Wesen Council Member #1
Ijeoma Agu
as Client
Jessica Tuck
as Catherine
Jesse Frola
as Drunk #2
Jason Yates
as Dock Worker/Flock Member/Reporter/Wrestling Fan
Kevin Sheridan
as Amos
Brian Gant
as Anton Cole
Mia Allen
as Door Woman
Eric Schniewind
as Doctor
Blaine Palmer
as Mr. Harold C. Melville
Kevin Newland Scott
as Customer in Spice Shop/Landlord/Night Manager
Damian Fannin
as German Cabbie
Cazzey Louis Cereghino
as Harold 'Big' Johnson/Bar Fight Guy/Bar Fighter/Big Guy/Harold Big Johnson
Sasha Golberg
as Richard Hector Dunn
Beth Harper
as Distressed Woman
Bailey Chase
as Lucien Petrovitch
Amy Gumenick
as Gilda Darner
Rick Overton
as Felix
Daniel Brockley
as Mann
Kelli Kirkland
as Dr. Hodgkins
Brandon Thomas
as Black Claw/Crime Scene Unit/Follower/Stranger in Black
Garfield Wedderburn
as Endo
Chantal Degroat
as CSU Tech
Katherine Cook
as Reporter #3
Leigh Guyer
as Father
Lili Mirojnick
as Krystal Fletcher
Sandra Doolittle
as Police sketch artist
Tommy Daniels
as Man #1/Victim #3
Juan Aleman
as Mr. Alvarez
Amy Acker
as Lena Marcinko
Maggie Kemper
as Suzanne Acker
Emily Yetter
as Woman
Tim Bennett
as Police Officer/Precision driver/Boom Operator/Bus patron/Crime Scene Officer/police Officer
Kamyar Jahan
as Miguel
Ethan Harmon
as Kallikantzaroi #3
David S. Hogan
as Quinn
Max Artsis
as Ricky Thornton
Troy Lund
as Cop
Drew Hobson
as Grigori
Steven Sukul
as Police Officer/Fashion Designer Riley
David Zayas
as Salvadore Butrell
Jeff McKracken
as Young Council Member
Cooper Bombadil
as Cousin #1
Nick Richey
as Waiter
Sophia Mitri Schloss
as Robin Howell
Ryan Tresser
as Dr. Nicholson
Vanessa Cobbs
as Motel Maid
Sasha Dadvar
as Officer Brenner/SERT Officer
George Ketsios
as Det. Boyd Baribeau
Lolly Ward
as Mother
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Ryan Showalter
Judith Hoag
as Mrs. Jessup
Cobey Mandarino
as Special Agent Rosten/FBI Special Agent Doug Rosten
Sean Tarjyoto
as Employee
Anneke Wisner
as CSU Tech
Linda Alper
as Dr. Saunders
P.E. Ingraham
as CSI Photographer/Crime Scene Photographer/Neighborhood Walker
Wolf Muser
as Father Eickholt
Jenny Wade
as Casey
Kelly Godell
as Allie Stevens
Mark Bloom
as The Wolf
Sloane McGinnis
as Diana
Ed Depee
as Bouncer
Mac Brandt
as Ralph Rotterman
Jared Q. Miller
as Franz
J.J. Morris
as Thug #2
Dan Crisafulli
as Theo Delano
Maxwell Nightser
as Sous Chef #1
Andrea White
as Briana
Cassandra Frost
as Believer/Reporter
Steve Coker
as Garage Shop Owner
Gary Norman
as Brewster
Derek Ray
as Dominic
Gabriel Sedgemore
as Homeless Guy
David A. Velarde
as Club Bouncer/Perp being Slapped by Red head
Matthew Salinas
as Civilian/Wrestling Fan
Chad Randall
as Customer
Rob Lauta
as Workman
Hannah Barefoot
as Kalli's Mother
Lauren Bair
as Nurse Madison
Bradley Goodwill
as George Katsaros/Grant Hoschen
Gavin Hoffman
as Leonard Drake
David Starzyk
as Judge Stancroft
Shann Ihde
as Villager
Gabriel Suttle
as Daniel Keary
Mavil Avila
as Megan
Michael Agostini
as Bodyguard #2/Carter
Gavin Gega
as John Katsaros
Eric Riedmann
as Gary Cardero
Paul Rosoff
as Hazmat #4
Damien Puckler
as Meisner
Joe Costa
as Dr. Redfield
Craig Baxley Jr.
as Co-Pilot
Pamela O'Hare
as Nurse
Erik Gratton
as Joe
Spencer Conway
as Alexander/Renard Stand In
Patrick D. Green
as Driver/Spanish Soldier
David Drews
as Rancher
Harrison Goyette
as Elliott
Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Agent Chavez
Joseph Julian Soria
as Goyo
Jose Vasquez
as OHP Officer
Chad Addison
as Johnny Rodwick
Dalene Young
as Charlotte
AJ Taylor
as Boxing Fan/Man in Parking Garage/Party Guest
Javier Quiroz
as Officer #2
Nathan Will
as Sous Chef #2
Megan Keller
as Mother
Olga Sanchez
as Andres' Mother
Joey Coverson
as Uniform
Daniel Fissmer
as Kevin
Brayden Tucker
as Young Nick
Shawn Law
as Roland Blake
Donovan Etzel
as German Mob/Civilian/Perpetrator
Isley Zamora
as Diana
Sarah Siadat
as Doctor
Kayla Lian
as Saleswoman
Luisa Sermol
as Mila Guryanova
Scott Thomas
as Guard/HW Soldier
Timothy Thomas Brown
as Ned
Amanda Schull
as Lucinda Jarvis
Alexandra Marlene
as Face In Wall #3
Megan Henning
as Molly Fisk
Danny Bruno
as Bud/Bud Wurstner
Elizabeth Tulloch
as Juliette Silverton/Eve
Spencer Jarman
as Server
Geoffrey Blake
as Dr. Victor Shelley
Ethan Atkinson
as T.B. Colbert
Gregory Cruz
as Hector
Anthony Lam
as Tactical Cop
Brian Adrian Koch
as Ridley Cooper
Evonne De La Fuente
as Patient
Kenajuan Bentley
as Sam Damerov
Thomas Zalutko
as Bartender
Ben Blair
as Peter
Nicole Santora
as Jill Prembrey
Matt Musgrove
as Jay Dealer
Gabriel Salvador
as Dallas
Lowell Deo
as Attendant Todd/Mayor
Danielle Weathers
as Doctor
Peter Anthony Jacobs
as Thom Evans
Ryan Noël
as Police Officer
Dan Kyle
as Black Claw Guy
Clayton Hires
as Boxing Ring Ref
Wrick Jones
as Conductor
Patrick Oury
as Cousin #2/Coyotl Prisoner
Jay Paulson
as Randy Goode
Beto Angulo
as Security Guard
Sebastian Roché
as Edgar Waltz
Tom Wright
as Spencer Harrison
Tee Dennard
as Buddy
Bertila Damas
as Pilar
Katie Michels
as Diner Waitress
Jakob Salvati
as David Fisher
Kartik Chainani
as Officer #2
Jack Strom
as Jonathan Holloway
Ann Cusack
as Mrs. Baske
Allen Galli
as Charles Laney
Tony Calvino
as Officer/Jailer
Mike Brakefield
as Arresting Detective
Brent Kublick
as Sculptor
Jacob Bean-Watson
as Eddie Holmes/Stan Shaner
Anne Leighton
as Rachel Wood
Michele Mariana
as Rosa Florez/Woman
Madeline Brewer
as Billie Trump
Nick Thurston
as Roddy Geiger
Rachel Pate
as Judge Gwendolyn Truman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Kelly Burkhardt/Woman in Black
Dinora Walcott
as Dr. Deirdre Hampton
Shawn Lee
as Justin Murray
Meg Savlov
as Face In Wall #5
Gary Gatewood
as Harry Reynolds
Quinn Allan
as Resistance One
Nicole Steinwedell
as Adult Diana
Marceleno Dumaoal
as Little Boy
Lyssa Browne
as B.E.S. Contractor
Adam Standley
as Manager
Erik Odom
as Strange Man
Carlson Young
as Selina Golias
Alexander Mendeluk
as Rocky Babb
Laura Duyn
as Hotel Manager
Lorren Snow
as Drunk #1
Gloria Votsis
as Young Kelly
Steve Kim
as Black Claw Driver
Irene Doukas Behrman
as Joan Follower
Helena de Crespo
as Mrs. Higginbotham
Robynn Hayek
as Helen
Eric Osovsky
as Big John
Anthony Casanova
as Officer #1
Alycia Delmore
as Vet Manager
Amanda Walsh
as Natalie Havershaw
Demene Hall
as Miss Mary
Shelley B. Shelley
as Cynthia Reynolds/Grace Kaplan
Morgen Johnson
as Zombie/Bus Rider/Business man/Hotel Patron
Marilyn Faith Hickey
as Maureen Rodriguez
Romy Rosemont
as Beverly Bennett
Allen Nause
as Ed Weller
Ron Wright
as Clement
Dietrich Burmester
as Zombie Buddy 1
Douglas Tait
as Skull Zerstörer/Alan Creature/Kinoshimobe Creature/Larry/Wedding Guest
Tim Sitarz
as Food Cart Santa
Ryan Findley
as Travis
Lenny Jacobson
as Oliver Dunbar
Amber Stonebraker
as Summer Blake
Amy G. Newman
as Betsy Dodge
Lisa Coronado
as Nurse 2
Casey Vann
as Cecil/Angry Perp
Susan Hess
as Lenore Smulson
Hans Altwies
as Coach Don Anker
Lisa Vidal
as D.A. Lauren Castro/DA Lauren Castro
Sam Morrison
as Anubis Prisoner
Brian Letscher
as Timothy Perkal
Conner Williams
as Reginald's Grandson Joey
Robin Langford
as Frenay
William Warren Ward
as Homeless Man
Matt Dotson
as Officer/Officer #2
Alicia Lagano
as Alicia
Joel Ambo
as Kuma Akagi
Katie O'Grady
as Special Agent Kanigher
Jenessa Grant
as Chloe Bennett
Igor Korosec
as Gottlob
Jeanine Jackson
as Paula
Victor Morris
as Irv
Kurt Ehnle
as Bar Patron
Max Masin
as Greg Neilsen
Alice Evans
as Mia
David Figlioli
as Logan Cobb
Jim Lapan
as Contractor
Audrey Walker
as Nurse
Madeleine Young
as Young Holly
Mikal Vega
as Mull
Kanon Havens
as Nurse
Gene Thorkildsen
as Farmer
Raul Espericueta
as Bar Patron/Campaign Supporter/Civilian/Club Goer/Domínguez, Martin/Ground Crew/Lookie Loo/Onlooker
Jill Westerby
as Woman
J.W. Crawford
as Forest McCleary
Jean-Luc Boucherot
as Yanko/Face In Wall #4
Ellen Wroe
as Haley Maler
Jason Newell
as Airport Cop 1
Karen Wennstrom
as Mom
Anna Evelyn
as Lauren
Allison Tigard
as Verrat #1
Gonzalo Menendez
as Jim McCabe
Shannon Day
as Marta
Enrique Andrade
as Javier
Jan Brehm
as Doctor
Christine Alexander
as Forest Ranger
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Monroe
Robert Cohn
as Sam Bertram
Meredith Adelaide
as Joy
James Martin
as Leon
Tim Whitcomb
as Al the Tow Truck Driver
Melissa Murray
as Mandy
David Anthony Lewis
as Duncan Fargo
Amy Belisle
as Detective/Blutbaden/Carnival goer/Police Officer
Alissa Jessup
as Laura Driscoll
Connor Johnston
as Damon
Brandon Marino
as Nursery Guy
Carita Louise
as Grieving Woman #1
Seth Rue
as Orderly
Camille Collard
as Vanessa
Danny Shuell
as Rehearsal Dinner Table Waiter
Anna Campbell
as Beverly Garwood
Mark Famiglietti
as Linus Balouzian
Mike Dopud
as Marnassier
Jessica A. Caesar
as Lt. Willis
Chino Binamo
as Junkers
Kurk Kasparian
as Black Claw Guard
Bryce Walters
as Grim Reaper Bully
Mark Ivanir
as Boris Myshkin
Madeline Zima
as Emily Troyer
Eric Newsome
as Sammy
Doug Deibele
as Detective
Priscilla Mohan Prosser
as Wedding Guest
Dalpre Grayer
as Jared Ellis
Todd Courson
as Dad #2
Bryan Friday
as Monroe Creature
Matthew Bellows
as Jed Baim
Chad W. Evans
as Waiter
Diego Velazquez
as Son
Jonathan Lee-Vroman
as Rizzo
Danny Belrose
as Sammy
Wes Deitrick
as Willard Goode
Sasha Roiz
as Captain Sean Renard
Andy Gates
as Man #2
Frank Birney
as Mr. Stanton
Peter Simpson
as Detective/Police Captain/Police Lieutenant
Eric Leibner
as Bodyguard #1
Anthony J Sacco
as Wedding Guest
Hugo Magnuson
as Guy
Jewel Robinson
as Principal
Brett Brockmueller
as King's Guard
James Dixon
as Uniform
Michael Sheets
as Andrew Dixon/Peter
Jamie McShane
as Johnny Kreski
Michael Cahill
as Warden Hooke
Jacob Resnikoff
as Boy #6
Paul Rhoden
as Jogger
Dan Kremer
as King Frederick
Ernie Joseph
as Andre
La'Tevin Alexander
as Surveyor 2
Rob Mars
as Man in Suit
Todd Van Voris
as Frank Ellis
Robert Blanche
as Sgt. Franco/Franco/Officer Franco
Will Gilmore
as Camera Operator/Church Goer
Beth Furumasu
as Street Kid
Nastacia Guimont
as Woman
Elizabeth A. Zimmerman
as Prep Cook
Thomas Gleicher
as Burly Man
Burl Ross
as Forest Service Officer
Gill Gayle
as Marcus Hemmings
Jane Fellows
as Elderly Customer
Fernanda Stier
as Ms. Ramos
Jonah Kellams
as Zombie Buddy 2
Basil Harris
as Anton Krug
James Maxey
as Kevin Standish
Kevin Carroll
as Arnold Rosarot
Mark Richert
as Grieving Man #1
C. Veronica Brown
as Carnival Goer
Pavel Antonenko
as Henchman
Robert Baker
as Frankie Atkins
Erin T. Allen
as Thug 1
Casey McFeron
as Roy Collins
Tracy Gaillard
as Monique
Chester-Castillo Morales
as Man One
Andrew James Kushner
as Dixon's Bodyguard
Pacific Youth Choir
as Children's Choir
October Moore
as Lily Granger
Kate Mentesana
as Woman in Cage
Briana Lane
as Stacy Balouzian
Steve Alderfer
as Husband
Amariah Willard
as Girl
Julie Vhay
as Robin's Mother/Woman in her 60s
Jasmin Savoy Brown
as Young Woman
Sean Bobak
as Thuggish Orderly
Jeff Branson
as Paul Maler
Karen Corona
as Tammy
Brian Cattapan
as Bar patron dancing near Wesen/Cafe patron on date near Wesen
Madora Doremus
as Trick or Treater Vampire Girl
Isaiah Espinosa
as Ghost Child 2
Mark Fullerton
as George Lazure
Lauren Luiz
as Anna
Manny Montana
as David Florez
Kevin Warren
as Evidence Officer
Ryan McCluskey
as Robert Marcinko
Marzell Sampson
as Passenger #6
Gina Gallego
as Mrs. Garcia
Will Cuddy
as Carter Brimley
RJ Belles
as Aaron
Nahanni Arntzen
as Monique Dyson
Phil Johnson
as Drug Dealer
Brian Sutherland
as Hans Roth
Sharon Sachs
as Dr. Harper
Franchesca Agramonte
as Mary Ann Casey
James Frain
as Eric Renard
D'Angelo Midili
as Dev
Keith Jordan
as Airport Cop 2
Doug Brooks
as Mason Snyder
Erin Hagen
as Guy's Girlfriend
Jane Spencer
as Monica
Aris Juson
as EMT/Paramedic 1
David Bodin
as Robert Hadley
Jennifer Brian
as Alexandra Hahn
Garcelle Beauvais
as Henrietta
Mary McDonald-Lewis
as Frau Pech
Michael Fisher-Welsh
as Thoracic Surgeon/Doctor
Bradford Farwell
as Leo Stiles
Austin Sloan
as On Air Reporter
Tai Sammons
as Officer
Austin Hillebrecht
as Passenger #5
Tracy Salsbery
as Murder Onlooker
Michael Ochoa
as Tech
Matt Shimkus
as Pilot
Morgan Lee
as Young Man

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2017 | 13 Episodes




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