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October 24, 2021
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About this title


The medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, including several who began their careers at the facility as interns. One of the doctors and the show's namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. She struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital's one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them -- Webber and Meredith's mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: March 27, 2005

Also Known As: Uvod u anatomiju, Grey anatoomia |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

seattle, usa

Company Credits

Production Co: Shondaland, The Mark Gordon Company |  See more »


Kali Rocha
as Dr. Sydney Heron
Jacqueline Larsen
as Sarah Gordon
Tim Hopper
as Dustin Klein
Paola Andino
as Lily Price
Steven M. Porter
as Joey
William Harper
as Owen's Therapist
Sinqua Walls
as Tom Kates
Lauren Tom
as Audrey
Mark Fite
as Jared Cassidy
Latarsha Rose
as Polly Campbell
Stephanie Maura Sanchez
as Admitting Nurse
Melissa George
as Dr. Sadie Harris
Lisa Kaminir
as Doris Friedman
Jenna Bleecker
as Hospital Lawyer
Catia Ojeda
as Allie
Chris O'Donnell
as Dr. Finn Dandridge
Nicole J. Butler
as Jess
Dyana Liu
as Nurse
Michael Boatman
as Doug Kendry
Steven Flynn
as Scott Robinson
Debra Christofferson
as Elaine
Caitlyn Leone
as Iris Kane
Amber Friendly
as Photographer
Michael Andrew Baker
as Frank Nelstadt
Rey Borge
as Bailiff
Spencer Garrett
as Jim Walker
Mark Cirillo
as Ella's Dad
Jamai Fisher
as Charissa
Maria Felipe
as Mrs. Gomez
Jennifer Rhodes
as Jean Dominy
Bokhee An
as Nurse Bokhee/Bokhee
Sommer Carbuccia
as Caleb Hicks
Sunkrish Bala
as Steve Murphy
Capt'n Bob
as Doctor
Sarah Utterback
as Olivia Harper
Constance Zimmer
as Dr. Alana Cahill
Paulina Olszynski
as Lisa
Michael Merton
as Dexter
Germaine Mozel Sims
as Visitor
Tristan James Bower
as Visitor in Hospital
Henry Mark
as Featured Security Guard
Jon Rowland
as Alison's Boyfriend
Neve Campbell
as Dr. Lizzie Shepherd
Tess Harper
as Pam Nelson
Denis Arndt
as Colonel Daniel Robbins
Michael Carbonaro
as Dominic Zicaro
Webster Williams
as Alison's Father
Kuldip Korotana
as Neurophysiologist
Payton Silver
as Dr. Knox
Paul McMichael
as Ferry Victim
John Getz
as Michael Breyers
Jim Ortlieb
as Jack O'Brien
Taylor Mosby
as Collegiate Miranda Bailey
Michelle Noh
as Sharon Peterson
Justin Alston
as CT Tech
Bob Bledsoe
as Man
Richard Portnow
as Saul Schmitt
Isaiah Lucas
as ER Patient
Kevin McKidd
as Dr. Owen Hunt
Jalysa Conway
as Woman in Hall
Charles Carpenter
as Party Guy #1
Silawn Lewis
as Visitor/Airline Passenger/Puppy lady/Victim
Kegn Matungulu
as Teenage Boy
Nelson Mashita
as Proctor
Dan O'Brien
as Keith Gardner
Elle Tanz
as Derek Bailey Shepherd/Bailey
Isabella Hofmann
as Irene Waller
Marc Vann
as Hematologist
Mark Chadwick
as Cam Miller
Jeremy Cohenour
as Dr. Boyd
Bobby Reed
as Friendly Neighbor
Aaron Abrams
as Lance
Joyce Brew
as Nurse/Circ Nurse/Scrub Nurse
Tom Irwin
as Marty Hancock/Sgt. Marty Hancock
Ryan Devlin
as Bill Portman
Lori Alan
as Ellen Weaver
Erin Allin O'Reilly
as Jodi Penderglass
Martin Chavez
as Lab Tech
Kenneth Meseroll
as Ron
Amy Farrington
as Mary May
Benjamin Seay
as Neuroscience Fellow
Charles Irving Beale
as Police Officer #2
Jeff Howard
as Tyler's Dad
Taylor Blackwell
as Kelsey
William Ngo
as Groomsman #1/Intern #4
Jeffrey Addiss
as Greg Penderglass
Mary McDonnell
as Dr. Virginia Dixon
Stanton Lee
as Paramedic
Tessa Thompson
as Camille Travis
Ursula Burton
as ER Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Colleen McDermott
as Clara
Gil McKinney
as Chris
Ricki Bhullar
as Young Dad
Tameson Duffy
as Woman in Hall
Benjamin Scott Perry
as Chuck Fowler
M.J. Dougherty
as Firefighter/Injured Logger
Michael Eshaun York
as Kid Visitor
Richard Markman
as Marco, Italian Waiter
Alex Craig Mann
as Sam Garrett
Ace Gibson
as Matt
Charlee Earle
as Kathy Elmore
as Sofia Sloan Robbins Torres/Sofia Robbins Sloan Torres/Sofia Robbins Torres
LisaGay Hamilton
as Dr. Connie Ryan
Stephanie Niznik
as Carol
Sam Ayers
as Detective
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Lawyer
Shannon Lucio
as Amanda
Mary-Margaret Humes
as Nancy Jennings
Amber Bouyer
as Patient
Mandy Siegfried
as Molly Grey-Thompson
Ryan J. Burwell
as Mover
Nicolas Bechtel
as Jack
Jamie Dettman
as Stacy
Dana Davis
as Gretchen
Nathan West
as Mike
Alexandra Holden
as Jamie Carr
Treva Tegtmeier
as Doris Samuels
Abigail McFarlane
as Jamie Anders
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Weiss
Joshua Davis
as Bartender
Emir García
as Park Goer
Tiffany Hines
as Natalie
D'Kia Anderson
as Daycare Worker
Michael Hyland
as Desk Clerk
Scott Lusby
as Med Tech
Hallee Hirsh
as Claire
Kate McNeil
as Tess's Mom
Natalie Cole
as Sylvia Booker
Sarah Rafferty
as Suzanne Britland
Rachel Sondag
as Eileen
Vanessa Delgado
as Woman in Hall
Bianca Collins
as Alison
Taja V. Simpson
as Samantha Calder
Martha Plimpton
as Pam Michaelson
Peter Birkenhead
as Dr. Orsen
Robert Hoffman
as Chad
Mekenna Melvin
as Katie
Frances Bay
as Aunt Joyce
Wally Rudolph
as Echo Tech/Tech
Nina Gosiengfiao
as Picture Perfect Interviewee
Larry Cahn
as Dr. Taylor
Becky O'Donohue
as Jenna
Matt Wheeler
as John
Liv Hutchings
as Hannah
Theo Rossi
as Stan Giamatti
Jason O'Mara
as Phillip Robinson
Robert Pine
as Vincent
Chau Long
as Yan Huang
Edelyn Okano
as Nurse
Ravi Patel
as Timir Dhar
Mare Winningham
as Susan Grey
David Downs
as Man
Charles Emmett
as Mr. Bosson
Doby Daenger
as Prisoner
Scout Taylor-Compton
as Angie
Jody Carter
as Old Lady
Michael-James Olsen
as Brock
Robert Picardo
as Mr. Nelligan
Laura Allen
as Beth Whitman
Tommy Gunn
as Background Biker
Kevin Clarke
as Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #2/Paramedic Kevin
Justina Machado
as Anna Nyles
Dougald Park
as Lawyer
Hilarie Burton
as Dr. Lauren Boswell
Brian Chenoweth
as Scared Guy
P.J. Brown
as Phil Johnson
Jane Clark
as Nurse
Skye P. Marshall
as Mary Hodges
Nosheen Phoenix
as Whitney
Michael Anthony Rogers
as Paramedic #2/Paramedic/Paramedic 2
Peyton McDavitt
as Denise/Denise Miller
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Dr. Joel Miller
Britt Baron
as Mary Parkman
Winston Story
as Intern Leo
Isla Farris
as Angela
Michael Lespinasse
as Flight Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #2
Noah Schuffman
as Randy
Angelina Hong
as Sobbing Woman
Heather S. Michaels
as Nurse/Paramedic
Gracie Faris
as Little Ellis
Assaf Cohen
as Aamir Elshami
Bridget Eftekhar
as Nurse
Barbara King
as Lynne
Lela Lee
as Mrs. Richardson
Mark Atteberry
as Brian Williams
Robert Alan Beuth
as Mr. Gorder
Kevin Berntson
as Shayne Riley
Callard Harris
as Dr. Harrison Peters
Justin Chambers
as Dr. Alex Karev/Alex Karev
Faith Prince
as Sonya Cowlman
Bernard White
as Dr. Darwich
Luca Malacrino
as Bryan
J. August Richards
as Young Dr. Richard Webber
Gregory Erff
as Mr. Jones
Ben Bowen
as Charlie Hays
Moni Akiwowo
as CCU Nurse 1
Kathy Baker
as Anna Loomis
Jedediah Jenk
as Hospital Staff Intern
David DeLuise
as Charlie Connor
Marcus McGee
as Boy Band Geek
Frankie Ingrassia
as Tyler's Mom
Aaron Scotti
as Firefighter
Demi Lovato
as Hayley May
Noel Arthur
as Deputy Fire Chief
Robin Karfo
as Attending
Fidel Gomez
as Morgue Attendant
Michael Weaver
as Greg
Catelynn Brown
as Tentant
Penelope Kapudija
as Harriet Kepner-Avery
Tristen Bankston
as Paramedic #2
Samantha Quan
as Shelly Boden
Wes Studi
as William Lawrence
Ava DeVoe
as Matty
Kevin Sifuentes
as Manoy Joshi
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Andre Barrett
Janet Rotblatt
as Esme Sorento
Angela Taylor-Jones
as Hospital Staff
Paul Perri
as Rick's Friend
Peter Paige
as Benjamin O'Leary
Pamela Roylance
as Alice Bickham
Bryan Frank
as Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #2
Juliette Myers
as Paramedic
Bayne Gibby
as Cheryl Giles
Mona Mossayeb
as Nurse Ruby Hernandez/Ruby Hernandez
Gregory M. Smith
as Paramedic
Wayne Wilderson
as Bill Adams
LaTanya Richardson Jackson
as Diane Pierce
Jason Antoon
as Mr. Samuels
Wendy Davis
as Holly Adams
David Yung Ho Kim
as Student
Jeanne Syquia
as Rachel Bishop
Amber Stevens
Nick Bush
as Tenant
Reni Santoni
as Alan Griswold
Tim Griffin
as Ronny O'Malley
Granville Ames
as Eric Lincoln
Sam Anderson
as Michael Whitman
Jordan Holland
as Rich Campion
Adam Busch
as Fred Wilson
Ken Lyle
as Psych Patient
Steve Mize
as Scott Burke
Noah Alexander Gerry
as Joey Phillips
Omar Metwally
as Jesse Fannon
Eryn Rea
as Liza Simmons
Max Burkholder
as Duncan Pailey
Maria Maestas McCann
as Renee
Larkin Campbell
as Mr. Anderson
Josh Radnor
as Jon
Derek Cecil
as Sean Allen
Brian Tee
as Andy Meltzer
Abby Miller
as Kate Shaw
Wendy Schenker
as Nervous Tenant
Michelle Ang
as Cherise
Michael Hyatt
as Marian Davidson
Amber Benson
as Corrine Henley
Marty Lodge
as Anesthesiologist/Dr. Milton
Kylie Milne
as Ellen Parkins
Stella Maeve
as Lily Anderson
Hudson West
as Liam Fisher
Stacey Miller
as Kimmy
Sylvia Kwan
as Mabel Tseng
Meeghan Holaway
as Doctors' Rep
Jonée B. Shady
as Receptionist
Phillip Kent Helser
as Intern
Brian Poth
as Keith
Dan Conroy
as Robert
Nicholas D'Agosto
as Dr. Graham Maddox
Linda Wörndl
as Injured Waitress
Stephane Nicoli
as Patient
François Chau
as Mr. Chue
Brie Eley
as Administrative Assistant/Hospital Administrator
Suzy Nakamura
as Jenn Smith
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Manager
Chantz Simpson
as Rhys
Jere Burns
as Ben Bosco
Jordan Morgan
as Nurse
Brian George
as Emile Flores
Christopher Guyton
as Big Foot
Josh Crotty
as Lieutenant Hill
Elizabeth Bogush
as Gia
Alex Landi
as Dr. Nico Kim
David J. Lee
as Sprained Ankle
Mike Hagerty
as Al Keller
Josh Randall
as William
Elisabeth Noone
as Bess Lepik
Johnny Cley Rivers
as Orderly
Dohn Norwood
as Lou
Ron Butler
as Jordan Shouse
Trevor Anthony Pitzel
as Flight Doc
Annie Fitzgerald
as Kathy Nelson
Alie Ward
as Tina Herman
Anne Dudek
as Elise Castor
Shainu Bala
as Dennis
Ronnie Alvarez
as Barista
Martin Mullen
as Paramedic
John-Patrick Driscoll
as Customs Officer
Laura San Giacomo
as Marjorie Kersey
Peter Breitmayer
as Carson Methodist Doctor
Sean Laneuville
as Paramedic
Walter Addison
as Chief Martin Vance
Jesse Peterson
as O.R. Doctor
Amber Bela Muse
as Laura
Na'Kia Bell Smith
as Tina
Candice Patton
as Megan Waylon
Julie Dretzin
as Carmen Hall
Jadin Gould
as Ivy McNeil
Larry Weissman
as Psych Patient #1
Alanna Masterson
as Hillary Boyd
Mark Hayes
as Orderly
Tammy Dahlstrom
as Orderly
Lisa Ann Walter
as Shirley Gregory
Kristopher Boutin
as Bar Patron
Jamie Rose
as Lena
Kenneth Mitchell
as Wade Solomon
Traber Burns
as Andy's Lawyer
Denice Sealy
as Nurse/Bronchoscopy Nurse/Desk Nurse/E.R. Nurse/ER Nurse/Nurse #2/Pretty Nurse
Alyson Stover
as Patient
Molly Baker
as Sharon
Jim Turner
as Dr. Schacter
Claudia Londoño
as Intern
Lawrence Stallings
as Flight Medic #2
Shalini Bathina
as Katie
Michael James Lazar
as Male Nurse/Phillip
Susan Santiago
as Blanca Rodriguez
Mary Wickliffe
as Annie Banks
Jana Kramer
as Lola
Trent Gill
as David
Darcy Martin
as Sharon
Richardson Chery
as Kevin's Friend
Alexandra Doke
as Cindy/Cindy Wright/Erin
Bianca Taylor
as Elena/Elena Bailey
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Dana Hamilton
Barry Cullison
as Gray Hair
Kelly Vrooman
as Soccer Mom
Tim Daly
as Dr. Pete Wilder
Ken Marino
as Brad Ackles
Shaleeni Ranchhod
as Doctor
Avery Clyde
as Elyse
Aubrey Manning
as Wedding Officiant
Brad Banacka
as Swiss Doctor
Monica Keena
as Bonnie Crasnoff
Waymond Lee
as Hospital Staff Class
Nick Roth
as Tim Bowman
Zina Zaflow
as Nurse
David Babich
as Jackson's Lawyer
Danielle Kennedy
as Angry Woman
Connie Ventress
as Paula
Jeffrey David Anderson
as Eddie
Amol Shah
as Dr. Rob Stanton
Eric Ladin
as Victor Brown
Coby Ryan McLaughlin
as Chad Anderson
Jasmine Richard-Brooks
as Georgia
Dana L. Wilson
as Officer Michelle Curtis
Lou Richards
as Steven Basche
D.W. Moffett
as Allan
Riley Looc
as Young Liam
Brit Manor
as Lieutenant Rieser
Rebecca Mozo
as Dana Martin
Frank Gerrish
as Jim Blomquist
Lori Livingston
as Lawyer
Randy Thompson
as Frank Waring
Madylin Sweeten
as Quiet Interviewee
Sean C. Graham
as Baby's Dad
Sage Ryan
as Kyle
David Cohen
as Visitor
Ellis Malmgren
as Intern
Jillian Reeves
as Yoga Mom
Desary Vailencour
as Nurse
Paul Zies
as Biker Dude
Hayden Shinger
as Female Intern
Karla E. Rodriguez
as Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Ralph Waite
as Irving Waller
Aidan Walter
as Noah
Shannon Burwell
as Crying Patient
June Carryl
as Nurse
Elizabeth Ho
as Molly
J. Omar Castro
as Paramedic #2/Paramedic/Paramedic #1
Rance Howard
as Martin Carroll
Carole Weyers
as Emily Gardner
Zoë Hall
as Risa Hodges
Jarrod Bailey
as Seth Gruberman
Sara Ramirez
as Dr. Callie Torres
Newell Alexander
as Ed Beckert
Joe Adler
as Dr. Isaac Cross
Melissa Hunter
as Reporter
W. Earl Brown
as Herb Cramer
Ken Takemoto
as Trial Patient #1
Jophielle Love
as Clervie Martin
Leanna Tallmeister
as Overdosing Patient/Woman at Accident
Jeffrey Markle
as Greg
Jeffrey Muller
as Code Team Person
Jennifer Nyholm
as Kendra Thomas
Liza Lapira
as Noelle Lavatte
Jonathan Nichols
as Cody's Father
Amy Rosoff
as Kira Donelly
Francesca Ferrara
as Anne
Brandon Molale
as Beefy Patient
Lydia Castro
as Marilyn Rocher
as Head Nurse
Erica Muñoz
as Ally Diaz
Missi Pyle
as Dr. Nicole Baylow
Ruben Garfias
as Bob
Mavrick Orion
as Harriet
Michael Brady
as Fisherman #1
Jody Sclavos
as ER Nurse
Terrence Edwards
as Paramedic Calvin
Rishi Arya
as Reporter 3
Todd Babcock
as Dr. Matthew Savoy
Kelli Goss
as Laura
John Cothran
as Ken Monroe
Ryan Wynott
as Wes Connors
Michole Briana White
as Hillary
Patriece Isaac
as Intern
Anehita Okojie
as Abena
Kathe Mazur
as Jillian Epstein
Don Wilson
as Radiology Tech
Dimitri Merritt
as Visitor
Helen Slater
as Nadia Shelton
Aidan Andrews
as Nico
Alexandre Chen
as Man
Marie Antoinette
as Family Friend
John Deignan
as Vincent
Madeleine Hamer
as Assistant
Barbara Brownell
as Hattie Straughn
Liz Jenkins
as Guard #3
Amy Aquino
as Marianne Grandy
Kimberly Quinn
as Reena Thompson
Tatum Langton
as Penny
Greg Germann
as Dr. Thomas Koracick/Dr. Tom Koracick
John Brantley Cole
as Psych Intern
Alex Salem
as Paramedic #3
Ryan Robertson
as Best Man
Chad Mochrie
as Bagpipe Band Member
Nina Monet Hudson
as Asha
Cathryn de Prume
as Mrs. Nash
Damian Forest Light
as Military Personnell
Frances Nichols
as Nurse Karen/Karen
David Chisum
as Judge Jeffrey King
Gregori J. Martin
as Orderly
Nina Rausch
as Sheila Davis
Brian Michael Jones
as Fish Man
Ryan Shrime
as Lance Chambers
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Brian
Ervin Ross
as Emmett Lawson
Don Abernathy
as Wedding Guest
Hugh B. Holub
as Ben
Xander Taylor
as Pablo Walker
Michelle Gardner
as Myrna Schmitt
Kalina Vanska
as Pilot
Chandra Wilson
as Dr. Miranda Bailey
Robert I. Mesa
as James Chee/Dr. James Chee
Omar Gooding
as Danny
Leah Morgan
as Nyah
Frederick Keith Johnson
as Patient
Robin Gwynne
as Becca's Mom
James Avery
as Sam
Spencer Hill
as Reporter Dan
Nicholas Purcell
as Doug
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Mr. Kirby
Kyra Da Costa
as Intern
Alexandra Brandl
as Karen
Frances Conroy
as Eleanor Davis
Amy Cale Peterson
as Nurse Home Staffer
Tzi Ma
as Mr. Patterson
Curtis Armstrong
as Robert Martin
Michael Rady
as Michael Shelley
Jim Metzler
as Priest
Janina Gavankar
as Intern Lisa
Eddie Jemison
as Stan Grossberg
Christian Alexander
as Will
David Giuntoli
as Todd Vernon
Maggie Siff
as Ruthie Sales
Tracy Vilar
as Becca McMurdo
Drea Garcia
as Female Firefighter
Marguerite Moreau
as Dr. Emma Marling
Dale Raoul
as NICU Nurse
Reggie Brown
as Flight Attendant
James DuMont
as Sheldon Morris
Randall Arney
as Mr. Bryce
Peyton Kennedy
as Betty Nelson/Britney
Omar Leyva
as Luis Rivera
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
as Deborah Curzon
John Eddins
as Firefighter
Amy Hill
as Joanne
Suzanne Ford
as Hazel Parker
Holmes Osborne
as Dr. Kenzie
Branden Weslee Kong
as Visitor
Klea Scott
as Dr. Dominique Eldredge
Lovlee Carroll
as Janis
Richard Keith
as Intern Mitch
Nadji Jeter
as Bobby
Jeff Marlow
as Drunk Man
Jessica Trainham
as Daphne
Jenny O'Hara
as Nadia's Mother
Marshall Allman
as Jeremy West
Jorga Caye
as Patient
Angela Paton
as Martha Elkin
Emy Coligado
as Janelle Duco
Johnathan McClain
as Dr. Rich Gregory
Claire Geare
as Young Meredith
Vanessa Rogers
as Jamie Hayes
Kimberley Datnow
as Waiter
Billy Mayo
as Rick
Christopher Redman
as Chris
Maria Elena Maglaris
as Nurse/Nurse Maria/O.R. Nurse
Annie LaRussa
as Dorie
Blue Deckert
as Frank
Chris Conner
as Mr. Nyles
Caterina Scorsone
as Dr. Amelia Shepherd
Gregory Linington
as Applicant #3
Allan Louis
as Ronald Dace
Rafael J. Noble
as Roy Pepper
Alison La Placa
as Mrs. Nolston
Jim Lau
as Examiner #4/Meredith's Other Examiner
Wilfred Lopez
as X-Ray Tech
Michael G. Davis
as Danny
Greg Winter
as Scott Parker
Matt McTighe
as Vincent
Timothy Bottoms
as Carl Murphy
Alex Fernandez
as FBI Agent Heyward
Julie Granata
as Clerk #2
James Huang
as Social Worker Sid Cooper
Leven Rambin
as Sloan Riley
Peter Howard
as Hal Leonard
Christopher Meyer
as CJ Madison
Joey Luthman
as Michael
Elyse Dinh
as Kathleen
Lisa Schurga
as Karissa Skolaski
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Dr. Jennifer Stanley
Ezekiel Pacheco
as Marcel
Rowena King
as Celeste Newman
Joel Grey
as Dr. Singer
Anthony M. Bertram
as Pastor
Walter Perez
as Russ Gammie
Sarkis Ninos
as Doctor/Suit
Brandon Quinn
as Leo
Allyssa Amelia Entz
as Jamie
Bardia Seiri
as Farouk Shami
Jackson Hurst
as Thomas Archibald
Ashlee Füss
as Lisa Wilcox
David Burdulis
as Bartender
Virginia Tran
as Camera Operator
Richard Flood
as Dr. Cormac Hayes
James Immekus
as Andrew Langston
Stephanie Erb
as Mrs. Gantry
Kyle Red Silverstein
as Ethan Dawson
Justin Nardine
as Orderly
Mackenzie Astin
as Danny Wilson
Rachel Acuna
as Bar Patron/Nurse
Joshua Kai
as Nicholas
Tim Powell
as Police Officer
Kaipo Schwab
as Kai's Father
April Grace
as Greta's Sister
Kiley Donovan
as Woman/Woman in Hall
Brian Maierhofer
as Josh Sterman
Rob Narita
as Anesthesiologist/Burke's Anesthesiologist
Aubree McGuire
as Patient
Daniel Augustin
as Chris Beaton
Nichelle Hines
as Young Woman
Maggie Gwin
as Olivia Noel
Dillon Daniel Mutyaba
as Intern
Judith Ivey
as Barbara Robbins
Jake Mailey
as Uncle Jim
John M. Adrian
as Executive One
Libby Barnes
as Dr. #1
Teddy Dunn
as Heath Mercer
Nate Reese
as Father of Patient #1
Kim Delgado
as Search & Rescue Guy #1
Don Williams
as Andy Billings
Steve Harris
as Omar Toussant
Eliyas Qureshi
as Bailiff
Andrew James Allen
as Coby McKee
Toni-Marie Spera
as Brad's Cousin
Rosanna Arquette
as Constance Ferguson
Joel Bond
as Marina Worker
Carl Beukes
as Daniel
Adriana Ducassi
as Finley Calhoun
Maurice Hall
as Major William Allen
Damon Standifer
as Hazmat Guy
Carlease Burke
as Mrs. Gates
Ron Melendez
as Will
Bruce French
as Father Kevin
Shelby Zemanek
as Clementine
Elly Jaresko
as Melissa
John O'Brien
as Lab Tech/Lab Tech Jeffrey/CT Tech/CT Tech #2/Jeffrey/Lab Guy/Radiology Tech #1/Tech
Eileen Ryan
as Marjorie Reed
Brian Kerwin
as Holden McKee
Stacey Hinnen
as Mr. Johnson
Leslie Odom Jr.
as P.J. Walling
Luciana Faulhaber
as Emily Jensen
Evan Strand
as Jacob
Katherine Heigl
as Dr. Izzie Stevens/Izzie Stevens
Arianna Ortiz
as Jessica Schoman
Jackie Chung
as Cleo Kim
Reggie Austin
as Jay
Stacey Moseley
as Donna
Tara Shayne
as Taylor Lanz
Tatiana Chekhova
as Seamstress
Mitch Pileggi
as Lawrence Jennings/Larry Jennings
Molly Schreiber
as Flight Nurse
Stacey Danger
as Sales Clerk/Student
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Mr. Patterson
Natalie Pearl
as Ella Holmes
Courtney Hope
as Ariana
Laura Kranz Galvan
as ER Nurse/Nurse
Noelle McCutchen
as Nurse/Nurse Vivian/Cardiac Nurse/Nurse #2
Matthew Morrison
as Dr. Paul Stadler
Jesse Williams
as Dr. Jackson Avery
Elizabeth Schmidt
as Laurie Lasher
Eamon Hunt
as Judge
Grace Rowe
as Paramedic Grace/Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic 2
Harrison Knight
as Andrew Willis
Suzana Jurcevic
as Lab Technician
Apollo Garza
as Pedestrian/Press conference cameraman/Visitor
Juliette Jeffers
as Mary
Sonya Leslie
as Rita
Cairo Philip
as Young Austin
Manu Narayan
as Eric Choudry
Riley Thomas Stewart
as Colin Anderson
Carolyn Power
as Victoria
Krystian Alexander Lyttle
as Eric's Brother
Zoanne Clack
as Woman in Hall
Aixa Clemente
as Trial Partner #3
Stephen Breithaupt
as Mr. Gaston
Luke Ganalon
as Chuckie
Lindy Booth
as Hadley
Joel Kindrick
as Judge
Cade Owens
as Nathan
Thomas Ian Nicholas
as Jeremiah Tate
Stephen Lee
as Mr. Gibson
Heather M. Kayal
as Kidney Harvester
Jimmy Star
as Patient
Dru Mouser
as Patty Clements
Todd Waring
as Tobin
Max Meggs
as Doctor
Alexander Neher
as Chris Duran
Jason London
as Jeff Pope
Marilu Henner
as Alice Moser
Meg Steedle
as Melissa
Leith M. Burke
as Dr. McQueen
Dan Lauria
as Martin Davis
Juan Martinez
as Beau Martinez
J. Rene Pena
as Female Driver
Cadence Murray
as Patient visitor
Julie Gonzalo
as Teresa Benson
John Paul Pitoc
as Billy Sheehan
Christine Marie
as Paramedic
Marina Sirtis
as Sonya Amin
Naomi Coai
as Surgeon/Surgical Nurse
Brian Reid
as Waiter
Shane Schoeppner
as Bodyguard
Coby Douang
as Tyler/Tyler Richardson
Tim Rhoze
as Kyle Booker
Camille Chen
as Kerry Schultz
Linda Nile
as Louis' Wife's Sister
Ellen Crawford
as Carrie Reisler
K Callan
as Janis
Gary Tang
as Dr. Gary
Mimi Kennedy
as Verna Bradley
Carol Ann Susi
as Mrs. Borsokowski
Jessica Collins
as Denise
Liberty Hobbs
as Candace Warner
Heather Matarazzo
as Joan Paulson
Warren Tatoy
as Assistant Director/Surgeon
Garon Grigsby
as Keith
Kim Morgan Greene
as Tina Rice
Brent Briscoe
as Henry Lamott
Cheech Marin
as Otis Sharon
Joelle Carter
as Mary Rolich
Marina Black
as Sally
Charlotte Alexis White
as Alyssa Cramer
as Mia James
Jenny Andrievna
as Mom
Michaela Watkins
as Nikki Ratlin
Ethan Dizon
as Sean
Aina Dumlao
as Gerlie Bernardo
Tanner Buchanan
as Lucas
JJ Snyder
as Reporter
James Le Gros
as Jerry
Ethan Corn
as Twenty-Something Hipster
Toby Meuli
as Chaz
Kailen Jude
as Ian Adams
Matt Dione
as EMT
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Vince Cruse
Matthew Downs
as Frank
Tina Majorino
as Dr. Heather Brooks
Parker Goris
as Garrett
Kennedy Barry
as Little Girl
Norman Nixon Jr.
as Nurse James/Intern James/O.R. Nurse/Nurse
Susan Merson
as Lorraine
T'Shaun Barrett
as Jon
Claire Lautier
as Shelley
J.P. Manoux
as Danny Nelstadt
Wendy Braun
as Captain LeVantine
Jeff Davis
as Recruiting Officer
Dominic Ruggieri
as Rocco
Nia Vardalos
as Karen
Kathleen Bradley
as Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Louis Scherschel
as Parent
Sarah Paulson
as Dr. Ellis Grey
Erica Burns
as Visitor
John Rubinstein
as Keith Kalber
Emily Davenport
as Monica Zarr
Kiralee Hayashi
as Tracey Mitchell
Fred Ward
as Denny Duquette, Sr.
Lilli Birdsell
as Emily Rochester
Steven W. Bailey
as Joe/Anesthesiologist Jeremy/Anesthesiologist/Jeremy
Michael Esparza
as Marcus
Lukas Behnken
as Scott Seibert
Tristen MacDonald
as Sgt. Rebecca Cohen
Alixandrée Antoine
as O.R. Nurse/CCU Nurse/E.R. Nurse/Peds Nurse/Trauma Nurse
Billy Wood
as Code Nurse/Perfusionist/Senior Resident
T.J. Thyne
as Aaron Morris
Courtney Comer
as Paramedic
Juliette Angelo
as Danielle
Savannah Paige Rae
as Winnie
Darby Camp
as Erin Miller
Raoul Bhaneja
as Samar Burman
Casey Thomas Brown
as Keith
Moon Unit Zappa
as Kelly
Sage Kirkpatrick
as Carolyn Adkins
Jessica Capshaw
as Dr. Arizona Robbins
Annie Campbell
as Anna
Ben Stillwell
as James Leggett
Randy J. Goodwin
as Eric Young
Chad James Buchanan
as Brian
Regine Nehy
as Cheyenne Wood
Ian Chen
as Luca Peterson
George Akram
as Bartender
William Leon
as Gary Walton
Keeshan Giles
as Intern #2/Intern #3/ND Resident #3
Isidora Goreshter
as Paula
Annette O'Toole
as Madeleine Skurski
Asher Deva
as Jai Prishna
Roma Maffia
as Roberta Thompson
Ginny McMath
as Irene
Fox Messitt
as Truman Cole
Karen Lew
as Dr. Hoffman
Lorenzo Caccialanza
as Dr. Vincenzo DeLuca
Spencer Grammer
as Candace
Dan Bucatinsky
as Jeffrey
Kristin Johnson
as Nurse
Wendy Haines
as Nurse
Andrew Miller
as Danny
Stefania Spampinato
as Dr. Carina DeLuca
Allie Grant
as Alana
Maz Siam
as Emir's Chief of Staff
Catheryn Brockett
as Bentley Nurse
Ethan Embry
as Dr. David Moore
Nealla Gordon
as Jill Boyd
Toby Grey
as Ernie
Lindsay Wagner
as Helen Karev
Brian Houtz
as Resident
Robbie Troy
as Mrs. Bryce
Mariela I'V
as Medical Nurse
Brett Glazer
as Paramedic Brett
Sara Van Horn
as Nash's Grandmother
Pat Destro
as Boise Nurse
David An
as Intern
Hector Elizondo
as Carlos Torres
Angelique Cabral
as Laura
Cynthia Youngblood
as ER Nurse
Maria Russell
as Guard #2
Obie Sims
as Neuro Fellow
Nicole Rubio
as Paramedic Nicole/Paramedic/Paramedic #2/EMT/Jill the Paramedic/Nicole the Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #4
Jonathan Cake
as Griffin Ford
Scott Elrod
as Dr. William Thorpe
Yolanda Snowball
as Physical Therapist
Liberte Chan
as Reporter 1/Reporter 2
Joel Schmidt
as Gloria's Brother
Camilla Luddington
as Dr. Jo Wilson/Dr. Jo Karev
Deborah Puette
as Trish
David Denman
as Rick Jacobs
Lise Simms
as Karen
Kathryn Taylor Smith
as Nurse Caroline
Alec Taylor
as Patient (2018)
Gregory Michael Smith
as Paramedic #2
Kate Burton
as Dr. Ellis Grey
Patrick Mapel
as Ricky
Alina Phelan
as Karen Marks
Dinah Lee
as Grungy Chick
Ron Perkins
as Roy Henley
Don McManus
as Samuel Linden
Jaylee Chen
as Woman
Kelsy Kemper
as Shelley's Daughter
Jeff Cole
as Mr. Nash
Will Hawkes
as Leo Davis
Amber Stevens West
as Laurel Pinson
Miles Elliot
as Boy
Tom Everett
as Jackson's Examiner
Scott Michael Morgan
as Patient #2
Maura Soden
as Librarian
Devika Parikh
as Nancy Klein/Meredith's Attorney
Joseph Kell
as Mr. Rice
Rudy McCollum
as Viper's Male Friend
Napoleon Tavale
as Crew Chief
Regi Davis
as Dr. Kevin/Kevin the Psych Resident
Gary Kraus
as Louis Cardon
Camille Winbush
as Camille Travis
Drew Pollock
as Wright
Phil Abrams
as Dr. Nelson/Dr. John Nelson
William R. Moses
as Steven
Charlotte Catherine Barlow
as Female Patient
Dawn Greenidge
as Mrs. Donovan
Susan Ruttan
as Mrs. Swork
Chelsea Taylor
as Alison's Mother
Amy Brenneman
as Dr. Violet Turner
Chris McGarry
as Danny Wayne
Susan Balboni
as Gina
Ernie Grunwald
as Gary Rubin
Rebecca Rogers
as Jamie Hayes
Jayden Lund
as Hulking Patient
Caroline Clay
as Cece Colvin
Sabrina Perez
as Marlene
Karri Aiken
as Mary Powers
Craig Tsuyumine
as TV Reporter
Ashley Crow
as Linda Cotler
Beverly Todd
as Gilda Ruiz
Augusto Aguilera
as Mr. Endris
David Vegh
as Tony Savitch
Raymond Cham Jr.
as Phillip
V. Vieux
as Rosalind Warren
John Sloman
as Dr. Kenley
Aaron Perilo
as Gekko
Sally Pressman
as Young Dr. Ellis Grey
Eugene Ko
as Ricky
James Nardini
as Anguished Father
Dan Zins
as Scrub Doctor
Jon Bradford
as Danny's Dad
Corey Mendell Parker
as Brian
Elizabeth Bond
as Kimmie Kepner
Steven M. Gagnon
as Mr. Lepik
Brennan Elliott
as Dave Kristler
Drew Powell
as Carl Shatler
Kovar McClure
as Dr. Tim Redmond
Hayley Chase
as Cassidy Gardner
Caroline Aaron
as Connie Williams
Aniela Gumbs
as Zola/Zola Grey Shepherd/Zola Gray Shepard/Zola Shepherd
Heather Hemmens
as Sasha
Scott Rinker
as Toby
Billie J Bradford
as Airline Passenger
Jeff Perry
as Thatcher Grey
A. Russell Andrews
as Mr. Davis
Wren T. Brown
as Michael
Patrick Fischler
as Jake Steiner
Ingrid Bloom
as Happy Mom
José Zúñiga
as Anthony Meloy
Alexandra Billings
as Donna Gibson
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
as Deborah Fleiss
April Seba
as Worried Mom
Tyrees Allen
as Dr. Saltzman
Martin Henderson
as Dr. Nathan Riggs
Jeremiah Miller
as Cecil Taylor/E.R. Nurse
Carrie Armstrong
as Social Worker
Sophina Brown
as Joyce Williams
Jeris Poindexter
as Mr. Strickland
Cliff Berens
as Patient
Amy Okuda
as Chelsea Ansell
India Patten
as Tim's Wife
Alyssa Milano
as Haylee Peterson
Amy Landecker
as Morgan
Hilda Boulware
as Antoinette Ndugu
Martin Spanjers
as Hunter
Ina Barrón
as Nurse Colleen
Michelle Kim
as Uma Paxton
Maxwele D'Angelo
as DJ
Joseph O'Brien
as Hospital Visitor
Charles Walker
as Dr. Chesney
Ben Shenkman
as Rob Harmon
Dio Johnson
as Brett
Ellie Izabella Guillen-Cota
as Baby Avery
Lina Green
as Chandler Keen
Candice Afia
as Intern Laura/Intern 2
Arielle Hader
as Toby Donnelly
Marin Hinkle
as Ashley Cordova
Rosalind Chao
as Kathleen Patterson
Annie O'Donnell
as Older Woman
Steven Anders
as Trial Partner #4
Zoe Boyle
as Clara Ferguson
Milda Dacys
as Marla Shulte
Hal Linden
as Bertram Hollister
Sydney Sweeney
as Erin Weaver
Mark Daneri
as Tenant 4
Jack Conley
as Jasper Hovey
Richard Jenik
as Jimmy Shelton
Julie Wittner
as Mrs. Crossley
Bryan Chesters
as John Brinn
Ali Hillis
as Lori Carter
Misha Gonz-Cirkl
as Social Worker
Paula Newsome
as Mrs. Sturgeon
Bruce M. Stockert
as Doctor on Balcony/Man Watching Lecture/Man at Bar/Man at Hospital/Man in Wheelchair/Nurse/Patient in Coma
Diane Farr
as Lila
Jason Boegh
as Excited Doctor 1
La Monde Byrd
as Martin Sterling
Andrew Thacher
as Sean
Adam Graham
as Emergency Room Intern
Samaire Armstrong
as Claire Nolan
Anthony Azizi
as Syrian Doctor
Sarayu Blue
as Pam
Kathryn Smith-McGlynn
as April's Lawyer
Tiffany Phillips Pradiá
as Anchorwoman
Arlene Hogan
as Nurse Arlene
Robby Rasmussen
as Charlie Abbott
Todd Buonopane
as Greg
Missy Yager
as Terri
Sam Fuller
as Cash Keller
Veronica Cartwright
as Lydia Ashford
Mayank Bhatter
as Dr. Siegel
Abigail Spencer
as Dr. Megan Hunt
Rachel Bay Jones
as Carly
Vicki Davis
as Morgan Fisher
Zakary Risinger
as Nash
Peggy Dunne
as Louise
Emily Roche
as Jo
Scottie Thompson
as Dr. Renee Collier
Justin Ellings
as Frankie Morris
Kellie Martin
as Julie Zelman
Vishal Patel
as CCU Nurse 2
Olivia Liang
as Teacher Assistant
Dwayne Barnes
as Conner Squire
Julia Silverman
as Janet
David Bowe
as Don
Margaret Avery
as Lucille Reed
Tom Larochelle
as Gary
Margaret Hartley
as Nurse
Kheng Hua Tan
as Vera Roberts
Clint Culp
as Mr. Quaid
Shawn-Caulin Young
as Steve Tate
Morris Minelli
as Dreamscape Federal Correction Officer/Police Officer at Airport Pick-Up
Andrew Borba
as Chris Ward
Cullen Douglas
as Dr. Bob Richardson/Mr. Arnold
Alveraz Ricardez
as James Maurer
Bernadette Peters
as Sarabeth Breyers
Katie Gunderson
as Lisa Mitchell
Jack Axelrod
as Really Old Guy/Charlie 'Really Old Guy' Yost
Michael Buie
as Paul Dawson
Aarti Mann
as Holly Harner
Mandy Fabian
as Susan Kane
Loanne Bishop
as Ruth
Nichole Sakura
as Leanne
Lily Fisher
as Sarah
Laura Malone Hunt
as Surgeon 2
Shakira Barrera
as Young Mom
Peter Sabri
as Flight Nurse
Brittany Perry-Russell
as Harmony Vasquez
Aria Lyric Leabu
as Young Meredith
Terry Myers
as Paramedic
Adam Kulbersh
as Tommy
Matt J. Doyle
as Bartender
Farelle Walker
as Hollie Beaton
Tommy Dewey
as Mike
Nazanin Boniadi
as Amrita
Ariel Felix
as Anesthesiologist/Anesthesiologist #1/C.T. Booth Tech/CT Tech/Intern #1
Lance Henriksen
as Griffin McColl
Santino Barnard
as Mike
Yutaka Takeuchi
as Kamaji
Brad Pennington
as Radiologist
Mike Miller
as Intern
Amy Motta
as Jenna Lee
Karen Bankhead
as Georgia
Eve Sigall
as Old lady
Maggie Egan
as Lynn
Rocky McMurray
as Hunter
Reverend John Atom
as Rick Burns
Kyle Chandler
as Dylan Young
Chelsea Harris
as Lori
Robert Mitchell
as Young Firefighter
Cathy Lind Hayes
as Nurse Debbie/Debbie
Peter Strauss
as Daniel Schwartz
Heather Corwin
as Casey's Mom
Jay Sefton
as Officer #2
Erica Giles
as Receptionist
Marla Sokoloff
as Glenda Castillo
Carlos Luna
as Chuck
Jessica Sirls
as Hospital Visitor
Amelia Rose Blaire
as Hillary List
Carl Lundstedt
as Reggie Dalton
Allen Kepler
as Albert Newman
Greg Pitts
as Jerry O'Malley
Currie Graham
as Greg
Kate Forster
as Jane Richie
James Holloway
as Paramedic #1/Paramedic Clyde
Henree Alyse
as Lily
Zachary Knower
as Nick Kelsey
Sean Moran
as Lou Bradley
Brian Maillard
as Perfusionist
Dave Johnson
as Hospital Visitor
James Saito
as Herschel Katano
Elise Robertson
as Ms. Johnson
Randy Evans
as Interviewer
Tony Suriano
as Upset Family Member
Betty Murphy
as Lulu
Joel Murray
as Agent Martin Fields
Jos Viramontes
as David Martinez
Bob Gebert
as Mario
Aaron Lustig
as Judge William Benson
Jenny Cooper
as Bethany Tanner
Vince Cefalu
as ND Patient
LaTanya Richardson
Monica Parks
as Boston Social Worker
Boris Kodjoe
as Captain Robert Sullivan
Zaiver Sinnett
as Zander Perez
Alfred F. Woodley
as Driver
Makayla Lysiak
as Jada Williams
Jade T. Reyes
as Zoe Marshall
Danielle Savre
as Captain Maya Bishop/Maya Bishop
Sara A. Emami
as Mom
LaTonya Holmes
as Ruth
Melvin Abston
as Cop/Officer #3
Trever O'Brien
as Bryan Greenberg
Josh Fingerhut
as Police Officer
Javier Grajeda
as Jeffrey Hernandez
Alan Rachins
as Louie
Amber Slaven
as Worried Young Mom
River Davidson
as Baby Allison/Allison Hunt
Dana Lee
as Hospital staff
Jeff Rubino
as Jeff Bloom
Kyle Secor
as John Dickinson
Joey Lauren Adams
as Dr. Tracy McConnell
Rob Nagle
as Howard Bonaman
Emma Prescott
as Lucy
Jolene Kay
as Astrid
Sharon Battle
as Teacher
Amina Alzouma
as Teenager 1
Gale Harold
as Shane
Liza Seneca
as Woman
Freda Foh Shen
as Missy Grant
Heather Brooker
as Daycare Worker #2
Eric Lange
as Steven Tanner
Lee Cogburn
as Hotel Clerk
Arija Bareikis
as Savannah
Jenna Bettencourt
as Circulating Nurse
Sue Cremin
as Holly
Mickey Maxwell
as Minister
Kate Cobb
as Mari Prishna
Troy Fromin
as David
Anil Margsahayam
as Dr. Barrett
Marcelo Yu
as Patient Visitor
Kennedy Bryan
as Alexis/Alexis Stevens
Josh Plasse
as Chris Cleaver
Jaimee Listokin
as Family Member
Sunil Malhotra
as Sanjay Roy
Andy Forrest
as Maintenance Worker
Josh Clark
as Lenny Shulte
Brett Zimmerman
as Sergeant Brian Carson
Tim DeZarn
as Santa Claus
Patrick Dempsey
as Dr. Derek Shepherd/Derek shepherd
Elizabeth Del Rosario
as Visitor
Michanne Quinney
as Tori
Tom Amandes
as Tom Waller
Chase Kim
as Lawyer
Kevin Rankin
as Jack Vaughan
Jessica Anne Bogart
as Lindsay
Nancy Stone
as June Peterson
Adam Shapiro
as Pete
Chris Nuñez
as Michael
Pia Shah
as Intern Jessica Pahlavi
Kari Coleman
as Mother
Chelan Simmons
as Brenda
John Koyama
as Search & Rescue #2
Chris Koch
as Patient
Fred Kronenberg
as Roland Hobart
Tisha Campbell
as Lila's Mom
Ruth Cadiente
as Nurse
Blake Bashoff
as Elliott Meyer
Crystal Allen
as Heather
Anne Moore
as Penny Gibson
Meg Cionni
as Nikki
Sandy Sidhu
as Priya
Alex Quijano
as Random Guy
Romi Dias
as Nadia Correa
Eve Brenner
as Enid
Matt Crabtree
as IDC Dude
Aubrey Peeples
as Super Hot Girlfriend
Thad Luckinbill
as Kevin Banks
Sara Lee
as Lolly
Clayton Farris
as Kevin
Dan D'Amicol
as Good Samaritan
Laura Morgan
as OR Nurse
Jessica Steen
as Dr. Rebecca Froy
Cassandra Braden
as Housekeeping Staffer
Amanda Fuller
as Dr. Morgan Peterson
Gary Basaraba
as Micah
Timothy Cakebread
as Nurse
Bruce Beatty
as Jerry
L. Scott Caldwell
as Allison Cobb
Chris Hendrie
as Dr. Harry Victor
Bethany Joy Lenz
as Jenny
Mason McCulley
as Ryan
Adam Kolkin
as Ethan
Dale Waddington
as N.D. O.B./OB Resident
Caroline Choi
as Laura
Josh Bywater
as Intern #1
Cory Blevins
as Doctor #2
Shi Ne Nielson
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2/Paramedic #1
Jack Gwaltney
as Frank Newsbaum
Michael Matthys
as Dr. Kent
Alan Mandell
as Henry Stamm
Brendan Michael Coughlin
as Charley Evans
Tim Reid
as Julian
Mary Gallagher
as Susan Hamilton
Kinsley Fox
as Scout Lincoln
Tyler Poelle
as Mason Kiefer
Kelly Sry
as Tech
Alexander Pine
as Intern
Kai Chamar Williams
as Eric Sterling
Pete Freeland
as ER Doctor/Firefighter
Sade Benyaminov
as Aliyah Hamed
Elle Carpenter
as Circus Performer
Mae Whitman
as Heather Douglas
Alice Lo
as Qing Lu
Danny Nero
as Anesthesiologist
Jonathan Slavin
as Rick Beglight
Omid Abtahi
as Aasif
Yvans Jourdain
as Businessman
Skyler Day
as Emery James
Emily Berry
as Screaming Woman
Chelsea M. Davis
as Lilah
Jamie Chung
as Trina Paiz
Tahmus Rounds
as Harry
Samas Wu
as Patient/Visitor
Tanya Linette Smith
as Jennifer
Beth Grant
as Sheila Olsen
Heather McComb
as Rachel
Daniel Tatar
as Clerk #1
Kosha Patel
as Tia
Wendy Raquel Robinson
as Officer Gina Thompson
Tim Chiou
as Paramedic/Paramedic #4/Paramedic #5
Scott Keiji Takeda
as Dave Oyadomari
Becca Gardner
as Rebecca 'Bex' Singleton
Jeanette Brox
as Shelley
Shannon Adawn
as ER Nurse
Marty Ryan
as Zach Mischer
Ashlee Brian
as Paramedic Jamal
Cashalà L'Shauntyelle
as Brooke James
Rebeka Montoya
as Marisela
Jesse Head
as Will
Kaine Reid
as Parker Hedges
Gail Bean
as Caitlin Freeman
Nicole DuPort
as Theresa
Ivar Brogger
as Graham Cunningham
Peter Smith
as Code Nurse
Deidra Edwards
as Brenda Bonaman
Treisa Gary
as Beth
Melissa Menakha
as Intern
Rita Moreno
as Gayle McColl
Matt Doherty
as Carter
Yeniffer Behrens
as Laura Medina
Lana Leigh Taylor
as Visitor #16
Edwin Hodge
as Greg Stanton
Jason Rennebu
as Male Patient
Mara Hall
as Nurse Kathleen/Nurse
Irene Keng
as Dr. Audrey Shaw
Chris Spinelli
as Fiance
Zach Gilford
as Charlie Lowell
Skyler Hart
as Michael Cook
Alexis Stier
as Annie Cooper
Madison Leisle
as Lisa the Child
Amy Gumenick
as Becca Wells
Amelia Morck
as Lily Hawkins-Garrett
Ray Marchan
as Teenage Boy
Amie Donegan
as NICU Nurse #2
Thom Barry
as CDC Investigator
Karl T. Wright
as Mediator
Aaron LaRue
as Perfusionist
Craig Susser
as Dr. Hurst
Kieran Campion
as Bryan Wallace
Annie Sims
as Doctor/Hospital Visitor
George Gerdes
as Norman Sholman
Eric Stoltz
as William Dunn
Brian Sounalath
as Tech
Dominic Hoffman
as Dr. Jeff Russell
Sean Sekino
as Intern Stuart
Raedin Reid
as Parker Hedges
Michael Canavan
as Lawyer
Joni Bovill
as Dr. Marks
John Billingsley
as Jacob Nolston
Jordan Wright
as Theo
Roger Bridges
as Firefighter
Louis Carbonneau
as Harvey
Graham Beckel
as Jim Johnson
Erica Jaye Green
as Chelsea Keen
Marilyn McIntyre
as Jill
Dax Randall
as J.J.
Wallace Langham
as Dr. Steve Corridan
Ricardo Molina
as ID Resident Amir
Teresa Huang
as Nurse Ruth/Nurse/ER Nurse/O.R. Nurse/OR Nurse/Peds Nurse/VIP Nurse
Paul Cassell
as John Hanson
Stephen Bishop
as Firefighter
Melissa DuPrey
as Dr. Sara Ortiz/Sara Ortiz
Aaron Refvem
as Jackson
Jessica Starr Folger
as Nurse #1
Jela K. Moore
as Zola/Zola Grey Shephard/Zola Gray Shepard/Zola Gray Shephard/Zola Grey Shepherd
Nick Iammatteo
as Party Guest
Leon 'Lee' Fuller
as Family Member
Tim Maculan
as Luke
Jolene Kim
as Tess Adams
Jerren Jay White
as Daycare Father
Joseph Sikora
as Shane Herman
Joseph Sun
as Intern
Ryan Stroud
as Concerned Parent
Sharon Muthu
as Fran
Jed Sura
as Rob Henry
Rene Auberjonois
as Neil Sheridan
Amy Landers
as Marla Kristler
Judith Hoag
as Rhada Douglas
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Marion Steiner
Antonio Aaron
as Police Officer #2
Kathy Jensen
as Shannon
Brian Chin
as Airline Clerk
George Anthony Bell
as Judge
Michael Milillo
as Larry
Ema Solorio
as Sofia Robbins Torres
David Paluck
as Surgeon #2
Bashir Salahuddin
as Bailey's Husband
Peter Katona
as Marcus Kane
Ayumi Iizuka
as Theresa
Alexa Havins
as Danielle
Stevie Potter
as Kim
Jason David
as Eli
Logan Donovan
as Brad Parker
Rashmi Rustagi
as Mira Singh
Cascy Beddow
as Keith
Kevin Will
as Len Gantry
Giselle Bonilla
as Sarah
Dylan Minnette
as Ryan
James Gammon
as Mr. Scofield
Che Landon
as Sarah
Rosalyn Sidewater
as Mrs. Bosson
Sharon Lawrence
as Robbie Stevens
Mandy Levin
as Dana Leggett
Steven Michael Eich
as Buck
Ariela Barer
as Paula
Taylor Geare
as Sage
Dana Hunt
as Angela
Alan Blumenfeld
as Shawn Sullivan
Mary Somers
as Nurse Lada
Zack Scott
as Court Audience Member
Jayne Brook
as Gwen Graber
Karly Rothenberg
as Ruth Bennet
Nigel Gibbs
as Priest
Fred Ochs
as Mr. Kaplan
Thomas F. Duffy
as The Hammer
Benjamin Patterson
as Curtis 'Rosalind' Warren
Barbara Montgomery
as Louise
Matthew Jaeger
as Kyle Kasliner
Rae Allen
as Ruth
Kirsten Scoles
as Marcy
Marion Ross
as Betty Donahue
Yasmine Aker
as Sana
Mary Joy
as Voice
Craig Blair
as Tim
Ewan Chung
as Tech Guy
Nadine Griffith
as Circulating Nurse/ER Nurse
Michael Roark
as Jordan Carter
Kevin Michael Brown
as Jury Foreman
Kimberly Elise
as Dr. Rebecca Swender
Charles Duckworth
as Brian
Dianne Travis
as Oldie 1
Liza Cosier
as Candy Striper
Megan Gallagher
as Mrs. Oldroyd
Simon Miller
as Patient
Samantha Sloyan
as Dr. Penelope Blake
Rhobye Wyatt
as Judge Laura Schuffman
Alanna Boatright
as Marie
Miriam Flynn
as Gretchen Bitzer
Lindsey Kraft
as Lisa Campbell
Brianne Tju
as Stacy
Arlene Tur
as Pamela Calva
Brandon Van Vliet
as Lesbian Bar Patron
Moe Irvin
as Nurse Tyler/Nurse/Tyler/Tyler Christian/E.R. Nurse
Amir M. Korangy
as Dr. Safavi
Johnny Mansbach
as ER Visitor
Gordon Clapp
as Victor Kaufman
Joy Osmanski
as Intern Lucy
Myles Cranford
as Old Man
Roberto Urbina
as Jordan
Monique Cash
as Gail Webber
Mia Lynn Bangunan
as Mei Li
Jacob Gibson
as Josh
Karan Kendrick
as Lanie
Gavin Houston
as Ed Benson
Eddie Yu
as Luke
Christine Weatherup
as Crystal
Janeline Hayes
as Medic
Gerren Hall
as Patient
Terrance Christopher Jones
as Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #7
Martha Boles
as Lisa
Sean Carrigan
as Todd
Marcuis Harris
as Rob Mays
Liz Wicker
as Officer #1
Lawrence Adimora
as Jason
Judith Moreland
as Mrs. Baer
Rachel Andersen
as Nurse Carol/Floor Nurse/Nurse/Peds Nurse
Okieriete Onaodowan
as Dean Miller
JoAnna Rhambo
as O.R. Nurse/Nurse/CCU Nurse/Scrub Nurse
Andrew Leeds
as Andy
Corey Martin Craig
as Brian
Helen Eigenberg
as Lillian Campion
Candace Nicholas-Lippman
as Kenya
Ted Welch
as Dante Kane
Cathy Diane Tomlin
as Alex's Other Examiner/Examiner #5
Alistair Steel
as Documentarian
Gerald Downey
as Dr. Kenton Giles
Pete Flynn
as Paramedic #1
Fabrizio Guido
as Drew
Stephen Mendel
as Dr. Norman Russo
Monica Calhoun
as Mrs. Wood
Laura Carson
as Gloria Savitch
Haley Ramm
as Shannon
Crystal De La Cruz
as Cousin
Michael Atilano
as Orderly
Mark Nuñez
as Eli/Eli Stevens
Jimmy Smagula
as Tommy
Ray Ford
as Ray the Paramedic/Paramedic/Paramedic Ray/Ray/Ray Sutera
Dylan Rourke
as Tyler Hemphill
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Mr. Calva
Sharae Nikai
as Doctor
Rick Gifford
as Davis Calder
Alex Manugian
as Nurse Taylor
John Cho
as Dr. Marshall Stone
Mark Edward Smith
as Gary
Gabriel Bateman
as Jared Cole
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Firefighter Carroll
Violet Hicks
as Katie
Patty McCormack
as Rebecca Franklin
Maz Jobrani
as Dakhir Hamed
Anita Tucker
as Tunnel Victim in Wheelchair
Derek Webster
as Paul Anderson
M.Q. Tran
as Young Girl
Domingo Vara
as AA Member #3
Kerry Carney
as Intern #1/Intern #2/ND Resident
Chris Lowell
as William 'Dell' Parker
Rosemary Dominguez
as Cara McAdams
Rya Kihlstedt
as Claire
Evans Brown
as Orderly
Casey Sander
as Casey
Elizabeth Goldstein
as Giselle
Matt Kaminsky
as Rashy Man
Lara Phillips
as Mary Levangie
Carl Lumbly
as Kurt Walling
Rusty Schwimmer
as Patricia Phillips
Lindsay Pearce
as Holly Tichener
Jason Ganzel
as Barista Jason
Patrick Censoplano
as Robbie McCutcheon
Wilson Cruz
as Kyle
Madeline Carroll
as Ivy Soltanoff
Jonté LeGras
as Nurse #2
Clea DuVall
as Jennifer Robinson
Sophie Ly
as Elisa Tang
Troy Westbrook
as Paramedic
Scott Foley
as Henry Burton
Libby Villari
as Mrs. Gibson
Laya DeLeon Hayes
as Taryn Davis
Reggie Jordan
as Reporter #1
Monica Lawson
as Officer Tatum
Christopher Alvarenga
as Camera Crew Person
Brody Goodstadt
as Bailey/Derek Bailey Shepherd/Little Bailey
Seth Adams
as Radiologist
Kelsey Scott
as Karen
John Siciliano
as Jeff
Pamela Shaddock
as Shara Freeman
Sohm Kapila
as Sophie
Cynthia Stevenson
as Ruthie Carlin
Jim Parrack
as Ted Carr
Nancy J. Lee
as Cheryl
Cress Williams
as Tucker Jones
Gary Hershberger
as Doug
Eddie Aguirre
as Reporter #2
Brett Tucker
as Fire Chief Lucas Ripley
Cheyenne Haynes
as Mindy
Drew Lipson
as Corey
Lisa Vidal
as Dr. Alma Ortiz/Alma Ortiz
Sophia Ali
as Dr. Dahlia Qadri
Larry Cedar
as Dr. Cohn
Mackenzie Marsh
as Val Ashton
Pepper Sweeney
as Lisa's Dad
Patrick R. Walker
as Sir Hall
Maile Flanagan
as Lab Tech/CT Tech #1/Tech
Mark Daugherty
as Evan
Mark L. Taylor
as Dave Buckley
Davon Sherman
as Event Donator
Kurt Fuller
as Jerry
Kevin D'Arcy
as Heart Patient
David Ramsey
as Jimmy Thompson
Délé Ogundiran
as Terri Akumbu
Jesse Plemons
as Jake Burton
Michael Brouillet
as Secret Service Agent
Henry G. Sanders
as Dr. Hudson
Angela Goethals
as Kelly Roesch
Anthony Keyvan
as Miguel
Jack Foley
as Nervous Interviewee
Kirk Bovill
as Brian Turner
Paul Vogt
as Aaron Mafrici
Shanelle Gray
as Sara
Arriane Alexander
as Gate Attendant
Michelle Murphy
as Ellie Henry
Tony Casale
as ND Surgeon #2/Surgeon Dave
Jayden Haynes-Starr
as Austin Hayes
Monica Sanchez
as Holly Sanborn
Tom Verica
as Michael Norris
Tara Nicole Hughes
as Dancer
Alexander Walsh
as Danny
Charles Maceo
as Paramedic/Paramedic #1/Paramedic 2
Saundra McClain
as Lawyer
Carly Dy
as Jamie
Morgan Lily
as Jennifer Parker
Preston James Hillier
as Cop
Graham Sibley
as Noah Rutstein
Roshawn Franklin
as Todd Holmes
Cosima Cabrera
as Paramedic #3
Shelley Berman
as Jed Sorento
John Lacy
as Zack
Caleb Emery
as Julius
Rosalie Ward
as Melissa Corso
Hilary Ward
as Dr. Thompson
Tony Mirrcandani
as Isaac
Stefanie Black
as Roxie Meyers
BJ Tanner
as William George 'Tuck' Bailey-Jones/Tuck Bailey Jones
Jessy Hodges
as Donna Freeman
Page Leong
as Dr. Cynthia Cu
Jane Daly
as Meredith's Examiner
Pej Vahdat
as Tarik Amin
Gunnar Goldberg
as Zach Thompson
Nathan Casamassima
as Baby
Jeff Staron
as Tom Vinson
Rueben Grundy
as Jake
Rebecca Swift
as Nurse
Scott Klace
as Dr. Jordan Wagner
Harris Michaels
as Orderly
Matt Orduna
as Chris Webber
Louis Giambalvo
as John Terzian
Elden Henson
as Matt Smithson
Jacob Radin
as Elijah
Jessica Gardner
as Sarah Straughn
Cheryl White
as Lynn Connors
Debra D. Holt
as Big Man's Wife
ErinRose Widner
as Nurse
Naoko Okamoto
as Yumi
Faran Tahir
as Isaac
John M. Jackson
as Kevin Covington
Abbie Cobb
as Frances 'Frankie' Keller
John Pollono
as Charlie
Lori Dean
as OR Nurse
Sofie Calderon
as Elaine Hodge
Ty Chen
as Frat Kid
Shoshannah Stern
as Dr. Lauren Riley
Jillian Armenante
as Mindy Carlson
Gayla Johnson
as ND Doctor 2
Tracy Maddox
as Sophia Cassidy
Jay Walker
as Bike Messenger
Shenita Moore
as Surgical Nurse/Another Nurse/ER Nurse
F.J. Rio
as Jorge Cruz
Pablo Ramos
as Hector Martinez
Francis Guinan
as Mr. Verma
Lindsey McDowell
as Avi Styron
Alyson Reed
as Anne
Gatsby Coram
as Truck Driver
Becky Wahlstrom
as Lisa
Arye Gross
as Adam Morris
Susan Grace
as Jane
Randy Sklar
as Peter Weitzman
Alma Martinez
as Socorro Diaz
Terry Woodberry
as Police Officer
Lori Harmon
as Rachel
Paull Walia
as Dr. Kan Mattoo
Michael Evans Behling
as Brady
Erin Pickett
as Doctor/Hospital Administrator
John Bubniak
as Bartender
Evelyn Reese
as Grandma
Caroline Basu
as Daya Burman
Richard Jin
as Elliott Calhoun
Jennifer Aspen
as Elena
as Don Glazier
Lidya Jewett
as Nora Hillridge
Anzu Lawson
as Executive Three
Justin Sandler
as Guitar Player
Brooke Bryan
as Mia
Michelle Alegria
as Morning Anchor
Chris Muto
as Nurse Michael/Scrub Nurse
Crista Flanagan
as Andrea
Ron Roggé
as Fire Captain
Gordon James
as Nurse Gregory/ER Nurse/Desk Nurse/Nurse/Nurse #2/Tech
Lisa Roumain
as Cop
Brooke Smith
as Dr. Erica Hahn
Tiffany Yvonne Cox
as Eileen
Mike Kersey
as Sales Clerk
Martavius Gunn
as Paramedic
Amrapali Ambegaokar
as Intern Dani
Vicki Lewis
as Harriet
Terrell Lee
as Diplomatic Security Guard
Jonny Acker
as Delivery Man
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Paramedic/Visitor in Hospital
Nikki SooHoo
as Reese
Catherine Dao
as Dr. Knox
Anthony Hill
as Dr. Winston Ndugu
Mark Overholt
as Ron
Steve Sandvoss
as Jason
Brassix Orion
as Harriet
Hunter Reid
as Parker Hedges
Jennifer Couch
as Dana
Brian Howe
as Robert Fischer
Cyrus Samson
as Surgeon
Cameron Watson
as Rick
T.R. Knight
as Dr. George O'Malley
Joshua Malina
as Seth Hammer
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Fran
Des Epps
as Wounded Corporal
Frank Ertl
as Michael
Jasmin Savoy Brown
as Amanda Joseph
Kristen Ariza
as Angela
Karina Noelle Castillo
as Paramedic
Judi Barton
as Board Member
Cleo King
as Robin
Stacy Barnhisel
as Gretchen
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Surgeon #1
Lance Barber
as Phil
Jake McLaughlin
as Aaron Karev
Denise Dowse
as Lorraine Simms
Emily Bergl
as Trisha
Josh Driver
as Fireman
Ochuwa Oghie
as Lebo
Patrick Day
as ND Patient
Linara Washington
as Gretchen McKay
Marcus Terrell Smith
as Prison Clerk/Prison Worker
James Francis Ginty
as Dr. Russell
Debra Monk
as Louise O'Malley
Wendy Hoopes
as Tricia Shelley
Richard Gilbert-Hill
as Small Town Doc
Paul Norwood
as Scared Guy #2
Darius Dudley
as Trial Patient #3
Geoffrey Rivas
as Stu Vargas
Jason Dechert
as Travis Reed
Eve Gordon
as Mary Chapman
Karen Tarleton
as Trial Patient #2
Jennifer Marsala
as Laurie Kiefer
Robert Neary
as Hal
Holly Marie Combs
as Heidi Peterson
Megan Brotherton
as New Mom
Vee Brown
as Tenant 2
Lesley Boone
as Judy Kemp
Greg Wimberley
as Greg Wimberley
Antonio D. Charity
as Michael Nelson
Zack Shada
as Andy Michaelson
John Walcutt
as Paul Cotler
Keke Palmer
as Sheryll Jeffries
Peter MacNicol
as Dr. Robert Stark
as Baby
Diane Venora
as Audrey Taylor
Tommy Snider
as Edward Taylor
Tyler Jacob Moore
as Dane Pinetti
Wayne Mackins
as Guy Houston
Greta Sesheta
as Shayna
Charlie Bodin
as Todd
Maxine Bahns
as Anne Hawkins-Garrett
Jarrod Crawford
as Dr. Oslow
Matt Valvardi
as Orderly/Firefighter/Nurse/Security Guard
Paris Perrault
as Tess
Jeffrey Ashkin
as David
Lou Beatty Jr.
as Miguel Ruiz
Bryan Biermann
as Paramedic
Russell Hornsby
as Digby Owens
Joshua Cabrera
as Eric Sanborn
Elena Savko
as Aerialist #1
Andra Petru
as Passenger
Pam Pruitt-McGeary
as Prison Guard
Ian Gomez
as Doctor
Kate Blumberg
as Daisy
Kelvin Han Yee
as Dr. James Lou
Heaven White
as Zola
Bryce Townsend
as Elliot Hooks
Jaicy Elliot
as Dr. Taryn Helm/Taryn Helm
Eve Tanz
as Derek Bailey Shepherd/Bailey
Brian Oblak
as Daniel Rudin
Jeffrey Doornbos
as Mitch Turner
Tyshawn Bryant
as Friend #1
Mandy Moore
as Mary Portman
Mike McColl
as Dr. Paul Castello/Paul
Dave Florek
as Herman Crump
Alfre Woodard
as Justine Campbell
Mel McComb
as Reese Woods
Carmen Mormino
as Monnie
Michelle Lawrence
as Reporter 2
Ren Hanami
as Ms. Chen
Ned Vaughn
as Airline Rep
Kris A. Jeffrey
as Fisherman #2
Stephanie Faracy
as Mrs. Sullivan
Chen Tang
as Dave
Bhama Roget
as Erin
Elena Schuber
as Baby's Mom
Joyce Lee
as Julia
Meghan Lynch
as Courtney
Ida Anderson
as Lady
Evie Hammer
as Nurse
Jane Wall
as Frances Pinfield
Brandon Slagle
as Boise Radiologist/Irv
Jett Weinstein
as David Kane
Ella Faris
as Little Ellis
Ludwig Manukian
as Bus Driver
Amy Benedict
as Nancy
Tina Redmond
as Burn Victim/Wedding Guest
Rick Silver
as Grieving Father
Chriselle Almeida
as Jaclyn Werlein
Chauncey Jenkins
as Intern Jason Mills
Margo Harshman
as Jennifer Morris
Alyssa Shafer
as Kelly Temple
Kathryn Meisle
as Liz Monroe
John Duerler
as Grant
Dana Sorman
as Sharon
James Pickens
as Richard Webber
Michelle N. Carter
as Proctor
Kate Mines
as Nurse Gloria/Nurse/Burke's Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Hillary Tuck
as Julie Jacobson
Haref Topete
as Paramedic/Surgery Tech/Worried Cop
Kate Miner
as Mindy Wallace
Angela Landis
as Flight Attendant
Cliff Chamberlain
as Bob Reeves
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Chuck Eaton
Myndy Crist
as Diane Hanson
Ian Jensen
as Phillip Nichols
Kayla Madison
as Allegra
China Shavers
as Ms. Baner
Juan Antonio
as Hot Guy
Brett Nichols
as Bad Intern
Lisa Joffrey
as Kim Cole
Jaime Alvarez
as Suited Man
Larry Brandenburg
as Arnie Grandy
George Coe
as Ed Bullard
Elizabeth Tobias
as Dr. Krieger
Enisha Brewster
as Anna Williams
Sumalee Montano
as Lena McCallister
Marquise C. Brown
as Anxious Interviewee
Christopher Kriesa
as Claude Markham
Andrea Savo
as Intern #3
Kelvin Brown
as Frankie
Molly Leland
as Kathleen Kane
Pilar Holland
as Dr. Lynne Cohen
Marcus Choi
as Young Man
Ameenah Kaplan
as Makena
Matt Pascua
as Jess
Brett Pierce
as Tyler Burdeaux
Dan Gordon
as Flight Attendant
Eddie Navarro
as Zombie
Char Sidney
as Flight Doctor/Paramedic 1
Darlene Conte
as Ruby Walker
Madelyn Grace
as Mary Rose Hawkins-Garrett
Ryan Donahue
as Security Guard
Lainie Kazan
as C.J.
Micah Nelson
as Robbie Reeves
Tyne Daly
as Carolyn Shepherd
Barrett Doss
as Victoria Hughes
Maya Stojan
as Tatiana Flauto
Matthew Iott
as Ken
Shawn McConnell
as Psych Nurse
Rich Sommer
as Noah
Ricky Titus-Lam
as Entitled Incompetent
Clare Carey
as Vicky Gibson
Graham Clarke
as Weather Guy
Michael Medico
as Martin
Frank Krueger
as Dean
Michael Patrick Breen
as Visitor
Kelley Hazen
as Mrs. Mercer
Hannah Bamberg
as Abby Banks
Michael James Thompson
as Cousin Joe
Marina Kanafsky
as Paula
Christine Horn
as Erika
Paul Eiding
as Stan
Harvey B. Jackson
as AA Attendee
James Tupper
as Dr. Andrew Perkins
Adair Tishler
as Tori
Adrianne Grady
as Elf Princess
Jon Hershfield
as Doyle
Alicia Hannah
as Jasmine
Amanda Leighton
as Sarah Cassidy
Caitlin McGee
as Liz Brosniak
Spencer Casamassima
as Baby
Maynor Alvarado
as Joaquin Esquivel
Branden Silverman
as Paramedic/Firefighter
Anna Jacoby-Heron
as Kristen Rochester
Amelia Rico
as Mary Ann
Jeanine Mason
as Dr. Sam Bello
Michelle Romano
as Doctor
Louis C. Giordano
as Simon
Skyler Shaye
as Katie Bryce
Matthew Alan
as David Fisher
Taye Diggs
as Dr. Sam Bennett
Richard Lawson
as Bill Pierce
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
as Bartender
David Hall
as ER Physician/Surgeon in Operating Room
Terri Hoyos
as Flor's Abuela
Nico David
as Gabe
Neena Bidasha
as Rina
Adam Zalt
as Doctor/Nurse/Visitor Greg
Curtis Walker
as Medivac Guy/Medevac Pilot
Jay Hayden
as Travis Montgomery
Anthony S. Johnson
as Transplant Surgeon
Sarah Hagan
as Devo Friedman
Jay Ali
as Doug Hall
Elisha Henig
as Kamal
Ali Louise Hartman
as Baby Emma
Mandalynn Carlson
as Jessica Tanner
Alexandra Barreto
as Pam
Kevin Wayne Berger
as Bartender
Stacey Oristano
as Nurse Frankie
Patrick Fabian
as Dr. Oliver Lebackes
Margaret Newborn
as Patient
Maurice Whitfield
as Cop
Janet Song
as Desk Worker
Lauren Miller Rogen
as Judi Roberts
Margaret Welsh
as Dorie Russell
Sarah Jane Morris
as Dr. Emily Vaughn
Steve Dargan
as Hospital Worker
Nikki Deloach
as Charlotte
Veena Bidasha
as Tina
Tommy Gerrits
as Boy Who Lost Parents in a Car Accident
Marcus Mitchell
as Driver
Michael James Kelly
as Resident
Jonathan Scarfe
as Hank
Meli Alexander
as Nurse at Front Desk
Aida Lembo
as Toni Platt
Illeana Douglas
as Dr. Alma
Cece Paige
as Karen
Dorien Wilson
as Clifford Ndugu
Janora McDuffie
as Social Worker Janet/Social Worker
Brock Cuchna
as Recruiting Clerk
Lewis Winter
as Allison Hunt
Jason Graham
as Ken
Catherine Kwong
as Dr. Hiatt
Ingrid Walters
as Nurse Vivian
Jennifer Bassey
as Nancy Dawson
Glenne Headly
as Elizabeth Archer
Andrew Tinpo Lee
as Gordon
Dee Wallace
as Joan Waring
Miranda Rae
as Explosion Victim
Sean McDermott
as Jake
Gary Houck
as MRI Technician
Colette Gray
as Leo
Isaiah Washington
as Dr. Preston Burke
Ryan Whittal
as Family Member
Andy Manning
as Tony Keller
Devin Way
as Blake Simms/Dr. Blake Simms
Jake Abel
as Tyler Moser
Liisa Cohen
as Neonatologist
Ada Luz Pla
as Car!a/Carla
John Allen Nelson
as Arthur Soltanoff
Marilyn Tokuda
as Peg/Grandma Peg
Joyce Guy
as Administrator/Mrs. Henry/Ms. Henry
Linda Gehringer
as Georgia Fisher
Liz Montgomery
as Coughing Lady
Mekia Cox
as Claire Vinson
David Burke
as Don
Jen Lilley
as Kara Fisher
Lizzy Davis
as Barista
Roger Rees
as Dr. Colin Marlow
Sara E. White
as Woman in Hall
Raphael Sbarge
as Paul
Ron Bottitta
as Dr. Keith Collier
AJ Achinger
as Dylan
Tsai Chin
as Helen Rubenstein
Bobby Campo
as Brian
Amie Farrell
as Marnie
Sara Barrett
as Sofia Sloan Robbins Torres/Sofia Robbins Sloan Torres/Sofia Robbins Torres
Justin Benson
as Drew
Sean Morelli
as Dr. Ryan Mcmurry
Matt Bennett
as Steve
David Carey Foster
as Avery's Lawyer
Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein
as Doctor
Jack Shearer
as Jordan Franklin
Caitlainne Rose Gurreri
as Lori
Kate Martin
as Vickie Fisher
Karole Foreman
as Olivia
Eric Dane
as Dr. Mark Sloan/Mark Sloan
Flex Alexander
as Evan Forrester
David Clennon
as Jack Shandley
Jason E. Kelley
as Chuck
Donielle Artese
as Ari Rocchi
Christa B. Allen
as Holly Anderson
Jake Green
as Pete Gibson
Laurel Garner
as Laura Reeves
Brian Durkin
as Stuart Cole
Amanda Kubota
as Teenager 3
Khamani Griffin
as Wallace Anderson
Aileen Burdock
as Publicist
Millie Bobby Brown
as Ruby
Vito Viscuso
as Pilot
Ellen Neary
as Skyler Nichols
Evan Painter
as extar
Kay Panabaker
as Emma Anderson
Joe Pacheco
as Wade Foltz
Anna Lamadrid
as Podcaster 2
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Lucinda Gamble
Brett Rickaby
as Mr. Weston
Nelson Grande
as Firefighter Sam
Krista Vernoff
as Woman in Hall
Cody Christian
as Brad
Caleb Foote
as Private #1
Debra Mooney
as Evelyn Hunt
Michael Beach
as Mr. Baker
Andrew Mackin
as Frat Guy
Rachel Brosnahan
as Brian Weston
Yvette Cruise
as Scrub Nurse/Circulating Nurse/ICU Nurse
Valerie Mahaffey
as Donna Kaufman
Ayanna Berkshire
as Doctor #1
Wesley Thompson
as Therapist
Olivia-Diane Joseph
as Nurse Liv/Nurse/Circulating Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Saige Ryan
as Abby
Luke Diliberto
as Intern #2
Christina Grance
as Pharmaceutical Rep
Suzanne Cryer
as Caroline Klein
James Wellington
as Bartender
Zack Carter
as Doctor
Micah Cohen
as Glen
Kathleen Bailey
as Reproductive Counselor
Ani Sava
as Dr. Olivia Fowler
Bryan Mendoza
as Boom Operator
Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Opal
Kayla Whiting
as Girl on Bike
Rachel Zake
as College Student
Sandra Rosko
as Nurse
Angela Alvarado
as Marcella Diaz
Bambadjan Bamba
as Sefu
Stephanie Childers
as Nancy Walters
Patricia Forte
as Mrs. Glass
Kristy Munden
as Nurse #2/Trauma Nurse
Pat Healy
as Tom Russell
Edythe Davis
as Trial Partner #5
James Shanklin
as Lt. Moore
Nick Grosvenor
as Player Struck by Lightning
Keong Sim
as Dr. Park
Brandon Scott
as Dr. Ryan Spalding
Deedee Magno
as Katrina Scott
Mark Charran
as Hudson
Zilah Mendoza
as Kyra Marshall
Anthony Romeo Garcia
as Patient in Sling
Tokala Black Elk
as Shawn
Tanya Clarke
as Elaine Walton
Matt McCoy
as Sam Nichols
Sherri Saum
as Allison Browne
Weston Nathanson
as Simon Jaffee
Mason Cook
as Casey
Judy Prescott
as Donna Bevell
Steve Monroe
as Orderly
Jeremy Glazer
as Drew Hawkins
Melissa Center
as Ashley Glazier
Sean Abbott
as Reverend Drew
McNally Sagal
as Kari Donnelly
Ravi Kapoor
as Sunder Atluri
Levi Freeman
as Entitled Incompetent #2
Kevin David Lin
as David Roman
Mikos Zavros
as Intern
George Dzundza
as Harold O'Malley
D.B. Woodside
as Marcus Kane
Linda Eve Miller
as E.R. Nurse/Desk Nurse/OR Nurse
Paul Dooley
as Dr. Walter Tapley
Sarah Butler
as Danielle
Sarah-Nicole Robles
as Lizzie Hall
Matthew Glen Johnson
as Arvin
Therese Noelle Howe
as Jessie Marshall
Sara Solorio
as Sofia Robbins Torres
Patricia Bethune
as Nurse Ginger/Older Nurse
Pedro Barreira
as Kevin
Ronnie Ray
as Mr. Vanderburg
Sarah Hudson
as Lisa
Rodney Damon Collins
as Medical Intern
Jodi Riggins
as Intern
Danielle Lebens
as Ella's Mom
Chris Carmack
as Dr. Atticus Lincoln
Alex Stamm
as Josh
Ava Davila
as Flor Medina
Paul James Jordan
as Garth Jones
Nami Paix
as City Official
Julie Warner
as Mrs. Lanz
Daniel Bess
as Pete Willoughby
Susane Lee
as Beth Dearborn
P.D. Mani
as Anesthesiologist
Sloan Robinson
as Tabitha
Glenda Braganza
as Jenny Martinez
Gavyn Pickens
as Lila
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Josh Englander
Idara Victor
as Amelie Ward
Tracey Leigh
as Sarah Cooke
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Trial Patient #5
Deacon Conroy
as Mr. Hall
Amy Price-Francis
as Susannah Wilson
Martin Yu
as Anesthesiologist/CT Tech/Resident/Resident #2
Loren Dean
as David
Bryce Robinson
as Timothy Ward
Jamal Thomas
as Larry The Paramedic
Artie O'Daly
as Intern 3
Johanna McKay
as Grieving Widow
Amy Madigan
as Dr. Katharine Wyatt
Noah Harpster
as Ike Morris
Anthony Batarse
as Emir's Aide 1
Akeem Smith
as Young Man
Annie Sertich
as Peggy Knox
Heather Grace Hancock
as Female Intern
Debbie Allen
as Dr. Catherine Avery/Dr. Catherine Fox
Derek Phillips
as Dale Winick
Nancy Schmitt Farkas
as Hospital Volunteer in Wheelchair
Terrell Clayton
as Mr. Donovan
Teddi Siddall
as Anne
Marc Abbink
as Hospital Staff/Attending/Visitor/Attendee/Doctor/Doctor in Street Clothes
Sarah Hunley
as Adriana Kay
Leigh Bush
as Assistant
Toni French
as Attending Physician/Visitor
Jessica Valencia
as Visitor #1
Anne Johnson
as Oldie 2
Laura Heisler
as Carla McAdams
Dale Dickey
as Emily 'Gasoline' Bennett
Charlie Koznick
as Trey
Paul Hungerford
as Applicant #1
Sandra Oh
as Dr. Cristina Yang
Audra McDonald
as Dr. Naomi Bennett
Burl Moseley
as Jason
Miguel Nájera
as Janitor/Janitor Mike
Patti Tippo
as Cindy Thomas
Elaine Kagan
as Kimberly Griswold
Larry Sullivan
as Dave Young
Sally Ann Brooks
as Marie Lamott
Noah Gray-Cabey
as Shawn Beglight
Lauren Boles
as Caroline Hodges
Brent Alan Henry
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Chad Christopher
as Officer O'Neil
Maria Zambrana
as Bar Patron
Scott Michael Campbell
as R. Hubble
Diahann Carroll
as Jane Burke
Sendhil Ramamurthy
as Intern #2
Laila Ayad
as Laura Morgan
Tacey Adams
as Widow Amos
Kevin Dunigan
as Swat Guy
Cynthia Ettinger
as Jana
Michael Antosy
as Corey Jensen
Kimberly Douglas
as Intern #3
Shannon Welles
as Babs Martin
Susanne Allan Hartman
as Baby Emma
Jim Grollman
as Bus Driver
Kenneth Mosley
as Intern
Wynn Everett
as Christy Cornell
Brooke Blanchard
as Jill the Paramedic/Jill The Paramedic/Paramedic/Paramedic #2/Paramedic Jill
Connie Ray
as Karen Kepner
Bruce A. Young
as Tom Maynard
Michelle Krusiec
as Anna Chue
Charles Robinson
as Leo Polson
Brooke Baumer
as Obstetrician
as Baby
Vivian Nixon
as Intern Hannah Brody/Hannah Brody/Hannah
Michael Blake Kruse
as Felix
John Bain
as Savant Interviewee
David Ulmer
as Accident Victim/Bloodied Crash Victim/Psychotic patient
Kurt Kanazawa
as Tad
Kila Packett
as EMT/Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Rebecca Metz
as Brenda Lawson
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
as Anna
Nicolette Collier
as Young Meredith
Ken Barnett
as Freddie
Parisa Fitz-Henley
as Cami Davis
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Mrs. Miller
Marc Forget
as Patient
Shavon Kirksey
as Maya Bennett
Matt Ferrucci
as Closing Surgeon
Tristan Byon
as Max Spencer
Ken Weiler
as Rob
Marcia Rodd
as Gertie Schmitt
Ian Verdun
as Orderly
Amy Tsang
as Tara
Vincent Angelo
as Allan
Dylan Bruno
as Griffin Lewis
Heather McPhaul
as Security Officer
Amahaad Lee
as Scrub Nurse
Rebecca McFarland
as Tara Parker
Jon Tognacci
as Patient on Gurney
Cassidy Brown
as Dillard Nurse/Nurse
Patrick O'Connor
as Judge Finch
Mia Barron
as Lauren Turner
Dana Blackstone
as Nurse
Andrew Constantini
as Investor
Lak Rana
as N.D. Peds Surgeon
Carole Cook
as Sophie Larson
Dalila Ali Rajah
as Leanne
Dee Nelson
as Cheryl Leonard
Edward James Gage
as Adam Keller
David Murrietta Jr.
as Bartender
Abdul Salaam El Razzac
as Ralph Tennison
Bryson Thomas
as Riley
Elisabeth Finch
as Nurse Elisabeth
Rick Peters
as Sean Greene
Chris Cope
as Male Patient
Barbara Friend
as Mercy West Intern
Hayley McFarland
as Rory Williams
Rachel Nicks
as Alicia Tatum
Robert Belushi
as TV Announcer
Susan Chuang
as Naomi Evans
Bresha Webb
as Teresa Morris
Louie Alegria
as Doctor #3
Nina Millin
as Dayna/Dayna Knox/Dayna Rutledge
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Annie's Mom
Megan Stier
as Liz Cooper
Michael Bow
as Corpsman
Robby George
as Resident/Visitor
Avalon Carlish
as Leo Hunt/Leo
John Hemphill
as Brad Nystrom
Tara Jayn
as Intern
Christopher Carrington
as Sam
Albie Selznick
as Columbia Rep
Molly Kidder
as Intern Megan
Gregg Henry
as Dr. L. Gracie
Tommy O'Brien
as Young Alex/Young Alex Karev
Emily Happe
as Libby Kepner
Yvonne Valadez
as GYN Nurse/OB
Faith Alhadeff
as Shelly Keyser
Scott Takeda
as Attending/ND Attending
Michael Duisenberg
as Policeman
Kate Anthony
as Nurse Kate/GI Nurse/Nurse
Philip Shahbaz
as Arab Translator
Adam Lazarre-White
as Dr. E. Gendall
Tina Huang
as Roxanne
Carol Locatell
as Mai
Dionne Audain
as Sharon Williams
Al Carabello
as Young Matt
Elyse Mirto
as Grace
Taylour Paige
as Emma
Cole Coleman
as Bar Patron
Jane Morris
as Ms. Goff
Teddy Vincent
as Elderly Woman
Alexander Michael Helisek
as Corporal Jones
Chelsea Ricketts
as Jeanie
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Adrian Nelson
Antonio Leon
as Detective Mitch Proust
T.W. Leshner
as Chris Vasquez
Charlene Amoia
as Dr. Kate Lachman
Stacia Roybal
as Waitress
Colette Carlish
as Leo Hunt/Leo
Marlene Forte
as Carmen Delgado
Shannon Cochran
as Mary Singleton
Danielle Panabaker
as Kelsey Simmons
Ramon De Ocampo
as James Benton
Sandy Fury
as Visitor
Jeff Doucette
as Warren Sterman
Cantrell Harris
as Rescue Worker
Aida Turturro
as Lynne Gagliano
Matthew Bohrer
as Male Reporter
Wayne Lopez
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2/Paramedic #1
Jeremiah Caleb
as Chemo Nurse
Lynne Marie Stewart
as Nurse
Adina Porter
as Dr. Ramsey
Navi Rawat
as Heidi
Matt Servitto
as Ray Jones
Bess Rous
as Nina Sullivan
Dar Dixon
as Dr. Krogan
Brad Sachs
as Tech
Barry Livingston
as Wayne Sheehan
Katherine Cunningham
as Ashley
Jai Rodriguez
as Max
Cynthia Watros
as Liz Connor
Kimberly Huie
as Mary Daltrey
Lexi DiBenedetto
as Simmi Johnson
Terrence Flack
as Henry
Darryl Sivad
as Justice of Peace
Bridget Sienna
as Mrs. Cortez
Eva Ariel Binder
as Sofia Torres/Sofia/Sofia Robbin Sloan-Torres/Sofia Sloan Torres/Sofia Sloan-Torres
Ernie Hudson
as Dr. Brad McDougall
Matthew Fahey
as Greg Bevell
Ruben Dario
as Brad Gailis
Lee Garlington
as Fara Linden
June Kyoto Lu
as Sooyoung Oh
Jason Breznikar
as Visitor
Christina Ricci
as Hannah Davies
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Nurse Tucker
Karen Y. McClain
as Reaves
Raff Anoushian
as Cabbie
Tom Costello
as Seth Lepik
Jordana Oberman
as Janell
Lisa Rothschiller
as Supervisor Lisa
Melissa Fitzgerald
as Social Worker
Lex Medlin
as Byron Gibbis
Mike Monteleone
as Janis's Husband
Brandon Ford Green
as Dr. Allen
Julian Silver
as Robert Souza
Ouija Whittemore
as Grieving Family Member/Pregnant Patient
Rebecca Field
as Sabine McNeil
Grey Damon
as Jack Gibson
Steven Meek
as Doctor
Stephen Spinella
as Malar Pascowitz
Frank Wood
as Frank Wheeler
Kaiden Joness
as Parker James
Carol Shook
as Visitor
Mashari Laila Bain
as Ava Krug
Jean Louisa Kelly
as Rose Ward
Keith David
as Lloyd Mackie
Shelley Robertson
as Arlene
Eileen Fogarty
as Mrs. Chen's Sister
Chas Scherer
as Forensic Analyst
Mark Adair-Rios
as David Morris
Ursula Whittaker
as Angry Attending #1
Sage Correa
as Gage Dean
Terrell Ransom Jr.
as Arthur Krug
Paula Deming
as Molly Graham
Richard Kahan
as Stuart Loeb
Joe Raffa
as OR Nurse
Holly Hyman
as Clerk
Emily Rutherfurd
as Helen Karev
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Judge Madeline Kane
Peyton Hinson
as Intern #2
Khalilah Joi
as Abby
Allison Mattox
as Yoga Mom #2
Masam Holden
as Reilly
Lisseth Chavez
as Kate Endris
Stephanie Lesh-Farrell
as Therapist
Betsy Beers
as Woman in Hall
Gabriel Casseus
as Taylor Tressel
Jennifer Grey
as Carol Dickinson
Peri Gilpin
as Marcy
Grace Shen
as Woman
Darren Dupree Washington
as Reporter
Anthony Wemyss
as Execution Witness
Cheryl Dent
as ER Nurse
Gregg Daniel
as Paul James
Nora Zehetner
as Dr. Reed Adamson
Luis Carazo
as Bartender
Rachel Ticotin
as Dr. Marie Cerone
Victor Zheng
as Paramedic
Brea Bee
as Patricia Cole
Abigail Mavity
as Ariel Williams
Fiorella Mayorca
as Victim
Matthew Van Oss
as David Oldroyd
Lamont Patterson
as Hospital Visitor
Gabriel Tigerman
as Noah Reynolds
Michael P. Byrne
as Mr. Miller
Mary Passeri
as Jeannie Reed
Stewart Skelton
as Dr. Fischer
Chelcie Ross
as Dr. Harper Avery
Carla Barnett
as Tanya
Susan Berger
as Lee
Taj Speights
as Jonah Mays
Kristin Bugayong
as Peds Nurse
Kathleen Early
as Dr. Daisy Pepman
Micah Abbey
as Frankie Baner
Enuka Okuma
as Teresa Brotherton
Steve Huang
as Angry Waiter
Debra Jo Rupp
as Jo's Therapist
Jason Kravits
as Chuck Rubin
Markus Flanagan
as Ed Hamilton
Stephen Gabriel
as Lucas
Ben Vereen
as Archie Roche
Lauren Bowles
as Alice Franklin
Lorenzo Hughes
as Judge
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Anesthesiologist/Derek's Anesthesiologist/Burke's Anesthesiologist
Edgar Salas
as Matty
Sanjay Chandani
as Funeral Director #1
Mary Kay Place
as Olive Warner
Richard Augustine
as Carlos McAdams
Robert Corvin
as Janitor #1
Nick Phillips
as Patient Visitor
Mike D Harris
as Pedestrian
Ryan Koncar
as Bar Patron
William Jackson
as Old Man
Katherine LaNasa
as Kalpana Vera
Brad Everett Young
as Appendectomy Patient
Jason Catron
as Station 19 Firefighter
Lonnie Colón
as Doctor #4
Brandon Melgar
as Harley
Pamela Zane
as AA Member #1
August Schellenberg
as Clay Bedonie
Nita Whitaker
as Marsha
Jeremiah Birkett
as John McMurdo
Troy Curvey Jr.
as Father Michael
Elayn J. Taylor
as Loretta
Ammar Daraiseh
as Aide
Alisha Soper
as Alice
Andre Panossian
as Code Team Leader/Perfusionist
David Grant Wright
as Mr. Burton
Danny Strong
as Paul
Sarah Cooper
as Nurse
Brandon Firby
as Bartender
Houston Rhines
as Boy
Toussaint Waterman
as Cop
Jamie McCall
as Nurse
Raymond Forchion
as Minister
Stacie Theon
as Pharmacist
Kinsey McLean
as Billy Linneman
Elisa Perry
as Laura
Amir O'Neil
as Max Forrester
Hal Holbrook
as Dr. Lewis Clatch
Jane Fleiss
as Jill
Darryl Robert Small
as Man in Park
Scott Cohen
as Dr. Tom Evans
Bob Rumnock
as ND Doctor
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Leslie Goldman
Jeff Holman
as Mr. Felker
Becky Wu
as Dr. Dreyfuss
Alana Gay
as Young Miranda Bailey
Johnathan Nieves
as Hunter Martinez
Kimberly Daugherty
as Wendy
Rigo Sanchez
as Paramedic/Stan the Paramedic
Josh Stamberg
as Tommy Walker
Vanessa Mizzone
as Sheila Goodrich
Samantha Isler
as Maya Roberts
Courtney Ford
as Jill Meyer
Jacob Timothy Manown
as Micah
Dondré T. Whitfield
as Oliver Richter
Sam Daly
as Will
Rob Brownstein
as Larry
Siena Goines
as Natasha Deon
Brandon Tyler Russell
as Gregory Williams
Arden Myrin
as Kirsten
Austin Highsmith Garces
as Amber Courier
Tonja Kahlens
as Courtney
Ruby Jay
as Winnie
Merrin Dungey
as Dr. Naomi Bennett
Jeremy L. Jeziorski
as Bond
Josh Kelly
as Kyle
Gianin Loffler
as Psych Patient #2
Ryder Goodstadt
as Derek Bailey Shepherd/Bailey/Bailey Shepherd/Little Bailey
Bre Blair
as Lauren Pailey
Raquel Gardner
as Claire
Kevin Brief
as Barry
Marlon John
as Search & Rescue #3
Lance Gross
as Dr. Ethan Boyd
Susan Ortiz
as Cristina's Other Examiner/Examiner #3
Stacy Edwards
as Kathleen Wheeler
Andrew Bilgore
as Tim Epstein
Philip Casnoff
as Dr. Mel Barnett
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Mrs. Rollins
Julie Lancaster
as Dina
Molly Hagan
as Jackie
Bruce Weitz
as Edward Levangie
Rusty Burns
as Reporter #2
Paula Weston Solano
as OB Nurse
Serena Shen
as The Sister of the Patient
Sonia Jackson
as Patient #1
Michael Mantell
as Tim Nolan
Christian Ganiere
as Gus Carter
Anna Maria Horsford
as Elizabeth Fallon
Vanessa Martinez
as Gretchen Price
Nate Bynum
as Neurosurgeon #1
Will Sasso
as Jed
Gloria Garayua
as Intern Graciella/Intern Graziella
David Fierro
as James
Kelly Bacon
as Nurse/Hospital Staff
Giselle Jones
as Jessie Kates
Jerry Kernion
as Bobby Corso
Bill Porter
as Paramedic
Stephen Blackehart
as Vic
Mariette Hartley
as Betty Kenner
Chelsea Alden
as Danielle Gordon
Fawnda McMahan
as Patricia Williams
Scarlett Lam
as Ahn
Vera Cherny
as Noelle
Jennifer Westfeldt
as Jen Harmon
Ajay Vidure
as Intern 1
Jae Jung
as Daycare Worker Tara/Tara
Richard T. Jones
as Colonel Dan Mooney
Frankie Faison
as William Bailey
Anthony Montgomery
as Chris Ward
Alvin Cowan
as Robber #2
Ann Russo
as ER Nurse
Ramani Leah
as Airline Passenger
Giuliana Carullo
as Alicia Davis
Allyson Juliette
as Gabriella 'Gabby' Rivera/Gabby Rivera
Rockmond Dunbar
as Sean Brotherton
Autumn Withers
as Marilyn
Timothy Gouran
as Hot Dog Vender
Lanei Chapman
as Lianne Tressel
Taylor John Smith
as Nick
Sheila Shaw
as Michelle
William Nicol
as Brett Gibson
Jaina Lee Ortiz
as Andy Herrera
Patrick Quinlan
as Flight Nurse
Drue Schaefer Crookston
as Seizing Patient
Heather Ashley Chase
as Ariel Performer
Christopher Thornton
as Daniel Campbell
Deborah Strang
as Ellie Ratigan
Kate Rene Gleason
as Elyse Cruse
Candace Brown
as Milo
Steven Culp
as Dr. Darren Parker
Ken Edling
as Doctor
Donovan Leitch Jr.
as Rick Friart
George Newbern
as Stan Mercer
Erin Way
as Donna Woods
Roxanne Hart
as Dana Seabury
Matt Winston
as Frank Jeffries
Kimberly Guerrero
as Lindsay McNeil
Heidi Godt
as Investor
Kenyon Long
as Head Trauma Patient
DaJuan Johnson
as Garrett Boland
Cici Lau
as Trial Partner #1
Paul McKinney
as Julian Fisher
Sandra Medina
as Intern
Elisabeth Moss
as Nina Rogerson
Matthew Carey
as Will Noonan
Caroline Williams
as Alison
Lindsay Kay Hayward
as Jade Bell
Scott Speedman
as Dr. Nick Marsh
Seychelle Gabriel
as Veronica Diaz
Doug Sinclair
as Brett Hayes
Christie Lynn Smith
as Cynthia Daniels
Frances Fisher
as Betty Johnson
Danny Jacobs
as Doctor/ND Doctor
Jes Macallan
as Hillary
Jason George
as Dr. Ben Warren
Brigid Brannagh
as Veronica Kays
Natalie Dye
as Vicky Hobart
Sarah Chalke
as Casey Hedges
Alex Dawson
as Interviewer
Alex Thayer
as Allison
Frank Maharajh
as Paramedic Driver
Jeannie Bolet
as Sherri
J.T. Sherwood
as Rob
JD Cullum
as Lloyd
Dennis Gubbins
as Paul
Robbie Kay
as Christopher Daniels
Ezra Faith
as Patient
Jung Park
as Jennilyn Mandap
William Charlton
as Jeff
Akira Akbar
as Amethyst Vasquez
David Goryl
as Ron Campion
Guerrin Gardner
as ND Mom
Santiago Segura
as Chad
Desean Terry
as Colin Cooke
Caryn West
as Maura Brooks
Erika T. Johnson
as Woman
Toia Thompson
as AA Member #4
Barrett Carnahan
as David
Perrey Reeves
as Margaret
John Sloan
as David Pailey
Jim Cashman
as Clown
Michael O'Neill
as Gary Clark
Sandra Thigpen
as Clara Flynn
Dona Hardy
as Grace Bickham
Mandy June Turpin
as Karla
Chryssie Whitehead
as Helena Boye
Jack Wallace
as Old Man
Michael Patrick McGill
as Bob Corson
Doug Simpson
as Phil Leggett
Tony Adelman
as Hurts When He Pees
Courtney Cunningham
as Woman
Kayla Crance
as Flight Attendant
Christina Webber
as Dr. Cole/Dr. Cynthia Cole
Stephanie March
as Jane
Alexandra Swarens
as Carly
Mary-Charles Jones
as Jessica
Thomas Anthony Jones
as Surgeon 1
Glenn Morshower
as Walter
Nicolas Hedges
as Liam Hayes
Nancy Linari
as Sophie's Daughter
Kevin Alejandro
as Officer Dan Pruitt
Terra Kimberly Scott
as Nurse/Pediactrics Nurse
Henry Leark
as Baby
Jerry Zatarain Jr.
as David
Evan Crooks
as Will
Jesse Mackey
as Guard #4
James Pickens Jr.
as Dr. Richard Webber
Billy Malone
as Jon McNeil
Rocky Carroll
as James Miller
Joe Holt
as Steve Beck
Annie Chang
as Tammi Oyadomari
Nick Warnock
as SWAT Guy #2
Holland Roden
as Gretchen Shaw
Melanie Jean
as Nurse/OR Nurse #2
Philipe Preston
as Entitled Incompetent #1
Joe Dinicol
as Dr. Mitchell Spencer
John Prosky
as Mr. Singleton
Alexis Carra
as The Other Woman
Aasha Davis
as Rina
Jael Moore
as Zola Grey Shephard/Zola/Zola Gray Shephard/Zola Grey Shepard
Annie Funke
as Kendra
Andy Cohen
as Doug Miller/Dr. Doug Miller
Andrea Moyer
as Sister
Joseph Integlia
as Reporter
Vanessa Marano
as Holly Wheeler
Erica Gimpel
as Bethany Anderson
Austen Rey
as Bomb Squad #1
James Quach
as Patient/Scrub Nurse
Sterling Jones
as Peter Martin
Annie Potts
as Joyce Bosco
Frank Kopyc
as John Driscoll
Eric Payne
as Dan
Brian Ames
as Passerby
Vedette Lim
as Dr. Polly Preston
James McCauley
as Jeremy Weaver
Jessica J. Immanuel
as Visitor
Callum Blue
as Viper
Tony Jacobsen
as Hospital Visitor
Dane Bowman
as Nick
Suzan Averitt
as Mrs. Coggins
Lily Donoghue
as Brooke Wilson/Young Jo
Gloria Laino
as Ava Gutierrez
David Pevsner
as Examiner #2/Jackson's Other Examiner
Christopher Boyer
as Tom Cline
Tymberlee Hill
as Intern Claire
Myiea Coy
as Nurse #8
Geoffrey Arend
as Thom
Michael McGrady
as Stanley Singer
Chip Keyes
as Big Man
Aly Mawji
as Dr. Russell
Rick Worthy
as Ray Pelletier
Hayley Holmes
as Kimmy
Edward Herrmann
as Dr. Norman Shales
Christianno DeRushia
as Trey
Darius De La Cruz
as Podcaster #1
Joanie Fox
as Sara's Mom
Jermaine Nix
as Background Extra
Annie Morgan
as Gretchen
JB Tadena
as Nurse Adam
Regan Forman
as Gwen Hayes
Albert Hall
as Eugene Foote
John Churchill
as Charlie
Carlo Imperato
as Paramedic #3
Giacomo Gianniotti
as Dr. Andrew DeLuca/Dr. Andrew Deluca
Carol Mansell
as Veronica
Eric Roberts
as Robert Avery
Miriam A. Hyman
as Michelle Williams
Sharon Omi
as Worried Tenant
Nayah Damasen
as Kimmie Park
Jon Schmidt
as Intern Logan
Monica Garcia
as Peds Nurse
Matthew Brady
as College Student
Jacquelyn Houston
as Realtor
Sarah Blades
as Wynnie
John Balma
as Contest Judge
Alex Blue Davis
as Dr. Casey Parker/Casey/Casey Parker
Robin DeMarco
as Jane Keller
Amanda Collins
as Marina
Kevin Christy
as Brady Sullivan
Ryan Soria
as Diego
Wes Ramsey
as Jimmy McAdams
B.K. Cannon
as Girl Band Geek
Nancy Travis
as Allison Baker
Giovanni V. Giusti
as Self
Rodney Rowland
as Brian
David Abed
as Brett
Kathleen Rose Perkins
as Sarah
Collette Wolfe
as Karin Taylor
Teri Reeves
as Rory Petrucci
Kai Lennox
as Speed
Corey Kaloostian
as Jason Piaz
Zibby Allen
as Nurse Zibby/Nurse/Temp Nurse
Molly Burnett
as Waiting Room Girl
Shannon Wilcox
as Irene Sholman
Byron McIntyre
as Colonel
Justin Bruening
as Matthew Taylor
Duncan Joiner
as Hank
Savannah McDermott
as Jesse
Erinn Hayes
as Cathy Becker
Charles Hittinger
as Mitch
Caroline Macey
as Dana
Patti Yasutake
as Elaine Verma
Amanda MacDonald
as Claire Rice
Darrion Scoggins
as Hospital Visitor
Seril James
as Doctor
Jennifer Lauren DiBella
as Nurse Andrea/Nurse
Lou Cutell
as Abe
Bill Birch
as JP
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Dr. Helen Crawford
Brittany Lasky
as Airport Traveler
John Cappon
as Paramedic #1/John the Paramedic/Paramedic #2/ND Paramedic/Paramedic/Paramedic 2
John Ainsworth
as Young Thatcher
Casey Corn
as OB Nurse/OR Nurse
Charlie Hofheimer
as Jason Castor
Phil LaMarr
as Steve Duncan
Rico E. Anderson
as Donnie
Jay Cramer
as Mickey Wenschler
Regina Taylor
as Greta
Titus Makin Jr.
as Rick Schultz
Philip Smithey
as Paramedic Ted
Robert John Brewer
as Philip Walker
Curtis Harris
as Tyler
Michael Hagiwara
as Charles
Catherine Copplestone
as Gurney Patient
Raney Branch
as Nova Jenkins
Marika Dominczyk
as Dr. Eliza Minnick
Jalen Harris
as Kondo
Alexie Gilmore
as Sarah Freemont
Frank Merino
as Funeral Home Guy
Derick Alexander
as Lab Tech
Qualiema Green
as Waitress
Drew Rausch
as John Finch
Jocko Sims
as Randy Helsby
Lily Knight
as Sally Davis
Alexander Wraith
as Oscar Hallis
Kathryn Joosten
as Stephanie Drake
Mark Berry
as Richard's Sponser
Dana Schick
as Young Mom
Laurie Burke
as Mother of Newborn
Lee Majors
as Chuck Cain
Rebecca Hazlewood
as Dr. Mara Keaton
Mason Shea Joyce
as Guthrie Hamilton
Ken Michelman
as Dr. Goyle
D'Janine King-Lasky
as Bar Patron/Hospital Administrator/Surgical Staff/Woman at Airport
Owen Szabo
as Passed out Intern
Leslie Grossman
as Lauren Hammer
Greg Cromer
as Dana
Mitch Silpa
as Tim Ruggles
Kelly McCreary
as Dr. Maggie Pierce
Jodi Harris
as Audrey Hobart
Michelle Forbes
as Vicki Ann Rudin
Robert Joy
as Marty
Saige Thompson
as Lindsay Herman
Richard Cox
as Marvin Reed
Kelly Campbell
as Intern
Mark Pellegrino
as Chris
Connie Jackson
as L & D Nurse
Carie Kawa
as OB Nurse
Stephon Fuller
as Gregor
Bryan Ryan
as Intern
Fiona Rene
as Janice
I. Elijah Baughman
as Resident
Carmella Riley
as Dr. Simpson
Jordan Belfi
as Nick
Mary Pat Gleason
as Marge Walker
Massi Furlan
as Police Officer
Ping Wu
as Seymour Glass
Courtney Cook
as Minister
Art Chudabala
as Jerry Adams
Catherine Dent
as Cathy Rogerson
Joseph Garcia
as Mateo Medina
Chad Fish
as Med Tech #2/Richard's Anesthesiologist/The Anesthesiologist
Mackenzie Brooke Smith
as Ella Nelstadt
Anjul Nigam
as Dr. Raj Sen
Billy Boyd
as Seamus
Zackary Arthur
as Peter Green
Laura Breckenridge
as Julia
Sabin Rich
as Hairstylist
Saul Rubinek
as Eli Rigler
Diane Yang Kirk
as Anesthesiologist
Peter Cilella
as Joel
T. R. Knight
as George O'Malley
Kyle Harris
as Dr. Mason Post
Erin Cahill
as Megan Shelley
Crystal McCreary
as Sabrina Webber
Gregor Manns
as Levi Johnson
Suzanne Quinn
as Clinic Nurse
Jet Jurgensmeyer
as Jack Hobart
Emma Shannon
as Lily
Brent Jennings
as Charles Redford
George Anton
as Visitor
James McAndrew
as Nate
Wendy Benson-Landes
as Susie Wilson
Obba Babatundé
as Dan Gates
Libe Barer
as Monica McKeever
Patricia Harris-Smith
as Patient's Wife
Mark Saul
as Intern Steve/Dr. Steve Mostow/Resident Steve
Chet Grissom
as Uncle Pat
Erik Aude
as Paramedic Jonathan
Jim Gleason
as Dr. Domner
Lisa Rodriguez
as Doomsday Prepper
Jason Sklar
as Jake Weitzman
David Mehl
as ER Doctor
David Terrell
as Guard
Armani Jackson
as Braden Morris
Adrienne Barbeau
as Jodie Crowley
Paris Benjamin
as Nurse #1
Sara Gilbert
as Kim Allen
Walter Fauntleroy
as Bartender/Mark the Bartender
Kaili Vernoff
as Naomi
June Lockhart
as Agnes
Michael Albala
as Harvest Surgeon
Larry Clarke
as Paul
Bridget Regan
as Megan Hunt
Nanrisa Lee
as E.R. Nurse
Karla Droege
as Lisa Brinn
Nina Siemaszko
as Kate Carlson
Sharon Ferguson
as EMT Dancer
Kyle Wise
as Chris
Barbara Kerford
as Transplant Surgeon
Brenda Bakke
as Gwen Nolan
Yindra Zayas
as Shanice
Michelle Ongkingco
as Nicole Verma
Jee Young Han
as Ingrid
Laura Harper
as O.R. Nurse
Irene Park
as Paramedic #1
Matthew K. Moore
as Wealthy Hospital Donor
Michael D. Reynolds
as Paramedic
Brittany Ishibashi
as Talia
Nate Mooney
as Randy Barnett
Chris Agos
as Barry Clemens
Shelli Boone
as Paula Glass
Jeannie Ly
as Crying Woman
Jorie Burgos
as Wealthy Donor
Beverly Rose
as Girl coloring
Amanda Payton
as Dr. Daphne Lopez
Crystal Kwon
as Nurse Jolene/Nurse
Ann Ryerson
as Dr. Margaret Goodwin
Ed Ackerman
as Eyeball Man
Derek Smith
as Robert Matthews
C.J. Sanders
as Justin Davidson
Aaron Denius Garcia
as Bartender
Liza Weil
as Alison Clark
Gaius Charles
as Dr. Shane Ross
Christina Scherer
as Lauren
Jack Landron
as Chaplain
Jeni Jones
as Doctor
Joe Camareno
as Lucas Marshall
David Naughton
as Nick Parker
Leisha Hailey
as Claire Solomon
Takuma Anzai
as Jake Elmore
James Remar
as Jimmy Evans
Valerie Cruz
as Zona Cruz
Bonnie Bartlett
as Rosemary Bullard
Greg Bond
as Broken Leg Guy
Ross Mackenzie
as Dr. Mitchell
Daniel Sunjata
as Eli Lloyd
Shaan Sharma
as Omar Singh
Lauri Johnson
as Ruth Begler
Sean Donnellan
as Mr. Crossley
Jessica Tuck
as Shannon's Mom
Katie Lowes
as Blood Donor
Asia Monet Ray
as Jasmine
Aaron Krebs
as Rob Platt
Eva La Dare
as Police Officer #2
Terrence Edmonds
as Jim
Steve Kehela
as Andy Carmichael
Kalpana Pot
as Ellie
Catharine J. Walsh
as Nurse
Perry Smith
as Mrs. Anderson
Alexa Etchart
as Marcia Archibald
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Len
Kevin Rahm
as Mr. Duff
Anastasia Phillips
as Marie Fisher
Luke Ashlocke
as Pete
Paul James
as Eric Block
Mo Hines
as Hospital Patient
Kiran Deol
as Young Woman
Alex Désert
as Miles Green
Loretta Devine
as Adele Webber
Jolie Chi
as High Five Girl
Lois Smith
as Mrs. Dickerson
Blake Hood
as Clive Johnson
David Haley
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2/Paramedic #5
Kenya Cabilan
as Teenager 2
Kristin Daniel
as Dancer #9
Ann Morgan Guilbert
as Gabby Margraff
Kelli Kirkland
as Claire
David Foy
as M.R.I. Tech
Arlene Santana
as Nurse/CCU Nurse/E.R. Nurse/ER Nurse/O.R. Board Nurse/OB Nurse
Claudia de Vasco
as Nurse
Meredith Salenger
as Daphne
Susan Slome
as Mindy Gruberman
Christopher Michael
as Ray
John Gloria
as Rob Kane
Hernry Kingi Jr.
as Private #2
Lili Mirojnick
as Talia
Benjamin King
as Dalton Marks
Owen Leark
as Baby
Jennifer Aquino
as Anesthesiologist
Jaye Razor
as Rage
Hana Hayes
as Danielle
Enn Reitel
as Gerhardt Strauss
Amy Acker
as Dr. Kathleen Shepherd
Jonah Bay
as Hopeful Guy
Grinnell Morris
as Intern #4
Rushi Kota
as Dr. Vik Roy/Vik Roy/Dr. Vikram Roy/Eshan
Kerri Higuchi
as Dr. Elizabeth Chen/Peds Intern
Kiersten Lyons
as Naomi
Nick Jaine
as Tim
Charles Hailey
as Surgical Orderly
Amanda Foreman
as Nora
Skyler James Sandak
as Pete Hover
Laura Coover
as Wendy Cole
Callan Farris
as Rafi Elshami
Kunal Kumar
as Mike
Lorraine Toussaint
as Dr. Helen Fincher
Ever Carradine
as Athena
Anisha Nagarajan
as Rita Choudry
Lisa Linke
as Melissa Gailis
David Carpenter
as Norris Straughn
Thai Douglas
as April's Other Examiner/Examiner
Ronobir Lahiri
as Mr. Hanson
Renee Pezzotta
as ER Nurse
Bruce Katzman
as Wayne
Jonathan Goldstein
as Ken May
Monica Herman
as Molly
Arne Starr
as Man in OR Gallery
Anne Leyden
as Pharmacist
Hal Sparks
as Dr. Scott Hanson
Emilee Wallace
as Amelia Carver
John Henry Canavan
as Stewart Tyler
Dave Shalansky
as Jeremy
Lorna Raver
as Ghost Lady
Oscar Best
as Pastor Rhinehold
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Clark West
Christine Kellogg-Darrin
as Loretta Brown
Ivan Leung
as Jerry Bletzer
Alan Fudge
as Ernie
Wilmer Valderrama
as Kyle Diaz
Erin Dinsmore
as Nurse
Michael Reilly Burke
as Mr. Finch
Mark Moses
as Dr. Larry Maxwell
Heidi Sulzman
as Samantha
Brian Ibsen
as Jason
Amari O'Neil
as Max Forrester
Sean Palmer
as Intern/Intern #3
Bob Bancroft
as Leonard Olsen
Keely Wilson
as Julie Hamilton
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Don Taylor
Mark Bloom
as Prosecutor
Dean Norris
as Vince
Dan Louis
as Julie's Husband
Brian J. Flaherty
as OR Nurse
Rebecca Lowman
as Hazel James
Charles Michael Davis
as Dr. Jason Myers
Michelle Arthur
as Brooke
Rajni Kareer
as Mrs. Patel
Carissa Kosta
as E.R. Nurse/Nurse/O.R. Nurse/OR Nurse
Mac Brandt
as Paramedic #3/Paramedic #2
Alyssa Preston
as Kimmy's Mama
Carly Nykanen
as Amy Gustav
Jonathan Dane
as Michael Fazioli
Tessa Ferrer
as Dr. Leah Murphy
Abigail Breslin
as Megan Clover
Mark Droter
as Keller Family Member
Michael Arden
as Neal Hannigan
Scott Haven
as Randy Begler
Cloie Wyatt Taylor
as Annie
Elizabeth Franz
as Emma Carroll
Ashley Platz
as Claire Conway
Ajiona Alexus
as Marissa McKay
Bobby Neely
as Tilden
Embeth Davidtz
as Dr. Nancy Shepherd/Nancy Shepherd
Andre Ware
as Dr. Evett
Tiffany Boone
as Jaylen Donovan
Tom Ormeny
as Dr. #2
Andriana Manfredi
as Medical Product Rep
Emjay Anthony
as Oliver
Hart Bochner
as Julian Crest
Nathan Halliday
as Jake Fisher
Luis Cordova
as Diego
Todd Stashwick
as Mr. Kramer
Peter Mackenzie
as Warren Kramer
Camille Spirlin
as Young Maggie Pierce
Miguel Sandoval
as Hank/Pruitt Herrera
Grant Show
as Dr. Archer Forbes Montgomery
Rima Rajan
as Nisha
David Anders
as Jim
Geena Davis
as Dr. Nicole Herman
Kim Swennen
as Kelly
Sisa Grey
as Deputy Hall
Salim Aliaga
as Brad Spencer
Mark Chaet
as Judge
Nikhil Shukla
as Dr. Reza Khan/Reza Kahn/Reza Khan
Samantha Mathis
as Melinda Prescott
Chad Addison
as Sam Roane
Chris Schuette
as Orderly
Elizabeth Ann Bennett
as Anne Chambers
Lauren Stamile
as Nurse Rose
Sara Giller
as Waitress
Lenora May
as Sheila
Cathryn Dylan
as Maxine Hewitt
Rachael Taylor
as Dr. Lucy Fields
Shannon Chappell
as Angie
Eric Staves
as Luke
Irene Choi
as Ashley Hughes
Herbie Jackson
as Adam
Nicole Sullivan
as JJ
Mackenzie Aladjem
as Emma
Jaclyn Rose
as Hospital Staff/Visitor
Jake Borelli
as Dr. Levi Schmitt
Phylicia Rashad
as Nell Timms
Daniel Kash
as Executive Two
Cole Michaels
as Kevin Platt
Will Jennings
as Bobby Brinn
Sam McMurray
as Gus Moser
Jeremy Howard
as Keith Hitchens
Alex Downs
as AA Member #2
Kendrick Foxx
as Firefighter
Marissa Reynolds
as Barista
Robert Wisdom
as Mr. Hamilton
Emma Loewen
as Nine Year Old
Emily Kuroda
as Kendall Sully
Megan Henning
as Karen 'Willow' Zelman
Boo Arnold
as Nate
Sterling Knight
as Kip
Mike Holley
as Leon
Geoffrey Blake
as Jim
Mia Wesley
as Karen's Mom
Graham Hamilton
as Abraham Treadwell
Jin Maley
as Reporter #1
Ray Singh
as Nurse Howard/E.R. Nurse/ER Nurse
Jacy King
as Whitney
Yeena Fisher
as Injured Upscale Dinner
Faye Dunaway
as Dr. Margaret Campbell
Tracie Thoms
as Roberta Gibbs
Alex Alexander
as Annie Connors
Fatimah Hassan
as Air Plane Passenger
Joe Williamson
as Intern Pierce/Intern 4
Mary T. Sala
as Police Officer #1
Kate Walsh
as Dr. Addison Montgomery/Addison Montgomery
Carl Gilliard
as Older Tenant
Wendy Gazelle
as Julie Phillips
Jenna Willis
as Kim Welles
Betsy Baker
as Barbara Davis
Heather Mazur
as Erin Mason
Phoebe Dorin
as June Crowley
Mark Harelik
as Keith Polace
Jesse Johnson
as Logan Treadwell
Sarah Lafleur
as Melanie Reynolds
Francesca P. Roberts
as Estelle Byrd
Neil Barton
as Police Officer
Kelly LaMarr
as Mr. Warren
James Moses Black
as Duncan Mischer
Alison Crowley
as Clinic Nurse
Stephanie Garvin
as Wealthy Guest
Josh Daugherty
as Ken Daniels
Miya Kodama
as Emily
Robin Hines
as Cute Girl
Christian Clemenson
as Ivan Fink
Jasmine Guy
as Gemma/Gemma Larson
Taylor Nichols
as Rick Humphrey
Boise Holmes
as Phillip
Ann Cusack
as Susan Grant
Chad Einbinder
as Sam Friedman
Alec Medlock
as Kid
Yvonne Farrow
as Heart Patient's Wife
Oren Skoog
as Drunk Guy
Jean Villepique
as ER Nurse
Elizabeth Sampson
as Ruth O'Leary
Joe McGovern
as Chase Franklin
Avalon Gray
as Leo
Pamela Reed
as Mrs. Banks
Charlene McDonald
as Concerned Wife
Chyler Leigh
as Dr. Lexie Grey/Lexie Grey
Marika Domińczyk
Casey Wilson
as Courtney Hall
Shannon Brown
as AJ
as Sadie
Mark Kogan
as Hospital Lawyer
Annet Mahendru
as Ana
Richard Roundtree
as Donald Burke
Jasmine Di Angelo
as Kelley Hanson
Seth McLaughlin
as Corporal Burnett
Jack Merrill
as Lab Tech/Radiology Tech #2
Brent Sexton
as Jerry Frost
Cal Gibson
as Larry Keys
Deanne Bray
as Nicole Kasliner
Rob Greenlea
as Second Paramedic
Nicholas Palacio
as Intern
Damon O'Daniel
as Dr. in Suit
Morgan Matthews
as Morning News Host
Marcanthonee Reis
as Tuck
Anita Finlay
as Lady Donor
Linda Klein
as Nurse Linda/Scrub Nurse/Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Adam Masnyk
as Ricky Smith
Connor Tillman
as Chuck Thompson
Shelley Starrett
as Bar Patron
Deborah Geffner
as Mrs. Burton
Ben Ciaramello
as Darren Covington
Colleen Flynn
as Nancy Mercer
Kelly Keaton
as Other Person
Cindy Drummond
as Gwendolyn Yates/Louis' Wife
Catherine Grace
as Trial Patient #6
Liz Benoit
as Woman
Jason-Shane Scott
as Dr. Roberts
Jerrika Hinton
as Dr. Stephanie Edwards
Yvette Saunders
as Dr. Collier
Paul Syre
as Kayden Lee
Tom Choi
as Fluoroscope Tech
Jill Remez
as April's Examiner
Katie Harker
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Brett Edwards
as Lieutenant Matthews
Romy Rosemont
as Lea Seibert
Afi Ekulona
as Nurse Janet Lim/Nurse Janet Linn/Pac-North Nurse
Randee Heller
as Joanne Ratigan
Angela Lin
as Barbara Yu
Mike Faiola
as Guy
Brooke Nevin
as Tricia Hale
Carla Vila
as Angela
Antonio T. Tillman
as Hospital Orderly
Bill Fagerbakke
as Roy Mackinaw
Thomas Owen
as Police Officer
Sarah Benoit
as Nurse Julia Udell
Stephen Sowan
as Danny Metcalf
Tom Bower
as Mr. Schultz
Jon Curry
as Fred Fisher
Daniel J. Travanti
as Barry Patmore
Doris Roberts
as Gladys Pulcher
Kym Whitley
as Yvonne
Kendall Joy Hall
as Little Steph Edwards
Matt Johnson
as News Anchor
Tim de Zarn
Bubba Lewis
as Kendrick Nystrom
Kim Raver
as Dr. Teddy Altman
Chase Anthony
as Tenant 3
Jason Winston George
as Ben Warren
Elaine Kao
as NICO Nurse/NICU Nurse
Robin Weigert
as Karen Lorenz
Jenica Bergere
as Dr. Kimberly Thompson
Damian Gomez
as Man
Erika Alexander
as Johanna McKay
Tyler Ritter
as Paul Zarr
David Rees Snell
as Richy Rich
Carrie Gibson
as Security Guard
Melanie Benz
as Screaming Woman
Romel De Silva
as Screaming Patient
William Daniels
as Dr. Craig Thomas
June Squibb
as Dr. Elsie Clatch
Wilmer Calderon
as Raul Aranda
Jenn An
as Social Worker
Helene McCardle
as ER Doc/ER Doctor
Lili Wexu
as Dr. Hundley
Al White
as Edward 'Eddie' Squire
Raymond J. Barry
as Gene Steers
Christina Elizabeth Smith
as Julie Hall
Ellen Wroe
as Danielle Green
Katy Kurtzman
as Deedee Keller
Cameron Gayden
as Frank
Joshua Bassett
as Linus
Rae Latt
as Nanny
Joan McMurtrey
as Zoey Glass
Damien Murphy
as Jared
Grace Bannon
as Alice Kepner
Ellen Pompeo
as Dr. Meredith Grey
Danielle Bisutti
as Liz Langer
Zoe Perry
as Katy Noonan
Kristin Lindquist
as Lenore
Kimberly Christian
as Natalie Forrester
Bentley Green
as Tyler
Audrey Wasilewski
as Nicole Waldman
Dash Mihok
as Clay Rolich
Ella Jay Basco
as Evie
Meghan Maureen McDonough
as Rita Belmont
Sarah McDermott
as Leah
Jeremiah Hu
as Fingerless Guy
Nick Armstrong
as Dave
Candis Cayne
as Dr. Michelle Velez
Brian Scolaro
as Mike
Jayna Fox
as Scout Lincoln
Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez
as Phoebe Moss
Jessica A. Caesar
as Reporter #3
Louis Ozawa
as Steve Lee
Jusak Bernhard
as Seminar Teacher
Vic Chao
as Doug
Carolyn Ratteray
as OB Fellow
Madeline Zima
as Marissa
Austin Basis
as Devin
Ed Lauter
as Timothy Miller
Elizabeth Anweis
as Brie
Rachel Boston
as Rachel
Sprague Grayden
as Mrs. Gordon
Chastity Dotson
as Leslie Wilson
Summer Glau
as Emily Kovach
Joshua Bitton
as Harry Adkins
Antoine de Lartigue
as Orderly
Jay Ellis
as DJ
Julie Mann
as Paula
David Wesley Marlowe
as Firefighter Burn Victim
Holley Fain
as Dr. Julia Canner
Alysson Da Silva
as Patient
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Denny Duquette
Donald Lee Holland Jr.
as Patient/Visitor
Devere Rogers
as Lunch Server
Betty Garrett
as Eleanor
Randi Cee
as Dancer
Cliff De Young
as Phillip Loomis
Brooklyn Laws
as Preteen Miranda Bailey
Paul Adelstein
as Dr. Cooper Freedman
Thomas Barbusca
as Link McNeil
Braeden Lemasters
as Brian
Joe Nieves
as Michael Baker
Christopher Rivas
as Rodney
T.D. Mitchell
as Sgh. Clinic Nurse
Laura Chinn
as Jamie
Sarah Drew
as Dr. April Kepner/April Kepner Avery
Carly Jordan Pancher
as Bored Sister/Worried
Ana Valverde
as Kayla Wayne
Meg Marinis
as Woman in Hall
Vivian Kerr
as Logger's Wife
Laurie Metcalf
as Beatrice Carver
Stacie Greenwell
as Mrs. Vanderburg
Sara Rowe
as Nadia
Gwendoline Yeo
as Michelle Carpio
Jennifer Sydney
as Naked Hot Chick
Tina Holmes
as Rebecca Bloom
Jaden Sorensen
as Michael
China Anderson
as Ruby
Beanie Feldstein
as Tess Anderson
Amanda Loncar
as Jackie Escott
Julie Wong
as Woman in Hall
Andy Taylor Kim
as Father
Chevonne Hughes
as Bloodied Crying Student
Enid Graham
as Rachel Dawson
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Lola
Bellamy Young
as Kathy
Michael Milhoan
as Doug Thomas
Cali Fredrichs
as Kathy
Eric Ramey
as Warren Griffith
Elizabeth Grullon
as Abigail Hayes
James Earl
as Evan
Mariko Saito
as Aerialist #2
Azure Antoinette
as Irene Davis
Sarah Lilly
as Joyce Basche
Robin Pearson Rose
as Patricia/Patricia Murphy
Judy Jean Berns
as Sue Hicks
John Bishop
as James Carlson
Nicole Hayden
as Kate Franklin
Jurnee Smollett
as Beth Monroe
Sharmila Devar
as Female Intern
Harley Graham
as Francesca McNeil
Steele Gagnon
as Noah Brosniak
Jillian Bach
as Gretchen
Natalie Smyka
as Student
Melisse Cantatore Masi
as CDC Investigator/Young Doctor
Toy Lei
as EP Doctor/Neurophysiologist
Kevin Carroll
as Greg James
Victoria Park
as Sales Person
Harlo Haas
as Milo Jankovic
Alan Chow
as Henry
T.J. Lowther
as Intern Hank
Robert Baker
as Dr. Charles Percy
Nancy Nave
as Flight Medic #1
Seth Green
as Nick Hanscom
Harrison Page
as Daniel Cobb
Lori Yeghiayan
as ND Surgeon #1
Liam Sigman
as Dinner Guest
Sheila Collins
as Sondra
Roberta Bassin
as Trial Patient #4
Chris Grabher
as Circus Performer #2/Paramedic #1
Garrett Nichols
as Harold
Kelly Wolf
as Carly Height
VyVy Nguyen
as Jacki
Bridger Zadina
as Michael
Nick Hoffa
as Firefighter #2
Elizabeth Reaser
as Jane Doe/Rebecca Pope/Ava
Steve Alderfer
as Manager
Kelli King
as Sara
Jeremy A. Lopez
as Police Officer #1
Linda Park
as Deborah Lee
Jack Yang
as Walter
Nicole Lynnae Sullivan
as Chelsea
Toni Torres
as Annette
Bill Smitrovich
as Dr. Walter Carr/Therapist
Julia Ling
as Emma
Caleb Pierce
as Charlie Peterson
Jessica Stroup
as Jillian Miller
Anton Narinskiy
as Gunnar
Zach Scheerer
as MP
Joan McCrea
as Louis' Wife's Mother
Energy Lewis
as Doctor
Gina Gallego
as Lucia Torres
Peter Gregory
as Jonathan
Holly Dunlap
as Emergency Room Nurse/Visitor
Angelo Tiffe
as Trey Boyd
Emil Beheshti
as Plaid Bow Tie
Jakob Miller
as Danny
Suzi Hofrichter
as Sandra
Paul Hayes
as Old Man Carl
Matt Lanter
as Adam Singer
James Frain
as Tom Crowley
Nancy La Scala
as Lucia
Amy Sloan
as Kelly
Jill Holden
as Naomi Cline
Jeremy Rabb
as ER Resident/ER Doctor/Resident #1
Mark Sinacori
as Hospital Staff
Melissa Oliver
as Perfusionist/Anesthesiologist
Jennifer Say Gan
as Dr. Keating
Brandon James Cienfuegos
as Henry
Daisy Lightfoot
as Caroline
Julia Anna Barrios
as Prisoner
Matt Roth
as Michael Beglight
Bess Armstrong
as Maureen Lincoln
Catherine An
as OR Nurse
Andy Milder
as Dr. Darryl Nessbaum
Leslie L. Miller
as Danisha Sterling
Ana Dela Cruz
as Excited Doctor 2
Jordan Destin
as Paramedic
Linda Jossana
as ER Nurse
Destiny Whitlock
as Maddy
Alastair Bayardo
as Social Worker
Judyann Elder
as Angelica Polson
Alex Skinner
as Intern
Rose Abdoo
as Dr. Kim Dawson

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