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December 3, 2021
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About this title


It's 1953, and Sidney Chambers is vicar of Grantchester, a village just outside Cambridge. Sidney's life is a quiet life - right up until the moment that murder comes his way. Pushed into the dangerous world of lies, betrayal and murder, Sidney quickly finds that his insight into the human condition, and the natural trust that he engenders in people, means that he excels in his new position as 'detective'. Joining Sidney as he journeys into this dark world is the affable but world-weary Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, the naive, but well-meaning curate Leonard Finch, and his austere and constantly disapproving housekeeper Mrs Maguire. But crime isn't the only matter that occupies Sidney. He's smitten with the witty, beautiful, Amanda, but could high society Amanda ever be allowed to marry a lowly country vicar? Can you still see the best in people when the world of murder asks you to see the worst?

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: January 18, 2015

Also Known As: グランチェスター 牧師探偵シドニー・チェンバース, Гранчестер |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Canada (G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

detective inspector

Company Credits

Production Co: Lovely Day


Nigel Planer
as Giles Montgomery
Gregory Floy
as Dr. Atwell
Rubie-Rose Fearfield
as Keating Child/Ivy Keating
Lukas Rolfe
as Alexander Kendall
Lisa Diveney
as Agent Rollinson
Dinesh Sundran
as Zafar Ali
Steve Munroe
as Caretaker
Mariah Gale
as Gail Tannen
Ciara Charteris
as Annie Towler
Gregg Lowe
as Sandy
Oliver Dimsdale
as Daniel Marlowe/Daniel Marlow
Rachel Pickup
as Meredith Davenport
Ross Boatman
as Vic Morgan
Rebecca Front
as Reeny McArthur
Ted Reilly
as Justin
Charlie Higson
as Ronnie Maguire
Emily Bevan
as Hilary Franklin
Charlie Hamblett
as Tim Amery
Ian Davies
as Jerry
Cameron Howitt
as Nativity Player
Michael Abubakar
as Bryan Stanford
Ben Ryan-Steele
as Gentleman
Alice Bailey Johnson
as Mavis
Faith Alabi
as Kitty
Jemma Redgrave
as Amelia Davenport/Amelia Gurney-Clifford
Melissa Johns
as Miss Scott
Olivia Brady
as Miss Reynolds
Chris Bearne
as Mr. Brant
Andy Beckwith
as Tommy
Maggie Daniels
as Sally Roper
Dylan Kirk and The Killers
as The Merries House Band
Des Yankson
as Clerk of Court
Theo Fraser Steele
as Professor Evans
Lucy Black
as Isabel Livingstone
Holly Ellis
as Hazel
Emma Jouannet
as Student
Sarah Stanley
as June Butler
Ronnie Law
as Eric
Adrian Bower
as Pal
Anna Chancellor
as Aunt Cece
Charles Dale
as Cyril Parker
Hamza Jeetooa
as Tariq Hassan
Samuel West
as Professor Henry Barkley
Richard Cunningham
as Mr. Draper
Alan Williams
as Bernard Allison
Sarah Crowden
as Mrs. Bennett
Christina Cole
as Joan Beaumont
Tok Stephen
as Charles Todd
Mason Chalke
as Keating Child
Rupert Holliday-Evans
as Walter Burrows
Hannah van der Westhuysen
as Heather
Jacob Trup
as Student
Jonny Amies
as Clement Gurney-Clifford
Natalie Klamar
as Ann Wilkinson
Adam Astill
as Frank Martin
Tom Brittney
as Will Davenport
Pip Torrens
as Sir Edward Kendall/Edward Kendall
Jack Donoghue
as Lucas Rawlings
Neil Morrissey
as Harding Redmond
Maimie McCoy
as Linda Morgan
Marilyn Cutts
as Mrs. Wheeler
Akshay Khanna
as Josh
Al Weaver
as Leonard Finch
Liz White
as Vivian Whitaker
Nick Holder
as Sid Danker
Alix Ross
as Josephine Sutton
Isabella Marshall
as Theresa
Andy Nyman
as Roy Reeves
Lisa Ronaghan
as Mr. Jarvis' Secretary
Kacey Ainsworth
as Cathy Keating
Ben Wiggins
as Lieutenant Ellis/Orson Wade
Christopher Fulford
as Ezra Garston
Jenny Ogilvie
as Mrs. Elton
Mike Noble
as Val
Molly Jackson-Shaw
as Rosalind Reece
Charlotte Orchard
as Grace Hopkins
Helen Clyro
as Phyllis Bell
Robert Portal
as Eddie
Gabrielle Glaister
as Sophie Hastings
Leon Rolfe
as Henry Kendall
Ossian Perret
as Paul
Elena Orchard
as Grace Hopkins
Catherine Hamilton
as Theresa Guthrie
Alex Hassell
as Ernest Carter
Albert Goodwin
as Nativity Player
Eliza Bennett
as Kitty Lawson
Patrick Baladi
as Archer Davis
Alfie Field
as Tommy Chapman
Pippa Nixon
as Daphne Young
Imogen Byron
as Rose Parr
Christian King
as Student
Parth Thakerar
as Munir Ali
Andrea Valls
as Lavinia/Sister Michael
Léa Jackson
as Lisa
Sorcha Groundsell
as Vronky
Katharine Bennett-Fox
as Betty Brown
Jim Caesar
as Matthew Butler
Andrew Bicknell
as Mr. Ramsden
Corey Johnson
as Colonel Wade
Janette Sharpe
as Market Customer/Protester/Station Passerby
Matthew Marsh
as Harry Graham
Beth Lilly
as Edna
Miles Jupp
as Marcus Asper
Polly Frame
as Penny Asper
Frankie Wilson
as George
Chelsea Halfpenny
as Lily Bradley
Cecily Cleeve
as Hattie
John Carr
as Police Officer
Ashley Hudson
as Cyclist
Nicholas Tizzard
as Jim
Phoebe Lloyd
as Nativity Player
Darius Greenlaw
as Jacob Reilly
Bern Collaço
as Suspect in Police ID Parade
Kaci Hinton-Jones
as Nativity Player
Hugh Dickson
as Mr. Fielding
George Somner
as Ricky Masters
Shaun Dooley
as Johnny Richards
Sam Barnard
as Andrew
Henry Lile
as Nativity Player
Paul Ryan
as Rev Nick Byatt
Ian Burfield
as Arthur Davies
Joseph Maudsley
as Police Officer
Nicholas Sidi
as DCI Jacob Williams
George Hannigan
as Stanley Obrero
Emma Thornett
as Nora/Sister Eleanora
Orlando Wells
as Phillip St Martin
Raphael Vicas
as Nativity Player
Stuart Cooke
as Banker/Stall Holder/Store Accountant
Paula Wilcox
as Diana
Mitra Djalili
as Glory Carpenter
Emma Appleton
as Sally
Richard Dixon
as Crown Barrister
Jean Marsh
as Daisy Livingstone
Jesse James Sims
as Police Officer/Shop Customer
Simona Brown
as Violet Todd
Jonathan Aris
as Robert Waterhouse
Kishore Bhatt
as Villager
Nicky Henson
as Frank Archer
Lilly Hanbury
as Lady in Church
Claudie Blakley
as Agatha Redmond
Sam Frenchum
as Gary Bell
Christian McKay
as Anthony Hobbs
Simon Bubb
as Bobby Guthrie
Nakay Kpaka
as Walter Stirling
Michelle Greenidge
as Rita Daltrey
Perdita Weeks
as Charlotte Reilly
Roman Green
as Patient
Kieran O'Brien
as Arthur Evans
Jim Creighton
as Clive
Siobhan Redmond
as Andrea Shaw
Richard Price
as Church/Fete attendee/Policeman
Sophie Karl
as Sophie - Gypsy Dancer
Joe Jameson
as Gideon Garston
Ty Hurley
as Policeman/Boxing Spectator/Cinema Goer/Protester
Annette McLaughlin
as Babs Reeves
Paul Bradley
as Jeremy Baker
Josie Bloom
as Nurse
Tyger Drew-Honey
as Malcy Smith
Kassius Carey-Johnson
as Raymond
Adrian Lukis
as Superintendent John Baldwin
Samuel Blenkin
as Kevin Moran
Tim McMullan
as Professor Raban
Andrew Bridgmont
as Douglas Munroe
Rebecca Stone
as Nicola Hart
Emma Howell
as Kissing Couple (Girl)
Sean Gilder
as Russell Finch
Joe Ferrara
as Walter Dunn
Gary Douglas
as Gypsy
Julian Glover
as Albert Tannen
Ross Waiton
as Clerk
John Bowler
as James Milton
Kathryn O'Reilly
as Miriam Carter
Emily Patrick
as Tamara Gurney-Clifford
Tom Knight
as Judge
Tom Morley
as Edwin Hensler
Abraham Lewis
as Alastair
Kirsty J. Curtis
as Peggy
Jeremy Neumark Jones
as Theo Graham
Michael Shaeffer
as Eric Whitaker
Adeyinka Akinrinade
as Delia/Sister Francis
Gordon Kennedy
as Doctor Harvey
Nicholas Rowe
as Rupert Simpson
Harry Hadden-Paton
as William Calthorpe
Sia Berkeley
as Annie
Simon Harrison
as Neil Carver
Penny Layden
as Maud Sutton
Ewan Mitchell
as Abraham
Simon Lennon
as Marcus Ruskin
Brian Vernel
as Tam
Diarmaid Murtagh
as Rory Dale
Olivia Darnley
as Esther Bradley
Christopher Fairbank
as Eli Roper
Rachel Shelley
as Pamela Morton
Stella Gonet
as Judy Munroe
Richard Syms
as Bishop Terence Howells
Kelly Valentine Hendry
as Lady in Church
Peter Egan
as Archie Johnson
Dominic Herman-Day
as Gregory Jones
Tanya Franks
as Rita Jones
Joseph Greenlaw
as Archie Reilly
Mark Gillis
as Mr. Jones
Wayne Foskett
as Vic Blackwood
Isla Blair
as Gladys Sheppard
Rob Witcomb
as Bernard
Sarah Thom
as Mrs. Jones
Ian Conningham
as Mr. Greaves
Matthew Tennyson
as Kit Bartlett
Rita McDonald Damper
as Traveller
Gracie Brooke
as Abigail Redmond
Sandra Teles
as Madhia Barkley
Natasha Cottriall
as Claudette Johnson
Jay Phelps
as Trumpet Player
Andrew Knott
as Sam Milburn
Geoffrey McGivern
as Archdeacon
Peter Svatik
as German
Chris Anastasi
as Handsome man
Sandra Huggett
as Marie Morgan
James Bailey
as Elroy Hastings
Tom Austen
as Guy Hopkins
Michael Southgate
as Newspaper Seller/Wedding Guest
Russell Wilcox
as Mr. Hartley
Zoë Tapper
as Betsey Granger
Tommy McDonnell
as Frank Camber
Tessa Peake-Jones
as Mrs. Chapman/Mrs. Maguire
Mark Umbers
as Wyatt Rogers
Selin Hizli
as Margaret Ward
Tracy Ann Oberman
as Sister Grace
Manoj Anand
as 1940's Pedestrian
John Voce
as Raymond Clark
Caroline Martin
as Jacqueline Astor
Simon Lawson
as Alan Mitchell
Rachael Stirling
as Margie Danker
Andrew Burford
as Jim Parsons
Skye Lucia Degruttola
as Esme Keating
Susannah Harker
as Veronica Stone
Barnaby Taylor
as Ollie
Miley Locke
as Nativity Player
Pheline Roggan
as Hildegard Staunton
Becky Bullman
as Suzy
Kevan Looseley
as Policeman
Eddie-Joe Robinson
as Davy Connor
Nick Brimble
as Jack Chapman
Nigel Betts
as Judge Newport
Lorraine Ashbourne
as Cora Maguire
Carlyss Peer
as Martha Bennett
Samantha White
as Lucy
A.k. Steppa
as Villager
Katie Clarkson-Hill
as Sadie Parker
Phill Langhorne
as Wilson Black
Sam Hoare
as Mark Davies
Paul Nicholls
as Reggie Lawson
Rosie Day
as Joan Whitaker
Rose Allen
as Keating Child/Dora Keating
Emma Hindle
as Hannah Carter
Sidney Kean
as Bill Connor
Lauren Carse
as Ellie Harding
Harley Chalke
as Keating Child
Frankie Fox
as Neville Grant
Stuart Bowman
as Bishop Aubrey Gray
Flora Montgomery
as Marion Taylor
Nell Williams
as Gilly Bradley
Terence Maynard
as Larry Simpkins
Steve Toussaint
as Dicky Evans
Sam Phillips
as Gerry Wicks
Akshay Sharan
as Peter Soosai
Lourdes Faberes
as Mya Lyall
Neil Jackson
as Richard Reilly
Flora Nicholson
as Martha Headingly
Nick Owenford
as Party Guest
Lorne MacFadyen
as Phil Wilkinson
Lee Williams
as Dominic Taylor
Niall Usher
as Adam Carter
David Bamber
as John Graham
Bradley Hall
as Larry Peters
Carter-Jae O'Neil
as David Keating/Keating Child
Struan Rodger
as Tobias Hall
Harry Gilby
as Robin Martin
Alex Irwin
as Lady in Church
Victor Alli
as Howie Bennet
Rory Fleck Byrne
as Ben Blackwood
Neil Pendleton
as Rory St Clair
Dominic Mafham
as St John Gurney-Clifford
Sian Webber
as Ivy Franklin
Nick Davison
as Hospital Visitor/Passer-by
Mark Bonnar
as Dr. Robinson
Andrew Woodall
as Clive Morton
Cameron Jack
as Lynch
James Sheldon
as Andrew
Rob Oldfield
as Valentine Lyall
Nathaniel Parker
as Thomas Davenport
Elliot Levey
as Laszlo Herzl
Enzo Cilenti
as Felix Davis
Declan Baxter
as Bobby Cooper
David Moorst
as Lankester
David Troughton
as Chief Inspector Benson
Josh Bolt
as Rory Crompton
Holly Aston
as Ava Holmes
Sofia Oxenham
as Lottie
Zoe Telford
as Jean Simms
Shonn Gregory
as Staff Porter
Morven Christie
as Amanda Hopkins/Amanda Kendall
Tristan Gemmill
as Gene Daltry
Gary Beadle
as Archdeacon Gabriel Atubo/Archdeacon
Jack Barton
as Chris Hartley
Michael Simkins
as Derek Jarvis
Holly Aird
as Alice Dunn
Eileen Davies
as Clara Carter
Sophie Walter
as Helen Fieldman
Emma Davies
as Rosie Towler
Philip Gascoyne
as Doctor
Eve Ponsonby
as Wendy Parker
Ahmed Elhaj
as Henry Jones
Nneka Okoye
as Dorie James
Marli Siu
as Karla Read
Jyuddah Jaymes
as Remi Adeyemi
Grant Crookes
as Shopper
Alexa Davies
as Luella
Joe Claflin
as DC Atkins
Gillian McCutcheon
as Dot
Simon Kunz
as Martin Adler
Kit Connor
as Charlie Jones
Camilla Beeput
as Gloria Dee
Tom Turner
as Alex Simms
Darryl Dale
as Stanley Milton
Ellie Bindman
as Wendy Pope
Lee Asquith-Coe
as Boarding House Vagrant
Lexie Benbow-Hart
as Jessica
Shaun Johnson
as Work Foreman
Natasha O'Keeffe
as Grace Heath
James Norton
as Sidney Chambers
Will Hislop
as Maurice St Martin
Carlotta Banat
as Petra Neumann
The Sugar Sisters
as College Band
Ukweli Roach
as Johnny Johnson
Paterson Joseph
as Reverend Nathaniel Todd
Tom Christian
as PC Daniel Walker
Colin Blyth
as Prisoner
Robson Green
as Geordie Keating
Bobby Lockwood
as Joe Davies
Adam James
as James Heath
Aimée Kelly
as Rachel Bromilow
Jordan Alexandra
as Pamela Smith/Sunny West
Chris Wilson
as Shopkeeper
Peter Davison
as Geoff Towler
Paul Hilton
as Robert Miller
Carolina Main
as Lilian Calthorpe
Fiona Button
as Jennifer Chambers
Candis Nergaard
as Freda
Antony Acheampong
as Robert Deveaux
Felix Scott
as Sean Donovan
as Barman
Emma Corrin
as Esther Carter
Indica Watson
as Jessica
Michelle Duncan
as Annabel Morrison
Joseph Millson
as Mr. Pope
Eoin McCarthy
as Stephen Staunton
Nigel Cooke
as Patrick Harland
Madison Clare
as Molly Lowden
Matthew Jure
as Eddie Jones
Geoffrey Burton
as Cecil
Carrie-Louise Knight
as Young Daisy Livingstone

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 6 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 6 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 6 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 6 Episodes

Season 6

2021 | 8 Episodes

Season 7

2022 | 1 Episodes




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