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December 3, 2021
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About this title


In crime ridden Gotham City, Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered before young Bruce Wayne's eyes. Although Gotham City Police Department detectives, James Gordon, and his cynical partner, Harvey Bullock, seem to solace's the case quickly, things are not so simple. Inspired by Bruce's traumatized desire for justice, Gordon vows to find it amid Gotham's corruption. Thus begins Gordon's lonely quest that would set him against his own comrades and the underworld with their own deadly rivalries and mysteries. In the coming wars, innocence will be lost and compromises will be made as some criminals will fall as casualties while others will rise as super villains. All the while, young Bruce observes this war with a growing obsession that would one day drive him to seek his own justice against the evil of Gotham as The Batman.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 22, 2014

Also Known As: Готэм, 萬惡高譚市 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics
insane asylum
based on comic
super power

Company Credits

Production Co: Primrose Hill Productions, DC Comics |  See more »


Alexa Don
as League of Shadows 1
Adriana Del Orden
as Tall Bully
Nicholas Velez
as The Undead Leader
Minda Larsen
as Cindy Charles
Berto Colon
as Narco Cop #1
Sir Brodie
as Demonz Boss
Malik Yoba
as Major Rodney Harlan
Aly Mang
as Waltz Dancer
Will Brill
as Arnold Dobkins/Dobkin
Mike Scerbo
as Restaurant Maitre'd
Matthew R. Staley
as Lunatic #3
Nicole Michele Guilbault
as Riddlers Tuffie
Tim Simon
as Soothsayer
Owen Harn
as The Hunter
Jonathan Rentler
as Carl
Taylor A. Purdee
as Thug
Justin Whang
as Member of Joker's Army
Jillian Marie Sayegh
as Uniform #1
Jada Pinkett Smith
as Fish Mooney
Pierre Jean Gonzalez
as Dishwasher
Bobby Favoretto
as Gotham Soldier
Jose Hernandez Jr.
as Bodyguard
Julien Seredowych
as Jacob/Jacob Volk
Jamyl Dobson
as Uni #1
Hank Strong
as Lunkhead
Peyton List
as Ivy Pepper
Sean Patrick Doyle
as Choir Member
Jerry Todisco
as Street Demon
Marc Damon Johnson
as Wilson Bishop
Justin Michael Woods
as Hypnotized Gothamite
Jim Cleary
as Gotham City Police Officer/Refugee
James Ciccone
as Giovanni
Charlie Sausa
as Ince
Sean Crespo
as Comedian
Kara Rosella
as Cultist
Richard Waddingham
as Caretaker
Jeff Marocchi
as Pimp
John Donchak
as Bartender/Scarecrow Henchman
Andrew Guzman
as F-Wing Inmate
Greg Crowe
as Barfly
James Rutledge
as Gennaro Marx
Luke Darnell
as Thug #2
Noah Forrest
as Marino Henchman
Amy Tribbey
as Doctor
Moisés Acevedo
as Young Inmate
David Wayne Fox
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Efraiem Hanna
as Vendor
Jimmy Palumbo
as Detective Boggs
Mariah Strongin
as Shelly Lawson
Jimmy Noonan
as Eastern European Thug
Lori Petty
as Jeri
Arlene Chico-Lugo
as Reina
Jeremy Crutchley
as Anton
Harri Molese
as Woman #1
William Abadie
as Dr. Maxwell Symon
Aidan Fiske
as Crying Boy
Alberto Vazquez
as Bodega Owner
Toni L. Martin
as Biker Leader
Steve Lord
as SWAT Leader
Peter Albrink
as Haskins
Jarrod LaBine
as Gala Attendee/Spectator at Fight Club/Upscale Auction Attendee
Paul Pilcz
as Sonny Gilzean
Thomas J. Bellezza
as Drug Dealer
Alyssa Ruland
as Young Miriam
Gilbert Soto
as GCPD Officer Sebring
Ari McKay Wilford
as Cale Pike
Lynne Valley
as Nun
Ruby Thomas
as Terrified Woman
Jacqueline O. Rene
as Bert
Erik Arbouet
as Youngster on Roof
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Museum Curator/Upscale Gothamite
Neil J. Letendre
as Wedding Singer
Bill Kux
as Plastic Surgeon
Crystal Chau
as Scared Woman
Jake Choi
as Gunman #2
Garrett Ching
as Yakusa Boss
Emerald Rose Sullivan
as Wife
Brian Keane
as Boat Captain
Michael Goldsmith
as Floyd
Frankie Verroca
as F-wing Psycho Inmate/Frightened Hobo/Homeless Bob/Homeless Refugee/Sleazy Pervert
Biniam Tekola
as Teenage Thug
Thom Sesma
as Barthel
Christopher Parker
as Corrupt Cop
Brad Calcaterra
as Minks
Alex Corrado
as Gabe
Dan Bakkedahl
as Davis Lamond
Marcel Simoneau
as Gilzean's Henchman
Stephen James Anthony
as Donnie
Jesus Padilla
as Homeless Kid
J.Stephen Brantley
as Street Demonz Leader
Xiren Wang
as Club Manse DJ
David North
as Gretel's Eldest Son
John Pirkis
as Nigel
Jamar Greene
as Cupcake
Jeff Williams
as Court Member/Court Member #1
Michael Bowen
as Matches Malone
Peter Patrikios
as Paulie Pennies
James Mount
as Officer Dove
John Garrett Greer
as Businessman
Jordan Carey
as Grief-Stricken Citizen #2
Liza Francini
as Arkham Guard's Daughter
Jorge Humberto Hoyos
as Steward
Curzon Dobell
as Doctor
Julia Chan
as Karen Jennings
Nick Rehberger
as Frat Boy #2
Hadasa Isolino
as Female Captive
Christian Rozakis
as Jongleur
Owen Rogers
as Inmate
Joey Elrose
as Shadowy Figure
Josh Pesin
as Mailman
Giuseppe Virzi
as Orphan Boy
Leila Almas Rose
as Bride
Bill Walters
as Derelict in Subway Tunnel/Homeless Guy by Fire/Junkie in Squad Room
Philip Hernandez
as Medical Examiner
Bryan Howard Conner
as Caleb Dumas
Brian Donahue
as GCPD cop/Gotham City Policeman/Hunter
Philip Greene
as Prisoner
Al Sapienza
as Dick Lovecraft
Craig Thomas Rivela
as Man #3
Kristen Hager
as Nora Fries
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Laundry Attendant/Lawyer
Cal Koury
as Gilzean Henchman
Marcin Paluch
as Foolhardy Drunk
James Dinonno
as Huge Bald Inmate
Bryce Biederman
as Coleman Lawson
Allan R. Walker
as Old Inmate
Donal Logue
as Harvey Bullock
Bob Roseman
as Driver
Tim Lajcik
as Drifter #3
Nancy Wetzel
as Zsasz Henchwoman #3
Agron Karameti
as Pizza Man
John Finnerty Jr.
as Gardener
Anthony Hoang
as Delivery Man/Security Guard
Jerry Lamonica
as Bartender
Joe Remy Dolinsky
as Fruit Store Owner
Raúl Castillo
as Eduardo Flamingo
Korey Fackler
as Uniform
Brian Cade
as Board Member
Grant Koo
as Club Goer #1
Turner Smith
as Shadow
Natalia Kiriya
as Amanda Hastings
Derek Johnson
as Body Guard #4
Billy Peck
as Strike Force/Strike Force Captain/Gotham City Police
Andreas Pliatsikas
as Museum Patron
Sarah Schenkkan
as Magpie
Mekia Cox
as Dr. Thawson
Ambrose Martos
as Norton
Colin Chapin
as Tweaker #1
Nicole Bonifacio
as Massage Parlor Girl/Woman Prisoner
Willie C. Carpenter
as Leon Winkler
Omar Scroggins
as Thief
Danny Berisha
as Forensics Officer Cortez
Fernando Mateo Jr.
as Marco
Kevin D. McGee
as GCPD Officer/Political Event Attendee/Reporter/Wedding Guest
James Augustus Lee
as Guard Demon
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
as Richard Gladwell
Eli Bridges
as Marv/Screaming Junkie
David L. Townsend
as Arkham Guard #1
Emmy Elliott
as Siren Patron
Jill Lord
as Police Officer
Kiley Liddell
as Orphan Girl #1
Tioka Bernard Schluter IV
as Penguin Lookalike
Abraham Makany
as Wounded Man
Raiden Integra
as Gotham Citizen
Stella Stark
as Waltz Dancer
Noelle Franco
as Nurse
Alena Chinault
as Strawberry
John Bianco
as Head Demon
Adrienne Lovette
as Cocktail Waitress
Victor La Mantia
as Refugee #2
Mick O'Rourke
as Patsy's Husband/Ace Chemicals Janitor
Tommy Nelson
as Brant Jones
Gordon Winarick
as Tommy Elliot
Joy Sudduth
as Reporter #1
Frank Whaley
as Doug
Ted Williams
as Blackgate Prisoner/Mutant Gang Memebr
Jeremy Bobb
as Owen Lloyd
Michael McFadden
as Gangster
Carolyn Seiff
as Older Woman
Ramon O. Torres
as Waiter
Jenna Gavigan
as Bank Manager's Secretary
Liana Montoro
as Bride
Kevin Dang
as Iceberg Lounge Patron
Twinkle Burke
as Bartender
Macy McGrail
as Teenager #1
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
as Arkham Patient/Pedestrian
John DiGiorgio
as Press
Andrew Ayala
as Munitions Security Officer #1
Justin L. Wilson
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Adam Griffith
as Young Doctor
Coy DeLuca
as Interrogated Thug
Dominique DiCaprio
as Uni
Austin Davis
as Chief Bodyguard
Laura Aguinaga
as Terrified Wife
Giuseppe Ardizzone
as Arkham Asylum Guard/Gabe Thug
Veronika Ann Rees
as Homeless Child
Chris Perfetti
as Cosmo Krank
Alan Christopher
as Brothel Security Guard
Anthony Carrigan
as Victor Zsasz
Brendan Griffin
as Len Moore
Norm Lewis
as Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane
Luke Forbes
as John Hargrove
Greg Partsinevelos
as Nino
David Carranza
as Angel Vallelunga
Dante Melucci
as Young Boy
Ann Harada
as Mayor Chang
Yurie Collins
as Girl Tuffie
Luke Lesko
as Delta #1
Anthony Cumberbatch Jr.
as Grape Monster/Henchman
Mark Pettograsso
as Robert 'Frogman' Jones
Michael Park
as Peter Gordon
Mario D'Leon
as Mooney Thug/Underling
Jivan Xander Ramesh
as Refugee
Robert Jimenez
as Raoul
Nicholas D'Agosto
as Harvey Dent
Matthew C. Flynn
as Gil Rooney
Andrew J. Rodney
as Still Photographer/Cameraman/Pimp
Vipe X. Feetz
as Acolyte
Brian Morvant
as Adams
Carla Duren
as Teacher
Dominic Wergeland
as Gotham Juvenile/Private School Boy
Hamilton Clancy
as Mechanic
Victoria Cartagena
as Renee Montoya
Maximilian Zammit
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Clark Middleton
as Jimmy
Larry Chan
as Bucket Boy
Polly Lee
as Alice Pepper
Kevin Carolan
as Professor
Christian Dell'Edera
as Short Bully
John Farnworth
as Pimp/Prisoner
Wesley Volcy
as Nurse
Rodney Sherman
as Circus Spectator
Myles Humphus
as Large Man
Ned Bellamy
as Warden Carlson Grey
Derrick Simmons
as Driver
Clark Carmichael
as Connor
Taylor Colwell
as Smoke
Chris Chalk
as Lucius Fox
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Jack Gruber
Eddy Toru Ohno
as Hooded Figure/Old Man
James P. Rees
as Dancing Prisoner
Anthony J. Fallone
as Garfield Lynns
Michael Kostroff
as Officer Tannenbaum
Rich Mollo
as Henchman
Noah Tully Sanderson
as Villian-in-Training
Alison Fraser
as Gertrude Haverstock
Christian Steiner
as Newscaster
Forrest Weber
as Staff Member
Samuel Muriithi
as Orderly
Patrick Klouman
as Ramones Punk Gang Member
Elliot Villar
as Thomas Schmidt
Benedict Samuel
as Jervis Tetch
Ilana Becker
as Myrtle Jenkins
Lester Greene
as Penguin Thug #1
Erin Elle
as Punk Girl Gang Member
Frank Liotti
as Turski
Saundra Santiago
as Janice Caulfield
Leif Riddell
as Man #2
Kareem Stroud
as Bank Customer
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Burn Man/Thick Man
James Lurie
as Allan Hayes
Kenneth Israel
as ER Doctor
Declan Mulvey
as Assassin One
Buzz Roddy
as Reporter
Akintola Jiboyewa
as Bouncer
David Paterson
as Owl Councilman
Anthony Aguilar
as Criminal #2
Sterling Jonatán Williams
as Gang Member
Marija Skangale
as Burlesque Dancer
Brian O'Neill
as Robert Hastings
The K.M.K. Union Gospel Choir
as Choir
Chris Carlock
as Reporter #1
James Monroe Iglehart
as Ringmaster
Keith Mackler
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Jasson Finney
as Stevedore
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Silver St. Cloud
Angela Polite
as Refugee #3
Greg Dziewonski
as Lawyer
Leslie Hendrix
as Kathryn
Michael Potts
as Sid Bunderslaw
Scotty Crowe
as News Guy/Reporter #2
Vernon Campbell
as Stenographer
Stephanie Sasso
as Sirens Club Singer
Kyle Paul
as Pit Fighter/Pit Fighter #2/Pool Guy
David Dastmalchian
as Dwight Pollard
On Mekahel
as Commando
Thomas D. Weaver
as Town Car Chauffer
Rocco Wu
as Prep School Boy/Prep School Boy (2015)
Clem Cheung
as Apothecary Owner
Phillip James Griffith
as The Catcher
Nathan Wallace
as Male Bookie
Matthew Rosvanis
as Sirens Club Member
Rajeev Pahuja
as District Attorney
Gerard Cordero
as Strike Force Lieutenant
Luca Manganaro
as Choir Member
Morena Baccarin
as Leslie Thompkins
Julian Gavilanes
as Craig Sullivan
Grayson McCouch
as Dr. Thomas Wayne/Thomas Wayne
Lisa Jantzie
as Dancer #1
Christine Pardo
as Theft Victim
Luciano Acuna Jr.
as Bob
Yaron Urbas
as ICU Nurse #1
Frank Bal
as ill-fated GCPD Detective, Gordon's Partner
Jacob A. Ware
as Officer Maxwell
Kaley Ronayne
as Sasha Van Dahl
Genoveva Rossi
as Seedy Neighborhood Person/Guest
Robert Reed Murphy
as Blackgate Guard
Michael A McGrath
as GCPD Detective
John Wilburn
as GCPD Officer/Detective
Jonathan Marimow
as Pimp
Frank Modica
as GCPD CORE Detective/GCPD Detective/Detective/GCPD Detective Modica/CORE - Detective/GCPD Detrctive Modica
Shade Rupe
as Arkham Asylum Guard
Gabrielle Reid
as Paramedic
Laurence Mason
as Detective Ben Mueller
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Mario Pepper
Jiaming Lin
as Gotham High Cheerleader
Francesca Root-Dodson
as Ecco/Ecco (Mummer)
Lil Malinich
as GCPD Detective
Alexander DiPersia
as Lieutenant
Guyviaud Joseph
as Munitions Security Officer #2
Jay Hieron
as Patient
Joseph Bearese
as Man #1
Jeremy Sample
as Henchman #2
Johnny Mirandona
as Orphan
Wayne Pyle
as Mourner #1
Sienna Stuebe
as Prep School Student
Justin Mark
as Charles Van Dahl
Ben McKenzie
as James Gordon
Kash Goins
as F Wing Inmate
John Treacy Egan
as Zachary Trumble
John Bedford Lloyd
as General Wade
Andrew Kaempfer
as Construction Worker
Rob Louis
as Gotham Chess Club Official
Jeffrey Farber
as Father McManus
Jon Shaver
as Rich Guest
Rob Byrnes
as Loonie #1
Dominic F. Russo
as Cult Member #2
Robert John Gallagher
as Pimp
Jason Yudoff
as Lars
Brian Lee Huynh
as Zhang
Inna Muratova
as Agent
Genevieve Hudson-Price
as Charmagne
Ben Parr
as Criminal
Raina Cheng
as Orphan Girl
Niahlah Hope
as Lone Woman
Joe Feldman-Barros
as Groom
Kevin T. Collins
as Regan
Todd Hillerich
as Nyssa Commando
P.J. Marshall
as Cole Clemens
Waltrudis Buck
as Agnes
Gregory Konow
as Detective/Beat Cop
Michael Cerveris
as Professor Pyg
Preston Foye
as Medic
Ken Straus
as Desk Sergeant
Brian Distance
as Security Guard
Reg Clinton Brown
as Arkham Inmate/Arkham Inmate Eating Paper/Escaped Arkham Inmate/Laughing Arkham Inmate
Allison Loskot
as Pretty Girl
Mark Quiles
as Medic
Michael Blouin
as Station Staff
Robert G. McKay
as Sargeant Joe
Joseph Basile
as Gothamite
Tonya Glanz
as Sally
Izzy Ruiz
as Detective/Officer Blake
Suzan Perry
as Librarian
Jinn S. Kim
as Shop Owner
Jonathan Ercolino
as Waiter
Edward Gabree
as Uniformed Cop
Henry Caicedo
as Cult Member #1
James Tam
as O.R. Doctor
Alexander Siddig
as Ra's al Ghul
Colm Feore
as Dr. Francis Dulmacher
Mikhail Mudrik
as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tatyana Rodina
as League of Shadows 2
Lou Lentino-Rodriguez
as Refugee #1
Nicholle Tom
as Miriam Loeb
Nancy Cejari
as Bar patron
Harry Sutton Jr.
as Commissioner
Ron Rifkin
as Father Creal/Father Creel
Nat DeWolf
as Bank Manager
Tracey Lewis
as Arps Prep Student
Kelly Aaron
as Charity Guest
Corinne Robkin
as Nygma's Assistant
Michelle Miss Knockout Bracey
as Homeless #1
Paul Bomba
as Cheech
Douglas Schneider
as Uni #2
Costa Ronin
as Luka Volk
Shawn O'Brien
as Strike Force Cop
Jacob Wheeler
as Lefty
Giovanni Roselli
as Mobster
Brett Berg
as Acolyte Jerome Fanatic
Sophie Lee Morris
as Celestine Wayne
Juliana Nicole Pinho
as Julie
José Báez
as Pervs/Pimps
Joe Pontillo
as Bank Customer
Charmaine Reedy
as Venue Official
Odiseas Georgiadis
as Street Kid #1
Kelcy Griffin
as Harper/Detective Harper
Chetna Goel
as Prep School Student
Emmanuel Brown
as Dmitry
Mohammed J. Ali
as Lab Technician
BD Wong
as Hugo Strange
Dustin Clodfelter
as Minion
Anthony Caso
as Priest
Marc Basil
as Policeman
Mark Aldrich
as Cop #1
Paul Kaye
as Arkham Prison Inmate
Nico Bustamante
as Orphan
Carol Kane
as Gertrude Kapelput
Olmo Cefa
as Bartender
Salvatore Inzerillo
as Shotgun
Logan Crawford
as Reporter
Susan Misner
as Dr. Marks
Steven Bono Jr.
as Thin Man
Tiffany Villarin
as Volunteer
Crystal Reed
as Sofia Falcone
Lee Zarrett
as Floyd the Fence
Mark Vincent
as Falcone Henchman
Kaipo Schwab
as Gus
Michael Maize
as Grady
Jonah Falcon
as Bartender
Jerry Dixon
as Mr. Thatch
Victoria Mahal-Sky
as Wedding Guest
Barbara Rosenblat
as Lidia Bicchieri
Michael Montgomery
as Ridgeback Monster
Bianca Rutigliano
as Nancy
Jake Eavey
as Thug #1
Marlon Perrier
as Company Commander
Andrew Fallaize
as Villager
Brandon Lamar
as Guard #2
Josh Elliott Pickel
as Student
Michael Barra
as Officer Franks
Beatrice Brusco
as Girl in Tub
Noah Robbins
as Evan Pike
Carmine Famiglietti
as Cashier
Matt Murray
as Brawling Punk Biker/Marauding Punk Cultist/Punk Acolyte/Punk Gangster/Punk on catwalk
Julie Hays
as Mourner #2
Aaron Dalla Villa
as Gretel's Youngest Son
Rita Duran
as Wedding Guest
Branden Wellington
as Young Guard
Nicole Callender
as Chicken
Decater James
as Detective Mason/Uni #1
Antonio Cortes
as Tough
D.K. Bowser
as Chief Delivery Guy
Luciana Faulhaber
as Female Anchor/Journalist
Leslie Odom Jr.
as Ian Hargrove
Balint Pinczehelyi
as Armed Guard
Regina Hardy
as Narrowrite
Lawrence J Murphy
as Brothel Security Guard
Austin Michael Young
as Cop
Jeannine Kaspar
as Penny
Lisha McKoy
as Nurse
Teodorina Bello
as Maggie
Norm Golden
as Security Guard
Ian Lyons
as Guard
Niko Nicotera
as Derek Delaware
Angel Rosa
as Cop #1/Detective
Wyatt Fenner
as Shellshocked Refugee
Justin Clarke
as Club Goer #2/Jewel Thief/Shopper #6/Soothsayer #6
Adam Feingold
as Stevedore #4
Michael O'Conor
as Angry Mob
Garrett Richmond
as Merton Gang #1
Christine Hollingsworth
as Zsasz Henchwoman #1
Rose Sias
as Smiker's Girlfriend
Christopher James Baker
as Raymond Earl/The Goat
Sergei Ashurov
as Dead Cop
Mariah Celeste Robinson
as Drug Addict
Makenzie Leigh
as Liza
Danny Hoch
as Pharmacist
Ed Heavey
as Homeless #2/Thug
Christopher Convery
as Martin
John Enos III
as Saviano
Paul Varacchi
as Penguin's Goon
Becky Ann Baker
as Marge
Warren Katz
as Father Callahan
Paulina Singer
as Josie Mac
Sean Weil
as Bar Owner
Reggie D. White
as Mo
Cory Kastle
as F Wing Inmate
Neimah Djourabchi
as Hitman #2/Tall Man
Savion Smith
as Tattoo Face Cultist
Dean Morris
as Wayne Funeral Mourner
Andrew Anderson
as Secondary Demon
Gioianna DiGiorgio
as Nuclear Family Daughter
Carla Occhiogrosso
as Cop #2
Vladimir Troitsky
as Domino Player
Maceo Oliver
as Desk Sergeant
Whitney Andrews
as Aide
Jeremiah Burch III
as School Bus Boy
Mota Maria
as Gotham Citizen
Alet Taylor
as Rich Woman
Kym Gomes
as Beatrice Oliver
Munro M. Bonnell
as Judge Turnball
Chris Kosiavelon
as Drag Queen
Milo Ventimiglia
as Jason Lennon/The Ogre
Kevin Michael Murphy
as Plant Worker
Adam Sinclair
as Johnny Spectre
Zabryna Guevara
as Sarah Essen
Bristol Pomeroy
as Father
Scott Brody
as Caged One Eyed Monster
Fidel Vicioso
as Sergeant
Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut
as Officer Parks
Michael Buscemi
as Merton
Naian González Norvind
as Alice Tetch
Chris Santangelo
as Carl
Jane Kahler
as Chemical Engineer
Aaron M. Larkin
as F-Wing Inmate
Gerald Bunsen
as The Toad
Lauren Kosteski
as Acolyte
Malcolm C. Murray
as Leader Warrior/Strangling Shadow Man
Ann Marie Yoo
as Hypnotized Woman
Lillias White
as Choir Member
Zuleyma Guevara
as Nurse
Kelly Miller
as Leonard
Richie Noodles
as Gang Member
Joe Starr
as Arbogast
Simon Feil
as Board Member #1
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Crispus Allen
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Frankie Carbone
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Harbor Master
Sergio Delavicci
as Fighter
James Colby
as Lt. Bill Cranston
Celia Au
as Zsasz Henchwoman #2
Douglas Gush
as Orphan Boy
Thia Stephan
as Matronly Woman
Evander Duck Jr.
as Councilman Ron Jenkins
Amy Novondo
as GCPD Officer
Danielle Nicolette Najarian
as Vendor
Rafael Benoit
as Acolyte #1
Erik McKay
as Co-Pilot
Alexis Suarez
as Guard
Daniela Reina
as Gotham Patron
Jamal James
as Palden
Anthony Rodriguez
as Anubis
Ruy Iskandar
as Waiter at Fish Mooney's
Jennifer C. Johnson
as Patsy
Eddie Gattalin
as Chief of Police
Marckenson Charles
as Orderly #2
Gian Shines
as Guitar Player
Rob DeRosa
as Scarred Man
Peter Mark Kendall
as Puck Davies
Joshua Everett Johnson
as Security Guard
Goldwyn Banton
as Powerful Man
Peter Scolari
as Commissioner Loeb
J. Cameron Barnett
as Prisoner Two
Larry Petersen
as Priest
Brian McManamon
as Clayface/Basil
Nicky Schmidlein
as Reporter #1
John Mitchell
as Waiter at Maronis
Calvin Ahn
as Delta #2/Night Guard
David Armstrong
as Ned
Robbie Tann
as Timothy
Eileen Weisinger
as Uniformed Female Cop
Greg Murphy
as Bartender
Michael Schwendemann
as On-air Reporter
Jack Sochet
as On-Looker
Keli Solomon
as Bridal Party Attendee
Sam Seferian
as Royston
David Kallaway
as Tank
Jennifer Honka
as Dianne
Joe Gioco
as Elderly Man
Victoria Simone
as Burlesque Dancer
Keyanna Murrill
as Angry Citizen
Brandon Morris
as Thug
Babs Olusanmokun
as Mace
David Fierro
as Zaardon
Keith Dorman
as Shop Steward
Ian Quinlan
as Carl Pinkney
Joseph D'Onofrio
as Chaz Carmichael
Lorrie Odom
as Olga
Krista Braun
as Jennifer Luree/TV Reporter/Reporter/Broadcaster/Field Reporter/Journalist/News Reporter/Reporter on TV/Studio Reporter/TV Anchor/TV News Reporter
Lina Lee
as Receptionist
Mark Quinnette
as Core Perpetrator/Mohawk Gang Member
Nicolai Kabana
as Funeral Goer/Party Goer/Wedding Guest
Grace Perez
as League of Shadows Assassin
Kathleen Culler
as Choir Member
Keith Kozlin
as Prisoner
Benjamin Stockham
as Alex Winthrop
Geoffrey Murphy
as Big Man in Police Station
Terrence Shingler
as GCPD Cop
Ruya Koman
as Mother
Arami Kramer
as Lila
Jack James Busa
as Tweaker #3
Kiyo Takami
as Shop Owner's Wife
Sarah Pidgeon
as Jane Cartwright/Jane Doe
Devin Harjes
as Clyde
Adam Carbone
as Flea Market Kid/Gothamite
Gavin Lodge
as Ruling Council Member #1
Ariel Eliaz
as Head Guard
Chris Andrew Ciulla
as Hamlet
Olivia Rose Eierman
as Prep School Classmate
Guy Lockard
as Thug #1
Ramon Aleman
as Mooney Goon #1/Pit Fighter #1
Alex Ziwak
as Russian Mobster/Assassin/Thug
Hunter Jones
as Will Thomas
Jane Boon
as Dominatrix
Kenneth De Abrew
as Man #2
Josh LaCount
as Clash Gang Leader
Vanessa Morales
as Doctor #2
Sami Bray
as Gruby Child #2
Paul Ron Cruz
as Soldier (Tank)/Tank Soldier
Mattea Conforti
as Little Girl
Larry Nuñez
as Anatoly
Neil Hellegers
as Doctor #1
Jac Carrera
as Orphan Boy/Prep School Student
Jamie Chu
as Orphan Girl #2
Aleksandra Szczepanowska
as Mother
Stuart Schnitzer
as Core Desk Sergeant/Desk Sergeant
Graham Routhier
as Teenager #2
Jacqueline Honulik
as Bridesmaid/Receptionist/Waitress
Cory Michael Smith
as Edward Nygma/The Riddler
Brooke Liddell
as Orphan Girl #1
Peter Maloney
as Isaac Steiner
Jan Maxwell
as Margaret Hearst
Omari Salim Rochon
as Charity Ball Guest
Michael Stoyanov
as Red Hood Leader
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Nick
Vera Lam
as Screaming Woman
William Richards
as Bruce's Classmate
Jesse VanDerveer
as Little Rascal
Ashley North
as Gothamite
Taprena Michelle Augustine
as Chess Official
Joseph McKenna
as Gerry Grekov
David Chen
as Brutal Prisoner/Predatory Inmate/Acolyte #2/Arkham Asylum Inmate/Nyssa's Guard/Red Hood Tommy Gun Thug
Cole Vallis
as Tommy Elliot
Jim Ng
as Dark Figure
Patricia Hodges
as Refugee
Angelo Berkowitz
as Detective Ruseckas
Beth Katehis
as Hooker (Dessert)/Madam/Red Head Passerby
Dakin Matthews
as Dr. Niles Winthrop
Chris Northrop
as Loonie #2/Paranoid Inmate
David Oliver
as Doorman
Drew Powell
as Butch Gilzean/Solomon Grundy
David Wenzel
as Police Officer
Donna Del Bueno
as Nurse
Brandon Alan Smith
as Talon
Lili Simmons
as Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Natasha Diamond Walker
as Reporter #2
John Dewey
as Young Man Two
Aline Mayne
as Vixen Assassin
Brian Hopson
as Bar Patron
Aaron Marcus
as Tightly Wound Man
Danny Johnson
as Gus Freeman
Daniel Davis
as Jacob Skolimski
Alexandra Madera
as Gothamite
Chris Slone
as Uncle Falcone
Michelangelo Milano
as Lazlo
Frank Deal
as Dr. Felton
Hans Marrero
as Narco Cop/Narco Cop #2
PaSean Wilson
as Nurse
Rosemary Howard
as Bridal Party Attendee/Gazette Reporter
Dennis Rees
as Gotham City Police Officer
Derek Clarke
as Busker
Kent R. Williams
as Falcone Hitman
Jada Jarvis
as Flea Market Kid Drummer
Rahim Rosen
as Soldier
Zachary Spicer
as Tom Dougherty/Tom Doughtery
Dante Jayce
as The Lowlife Biker
Don Hewitt
as Large Thug/Old Jumper
Lucille Sharp
as Singer
Louis Balletta
as Falcone Thug
Dan Ziskie
as Jude
Patrick K. Dooley
as Lab Tech
Karen Goeller
as Bank Teller
Will Janowitz
as Wally Clarke
Kaan Akyol
as Orderly
Christine Duke
as Prostitute
Homero Antonio Gonzalez McDougall
as Chef at Shootout
Jamie Choi
as Receptionist
Kelly P. Williams
as Gotham City Police
Yinka Adeboyeku
as Officer Hanover/Uniformed Officer
Paul Reubens
as Elijah Van Dahl
Mike Cannon
as Tweaker
Lenny Platt
as Luke Garrett
Susannah Rogers
as Mother
Karilyn Ashley Surratt
as Dancer #2
James Farley
as Fuse
Sean Patrick Folster
as Stretch
Olivia Cygan
as Volunteer
Mayank Saxena
as Tech
Ramon Nuñez
as Thief #3
Phil Oddo
as Luncheon Guest
Emmanuel Rodriguez
as Gotham Refugee
Armen Garo
as Landlord
Beatrice Brigitte
as Ember Copley
Brette Taylor
as Martha Wayne
Vick Krishna
as Citizen Witness
Alejandro 'Lex' Ulloa
as Prisoner
Carolyn Ann De Melo
as Mourner
Danny Doherty
as Maroni Thug
Ari Barkan
as Young Tweed Brother
Jeffrey Combs
as Office Manager
Eric Elizaga
as Reporter
Mark C. Fullhardt
as Bookie
Kamron Leal
as Prisoner
Taber Cross
as Gotham Citizen
Shaniqua Whitfield
as Dancing Bar Girl/Running Flea Market kid
Harold Eric
as Choir Member
Marcia Berry
as Old Lady Hobo
Michael Wilson Morgan
as Sofia's Thug
Tama Filianga
as Guard
Damany Mathis
as Phobia Gothemite
Adam Ratcliffe
as Strange's Guard
Charles Prendergast
as Drug Dealer
E. James Ford
as Dietrich
Johanna Tolentino
as Middle-Aged Mother
Shaun Rey
as Drug Dealer
Desi Oakley
as Antonia
Anjuli Sanneman
as Tweaker #2
Lili Taylor
as Patti
George Zouvelos
as Falcone Family Enforcer
Johnny DiGiorgio
as Nuclear Family Son
Brendan Burke
as Bugsy
Shadner Ifrene
as Fish Mooney's Guard
David Valentino Penaga
as Gotham City Detective
Adam Petchel
as Dumfree Tweed
Logan Smith
as Hypnotized Boy
Melody Butiu
as Social Worker at Bus
Benny Elledge
as Biolab Guard
Diana Craig
as Hungarian Grandma
Jo D. Jonz
as Wyatt
Andrew Sellon
as Mr. Penn
Josh Berresford
as Drifter #2
Tania Asnes
as Refugee #1
Alberto Bonilla
as TV Pundit
Guy LeMonnier
as Galavan's Lawyer
Jerry Walsh
as Detective Lewis
Jeannette Josue
as Massage Parlor Girl
Kim Director
as Lacey White
Jason Iannacone
as Uni
Steve Cirbus
as Gregor Kasyanov
Charlie Tahan
as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Lesley-Ann Brandt
as Larissa Diaz
Andrea Sooch
as Mrs. Hastings
Pun Bandhu
as Date
Marc Goodman
as Charity Ball Dignitary
Lisa Lakatos
as Melanie Blake
Kathiamarice Lopez
as Ramos Silva
Jack Koenig
as Ronald Danzer
Stephen Badalamenti
as Rinaldi
Lynn Marocola
as Gothamite Driver
Alex Parada
as Gothamite
Melvin Abston
as Senior Corrections Officer
Rickie McDowell
as Groom
Alexander Spitfire
as Lo Boyz Gangster/Black Gate Inmate
Stink Fisher
as Aaron Helzinger
Caroline Strong
as Susan
Toshiko Onizawa
as Gothamite
Michelle Santiago
as Penguin Supporter/Restaurant Patron
Andrew Haserlat
as Court Member
Roger Dillingham Jr.
as Producer
Niceto Darcey Festin
as Sullim
Renes Rivera
as Burly Henchman
Michael McCormick
as Dr. Darren Cushman
Brian Berrebbi
as Plainclothes Cop
Jessica Lucas
as Tabitha Galavan
Roberta Colindrez
as Female Detective
Charles Marti
as Elderly Man
Andi Morrow
as Brunette
Dashiell Eaves
as Kelly
Danny Garcia
as Detective Perez
Eisa Davis
as Judith Barthel
David Heiser Jr.
as Homeless Child
Brian J. Carter
as Coroner
Brian S. Carpenter
as Jonathan Wayne
Kyle Vincent Terry
as Headhunter
Birkett Turton
as Benny
Andre Da Silva
as Guard #1
Narada Campbell
as Mansion Gate Guard
Jonathon Olivo
as Cheerleader Guy
Lucas Salvagno
as Sal Martinez
Julian Gamble
as Judge
Marina Benedict
as Cherry
Michael J. Burg
as Charley Griggs
Lawton Denis
as Frankie
Mark Margolis
as Paul Cicero
Caissie Levy
as Tiffany Gale
Fenton Lawless
as Clerk
Brett Azar
as Hitman #3
Christian Keiber
as Bookie
Tara Anika Nicolas
as Young Doctor's Wife
Stefanie Bloom
as Dancer
Graham Stevens
as Artist
Shamma Casson
as Engagement Party Guest
Matt Allen
as Arkham Guard
Marko Caka
as Bank Customer/Pimp
Tyrien Obahnjoko
as Police Officer
Julian Sands
as Gerald Crane
Wayne Duvall
as Morry Quillan
Kristian Comer
as Mutants Gang Member
Alex Huynh
as Gangster Worker
Rinzin Ngodup
as Sampson Waiter
Joe Avellar
as Reporter #2/TV News Anchor
Young-H. Lee
as Gang Leader
Carel Struycken
as Tall Monster
Douglas Graves
as Cultist
Seth Clayton
as Troublemaker
Phil Cappadora
as Citizen
Astrea Campbell-Cobb
as Punk Girl
Kevin Anton
as Henchman
April Yvette Thompson
as Lucy
Happy Anderson
as Deever Tweed
Deborah Unger
as Olga
Ashlynn Alexander
as Pernilla
Melinda Clarke
as Grace Van Dahl
Curt Morlaye
as Nando
John Cashin
as Arkham Asylum Inmate/Ecco's Goon/Gangster Worker/Mutants Gang Member/Sampson's Armed Guard
Jason John Cicalese
as Gotham Refugee
Alexander Blaise
as Roland Charles
Gregory Vlachakis
as Mobster/Pallbearer funeral
Adam Cohen
as Press Reporter
Albert M. Chan
as Pharmacist
Alejandro Hernandez
as Herbalist
Jon Sklaroff
as Billy Boy
Jonathan O'Reilly
as Young Carmine Falcone
David W. Thompson
as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Robert Chang
as Drug Dealer
Jeremy Davidson
as Nikolai
Adrian Matilla
as Man #2/Monk #1
Horace V. Rogers
as Man #1
Jamie Chung
as Valerie Vale
James Andrew O'Connor
as Tommy Bones
Gregory Chater
as Nervous Man
Logan Fry
as Charity Ball Guest
Michelle Gomez
as The Lady
Danny Schoch
as Masked Man
James Remar
as Frank Gordon
Patrick Vincent Curran
as Loonie #3
Shirville Jarvis
as Prison Drug Dealer
Clyde Baldo
as Olaf Nillson
Joseph Latimore
as Detective
Hugo Salazar Jr.
as Soldier
Ernie Pruneda
as Gothamite
Candece Tarpley
as Gothamite
Richard Cline
as Decoy Line-up Man
DeAriesha Mack
as Female Bookie
Edward Inzauto
as GCPD Officer/Orderly/Orderly #1
Ambre Anderson
as EMT
Jake Cerny
as Orphan Boy
Dustin Ybarra
as Robert Greenwood
Jolie Rose Wasserman
as June
Kyle Massey
as Mackey
James Carpinello
as Mario Falcone
Danielle Guldin
as Receptionist
Kenny Wong
as Pharmacist
Christopher Weite
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Mark McKinnon
as Guard #2
Shane West
as Eduardo Dorrance/Bane
Stu 'Large' Riley
as Sampson
Chelsea Spack
as Kristen Kringle/Isabella
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Mrs. Kean
Mark Lehneman
as After-work Type
Sarah Turner Holland
as Charity Ball Guest
Mirla Pereira
as Police Officer
Sulekha Ebelle
as Officer Patel
Kevin McCormick
as Aaron Danzig
Pedro Marcelino
as Market Shopper
Jamie Effros
as Husband
Emily Song Tyler
as Massage Girl
Sabrina Sass
as Orphan Girl
Jamil A.C. Mangan
as Eager Man
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati
as Merton Gang #2
Philip Goodwin
as Compere
David Pendleton
as Shad
Slate Holmgren
as Alphonse Grayson
David Howard Thornton
as Orderly
Tod Rainey
as Juror
David Shumbris
as Thug
Emily Belle
as Flea Market Kid
And Palladino
as Circus Spectator
Samuel C. Morrison Jr.
as Gotham Citizen
Aesha Waks
as Co-Worker
Phil E. Eichinger
as Detective Culpepper
Jared Johnston
as Thief #1
Gregory Dann
as Stevedore #1
Jon Beavers
as Comedian
as Smikers
Justin Michael Carter
as Spectacled Cop
Joe Lanza
as Officer Zeke/Detective Zeke
Zell Steele Morrow
as Third Grader
Laurie Henderson
as Waitress
Roger Brenner
as Gotham City Paramedic/Pedestrian
Brian Richardson
as Homeless Man
Shiva Kalaiselvan
as Lelia
Schann Mobley
as Wayne Enterprises Guest
David Zayas
as Sal Maroni
Jonathan Holtzman
as Grief-Stricken Citizen #1
Virginia Wing
as Old Lady
Arthur Griffith
as Giggling Guard
Doris McCarthy
as Fundraiser Guest/Museum Patron/Restaurant Guest/Theater Attendee/Train Traveler
Sean Ringgold
as Clint
Vanessa Kai
as Board Member #2
Robert Gorrie
as John Grayson
John Quilty
as Lawyer
Devon Moyd
as Flunky
Victor Plajas
as Thug #1
Phyllis Bash
as Mrs. Winkler
as Auctioneer
Jay Aubrey Jones
as City Official
Ethel Fisher
as Grandmother
Clare Foley
as Ivy Pepper
Allyce Beasley
as Nurse Dorothy Duncan
Nikolai Tsankov
as Boris
Jesse Stier
as Clash Gang Member
Michael Shatravka
as Absentminded Pedestrian
Faith W. Wong
as Kid
Jonathan Lee
as Officer Nakajima
Juliette Beavan
as Lounge Singer
Kawui Joa
as Nyssa's Goon
Alex Morf
as Sykes
James Georgiades
as Manager/Restaurant Manager
Dylan Hintz
as Guard #3
Michael D. Joseph
as Pedestrian
Nick Bialis
as Club Patron/Mooney Patron
Ian Michael Stone
as Son
Roberta Thompson
as Nurse
William Andrew Brewer
as Perpetrator
Maximo Pain
as Police Officer
Frisco Cosme
as Drug Dealer/F-Wing Inmate
Erica Camarano
as P.R. Woman
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Janos Szabo
Richard Kind
as Aubrey James
Victor Pagan
as Marv
Roberto Lopez
as Bodyguard/Henchman #1
Damian Young
as Warden Reed
Lindsay Brill
as Spooky Nurse
Sharon Washington
as Molly Mathis
Karen Piczon
as Gotham Citizen
Elizabetta T. Malagon
as Prep School Friend
Ray DeFeis
as Ra's al Ghul's Assistant
Tom Ukah
as Lo Boyz Leader
Richard R. Corapi
as Cameraman/Teacher
Todd Stashwick
as Richard Sionis/The Mask
Orlagh Cassidy
as Mrs. Lawson
Gabriel Hansen
as Predatory Inmate #5
Kit Flanagan
as The White Haired Woman/White Haired Woman
Pearl Sun
as Secretary
Autumn Lee Fink
as Acolyte Jerome Fanatic
Maria Thayer
as Scottie Mullens
Mary Joy
as Edwige
Bob Celli
as Auctioneer
Anthony Patellis
as Roberto
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Gerry Lang
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
as Narrows Pimp
John Doman
as Carmine Falcone
Filipe Valle Costa
as Cop
Midori Francis
as Emma Hsueh
Abby Rain Heiser
as Silver's Girl Prep School
Radu Spinghel
as Scale Skin Man
Ceasar F. Barajas
as Gang Leader
Ellen Harvey
as Judge
Otto Sanchez
as Odgen Barker
Camila Perez
as Firefly
Demingo Graham
as Gothamite
Adrian Martinez
as Irwin
Malinda Sass
as Orphan Girl
Michael Pierce Torres
as Security Guard
GeNye Robinson
as Young Gothamite #1
Rocky Perez
as Patrice Tortuga
Paugh Shadow
as Arkham Asylum Inmate
Anthony Robert Grasso
as Ganza
Rachael Ma
as Mayor's Assistant
Will Meyers
as Gabriel
Wade Mylius
as Sugar
Emma Terese
as Gotham Citizen
Gage Maynard
as Cultist
Sam Yazbeck
as Russian Mobster
Andy Striph
as Frat Boy #1
Meggie Vilcina
as Young Daughter
Joy Lynn Jacobs
as Administrator
Tommy McInnis
as Paramedic
Frank Alfano
as Waiter #1/Young Man in Cage
Michael Lorz
as Sid
Samia Finnerty
as Grace Blomdhal
Michael Spedden
as Dale
Dwight Waugh
as Clown Apparition
Faith Logan
as Hotel Guest/Upscale Restaurant Patron/Wedding Guest
Jasmine Chu
as Orphan Girl #2
Matt Golden
as Man in Suit
Leo Fitzpatrick
as Joe Pike
Tuffy Questell
as Duffy
Jamaal Burcher
as Medic/Soldier
Dean Neistat
as Armed Guard
Shamika Cotton
as Officer Holt
Michael Eklund
as Bob
Serhat Kaner
as Penguin Goon
Geoff van Wyck
as Barker on Megaphone
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Charity Ball Guest/Gotham City Police Officer/Pedestrian/Sirens Club Patron/Upscale Guest at Magic Show
Marceline Hugot
as Gretel
Ray Rosario
as Refugee
Ryan Jordan McCarthy
as Cop #1
Maggie Geha
as Ivy Pepper
Eugene Solfanelli
as Mohawk
Claudia Robinson
as Lady
Dino Antoniou
as Congressman
Jack Hammel
as Dr. Thompkins' Goon/Dr. Tompkins Goon/Henchman
Neil Fleischer
as Frozen Gotham City Police Officer
Faron Salisbury
as Arkham Guard #2/Wayne Family Man #1
Erin Richards
as Barbara Kean
Jonny Coyne
as Destro
Kevin Herbst
as Cop
Zoran Korach
as Armand
Brian Scott Frias
as Penguin's Angry Mob
Christopher Dylan White
as Street Kid
Ephraim Birney
as Zeb
Steve Mason
as Guard #1/Guard #2/Manager
Joan Porter
as Old Lady
Flaco Navaja
as Nicky
Jason Martin
as Thief
Michael Daly
as Prisoner One
Ken Forman
as Bank Manager
Diego Aguirre
as Man #1
Kenneth Kyle Martinez
as Gothamite
Aaron Joshua
as Monk Guard
Michael Rosete
as Workman
Ivan Moore
as Conductor
Bob Leszczak
as Refugee/Gothamite/Burn Victim/Disfigured Burn Victim/Hungry Gothamite/Wedding Guest
Melissa Joyce
as Woman Prisoner
Reggie Beneche
as Guard #1
Sebastian Chacon
as Whiny Red Hood
Ali Merhi
as Arkham Guard
Jeff Mantel
as Commissioner
Joseph Dellger
as Pilot
Jared Brito
as Bruce's Classmate
Kenneth Carrella
as Drifter #7/Falcone Goon #1
Trevor E. Dickerson
as Bullish Guard
Cameron Monaghan
as Jerome Valeska/Jeremiah Valeska
Peter McRobbie
as Mayor Holden Pritchard/Mayor Pritchard
Christopher Halladay
as Lot Attendant
Liz Eng
as Goth Girl
Steven Hauck
as Headmaster
John Clarence Stewart
as Officer Griffin Katz
Jose Guns Alves
as Muscular Fellow
Robin Lord Taylor
as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin
Todd Ryan Jones
as Drifter #1
Omar Torres
as Grover
Eddie Torres
as Foreman
Kenneth Boys
as The Money Counter
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Captain of the League
Avi Cyperstein
as Medic
Buddy Bolton
as The Dentist
David Mazouz
as Bruce Wayne/514A/Batman
Edward Sass III
as Arkham Asylum Inmate/Homeless Child/Orphan Boy
Brianna Horne
as Kathryn's Thug
Frank Fernandez
as Gothamite
Angelique Chapman
as Hostage
Richard Poe
as Mr. Kean
Marinda Anderson
as Junior Corrections Officer
Garry Pastore
as Mobster
Jonathan Fielding
as Scientist
Denia Brache
as Anita
Flora Diaz
as Campos/Female Detective
Dorothea Harahan
as Karen Crane
Willa Fitzgerald
as Grace Fairchild
Josh Alscher
as Young Man One
Albert Cadabra
as Magician
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Teen Refugee
Bill DiVita
as Lawyer
Donnie Kehr
as Man
Thursday Farrar
as ICU Nurse #2
Allan Greenberg
as Mooney Monster
Tom Martin
as Lawyer
Raymond J. Barry
as The Shaman
Edward Sass
as Arkham Inmate
Sid O'Connell
as Mutant Leader
Santana Draper
as Prep School Kid/Prep School Student
Sedly Bloomfield
as Priest
Joanne Nosuchinsky
as Newscaster/Reporter/Reporter #3/TV Reporter
Sean Pertwee
as Alfred Pennyworth
Ivana Milicevic
as Maria Kyle
David Hywel Baynes
as Test Subject
Joel Haberli
as Doctor
Adam Tomlinson
as Drury Walker
Jessica Angleskhan
as Uni #1
Adam DeCarlo
as Reporter/Squirrely Guy
Christian Frazier
as Henry Weaver
Jae Greene
as Biker #1
Dash Mihok
as Detective Arnold Flass
Frank Pontillo
as Burkelli
Satomi Hofmann
as Doctor
Cathy Trien
as Ginny Babcock
Christopher Place
as Hitman #1
Justin Colon
as Derelict Wino
Tony Rossi
as Business Man
Tommy Flanagan
as Tom the Knife
John D. Haggerty
as Councilman Zeller
Victor Cruz
as Desk Sergeant
Mike Malvagno
as Strike Force/Gothamite/Strikeforce
Isabella Wruble
as Screaming Girl
Robbie DeRaffele
as Muscular Guard
Thomas Lyons
as Griffin Krank
Vincent Paolicelli
as Juvenile Teen
Larry Pine
as Mayor Burke
Judi Lewis Ockler
as Woman
Michael Mulheren
as Randall Hobbs
Peter Iasillo Jr.
as Homeless Junkie
Alex Rak
as Hypnotized Woman
Fermin Padilla III
as Loon
Camren Bicondova
as Selina Kyle
Richard Rodriguez
as Punk Ass Dude
Allison Lahikainen
as Narrows Punk/Acolyte Jerome Fanatic/Cultist/Leopard Gang Member
Deborah Jean Templin
as Mourner
Nathan Darrow
as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Pete Simpson
as Administrator
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Doctor
Michael Armand DeMatteo
as Conner sideman/Ninja
Donald Decker
as Random Shmoo
John William Watkins
as Gangster Foreman/Guard
Dwelvan David
as Pirate
as Madame
Giovanni Celentano
as National Guard/Niles Jenkins
Samantha Carlisle
as Troublemaker
Jordan Bellow
as Uni
Jeté Laurence
as Barbara Lee Gordon
Isaiah Mueller
as Tough
Robert Lil Bob McCall
as Little Person Monster
Molly Camp
as Sharon
Steve Axelrod
as Fisherman
Robert Leckington
as Drummer
Matthew F. O'Connor
as Driver
Dan Domenech
as Guitar Player
Germar Terrell Gardner
as Prison Guard
Brian Charles Johnson
as Todd
Elena Kobylina
as The Penguin Mob
Iphy Murphy
as Orphan
Josh Evans
as Hank
Mari Dudash
as Silver's Girl Prep School
Bob Sorenson
as Priest
Johnny Alonso
as Kazz the Bass player/Kazz Bass Player in Oswald's House Band
Ken Wulf Clark
as Crook
Tonya Pinkins
as Ethel Peabody
Omar Evans
as Cop #2
Lauren Aparicio
as Detective
H. Foley
as Winston Peters
Z Infante
as Jake
Jonah Young
as Donald the Wrecking Ball
Raheem F. Brock
as Goon
Edward Carnevale
as Criminal #1
Nick Hentsch
as Civilian/Club Goer/Nightcrawler/Punk Patron/Shady Pedestrian
Joseph Urban
as The Butcher
Bethany Kay
as Bank Teller
Steve Garfanti
as CSU Photographer/Press Photographer
Michael Chiklis
as Nathaniel Barnes
Lee Wong
as Chiang
J.W. Cortes
as Alvarez/Detective Alvarez
Alaska L. McFadden
as Female Bartender
Diana Berry
as GCPD Detective
Catherine Taormina
as Bug Eating Contest Winner
Preston Lopez
as GCPD Cop/Gcpd
Tommy Buck
as Rudy
Ivan Quintanilla
as Gunman #1
Stephen Koepfer
as Gotham Cab Driver
Matt Fox
as Hypnotized Man
David O'Hara
as Reggie Payne
Kieran Mulcare
as White Rabbit
Amanda Whitcroft
as Terrified Woman
Jim Ford
as Adam Jodowsky
Pierson Salvador
as Gruby Child #1
Warren Bub
as Officer Barkley/Officer Dave Metzger
Billy Eric
as Toothless Hobo
Teniece Divya Johnson
as Electric Devendra
Benja K. Thomas
as Nun
Devale Ellis
as Orderly
Brenny Rabine
as Gloria Bainbridge
Brian Dean Eslick
as Ventriloquist
Perry Yung
as Xi Lu
Kyle Myhre
as Young Man
Matt Baguth
as Thug #2
Benjamin Snyder
as Boy/Orphan
Sam Zeller
as Hulking Goon
Bianka Alexandria Bell
as Punk
Timothy Devlin
as Randall Milky AKA 'The Goatman Killer'
Edvin Ortega
as GCPD Cop
Katia Belas
as Journalist
Noreen Crayton
as Choir Member
Tim Buchanan
as Frozen Guard
Ryan Burton
as Teen Punk
Hannah Scott
as White Gloves
Kyle Baird
as Bunch 'O Grapes
Mickey Jaiven
as Thief #2
James Frain
as Theo Galavan/Azrael
Margaret Colin
as Taylor Reece
Remington Jay Perregaux
as Handsome Man
Amanda Anthony
as Iceberg Lounge Patron
Judy Malka
as Gotham Citizen
Dan Hedaya
as Detective Dix
Peter Brensinger
as Trope
Bobby Beckles
as Security Guard
Randy Masters
as Restaurant Host
Dave Quay
as Tarquin
Kameron Omidian
as Stirk
Genevive Barker
as Female Reporter
Alan Ariano
as ER Doctor
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Doctor Anderson
Stanley Krajewski
as Arkham Prison Guard
Jay Russell
as Charles Quimby
Jaime Murray
as Theresa Walker/Nyssa Al Ghul
Gabriel Rush
as Roy
Nico Coucke
as Waiter
Nnamdi Nwosa
as Monk #2
Avery Mason
as Arkham Guard #1
Daniel London
as Stan Potolsky
Abbi Snee
as Mary Lloyd
Michelle Veintimilla
as Bridgit Pike/Firefly

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2014 | 22 Episodes

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2016 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 12 Episodes




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Critics Choice Television Awards

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