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October 20, 2021
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About this title


High school is over for the privileged former students at an exclusive prep school on Manhattan's Upper East Side, but Gossip Girl still shares text-messaged scoops on scandals and heartache. As the graduates embark on their futures, with some attending college and others focusing on burgeoning careers, Gossip Girl continues to stir the pot and feed any potential scandals. And still the identity of Gossip Girl remains a mystery. From executive producers Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Leslie Morgenstein, Bob Levy and Joshua Safran.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 19, 2007

Also Known As: Gg, 가쉽걸 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
based on novel or book
upper class
private school

Company Credits

Production Co: 17th Street Productions, Alloy Entertainment |  See more »


Pamela Rickard
as Partygoer/Socialite
Royce Johnson
as Cop #3
Adam Roa
as Tyler
Abigail Forman
as Leandra
Walter Hartung
as EMT #2
Berto Colon
as Manor House Bouncer #1
Karen Sieber
as Ballroom Dancer
Robert Sella
as Claude
Tanda Kerín
as Charity Guest
Anna Kuchma
as Student
Sophie Bortollussi
as Mrs. DeWinter
Neal Bledsoe
as Josh Ellis
Laura Kautza
as Mistaken Olivia
Lisa Arnett
as Dawn
Sheena Sakai
as Beautiful Model
Michael Boatman
as Russell Thorpe
Loresa Lanceta
as Opera Patron
Melissa Fumero
as Zoe/Girl #1
Roby Schinasi
as Jean-Pierre
Peyton List
as Little Girl #1
Serge Monsoon
as Student
Stephanie Haney
as Guest at Hollywood Party
Omar Knight
as 1 Oak Bartender
Miles Fisher
as Klemmer
Jakob Hawkins
as Drunk Guy #1
Jeremy Frutkin
as Hamilton House Member/Beach Party Goer/High School Escort/Kilted Waiter/Party Guest/Saint partygoer/Wedding Guest
Irene Sofia Lucio
as Ticket Agent
Chriselle Almeida
as NYU Student Aide
Richard Joseph Paul
as Ben's Lawyer
Adriana James
as Student/Hooker/NYU Student
Eric Martin Brown
as Pretentious Older Fan
Rachel Oyama
as Freshman/Emily
Max Jenkins
as Assistant
Justin Bozonelis
as Reception Host
Karla Mosley
as Waitress
Celeste Octavia
as Wardrobe Assistant
Byron Jennings
as Dean Berube
Tania Pilar
as Teen Girl
Jessica Verdi
as Student
Jennifer Kathreen Larson
as Socialite
Anthony Auriemma
as Maitre D
Robert Peters
as Family Member
Meg McCrossen
as Jane Trapp
Clark Jackson
as Dean
Robert John Burke
as Bart Bass
Dominik Tiefenthaler
as Lucien
John Hillner
as Albert
Libby Bradley
as Student
Rachel Bilson
as Self
Ashley Bryant
as Nurse
Erika Mallory
as Upper East Side Girl
William Abadie
as Roman
Jeremy Chu
as Harry/Indie Kid #2/Indie Nerd #2
Joe Hickey
as Lily's Limo Driver/Serena's Chauffeur
James Duer
as Lifeguard
Simon Jutras
as Charade Emcee
Darci Kistler
as Self
Jody Flader
as Kali
Caitlin Colford
as Prep Student
Joe Zee
as Self
Andre Ozim
as Fashion Show Attendee
Pete Klein
as Czech Thug
Gilbert Soto
as Businessman
Kyle Gilbert-Gregory
as Andrew Collins
Ivanka Trump
as Self
Justin Doescher
as Bree's Cousin
Bill Kux
as History Professor
Ryan Sandberg
as Swing Dancer
Charles Gemmill
as Justice of the Peace
Rachel Pirard
as Hampton Girl
Wade Allain-Marcus
as Max
Cynthia Rowley
as Self
Todd Gearhart
as James Mackenzie
Amanda Perez
as Tina
Joe Leon
as Fashion Editor
Jarret Janako
as James-Bartender
Joelle ten Damme
as Stephanie
Erin C. Buckley
as Receptionist
Ann Chow
as Constance Student/Partygoer
Sebastian La Cause
as Party Doorman
Chris Benz
as Self
Charlotte Graham
as Estee
Dieter Riesle
as Waiter
Heather Silvio
as Charity Gala Guest/Wedding Guest
Danielle Billinkoff
as Self
Michael Kavalus
as Sous Chef
Chris Riggi
as Scott Rosson
Elena Goode
as Daphne
Lex Meester
as NYU Student
Ashley Cook
as Brazilian Beauty
Olga Glazman
as Fashionista
Aaron Schwartz
as Vanya
Carson Griffith
as Self
Tika Sumpter
as Raina Thorpe
Christina Hogue
as Hottie
Bill Walters
as Dive Bar Patron/Hotel Guest/Park Goer
Benjamin Apple
as UCB Dylan
Chris Angerman
as Pink Party Guest
Redman Maxfield
as Co-op President
Benton Greene
as Guard
Liza Binkley
as Prep Student
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Stylish Partygoer/Woman in a Stroller
Barbara Edwards
as Wedding Party Member
Tory Burch
as Self
Marc Kudisch
as Benedict Tate
Timothy J. Cox
as Businessman
Roarke Walker
as Skull
Isaac Mizrahi
as Isaac Mizrahi
Eric Carpenter
as Bree's Cousin
Jo Newman
as Attractive Woman in Bar
Johnny Serret
as Party Guest
Andy Ridings
as Drunk Guy #2
Dotan Ryder
as Young Lions Club Member
Mike DiGiacinto
as Damian's Dealer
Amara Zaragoza
as Poppy Lifton
Sarah Wilson
as Corinne
Chella Ferrow
as Real Estate Agent
Kyle Schliefer
as Upscale Party Guest
Caitlin FitzGerald
as Epperly Lawrence
Kristen Bell
as Gossip Girl/Self
Jed Orlemann
as Club Stockbroker
Marlene O'Haire
as Upper Crust #1
Robert Rickert
as Partygoer
Briana Marin
as Girl #1
Franco Bulaon
as Student
Mark J. Parker
as Spectator Employee
Rachael Hip-Flores
as Dorm Girl
Nicholas Bruder
as Macbeth
Andrew Rein
as Hotel Manager
Katrina vanden Heuvel
as Self
Dennis Larkin
as Upper East Side Resident/Business Man/Fashion Photographer/Health Inspector/Nurse Abariss Culjak
Tyra Richards
as NYU Student
Lydia Jordan
as 12-Year-Old Nosey Girl #2/Mini Mean Girl
Erin Mackey
as Casting Assistant
Michelle Hotaling
as Beatrice
Lindsey Broad
as Girl Who Takes Photo of Serena
David A. Gregory
as Aiden Hill
Tom White
as Paparazzo
Sebastian Stan
as Carter Baizen
Tijuana Ricks
as Nurse
Henry Moskowitz
as NYU Hippie
David Patrick Columbia
as Self
Iveta Vitola
as Seamstress
Rachel Brosnahan
as Girl
Lou Doillon
as Self
Gonzalo Escudero
as Buckman/VDW-Bass Butler
Matthew Montelongo
as Security Guard
Cyndi Lauper
as Self
Oskar Eustis
as Self
Danielle Kay
as Wedding Guest
Derek Cecil
as Alex
Michael McGuirk
as Ice Skater
Matthew Settle
as Rufus Humphrey
Clifford Rivera
as Funeral Usher
Stella Maeve
as Emma Boardman
Jerry Lobrow
as Elite Party Guest/Hotel Party Guest
as Party Guest
Lisa Masters
as Bryn Harold
Gabriel Long
as Theodore Davis III
Deanna Russo
as K.C. Cunningham
Gabe Saporta
as Zeke
Meredith Melling Burke
as Self
James P. Anderson
as Understanding Limo Driver
Jessica Abo
as NY1 Interviewer/NY1 Reporter/Newscaster/Reporter #1
Elizabeth Quinn Brown
as Self
Boris Mitchell
as Spectator Staff
Joel Ney
as Wedding Guest
Kim Shaw
as Amanda
Martin Harvey
as F.I.T. Rep
Yassine Azzouz
as Cute Boy
Sherri Saum
as Holland Kemble
Amber Bela Muse
as Caroline Lowe
Jesse Stone Spadaccini
as Sick Boy
Ashley Ball
as NYU Hipster
Kati Rediger
as Tatiana
Derek Brantley
as Bartender
Peter Martins
as Self
Zuzanna Szadkowski
as Dorota Kishlovsky
D'Arcy Fellona
as Bored Stripper
Les Plastiscines
as Themselves
Mark H. Dold
as The Dapper Clerk
Teena Byrd
as Fashion Show Woker
Amanda Warren
as Ostroff Therapist
Antoinette Kalaj
as Annemarie
Rich Mollo
as Van Der Woodsen Doorman
Peter Welch
as New York TImes Photographer
Jason Pomeranc
as Self
Pedro Barreira
as Hugh Gilles
Alexandra Carl
as Laurel's Assistant/Self
Zach Fischer
as Greg
Edward James Hyland
as Chuck's Driver
Dan Cathcart
as Student
Joseph Dunn
as Professor Lawford
Scott Friend
as K.C.'s Assistant
Ryan Kibby
as Student
Rick Pantera
as SOHO Fashion Show Attendee
Nick Sartori
as Student/Debutant/Snowflake Dancer
Shoshanna Withers
as Nate's Girl #1
Andrew Halliday
as Doorman
Eric West
as Self - Fashion Show Guest
Frank De Julio
as Waiter
Ali Khan
as Columbia University Medical Student
Tom Zemon
as Process Server
Kylie Liya Page
as Constance Girl #1
Michael Harkins
as Man At Party
Kate Shindle
as Samantha
Samantha Maldonado
as Blair's Guest/Dancer/Student
Christopher Durham
as Congressman Wade
Kenny Don
as Frat Boy/Mean Girl Escort
Colin Michael Walker
as Party Guest
Tim Gunn
as Self
Luke Kleintank
as Elliot Leichter
JoAnna Garcia Swisher
as Bree Buckley
Kaylee DeFer
as Ivy Dickens
Chris Rovzar
as Self
Luke Guldan
as Scottish Aristocrat/Sullivan Baker
Emma Demar
as Elise Wells
George Aloi
as Faculty Member/Formal Benefit Guest/Opera Attendee
Shaun Earl
as Maxie Mae
Megan Guinan
as Willa Weinstein
Jessica Springsteen
as Self
Nicole Sudhaus
as Female Volunteer
Nicholas Fabiano
as Nicolai
Jaymes Hodges
as Club Manager
Bhavesh Patel
as Doctor
Stephen Kunken
as Rolling Stone Journalist
Jenny Sterlin
as Shirley
Sonya Harum
as Sophie
Shane McRae
as PJ Buckley
Aryn Elaine
as Ballroom Dancer
Moe Hindi
as Saint partygoer
Ryan Woodle
as Delivery Man
Alexander Baliev
as Actor
Christopher Kromer
as Post Journalist
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Deep Throat
Steve Antonucci
as Paparazzi/Server/Waiter
Stephen Mark Lukas
as Reporter #2
Megan Simmons
as Fashion Model
Marlyne Barrett
as Martha Chamberlain
Christian Coulson
as Ivan
Frank Amoruso
as Parisian at Cafe Playing Checkers
Sofia Black-D'Elia
as Sage Spence
Laura Harring
as Elizabeth Fisher
Marsha Dietlein
as Cynthia Sharp
Nate Dern
as Connor
Kristen Schiano
as Fashion Show Guest/Political Guest
Jaron Vesely
as Ticket Clerk
Natalie Knepp
as Lexi
Chandra Goetz
as NYC Socialite
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Pauletta Cho
Jeremy McLain
as Sinner Partygoer/W Magazine Party Guest
Csaba Lucas
as Czech Guy #1
Jenna Gribbon
as Self
Liam Ferguson
as Powerful Attorney
TJ O'Connell
as Cater Waiter
Tamala De Jesus
as Club Butter Patron
Valentina de Angelis
as Carmen Fortier
Taylor Frey
as Cater-Waiter
Andrew Bradley
as Jittany Passenger
Tricia Young
as Party Goer/Teenager
Henny Russell
as Helen
Tyler Evans
as Empire Doorman/Empire Hotel Concierge
Barry Watson
as Steven Spence
Frank Apollonio
as Prep Student
Shiloh Fernandez
as Owen Campos
Florence Welch
as Self
Robert O'Gorman
as Old Man
Jimmy Fallon
as Jimmy Fallon
Joseph Basile
as Jersey Shore Dancing Bachelor
Minnie Mortimer
as Self
Stacey Yen
as Dr. Keller
Judy Mahbey
as Old Woman
David O. Russell
as Self
Erica Knight
as Serena's SAT Replacement
Christine Vienna
as Socialite
Michaela Bryce
as Girl with Camera Phone
Brandon Higa
as Businessman
Desmond Harrington
as Jack Bass
Ashley Hinshaw
as Self
Nick Atkinson
as Host
Casey Smith
as Dignitary
Jolynn Carpenter
as Amanda - Chuck's Fling
Stephen Beach
as Cop
Charlie Hewson
as Yale Guy
Amanda Lipinski
as Plain Girl
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
as Nurse
Taylor Krasne
as Art Auctioneer
Andrew McCarthy
as Rick Rhodes
Francie Swift
as Anne Archibald
Caitlin Norton
as Girl from Georgina's Past
Emily Kincaid
as Girl in Floral Dress
Alex Bento
as Henry
Dennis Higgins
as Priest
Aaron Tveit
as Trip van der Bilt
Marilyn Bernard
as Ida
Chip Brookes
as Aide/Campaign Strategist
Cecilia Foss
as Shana
John Dossett
as Jack Roth
Clifton Samuels
as Wedding Guest
Charles Isherwood
as Self
Ellie Pettit
as Mini Blair/12-Year-Old Nosey Girl #1/Thea
Caprice Benedetti
as Lucia Gallo
Kathy Searle
as Realtor
Charles Parshley
as Gardener
Ethan Peck
as David O. Russell's Assistant
Doreen Remen
as Self
as Amanda Lasher
Alex Korik
as Cottilion Dancer
Mike Ivers
as Waiter
Mark Langston
as Attendee
Nick Santino
as Hedge Fund Guru
Alexa Chung
as Self
Matt McGorry
as Personal Shopper
Thomas Schall
as Pete Holmberg
Jessica Markowski
as Guest
Rachelle Wintzen
as Girl
Aaron Dean Eisenberg
as Bones
Sara DeRosa
as Student/Stacey Simon/Text-Messaging Girl
Jason Vendryes
as Roulette Player
Connor Paolo
as Eric van der Woodsen
Nacho Figueras
as Self
Rebecca Hirota
as Diana's Assistant
Zander Gladish
as Prince Theodore
Susan Misner
as Alison Humphrey
Sheila Kelley
as Carol Rhodes
Sarah Steele
as Kira Abernathy
Bess Rous
as Fiona
Diane Kimbrell
as Member of Co-op Board/Member of Newspaper Staff
Jason Ralph
as Sam
Jessica Pressler
as Self
Cynthia Watros
as Young Celia 'CeCe' Rhodes
as Parade Band Marcher
Lisa Finn
as Girl at Party
Francis Dumaurier
as French Consul General
Eli James
as Reporter
Mark Vincent
as Chauffeur
Ward Horton
as Edward Abbot
Mikhael Bassilli
as Mark
Elizabeth Rolston
as Bar Patron
Sarah Marable
as Celeste
Patrick McMullan
as Self
Kevin Collins
as Bradley Kidd
Paul Weaver
as Polo Match Guest
Johnathan Rice
as Self
Carrie Yaeger
as Teacher
Mark LaValle
as Boyfriend
Will Blagrove
as Polo Event Valet
Giselle Bowyer
as Debutante/NYU Student/Russian Wedding Guest/Student
Estelle Bajou
as Student
Finise Avery
as Constance Girl/High School Student/Prague Student/Teen Party Goer
Gretchen Hall
as Jane
Freddi Scheib
as Bored Girlfriend/Party Guest
Angelina Aucello
as Text Messaging Girl
Robert Stoeckle
as Head of Society/High Society Man
Kate Riley
as UCB Sabrina
Brian Vowell
as Hotel Guest
Peterson Townsend
as Club Stockbroker's Friend
John-Paul Lavoisier
as Field Hockey Coach
Mia Pinchoff
as Debutante
Tom Titone
as Allan Levy
Blaire Whitney
as The Dancing Party Girl
Ella Rae Peck
as Charlie 'Lola' Rhodes
Purva Bedi
as Clare
Michael Kors
as Self
Wendy Branciforte
as Party Guest
Bettina Bresnan
as Bunny Rayburn
Peter James Elias
as Congressman McCreedy
Vera Wang
as Self
Kick Kennedy
as Self
Adam McManamy
as Lacrosse Player
Stacey Linnartz
as Reporter #2
Mario Brassard
as Monsieur Duris
Courtney O'Reilly
as Text Message Girl
Hamish Bowles
as Self
Scott Sartiano
as Scott
Florence and the Machine
as Themselves
Maura Ruth Hashman
as Campaign Party Girl
Elan Moss-Bachrach
as Pete Fairman
Alexandra Ford
as Female Train Passenger
Patrick Riviere
as Parish Priest
Gil O'Brien
as Chef/Paper Man
Simon Doonan
as Self
Shawn Fagan
as Photographer
Jermaine Risby
as Party Guest
Jasmin Tavarez
as Hostess
Jesse Newman
as Fashion Enthusiast
Sean MacPherson
as Self
Kal Parekh
as Chuck's Doctor
Steve Konopelski
as Groomsman
Emily Eckes
as Ballroom Dancer
Jacob Salas
as Interviewee
Jon Ash
as Socialite
Jason Pendergraft
as Publicity Agent
David Patrick Kelly
as Noah Shapiro
Karen Culp
as Upper Crust #2
Jenilyn Rodriguez
as Student
Natalie Gal
as Jesus Student/Serena's Friend
Yin Chang
as Nelly Yuki
Nicole Patrick
as Chelsey
Courtney Cooper
as Bikini Model/Young Socialite/Wardrobe Stylist
Wallace Shawn
as Cyrus Rose
Marc Menard
as Father Cavalia
Barbara Andres
as Bursar
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Concierge
Rob Yang
as Hotel Manager
Florencia Lozano
as Eleanor Waldorf
Shevy Gutierrez
as Passerby/Production Assistant
Gillian Murphy
as Self
Veronica Taylor
as Bryn
Dorit Oitzinger
as Heidi Sheperd
Kathryn Bryding
as Kate
Brian Michael Smith
as Delivery Man
Alexis Suarez
as Courier
Cynthia LaForte
as Debutante
Lynn Witty
as News Reporter
Laura Hunter Drago
as Prep Student
Chad Brigockas
as Shady-Looking Guy
Sylvia Weinstock
as Self
Alexis Johnson
as Debutant
Georgina Chapman
as Self
Jenny Lewis
as Self
Brian McManamon
as Snobby Waiter
Antoine Michel
as Serena's French Date
John Mitchell
as Professor at Cocktail Party
Giulio Gallarotti
as Patron
Tess Paras
as Front Desk Clerk
Hye Jin Jang
as Atelier Employé
Kim Gordon
as Self
Craig Henningsen
as Dream Dancer
Kelly Rutherford
as Lily van der Woodsen
Kahan James
as Chuck's Doctor
Andrew Goldfarb
as Snowflake Ball Attendee
Hannah Townsend
as Party Girl
Sofia Sokolov
as Anna
Jessica Jade Andres
as Girl #1
Christina Caldwell
as W Interviewer
Jessica Camacho
as Marilu
Jason DarkChocolate Dyer
as Bike Messenger
Craig Walker
as Roadie
Dick Cavett
as Self
Matthew Risch
as Ilan (Chief Paparazzi)
Julio Lourido
as Socialite
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Empire Hotel Concierge
Ebony J Lewis
as Self
Audrie Neenan
as Betty
Lucas Van Engen
as Doorman
Alyssa Ritch
as Bethany
Monna Sabouri
as Spectator Staff
Obie Sims
as Doorman
John Bolton
as Bruce Caplan
Seth Donavan
as Partygoer
Kelly AuCoin
as Doug Jarrett
Julian Tepper
as Self
Matt Doyle
as Jonathan Whitney
Guy Lockard
as Cab Driver
Jenna Stern
as Headmistress
Krysta Rodriguez
as Jordan Steele
Kimberly Crandall
as L.A. Realtor
Frank Fortunato
as Cop/Police Officer
Ryan Raffloer
as New Chuck
Dreama Walker
as Hazel Williams
Austin Lysy
as Freddy Parnes
Elisabeth Montanaro
as Classmate
Darren Pettie
as Jed Hall
Jacqueline Honulik
as Cocktail waitress/Lingerie model/Society Girl #1
James Lorenzo
as Car Service Driver
Marsha Chun-Matsubara
as Atelier Seamstress
Kevin Stapleton
as Andrew Tyler
Jeff Joslin
as Maitre D' at Russian tea room
Halley Wegryn Gross
as Harper
Peter Maloney
as Priest
Jan Maxwell
as Headmistress Queller
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Country Post Man/Stock Broker
Robert Ackroyd
as Self
Tyler Cook
as Gill
Brittany Snow
as Lily Rhodes
Idalia Buddington
as Field Hockey Player
Jeffrey Omura
as Todd Jansen
Rob Falcone
as Police Officer #1
Larisa Polonsky
as Heather
Ernest Dancy
as Devin
Eva Kaminsky
as Housekeeper
Joshua Rupp
as Political Campaigner
Brian K. Fernandes
as Student
Beth Fowler
as Mistress of Ceremonies/Cotillion Committee Chairwoman
Katie Cassidy
as Juliet Sharp
Tasha Courtney
as Katie's Friend/Mean Girl
Anne Torsiglieri
as Renee Rosson
Ariel Foxman
as Ariel
Brian Roland
as Groom #2
Dan Puck
as Nate's hot guy
Kathryn Jinx
as NYU Student/Art Gallery Hipster/Cafe Patron/NYU Freshman Party Goer
Sam Snyder
as Hamilton House Member
Terra Kimberly Scott
as New York City Walker
Jennifer Restivo
as Reporter #1
Rosemary Howard
as Hospital Visitor
Jennifer Damiano
as Justine
Heather Berman
as Winking Woman
Beau Gravitte
as Mr. Campbell
Dan Ziskie
as Mr. Stahl
Courtney Baxter
as The Dean's Daughter
Jonathan Haltiwanger
as Roebling Bartender
Kelly P. Williams
as Party Goer
Andrew Alberson
as Fashion Stylist
Peter Riga
as Hotel Doorman/Professor in Cafe
Sarah Grgic
as Wedding Guest
Andrew M. Rose
as Dancer/Polo Match Attendant
Stephen Sapienza
as Student
Evan Shafran
as Punk Rocker Guy
Lindsey Evans
as Dominique
Remy Zaken
as Frightened Girl #2
Ronald Guttman
as Inspector Chevalier
Elizabeth Hurley
as Diana Payne
Kamahl Naiqui
as Student
Merly Bermudez
as Hot Cocktail Waitress
Sue Jean Kim
as Beth
Zena Woody
as Singing Student
Andie Naar
as W Magazine Party Guest
Dan Marshall
as Dancing Guest at Formal Benefit/Lead Swing/Lindy Hop/Smooth Dancer at New York Public Library Spring Benefit
Tricia Mary Young
as Teenager/Party Goer
Steven Weisz
as Blair's Limo Driver/Chuck's Chauffeur/Limo Driver/NYPD Desk Sergeant/Taxi Driver
William Henderson White
as Guest in the Bordello
Alexandra Metz
as Amy
as Michelle from NY Spectator
James Arden
as Salesperson #2
Kate Goehring
as Housekeeper
Roxane Mesquida
as Beatrice Grimaldi
Jasmin Abdelati
as Extra
Anjuli Sanneman
as Hipster
as Self
Takako Haywood
as Art Theater Patron
Matt Burns
as Leader of the Yale Skull and Bones
Ivan Hernandez
Robert Gordon Spencer
as A Family Guest
Leigh Lezark
as Party Guest
Robyn Carlsson
as Self
Nikki Preston
as Student
Antony Hagopian
as Dr. Crane
Eric Yves Garcia
as Casino Croupier
Greg Connolly
as Kissing Guy
Krysten Ritter
as Carol Rhodes
Blake Lively
as Serena van der Woodsen
Paul Jude Letersky
as Photographer
Helena Mehalis
as Sable
Katrina Begin
as Aubrey
Jennifer Lauren DiBella
as Party Planner
Zoe Aggeliki
as Natasha Spence
Marina Squerciati
as Alessandra Steele
Jonathan Freeman
as Butler
Jackie Moore
as Nearly nude model
Adam Budron
as Hamilton House Member
Zach Poole
as Instyle Reporter
Brock Gloor
as Serena's cute guy
Zach Silverman
as Student
Gary Hilborn
as FBI Agent
Toshiko Onizawa
as Party Patron/Teacher
Melissa Coleman
as Classmate
Loukas Papas
as Loeb's Concert Guest
Matthew Lynch
as Self
Annamaria Stewart
as Self
Stephanie Cieplinski
as Student
Natalia Fedner
as Beach Ball Girl
Mollie Heckerling
as Goth Girl
Benita Robledo
as Amalia
Ludovic Coutaud
as Blair's Party Guest/Fashion Show Guest/Party Guest
Karen Contreras
as Housekeeper
Elizabeth Hoots
as Nate's Girl
Erich Bergen
as Paul Hoffman
Whitney Vance
as Kelsey/Frightened Girl #3
Yetta Gottesman
as Faculty Member
Guy Olivieri
as Ballroom Reporter
Jill Flint
as Bex
Laura Breckenridge
as Rachel Carr
Stanislav Shkilnyi
as Charlie Trout
Andrew Sheed
as Prep Student
Gwen Stefani
as Snowed Out Singer
Gil Zabarsky
as Handsome Guy
Cecily von Ziegesar
as Self
Ryan Curtis
as Teenager
Christa Scott-Reed
as Second Colony Woman
Jessica Szohr
as Vanessa Abrams
Mary DeBellis
as Auction Guest/Girl/Student
Eric Engleman
as Victor
Natascha Bessez
as Cocktail Waitress
Zoë Bell
as Ally
Kayte Grace
as Frightened Girl #1
Michelle Hurd
as Laurel
Mike DeRosa
as Debutante Escort
Haleigh Toner
as Party Girl
Brian Vincent
as Halfway House tenant
Lori E. Cunningham
as Florist's Assistant
Tom Stratford
as Father
Shoba Narayan
as Don Nightingale
Ben Rauch
as Tim
Laurie Simmons
as Celebrity Photographer
Matt Barr
as Keith van der Woodsen
Ashley Green Elizabeth
as Veronica's Friend
Ryan Blackwell
as Man with Dog
David Collihan
as Campaign Worker
Geoffrey Boggs
as Pamphlet Couple Man
Jason Heymann
as Photographer
Clémence Poésy
as Eva Coupeau
John DeLucie
as Self
Michel Ann Lienhard-O'Malley
as Featured Model
Alana Cadiz
as Student/Hotel Party Guest/NYU Student/STK Patron/UES Beachgoer
Amy Evinger
as Atelier Model
Edwin Torres
as Cotillion Guest
Lisa Loeb
as Self
Ed Westwick
as Chuck Bass
Erin Wilhelmi
as Mini Minion
Valentine Bureau
as Socialite #1
Cristina Greeven Cuomo
as Self
Evans Forlidas
as Parent/Opera Guest/Polo Match Guest/Security Guard
Alexander Blaise
as Caller
Paige Mobley
as Chuck's Party Date
Christopher Stadulis
as Manor House Bouncer #2
Gina Hernandez
as Server
Tinsley Mortimer
as Self
Sylvia Ward
as Bartender/Vera Wang Salesperson
Sarah Sugrue
as Little Sister
Gail Bruno
as Bar Patron/Park Dweller
Meghann Fahy
as Devyn
Johnny Webster
as Student
Julia Santucci
as Maid
Brigid Brady
as Cece's Nurse
Karen Shallo
as Woman
Abby Walker
as Veronica
Jessica Ecklund
as Tracy
Jordan Gosnell
as Sage's Mini Minion
Emily Wickersham
as Leading Lady
Linda Emond
as Headmistress Queller
Donald Gormanly Sr.
as Gregor the Doorman
Christine Donlon
as Casting Assistant
Jesse Swenson
as Asher Hornsby
Liam Campora
as Little Boy
Elena Kampouris
as Constance Girl #2
Allyson Reilly
as Vanessa'a Friend
Danielle Guldin
as Thank You Girl
Grace Capra
as Fashion Week High Society Socialite
Ray Reynolds
as Brawl Break-up Father
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Celia 'CeCe' Rhodes
Hina Abdullah
as Iman Hassan
Marcus Lovingood
as Nate's Friend/Student/Graduating Student/Pool Party Guest/Snowflake Dancer
Luz Alexandra Ramos
as Nurse
Ted Koch
as Man in a Suit
Stacey Sargeant
as Nurse
Rhett Kalman
as Groom #1
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Georgina Sparks
Ryan Vigilant
as Graham Collins
Maria Mehalis
as Sienna
Amir Arison
as Officer Weiner
Peter O'Brien
as Photographer
Kristin Villanueva
as Natalie
William Baldwin
as William van der Woodsen
Rachel Zoe
as Self
Mark Anthony Lopez
as Audience Extra
Heather Shisler
as Chapin Girl
Diane von Fürstenberg
as Self
Lydia Hearst
as Amelia
Kelly McAndrew
as CPS Counselor
Lauren Norman
as The Paparazzi Girl
Kate French
as Elle
Melissa Gangi
as Ballroom Guest/Opera Guest
Anthony Bradford
as Student
Garrett Able
as Bartender
Anthony Vincent
as Seedy Alley Thug
Cherise Boothe
as Dr. Miller
Roger Brenner
as Black Tie Event Party Goer/Party Guest/UES Pedestrian/Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Attendee/Doctor/Pedestrian
Jay McInerney
as Jeremiah Harris
Elizabeth Masucci
as Unsatisfied Hottie
Taylor Black
as Tiffani
Will Rogers
as Wes
Alessandra Ambrosio
as Top Model
Armie Hammer
as Gabriel Edwards
Gina Torres
as Gabriela Abrams
Sean Ringgold
as Club Security Guard
Willy Wong
as Self
Greg Northrop
as Policeman
Chuck Cooper
as Horace Rogers
Kaitlyn Benson
as Maya
Alex Michael Stoll
as Dream Dancer
Matthew Oaks
as Front Desk Clerk
Daniel Neiden
as Rabbi
Candy Buckley
as Mrs. Sparks
Chace Crawford
as Nate Archibald
Kevin Zegers
as Damian Daalgard
Chris Hoch
as Cop #2/Police Detective
Phillip Spaeth
as Ted
Valerie Thompson
as Band Leader
Bree Williamson
as Brandeis
Matt Gaetano Levin
as Wedding Guest of Prince Louis Grimaldi
Reed Birney
as Mr. Prescott
Kate Miller
as Bleecker Inn Barista
Jared Kushner
as Self
Aimee Beyers
as Lady in Lingerie
Alexandre Silberstein
as Jean Michel
Brittany Angley
as Dog Walker/Yale Student
Amanda Setton
as Penelope Shafai
Rona Figueroa
as Restaurant Manager
Samantha Logan
as Little Girl #2
Aidan Ryder
as Young Lions Club Member
Thomas Poarch
as Dr. Glassman
Max von Essen
as Father Smythe
Honor Brodie
as Self
John Shea
as Harold Waldorf
Stefano Tonchi
as Self
Jabari Gray
as Man With List
Lady Gaga
as Self
Chris Kepford
as Central Park Artist
Christine Lin
as Clipboard Woman
Andhy Méndez
as Cop #4
Michael Michele
as Jane
Jolly Abraham
as Waiter
Ryan Silverman
as Manhattan Assistant D.A.
Jayne Atkinson
as Dean Reuther
Simon Miller
as Patrick Roberts
John Roney
as Cop/Desk Sergeant
Julie E. Davis
as Fashion Show Guest/Mrs. Nitsberg
Ranardo Domeico Grays
as Bartender
Tyra Banks
as Ursula Nyquist
Tyler Johnson
as Jenns
Lauren Mizenko
as Student/Waitress
Penn Badgley
as Dan Humphrey
Erin Dilly
as Wedding Planner
Chanel Maya Banks
as Sawyer Bennett
Michaela Annette
as Ally/Mini Serena/12-Year-Old Nosey Girl #3
David Silver
as Croc Wearing Hippy
Justin Keyes
as Robert
Maria Shamkalian
as Fashionista
Sai Gundewar
as Bar Patron
Richard Phillips
as Self
Frances Turner
as Erica Winograd
Roger Rathburn
as Jeweler
Karlie Kloss
as Self
Dana Cuomo
as Society Woman
Jimmy Hammer
as Security Guard
Jonathon Grant
as Model
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Fashion Show Guest/Party Guest
John Patrick Amedori
as Aaron Rose
Ava Paloma
as Society Girl #2
Scott Bryce
as Ed Conwell
Maggie Geha
as Hot Girl in Bar
Brian Batt
as Self
Hugo Becker
as Louis Grimaldi
Mädchen Amick
as Duchess Catherine Beaton
Emily Fletcher
as Society Matron
Alex Ruiz
as Gas Station Attendant
Justin Cass
as Spectator Staff Member
Steve Triebes
as Serena's Friend
Maureen Sebastian
as Headset Girl
Taylor Armstrong
as Guitarist at Bar
Mary Ann Pianka
as Singing Student
Leighton Meester
as Blair Waldorf
James Doheny
as Waiter
Angela Anvil
as Drama Clique Friend
Laurent Caillat
as Driver
Zoe Winters
as Waitress
Christopher Michael Clark
as Concerned Student
Ashley Klein
as Student/Drunk Party Girl/Restaurant Patron
Marcella Lowery
as Ostroff Nurse
Roya Shanks
as Laryssa
Joy Nakayama
as Danielle
Bart Wilder
as Dr. Osteroff
Darly Wanatick
as Family Member
Armand Schultz
as Board Member
Eugene Osborne Smith
as Older Man Bystandar
Trent Falco
as Party Guest/Upscale Guest
Stanley Mathis
as Arthur
Jake Silbermann
as Guy #1
Stevie Ray Dallimore
as Chris Rosson
Catherine Haena Kim
as Second Girl with Dan
Kate Levy
as Attorney Parent
Paloma Guzmán
as First Girl with Dan
Kahari Mays
as Iroquois Hotel Doorman
Ben Yannette
as Cameron
Marie-France Arcilla
as Seamstress
Ray Wiederhold
as Holding Cell Cop
Anthony Del Negro
as Serena's Waiter
Joshua Tolby
as NYU Hipster
Jeff Mantel
as High Stakes Poker Dealer
Jerrika Hinton
as Waitress
Jason Levinson
as Mr. Ellington
Laura Elaine
as Hot Girl
Hilary Duff
as Olivia Burke
Carolina Santos Read
as Social Secretary to Princess Sophie
Adrian Young
April Bloomfield
as Self
Patricia Kalember
as Mrs. Boardman
Steven Hauck
as Frank Campbell
Taylor Momsen
as Jenny Humphrey
Patrick Boll
as Banker
Wolé Parks
as Staffer
Jessica Rothe
as Young Woman
Melissa Mikel
as Blair's Intern
Lucy Walters
as Member of Couple
Tom Dooley
as Usher
Leah O'Donnell
as Dancer
Cody Collier
as Bottle Spinner
Chase Coleman
as Boy/Rich Kid
Alex Kruz
as Cotillion Beau
Brigitte Viellieu-Davis
as Patron
Ethan Stiefel
as Self
Andrew Lipson
as The Waiter
Jennifer Missoni
as Donna
Nikolay Moss
as Tom Grand
Mack Kuhr
as The Informant
Deborah Eisenberg
as Self
Sonequa Martin-Green
as Joanna
David Call
as Ben Donovan
Andrea Gabriel
as Amira Abbar
Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt
as Woman Jesus Lover
Ben Richter
as Accordionist
Dan Adams
as Pilot
Francesca DiMauro
as Seamstress
Rebecca Kaasa
as Veronica
No Doubt
as Snowed Out
James Naughton
as William van der Bilt
Kym Mosley
as Concert Goer
Cheutine Fong
as Princess
Mari Mori
as Geisha Waitress #1
Vicky Bakis
as Prep Student
Davis Allsop
as Bridal Shower Photographer
Michael Bloomberg
as Self
Joseph Adams
as Miles
Brian J. Smith
as Max Harding
Kaylin Lee Clinton
as Bar Patron
Brennan Brown
as Mr. Smith
Gregory M. Brown
as Dignitary/Upscale Party Guest
Nick Cornish
as Philip
Shantell Martin
as Self - Artist
Willa Holland
as Agnes Andrews
Vanessa Jones
as Waitress
Yoni Tabac
as Ryan
Arno Chevrier
as Alphonse
Jonathan Karp
as Self/The Publisher
Asa Somers
as Richard Wellings
Donato DeMarinis
as Formal Benefit Guest
Melisanne Russo
as Delfine
Luka Apt
as Boy in Cafe #2
Jason Babinsky
as Photographer
Rafael Christian
as Jesse, Rowdy Teen
Stephen Kyle
as Cyrus Rose's Brother
Shawthel Stephenson
as Witness
Billy Horton
as Bartender
Andre B. Blake
as New York Times Journalist
Matthew William Ellis
as Waiter
Ashley Wigfield
as Hamilton House Girl
Andrae Paul Cezair
as Paparazzi
Cathy Trien
as Camp Counselor/Woman Jesus Lover
Savannah Wise
as Rita
Alex Goode
as College Guy
Mark La Mura
as Mr. Sparks
Jamie Lee Petronis
as Groomsmen
Jamie Johnson
as Self
Ryan Hansen
as Shep
Nicole Fiscella
as Isabel Coates
Gavin-Keith Umeh
as Dave Berger
Stella Velon
as Ilana
Annalaina Marks
as Chuck's Fling-Girl
Molly Gray
as Student
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Dean Wheeler
Sam Page
as Colin Forrester
Natalia Klimas
as Violette
Joanne Whalley
as Princess Sophie Grimaldi
Holley Fain
as Maureen van der Bilt
Dora Mavrakis
as Actress
David Redden
as Sotheby's Auctioneer
Alyson Rogers
as Student
Tori H. Sparks
as Lady Macbeth
JoAnna García
Robert LuPone
as Dr. Krueger
Molly Camp
as Girl/Ms. Steinberg
James Riordan
as Coop
Nastia Liukin
as Self
Isabelle Chester
as Socialite #2
Mary O'Rourke
as Bored Stripper
K.K. Moggie
as Dr. Eliza Barnes
Robyn Rikoon
as Woman with Clipboard
Vincenzo Amato
as Emilio Pivano
Carrie MacLemore
as Melissa
Paul Niebanck
as Tailor
Carson Underwood
as Mark
Annika Pergament
as NY1 Reporter/Newscaster/TV Reporter
Pawl Bazile
as Kenny
CariDee English
as Bart's Date
Lee Garrett
as Promoter
Meghan Roberts
as Mini Serena
Alexandra Richards
as Self
Mark Dobies
as Parole Officer
Amanda Whitcroft
as Raging Party Girl
Jim Ford
as Fashion Show Escort/Joe
Jessica Devlin
as Teen Party Goer #2
Gerardo Rodriguez
as Player
Elizabeth Inghram
as Nola McCreedy
Zack Conroy
as Ben Simmons
Elena Hurst
as Katie
Harmon Walsh
as Julian Rawlins
Jake O'Connor
as Chuck 2.0
Elizabeth Romanski
as Woman in Bar
Sam Robards
as Howie 'The Captain' Archibald
Danicah Waldo
as Party Guest/Prom Guest
Samantha Hahn
as Vera Wang Salesperson
Nan Zhang
as Kati Farkas
Mike Houston
as Polo Event Security Guard
Sloane Crosley
as Self
Jason Testa
as Beach Boy
David Gere
as Frank Meltzer
Alice Callahan
as Jessica Leitenberg/Girl #2
Emily Dorsch
as Ingrid
Dion Graham
as FBI Agent
Daryl C. Brown
as Maitre d'
David Arden Engel
as Fancy Restaurant Waiter
Catherine Corcoran
as Minion
James Schram
as The Professional Student/Algonquin Concierge/Archibald's Confidant/Bookstore Boyfriend/Chivalrous NYU Student/Doorman/Party Guest/Peters/Prickly Hotel Guest/The Cameraman/The Intellectual Party Guest/The Youthful Professor/Van-Der-Bilt's Campaign Manager
Ronald Scott Maestri
as Book Party Guest/Passerby/Pet Adoption Attendee/Upper East Side Pedestrian on Cell Phone
Margaret Colin
as Eleanor Waldorf
Sherry Boone
as Blair's Doctor
Chris Dunn
as Club patron
Kelly Briter
as Josephine
Peter Francis James
as James Wolf
Leah Johnston
as Cellphone Camera Girl
Jamahl Garrison-Lowe
as Bartender
Charlotte Ronson
as Self
Mauricio Ovalle
as Prisoner
Patrick Heusinger
as Lord Marcus Beaton/James Schuller
Trev Peacock
as Bartender
Michael Kaplan
as Neighbor
Ryan Castro
as Police Detective
Morgan Demeola
as Rain Williams
Mel Rocco
as Chorus Girl #2/Singer
Philip E Jones
as Student
Daralina Komar
as Dancer
Abbi Snee
as Don Brearly
Tamara Feldman
Ed Westwick Maldonado
as Charles Bartholomew Bass

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