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October 20, 2021
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God Friended Me’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Miles Finer is an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he receives a friend request on social media from God and unwittingly becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him. After repeated pokes by God, Miles' curiosity takes over, and he accepts the ultimate friend request and follows the signs to Cara Bloom, an online journalist. Brought together by the mysterious account, the two find themselves investigating God's friend suggestions and inadvertently helping others in need. Miles is set on getting to the bottom of what he believes is an elaborate hoax, but in the meantime he'll play along and, in the process, change his life forever.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 30, 2018

Also Known As: Бог меня зафрендил, Cineva acolo sus |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Germany (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

good deed

Company Credits

Production Co: Berlanti Productions, I Have An Idea Productions |  See more »


James Georgiades
as Manager
Zoey Martinson
as Caroline
Chance Kelly
as Fire Capt. Murphy
Laura Feder
as Waitress
Lou Sumrall
as Charlie
Jessica Lu
as Joy/Joy Chen/Woman
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Aaron
Chris Hoch
as Allen
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Tim Whitson
Malik Yoba
as Terrance
Cate Bottiglione
as Hostess
Erica Camarano
as Isabel
Andrew Kaempfer
as Driver
Luis Moreno
as Impound Owner
Donald Corren
as Auctioneer
Denise Shanks
Phiona C Foster
as Nun
Matt Giroveanu
as Process Server
Kiran Merchant
as Arun Desai/Arun
Juri Henley-Cohn
as Team Member
Jon Shaver
as Charles Stephenson
Nneka Okafor
as Christina
Erika Rolfsrud
as Dana Chessin/Dayna Chessin
Nicholas Ryan
as Damien
Aaron Staton
as Alfie
Phyllis Johnson
as Erica
Sharif Atkins
as Ben Evans
Tara Pacheco
as Receptionist
Hannah Kelsy
as Gala Server
William Sadler
as Rev. Elias
Rob Giumarra
as Officer Murphy
Bobby Favoretto
as Chess Player/Coffee shop boy
Leah Curney
as Erica Brooks
Hank Strong
as Bouncer
Dina Laura
as Bailiff
Aiden Medina
as Young Son
Zach Roerig
as Aiden
Robert Eli
as David Brooks
Gregory Konow
as Gas Station Attendant
Jessica Cherniak
as Erica Katz
Jabari Gray
as Ned Baker
Ken Holmes
as Big Apple Tour Bus Rider/New Church Members Family
Markley Rizzi
as Mrs. Blake
Robert G. McKay
as Lester/Head of the Board
Michel Gill
as Wilson Hedges
Iris Delgado
as Doctor Garcia
Joe Holt
as Daniel Estes
Annaleigh Ashford
as Fliss
Telci Huynh
as Lauren Brooks
Christopher Tramantana
as Airpod Man
Rahim Rosen
as Church Worshipper/ER Doctor/Pedestrian/Self - Church member
Ben Rappaport
as Trevor
German Santiago
as Barista
Darrian Strong
as Deacon
Ruby Modine
as Anna
Jinn S. Kim
as Dr. Yokomi
Regina Schneider
as Beth
Jennifer Regan
as Sharon Katz
Isaac Krasner
as Bodega Kid
Anna George
as Sunita Desai/Sunita
Nicolette Templier
as Miles' Mom
Carey Van Driest
as Darpa Member 1
Zachary Gemino
as Tibetan Boy
Erica Gimpel
as Trish
Johnny Michaels
as Boyfriend
Blake Williams
as Man
Bryan A. Miranda
as Bearded Hipster
Ajay Naidu
as Eric
Parminder Nagra
as Pria Amar
Lisann Valentin
as Young Mother
Chelsea Watts
as Gallery Employee
Nikee Warren
as Churchgoer
Karine Vanasse
as Audrey Grenelle
Tom Everett Scott
as Paul
Judd Hirsch
as Abe
Michael-Scott Druckenmiller
as Paramedic
Josh Segarra
as Austin
Monique Gabriela Curnen
as Sarah Matthews
Mike Cabellon
as Student
Rachel Bay Jones
as Susan
Suraj Sharma
as Rakesh
Matt Golden
as Father
Anthony Thomas
as Attendant
Joanne Lamstein
as injured passenger
Tawanda Gona
as Barber
Christopher Redman
as John Dove
Kaliswa Brewster
as Kathy
Natalie Jacobs
as Barista
Liisi LaFontaine
as Stacy
Jamaal Burcher
as Restaurant Patron
Emmanuel Rodriguez
as Pedestrian by lincoln center
Shamika Cotton
as Jen
Mike Massimino
as Passenger 1
Connie Shi
as Employee
Victoria Janicki
as Nia
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Police Officer
Christopher Kien Dao
as Grandfather Kai
Jeremie Harris
as Graham Harper
Frankie Verroca
as Homeless Man in Shelter/Police Precinct Drunk Man
Christopher Trindade
as David
Anabelle Acosta
as Denise
Marcel Simoneau
as Restaurant Manager
Kelley Curran
as Erin
Samantha Browne-Walters
as College Student
Frank Rodriguez
as Hector
Annelise Cepero
as Coat Checker
Keenan Jolliff
as Russell
Dennis T. Carnegie
as Tow Truck Driver
Caleb Clark
as Nate
Christopher Meyer
as Zian
Kerrianne Spellman Cort
as Soft Serve Woman
Jamar Greene
as Passenger 2
Jenna D'Angelo
as Detective
Jayden Marine
as Max
Scott Aiello
as Gas Worker
Becky Gulsvig
as Cheryl
Nicky Boulos
as Mateen
Jonny Maldonado
as Karaoke Bartender
Robert Harrington
as Priest
Donna Worsley-Hines
as Church Member
Brent Sexton
as Ray Nicolette/Ray
Elladia Jones
as Teammate
Carl Lumbly
as Alphonse
Owen Rogers
as Theatre Goer
Susan Misner
as Annie
Deb Radloff
as Nurse
Zach Grenier
as James Abbott
Presciliana Esparolini
as Valerie
Shazi Raja
as Jaya
Dawn-Lyen Gardner
as Katie
Amelia Hammer Harris
as Curator
Tina Fabrique
as Older Woman
Vandit Bhatt
as Jai
Cornelius Smith Jr.
as Corey
Bob Leszczak
as Chess Player in Chess Shop
Judy Rotardier
as the Realtor or the Leasing Agent
Bryan Greenberg
as Teddy Preston
Sawyer Barth
as Jacob
Gino Cafarelli
as Tank Officer
Al Sapienza
as Sonny
Cynthia Sosa
as Elena Stills
Karim Sioud
as Surgeon
Greg Connolly
as Roger
Mike Press
as Firefighter #1
Erica Tazel
as Bonnie
James A. Morgan
as Churchgoer
Tyler Francavilla
as James
Christine Bruno
as Rev. Wright
Christopher Halladay
as Shop Owner
Madeline Grey DeFreece
as Listener
Jeff Sanders
as Assistant Coach
Daphne Gaines
as Social Worker
Elliot Santiago
as Bodega Owner
Esteban Benito
as PFC Caffey
Darlene Hope
as Robyn Bell
Adam Aminov
Johnny Castro
as Kamal Basu
Emily Tung
as Surf Instructor
Marja Harmon
as Janet
Samantha Marie Ware
as Claire Thompson
Brian Cade
as Black Suit #1
Brandon Ford Green
as Kenny
Rey Lucas
as Dan
Samara Riviera
as Church Board Member
Reed Harlow-Grayce LaRocca
as Little French Girl
Billy Peck
as Michael (Rakesh's Team)
Tracee Beazer
as Diana
Quinn Shephard
as Rachel/Rachel Blake
Lauren Lim Jackson
as Resident
Ava McCoy
as Young Parishioner
Nandita Chandra
as Gita Singh
Omar Scroggins
as Darryl
Ella Rae Peck
as Vivian
Rushanna Lewis
as Receptionist
Derek Luke
as Henry Chase
David Hoflin
as Charles Cole
Ingrid Matias
as Commuter
Mimi Gianopulos
as Marla Fields
Emily Schultheis
as Woman
John Leonard Thompson
as Spencer
Dante Sully
as Tough Guy
Lynn Cohen
as Rose
Anne Bates
as Dr. Maxwell
Samantha Smart
as Hostess
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Cinema Patron
Kara Royster
as Emily
Roger Hall
as Ryan
Vinny Chhibber
as Sameer Patel
Etai Benson
as David
Grant Harrison
as Brett
Eisa Davis
as Lena
Nayab Hussain
as Sharah
Chosen Jacobs
as Zack Waller
Lilly Brown
as Mia
Arielle Siegel
as Shayna
Todd Faulkner
as Jerry
Marsin Mogielski
as Listener
Marcy Harriell
as Phoebe
Joseph Mancuso
as Special Agent Cutler
James M Adams
as Churchgoer
Kyle Harris
as Eli/Eli James
Hailey Yang
as Molly
Brianna Masyn
as Young Sophia
Maceo Oliver
as Judge Hawkins
Jason Genao
as Isaac
Aaron Yoo
as Tze
Vince Oddo
as Noah
Natalie Paul
as Megan
Jordana Rose
as Annabelle
LaTesha Hines
as Film Goer
James Martinez
as William
Griffin Robert Faulkner
as August
Michael DeBarge
as Bat Mitzvah Guest
Kevin D. Benton
as Churchgoer
Soraya Broukhim
as Raina Abass
Tom Ashton
as St. Michael's Male Parishioner
Camille Chen
as Heidi James
Jennifer Ferrin
as Madeline
Toni Martin
as Nurse
Robbie DeRaffele
as Basketball Player
Elizabeth Maille
as Gift Shop Employee
Gerald Bunsen
as Foreman
Melina Lanza
as Park visitor
Abby Awe
as Lucy
Sibongile Mlambo
as Lulu
Gladys Pérez
as Mother
René Ifrah
as Tony
Sharon Hope
as Mrs. Washington
David Castro
as Private Joseph Martinez
Fermin Padilla III
as Church Board Member
Ian Bedford
as Agent Pelham
Anthony Cipriani
as Parisian Park Goer
Brian McCarthy
as Marcos
Stella Maeve
as Sophia
Jivan Xander Ramesh
as Altar Server/Cancer Patient
Rosemary Chase
as Abbey Nicolette
Deysha Nelson
as Hanna
Jackson Aiden Flowers
as Marcus
Holley Fain
as Angela
Zach Appelman
as Lt. Freemont
Daniel Danielson
as Doorman
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as Judge
Ian Smith
as NYU Student
Roberto De Felice
as Zeke Ramos
Lawrence Ballard
as Will
Paul Castro Jr.
as Leo
Daniella Rabbani
as Rabbi Zoe Schwartz
Javicia Leslie
as Ali Finer
Alexander Blaise
as Yves
Eleanor Koski
as Liv
Stephen W. Tenner
as Train Operator
Matthew F. O'Connor
as Bruno
Britne Oldford
as Deanna
K.K. Moggie
as Dr. Chang
Cara Buono
as Karen
Navid Negahban
as Hasan
Coby Getzug
as Student
Gaius Charles
as Rev. Andrew Carver/Rev. Carver
Jackson Flowers
as Marcus
Marisa Kennedy
as EMT #1
Bruce Winant
as Head of Auction
Tonya Pinkins
as Marsha
Omar Evans
as Police Officer
Tracy Sallows
as Joan
Jimonn Cole
as Conrad
Jennifer Marie Simpson
as Gym Attendant
K. Todd Freeman
as Bishop Edward Thompson/Bishop Thompson
Toni Di Buono
as Judy
Michael Vartan
as Jeffrey
Meltem Gulturk
as Listener
Ernesto Nodal
as Priest
Eddie K. Robinson
as Tom
Jammie Patton
as Vicky
Jason Jiang
as Delivery Guy
Justin Hagan
as Gil
Elliot Villar
as Miguel
Jacob Ming-Trent
as Justin Block
Nelson Ascencio
as Assistant Reverend
Suki Úna Rae
as Bookstore Patron/Professor
C.C. Sabathia
as CC Sabathia
Kim Park
as Teacher
Francesca Ling
as Parker
Jay Potter
as Bishop Walden
Melvin Mogoli
as Barista/Melvin
Kevin Carroll
as Daryl Watkins
Taylor Richardson
as Kylie Marshall
Jeffrey Pierce
as Richard
Violett Beane
as Cara Bloom
as Pastor Olivia
Lia Yang
as Doctor
Christopher Carley
as Pete
Michael Schwendemann
as Bocce Ball Player
Eric West
as CNN Reporter
Christine Cartell
as Aleksander's Wife
Salwa Khan
as Indira
Roger Wayne
as Park Ranger Eric
Chelsea Spack
as Blair
Jordan Gelber
as Dan
Michael Potts
as King Omari
Mark Lehneman
as Orderly/Park Goer
Flor De Liz Perez
as Natalie
Shaleen Hudda
as Ms. Hunjan
T.R. Knight
as Gideon
Charles Brice
as Cal
Colton Osorio
as Matty
Chris Conroy
as Adam Grey/Adam
Adrian Raio
as Gabe
Paco Lozano
as Agent Rogers
Marisa Marra
as Upscale Gala Guest/Zolfo Patron
Erik LaRay Harvey
as Eric Waller
Stephanie Rocio
as Hostess
Frankie Faison
as Mr. Johnson
Clem Cheung
as Elderly Man - Tze Chen
Laura Sohn
as Mary Yang
Arica Himmel
as Lindsay Levy
Amy Acker
as Tammy Marshall
Lonnie Chavis
as C.J.
Keren Dukes
as Alex Moss
Megan Byrne
as Melanie
Gabrielle Lee
as Under-Secretary General
Alexandra Berti
as Parisian/Pedestrian
Karle Gwen
as Record Store Customer
Guy Lockard
as Sam
Neal Huff
as Jack Kenny
Joe Morton
as Arthur Finer
Emma Thorne
as Rose
Lauren Yaffe
as Bar Mitzvah Guest/Shayna's Mom
Will Rogers
as Beaker
Jessica Damouni
as Tarah
Kapil Bawa
as Bodega Owner
Omar Rahim
as Museum Worker
Nathalie Carvalho
as Haley
Ben Cole
as Phil Langer/Phil
Lilyana Weaver
as Kid in Park
Amber Stevens West
as Julia
Ryan Woodle
as Gary Washburn
Edwin Lugo
as Street Vendor
Easton Edwin
as Parisian Park Goer
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Congregant
Adam Goldberg
as Simon Hayes
Antonio Cipriano
as Derrick
Hanna Sophia Johnston
as Church Goer
Hope Blackstock
as Paramedic
Emily Jackson
as Stacie
Graham Powell
as Carl
Kim Ramirez
as Bianca
Rock Kohli
as Ashok Singh
Jonathan Sale
as Preacher
Chuck Cooper
as Larry
Isabella Mays
as Ava
Krystina Alabado
as Olivia
Daniel London
as Aleksander Leff
Brandon Micheal Hall
as Miles Finer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 20 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 22 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Black Reel Awards for Television 2019


Black Reel Awards for Television

Outstanding Actor, Drama Series


Black Reel Awards for Television

Outstanding Supporting Actor, Drama Series


Black Reel Awards for Television

Outstanding Writing, Drama Series

Humanitas Prize 2019


Humanitas Prize

60 Minute Category

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