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October 27, 2021
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About this title


When high school Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) becomes the director of the school's failing Glee club, New Directions, he hopes to be able to rejuvenate it. The club competes in the choir competition circuit. It's been called "a High School Musical for adults", the series follows the club and its mixture of oddball members as they try and restore it to its former glory. It is a musical comedy in which the eager and ambitious students not only compete to win the Nationals, but also have to deal with the tough and cruel realities of their school, McKinley High. At the same time, Will is trying to rejuvenate his failing love life while preventing the school's cheer leading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) from sabotaging the choir.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: May 19, 2009

Also Known As: Glee: Road to Sectionals, ဂလီး |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
aspiring singer
music band

Company Credits

Production Co: Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, Ryan Murphy Productions |  See more »


Brittany Riley
as Punk Beauty
Jeff Lewis
as Manager
Marissa Caprielian
as Material Girl Madonna
Bailey Noble
as Bunhead #2
Nathan Keyes
as Andrew Cosgrove
Sean Lew
as Dancer
Chloe Coleman
as Young Dancer #7
Evan Kishiyama
as Toddler Mike
Molly Shannon
as Brenda Castle
Riley Voelkel
as Sam
Sébastien Stella
as Mr. French Tourist
BJ Guyer
as Puppeteer
Michael Hitchcock
as Dalton Rumba
Tim Bagley
as Elementary Teacher
Timothy Davis
as Mr. Anderson
Rodolfo Martinez
as Rudy Martinez
Avery Phillips
as Toddler Quinn
Matt McCarthy
as Dancing Elf #3
Kristin Chenoweth
as April Rhodes
Ava Chelsea Ingram
as Stacey
Suraj Partha
as Pony
Jessica Borne
as Crawford School Student
Marissa Heart
as Tumbling Cheerio/Juke Box Girl/Scorned Girl #1/Superhero
Haylee Roderick
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Mary K. DeVault
as Patron
Capt'n Bob
as Parent
Michael Benjamin Washington
as Tracy Pendergrass
Amanda Balen
as Unnamed Cheerio 1
Kristina Romaine
as St. Mary's Prep Girl
Michael J. Craven
as Middle Linebacker
Tristan James Bower
as Vocal Adrenaline Guitarist
Alexei Berdovski
as Roadie
Darren Criss
as Blaine Anderson/Noah 'Puck' Puckerman
Emily Karaniewsky
as College Student
Parker Harris
as Warbler #4
Ayesha Fraser
as Dancer
Paul McMichael
as Student
Brigid O'Connell
as Prom Student
Benjamin Franczuszki
as Soda Jerk
Juliette Brinkerhoff
as High School Student
Darcy Shean
as Carla Turlington Stevens
Nikki Tuazon
as Flash Mob Dancer/Melt Dancer
Peter Spruyt
as Mr. Danforth
Bryan Stamp
as Prom Photographer
Gwyneth Paltrow
as Holly Holliday
Caitlin Carver
as Vocal Adrenaline
Geri Jewell
as TV Producer
Dot Jones
as Sheldon Beiste
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Nurse
Silawn Lewis
as Churchgoer
D.C. Cody
as Scott Cooper
Lina Hall
as Student
Chuck Spitler
as Randy Cusperberg
Geoffrey Gould
as Bingo Caller
Jean Sincere
as Ancient Librarian
Kristopher Logan
as Mr. Shor
Billy Dee Williams
as Andy Collins
Roger Keller
as Bill
Dan Considine
as John
Katie Royer
as Library Girl
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Brooklyn Bicyclist
Dyllan Christopher
as Student
Ronnie Medrano
as Warbler
Joshua Segovia
as Deaf Choir #3/Deaf Choir #4
Stacey LaBerge
as Borderline Madonna
Whit Hertford
as Dakota Stanley
Vanessa Lengies
as Sugar Motta/Quinn Fabray
Leilani Sarelle
as Mrs. Tennison
Joe Massingill
as Jock #1
Ryan Ramirez
as A Capella Lead Dancer/Dancer
Gregory Hinton
as Flex, The Bodyguard
Dustin Ingram
as Pizza Guy
Tony Colitti
as Salvatore
Ric Stoneback
as Angry New Yorker
Michael Segovia
as Kid
LynNita Ellis
as Mall Shopper
Joanna Theobalds
as Jazz Dancer
Blake Webber
as Pinned Wrestler
Rilan Roppolo
as Warbler #7
Felicia Dillon
as Cheerio
Georgina Tolentino
as Student
Michael Loeffelholz
as Phil/Phil Giardi
Logan Martin
as Dalton Academy Warbler
Jayma Mays
as Emma Pillsbury/Emma Pillsbury-Howell/Emma Pillsbury-Schuester
Erica Sorum
as Rachel's Hairstylist
M.J. Dougherty
as Adult Student
Greg Farkas
as Dancer
Lucinda Jubb
as Celebrity
Sam Garfield
as Warbler
Jordan Bates
as Miffed Kid
Dylan K. Shepherd
as Dancer
James Lipton
as Self
Michael Barbuto
as Band Drummer
Joelle Martinec
as Business Woman
Dana Davis
as Tesla
Peter Andrew Mitchell
as Golden Goblet Singer
Naya Zsanay
as Prom Student
Nathalie Love
as Fashionista
Damian McGinty
as Rory Flanagan/Sam Evans
Mark Kanemura
as Brittany's Backup Dancer/Gay Bar Dancer
Eric Bruskotter
as Cooter Menkins
Geraldo Rivera
as Self
Tanya Lynne Lee
as Nurse
Jennifer Keane
as Girl
Peter Facinelli
as Rupert Campion
Victor Garber
as Mr. Schuester
Gianni Manganelli
as Deaf Choir #7/Deaf Choir #8
Trilby Glover
as Carmel High Secretary
Jarrett Ricker
as Letterman Jock
Bianca Von Krieg
as Gangster
Marlee Matlin
as Marlee Matlin
Victoria Stevens
as Ice skater
Mike Starr
as Usher
Deborah Capstone
as Mom
Michael A. MacRae
Sarah Buxton
as Mrs. Cross
J.D. Phillips
as Bernard/Sycophant #2
Laura Dreyfuss
as Madison McCarthy
Oliver Kieran-Jones
as Adam Crawford
Meredith Baxter
as Liz Stevens
Doby Daenger
as Biker Chick
Katie Couric
as Katie Couric
Myko Olivier
as Head Warbler
Brad Ellis
as Brad the Piano Player/Self
Justin Prentice
as Darrell
Phyllis Applegate
as Birdie Lawrence
Jillana Laufer
as Astronomy Teacher
Trisha Rae Stahl
as Millie Rose
Bayley Brunnmeier
as Cheerio/Gymnast
Justine Leon
as Student in Cafeteria Fight
Barry Bostwick
as Tim Stanwick
Luka Sulic
as Cellist
Assaf Cohen
as Doctor
Marcus Brown
as Ben
Brooke Newton
as Leggy Blonde
Jenny Robinson
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Laura Bedwell-Young
as Cookie Eater/Prom Student/Rocky Horror Fan/Student/Techie
Brian McGovern
as Brett Paxton
Johnny Skourtis
as Aristotle
Dorinda Townsend
as Parent
Mak DeGennero
as Beta Singer
Demi Lovato
as Dani
Noel Arthur
as Guy
as Self
Tamlyn Tomita
as Julia Chang
Cassidy Noblett
as Rachel's Dance Classmate
Marco Duarte
as Deaf Choir #10
Nathan Davis Jr.
as Student #2
JC Tremblay
as College Student
Ashley Jackson
as Crawford Girl
Jennifer Foster
as Apple #1
Sarah Jessica Parker
as Isabelle Wright
Mariana Balsa
as Class Student
Erik Kowalski
as Student
Graham Kurtz
as Vinny
Michael Lerner
as Sidney Greene
Max Wilcox
as Warbler #5
Blake Jenner
as Ryder Lynn
Cheyenne Jackson
as Dustin Goolsby
Quinn Lipton
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer/Cheerio Dancer
Amber Watson
as Cheerio/Cheerleader
Jeff Goldblum
as Hiram Berry
Kacey Spivey
as Nittany
Luke Zimmerman
as Male Student
Ashley Fink
as Lauren Zizes
Ethan Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #1
Valerie Mahaffey
as Rose Pillsbury
Sam Towers
as Stage Combat Guy
Murrell D. Smith
as Football Player
Kent Boyd
as Unitard
Earnestine Phillips
as Nurse
Hannah Spiros
as 8 Year Old Emma
Re'Sean Pates
as Warbler Dancer
Niko Novick
as Jimmy
Ben Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #3
Marshall Williams
as Spencer Porter
Kent Avenido
as Howard Bamboo/Howard
Steven Skyler
as Warbler #2
Ben Bledsoe
as Hank Saunders
Genson Blimline
as Man on Crutches
Ray Reinebach
as Violinist
Jeanine Anderson
as Waitress
Michael Hyatt
as Joan Martin
Loryn Shay Charbonnier
as Toddler Brittany
Ashley MacDonald
as Student
Telly Kousakis
as Patrick
Abby Shapiro
as Golden Goblet Singer
Isley Reust
as Choir Member
Alexandra Grey
as Erica Lewis
Mark Christopher Lawrence
as Rob Adams
Stephane Nicoli
as Cafe Patron
Patricia Forte
as Donna Landries
Gina Gershon
as Pam Anderson
Nick Grosvenor
as Marcus Langenthal
Tessa Netting
as Apple #9
Keong Sim
as Mike Chang Sr.
Mike Hagerty
as Pete Sosnowski
Sonya Rome
as Vocal Adrenaline performer
Nelson Beato
as #402 Warbler Singer/#33 - Warbler Singer/#408 - Warbler Singer/#415 Warbler Singer/Warbler
Summer Perry
as Celibacy Club Cheerleader
Christina Carlisi
as Hotel Clerk
Drew Levinson
as Falconer
Tanya Clarke
as Mary Evans
Stephanie Hunt
as Julie
Earlene Davis
as Andrea Carmichael
Jose Molina
as Graduate Student
Zack Weinstein
as Sean Fretthold
Hannah Madeleine Goodman
as Madrigal Singer
Van White
as Student
Michelle Lenhardt
as NYADA Dance Student
Amanda Jane Cooper
as Beatrice McClain
Chris Jackson
as Nerd
Matthew Peacock
as Student Dancer #8/Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Max Emerson
as Male Model
Rosanna Pansino
as Cheerio Cheerleader
Dina Renee
as Allison Metcalf
Clementina Sonn
as Nerd
Jesse Heiman
as Member of the Highschool Video Club/Student in the Hall
Jeffrey Larson
as Student #1
Cyrina Fiallo
as Web Critic
Weston Mueller
as Deaf Choir #5/Deaf Choir #6
Alex Stamm
as Other Kid
Dot-Marie Jones
as Shannon Beiste/Sheldon Beiste
Holly Mikols
as Young Dancer
Madeline Bertani
as Martha
Ashley Karp
as Lacrosse Player
Pati Lauren
as Country Dancer
Andrew M. Chukerman
as Orchestra Leader/Pianist
Mary Jo Catlett
as Mrs. Carlisle
Jayson Blair
as Chris
Stacy Glassgold
as Lucky Star Madonna
Keith Mackler
as Hipster Boyfriend
Jameson Perry
as Dancer
as Grace Hitchens
Connie Ventress
as Patron
Victoria Gracie
as Cheerleader
Lindley Mayer
as NYADA Lead Tap Dancer
Toi'ya Leatherwood
as Vocal Adrenaline
Lauren Potter
as Becky Jackson
Jay David
as Gus Van Ness
Ian Gilligan
as Random Guy
Austin Honaker
as That Guy at the Rehab Performance
Marc Abbink
as Adult Audience/Career Vendor/Churchgoer/Parent
Desary Vailencour
as Country Bar Patron
Toni French
as Adult Audience
Joey Richter
as Apple #8
Thomas Calabro
as Mr. Puckerman
Daniel Roebuck
as Paul Karofsky
Brittany Bentley
as A Capella Dancer
Benjamin Levy Aguilar
as Student
Kc Monnie
as Dalton Academy Warbler/NYADA Tap Dancer
Jerry Phillips
as Young Finn
Lockhart Brownlie
as Dance Student
Jarrod Bailey
as Boy
Lauren Kelley
as Cheerio
Sara Radle
as Girl at Bar
Shelby Stehlin
as Breakdancer (football player)
Jonathan Groff
as Jesse St. James
Sandra De Sousa
as Wedding Guest
Lauren Boles
as Little Rachel/Toddler Rachel
Mickey Faerch
as Lunch Lady
Peter Choi
as Emcee
Nathan Ray Clark
as Bartender
Casey Deidrick
as Chip
Catalina Rendic
as Brittany's Backup Dancer
Keith Pillow
as Scientist
Adrienne Berry
as Pendelton
Laura Meadows
as Coach
Bryce Johnson
as Cody Tolentino
Brooke Lipton
as Jane Adams Choir/Party-goer
Casper Smart
as Dancer/Football Dancer/Titan Football Member #2
Carnie Wilson
as Self
Tim Wilson
as Canada
Chris Trouble Delfosse
as Tattooist
Nicole Simone
as Daphne
Alex Newell
as Wade 'Unique' Adams
J.P. Dubé
as Warbler #2
Jaimie Goodwin
as Troubletone
Kody Batchelor
as Strando
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Parent in Audience
Matt True
as Hockey Player
Wendy Worthington
as Woman Auditioning
Laura Mayes Byrnes
as Teacher
Vivian Nixon
as Andrea Cohen/Andrea
Gayle Kate
as Parent of Student
Evan Wecksell
as Teacher
Jack Waz
as Nelson
Keisuke Hoashi
as Peter 'Chainsaw' Gow
Leah Pipes
as Electra
Amy Aquino
as Funny Girl Producer
Tyler Sean Palmer
as Hair-Cut Hippie
Dianna Agron
as Quinn Fabray/Sugar Motta
Caden Michael Gray
as Gavroche
Corey Krueger
as Popular Jock
Samuel Nolan
as Dalton Academy Student
Barrett Crake
as Rich
John Marshall Jones
as Chili
Jessica Provencher
as Dancer/Cheerio/New York Dancer
Catherine Masters
as Cheerio
Isabella Cuda
as Pageant Girl
Virginia Gardner
as Katie Fitzgerald/Marissa
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Reverend
Hisonni Mustafa
as Nick
Christopher J. Smith
as Wedding Guest
Nick de Graffenreid
as Student/Shirtless Jock/WMHS Jock/Dalton Academy Student/Dalton Academy Warbler
Stefan Poole
as Guitarist/Keyboard Player/Vocal Adrenaline Guitarist/Vocal Adrenaline Lead Guitarist
William Sturtevant
as Dancer
Mia Barron
as Mother
Becca Sweitzer
as Flash Mob Dancer
Heather Morris
as Brittany S. Pierce/Mercedes Jones
Derek Baker
as Football Player
Rod McLachlan
as Newsstand Guy
Beau Garrett
as Charlie Darling
Nick Baga
as Warbler/Flash Mob/Warbler #2
Anthony Burrell
as Dallas
Bernadett Belinda York
as Wonder Girl
Cody Carrera
as Student/Waterboy
Makenzi Swicegood
as Aural Intensity Dancer/Flash Mob Dancer
Lauren Froderman
as Aural Intensity singer
Noah Guthrie
as Roderick Meeks
Jim Metzler
as Minister
Melanie Henderson
as Barb
Kelly-Ann Tursi
as Breadstix Waitress
Ari Stidham
as Drunk Kid
Conrad K. Pratt
as Vocal Adrenaline
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Lillian Adler
Alexander Nifong
as Jeremiah
Stephen Tako
as Teacher
Jonathan Pal
as NYU Student
Larry Udy
as Barry the Bartender
Marie Caldare
as Mrs. Holloway
Matt Martin
as Dalton Academy Warbler
Amy Hill
as Dr. Chin
Tyler Vogt
as Rick Denham
Don Franklin
as Dr. Fischman
Serena Salieri
as PTA Member
Lamarcus Tinker
as Shane Tinsley
Patricia Ashley
as Sexy Girl
NeNe Leakes
as Roz Washington
Gregg Henry
as Russell Fabray
Rachele Brooke Smith
as Dancer
Nelson Vaamanaia Toilolo
as Apple #2
Angelique Walker
as Cheerio/Student
Sean Gunn
as Phineas Hayes
Al Pugliese
as Customer
Anna Camp
as Candace Dystra
Phillip Rhys
as Martin
Caleb Thomas
as Barista
Kathleen Quinlan
as Dr. Shane
Mark Berman
as Teacher
Marty Dew
as Dancer/Flash mob dancer
John Kerr
as Ice Skater
Sinead Kerr
as Ice Skater
Valorie Hubbard
as Peggy
Robert McMurrer
as NY Audience Man
Andrew Boryski
as Senior Student
Iqbal Theba
as Principal Figgins/Abigail Figgins Gunderson
Natalie Haro
as Crawford Girl
Mike O'Malley
as Burt Hummel
J.A. Steel
as Parent of Student
Doug Penikas
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Comfort Fedoke
as Aural Intensity singer/Jane Adams Choir #1/Troubletone
Al Carabello
as Ricardo
Cole Massie
as Mickey
as Queen Tina Turner
Michael Nunez
as Cheerleader #6/Stilt World
Lonnie Henderson
as Vogue Dancer/Dancer/Self
Leo Lam
as Warbler
Eddy Martin
as Thad
Dustin Ceithamer
as Cheerio Freak
Josh Brodis
as Mall Shopper/Student
Josie Totah
as Myron Muskovitz
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Nurse
China Taylor
as Unnamed Cheerio 3
Charlene Amoia
as Bailey
Don Stephenson
as Hotel Manager
Justin Cone
as Benjamin
Harry Shum
as Mike Chang
Danesh Jon Noshirvan
as Student
Jeff Doucette
as NY Times Critic
Davenia McFadden
as Betty Adams
Adina Porter
as History Teacher
Lourdes Nadres
as Home Buyer
Sean Edwards
as Student
Barry Livingston
as Manager
April Grace
as Mercedes' Mom
Ivonne Coll
as Alma Lopez
Kelly Allen
as Dancer/Unitard Dancer #5
Nick Martin
as Dalton Academy Warbler
Aaron Drake
as Student
Ethan Josh Lee
as Summer Camp Boy
Natalie Jane
as Young Marley
Dylan Osean
as Leroy
Kevin Lapsley
as Bar Patron
Shanna Malcolm
as Infiniti
Lisa Dawn Tynes
as NYADA Editing Student
Justin Ray
as Migrant Worker Dancer
Madeline Penn
as Freshman Girl
Rebecca D. Fox
as Misfit
Debby Gerber
as Stagehand/Harlem Shake Girl
Rhiannon West
as Like a Virgin Madonna
Samantha Marie Ware
as Jane Hayward
Margaret Muller
as Female Student
Aria Buckley
as Cheerio
Charlotte Ross
as Judy Fabray
E.E. Bell
as Don Barowski
Suzanne Krull
as Eccentric Vogue Woman
Kennedy Moronta
as Hotel Guest
Johnny Erasme
as Dancer
Cody Bondurant
as Student
Jennifer Coolidge
as Whitney S. Pierce
Chas Scherer
as Medical Technician
Andrew Rannells
as Andrew Rannells
Patti LuPone
as Self
Kimberlee Kidd
as Jukebox Dancer/Scorned Girl/Shower Dancer
Jane Lanier
as Dance Teacher
Onrico Nightingale
as Basketball Teammate
Lora Plattner
as Sophmore
Mercy Edwards
as Tawny Peterson
Laura Kranz Galvan
as High School Student
Matthew Morrison
as Will Schuester/Sue Sylvester
Anthony Brandon Wong
as Dr. Lee
Clark Coffey
as Parent
Katie J. Stone
as Dancer
Kelly Crossley
as Screaming Girl
Suzana Jurcevic
as Bar Mitzvah Guest
Steve Ferrarie
as Couple on Boardwalk
Cody Hamilton
as Stevie
Eddie Davenport
as Bully Jock
Galadriel Stineman
as Vanessa
Anoush NeVart
as Bailiff
Bobbie McClung
as Dancer
Anthony Marciona
as Dancer/Flash Mob Dancer
Max George
as Clint
Mary Gillis
as Mrs. Hagberg
Joshua Charles Parker
as Dancer
Kelly Connolly
as Dancer/Tango Dancer
Billy Lewis Jr.
as Mason McCarthy
Kaelynn Harris
as Student
Jack Jason
as Self
Gloria Estefan
as Maribel Lopez
Damien C. Haas
as Student #2
as Homeless guy/Soup Kitchen Volunteer
Katey Sagal
as Nancy Abrams
Dale Pulliam
as Teacher
J. Denise
as Store Patron
Jacquelyn Dowsett
as Cheerio/Pointe Dancer
Nicole Sciacca
as Dancer
Anne Austin
as Transgender Singer
Chris Colfer
as Kurt Hummel/Finn Hudson
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Eleanor Doosenbury
Troy Quinn
as Golden Goblet Singer
Paul A Rose Jr.
as Diner Patron
Ian Brennan
as Narrator/Svengoobles
Brad Potts
as Drill Sergeant
Cindy Buck
as Pompeii Dancer
Megan Lee Joy
as Cheerio
Ben Bram
as Keyboardist
John Schneider
as Dwight Evans
Donna Hood
as Dancer
Karen Chuang
as Swoosie
Neil Parker
as Sick Albert/Wes Fahey
Antonia Carlotta
as Cheerleader #1
Mary Czerwinski
as 80s Dancer
Patricia Raven
as Webber
Melissa Benoist
as Marley Rose
Bobby Burkey
as Student
Felix Avitia
as Snotty Kid
Jack Nathan Harding
as Mr. Baroody
Season Winquest
as Ballerina
Phil Foster
as Specialty Skater
Patrick Stafford
as Sycophant #1
Olivia Newton-John
as Self
Ryan Taylor
as Alpha Gay
JJ Snyder
as Reporter
Todd Sandler
as School Board Member/Todd
Philip Pavel
as TV Producer
Tia Robinson
as Cheerio/Conjunction Junction Dancer
Fay Hauser
as Doctor
Raven Goodwin
as Sheila
Beverly Polcyn
as Old Singer
Shay Mitchell
as Girl in Yellow Jacket
Caitlynn Lawson
as Shayna
Jose Cueva
as Cheerleader #1/Stilt World
Bunny Gibson
as Hipster
Danielle Macdonald
as Girl #1
Rachael Markarian
as Cheerio/Cheerleader
Taisha Monique Clark
as Giselle/Jane Adams Dancer
Mackenzie Green
as Vocal Adrenaline #16/Vocal Adrenaline #17/Vocal Adrenaline #2/Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Jolene Purdy
as Ronnie
Will Sherrod
as NYADA Student
Naya Rivera
as Santana Lopez/Artie Abrams
Amy Novondo
as Pedestrian
Darin Sanone
as Cheerleader #8/Stilt World
Eric Etebari
as Reggie 'The Sauce' Salazar
Drew Tablak
as Golden Goblet Member
Vanessa Mizzone
as Realtor
Michael Busch
as Barry
Becca Tobin
as Kitty Wilde
Chris Parnell
as Mario
Alan Heitz
as Ronny
Chad James Buchanan
as Bartender
Hannah Elless
as Drummer
Sean O'Bryan
as Roric
Susan Leslie
as Sandra
Erin Heft
as Female Student
Jim J. Bullock
as Cert
Meat Loaf
as Barry Jeffries
Craig Henningsen
as Stage Combat Partner
Sean Guse
as Robbie
Annie Quinn
as Liz
Aidan Freedman
as Giardi Triplet #2
Brenda Ballard
as Stephanie
Galen Hooks
as Jane Adams Choir
Jada Harris
as Toddler Mercedes
Carmen Kirby
as Student
Melissa Sandvig
as Ballerina
Joshua Aaron
as Dalton Academy Warbler/Student/Warbler
Mike Sode
as Teacher
Dave Fink
as Prom King Runner Up
Stefania Spampinato
as Dancer
Mitch Grassi
as Golden Goblet Member
Jacob Hashem
as Amir
Brian Balzerini
as Andy
Kelly Bacon
as Dance Party Girl/New Yorker
Nicholas Kadi
as Alain Marceau
Bee-Be Smith
as Harris' Receptionist
Richard Taylor II
as Student
David Pearl
as Faculty
Aaron Hendry
as Darren
Dana Rosendorff
Ann Russo
as Nurse
Jon Christie
as Dude
Daniel Curtis Lee
as Phil Lipoff
Alex Roth
as McKinley Nerd
Cade King
as Football Player
Rizwan Manji
as Dr. Gidwani
Summer Malone
as Speech and Debater
Ray Gordon II
as Graduate Student
Hope Olaidé Wilson
as De'Wanda Umber
Jeremy Hudson
as Gay Bar Dancer/Vocal Adrenaline's Dancer
Tiffany Adams
as Reporter #1
David Keresztes
as Dalton Academy Warbler
Harry Shum Jr.
as Mike Chang/Joe Hart
Todd Bouldin
as Parent
Tyler Parks
as ScaleBlazer
Nick Drago
as Vocal Adrenaline Dancer/Aural Intensity dancer/Dancer/Flash Mob Dancer/NYC Dancer/Pompeii Dancer/Shark Dancer
Kie Spring
as Photographers Assistant
Phoenix Cirillo
as Little Boy Heckler
Scott Lincoln
as Cannonball Guy
Matthew Lepper
as Toddler Puck
Amber Riley
as Mercedes Jones/Brittany S. Pierce
Rob Marrocco
as Roller Dancer
Suzy Sincock
as Mrs. Denny-Brown
Sean Trauth
as Trumpet Player
John Ross Bowie
as Dennis
Jessica Edmonds
as Apple #10
Wendle Josepher
as Barbara Brownfield
Korey Dunaway
as Dancer
Edwin Garcia II
as Mark
Michael Bolton
as Self
Steve Trzaska
as Apple #7
Tommy Bechtold
as Assistant
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Sandy Ryerson
Ernest Dancy
as Black Student Body Member
Benjamin Pitz
as Artist at Fundraiser/Career Vendor-Burger Guy
Ava Grace Pulido
as Toddler Lauren Zizes
Nilson Avalos
as Deaf Choir #2/Deaf Choir #3
Ali Stroker
as Betty Pillsbury
Melanie Avalon
as Cheerio
Samuel Larsen
as Joe Hart/Mike Chang
Scott T. Henson
as Guitarist
Segis Avila
as Santana's Cousin
Benjamin Dunn
as Football Player
Matt Emig
as Self - Martial Arts Tricker
Ellen Ho
as Ballerina
Mary Jeanette Ramsey
as Guppy
Tiiu Wu
as Art Dealer
Michelle J. Costello
as Vocal Adrenaline
Derek Butler
as Male Student
Tommy Korn
as Deaf Choir #6/Deaf Choir #7
Guilford Adams
as Judge Tickles the Clown
Alexys Alonzo
as Toddler Santana
Kherington Payne
as Jane Adams Choir #2
Anna Mountford
as Teacher
Ashley Blaine Featherson
as Shaynice
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Bar Mitzvah/Teacher/Waffle Man
Josh Sussman
as Jacob Ben Israel
Alissa Geraghty
as Supermodel
Jush Allen
as 80s Dancer
Sabrena No'mani
as Girl #2
David Wilson Page
as Josh Coleman
Mark Salling
as Noah 'Puck' Puckerman/Blaine Anderson
Manos Gavras
as Dimitri
Clark Moore
as Apple #3
Josephine Gorchoff
as Cheerleader #4
Jackée Harry
as Jackee Harry
Stephen Sapienza
as TKTS Tourist
M.C. Gainey
as Santa
Dwayne Barnes
as Executive
Dominic Barnes
as Trent
Tonya Kay
as Cheerleader #3/Fire Whip Bikini Cheerios Dancer/Stilt World
Raquelle Somers
as High School Student/Student
Aisha Tyler
as Jake's Mother
Sue Jean Kim
as Clerk
Frances Manzo
as Dancer
Clint Culp
as Teamster
Danielle Towne
as Acapella Dancer/Cheerleader #9/Stilt World
Mason Trueblood
as Super Gay Warbler/Gospel Choir
Hayley Holmes
as Liz Schneider
Rick Worthy
as Dr. Howard
Shaun Easter
as Teacher
Kayla Kalbfleisch
as Elaine
Nick Nordella
as Sales Person
John Autry II
as Deaf Choir #1/Deaf Choir Soloist
Maxine English
as Mrs. Robinson
Loanne Bishop
as Waitress
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Terri Schuester/Terri Del Monico
Rebecca Staab
as Mrs. Collins
Lauren Gottlieb
as Dancer/Vocal Adrenaline Dancer/Member of Vocal Adrenaline
Chloe Boyle
as Child
Irene Roseen
as Liz Alfano
Telisha Shaw
as Aphasia
Brittany Perry-Russell
as Cheerio
Jade Fowler
as Deaf Choir #8/Deaf Choir #9
Carrie Salter
as OSU Student
Eric Roberts
as Fundraiser Coordinator
Carin Noland
as Cheerleader #5/Stilt World
Zack Lively
as Lipoff
Marie Grujicic-Delage
as Mrs. French Tourist
Cassandra M. Bellantoni
as Wife of Annoying Cell Phone User
Erica Weindruch
as Cheerleader #10/Stilt World
Adam Dingeman
as Apple #4
Patrick Gallagher
as Ken Tanaka
Shelby Rabara
as Shoshandra
Julie Sufana
as Nerdy Girl
B.K. Cannon
as Carla
Thia Schuessler
as Roller Girl
Greg Bryan
as Jack
Michelle Ehlen
as Trans Choir
Courtlin Fields
as Billionaire
Keaton Savage
as Film School Dude
Shirley MacLaine
as June Dolloway
Adam Chernick
as Boy
Kristen Clement
as Student
Jeff Pierre
as Male Fan
Jo Anderson
as Marcia Dean
Melanie Moore
as Dancer/NYADA Dancer
Melinda Kramer
as Past Glee Club Member
Erinn Westbrook
as Bree
Colby Minifie
as Young Sue Sylvester
Rory Schleifstein
as Bad Girl Singer
John Stamos
as Dr. Carl Howell
Kelly Tighe
as Student
John Ainsworth
as Barclay
Justin Castor
as Chandler Kiehl
as Animal Husbandry Clubber
Titus Makin Jr.
as David
Richard Shaluly
as Shopper
Robert Kane
as Jock
Curt Mega
as Nick
Jane Lynch
as Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch/Will Schuester
Rob Giles
as Guitarist
Ilia Volok
as Cab Driver
Emily Rhoads
as Cheerio Cafeteria Flashback
Helen Mirren
as Becky's Inner Voice
Monique Filips
as Amazon Mom
Gary Grubbs
as Jimbo Wilson
Rick L. Dean
as Teacher
Jodi Harris
as Mrs. Pathello
Jake Vaughn
as Toddler Finn
Chris Gedos
as Jet
Anjelica Hymel
as Cheerleader
Vincent Tran
as Highschool Student
Libertad Green
as High School Student
Rae Olivier
as Golden Goblet Singer
Nick Silva
as Vocal Adrenaline
Riker Lynch
as Jeff
Jeremy Lucas
as WOHN Cameraman
Corina Boettger
as Student #1
Priscilla Leona Horne
as Teacher
Alex Mentzel
as Warbler #1
Brent Jennings
as Reverend
Luke Youngblood
as Student #4
Kari Coleman
as Donna Jackson
Lynne Jacobellis
as Cheerio
Anne Giovanni
as Broadway Theater Patron/Overjoyed Parent
Jordan Ward
as Warbler #3
Jim Gleason
as Doctor
Megan McKenzie
as Cheerio
Eric Sequeira
as Apple #6
Kelly Nienaltowski
as Student
Nicola Plowman
as Cheerio
Grace Noble
as High School Student
William Charles Mitchell
as Minister
Mandela Bellamy
as Vampire
Tena Parker
as Hairstylist
Shaun J. Brown
as Theatre Patron
Akeem Mair
as High School Student Dancer
Joe Hursley
as Joe
P.G. Neil
as Basketball player #3
Frank Scozzari
as Dalton Academy Teacher
Bruce Beatty
as Preacher
Josiah Davis
as Player
Adam Lambert
as Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert
Adam Kolkin
as Young Kurt
Carolina Bonetti
as Falconer
as Trans Choir
Sharon Ferguson
as Cashier/Heartbreaker/Kiki Dancer
Mal Merpi
as UC Tour Guide
Ryan Cleary
as Judge contestant
Jessica Sanchez
as Frida Romero
Dylan Sprayberry
as Young Cooper
Carol Kraft
as Bowling alley patron
Christopher Curry
as Gunther
Dijon Talton
as Matt Rutherford
Nick Young
as Vocal Adrenaline
Chord Overstreet
as Sam Evans/Rory Flanagan
Matt Marr
as Aerobics Dancer
Aaron Brentwood
as High School Student
Jed Bernard
as Dave Karofsky's Partner
Brendan Haley
as McKinley Student
Karen Constantine
as Waitress
Alex Schmider
as Chorus Member
Sonya Eddy
as Angry Mom
Kayla Radomski
as Cheerio
Christopher Cousins
as Superintendent Bob Harris
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Richard Lavender
Jack Plotnick
as Dr. Leonard Halpman
Daniel Amerman
as T.A.
Courtney Platt
as The Mack/Vocal Adrenaline Dancer/Mall Dancer/Prego Girl/Troubletone
Chelsea Murphy
as Cheerio
Mandana Rothschild
as NYADA Secretary
Jeanette Brox
as Assistant Stage Manager
Maria Del Carmen
as Cheerio
Trey Knight
as Cheerleader #4/Stilt World
Michael Mandell
as Mo
Ashlee Brian
as Derek
Dawn Noel
as Jayelle
Ishai Setton
as Announcer
Harrison Forsyth
as Cross Kid
Sam Tan
as Hockey Jock
Celine Eckwright
as Martial Artist/Special Ability Fencer
Katherine McNamara
as Bunhead #1
Ashley Drayton
as Spirit - Professional Roller Skater
Jacob Artist
as Jake Puckerman
Ethan Walker
as Dancer
Eva La Dare
as Fire Hoop Bikini Cheerio
Roy Abramsohn
as Reporter #2
Carrie Goldstein
as Student
Josh Groban
as Self
Sebastien Cuk
as Finn's Dad
Rowdy Brown
as Singing Student
Austin Brue
as Other Really Gay Warbler
Tara Holt
as Girl
Aubree Storm
as Acapella Dancer/Dancer/Pregnant Dancer
Samia Khan
as Cheerio Cheerleader
Idina Menzel
as Shelby Corcoran
Bo Barrett
as Assistant Manager
Josh Blumenkranz
as Dalton Student
Maj Lesti
as Deaf Choir #4/Deaf Choir #5
Loretta Devine
as Sister Mary Constance
Stacey Sargeant
as Barmaid
Kristin Daniel
as Dance Student #2/Ballet Dancer #1/Dance Student #1/Dance Student #10/Dance Student #5/Dance Student #9/NYADA Dancer #1
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as LeRoy Berry
Christopher Scott
as Dancer
Jaymes Butler
as Father
Don Most
as Rusty Pillsbury
Kenneth Choi
as Dr. Wu
Thomasina Gross
as Dancer/Jane Adams Choir #4/Perfect Engleberger/Shark Dancer
John Paul Batista
as Apple #5
Patrick Cox
as Stuart
Jordan Barron
as Stage Hand
Jake Iorio
as Dalton Academy Student
Morgan Tremaine
as Student/Warbler
Jordan Elizabeth
as Waitress
Alicia Champion
as Jane Adams Guitarist
Richard Stiasny
as Older Gentleman
Jonathan Platero
as Dancer
Natalia Ochoa
as Falconer
Skylar Astin
as Jean Baptiste
Aiden Arrows
as Guitar Store Clerk
Nick Fink
as Warbler #6
Gina Hecht
as Mrs. Puckerman
Barbara Tarbuck
as Nancy Bletheim
Bob Glouberman
as Mitzvah University President
Jernard Burks
as Mall Santa
Jordan James Reyes
as Bear
Sharon Muthu
as Sikh
May Miyata
as Apple #11
Kyle Samples
as Nerd
Emilee Wallace
as Deaf Choir #11/Deaf Choir #9
Ellerine Harding
as Hipster Female #1
Mike Quinn
as Puppeteer
Rob Crites
as Cheerleader #2/Stilt World
Nathan Trasoras
as Cheerio/Vogue Dancer
Brittany O'Connor
as Dancer
Jake Zyrus
as Sunshine Corazon
Melinda McGraw
as Clara Banks
Sonya Macari
as Dancer
Bob Bancroft
as Dr. Donald Langdon
Chace Crawford
as Biff McIntosh
Brandon Bryant
as Dancer/Vocal Adrenaline Dancer
Bill A. Jones
as Rod Remington
Carol Burnett
as Doris Sylvester
Theo Sakellarides
as The Nerd
Stacey Bender
as Coffee Bar Patron
Natalie Gerace
as Student
Bobo Chang
as Terrified Dalton Student
Kevin McHale
as Artie Abrams/Santana Lopez
Justin Bailey
as Dalton Student
Candace McKinney
as Student
Richard Kind
as Mr. Rifkin
Louis Fasanaro
as Parent
Ravi Sinha Smith
as Young Blaine
Lynette Scire
as Couple on Boardwalk
John Michael Higgins
as Russell
Tora Kim-Lake
as Studio Intern
Nancy Guerriero
as Librarian
Ryan McGrady
as 1980s Student
Max Adler
as Dave Karofsky/Karofsky
Kyle Mura
as Male Model
Michelle DeFraites
as Girl
Chantel Aguirre
as Dancer
Jeff Odachowski
as Paparazzo
Bradford Tatum
as Tattoo Artist
Cynthia Harmon
as Cheerleader
Britney Spears
as Britney Spears
Dior Goodjohn
as Little Santana
Ashleigh Biller
as 1986 Cheerio/Mennonite
Malerie Grady
as Student #3
Tyler Corbin
as Student
D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce
as Drag Queen
Alexander Wenger
as Dweeb
Joey Courteau
as Casting Agent
Rob Lamer
as Little Kurt
Katrina La Nene
as Crying Girl
Mary Stein
as Pam Fronkstein
Rock Anthony
as Rick 'The Stick'/Hockey Player
Ashton Amaba
as Crawford County Day School Girl
Kendal Evans
as Cheerio
Andi Chapman
as Arwyyd Johnson
Tyra Banks
as Bichette
USC Trojan Marching Band
as McKinley High School Marching Band
Fred Stoverink
as Bouncer/Scandals Bouncer
Mike Munich
as Dancer
Jenna Ushkowitz
as Tina Cohen-Chang/Rachel Berry
Cooper Rowe
as Warbler #3
Jeremy Timmins
as Bouncer/Dancing Fan/Screaming/Train Station Couple
Vicki Woodlee
as Hipster
Chase McKendry
as New Directions Fan
Kristen Schaal
as Mary Halloran
Raquel Sandler
as Theatre Girl
Georgia Mahassine
as Student
Sai Gundewar
as Store Patron
Aaron Fotheringham
as Artie's Wheel Chair Double
Jacy King
as Janet
Ioan Gruffudd
as Paolo San Pablo
Peter Mayhew
as Chewbacca
Christopher Higgins
as Dalton Academy Student
John Lloyd Young
as Henri St. Pierre
Chris Moss
as Assistant Choreographer/Country Line Dancer/Flash Mob Dancer
Cory Norris
as New York Student
Lindsay Lohan
as Lindsay Lohan
John Potter
as Dalton Student/Warbler
Cathy Doe
as Barista
Matthew McFate
as Student
Vanéx Favors
as Nerdy Guy
Jonathon Grant
as Model
Tim Conway
as Marty Rogers
Heather Mazur
as Publicist
Phoebe Strole
as Penny Owen
Cory Monteith
as Finn Hudson/Kurt Hummel
Kati Sharp
as Rochelle
Ratidzo Mambo
as Teacher
Neil Haskell
as Dolph
Ryan Heinke
as Stoner Brett/Brett
Lea Michele
as Rachel Berry/Tina Cohen-Chang
Kyle Burnard
as Chris
Rane Jameson
as Delivery Man
Matt Bomer
as Cooper Anderson
Lindsay Pearce
as Harmony
Alex Wong
as NYADA Dance Student
Marcanthonee Reis
as Oscar
Jon Robert Hall
as Warbler #7/Warbler/Warbler John/John/Warbler #4
Ann Thomas
as Choir Member
Jimmy Bellinger
as Clark Hummings
David Lewis
as Joby
Robin Trocki
as Jean Sylvester/Jean
Paul Peglar
as Jazz Band Pianist
Pilot Jones
as Warbler
Philippe Badreau
as Wedding Guest
Kate Hudson
as Cassandra July
Molly McCook
as Sophmore Singer
Joshua Cooper
as Bar Patron
Isabella Kai
as Girl
Kathy Griffin
as Tammy Jean Albertson
Joanna Rohrback
as Self
Danielle Zaragoza
as Cheerio
Marko Germar
as NYADA Dancer
Natalija Nogulich
as Madame Helen
Romy Rosemont
as Carole Hudson-Hummel/Carole Hudson
Luke Spinelli
as Jared
Chelese Belmont
as Ballerina
Connor McCabe
as Gabriel
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Hipster Female #2
Jesse Luken
as Bobby 'Boom Boom' Surette
Lauren Denham
as Cheerio
Loyd Bateman
as Alex
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Trainer
Carole Gutierrez
as Nurse #1
Charlie Spillers
as Nerd
Cody Collier
as The Mime
Zachary Bankowski
as Little Person
Tosha Lynette
as Church Goer
Tava Smiley
as Mrs. Figler
Armond Edward Dorsey
as Church Goer
Telly Leung
as Wes
Brock Baker
as Warbler #8
Sarah Beymer
as Unnamed Cheerio 2
Nino Nava
as Nerd
David A Gerard
as Warbler Fan
Steve Troop
as Puppeteer
Gary Dourdan
as D'Shawn
Ricky Martin
as David Martinez
Madalein Jackson
as Student
Kara DeFrias
as New Directions Fan
Ingrid Werner
as High School Student
Kurt Fuller
as Mr. McClung
Treshelle Edmond
as Deaf Choir #10/Deaf Choir #11
Damian Gomez
as Waiter
Terry Li
as WMHS Student
Grant Gustin
as Sebastian Smythe
Bex Taylor-Klaus
as Bex
Romel De Silva
as Overweight Student
Sancho Martin
as Cheerios Tryout
Rex Lee
as Alderman Martin Fong
June Squibb
as Maggie Banks
Jacob Wysocki
as Electra's D.P.
Ric Sarabia
as Crusty Teacher/Mr. Clippenger
Perez Hilton
as Party-goer/Perez Hilton
Jack Foley
as Lysander
Dollar Tan
as Football Dancer
Paul Vogt
as Herb Duncan
Katee Shean
as Jane Adams Choir #3
Shalayna Janelle
as Student
Lexie Contursi
as Cheerio
Eric Berlynn
as Breadsticks Host
Claudia Choi
as Make-Up Woman
Tara Nicole Hughes
as Dancer
George Wyner
as Plastic Surgeon
Dean Cameron
as Kurt's Acting Teacher
Samantha Kelly
as High school student
Rick Pasqualone
as Al Motta
Sarah Otey
as Other Girl
Whoopi Goldberg
as Carmen Tibideaux
Bonnie Bailey-Reed
as Dissatisfied Spotlight Diner Customer
John Garrett Mahlmeister
as Falconer
Patty Duke
as Jan
Nico Greetham
as Vocal Adrenaline
Ayla Rose Barreau
as Dottie Westerton
Seth Remis
as Waiter
Terrell Finnegan
as Puck's Girl
Sonya Wallace
as Amazon Mom
Michael Mishaw
as Choir Singer
Emilie Livingston
as T.E. Clown #2
Eric Shackelford
as 70s Light Saber Guy/Construction Worker
Brian Friedman
as Mercedes' Backup Dancer
Harry Hamlin
as Walter
Cathryn Wake
as Bassist
Fortune Feimster
as Butch Melman
Randi Cee
as Flash Mob Dancer/NYC Dancer
Dean Geyer
as Brody Weston
Angela Gulner
as Bridesmaid
Kelli Erdmann
as Vocal Adrenaline
Scot London
as Warbler
Sarah Drew
as Suzy Pepper
Jesse Holcomb
as Dancer/Puck's Posse
Bill Prudich
as Pompeii dancer
Dan Domenech
as Chase Madison
Laura Jordan
as Brooklynite
Joseph Haro
as Warbler #1
Tahlena Chikami
as Jessica
Mason McNulty
as Young Sam
Christopher Troy
as Dancer/School Dancer
Moises Nieves
as Freshman Student
Pamela Chan
as Dottie Kazatori
Tonita Castro
as Imelda
Stephen Rollins
as Teacher
Jennifer Aspen
as Kendra Giardi
Barry Tolli
as Football Player
Kody Klein
as Football Player
James Jackson Jr.
as Dancer/Homeless Guy
Bernard Abellada
as Audience member
Finneas O'Connell
as Alistair
Cali Fredrichs
as Popular Girl
Missy Morelli
as Vocal Adrenaline Member
James Earl
as Azimio
Josh Cormier
as Student
Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson
as Blartie
Diana Care
as Guppy
Nolan Gerard Funk
as Hunter Clarington
Gina Luciani
as Musician: Flutist
Bonnie Hellman
as Nurse
Melisse Cantatore Masi
as Cheerleader
Charles Melton
as Model
Kate Brochu
as Girl #3
Brandon Duracher
as Model
Kate Stewart
as Teacher
Justin Gaston
as Football Player
Sidney Hopson
as Percussionist/Steel Pan Player
Brittany Renee Finamore
as Beverley Stevens
Mary Lou
as 1993 New Directions Member
Jim Rash
as Lee Paulblatt
Ina-Alice Kopp
as Receptionist
Louis Stancil
as Deaf Choir #12
Justine Woodford
as Student
Jack Abrams
as Bar Mitzvah Guest
Chase McGuire
as Mennonite
Paul C. Rademacher
as Kurt's Nerd Friend
Robert Roldan
as Unitard
Ryan Grainger
as Warbler
Stjepan Hauser
as Cellist
Anna Claire Sneed
as Kid
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Freddie
Cassandra Bautista
as Photographer
Aaron Hill
as Nick
Ashley Galvan
as Aural Intensity singer/Lydia
Amanda Fields
as Fashionable Ballerina
Jonathan Wolf
as Random Guy
Shari Tiandra Tinker
as Jane Adams Choir
Brad Benedict
as Matt Cromley
Mark Sinacori
as Teacher
Michelle Maniscalco
as Dancer
Debra Monk
as Mrs. Schuester
Emily Killian
as Cheerio
Mariel Molino
as Cheerio
Edmund L. Shaff
as Hipster Male
Mandy Faura
as Concert Girl
Jennifer Say Gan
as Nurse #2
Eve Gordon
as Mrs. Fretthold
Neil Patrick Harris
as Bryan Ryan
Ken Jeong
as Pierce Pierce
Frank Pacheco
as Jerky Player
Athena Perample
as Dancer
Evlin Lake
as Dancer
Jordan Destin
as Guest
Bradford Mayfield
as Drag Queen
Lexi Marman
as Deaf Choir #1/Deaf Choir #2
Lindsey Sims-Lewis
as Cameo
Camille Dragomer
as Young Dancer #4
Jan Hoag
as Roberta
Colleen Craig
as Animal Head Dancer/Flash Mob Dancer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2012 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2013 | 20 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 13 Episodes




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