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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Events in this daytime drama are centered in Port Charles, a community on the coast in upper New York. On-going plots are centered around the people who work in General Hospital, people who work in the business community (most notably for the Quartermaines' company E.L.Q.), and some sort of international intrigue involving former Agents of the W.S.B. (World Security Bureau). Big plots of the past include Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura's (Genie Francis') wedding and Mikkos Cassadine's (John Colicos') evil weather machine.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: April 1, 1963

Also Known As: General Hospital, GH |  See more »

Parents Guide: France (Tous publics), United States (TV-PG, TV-14, TV-14)


Plot Keywords

medical drama

Company Credits

Production Co: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Cinema Vehicle Services |  See more »


Nathan Parsons
as Ethan Lovett/Ethan Spencer
Peter Hansen
as Lee Baldwin/Lee Baldwin #2
Julie Marie Berman
Steve Burton
as Jason Morgan/Patient 6/Jason Quartermaine/Drew Cain/Jason Morgan Quartermaine/Jason Smith
Scott Clifton
as Dillon Quartermaine
Ted King
as Lorenzo Alcazar/Luis Alcazar
Tyler Christopher
as Nikolas Cassadine/Connor Bishop
Natalia Livingston
as Emily Bowen Quartermaine/Rebecca Shaw/Emily Quartermaine
Joseph C. Phillips
as Justus Ward
Gerald Anthony
as Marco Dane (1992-1993)
Matthew Ashford
as Tom Hardy/Dr. Tom Hardy
Rebecca Herbst
as Elizabeth Webber/Elizabeth Webber Spencer/Elizabeth Webber Baldwin/Elizabeth Webber Lansing/Jessie Brewer/Eliza/Mrs. Cratchit
Chase Masterson
as Ivy Lief (1994)
Alicia Leigh Willis
as Courtney Matthews/Courtney Matthews Morgan/Courtney Matthews Jacks/Courtney Matthew Morgan/Courtney Matthew
Brianna Brown
as Lisa Niles/Dr. Lisa Niles
Constance Towers
as Helena Cassadine
Billy Miller
as Jason Morgan/Drew Cain/Jake Doe
Sarah Brown
as Claudia Zacchara/Carly Benson Corinthos/Carly Benson/Carly Roberts
Anthony Geary
as Luke Spencer/Fake Luke/Fluke/Sam Smith/Tim Spencer/Cesar Faison/Lucas 'Luke' Lorenzo Spencer/Rodiger Family Friend
Julie Berman
as Lulu Spencer/Lulu Spencer Falconeri/Lesley Lu 'Lulu' Spencer-Falconeri/Lulu Falconeri/Lulu Specner Falconeri/Lulu Spencer Falconceri
Jane Elliot
as Tracy Quartermaine/Jacob Marley/Tracy Quartermaine Spencer
Thaao Penghlis
as Victor Cassadine
Kelly Monaco
as Sam McCall/Sam McCall Morgan/Sam Morgan/Sam Cain/Alicia Montenegro/Sam Falconeri/Sam Morgan McCall
Eva Longoria
as Brenda Barrett Lookalike
John J. York
as Mac Scorpio/Malcolm 'Mac' Scorpio/Malcolm Scorpio/Mac Scoprio
Lindze Letherman
as Georgie Jones/Georgie Jones Quartermaine
Maurice Benard
as Sonny Corinthos/Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos
Kirsten Storms
as Maxie Jones/Maxie Jones Hunter/Maxie Jones West/B.J. Jones/Fred's Wife
Lynn Herring
as Lucy Coe/Lucy Coe Collins/Lucy Cole
Julian Stone
as Jerry Jacks
Norma Maldonado
as Marina
Jacob Young
as Lucky Spencer
Robert Newman
as Prescott Harrell (1985)
Nancy Lee Grahn
as Alexis Davis/Alexis Davis Jerome/Alexis Davis Lansing/Alexis Davis Jacks/Lexy Brighton
Kimberly McCullough
as Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake/Dr. Robin Scorpio/Robin Scorpio/Dr. Robin Drake/Robin Scorpio Drake/Robin Scorpio-Drake/Robin Soltini
Lindsey Morgan
as Kristina Davis/Kristina Adella Davis Corinthos/Kristina Corinthos Davis
Lexi Ainsworth
as Kristina Corinthos-Davis/Kristina Corinthos Davis/Kristina Davis
Genie Francis
as Laura Spencer/Laura Collins/Laura Webber/Laura Baldwin/Laura Spencer Baldwin/Laura Vining Webber/Laura Webber Baldwin
David Lewis
as Edward L. Quartermaine #1/Edward Quartermaine/Edward L. Quartermaine/Edward Quartermain
Tuc Watkins
as Pierce Dorman #2 (1996-1997)
Laura Wright
as Carly Corinthos/Carly Jacks/Carly Alcazar/Beatrice Eckert/Carly Quartermaine/Lena Spencer
Chad Duell
as Michael Corinthos/Michael Quartermaine/Dick Wilkins
Norma Connolly
as Ruby Anderson
Jonathan Jackson
as Lucky Spencer
Amber Tamblyn
as Emily Bowen Quartermaine/Emily Bowen-Quartermaine/Emily
Mathew St. Patrick
as Detective Marcus Taggart #2 (1997)
Brandon Barash
as Johnny Zacchara
Kristen Alderson
as Kiki Jerome/Starr Manning
Chad Brannon
as Zander Smith/Aaron/Zander Smith aka Alexander Lewis
Brytni Sarpy
as Valerie Spencer
Dominic Zamprogna
as Dante Falconeri/Dominic Pirelli/Dominic Falconeri
Maura West
as Ava Jerome/Ava Cassadine/Denise DeMuccio/Ada Hooke/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Emma Caulfield
Bradford Anderson
as Damien Spinelli/Damian Spinelli
John Stamos
as Blackie/Blackie Parrish/John Stamos
Kelly Sullivan
as Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri/Kate Ward/Connie Zacchara/Constanza Louise 'Connie' Falconeri/Constanza Louise 'Connie' Falconeri-Zacchara
Lynne Moody
as Florence Campbell
Sean Kanan
as A.J Quartermaine/AJ Quartermaine/A.J. Quartermaine/A. J. Quartermaine/A.J. Quatermaine/A.J Chandler/AJ Quartmaine/AJ Quatermaine/AJ Qurttermaine
James Franco
as Franco
Nathin Butler
as Dr. Ewen Keenan
Finola Hughes
as Anna Devane/Alex Marick/Anna Devane Scorpio/Dr. Alexandra 'Alex' Marick/Alice/Anna/Anna Devane Lavery/Older Belle
Gavin Houston
as Sly Thomas
Bryan Craig
as Morgan Corinthos/Morgan Stone Corinthos
Stuart Damon
as Dr. Alan Quartermaine/Alan Quartermaine/Alan Quartermain/Dr. Alan Quartermain/Alan Quatermaine
Rick Hearst
as Ric Lansing/Richard 'Ric' Lansing
Greg Vaughan
as Lucky Spencer/Lucas 'Lucky' Lorenzo Spencer, Jr.
Jason Thompson
as Dr. Patrick Drake/Patrick Drake/Dr. Steve Hardy/Steve Hardy
Rosalind Cash
as Mary Mae Ward
Sean Blakemore
as Shawn Butler/Chase Wright
Vanessa Marcil
as Brenda Barrett/Brenda Barrett Corinthos
Stephanie Williams
as Dr. Simone Ravella Hardy #2 (1990-1993)
Ryan Paevey
as Nathan West
Ryan Carnes
as Dr. Lucas Jones/Lucas Jones/Dr. Phil Brewer
Ivy Natalia
as Samira Adin
Laura Harring
as Carla Greco
Ingo Rademacher
as Jasper 'Jax' Jacks/Jasper Jax
Susan Seaforth Hayes

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1963 | 399 Episodes

Season 53

2015 | 1 Episodes

Season 57

2019 | 73 Episodes

Season 58

2020 | 76 Episodes


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Outstanding Achievement in Daytime Drama - Programs



Outstanding Drama Series


Best Actor in Daytime Drama - For a Series


Best Actor in Daytime Drama - For a Series


Best Actress in Daytime Drama - For a Series


Best Writing for a Drama Series


Outstanding Lighting Direction


Outstanding Sound Mixing


Best TV Actress - Drama

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