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October 19, 2021
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About this title


Philip J. Fry is a twenty-five-year-old pizza delivery boy whose life is going nowhere. When he accidentally freezes himself on December 31, 1999, he wakes up one thousand years in the future, and has a chance to make a fresh start. He goes to work for the Planet Express Corporation, a futuristic delivery service that transports packages to all five quadrants of the universe. His companions include the delivery ship's Captain, Leela, a beautiful one-eyed female alien who kicks some serious butt, and Bender, a robot with very human flaws.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 28, 1999

Also Known As: 퓨처 라마, 飞出个未来 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Brazil (14, 10, Livre, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

space travel
adult humor

Company Credits

Production Co: The Curiosity Company, 20th Century Fox Television |  See more »


Bob Odenkirk
as Chaz
Frank Welker
as Nibbler/Additional Voices/Animals/Cats/El Chupanibre/Pigs/Seymour/Ape #2/Bees/Blorgulax/Caddy/Chicken Salmon/Cow/Cyclophage/Dogs/Ducks/Elves/Fox/Giant Anteaters/Guenter (when hatless)/Guenter's Parents/Horses/Howler Mummies/Hyperchicks/Internet Ads/Invisible Dog Leash/Jack Nicholson Gorilla/Jaguar/Joe/Lion/Lizards/Lovey Bears/Monkeys/Mushroom Ego/Parrot/Penguins/Poisonous Froad/Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell/Ricardo/Robo-Dogs/Sheep/Spirit/Tapirs/The Toaster/Toaster-Raccoon/Tyranosaurus Rex/Walter Cronkite's Head
Lucy Liu
as Lucy Liu's Head/Lucy Liu-bots
Buzz Aldrin
as Buzz Aldrin
Emilia Clarke
as Marianne
Lauren Tom
as Amy Wong/Inez Wong/Ruth/Additional Voices/Jrrr/21st Century Girl/Amy Wong 1/Amy Wong 420/Amy Wong A/Antarian Children/Boy/Calculon's Nephew/Chrissy/Cue T. McWhiskers/Dr. Zenus's Son/Elizabeth Bennet/Female Decapodian #2/Girl Scout/Heather/Hippie #3/Invitation Voice #1/Lady Lavender/Little Girl/Malachi, Jr./Marilyn Monroe-bot/Minx/Mrs. Beeler/Ms. Pac-Man/Orphans/Philip J. Fry (Yancy's son)/Princess Num Num/Suzie/Toddler #1/Woman in Bathroom/Young Yancy Fry, Jr./eBay
Kath Soucie
as Cubert Farnsworth/Nina/Albert/Rude Boy/Butch's Girlfriend/Casting Director/Children at Party/Emotitron Jr./Fat Girl/Head Museum Feeder/Kid #3/Michelle/Orphans/Punk Kid/The Real World Announcer/Toddler #2/Various Children/Various Orphans/Year Fifty Million Woman #3
Larry Bird
as Larry Bird
Bea Arthur
as Femputer
as Beck
Matt Groening
as Matt Groening
Burt Ward
as Burt Ward
E. Gary Gygax
as Gary Gygax
Tom Kenny
as Abner Doubledeal/Yancy Fry Jr./Additional Voices/Adlai Atkins/Dean Suspendington/Mr. 147573952589676412927/Old New York resident mutated from Andy Goldman/Planet Express Film Narrator/Popular Slut Club Theme Singer/Presentation Narrator/Resin Offering Robot/Robot Passerby/The Masked Unit/Yancy Fry, Jr./Young Kirk
Stephen Hawking
as Stephen Hawking/Stephen Hawking's Head
Yolanda Vidal
as Mom (Spanish dubbing)
John Goodman
as Robot Santa Claus
Tress MacNeille
as Linda/Mom/Hattie McDoogal/Petunia/Additional Voices/Tinny Tim/Monique/Turanga Munda/Nd-Nd/Dr. Cahill/Esther/Mrs. Fry/Vyolet/Mother/Mrs. Astor/Ndnd/Teen Robot/Tour Guide/Woman/Amazonian/Boy/Bret Blob/Computer/Craterface/Executive Gamma/Female Announcer/Fembots/Fiona/Guenter/Gypsy-bot/Joan Rivers' Head/Linda the Newsanchor/Rose Mary/Slurm Queen/Teller/The Grand Midwife/Waitress/7^11 Clerk/Advertisement/Airport Announcer/Aki/Alarm Clock/Albert/Amazon Woman/Amazonians/Andrew/Angry Mom/Angus #3/Animatronic Gopher #1/Answering Message/Awards Announcer/Babe/Bella/Bernella/Biff's Girlfriend/Big Bertha/Blek's Wife/Breakdancing fan/Bride/Broken Bot #2/Build-a-Bot Leela/Bureaucrascan/Butch/CIA Voice/Cameron Diaz/Candy/Casting Agent/Centipede Alien's Wife/Chief O'Manahan/Child at Recital/Child at UN/Children at Party/Commercial Announcer/Cosmetologist/Countess De La Roca/Countess von Luftballon/Crowd/Daisy/Daisy-May 128K/Darlene/Darth Sploder/Decapodian Woman/Dorm Girls/Dr. Widnar/Edna/Emotitron Jr./Fake 18-Year-Olds/Fanny/Farnsworth's Girlfriend/Female Bureaucrat/Female CDC Scientist/Female Martian Native/Female Robot Ghost/Female Robot at Human Hunt/Female Thurbanian/Fembot/Finger/Fishy Joe's Automated Voice/Five-Eyed Woman/Forbidden Planet Hollywood Employee/Future Crimes Interface/GPS/GeneWorks Woman/Glab/Gwen/Hattie/Hattie MacDoogal/Hippie #1/Hookerbot 5000/Housewife of Sim City/IBM Deep Blue/Intercom Voice/Invitation Voice #2/Jenny McNeal/Jezabel/Kid #2/Kug/Lady Buggle/Lady with Purse/Ladybot/Leela Actress/Leela's Grandmother/Leela's Phone/Leela's Wrist Thingy/Lisa/Little Boy/Little Girl/Louisa/Lulubelle 7/Lynn/Macaulay Culckon/Madame Ambassador/Madeline Albright's Head/Madeline Albright-bot/Malachi's Wife/Mandy/Martha Stewart's Head/Mavis/Mayor's Aide/Mayor's Date/Melllvar's Mother/Mildred/Molton Boron Singer/Mombot/Mother at Recital/Mother in Car/Mother in Commercial/Mrs. Everyteen/Mrs. Kroker/Mrs. Mellonger/Mrs. Tucker/Museum Guide #2/Mutant Nurse/Myrtle Fu/Neptunian Woman/Nerdbot/Nicole Kidman's Head/Nurse/Nurse Ratchet/Old Woman/Phone Operator/Planet Express Computer/Premula/Princess Flavia/Processor/Protester/Queen of Yonkers/Ratman's Girlfriend/Red Elder/Robot Actress/Robot Eskimo/Robot Gypsy/Robot Hooker/Robot Lap Dancer/Robot Nurse/Robot at Cinema/Robot at Funeral/Robot in Jury #2/Rosemary/Saleswoman/Sam/Sandra Day O'Connor's Head/Sandy/Satellite Dish/Scientist #1/Sea Monkeys Advertisement/Singing Bee/Skinless Robo-Leela/Slut/Spa 5 Leader/Speak-N-Say/Speaker Voice/Suicide Booth/Surveillance Camera/Suz Johnson/TV Mom/Teacher/Tennant with Cell Phone/The Honorable Judge 802/The Little Prince/The Queen/The Queen of Yonkers/Timmy's Mother/Tiny Tim/Tom Sawyer/Toy Salesman/Trash Can/Truck/Vincian Girl/Wanda/Washbucket/Welcome Voice/Wendy/Who-Ask Machine/Woman #1/Woman on PA/Women in Crowd/Wristlo-jackomater/Yancy Fry, Jr.'s Wife/Year 5 Million Female/Year Fifty Million Woman #1/Year Fifty Million Woman #2/Zindy/Zoidberg's Aunt
Seth MacFarlane
as Seymour - speaking
Sarah Silverman
as Michelle
Jill Talley
as Trainer
Estelle Harris
as Velma Farnsworth
as Donovan
Maurice LaMarche
as Morbo/Calculon/Kif Kroker/Hedonismbot/Additional Voices/Walt/Lrrr/Lt. Kif Kroker/Horrible Gelatinous Blob/The Hyperchicken/Clamps/Donbot/Headless Clone of Agnew/The Hyper-Chicken/Fishy Joe/George Washington's Head/Narrator/Raoul/The Borax Kid/The Crushinator/The Scary Door Narrator/Transition Announcer/Waiter/Butler/Destructor/Doctor/Executive Beta/Fishy Joseph Gillman/Inglis Raoul/Newsreel Announcer/The Big Brain/Victor/'Good Show!'/Ab-Bot/Abraham/Abraham Lincoln's Head/Academy Awards Announcer/Albino Shouting Gorillas/Alexander Hamilton/Amish Man/Angus McZongo/Announcer/Ape #1/Aracneon/Archaeologist/Attila the Hun/Auctioneer/Auto-Pilot/Bailiff/Balloon Operator/Band Member/Barking Snakes/Basil/Basketball Announcer/Bean Salesman/Benjamin Franklin/Betsy/Big-Mouthed Mutant/Border Guard/Brain Balls/Brrr/Buggalo/Business Monkey/Captain Megameat/Carcarons/Cartridge Unit/Chainsaw-Eating Robot/Civil Defense Van/Clock/Commercial Announcer/Costume Contest Announcer/Crushinator/Cryogenisist/Cuckoo/Cylon/Dean Vernon/Digby/Documentary Announcer/Documentary Narrator/Donkey Kong/Dr. Banjo/Dr. Perceptron/Dragon Ghost/Dumblock/E-Mail Voice/Elves/Elzar's Announcer/Emperor Bont/Erwin Schrödinger/Evil Lincoln/Executioner/Executive Alpha/Flamo/Flying Spaghetti Monster/Fountain Kraken/Fox Announcer/Frankenstein's Monster/Franklin D. Roosevelt's Head/Fred Sanford/Future Being/Gary/George Michael's Head/George Washington/Gerald Ford's Head/Ghost/Grover Cleveland's Head/Grumpy Snail Growling/Guard/Guard Dog/Hair Dryer/Hattie's Fiance/Headless Body of Agnew/Highly Evolved Robotic Juror/Hitchhiker/Hobsie/Horserace Commentator/Hot Dog Vendor/Ikea Robot/Ingliss Raoul/Japanese Toilet/Jim/King of Flatbrush/Lackey/Larry the Murder Burglar/Lassie's Head/LeRoy/Leonardo da Vinci/Luciano Pavoratti's Head/Madison Cube Garden Stage Manager/Malachi/Male CDC Scientist #1/Male Planet Express Ship/Man in Commercial #1/Man in Park/Maniacal Laughter/Mario/Melllvar/Midwife/Monk #1/Monster/Moon Rover Ride Narrator/Mr. Astor/Mr. Chunks/Mr. Everyteen/Mr. Peppy/Murg/Museum Guide #1/Nazi #1/Neutral Planet Ruler/Octopus/Old Guy/Omicronian Guard/Omocronian/Opera House Announcer/Orange Elder/Orson Welles' Head/Pharaoh Hermenthotip/Pig/Pizza Ad/Police Officer/Police Trainer/President Harry Truman/Priestbot/Professor Morris Katz/Race Announcer/Radio Newsreader/Ralph Kramden Animatronic/Raoull Inglis/Recruitment Officer/Referee/Ride Operator/Robot/Robot Ambassador/Robot Crowd/Robot Doctor/Robot Doorman #2/Robot Elder #2/Robot Who Owes Money/Robotic Caveman/Robotic Dinosaur/Robotic Heckler/Robotic Male Scientist/Ronald Reagan's Head/Sal's Friend #1/Scientist #2/Scoop Chang/Sex Shop Salesman/Shady Guy/Sign-Writer/Slave #1/Small Rock Alien/Space Pirate/Space Worm/Sparky/Sportsbot 5000/Squidward Scissorhands/TV Announcer/Teddy Roosevelt's Head/Texan Scientist #2/The Being of Inconceivable Horror/The Force/The Robot Devil/Throw Your Sea Monkeys Advertisement/Throw Your Voice Advertisement/Tokyo Crazy Balls Machine/Traffic Narrator/Trek Preacher/Ultra Guy/Universal Translator/Vampire Mayor/Vampire in Coffin/Will Reader/Yeti/Yuri/Zookeeper Monkey/eBay Auctioneer/iHawk
The Hypnotoad
as Self
Katey Sagal
as Turanga Leela/Cloberella/Lee Lemon/Nutcracker/Princess Purpleberry/Robo-Leela/Turanga Leela 1/Turanga Leela 1729/Turanga Leela A/Young Leela
David Herman
as Scruffy/Larry/Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer/Turanga Morris/Roberto/Dr. Ben Beeler/Dr. Ogden Wernstrom/Terry/Dwayne/Fatbot/Warden Vogel/Florp/Leg Mutant/Lou/Bill Clinton's Head/Breakdancing Teacher/Director/Doctor/Fat-Bot/Father Changstein El-Gamal/Malfunctioning Eddie/Mugger/Sal's Friend/Sergeant/Slurm Vending Machine/Sweet Clyde/'Shut up!'/1930's Policeman/Abraham Lincoln Robot/Adolf Hitler/Alkazar/Ambassador Moivin/Amish Man/Andrew Jackson's Head/Andy Goldman/Andy Warhol/Angus #2/Animatronio/Anime Professor Farnsworth/Art Garfunkel's Descendant/Benjamin Franklin/Betamax Robot/Biff/Big-Eared Mutant/Bigfoot/Blek/Bob Dole's Head/Bongo Player/Broken Bot #3/Broken Robot #5/Bureaucrat 74/Captain Lando Tucker/Car Salesman/Casting Director/Caveman/Chairman Koji/Chester A. Arthur's Head/Chinese Caterpillar Alien/Cigar Store Clerk/Clerk/Clyde Smith/Commemorative Turkey Baster Salesman/Crow T. Robot/Cryogenics Caretaker/Cyclops with Telescope/Darth Trocious/David Farnsworth/Dean Vernon/Decapodian Leader/Decapodian Man/Decapodian Welcomer/Devil Tattoo/Doingg/Dr. Banjo/Dr. BenBeeler/Dr. Daniel Zenus/Dr. Tenderman/Dr. Veins McGee/Egg Salesman/Elton John/Elves/Emperor Chop Chop/Emperor Nikolai/Executive Alpha/Falaffel Salesman/Fat Man at Gym/Father/Fishy Joe's Employee/General/General Colin Pac-Man/Grade #20 Bureaucrat/Green Elder/Hair-bot/Hairbot/Hand in Puppet/Helmut Spargle/High Priest/Homeless Robot #1/Homeopathic Doctor/Horse d'Oeuvres Salesman/Infosquito/Janos/Jewish Robot/John Hancock/Josh Gedgie/Kirk/Klaus Mandela/Langdon Cobb/Larvae Levin/Laser-eyed Bureaucrat/Mad Hatter Bot/Man at Delivery Address/Man in Chatroom/Man in Commercial #2/Man in Street/Master Fnog/Mayor C. Randall Poopenmayer/Mayor Poopenmeyer/Mexican #1/Monk #2/Moon Patrol/Moose/Moriarty/Namgyal/Nappster Owner/Nappster Salesman/Nazi #2/Ned Farnsworth/Niedermeyer/No. 1.0/Number Nine Man/Osiran/Osiran Slavemaster/Paco/Patchcord Adams/Paul Revere/Pazuzu/Pet Shop Clerk/Pet Show Judge/Pickles/Planet Express/Presenter/Professor Ogden Wernstrom/Project Satan/Protestor/Purple Heart Sergeant/Queequeg/Randy's Partner/Ranger Park/Referee/Robot Bouncer/Robot Coming Leaving Theatre #2/Robot Crowd/Robot Doorman #2/Robot Elder #3/Robot General/Robot Judge/Robot Mayor/Robot Villager #2/Robot at Human Hunt/Robot at Stock Market/Robot in Jury #1/Robotic Juror/Rock Alien/Sal's Friend #2/Scientist/Sean/Shazam/Shrimp/Shrimpkin Priest/Skier/Slurms McKenzie/Snack Clerk/Spa 5 Leader/Space Bee #4/Sweet Clyde Dixon/Tandy/Technician/That Guy/The Colonel/The Foreigner/The Huge Brain/The Infosphere/The Lord Mayor of Cologne/The Number 9 Man/The Pain Monster/Trek Fan #2/Tube User/Tudor/Unfrozen Man/Vet Jeffrey Grant/Video Rental Store Clerk/Waiter/Weapons Shop Clerk/Welshie/Whale Biologist/Xenotaphian/Year 10,000 Man
Kayre Morrison
as Opera Leela
Bob Barker
as Bob Barker
Parker Posey
as Umbriel
Patrick Stewart
as Huntmaster
Cony Madera
as Amy Wong (spanish dubbing)
Robert Wagner
as Robert Wagner's Head
Dan Vebber
as Norwegian Seed Guard
Nicole St. John
as Sally/Electronic Mother's Day Card
Pauly Shore
as Pauly Shore
Patton Oswalt
as Unattractive Giant Monster
Benjamín Rivera
as Philip J. Fry (spanish dubbing)
Roseanne Barr
as Roseanne Barr
Walter Koenig
as Walter Koenig
Jonathan Frakes
as Jonathan Frakes
David X. Cohen
as Computer/David X. Cohen
Adam Horovitz
as Ad-Rock's Head/MCA's Head
Dawnn Lewis
as LaBarbara Conrad/Amana/Jackie Anderson/Juiced-up Butterfly Fighter/Queen Bee/Singer/Tank
Ron Popeil
as Ron Popeil's head
Claudia Schiffer
as Claudia Schiffer's Head
Todd Susman
as PA Announcer
Cesar Soto Valenzuela
as Bender (Spanish dubbing)
Chris Elliott
as V-Giny
Craig Ferguson
as Susan Boil
Alejandra de la Rosa
as Turanga Leela (Spanish dubbing)
Phil Hendrie
as Old Man Waterfall/Free Waterfall Junior/Free Waterfall Senior/Frida Waterfall/Spray Painter
Bumper Robinson
as Dwight Conrad
Karen Maruyama
as Amazonian
Al Gore
as Al Gore's Head/Al Gore
Mark Mothersbaugh
as Mark Mothersbaugh
Sigourney Weaver
as Planet Express Ship
Jeff Cesario
as Marv Albert's Head
Adam West
as Adam West
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad/Reverend Preacherbot/Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate/Additional Voices/Dwight Conrad/Bolt Rollands/Narrator/Agent Robot Stack/Angus #5/Angus #6/Animatronic Gopher #2/Antarian #1/Antonio Calculon, Jr./B.J. Patel/Bailiff/Barack Obama/Ben Rodriguez/Bending Robot #2/Billionairebot/Billy Crystal's Head/Black Child/Black Cyclops/Black Street Racer/Blern Commentator/Blind Joe/Bottomless Boy/Broken Bot #1/Cheech Marin's Head/Chris Travers/Cigar Salesman/Contrabulous Choosmatron/Court Foreman/Dan McMasters/Darth Stroyer/Drrr/Feffernoose/Gabriel/George W. Bush's Head/Head of ACLU/Helper/Hermes Conrad 1/Hermes Conrad 25/Hermes Conrad A/Hiroki/Homeless Robot #2/Hugh Man/Interactive Cinema Announcer/Jackie Jr./Joe Camel/Judge 724/Junior/Kid #1/Killbot #1/Killbot #5/Lamp/Launch Technician/Lyndon Johnson's Head/Mechanic/Merfarmer/Messenger/Molton Boron Announcer/Monk #3/Mr. Sunbeam/Neanderthal Chief/Neptunian Man/Nobel Prize Presenter/Omocronian/Pizza Deliveryboy/Polkaberry/Poppler Salesman/Preacherbot/Purple Cloud/Recruitment Officer/Reverened Preacherbot/Robot 1-X/Robot Crowd/Robot Doorman #1/Robot God/Robot Playing Poker/Robot Villager #1/Robot Wrestling Commercial/Robotic Judge/Robotic Policeman/Rusty/Slave #2/Snake/Soldier/Solo Grunka Lunka #1/Space Bee #2/Squire/Stan/Suspiciously Fantastic Apartment Landlord/Tex 1138's Employee/Texan Scientist #1/The Honorable Judge 724/Thomas Jefferson/Thompson's Teeth Announcer/Todd/Unit 2013/Vaxtron/Viscount Violet/Waterboard/William Taft's Head/Worm Guard/Young Billy Everyteen/iZac
John DiMaggio
as Bender/Sal/URL/Elzar/Randy Munchnik/Igner/Additional Voices/Mr. Panucci/Joey Mousepad/Randy/Dandy Jim/Flexo/The Chain Smoker/Yancy Fry Sr./Barbados Slim/Curly Joe/Gus's Friend/Hermaphrobot/Human Friend/Jimmy/Noticeably F.A.T./Robot Santa/Additional vOICES/Adult Chatroom Bouncer/Alien Disguised as Human/Angus #4/Animatronic Whalers/Announcer/Antarian #2/Antonio Calculon, Jr. (malfunctioning)/Audience Member/Australian Laborer/Australian Man/Bailiff/Beach Bully/Bend-Aid Announcer/Bendee Boo/Bender 1/Bender 1729/Bender A/Bender Clones/Bender's Ringtone/Bike Thief/Billy West/Blip Gangsta/Boy at Orphanarium/Broadcaster/Broken Robot #4/Bumpkin Soldier/Bureaucrat/Butcher Bot/Captain Ahab/Car Smasher #1/Carnival Ride Professor/Cashier/Centipede Alien/Chet/Coilette/Colonel/Conspiracy Nut/Cool-o-Meter/Costume Contest Host/Crack Addict/Crewman/Cygnoid Man/Darth Ithead/Dog/Dummy #1/Elves/Evans/Evil Brain-Bot/Extreme Toddler Wrestling Announcer/Fan/Fender/Frankie/French Man/G.I. Zapp Theme Singer/Garbly/Gay Man/General's Assistant/George Foreman's Head/Great Reveal-O/Greenhouse Gases/Guard/Henry Kissinger's Head/Hip Joint Janitor/Hippie #2/Jack Johnson/Jack the Ripper/Jake the Dog/John Adams/John Jackson/Judge/Killbot #2/Lyndon B. Johnson's Head/Maintenance Guy/Man Flung Out of Cube/Man at Cinema/Man in Commercial/Man in Crowd/Man in Line/Man in Resteraunt/Man in the Year 10 Million/Man with Broken Leg/Marquis of Mulberry/Midget Jockey/Miss Juanta/Muscular Street Racer/Nappster User/Nautilus/Nazi #3/Nibblonian Chef/Norm/Not Evans/Oily/Orphan Crippler/Penguin Hunter/Pizza Box/Possum/Pre-Op Transformer/Q*bert/Repobot/Robo-Rooter/Robot Cellmate/Robot Chef/Robot Construction Worker/Robot Crowd/Robot Foreman/Robot Guards/Robot Janitor/Robot Playing Human/Robot from Berzerk/Rollerblader/Rutherford B. Hayes' Head/Security Guard/Sergeant/Shady Nurse/Solo Grunka Lunka #2/Sound Effects 5000/Space Bee #3/Speed Racer/Suicidal Man/Super King/The Clear Cutter/The Space Pope/Thorias/Translator Machine/Transvestite/Underwater Landlord/Weight Loss Program Runner/Yancy Fry, Sr./Yawning Horse
William Shatner
as William Shatner
Mike D
as Mike D's Head
George Takei
as George Takei's Head
Beastie Boys
as Beastie Boys
Hank Aaron
as Hank Aaron/Hank Aaron XXIV
Jan Hooks
as Anglelyne
Eric Rogers
as Popular Slut Club Singer
Pamela Anderson
as Dixie/Pamela Anderson's Head
as Kwanzaa-bot
Dan Castellaneta
as The Robot Devil/Grumpy Snail
Nora Dunn
as Morgan Proctor
Nichelle Nichols
as Nichelle Nichols/Nichelle Nichols' Head
Hank Azaria
as Harold Zoid
Bob Uecker
as Bob Uecker
Tara Strong
as Tanya
Conan O'Brien
as Conan O'Brien
Sergio Aragonés
as Sergio Aragonés
Suzie Plakson
as Amazonian
Danny Jacobs
Leonard Nimoy
as Leonard Nimoy's Head
Billy West
as Philip J. Fry/Dr. Zoidberg/Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth/Zapp Brannigan/Smitty/Richard Nixon's Head/Additional Voices/Leo Wong/Judge Ron Whitey/Professor Farnsworth/Documentary Narrator/President Richard Nixon's Head/Gus/Moon Farmer/God Entity/Ipgee/Bartender/Clerk/Glurmo/Humorbot 5.0/Ken/Lawyer/Richard Nixon/Robot Farmer/Singing Wind/Small Glurmo #1/20th Century History Teacher/Abraham Lincoln/Animated Paul Revere/Awakening Machine/Barrel Salesman/Bendee Boo Theme Singer/Bending Robot #1/Berry Burglar/Blonde Street Racer/Blue Elder/C-3PO/Captain Megameat Narrator/Captain Yesterday/Car Smasher #2/Cash Bones Announcer/Cashier/Center Square Bureaucrat/Chihuaha Doctor/Cinema Clerk/Coffee Machine/Commercial Announcer/Commercial Announcers/Commissioner/Conan O'Brien's Announcer/Cowardman/Dark Wizard/Dick Cheney's Head/Documentary Presenter/Donbot's Lawyer/Doug/Dr. Zoidberg 1/Dr. Zoidberg A/Dummy #2/Dust Storm/Elf/Elves/Enos Fry/EyePhone Commercial Announcer/Farnsworth's Invention/Film Narrator/Filthy Chat Room Users/Freezer Burn/Future Crimes Division Officer/Garbage Disposal/Gay Robot/Gearshift/George H.W. Bush's Head/Gorgak/Gretsky/Hick/High Priest/Human Punching-Bag/Hungarian Midget Robot/Hunter #1/Hunter #3/Hydroponic Farmer/Igpee/James Madison's Head/Jamming Orange Blast Man/John Tyler's Head/Jor-El/Judge/Keg Robot/Killbot #3/Killbot #4/Live Bait Salesman/Lord Loquat/M-5438/Male CDC Scientist #2/Man with Newspaper/Martian Native/Mixmaster Festus/Mr. Kroker/Nannybot 1.0/Narrator/Network President/Norman Zoidberg/Old Billy Everyteen/Old Man in Line/Old Man in Queue/Old Slave/Philip J. Fry 1/Philip J. Fry 1729/Philip J. Fry 31/Philip J. Fry A/Plastic Surgeon/Popsicle Salesman/President McNeal/President of the Network/Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth 1/Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth 420/Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth A/Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth XVII/Profestro/Propaganda Film Presenter/R.J./Radio DJ/Ratman/Robo-Fry/Robo-Puppy/Robot Bartender/Robot Comic Con Host/Robot Crowd/Robot Doorman #1/Robot Elder #1/Robot Leaving Theatre #1/Robot Rabbi/Robot in Jury #3/Root Creature/Scruffy/Sears-Roebuck Salesman/Sebastian Cabot/Senator/Senior Citizen/Sewer Mailman/Sheldon/Sheriff Burley/Sinclair/Skipper/Slave Enquiring About Weight Loss Program/Slow-Mobile Bureaucrat/Small Glurmo #2/Space Bee #1/SpongeBot SquareBolts/TV Announcer/The Honorable Judge 723/The Zookeeper/Transition Announcer/Tree Voice/Trek Fan #1/Uncle Vladimir/Vomit Advertisement/Warren Harding's Head/Wine Bucket/Year 5 Million Male
Katee Sackhoff
as Grrrl
Susie Geiser
as Additional Voices
Scott Holst
as Walla
Rich Little
as Rich Little's Head as Howard Cosell
Russ Leatherman
as Mr. Moviefone
Dick Clark
as Dick Clark's Head
Wanda Sykes
as Bev

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1999 | 9 Episodes

Season 2

1999 | 20 Episodes

Season 3

2000 | 15 Episodes

Season 4

2001 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2002 | 16 Episodes

Season 6

2008 | 16 Episodes

Season 7

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 8

2011 | 13 Episodes

Season 9

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 10

2013 | 13 Episodes




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