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October 22, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


This is a story about sports-broadcaster-turned-morning-talk-show-host Danny Tanner and his three little girls, D.J. (Donna Jo), Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner. Before the show begins, Danny Tanner's wife is killed by a drunk driver, so he needs help raising his daughters. He asks his rock-musician brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and his comedian best friend Joey Gladstone to move in with them. As the show goes on, Jesse marries Rebecca Donaldson, Danny's talk-show co-host, and they have twin sons, Nicholas Katsopolis.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 22, 1987

Also Known As: ステファニー・タナー, ミシェル・タナー |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Jeff Franklin Productions, Lorimar Telepictures |  See more »


Cyndi Pass
as Laker Girl #2
Bruce Baum
as Emcee/Paul/The Pirate
Chuck Mahoney
as Steven
Courtney Anne Jeng
as Amanda
Andrew Kavovit
as Paul
Darlene Kardon
as Doris
Cyrus Nemani
as Boy at Show
DeVera Marcus
as Ida/Violet
Erick Weiss
as Rigby the Rhino
Trent Olsen
as Self - Boy with Flowers
John Cowsill
as Singer
J. D. Daniels
Bob Saget
as Danny Tanner
Jason McGovern
as Baby Tony Kagan
Jason Clay
as Student
Troy Martin
as Party Guest
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
as Alex Katsopolis
Jodie Sweetin
as Stephanie Tanner
Jeannie Wilson
as Ms. Garland
Darrell Kunitomi
as Koji
Augie Blunt
as Saxophone Player
Tyrees Allen
as Doctor
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
as Self
John Menzano
as Member of 'The Rippers'
Jack Lightsy
as Base Umpire
Jennifer Rhodes
as Liz Larson
Maureen McVerry
as Ms. Ullman
Steve Bond
as Todd Masters
Glenn Morshower
as Farmer Bob
Barry Van Dyke
as Eric Trent
Pete Willcox
as Man in Diner
Lisa Capps
as Roberta
Robyn Donny
as Bernadette/Ginger/Robin
Christopher Darga
as Waiter
Dan Moriarty
as Stonewall Binkley
Tommy Page
as Tommy Page
Gail-Anne Paulo
as Leilani
Jandi Swanson
as Karen
Israel Wirihana
as Warrior
Todd Jeffries
as Matt Charles
Lisa Savage
as Paula
Bill Morey
as Mr. Pearson
Andre Rosey Brown
as Bodyguard/Weeb
Colleen Morris
as Linda the Cable Girl
Kathryn Zaremba
as Lisa
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Ms. Agbabian
Judie Aronson
as Raven
Steve Oedekerk
as Steve Oedekerk
Barbara Kielian
as Alexandra
Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit
as Nicky Katsopolis
Jonathan Brandis
as Michael Monford
Rebeccah Bush
as Denise
Michael Anthony Rawlins
as Comedy Club Employee
Eileen Conn
as Julie
Melanie Vincz
as Adult D.J.
Susan Vinciotti Bonito
as Yvette
Rhoda Gemignani
as Irene Cochran
Shonda Whipple
as Colleen
Liza Greer
as Heather
Erika Ishii
as Pocahontas
Barry Kivel
as Michael Kagan
Malachi Pearson
as Brian Kagan
Eddie Mills
as Arthur
Zachary Bostrom
as Jimmy
Jennifer McAllister
as Zoey
Biff Manard
as Cowpoke
Paige Tamada
as Marie
Peter Isacksen
as Waiter
Mary Kane
as Donna Donaldson
Keene Curtis
as Lou Bond
Kin Shriner
as Sheriff
Cameron McGovern
as Baby Tony Kagan
Diana Theodore
as Kelly
Aaron Siefers
as Sparky
Whit Hertford
as Walter
Kevin Renteria
as Alex Katsopolis
Ed Hooks
as Theater Manager
Nancy Dussault
as Dr. Marion Steiner
Jordan Christopher Michael
as Rusty
Mercedes Jane
as Pregnant Woman
Shawn Ora Engemann
as Self
Scott Menville
as Duane
Dave Coulier
as Joey Gladstone/Uncle Jasper
Justin Carmack
as Scott
Robin Greer
as Crystal
Wendy Schaal
as Vivian
Belita Moreno
as Ronnie Gardner
Mark Linn-Baker
as Dick Donaldson
Anthony S. Johnson
as Henry
Barney Martin
as Ranger Roy
Susan Krebs
as Mrs. Patterson
Elena Del Rubio
as Martha
Cynthia Steele
as Mrs. Claire
Greg Callahan
as Mr. Benten
Hilary Shepard
as Julie
Jim Hudson
as Minister
Marla Sokoloff
as Gia
Charlie Spradling
as Rhonda
Bridgette Cameron
as Photographer
Sherrie Rose
as Darlene
Edie McClurg
as Jungle Jenny
Chelsea Noble
as Samantha
Olivia Mandel
as Party Guest
Bruce Johnston
as Self
Kirk Cameron
as Cousin Steve
Yvonne Wilder
as Irene Katsopolis
John Stamos
as Jesse Katsopolis/Jesse Cochran/Cousin Stavros
Alice Hirson
as Claire Tanner
David Dean
as Double for Mr. Stamos
Brian Winkler
as Tom
Gil Sharone
as Teenage Alex
Ashley Olsen
as Michelle Tanner
Deborah Anne Gorman
as Julie Stratton
Marcia Wallace
as Mrs. Carruthers
Brian Kale
as Otto/Reporter
Max Alexander
as Dr. Reuben Wynager
Ken Cooper
as Goodnight Boy
Paul Willson
as Stu
Barry Williams
as Barry Williams
Brenden Jefferson
as Paul Revere
Vanna White
as Mrs. Moffat/Self
Charlene Paulo
as Alana
Arlene Lorre
as Marilyn
Terri Lynn Doss
as Jesse's Girlfriend
Erin McKnelly
as Erin
Mary Pat Gleason
as Jennifer Sianski
Beverly Archer
as Ms. Twitchel
Shantell Stebbins
as Susan
John Aprea
as Nick Katsopolis
Kevin Connors
as Bobby San
John Drayman
as Maitre'D
Aaron Brownstein
as Lenny
Bryan Schwartz
as Andrew
Wesley Mann
as Waiter
Lanny Cordola
as Lanny
Will Estes
as Andrew
Lisa Dinkins
as Medical Technician
Elizabeth Olsen
as Self - Girl with Flowers
Raf Mauro
as Mechanic
Melissa Clayton
as Melissa Morgan
Adrianne Harris
as Dancer/Raiderette
David Lipper
as Viper
Danny Breen
as George
Gary Griffin
as Gary
Jack Kruschen
as Iorgos 'Papouli' Katsopolis
Paul Wright III
as Band Member - Jesse and the Rippers
Yvette Nipar
as Christine
Brennan LaShever
as Cooper Charles
Jimm Giannini
as Seedy Man
Bruce Gold
as Phil Blankman
Helen Martin
as Shirley
Fabiana Udenio
as Adrianna
Philip Levien
as Mr. Lowry
June Lockhart
as Miss Wiltrout
Kara Albright
as Howie
R.A. Mihailoff
as Tiny
Scott Whyte
as Jason
Adam Harris
as Young Jesse
Danielle Fishel
as Jennifer P.
Adrian Ceallaig
as Bodyguard
Mary-Kate Olsen
as Michelle Tanner/Melina Katsopolis
Hilary Wayne
as Self
Michael J. Shea
as Stage Manager
Bradley Ackerman
as Alex
Russell Sanderlin Sr.
as Hotel Guest
Andrea Barber
as Kimmy Gibbler
Donna Lynn Leavy
as The Mother
Brad Joseph Dubin
as Pizza Guy
Blake McIver Ewing
as Derek
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Phyllis
as Comet
Ken Thorley
as Hammer
Kristopher Kent Hill
as Young Joey
Eddie Barth
as Lou
Andy Goldberg
as Jack
Cristi Harris
as Rachel Taylor
Candace Cameron Bure
as D.J. Tanner
Alicia Anne
as Dancing Partner
Whitman Mayo
as Eddie Johnson
Jackie Joseph
as Mrs. Payton
Keythe Farley
as Max Dobson/Waiter
Dot-Marie Jones
as Muscular Woman
Jayne Modean
as Adult Michelle
Michelle Nicastro
as Roxanna
Rosie Taravella
as Waitress
Allison Kristman
as Riding Instructor
Rosanne Katon
as Mrs. Manning
Elizabeth Keifer
as Corrina Spicer
Brian Byers
as Ted
Ryan Christopher
as Ryan
Jacob Kenner
as Boy Student
Stacey Swain
as Self
Christie Mossman
as Pam Katsopolis Tanner
Ted Elston
as Swedish Exchange Student
Kristian Alfonso
as Judge/Robin Winslow
R.J. Williams
as Ricky
James Hampton
as Mr. Malatesta
Angella Kaye
as Girl at Dance/Girl at Party
Troy Zuccolotto
as Bodybuilder
Kimberly Dunham
as Melissa
Suzanne Somers
as Suzanne Somers
Wade Robson
as Terry
Kimberly Albright
as Howie
Sharon Barr
as Officer Warren
Danielle Judovits
as Girl in Toy Store
Lori Loughlin
as Becky Katsopolis/Becky Donaldson/Rebecca Donaldson
Eric Lively
as Jamie
Darlene Vogel
as Wendy Tanner
Time Winters
as Seth
Bert Kramer
as Mr. Kiner
Brittan Taylor
as Aerobics Instructor
Greg Manwaring
as Self
Ebick Pizzadili
as Elizabeth
Carl Wilson
as Self
Annette Funicello
as Self
Peter Leinheiser
as Splinter
Hillary Zwick
as Hallway Friend
Sara Moonves
as Terri
Gail Edwards
as Vicky Larson
Hank Garrett
as Jerry Jacobs
Oliver Theess
as Neighborhood Kid
Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber
as 1st Honeybee/Emily
Janice Sweetin
as Janice
Tasha Scott
as Julie
David Ruprecht
as T.V. Announcer
Frankie Avalon
as Self
Bob Perlow
as Announcer/Self
Ben Stein
as Elliott Warner
Bill Wiley
as Jeb
Nathan Nishiguchi
as Harry
Darin Bennett
as Party Nerd #1/Randy
Pauline Olsen
as Jesse's Ex Wedding
Ken Mary
as Self - Drummer
Tony Longo
as Tough Prisoner
Cibby Danyla
as Band Member
Kathy Kinney
as Mrs. Bedrosian
Peggy O'Neal
as Waitress
Vera Lockwood
as Gina 'Yaya' Katsopolis
Dorothy Parke
as Caroline
Michelle Collins
as Abby
Joe Davis
as Personal Trainer
Barbara Cameron
as Barbara
Brandon Crane
as Sheldon
Roger Floyd
as Pete
Darcy DeMoss
as Jill
John Posey
as Danny Tanner
Lenny Hicks
as The Driver
Craig Keene
as Wedding Guest
Brendan Schwartz
as Thomas
Diane Brodie
as Cheryl
Kye Brackett
as Richard
R. Todd Torok
as Brett's Dad
Ken Kerman
as Firefighter
Michelle Braun
as Debbie Donaldson
Dan Riley
as Christmas Tree Man
Lisa Melilli
as Girl in Class
Alison Armitage
as Girl on Bike
Rick Peters
as Roger
Donna Le Tourneau
as Riley
J.D. Daniels
as Charles
Karen Maruyama
as Mrs. Knotts
Gregory Grudt
as Classmate
Joan Leizman
as Joyce Kagan/Joanie
Wendell J. Grayson
as Policeman
Mary Ellen Dunbar
as Sarah Charles
Erin Braun
as Darla Donaldson
J.R. Schwartz
as Self
Milly Del Rubio
as Renee
Shanna Warr
as Donna
The Beach Boys
as Themselves
Jim Rhine
as High School Reunion Classmate
Bonnie Urseth
as Miss Suzie
Fiona Landers
as Sophia
Andrew Keegan
as Ryan
Michael Gio Ferrigno
as Elliot
Nancy Valen
as Lisa Green
Eadie Del Rubio
as Esther
Julie Payne
as Eleanor Cooke/Ginger Snap
Danny Scott
as Lottery Host
Wendy Cutler
as Dr. Sinclair/Mrs. Hardesty
Molly Orr
as Girl at Show/Kerry
Jim R. Coleman
as Steel Band Leader
Joshua Cadman
as Derek
Marie Cole
as Lisa
Christian Guzek
as Jake Bitterman
Randy Josselyn
as Ryan
Tony Hablian
as School Dropout
Bobbie Eakes
as Diane
Rhonda Shear
as Adult Kimmy
Cindy Herron
as Cindy Daniels
Kendra Booth
as Leona Sickle
Jennifer Nash
as Kirsten
Ed Alonzo
as Ed Alonzo
Benji Schwimmer
as Benji
Shannon Cochran
as Morgan
Ami Foster
as Nina
Little Richard
as Little Richard
Lisa Aliff
as Patty Fogerty
Josh Blake
as Sylvio
Tyra Ferrell
as Miss Petrie
Maria Cavaiani
as Rita
Brian Wilson
as Self
Noreen Reardon
as Spacey Lady
Marc Revivo
as Wrestler
Michele Laybourn
as Vega
Patrick Cronin
as Phil
Kristin Pearcey
as Edie
Rif Hutton
as Sergeant
Mark Costello
as Anchorman
Ernie Hudson
as Reggie 'The Sandman' Martin
Virginia Watson
as Joanne
Tiffany Watson
as Jennifer S.
Dustin Autumn
as Dustin
May May Ali
as Admitting Clerk
Marquis Nunley
as Anthony
Debbie Gregory
as Connie/Karen
Frankie Valli
as Frankie Valli
Nora Masterson
as Edna Foley
Frank Bruynbroek
as Jacques
Kari Michaelsen
as Stacey Fleetwood
Daniel Renteria
as Nicky Katsopolis
Micah Rowe
as Classmate
David Wakefield
as Pizza Man
Jaleel White
as Steve Urkel
Peter Kwong
as The Dentist
Jennifer Gatti
as Elena
Doris Roberts
as Claire Tanner
Bruce Jarchow
as T.V. Producer
Therese Kablan
as Judy
Louisa Abernathy
as Nurse
John Del Regno
as Jocko
Kenneth J. Morgan
as Talent Show Judge
Ed McMahon
as Ed McMahon
Jason Allen
as Bobby
Justin Cooper
as Linus Plankin
Lara Lyon
as Ada Cooling
Martha Quinn
as Alison/Self
Joe El Rady
as Sam
Devon Odessa
as Shelly Phillips
as Model
Arlen Dean Snyder
as Colonel Gladstone
Tahj Mowry
as Teddy
Felicia Michaels
as Roxy Martin
Jeanine Jackson
as Mary Anne
Bill Erwin
as Mr. Ferguson
Jamie Zwick
as Track Member
Erika Eleniak
as Carrie Fowler
Tamera Mowry-Housley
as Denise
Challyn Markray
as Monica
Robert Arthur
as The Minister
Mark Henn
as Animator
Ryan Sheets
as Davey Schultz
J. Evan Bonifant
as Kenny
Christie Claridge
as Vanessa
Marta Kober
as Brandy
Mary Gillis
as Estelle
Michelle Smith
as Laker Girl #1
Jason Marsden
as Nelson Burkhard
Karen Kopins
as Linda Stratton
Brian Evans
as Keanu
Esther Scott
as Mrs. Homewood
Mickey Rooney
as Mr. Dreghorn
Don Hood
as Kenneth Donaldson
David Loren
as Josh
Rick Astor
as Stage Manager
Mike Love
as Self
Lois Nettleton
as Nedra Donaldson
Bren McKinley
as Regina
Oliver Clark
as Principal Robolard
David Stenstrom
as Security Guard
Andrea Abbate
as Claire Mahan
Jared Leong
as Davey Chu
Michael McManus
as Paul
Michael Gregory
as Mr. Cuccinello
Beverly Sanders
as Mindy Gladstone
Robert Lucas
as Robbie
Scott Curtis
as Kevin Gwin
Wayne Powers
as Frank Flood
Lora Rachel Davidson
as Goodnight Girl
Sean Fox
as Brett
Stacey Alden
as Secretary
Sandra Wild
as Waitress
Richard Paul
as Mr. Strowbridge
Luis Avalos
as Mr. Santana
Denice Kumagai
as Nancy Shimano
Dana Sparks
as Cynthia Ryan
Riley Brock
as Little Marky
David Lascher
as Rick
Francesco Valli
as Kid at Playground
Molly Morgan
as Mickey
Michael Nunes
as Howie
Anne Marie McEvoy
as Kathy Santoni
Debra Stipe
as Cindy
Phyllis Diller
as Phyllis Diller
James Alan Gilliam
as Barry
Amzie Strickland
as Edna
Anzu Lawson
as Announcer
Julia Montgomery
as Adult Steph
Gregg Binkley
as Security Guard
Jenny Drugan
as Laurie
Rick Zumwalt
as Leonard Schultz
Paul Abbaszadeh
as Go Kart Driver
Lee Dawson
as Tourist
Rani Sharone
as Teenage Nicky
Scott Baio
as Pete Bianco
Miko Hughes
as Aaron
Jurnee Smollett
as Denise/Denise Frazer
Laura Reed
as Ms. Lewis
Sorrell Booke
as Lionel
Nancy Mulford
as Yvonne
Mike Binder
as Steve
Miko Yamabe
as Danielle
Jacob Vargas
as Enrique
Megan Berwick
as Party Guest
Julie Simone
as Swimsuit Model
Greg Collins
as Tough Guy/Second Prisoner/Sy
Laurie Ann Carr
as Miss Kadota Fig
Dorian Gregory
as Man at Shower
James Clayton
as Plate Umpire
Madalyn Capone
as Dancing Partner
Cyd Strittmatter
as Flight Attendant
Wayne Newton
as Wayne Newton
Roger Lodge
as Roger
Robert Hy Gorman
as Kenneth
Ray Watters
as Student
Denise Dowse
as Mrs. Jacobs
Scott Weinger
as Steve Hale/Steve Peters
Tim Neil
as Delivery Man
Jeff Juday
as Frat President
Phillip Glasser
as Young Danny
Todd MacKenzie
as Boy at party
Tia Mowry-Hardrict
as Denise
Lydia Cornell
as Linda Mosley
Annette Sinclair
as Miss Borland
Kristi Somers
as The Stewardess
Teddy Andreadis
as Mongo
Candace Hutson
as Becky
Brian Robbins
as David Janolari
Kathryn Rossetter
as Miss Barnes
Paige Pengra
as Dance Teacher

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1987 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

1988 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

1989 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

1990 | 26 Episodes

Season 5

1991 | 26 Episodes

Season 6

1992 | 24 Episodes

Season 7

1993 | 24 Episodes

Season 8

1994 | 24 Episodes




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