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October 21, 2021
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Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


It seems her correspondence role on "The Daily Show" was just a warm-up act for the next stage of Samantha Bee's career. After spending 12 years on the Comedy Central juggernaut, Bee was not approached to replace departing host Jon Stewart, opening the door to her own series on TBS. The weekly late-night newsmagazine serves as a platform for Bee to apply her sharp, satirical point of view to current and relevant issues. She won't do so while sitting at a fake news desk; instead, field reports dominate, allowing Bee to show off her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation.

Country: United States

Type: Talk Show

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: February 8, 2016

Also Known As: 與薩曼莎·比面對面, Full Frontal |  See more »

Parents Guide: Germany (16), Spain (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

political satire

Company Credits

Production Co: Central Talent Booking, Jax Media


Mike Brown
as Self/The Not as Tall Mike
Jess Bell
as Self
Harvey Fierstein
as Self
Jim Christiana
as Self - Pennsylvania State Representative
Rosa Brooks
as Self - Co-Founder of Transition Integrity Project
Adam Rippon
as Self
Jayne Maginot
as Reporter #2
Gabe Fleisher
as Self
Katharine Hayhoe
as Self - Texas Tech University Dir. of Climate Science Center
Vermin Supreme
as Self
Andrew Kaempfer
as Viking #1
Larry Blunt
as Self
Logan Lam
as Self - Cyber Security Researcher
Marguerite Stimpson
as Sketch Voter
Jestin Coler
as Self - Fake News Provider
as Self - Musical Guest
Paul Offit
as Self - Director of the Vaccine Education Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Neil Volz
as Self - Miami Voting Rights Activist
Karen Wilkes
as Self - Georgia Public Defender
Margaret Sullivan
as Self - Radical Factualist The Washington Post
as Self
as Self - Musical Guest
Karin Collison
as Joan Stern
Silversun Pickups
as Selves
Donald Faison
as Christopher Turk/Self
Gary Johnson
as Self/Self - Libertarian Candidate for President
Mark Hamill
Jennafer Norris
as Self
Alexander Khait
as 80s Drug Dealer
Elliot Jacobson
as Self
Roger Clegg
as Self - Former Member of Justice Department
Nyle DiMarco
as Self
Mary Crippen
as Self - Founder of Rikers Debate Project
Jamaal Bowman
as Self
William Barber
as Self
Wesley Lowery
as Self
Tony Goldwyn
as Bus Driver
Robert Catrini
as Robert Catrini
Sean Crespo
as School Play Director
Guy Sparks
as Security Guard
Jordan Carlos
as Self
JoAnn Persch
as Self
Naomi Ekperigin
as Self
Yuval David
as Self
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Self
Phil Klay
as Self
Cameron Esposito
as Self
Cassidy Layton
as Trump
Paula Pell
as Self
Masha Gessen
as Self/Self - Guest
Robert Reich
as Self
Eric Schneiderman
as Self
Angela Muto
as Gun Advocate Audience Member
Reena Shah
as Kwanzaa Bear
LaTosha Brown
as Self
Will Ferrell
as George W. Bush
Sammy Peralta
as Sheriff
Amber Tamblyn
as Self - Musical Guest
Feminista Jones
as Self
Dirty Projectors
as Selves
Nell Braxton Gibson
as Self - Civil Rights Veteran
Andy Cohen
as Self
Scott Holcomb
as Self - Member of the Georgia House of Representatives
Paugh Shadow
as Deep State Fan #1
Barbara Ann Davison
as Fan
Jim Walsh
as Self - Rikers Deputy Commissioner of Adult Programming
Patrick K. Dooley
as Chad
Matthew Broderick
as Self
Juliana Hatfield
as Self
Jason Reich
as Self
Sigourney Weaver
as Ripley
Christopher Soghoian
as Self - ACLU Technology Expert
Eric Rizk
as Ringer#4
Eric Deggans
as Self - Media Analyst and TV Critic, NPR
Talib Kweli
as Self
Joel Kim Booster
as Self
Colin Campbell
as Jim
Lori Hammel
as Midwestern Tourist
Infinity Song
as Self - Musical Guest
Janelle James
as Self
Frank Smith Jr.
as Self - Civil Rights Veteran
Pat Murphy
as Self
Orlando Leon Jr.
as Self
Loretta Weinberg
as Self - New Jersey State Senator
Luke Towle
as Couple
Craig Winberry
as Reporter #1
Michelle Bachelet
as Self - Chile President
Myrna Cabello
as Ringer #2
Tracey Hughes
as Self - Victory Vixens Roller Derby
Jamil Smith
as Self
Darryl W. Perry
as Self
Harlem Gospel Choir
as Themselves - Musical Guest
Al Franken
as Self - Special Guest
David Schulte
as Self - Marine Biologist
Marisol Correa
as Bar Patron
Ramon Nuñez
as Skateboarder 1
Michael Devine
as Ringer
Sydney Blackburn
as Riverdale Teen
Paula Spence
as Self
Jewel Kilcher
as Self - Musical Guest
Joan Mulholland
as Self - Civil Rights Veteran
James Coker
as Angry Guy On Bike
Ewan Edwards
as Self - Marine Biologist
Cassandra Levesque
as Self
Lars Ulrich
as Self
Nico Santos
as Self
Kamala Harris
as Self - Guest
Ingrid Michaelson
as Self - Musical Guest
Amy Hoggart
as Self/Self - Correspondent/UFC 237 Champion
Tara Benally
as Self
Angel Eyedealism
as Self
Peter Canby
as Self - Head of Fact-Checking
Mark Teich
as Ed Bauer
Carmen Mendoza
as Veronica
Liza Francini
as George Wallace's Student
Megan Dong
as Self
Sheyla Street
as Self
Letitia James
as Self - New York State Attorney General
Greg Gutfeld
as Self
Shakira Ja'nai Paye
Allana Harkin
as Self/Self - Correspondent/Becky City Woman/Greenscreen Professional
Ilyse Hogue
as Self - President Naral Pro-Choice America
Julia Cook
as Self - Author of I'm Not Scared I'm Prepared
Nate Wessler
as Self - Privacy Lawyer
James Eskridge
as Self
Patton Oswalt
as Self
Jonah Falcon
as Skype Reporter
Josh Rogin
as Self - Washington Post Columnist
Erna Solberg
as Self - Norway Prime Minister
Jake Tapper
as Self
Laurence Leamer
as Self
Jon Stewart
as Self
Charlie Kratovil
as Self - New Brunswick Today Founder
Alina Bolshakova
as Amy American
Vanessa Carlton
as Self
Tan France
as Self
Tarana Burke
as Self
Sarah Buxton
as Self - Vermont State Director of Workforce Development
Joe Grossman
as Self
Chris Kuffner
as Self - Musical Guest
Marlon Perrier
as Reporter #3
Carl Reiner
as Self
Pratik Chougule
as Self - Trump Policy Coordinator
Johnathan Mont
as Stagehand
Marco Gutierrez
as Self - Trump Supporter
Katie Couric
as Self
Patrick Harvie
as Self - MSP
Stephanie White
as Self - Indiana Fever Head Coach
Bruce Einhorn
as Self - Former Immigration Judge
Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic
as Self - Croatia President
Sam Kebede
as Self
Bruce Bartlett
as Self
Samantha Bee
as Self - Host/Self/Stuffy Poll Worker
Ashlyn Anstee
as Self
Ana Gasteyer
as Samantha's Mom
Bryan Burton
as Dorm Room College Kid
Ana Villafañe
as Self
Katie Porter
as Self - Guest
Vladimir Kara-Murza
as Self
Ahed A.
as Self
Tony Hale
as Self
Georgia Dolenz
as Fiona St George
Conan O'Brien
as Self
Black Pumas
as Themselves - Musical Guests
Alon Stivi
as Self
Terry Bouricius
as Self - Former Member of the Vermont House of Representatives
Zach Braff
as John Dorian/Self
April Fournier
as Self - Team Indigenous and Maine Roller Derby
Jane Lynch
as Self
Amber Ruffin
as Self
Allison Janney
as C.J. Cregg
John Hodgman
as Self
Dorie Ladner
as Self - Civil Rights Veteran
C.L. Simpson
as Ringer #6
Rachel Platten
as Self - Musical Guest
June Diane Raphael
as Self
Eric André
as Self
Luis Velasquez
as Self
Catherine Goodman
as Cold Open
Gloria Steinem
as Tiny Gloria Steinem
Britney Young
as Self
Madeleine Albright
as Self
Donna Curling
as Self - Pro-Democracy Activist
Luvaughn Brown
as Self - Civil Rights Veteran
Doris Kearns Goodwin
as Self
Jon Cryer
as Self
Charlie Rose
as Self
Sunny Frothingham
as Self - Senior Research Manager, Democracy North Carolina
Cheyenne Curtis
as Self
Cameisha Cotton
as Josie
Mac McEachin
as Self
Kai Kloepfer
as Self - Smart Gun Developer
as Selves - Musical Guest
Olivia Munn
as Self
Zack Abramowitz
as Cameraman
Justin L. Wilson
as Jesus/Shark
Dave Hill
as Dave
Viktor Shenderovich
as Self
Tanis Parenteau
as Native American
Katey Sagal
as Self
Jeff Goldblum
as Self
April Ryan
as Self - White House Correspondent
Stephanie Woodward
Kacy Gabbert
as Mitch McConnell/The Turtle
David Granados
as Hot Shirtless Guy/Pool Boy
Ashley Nicole Black
as Self/Becky City Woman
Pat Cassels
as Self/Young Voter
Timothy Hughes
as Viking #2
Brooke Shields
as Self
Tara Giancaspro
as Self - You're Not Helping! Guest
Hannah Pniewski
as Realtor Lady
Bryan Fitzgerald
as Jughead
Karamo Brown
as Self
David Ralston
as Self - Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives
Trixie Mattel
as Self
Vladimir Solovyov
as Self - Host of Duel
Molly Ringwald
as Self
Alyssa V Gomez
as Back-up Singer/Dancer/Salsa Dancer
Ana Navarro
as Self
Kimberly Jones
as Self
Stan Blackley
as Self - Professor
Jonathan Van Ness
as Self
Ann Marie Yoo
as Dreidel
Dave Aronberg
as Self
Julian Zelizer
as Self - Presidential Historian
Tammy Watford
as Self
Desmond Meade
as Self - Miami Voting Rights Activist
Glenn J. Cohen
as World's Worst Mugger
Josh Morrison
as Self - Founder of Rikers Debate Project
Ira Allen
as Cameraman
Lundy Khoy
as Self
Tanya Flanagan
as Self - Nevada Community Organizer
as Self - Musical Performer
Barack Obama
as Self - Guest
Sarah Paulson
as Self
Virginia Ma
Lee Gelernt
as Self - ACLU Civil Right Lawyer
Rhea Butcher
as Self
Sylvan Esso
as Selves
Zachary Gaviria
as Skateboarder 2
Robin Thede
as Self
Allison Colman
as Self - Director of Health, National Recreation and Parks Association
Amir Hisham Ouazzani
as Self
H. Foley
as Nico
Nikole Hannah-Jones
as Self
Andy Taylor Kim
as Leaker
Kumail Nanjiani
as Self
Bellamy Young
as Self
Gabe Bowling
as Space Marine
Jason Jones
as Husband/Sam's Husband/Self - Husband
Bettina Devin
as The Pensioner
Rupa Natarajan
as Self - Former Resident OB-GYN at Catholic Hospital
Patrisse Cullors
as Self
Lexi Perkel
as Angelic Child
Miracle M. Thurman
as Protestor
Billy Eichner
as Self
Meghan Roberts
as Sam's Mom
Tiffany Cabán
as Self - Candidate for New York City Council, District 22
Mitra Jouhari
as Mitra
Lilla Crawford
as Joni
Tim Miller
as Ringer #1
Sarah Silverman
as Self
Robert De Niro
as Self
Nikki McCorristin
as Self - Medic, Utah Roller Derby and Infection Control Nurse
Van Jones
as Self
Kate Dorsch
as Self - International Organization for Migration
Amanda Knief
as Self - American Atheists
David Silverman
as Self
Jessica Pimentel
as Self
as Self
Martin Fisher
as Black Santa
James Monroe Iglehart
as Self
Donna Price
as Self - Pro-Democracy Activist
Kristen Bartlett
as Sarah Huckabot Sanders/Self
Jaime Robinson
as Self
Jarry Lee
as Hot Woman
Javier Muñoz
as Becky City Man/The Spirit of Puerto Rico
George Harrington Butts
as New Brunswick Guy #1
Andrew Bridge
as Reporter #3
Jumaane Williams
as Self
Gabe Zichermann
as Self - Gamification Expert
Brendan Fitzgibbons
as Party Guy
Ayanna Pressley
as Self
Monique Pappas
as Angry Mom
Bridget Everett
as Self
Larry Wilmore
as Self
Mindy Swank
as Self
Dick Cavett
as Self - Guest
Matthew Hughey
as Self
Hank Chen
Kyra Sedgwick
as Self
Justin Norman
as Bender
Nada Al-Hanooti
as Self
David Tennant
as Self
Katya Zamolodchikova
as Self
Ibrahim Hashi
as Self
Caroline Criado-Perez
as Self
Steve Buscemi
as Dr. Buscemi/Self
as Self
Billy Libby
as Self
Katie Rice
as Self
Will Arnett
as Announcer
Ames Mayfield
as Self
Mike Rubens
as Self - Correspondent/Self/Correspondent/Becky City Man/The Tall Mike
Kendal Unruh
as Self - Ted Cruz Delegate
Jenni Ruiza
as Volunteer #3
Alex J. Moreno
as Deep State Fan
Katherine Ritchie
as Self - Associate Producer of Philosophy
David Itchkawitz
as Itch
George Takei
as Self
as Self
Coco Austin
as Self
John Dean
as Self/Self - Guest
Hilda Heine
as Self - Marshall Islands President
Shyla Nelson
as Self - Bernie Sanders Delegate
Scott Adsit
as Christopher Columbus
Pramila Jayapal
as Self
Cole Kornell
as Trump Supporter & Anarchist
Stephen Colbert
as Self
Michael Forbes
as Self - Farmer
Kal Mansoor
as Director
Casey Hilton
as Young Sam Bee
Dan Flynn
as Self - Texas House of Representatives
Glenn Beck
as Self
Austin Petersen
as Self
Paul Krugman
as Self
Kevin Whitfield
as Self
Norman Lear
as Self
Jane Fonda
as Self
Daniel Thrasher
as Breitbart Teen
Nancy Sun
as Panicked Staffer #2
Jeff O'Donnell
as Archie

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 39 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 31 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 27 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 30 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 30 Episodes

Season 6

2021 | 19 Episodes




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